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When We Feel Guilty - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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January 21, 2022 12:00 am

When We Feel Guilty - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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January 21, 2022 12:00 am

Be reminded of Christ's work on the cross and the freedom you have because of it.


Welcome to the intense podcast time handling Friday, January 21 10 can produce paralyzing guilt. You can't go back and learn how to obediently move forward.

Learn more about how Jesus is the source of our strength when we feel guilty.

Guilt can be devastating to a person's life to their productivity to their fruitfulness in life unless they know how to build because some guilt is false. Now some things that happen in our life with things that we do will cause guilt but all guilt is not the result of sin. So somebody should so I would say then well anybody knows how to deal with guilt all you have vicious conversions and that's the end of but suppose the guilt is not the result of sin and what you do with and sometimes if you not understand what the source of something is a while we experience it, then we can deal with it probably much easier, so I want to talk about why we have these feelings of guilt.

One of them is this one of the primary reasons for feeling guilty is a wrong view of God.

When you have a wrong view of God you can be harassed three years of your life with feelings of guilt finish that is you feel guilty something is wrong which can't quite figure out what the problem is and Sasuke want to ask you if somebody said to you today. What is your image of God is he a loving, wonderful, gracious father who is concerned and intimately related to you and interested in what you doing and want to wants to lead you like a father leads her small children or is he this judge of that taking records and taking points and keeping account of your life. So, in the judgment. He will be absolutely accurate when he can find you do something less than you won't. That is no view of God at all. According to the Scriptures, but that is exactly the way many people say him maybe not to the same degree, but to some degree a general view of their image of God is that he is a judge, and that he condemns sin and that he is really and truly not on our side. The more sin there is in your life because the more you gonna feel that way while unconcerned about is those people struggling with guilt when they get that reason for that guilt is there poor view of God, not because of their sin.

What is a second reason I think that people struggle with guilt and that is the missing message of grace they grew up in churches. For example, I do not teach the grace of God there are many men who preaching the gospel, who will tell you that they believe you saved by the grace of God. But when they present the method by which a person to save his what they will say in order to be saved. You must repent of your sins. Well, what is repentance repentance is a turning away from something and turning to something. How does a person get say a person doesn't get saved by cleaning up their life. It is faith in the person of Jesus Christ is God's son, and faith in what he did at Calvary that makes it possible for person to be forgiven of their sins and become a child of God. Repentance is what I do as a result of what is happened in my heart. As a result of receiving Jesus as my personal saving forgiving me on my sins. I want to get rid of this junk in my life these things in my life that don't belong there. So repentance in the life of the believer is what we do once we have received by faith.

Jesus Christ isn't cleaning up my life getting rid of this in getting rid of that that gets me say that's receiving Christ and once he comes in my life gives me a brand-new heart and a brand-new perspective on life born again and all the things that mother do not match who I am now must go. That's where repentance is in the life of the leap the cleaning up business is a result of what God has done in my heart he's made me a child of God, those things that I once enjoyed.

I leave enjoy a minimal. I don't want him in my life and the more I choose to get rid of those things that I'm not cleaning up to get acceptable on cleaning up motivated by a love for Almighty God's grace and not works and I'm here to tell you if somebody tells you that you got to do anything else but place your trust in what the Bible says about Jesus Christ as the son of God and trust his work at Calvary and they have added something to God's redemptive plan organic it Bowsher confessed believe agree with him about the death of his son, for your sin and you accept the fact that he died in your place, and that God accepts you on the basis that you accept his son than your sins are forgiven and you become a child of God. But if you grew up in churches, like most of us did and were told in order to be pleasing to God. You go to the following things if you will be saved under the following things than what we do we live this false sense of guilt.

We struggle with the skill of trying to be sure we haven't missed anything that was supposed to do and I think about people who live on the base year after year after year struggling with this. These feelings of guilt. But if they had to identify something specifically except maybe something happened today or yesterday, but this is this cloud of guilt that hangs over them all the time.

I tell you my friend. God never intended for us to live with that because how can I abide in the love of the Lord Jesus Christ and he says when I abide in him. I'll have his jointed module will be full. How can I be full of joy at the same time walking under a cloud of this generalized guilt that I can't put my finger on. I can't catch hold that I don't know what to do with it and it causes an incessant struggle in the lives of many people will there's 1/3 thing that I think causes us to feel at night as we don't know what to do with sin.

What you say shared about nose producing another note, you see when you and I sin against God.

The Bible says we are to confess it to him. Now that confession is not what gets me my forgiveness. What gets me my forgiveness is what Jesus did at Calvary. Don't ever. Don't ever forget that the only means of forgiveness is what Jesus Christ did at Calvary when he shed his blood for the forgiveness of our sins. Now my responsibility is to accept that my responsibility is to confess my sin. My responsibility is to turn away from it elicited my forgiveness before Almighty God does not rest on my performance or whether I come to him and plead and beg and do all the things that people do forgiveness is mine. And so you don't have to get on it being plead anonymized across the garden and tell them why you'll forgive me try to convince them to do… You don't have to convince a loving father to do something that he just wait to do what you see, if you don't know what to do.

This sin, you beat yourself over the head with it and you did you just you won't forgive yourself and you see, God forgives us we come to him since they were the first time.

Both the problem.

We don't forgive ourselves and so here's what Satan knows that this is I couldn't be happier.

He takes that as a hammer nor does he do picture in the head with it every day will get you a look at your past. Look what you've done. Look at you, look at you, look at you, look at you and what happens you live in this gloomy cloud of guilt which has absolutely nothing to do with truth and their people who live on the bed live under it and live under and somehow they never understood the grace of God has taken care of it past present future. The guilt is gone.

That's what the cross is about.

If you send today what provide your forgiveness, confession, repentance, no the blood of Jesus. My confession is not coming to him so he can release me from these feelings of guilt, estrangement, separation broken fellowship so that once again he and I can fellowship together is because he walked away we walk away. He is a loving father not a condemning judge.

He is a condemning judge those who are wicked who have absolutely read used his son Melissa and then not his children. There is an immense, we who are his children, we come to a loving father listen, that doesn't motivate us to give us license to sin that motivates me want to be obedient of this father who is so gracious and loving and kind and generous and willing to forgive willing to cleanse willing to make us righteous. That's with the grace of God's all about, and so to have a feeling that somehow have to deal this in your deal. This sin, you listen as a child of God you deal with it once and listen you. Thank God for his forgiveness and move all that's not being ungrateful and it is not being it is not being in different is just being what God said with a B.

Another reason that there we struggle with guilt is because we can't let go of the past. This can do it. How many times about talk to me was a Rod Taylor problem is back on the six months ago year ago, five years 10 years 20 or sometimes 30 and 40 years ago. Let me take what happened in my life.

Can you imagine living for years and years and years and years with this big, dark cloud hanging back there something in the past when ask other forgive you. I have the forgive you.

Yes, having hands rationalize them every day while yesterday because I just wanted of giving has noted, forgiven years but my friends, Satan is so clever.

He is so clever that when you turn to the 43rd chapter of Isaiah verse 25 he says for the third chapter of Isaiah verse 25. Even am the one who wipes out your transgressions for my own sake, it only means will then listen he's a loving heavenly father you know what he doesn't want us feeling guilty he wipes about, he says, and I will not remember your sins, you know what it means that when you come to him. He says yes when you come to him you come to him righteousness.

Listen, I know you don't believe that most of you do not believe that your righteous in God's eyes is a look at my conduct on stamina.

How can I be righteous because God's major righteous. They conduct is righteous conduct may not be righteous but your spirit, the real you is righteous because the blood of Jesus Christ his cleanse you from all sin made you a child of God sanctified you the Bible says place you in Christ, and he says that you are not are seated in the heaven lives in Christ Jesus my earthly conduct may not be what it ought to be. But listen, my spirit in the presence of God is right has nothing to do with how good I am. It has to do with the grace and mercy and love of God. Now here's the tragedy of not releasing the past, many people are talented and gifted people whom God would use in wonderful ways. He can't friend just let it go. Just let it go is not had a letting go. His what you do you say father arms him take you at your word you said. I remember your sins against you know more. Thank you. And so I by faith I just release all of my pants washed on the blood you said separate as far as the east is from the West. I want to thank you that I'm clean, pure and holy in your site, not because of what I am but because of who you are because of who's living on the inside of me out as I just release the fringing walkway past because that's what God wants you to do.

Another reason that we struggle with with the guilt is because we can't distinguish between mistakes and sin a sin is a deliberate willful act that you not know, is an act of disobedience to God is something wrong we know it premeditate we calculated we we decide what I'm going to do knowing that it's wrong. A mistake is something good that happens on the spur of the moment isn't something you decided calculated figured out and it related his regular there is just something that you do all of us have made mistakes things that we have said things that we have done without thinking through properly decisions that we made off-the-cuff without thinking about the consequences, and so for this indifference.

So when we sin, we know what to do we bring it to God, we confess it to him and thank him for his forgiveness and move on in the love of God when we make a mistake. What we do we own it.

God, I made a mistake. I blew it at this point. So what we do, we just say Lord I want to thank you for bringing this to my attention. I wish I could change it. I can't but Lord, would you just use this somehow my life to build me up and edify me and make me the godly person you want me to be in bombs on claim Romans 828. You said you take everything in my life and turn of my good if I really want you to do it if my heart said it normally take all my mistakes all my failures and turn them into something good. He'll do exactly that all of us make mistakes with children and he understands that the children and he understands we gonna make mistakes. And so what we do, we just bring them to him leave them with him and trust that he knows and is willing to do something about it. Well, one of the primary reasons that you and I struggle with guilt is that somehow we feel like we miss God and a lot of people who have the feeling. I believe that God called me back yonder somewhat. Years ago, to do something for him or did he call you they will not sure. Listen carefully God never called you to do something for him.

In general I want you to serve me, God's going to call you to do something specific is what happens.

Let's say that we give an invitation, especially in missionary conferences and so forth.

And you standing them to spread a gradually convicting you about your willingness to surrender to him. So you live with this guilt, God, and omissions, letting go, he called you to walk the aisle to make a commitment of yourself to him public commitment that you do whatever he called you to do and he may have called you to go back to your business and be a godly wit but if you feel that God because God called you to make a commitment of surrender.

Needless to him that he called you something specific that he didn't tell you to do it and so you live this guilt God call me. I miss God's call you to miss God's call, you may have disobeyed him when he said to you I want you to walk that I'll is what I want you to do. I want you to commit yourself to me that whatever I called you to do well then just telling God you challenge me to commit myself and I didn't do it.

I know that was an absolute sin against you not to do that with that was rebellion on my part and how does one ask you to forgive me and thank you for your forgiveness. The Lord here I am what you want to do in my life that say that he did call you the sum specific task and you can do it but you know II can ever be what God wants me to be with God called you to preach the gospel or the omission or something like that when you were torn and you're now 45 years of age or some other about you. So how can I ever go back and do what God called me to the UK, you can't go back and do what he called you do but you know what you can do you can confess the fact that you sinned against him by being rebellious and wanting your own way and asking him to forgive you of your sin and thanking important say Lord I focus on the Montara lie to you. I know that you can pick up the pieces. You can pick up what's broken, you can take me at this point in my life and you can sit in the center of your will for this point in my life. In this time and got I'm committed to doing what ever you say wherever you say you think God's rose to late too bad.

God delights in fixing thing fixing people putting them back together, giving them a new beginning, start all over again. I don't care who you are, what you've done where you've been. You can't name anything that out since the grace of God. You can't do it and so he was a well I committed the sin become God could never use me for this says who, what about the apostle Paul murderer. You know what we do. We feel comfortable trying to get this infinitely loving, forgiving, gracious, kind, God down here to fit our mold of what forgiveness is like in print, that's not the way life is is see everybody's messed up somewhere you know what, there's no such thing as a person who wish they hadn't done something and who would like to go back and change something. Thank God we don't have to go back. We just have to go up and watch him change your life. Amen. That is the grace of God father. We love him preacher.

Thank you for your loving kindness toward us.

I pray that you just set somebody free this morning and think maybe a lot of people Lord is just coming to you laying down what doesn't belong to us.

What doesn't fit us in knowing that we been made righteous by your grace through the blood of Jesus. For we ask it in your precious name. Amen. Thank you for listening to her. 11. When we feel guilty if you like to know more about child family for intense ministry that night and had started liking this podcast is a presentation of intense ministry advantage origin

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