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Begging for a Blessing, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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January 20, 2022 7:00 am

Begging for a Blessing, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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January 20, 2022 7:00 am

Blessings come from God. But not just from God. Dr. Tony Evans will touch on the importance of the blessings we pass on, and what to do if they were never passed on to us. Find out how you can claim your spiritual inheritance.

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We've got a generation of people with nothing to Dr. Tony Evans is it's never the Lord's will for us to just muddle through a mediocre line positioned some special meaning some special purpose. This is the alternative Tony have speaker, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the alternative blessings come from God, not just from God today. Dr. Evans will touch on the importance of the blessings we pass on what to do if they were never passed on to us.

Let's join him as he begins to me in church every week, had never been blessed and pass on what you said to children. If you don't know what what is you don't know how to transfer thing called the blessing so important that in Genesis 27 Esau was begging for the first 35 blessed me and made my phone off in verse 36.

The last line, not a blessing for me and me all my father so is lifted up his voice and do not be blessed would make a grown man cry.

What was this blessing. In summary it was experiencing and enjoying and extending the complement the promises of God for your life. It was experiencing enjoying and extending passing on the promises of God for your life. But blessing was when God was operating for them occurs was when God was operating against it was a that no matter what.

Rain showers were around them. They were on the cover chapter 25 what you understand blessing verse 30 Esau said to Jacob. Please let me have a swallow of them read stuff I am famished. Jacob said first sell me your birthright. That's a lot bass will bolus you said let me sell you something about right now give you some snow. Esau said about the guy. So what you did is my birthright to me.

I'm so hungry. Jacob said to me always slaughter him and so birthright to Jacob. Jacob gave Esau bread and a little spill and drank, and rose up and went on his way right birthright's oldest son got a heritage of everything that the father left behind. Jacob says sell me your position and give you something the Bible says is all thought so little of his birthright that he was wellness telephone sums but what is offered is that when you give up your birthright you give up your blessings to you say I don't want the will stop in the will and the blessings it will. The blessings have to do with what the father was passing forward this blessing. Verse 28 and 29 now. May God give you of the dew of heaven, and of the fatness of the earth and an abundance of grain and new wine may people starve you and make sure bow down to you. Be master of your brothers and make your mother son bow down to you because it be those who curse you, and blessed be those who bless you, we tell you what's in the blessing of blessing that special God designed custom designed future.

She says to Jacob, who he thinks is Isaac Jacob restricted. He says the Jacob, let me tell you about your future because of blessing talked about the future that will stop in the presence but the blessing was the future, he said, look, everything. Three things Jacob. They think he thought he saw the trick buddy for three things three things.

The first thing is divine provision. He says in verse 28 the dew from heaven will fall, and of the fatness of the earth. An abundance of grain and new one about what happened is gonna rain down what you need to the promises of God fulfilled. I don't care how hard you work earth.

If there is no rain from heaven.

Nothing is going to grow some of the working hard to make some of our lives.

We were some of the future we might get something done in our lab we won one rain from heaven.

It doesn't matter how hard you work on.

Nothing is going to go if there are no vegetables doesn't visit our there is no gray no fruit. There is no grass for the livestock to eat so the cows can give milk does not show what if he thinks a lot about you wonder why that is not working out because we've not yet gotten out of bed, which is no well God told me to virtually beat what you go to the promised land is when you get to the promised land. Here is what you're going to find you can find a land flowing with milk and honey that means highly productive when you get to your future. You gotta find I have already gone ahead of you to your future. There are some sinners in there but why do some of the occupied territory on the bill from Dixon Wells.

While the some of the drama told the plowed fields 12% of the plants great so that when you arrive stuff is already been taken care of What I've already heard and will have been produced so that you have to stop that you didn't know existed and when you Be more than you expected.

Second, spiritual authority, in verse 29 the people serve you, the nations will bow down to you, you will be master says people have authority member in the beginning of a hospital party series reset everybody's been given the garden like Adam a place over which you are to rule using your gifts your talents or skills of the opportunities that God brings you everybody.

He has a guard there's no question here that have not been given a garden in a place where God wants to root you in order to service his kingdom in the service you for good and be a blessing of others.

Everybody in here has a garden place over which you function as master, a place where you call the shots and he says, and I'm going to make sure when asked when I take you where I'm taking you that you are running your God. One of the greatest things in the world is to know that there is a place for you that you are not a mistake. You're not an evolutionary mishap is a place for you. God didn't just leave you here Wanda and just go around bouncing around like a pinball machine that is a place for you to master. There is and what he want you to control he has given you give skills in time and he wants you to use that for the mastering purposes for which you given that that is a secure place in a secure place to know that God has a place for me. So for you to get me out of my place.

You have to overrule God as a secure place to place. The slap God to get me in the place I am putting you that place that the bad thing about forgetting places that do not now you have any you not under the umbrella seeks because God is only going to be the relics in the places he's provided you. He says, and I will curse those who curse you and I will bless those who bless you, that's divine protection under the umbrella of accursed if the unit just came after me anything for you and for me know how long they've been trying to get rid of Israel been trying to knock Israel into the Mediterranean is a little tiny country surrounded by millions and millions of people have tried to get rid of Ezra and may try to country surrounded by all the nations still survive when they got that much hatred surrounded on all all you don't know who you because that right now for the rejection of Christ is no minor problems regarding the Lance and he said you umbrella and what it may make you shake a little bit going to be able to destroy you, you in my well a free position to know that when somebody comes after you become an met with David and Goliath just came after the battle of the Lordů You Dr. Evans will come back with more of our message in just a moment, including a look at why so many of us are still begging for our blessings before he does, though, I want to let you know that what you're hearing today is just one installment in the 20 part message compilation called coming to the comforter. This collection of messages from Dr. Evans helps us understand how to deal with problems and pain more effectively and honestly the entire series perfectly complements the insights found in Tony's brand-new book hope for the hurting. Together, these two powerful resources can help you discover what God wants you to learn during difficult days to find treasure in your trials to be made whole instead of just better and how to develop a stronger faith even in the midst of trials will send them to you as our gift and thanks for your contribution toward supporting Tony's ministry this station and other outlets like it around the world. Just visit Tony to get the details make all the arrangements. Again, that's Tony or let one of our resource team members help you, day or night at 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222 with Dr. Evans will come back with part two of today's message right after this amount taking place suing over reaching the surface of the ocean. Since example, our creator continued.

You place evidence God's creative, like the stunning will and you can experience it with joint and other friends of the ministry together. We discovered the chlorine of God's creation, unforgettable sale to take splendor of God's creation wonders really enjoy great teaching Dr. Tony and other gifted instructors as well as life-changing worship and special musical performances spiritually uplifting.

Give us time to ask me take a journey Scripture else around awesome creation is more of an alternative Alaskan today generation of people with nothing to look forward to their sense of destiny, no sense of future because they haven't given it but we can expect them to have been given because nobody gave a bunch of still looking for your blessing. You mean something to tell you your significance for somebody to tell you you have a future for somebody to tell you you're not a chance What you been fishing the Almighty God for some special meaning for some special purpose. Nobody you're not on the face of God you are clear enough. You are a prince off a prince, you know, generation have been blessed when I walk around with pants around their ankles around the ankles and the cool weather generation of voice say think it's good that they do what they think about you understand that they all penis what they're doing and send some mixup in the mix somebody say something to me that makes me feel slick again and special somebody you may somebody makes somebody stop and stare at me now somebody said you sure look good compromise. My virtuous compromise.

Not just say something about saying you can. Can somebody bless somebody let me know that there is something special out there that special that I mean something that there is substance and significance.

Jacobson 04+ is four years old and is begging for bless Esau has money when you don't have the bless. He has nothing to look forward to nothing, no future and when you don't have a future. All you get to do is exist. Generational boys need to know you have up your phone to be somebody generational girls who can say if you not treat me like a princess and talk to me like a queen. We don't have anything to compensate about because that's who I am guy got blessed by my mom about my dad asked by my church and when I told I was a princess waiting for.

If you treat me know what you get some looking for somebody looking for somebody on bless you. You have a special future you you are an extension of the covenant, and you have a tomorrow, but it is for you to reverse.

Deuteronomy 23 verse 523 verse 563 verse five says God says is what is good news. I will turn you all cursing into a blessing. I will turn your cursing into a blessing and maybe frozen laterals in a line he says because I love you because I love you because I love you I'm going to turn this thing around I will turn what she cursing nothing. If you will come on the number I can't change my umbrella.

But if you don't, what all the years that the locust is taken away from you. What you will use and abuse them messed over and forgotten, and even where you have said and walked away from me.

If you come back on the company's good news for you today. Last year when I think that saying why because you write the new company birthright is. The Bible says that you know you don't God make you a great and mighty nation. I want to pass this on. God told me that they might imagine me for your great mighty nation, God great, mighty nation, you will 12 times the mass But I Want to.All Great Granddaddy My Nation, My Tenacious Nation, Great, Mighty Nations Became the Son of Israel and Israel's All What Jesus Christ Wants Christians to Say What Got You a Great Mighty Make You Special about Isaac, Jacob Showed up, Jesus Christ, Who Was a Great Mighty Nation.

Jesus Christ, You Know You Have a Glorious for You Love so That I Can See the Future. That's What That's Why the Prayer of Jabez Prejudice Jabez from First Chronicles Chapter 4 Soul Copies with Bonomo Book. Can I Get Bless You. Since Jabez Is Lord Bless Me Indeed, Jabez Means First Chronicles for Me Pain Is Because I Was Born in Pain. My Mom and Amy Jabez to Call Me Jim Is Ready to Go to School. Housework Works for the Bank's Name from Having a Life Full of Names in This I Want to Be Paying Me Know That They May Receive a Copy and Stuff That My Wife Meets Jeff Can Make It without Jeff.

Jeff Don't Make Me from Evil to Restraining the Devil Got the Magic Trick Me to Get Me against You and I Will Let You Have Dr. Tony Evan Talking about the Power of the Blessing That Grows Out Of Our Connection with Christ in the Lesson Called Begging for a Blessing. If You'd like to Get a Full-Length Copy of This Message, Including Material We Didn't Have Time to Present on the Air, Is Included As a Part of the Comprehensive 20 Part Series Coming to the Comforter. As I Mentioned Earlier If Yours Is Her Gift When You Help Us Keep Tony's Teaching on the Station with Your Generous Contribution for Limited Time along with 10 Messages on CD and Tennis Digital Downloads Will Also Include One of the First Copies of Tony's Brand-New Book Hope for the Hurting, Just Visit Tony to Make the Arrangements for This Special Offer Runs out Again That's Tony or Reach out to Our Resource Center at One 800 832, 22 Team Members Are Standing by to Help You Day and Night. Again, That's 1-800-800-3222 When Something Hurts.

We Want to Make It Stop. But Sometimes That's a Mistake. Join Dr. Evans Tomorrow As He Explains Why Things That Seem to Wear Us down Can Really Be Building a Some Alternatives with Dr. Tony Evan Made Possible by the Generous Contributions Listeners like

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