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The Purpose of Pain

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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January 5, 2022 7:00 am

The Purpose of Pain

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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January 5, 2022 7:00 am

When life gets painful, it's easy to start believing that God isn't taking care of us the way he used to. Dr. Tony Evans will explain why the opposite is true as he talks about the purpose of pain.

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Before you can work for us. Dr. Tony evidences that takes price, especially when life without Jesus Christ, and the pain it is not. This is the alternative with Dr. Tony ever bothered speaker, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas and president of the urban alternative when God doesn't deliver us from pain. We're going we sometimes go from considering why to considering other options before it comes to that lets you and Dr. Evans has to say as he kicks off a new compilation of messages called coming to the comforter. Let's join them in chapter 1 of second Corinthians as he begins speaking all spiritual Christian shall anyone else when it comes to representing and suffering for the man hurting following Jesus. And I'm sorry Jesus because he was following Jesus because he was living for Jesus because he was a Overbrook follower of Christ is not a secret agent represented the only way so we just want to live anymore. Right now the only word repeated in the past, word that we've got to come to grips with comfort in the first three beginning of verse four who comforts the middle of verse four comfort verse four flexion with the comfort verse four comforted verse five, so also comfort the beginning of verse is for your comfort.

Continuing in verse six we are continuing in verse six is for your company for the end of our comfort comforter about the Holy Spirit. When Jesus will be you and you can 13 that there is no relational trial, no temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man, but the trouble provides a way of escape weeks we got stuck on the board with the problem with the problem is with the comforter election to focus on your pain, you must give to difficulty to pain pain don't want to be a pain but the pain is purpose to the pain. Verse five rings of Christ and abundant all comfort abundant through Christ.

Here it is very super principle but it is life-changing.

Yes, focus on the Lord in the sufferings of Christ in the middle of going through to focus on the that if you are serving the Lord committed to the Lord while going through this section do not make the that you pass through you and you let it get you if not aimlessness or change any of the word not be part of a serious Christian we don't deal with a chance or fate meeting was word for Chris to control all things.

No matter how synchronic it seems to be so you can focus God delivered the boys during the filing joined the fiery furnace was still I was not because he joined you to interpret this thing you are going through with the Lord as the patient in the world before you can work for us change the situation because something so doing you can show up when I in the hospital comes at a time when you really that is usually a painful situation you are surrounded but maybe the husband may be the husband with the nurses there fit the ticket paper towels wiping the sweat rubbing you.

Because if they know you can pay all day long provided support quickly 30 minutes, but you may be employed only 10 or 12 hours 24 figure difficulties in the pain putting pressure on you when you are in difficulty, but you you you understand something you is a caring and so you comfort comes know if you know your view of the light of Christ experience with God that you will without Jesus Christ, then the pain is only painful and it is not purpose it is not pain with the purpose. How do I get more comfort when going through more pain because he remembered the comfort comes with the affliction so the confidence is already discomfited while I'm being more and be a fiction so that not only confident in the midst of my fiction personal election.

So we will be able to comfort the affliction with which we can think of this guy you so you comfort somebody you comfort your comfort so you will comfort.

In other words, there is a ministry for you. God often lets us go through things that he wants to use for our ministry to somebody else. Dr. Evans will have more force on this idea just a moment, including a look at why the self-sufficiency we celebrate in our culture is something God is trying to train out of us stay with his life came from everyone story comes with unique challenges and difficulties that leave us lasting drowning in their way to be a financial disaster. The effects of a global pandemic broken relationship by the last seven left-wing Dr. Tony Evans, best-selling Bible Fellowship understands life's hardships firsthand in a span of less than 27 family member, including his precious wife in the wake of this pain at the deepest level truths he has preached about God for more than 40 and comforting.

Dr. Evans gives you practical spiritual principles based on the life of shows that there is happiness on the other side.

You will learn how to block her areas.

Tony and Natalie to find out more and request your hurting in celebration of the release of this brand-new book from Dr. Evans would like to send one of the first copies to you as our gift in return for your donation toward keeping this ministry, coming your way each day and for a limited time, along with Tony's hope for the hurting book will also include all 20 messages from his brand-new audio compilation called coming to the comforter.

This collection offers a whole new perspective on the pain and trials.

We all go through I can help you find the strength you need to hold on during tough times helping you discover the healing and wholeness. God has in store for you request a special package of resources right or you can even get the companion hope for the hurting Bible study DVD and study guide. Again, go to Tony for all the details or let one of our resource team members help you by phone. There night at 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222 right now. Here's Dr. Evans with more of today's message downtown went to an appointment was all crowded, full Highway when moving was afflicted by traffic was afflicted by traffic because the traffic was not stuck and then I remembered the second person so I went over to my left leg will will somebody else with me especially comfortable while you somebody else with. I have some boxes in my garage with some people said me something about its collection by Christians and Christian material that circled the box and the box to comfort the contents of rounds was transported comfort to protect rounds to box away something something was shipped to me why something that you will something that was an experience so 12 seven versus five even when we came into Macedonia flesh had no rest, but we were on Everest and apostle Paul Gottfried. That's a bad paradigm fair but depressed about the coming of Titus not only coming comfort with which he was comfort for me.

The Major Way, God brings comfort people using people who can understand it to become people who you can identify with in everyday language, you can't experience God like you want to without ministry to others. You can't experience God for you without ministry to others. So you have come to worship selfish worship service.

Your experience of God. It was only about your blessing and not being a blessing your experience of God will be closing at the University of life. Indeed, we have so that we would not trust in ourselves. But God delivered us from so great a peril. I have set our hope and will one of the great principles of Scripture is that God must remove our self-sufficiency is called brokenness. When we no longer depend on ourselves because we can't option to run out. There's nothing left to do. You do not know where to go. You don't have a contact who can help you. You don't have the money to buy your way you don't have the energy to work your way through it this way in the perfect position now only God's glory. Only God and only God to the point so that we would no longer Dr. Tony talking about the purpose of pain as he kicks off a new compilation of messages exploring how to approach God for the assurance you need to stand instead of stumble through life's tough challenges. If you like to get a full-length copy of today's message including material we didn't have time to present on the air, is included as a part of the comprehensive 20 part series coming to the comforter, available on CD and digital download the complete collection is yours with our thanks when you make a contribution to help keep Tony's ministry coming to this station and other outlets around the world and for a limited time will also send you Tony's newest book hope for the hurting, along with the coming to the comforter series is always the details are waiting for you online and Tony have in stock or you can browse through our huge library of resources and sign up for Tony's free weekly email devotional. Be sure to look into getting the companion hope for the hurting Bible study DVD and study guide as well. Again that's Tony or let one of our friendly resource team members, assist with your request at 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222. It's been said kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give Dr. Evans believes that we are in a time when kindness is a gift that our society can't afford not to give take the time to show kindness to those you meet every day and in the name of Jesus look for opportunities to demonstrate kindness to someone who needs a touch from God. You'll make our society a better place. When you display the love of God through your act of kindness will coming up tomorrow when you're feeling hopeless and out of options can start to seem like God has forgotten all about you. Dr. Evans will explore what's really going on and how we can get a clearer look at what the Lord is sure to join the alternative with Dr. Tony made possible by the generous country like

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