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When We Are Lonely - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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January 13, 2022 12:00 am

When We Are Lonely - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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January 13, 2022 12:00 am

If you're feeling lonely, know that Jesus will always be with you through it all.

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Welcome to the Internet's internal scanning for Thursday, January 13. If you are Christian you know you'll never walk alone at night battling continue the series teaching how Jesus can be the source of your strength. You are lonely lonely. This is one of those experiences whatever space we like to boarded it all calls and it is an emotion and experience that comes our way.

It can either be like a hello all our life, or it can be something that is short-lived. That depends upon our response to it about swellable talk about in this message is one of the most excruciating emotional pains.

Anyone feels and you and I live in a whole world of people out there who are extremely long.

It is a plague that has no prejudice doesn't make a difference how rich you are, how famous you are, how poor you are how uneducated you are.

It has no prejudices, loneliness creeps in, and sometimes it comes rushing in. And sometimes so overpowering that it drives people to all kinds of situations and circumstances in their life. Well I do know what I'm about to talk about. I do understand the eight the hurt, the pain, the sense of hopelessness, helplessness, the sense of being in a fog and cannot see my way out of looking long down that tube and not sing in light of the other end of the tunnel and knowing that is on the inside of me and I can't pull it out is on the outside of me can get out of it is just a bear. I do understand what it means to feel loneliness, and yet also understand that God has not left us in a loneliness because it's never been his will for us to be long to be alone in solitude because we love him and want to be with him. Yes, but not the kind of loneliness I'm talking about and I want to sell you my friend, if you want those persons who is exact around talking about. You can't not fall in that old black cloud just lays in there and no kind of breeze will blow away and everywhere you turn, it states on the inside, gripping you tormenting you pressuring you, it's on the outside.

All around you, and you can escape you got everything you notice Kate you can escape use. Ask yourself the question Guatemala keep living because I've been disconnected, torn apart, separate from I'm out of touch there's no intimacy.

So what's life worth if there isn't any connectedness, no intimacy, no real genuine fellowship with anyone. I want to send you my friend, don't commit suicide because you say that's not going to seven of your problems and if you've never trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior. You know what suicidal do it will bring you to the ultimate indescribable intensity of the very thing you're trying to escape because usually when a person doubts about Christ. They are eternally separated from the very one who created them and the work very one who created them for fellowship and intimacy and companionship with himself is never the way out and when loneliness settles in in a person's life. It can be horribly destructive and either drive you into those activities and those habits that is so destructive you see when you seek an escape from loneliness by sin. All you do is just broaden the gulf between you and the one thing that you want most of all that is to be reconnected and that is a sense of companionship and oneness and fellowship and friendship. Sin just keeps it making it worse and making it more difficult that is never a way out, you say well is there a way to walk through these periods of loneliness in our life and walking victoriously and I want to tell you there is there is a solution and I want to share with the first thing that is necessary to overcome loneliness what it is, in passing, or whether it is one of those long valets of circumstances that you get thrown into that you cannot do anything about. You can't change it. What is the solution. First of all confessing confession of loneliness is not a sin. Even though Paul said in the second Timothy chapter 4 verse 16.

I believe he said when he was defending himself. He said everyone left me he was all alone. Jesus knows how you and I feel when we feel only, and he knows it to the intensity that nobody has ever experienced loneliness, the match is that's what he says in Hebrews chapter 4 the wonderful words of promise when he says we don't have a high priest who doesn't understand we have one who does understand is who is tempted been tried. Just like we let is therefore drawn near with confidence to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. First of all I had to confess the Lord yes I am long. The second step in overcoming that loneliness and being able to survive.

It is this that is to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and listen carefully you might not be a Christian you may say what don't give me this Christian bit I'm lonely, but I want a solution I'm giving you one in life and I know this from works.

Listen to me carefully, God created you for himself. He doesn't need unity doesn't need me water the critters is why critters fellowship, companionship, intimacy, he wants to express his law all of his love to you and me.

He wants to walk with us and to live on the inside of us.

And so what is he do when Jesus Christ came in this world is the reason he came he came to forgive you and me of our sin and it didn't do what the Bible says he reconciled us unto himself.

Second Corinthians chapter 5 verse 17, 18, but I want you look before you look at the Scripture redemption that is salvation is God forgiving us of our sins and reconciling means what is he doing he is re-connecting us reconciliation is to bring back in the fellowship bring back into relationship. And so, redemption, reconciliation, salvation, forgiveness is to bring us back into oneness the reconnect us with our heavenly father, from whom we had been separated because of our sin, my friend. You were created for God. You were created to love him. The fellowship with him the door. Intimacy with him. Nothing in this world is going to bring you back into that relationship, but Christ and my friend there is not anything in this world that's going to give you a sense of fullness and completeness and oneness. You may be the richest person in your town. You may have the most preeminence and acceptance in their eyes, but I will tell you there's only one thing that can fulfill the human heart. On the one thing that can make you sense and experience that sense of being reconnected and oneness and joy and indescribable writing APs being bound together, which means to be made whole and that is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that comes about when you confess your sins to him acknowledge that you separated from him by your sins and acknowledge that when he doubted the cross he pages sin debt in full and when you receive him by faith and just letting him father, I've sinned against you. I know that I'm separate.

I feel the separation. I feel this estrangement from you. I want this.

I want this reconnection. I want to be forgiven.

I want to be what you want me to be. I'm asking you to forgive me of my sins am asking you to save me God from myself from my loan was from wrecking my life.

He always answers that prayer will keep you will and second grade. In chapter 5, verse 17, 18. For a moment, he says, writing to the Corinthian church.

This wonderful word of encouragement.

He says in verse 17 therefore if any man or woman is in Christ, that is, they been saved. He says he is a new creature, a new creation old things passed away behold all things have become new.

Now all these things are from God, what things all these new things, who reconciled us rotors back in the fellowship reconnected us through Christ and gave you and me. The ministry of being servants of God.

All of us and helping one in helping other people reconnect the ministry of reconciliation is the ministry of the church. That's what the church is all about the message of the church.

The purpose of the church is what reconciling being the servants of God helping other people recognize who it is that brings fulfillment to life. Step number one is confessing elements because it is not a sin.

Secondly, entering into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

And number three. Listen carefully now number three developing godly friends, listen carefully developing godly friends. I didn't just say getting a friend, godly friends. I mean the kind of friend who will point you to God the wrong kind of friendships and time of loneliness can be absolute destructive, and what they will do, they will lead you into deeper sense of loneliness, which is listen. I don't know how people sin against God and just go on and on and on. When I sin against God.

I am so upset and feel this awesome sense of estrangement from him. I cannot stand it overnight.

I had to deal with. I don't understand how people can sin against God and sin against God and just keep on sinning against them and think, well, you know it's going all were No it's not waitlisted when you genuinely love somebody with all your heart and that somebody loves you. You can listen if you really love and you can't stand that kind of estrangement developing godly friendships and listen carefully what kind of friends a way to develop the bring to help us through loneliness is the car. First of all, somebody you can laugh with.

If you can interact with them regularly not going to help you somebody you laugh with somebody you can pray with and know that they know how to talk to God somebody that you feel understand you and what you're going through somebody you can share secrets with, and you know that they'll never tell a soul, and somebody you can trust everybody needs that kind of friend to listen carefully to have that kind of friend you have to be that kind if I want somebody to laugh me than I gotta be would laugh a little. If I want someone to pray with me. I must be on the pray with them and understand them and be an and be able to share their secrets and be able to be trustworthy.

Also, you see the wrong kind of friends are destructive. The right kind of friends will point you got now what you listen very, very carefully to what I'm saying if you listens a man listen that friend is to be an extension of God in your life not a substitute for God not somebody who takes the place of God. But somebody who is an extension of God somebody who's walking with you through those moments of loneliness, who's doing what is reminding you. God understands.

Remember he's with you is what he said someone who is pointing you to God when you have a friend who pointed to God.

They are an extension of the life of God in your life and you see if you make that person a substitute is what happens if that person becomes a substitute for God in your life, you begin to clean and you begin to lean and you begin to draw out of them at the sap out of them the strength until finally know what I was, they can handle that. And so what I do.

They just back off the relationship and then you have two problems. You are already low lit. Now you have another reason for thinking that you not worthy of having a friend and so what happens is when you back a friend of you intensify your own loneliness. My friend, I'm learning a lot of things in life and one of the things I'm learning is this that kind of true friend who sticks with you through thick and thin no matter what the older I get, the more valuable every single one of those kind of friends becomes. There's nothing like that kind of friend I can talk to God and sometimes people have the attitude about me when you have you have faith in you trust God, you, you don't need us, you don't think so, yes, I do want things about a true friend is this, they see a false your failures. They see all the things about you that are not good you know what they say what one of my friend says about me sometimes. He was never meant to be understood.

Just love I love that I love never meant to be understood. Just love all of us have our weaknesses in their frailties and if you have to be a friend or someone who's perfect.

Not only will you never be a friend of anyone but you will have is no such thing as a perfect person but there's something about friendships.

You see when God surrounds you with those kind of friend you have God on the inside, enabling you he's done we lean upon depend upon, but you also have that audible voice encouraging you to hug you, put their arm around you shake your hand. Whatever to remind you that you didn't love. So first of all, there is confession entering into a personal relationship with Christ developing godly friendship and then there's something about anchoring your soul to a passage of Scripture and the something about having that verse of that passage that God anchors you to because you see all of us at different times are going to feel loneliness. For some reason the other.

So what do you do if you take it God's way you let loneliness drive you to him. Listen, and loneliness. When responded to. Probably drives you in the most intimate, rewarding, indescribable sense of relationship with God, for which there is no explanation of the description and what happens, our loneliness can make us richer in our understanding of the ways the law of Almighty God. The last thing I would say is this, and that is when those things hit you listen to me carefully, you have the privilege of crying out to God the father, and you can simply say to him what I said to him, but in your own words. Lord, I am lonely. I am hurting and God. You know that I desperately need you at this moment, you promised you would never leave me nor forsake me use it when I had you I had everything I just need you to put your loving arms around me and hug me good God, and I can remember sometimes the past few months. When I bent down, praying, and I felt that way if some human being and walked up to me and put his arms around me.

It could not have been more real because you see that's the kind of God, you are nicer.

He's a loving father who does not want any of his children to feel alone to feel lonely when he loves us so much. There been times when I've gotten above Monday's Lincoln Lord. I don't know when I've ever been hugged so wonderfully and so it one of our sale of it to say this because I know that a lot of you out there who feel the same thing and maybe a whole lot worse and I wanted to. You don't have to go to drugs and alcohol, and affairs, and illness, and television and videos are schedules that will break your health or suicide. If you will confess your loneliness. He will enable you to develop godly friends and he'll give you an anchor for your soul in the word of God in my friend he's always there for you to cry out to and when you do, he will lift you and help you strengthen you and overwhelm you, not with the cloud, but with the most awesome sense of indescribable law. Listen, and the awareness of his presence there will lift you out of your mom's. It begins with confession and interpersonal relationship with him and then just trusting him to do and to be what he promised you can turn every moment of loneliness into a short-lived moment embraced in the arms of a loving father who loves you unconditionally.

Thank you for listening to part 11 and we are the if you'd like to know more about child family were in touch ministries interest at L-arginine's podcast is a presentation of intense ministry in Atlanta, Georgia

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