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MON HR 2 121321

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 14, 2021 12:03 am

MON HR 2 121321

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 14, 2021 12:03 am

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What's Right What's Left
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Donate and listen to the podcast WR already were back in the phone lines are open note of your out there and you're in Michigan a few votes on Detroit listing tools I need to know if were out of were back up were rebuking heroes of 1500 of their call us and let us know whether were up in the course of yet heroes can cause liver as though it were not up to get here.

We write for Joe all right. My folks are here. Took on a lot of ministrations all at once, and normally the radio we work with not having advertisers, sponsors without general sewing products, things like that.

It takes sometimes a year or two years or so to give the station to be self-supporting. There will supported self and you took on quite a few stations in one year and the fact that we have not had the drop one of those new stations is nothing short of a God's miracle of the odds of taking on five or six or seven new stations like I'm a Roman investor. Time extra of almost beyond belief.

So we just thank the Lord and we thank all of the listeners are made up possible because of your doing his will or just of were servants during what the Lord called us to do and this is truly a ministry work for partnership. Your donations pay the bills faster and he is never 40 years taken a dime for all the work on the radio all the nights. Although Bible studies and messages he's given and normal roofing was ever taken any money.

We all donate our own time. Our own treasurer, metallic, and to keep this going so well all busy doing the Lords work and uses we can. Thank you for God said you support a ministry that's during his work.

He will bless you, Joe. We didn't we didn't really have a choice we had. We understood what was happening seaweed when you understand what's happening in the Bible talks about being a watchmen wall and it tells you to watchmen on the wall makes it very clear if you see the enemy coming and you don't warn the people there blood as I knew we saw with this. We knew this whole thing was a scam them equally. We knew from word from day one. This whole Fauci in a Fauci fluvial. It would was all about. It was all about killing people or making money, killing people and making money.

That's what was all about that in a given article here it's good article says with America turning into a suicide called preaching death by medicine big Pharma's Mafia is still terrorizing Americans and them biggest healthcare lives. Farmers pharmaceuticals, prevent disease vaccines make you healthy doctors are expert in health.

You have no role in your own healing disease is either bad luck or bad genes. Hospitals are places of feeling of health and healing of conventional medicine is advanced and more research equals common. The more cures and you've never read more lies before yeah that's about it is and what about what about our constitutional rights.

Well basically you know what's going on is our the U.S. Constitution is being violated and also our state constitution. I would encourage people you know we the Declaration of Independence. You know they are violating title VII of the civil rights act and title IV of the Civil Rights Act related to religious exemptions for children and employees in college students on bottom line is if you are being harassed. Years of fighting for a religious exemption whether it's for flu shots or you know any other kind of vaccine. There are civil rights attorneys nationally who will work for you for free.

The first website is first FIR ST first If you go to first They have what is called a vaccine mandate toolkit that has sample forms. I listened to a representative who talked about this organization in September. The second one that is free is liberty liberty but any time that you are being coerced and threatened. Given the runaround relative to an exemption you have to understand that the person on the other side that is directing these mandates is not your friend. You have to view them as your enemy. All right, they may be the nicest person in the world. Prior to 2020. But right now they are going after your rights and your liberties and the civil rights attorneys will tell you that they are violating title VII of the Civil Rights Act and in and in that regard, they you can file a complaint with the EEOC, who is the equal opportunity commission and then also the Ohio civil rights commission. Now things will move slowly through that, but you do have some avenues to protest what is going on. But again, go to these free websites consult these civil rights attorneys and there are other individuals across the country who are helping along the same line arrived very good.

All right, we have Sharon in Illinois pledged 30 and Stephen Ohio pledges 40 thank you Sharon thank you Steve all right in the CA yeah all right we got youth. There is a lot out under the clapping of the amount of the public through the artificial have background well that I wanted to just let people know what is good just outweigh this.

That's not a real audience that's canned music that we and you don't notice. Everybody looked on the staff so I expect, figured out if you've got three people on the phone engineer handling the controls. The new and Elaine are at the microphone.

There's nobody left the class will is the guy that operates the canned music right nose taking calls to the phone lines are reading a might be finding out the I'm still waiting to hear from you. Maybe that's what he's talking about the Detroit maybes on there because I know that we getting calls from Detroit saying we were knocked down.

But that's the only one so far. The good Lord and so we've actually been pretty much blessed most of all we will through all of last week without known in them. That's wonderful and it is because of the normally Joe like a liquor was still not Eileen you're right Eileen, we have enemies and we have a lot of them and you know when people say you know you keep hearing about China lunch.

I know our biggest threat is not China's right here correct is the death of Greta Communist Party there. The antichrist, the they are our enemies there the enemies of the cross. They hate God and the Bible says all nations, the date, God love death.

They love death.

They love death. They loved Detroit's back on the air right good crowd back in your right, and as always been about death and really evil thinking what you see. Can't wait to shed innocent blood. He can't wait to take the life Journal. People have to understand that this is a spiritual battle between Christ and Antichrist system between those that are trying to establish a worldwide government that's antichrist, and it is a spiritual battle and we need that one be in prayer. All right forces run to the battle Disney absolutely. We've got Anita in Florida and she's a pharmacist are you there Anita. I'm a graduate of University have been in pharmacy from a 50 year. I literally walked away from my $125,000 a year job because I couldn't take anymore five and half years ago they changed everything with Walgreens, Publix, Walmart, all the pharmacies I went on, they would not let me get back in I was willing to give the injectable and I couldn't because after four decades thing got to the right going over a thousand percent and have been forced to be getting these injectable children and baby and when we take are not limited when you are like is for Ohio and Florida in August, September, we had to agree to The cat and get my that we agree there are no side effects of this that we have to tell the patient that the FDA to approve it and we have to give it even tighter shots to bring newborn babies in the hospital that the mother was healthy no hepatitis and this is still absolutely wrong I I walked away from it and I see what going on a pharmacist are being forced or they lose their profession. I couldn't reconcile my soul. I walked away I feel good about it.

I'm not there when you think you would contact everyone in the great commission and trying to tell everyone at 245 today I was talking with Duncan at Publix that the customer service. He said when I got my ship on the run to the pond and get my COBIT shot that way and that way and it was very cold on it. I explained everything like you give Ernie any good value. I got yes and I personally know people here in Orlando Florida that people 2325 31 athlete may drop dead myocarditis and he because I got divine intervention I said please don't get you that I'm so glad I met you I will not take the shot. We have to get out there and tells many people as we can. But this is the problem. Pharmacist and another thing is the owner pharmacist like me. We know better where where the chemistry all-time pharmacist. A lot of them have dropped out of our profession, and you don't hear about that. All these not new young pharmacist are so brainwashed and indoctrinated and being forced to get injectable. Another common pharmacy give injectable we are overwhelmed with that liability and job duties been going on almost 6 years, the big Pharma and they've been working on all these years these last six years especially now with Alexander. We pharmacist have to give these injectable and not say anything. It is criminal and I'm so glad I'm out of it on free of it.

I'm not making the money used to make but I don't care Beardsley wealthy and the Lord is very pleased with me so I just keep doing his work. God bless you for crabby principles of standing on principles and values, you know, today, 23 Air Force members of the Air Force U.S. Air Force today.

The were discharged because they stood on principles and and God bless those those people who have an shame on those lesser people.

Those lesser people to discharge them there prostitutes and that is the fact they want all this money paid a dear price for it while you're absolutely right. That's exactly what God's Word, the Bible refers to them as is Horsley going to whoring, and you have for Mammon. But you know here to if you go to and Joe, you know, and in which we present this couple weeks ago. Revelation chapter 18 verse 23 uses the word leader sorcery which is another word for pharmacopeia that is the word that are interesting, yet it is, is the word Pharma care enemies sorcery and that's when you get the word Pharma you to the Bible talks about to the apothecary and where that's natural words as God's natural medicines okay before Michaela is sorcery right and that's why we I'm teaching people all about healing. Naturally with God plants and herbs and and just like Wendy Wilson got so just a shame so many people so many professional the medical profession is terrible here in United States. I know because I would then it and on free and I'm afraid that bondage was hypocrisy said let food be thy medicine exactly pocket Institute is a wonderful Institute to wheel it's you know it's not so much this way today and is it used to be, but I mean there will Hitler understood something if you're going to get people and their people trust their doctors people trusted doctors and and so that's what he did. He used the so-called medical profession to begin with his euthanasia program and I noticed something here. Not as much as it used to be, but this seems like women have a tendency to trust these doctors a lot more than men than in the other know I don't know why that is. Maybe software that is why I know that years ago when in 1800 pharmacist were the doctors of America. We went door to door healing people with all the herbed you know and the holistic medicine course that rotten AMA networking have doctors MDs do this and worse.

You got behind counter count kill you now been a crime. What happened to the medical system here.

I'm glad that the 7800 nurses good up and rejected that all the hundreds of doctors and and virologist we just gotta keep fighting the fight that fight the good fight all the way we've got you exactly and it's got a happen at the grassroots level get involved with your community. Even if you don't have children in school, go to the school boards to help support the parents you can't find like-minded people go where they are the get involved. You know with your community activities, etc. and you will bump into the people that you that you are looking for God will lead you there happening when that were in the third great awakening and working. I have a revival across the whole United States is coming. It's coming.

I know it is II just to the funeral today for girlfriend. He was a natural path and the and his son told me today that that's what he's going to be taken up and he's going to school out to be a natural path just like his father, and I'm seeing more and more natural paths in this is what we need.

We need to go back is a here boils down to this, God gave us the herbs the natural herbs for healing and will big Pharma gives us the drugs when they hijacked was the drugs have a plant-based to them. Yeah, right.

Right. Well plant but then they had the scientists mimic the pharmacological act Action of the plant and make these drugs to feed the masses, and you know you get out to support synthetic strength.

As with all the side effects. Now they want to change LBP out injectable but then they can hide whatever they want, just like you see in these files with five German dharna and get out wildly and Hollywood and and politicians get normal saline while the rest of us.

They want to kill and already two thirds of American American have been shot with the poisonous punk and they want to get the rest of it is they only want their 5% to be living in the hell with the 95% of the world you know what you're talking room for these athletes they're dropping like flies. Not only that, but I had a list I was somewhere of pilots of airline pilots and loose of course I we could not get the list of military pilots hundred 10 pilots died in the nine month period of time yeah and and so they're dropping these, but you not to see one word of that on any of the fake news media. Not one word that includes Fox News. I haven't heard anything on Fox News about that will all you have to do is look is used in all their advertising their 30 go big Pharma owns Fox News to see you getting to trust them. Can that's right. And they've been planning this for decades because they want to get rid of the elderly not because we know too much about the younger ones.

The millennial thinking Daniel Fagan indoctrination brainwashing these years so they can mold them and what they done and then get rid of all the babies that we can't reproduce all the billion are the millions of abortion and killing a mop with math and the poisonous back and it's really asking that we need to stop talking and get active just like Charlie Kirk said, and all these wonderful guys like Mark LeBaron on Dan Bock.Dan Fontenot Sean Hannity. These guys are fine price your fine product. We have to keep going with this, get contagious and stand up to them.

We were talking about this Anita back in the 80s were talking about this back in the 80s. All of this of you talking about back in early back in the 90s with them.

Robert Kennedy Junior was a girly 2000 whatever would with what was happening to the children right. We were out there. We were putting this that we've been putting this stuff out now for almost 50 years as we been on the air.

We started back right 1970 talking about the abortion child killing how we when there's an abortion that is a child dying okay and so it even in the evening before they were officially legal so we were we been on this for years and working to keep on and go ahead. How do we get how do we get more people to find out about you and start listening to your program when they need to be educated about this. A lot of people that never heard of you.

If every single person that we hear so much of algae crop. If every single person that is listening to this program in a consistent basis would get in more involved and active in their community. Its word-of-mouth.

It's involvement it's being seen again. You need to be out there. You need to decide where your line in the sand is and get active. I know you are. I'm just I'm petitioning Walmart Cosco Street in the parking lot at church and everywhere on joint educated many people as I can and let you know what the farm and we were the number one profession for all those years higher than clergymen higher than please offer you know that we lost our rank because people lost in the medical system and and and the pharmacist.

The pharmacist of today are like wet noodle all therein there to make the money make the money pushed the drugs for big Pharma like robot discussing it.

Now I want I want with someone at pastors and leaders and for her to get her prescription and I said I'm on the other side.

Praise God. I said I feel free on virtually wealthy. Even though I'm poor monetarily. I don't care. This is what matters to me. God bless you things that we gotta give 888-281-1110 is folks, the phone lines have not been reading right now we have approximately 30 minutes left is a nice program and I don't know where were at their but were nowhere near our goal okay nowhere near as so folks you got it you got a: because if we don't make our goal the mighty Andrew has to make up the difference there checks and mail okay there you go. 888-677-9673 888-281-1110. We got to see the phone lines laid up again. We got a C lineup. We got to make a goal. This is the last pledge allegiance Joe we just think the good folks out there in the letters I want to thank all of you for those nice letters you write the we read every one of Endo again. I just one think all the folks that kept us on this year is been a battle and you know. Also, the newsletter. The newsletter I mean is growing by leaps and bounds, and folks we send out all the things we talk about here.

We send out you get information on the newsletter and especially we've had on how many people the religious exemption letter we sent out. We have more people call us and say thank you Pastor for that letter because you know because of that I do not think the poisonous poker get my job right already that one of ensuring get on the newsletter list in hand out the newsletter ministry information and the other near Wanda, can you get a hold of any of those forms show that you were supposed to sign an old saying that you would give the shops in your general not say anything bad about the vaccines during could you getting those things to pastor Ernie, those are usually done by email directly to an employee so I'm not sure whether that's accessible there was an original copy of one of those already is something to send into the ministry office to pastor all right if you folks out the listing at one of those was talking to let us know Endo will let you know right right because we are the watchmen on the wall. Here is what we do and so we want to praising the Lord not let me give you Elaine's number again. If you have questions there folks.

Her number is 440-478-4073. That's if you have health and wellness questions that Pastor Joe can answer and by the way joke I heard what Anita said.

So they come in after the old folks, I am not going little touch you. The word will, in actuality there's I and I don't know the exact name of it but during the Obama administration. There was a report done by health and human services about the lack of contribution to society for anybody over the age of 50.

All right, so there's been a lot of that often on you know in our history with the government firstly designed to take out the elderly. The those of the comorbidities the week get rid of the workday with the call useless leaders and those that are past their roof time were there social to society right Steve Minnesota pledges 100. Thank you Steve there you go there you go.

Okay, we've got to keep the phone lines… Right. Here's what I've got Elaine here this one. This is his goal, orchestrating a collapse orchestrated a collapse is time dear readers, this is by Patrice Lewis it's time dear readers to venture into the forbidden territory of what some people claim is a conspiracy theory and examine the possibility that our government, especially the current regime is deliberately bringing down America. No kidding, right every single thing that they put in place since January 1 is designed to do that well was shown she matches her the bank buying bank nominee. We want oil and gas companies to go bankrupt. I heard or said. I heard her say it binds policies clearly drove gas prices up. Oh yeah, I was getting gas for a buck 89 a gallon when Trump was in office know something I just went by the gas pump done it 335 a gallon and in the Western states. It's up to six and seven dollars a gallon international or inner internal reports.

More than half of border patrol agents may be fired for being unvaccinated well.

The recent court rulings of the stop on that yes said five a hold on everything but hold Tom cotton since high gas prices are intended are the intended effect of Joe Biden's energy policy is not so maximum absolutely. They want 1/4 was one lunar travel, they they don't think that the we we need their permission to go where we want to go and like a out Knesset were living too good when they went to limit our ability to move around and that's a violation of the Constitution and also basically control what you do every single day for you to become more compliant dependent on the government, you know, etc. in the only reason that things have not moved along in their direction is because we have too many guns in the United States.

Teacher says critical race theory radicalized her curriculum and creates racial hostility. That's exactly what is turn the whites against the wax turn the vaccine against the unvaccinated development units. Divide and conquer divide and conquer in separate family members and friends now, and we've been taught we've been reporting on this to massive massive steel farms are underway. Goal is to reduce food production in the US. That's right, they want to control people by the food okay there paying farmers to destroy their crops rate and their neck to get their subsidies unless they do there's couple things happening the, the suicide rate amongst farmers was on a huge increase that's happily not what a lot of farmers know they know that the loser farms Bill Gates and the Chinese, the communist government are buying the farmland of the biggest owners of farmland and in America in the same things going on here in the state of Ohio or governors is part of that, there you go Joe Biden webinars the Department of Justice to go after the concert and Perez went away. You know the they hired 80,000 IRS agents amazing truckers face mounting threats from government regulations that could collapse already strained supply lines in a corner. Truckers are fighting back.

Actually they're not good to put up with no enormous crackdowns on free speech we saw was happy when the weapon eyes again, the FBI against parents. The parents of found out winter by the way here books books including adult sex with minors adult sex with minors in Virginia schools there back in the library.

They put all those books. The parents found out about they want their and the parents had a massive turnout, and though they they say will really fix this really get rid of that they're not there back the correct and the public. If you love your kids if you love your children get them out of there, get out of there. We've been telling you this now for 50 years. Get them out of the public school system in Texas euro project conservative state. There are, there were a couple people thrown out of the Rock Island school board removed from meetings to members by the other three. The liberals of their were arrested German historian Justin Clark and they were. They claim there are political hip job and because there fighting though the liberals who want to go out to the children and the those Lotta complaints at an open meeting.

This is a big big school board and what the director wanted to do is put in 19 shares 18 chairs at this median meeting and yet they have about 50,000 students that attend dozens of schools in the round rock district. So one of the largest high schools in Texas and shut it down.

The parents over on the other two board members and all spoke up. They got arrested. This is getting to where their resting school board members who don't go along with the progressive communist, socialist, and the this is a real battle flow closer to lease the those are prostitutes that are arrested as people gotta stand you got to stand on principles and police do your job if you don't if you if you dirty if you go whoring you become dirty after Texas. They have an open meeting active think the public must have full access to school board meetings. If the state law and the school board is put out 19 shares for a huge school district I got say this quickly look from Texas pledges 100 roots from Mount Zion, West Virginia pledges 200 Rosetta Trimble from Michigan pledges 100 Misty from Virginia pledges 300.

She also challenge of someone for Metro 300 here that fast break this the best time to call right during his break will be right back is is is is is is is already were back in. We need Joe to reach her goal. We need $1650 left and that's just about to just about $100 a minute for the rest of this night, unless somebody out there to support others put those 1650 and will get "I'll give you hundred dollars.

Okay now we need 1550 make that the caliphate have a professional practice of oral nerve singer-songwriter things like that. The ability to make money prayerfully consider donating to the ministry of goats is what give and it shall be given unto you.

Good measure, pressed down, and shaken together and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.

Luke 638 what God is saying you cannot give the Lord you will make sure you give that you are able to keep on giving men who are able some good news to some good news.

Will we need good news though huge election poll worker turnout for Republicans in Dane County, Wisconsin, up from last election was 41 old Republican ball workers and that went from 41 to 318. You think another's things happening all across the country with these. Unfortunately, we keep hearing about they're going to have a edit. The election results there and in PA but it's not exactly what you think. It's a rhino ruse that's taken place for the poor folks in Pennsylvania. They want they know for a fact that they've got thousands of thousands of fact today. There out of Arizona.

They had the another county. They gave results of the fund likely said you had way more people voting then you had lived there were borders in the rotor way more in of the election fraud was unbelievable, and yet all of those in the media. So many people that stood there and looked right into the camera after we watch them flip the numbers upside down after we watch them do it.

They stood there and I looked at you straight up and lied through their teeth at night tell a light yellow light color big wide, long and loud people will believe it because I don't believe that you could possibly lie about something like that.

If the little lies but get caught because people are looking for that section.

Those big bold face once but hey I got some good news.

Remember Percy Chrissy Matthews. Oh yeah, he's finally jumping ship from Fox and he's headed for the Chris Matthews you talking about Chris Wallace will bring Chris Walsh.

I didn't see it in you is going to say this is where he belonged. He was always it was never a conservative at all. It was always a Democrat in the long mirror and now he's finally well heated numeric future studies going there because her, newer and better that he's not been able to do, but it's interesting. Roger Stone said there was a time when Chris Wallace was a real reporter like his father, but now he's just a demented propagandist in the water you have somebody else so there this evening that that got a lot of attention.

He recently did you you and me and the nurse quite a bit of Chris Comeau. There is got no little problems but now his CNN producer has been arrested for allegedly sexual training of a nine-year-old underage girl and others and the Western Journal talk about the details of his indictment are totally sickening.

The stuff that he did basically use the message in people to the parents of minor daughters conveying them that a woman is a woman, regardless of the day of her rage. Women should be sexually subservient and inferior to men.

And he was grooming some of these young girls and the yeah transferring money.

One mother and her nine-year-old daughter to fly were picked them up, took them to his house and at the house. The daughter was in director to engage in and did engage in unlawful sexual activity. In other words, he raped a little child nine-year-old girl and the this was Chris Comeau, CNN producer something wrong over that network is something hello the entire desecrating party there so many of those especially the Congress and that that are involved in pedophilia. It is is rapid it is rampant amongst the Democrats saying there's something wrong with his father.

Pedophilia online and deceiving and raping children, but they look to call us names but oh wait a minute Mary from New York pledges 100 Joe from New York pledges 50 and LA right here just placed 100 year there I found out there was a doctor who now claims. Biden is mentally fit for office. Did you hear that, who was the president Fauci.

No doctor named Dr. Jill all Dr. Jill Biden oh Jill was the doctor that said courses got her doctorate in education so she expert in psychology and dementia get up to be a liberal teacher.

You'd have to be a little demented so she got no right very good. 888 close. We've got approximately seven minutes left tonight is that we need approximately $1550 so 8882811110888281. We got about $200 a minute. Raven currently ever got any donations tonight from what Denver Little Rock. I haven't heard from San Diego, Portland right we have anything from the window. We do we have something Little Rock.

Here we have Bugs Bunny Little Rock I forgot that gate so we we need. Often we absolutely got some from Texas. I don't remember any from San Diego during a San Diego Orlando, note we have and yet we did our own are promises to let it needed to see from their own. We haven't heard anything from well said San Diego or we heard quite a bit for Minnesota and Michigan. Michigan is of greater Canada. I think we got one from Michigan and we did have some from Canada, but we need we need to get some right.

We didn't have anything important and we didn't have anything from what we've had plenty from New York from New Jersey tonight or I don't remember getting any from Philadelphia to I didn't hear that. No, I didn't get anything. We have anything come on folks. We got them now. We've got about five minutes left. The story of folks we have to have stations that are self supporting. Got a couple stations that the listeners donate more than the cost of their airtime and that helps keep some of the other stations floating but we have to set up the ministry were the station you listen to self-supporting donations pay the airtime I want to repeat past turning all the years he's been on radios never taken a single dime and salary. We are working for the Lord and being the watchmen on the wall. No one in this ministry is ever taken any money and so your donations pay the bills. They do not benefit us in any way shape or form and the goal is to get every station self-supporting so we can keep on the Arctic keep them all without losing any 13 was the station, you can almost never got one back. We've lost every know we have approximately nine hours in a weeks time because we have a little bit less than a little bit less than two hours and every radio program. So in a weeks time five days. We have little but nine hours that we have to raise enough money to stay on the entire rest of the month right you were trying to one week or month or were not constantly are.

After no basket for money to retry. Do one week of fundraising and in the rest of the month we can just worry about the what's happening in the world what happening in your neighborhood preaching the gospel and winning souls to Christ.

I hit a couple things hardly did you know that the Chinese Titans have lavished under Biden with what they call a 3 carat gem offer $30 million, $30 million for under Biden's expertise which all yeah yeah maybe donate some of that.

Maybe you don't like 1300 yeah I don't think so dear click respect everything about him.

He probably does more. No, I don't think he does need you think maybe 11 paid us a picture of the Chinese and the Russians and all these people are paying millions and millions for his artwork.

I don't think were under happy with their on that list would like to feel fluffier quickly as possible right and cut crime could tell is picked up for the Clinton's left of the Clintons were able to so outline the high country. The Biden is selling itself left delightedly out. Hard to believe that somebody would be so evil that they could sell out their country for some money.

When it all whose measures not had a bad loading all his life and get that greedy is pretty sanity's been overcome by evil devil hero so long ago. You know New York you have to be a citizen to vote. You can vote New York for the mayor of the amazing Timmy order the current.

Get that past you today Arthur trying to do that.

I thought it is that of the past.

Okay while so there you know all you have to do foxes cross the border, turn yourself in a lecture go. They give you an airplane ride. You go to New York you get off you go around and start collecting your benefits and then you can go vote for more benefit. That is if you're not slated into like tender creature and that that is not slated into the human and sex trafficking avenues out while you are course.

It's an interesting thing.

There have been visibly true because this fellow who was a championship swimmer and you know it in the mail and that he was willing but but what he did is he when he shaved off his beard and then he became a championship female swimmer. He felt like he was a woman and so now he is so far ahead with in these these batches that I mean it's an amazing thing that the these women that are competing against the can, even when you're in a race like they can even come within 30 seconds of them on witches and that swimming championship is like out of this world.

There 38 seconds or were things are no prettier within a second or so. I'm not through every second Thursday. Victory margin.

Sometimes it's a fraction of a second. Think about that and the other teammates are AltaVista you talk to the doctors. Even though these the taking hormones, and all that they are not well where archetype for the nightmare. If Obama pledges 50. Thank you Mary Judy from Colorado pleasures 100 and that puts us down for about four don't do, but I believe about 1800 that we still need some folks you have a list will be here for a few minutes and you'll have for the next say five or 10 minutes. We need someone to call in south of the whole 1400 Joe telephones.

Dr. Earhart telephones that there how they can do the most important thing that the liver do the most important thing you'll ever do is decide where you're gonna end up hurting other words, whether or not you except Jesus Christ and his offer of everlasting life and forgiveness and mercy for not picking up on his offer to deny him and spend eternity in hell came to this earth is God's way to the path between sinful man and holy, righteous, God, because the wages of sin all course, God said, his death and we were all doomed to death, but he sent his son to take care of you take your place my place festering place on the cross so that the decision to repent of your sins to turn from your sinful life. Scripture tells us for all of sin and fall fall short of the glory of God. For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. That comes from Romans 323 and the Bible also tells us if we are to confess Jesus is Lord and believe in our hearts that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved us.

Romans 10 93.

Pray to the father. This is what you need to do and you asked to be forgiven for your sins and you have to do this with a truly repentant heart. You can't just say the words you have to really repent of your sin and ask for forgiveness so that sin asked the father then asked Jesus to become Lord of your life. All of your life without reservation. Any reservation at all that you want the down payment of the Holy Spirit to come and dwell in you that you want to become a born-again believer, a child of the kingdom, a joint heir with Jesus and everlasting life. Amen family that's right. And you got God's word and it should do it tonight.

Don't wait. You may not have a tomato we are on time for that we want think Jack in San Diego puts 500 and Dolores in Brooklyn pledges 200 like to work Till tomorrow. We want to say the student.

Good night my tablet and always, always keep my fine thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. My pastor Ernie Sander to learn more about our ministry.

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