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Q&A With Koloff- #50

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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January 4, 2022 1:00 am

Q&A With Koloff- #50

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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January 4, 2022 1:00 am

Today marks the 50th Episode for Q&A with Koloff. On this mile stone show Nikita speaks with Brad and Sharron Kimberlin AKA Mr. Rooter and discuss what God has done in their family and business.

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Hi this Roy Jones with mental radio podcast. Our mission is to break down the walls of recent nomination, your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. This is the Truth Network call for questions and answers they would fall off the devil's nightmare will go back to another episode of Q&A questions and answers with coal. Often the format of this show is the opportunity for my guests asked me questions so I'm typically the one asking the questions, but on this show. We flip it around.

We reverse it in and today Brad and Sharon Kimberlin fill with me today.I have no court no clue I should say what kind of questions they're going to ask me blog is on the show.

Thank you for coming on well it's it's great to have you here and a course. Listen to the forward jumping the question into the questioning up Brad plumbing Mr. Rudy got a plumbing business you guys work together, you done that for many many years, right yes how many how many years you guys done that together we need to 22 years. Mr. Rooter located in Kannapolis, North Carolina. But you service a pretty pretty wide area. There in the clockwork Kannapolis and surrounding areas and in Sharon, so working with your husband or for 22 years except heading challenges without all yes absolutely no all just sailing the whole time will well be marriage in itself is challenging enough, right yet alone little working working together so you guys a question. Should you guys ever since you work together and I know you do different aspects of the business, but what you do you ever find that you do need to take a break from each other since your together that much defined that all yes yes I may need to guy run this air and I will be back honey, I love yeah I'll be back on. This is been you find it more but I'm afraid it is. It is, which is a more jellylike like it a lot a lot of couples can work.

They told me they said to me just like I could my husband or I could work with my wife and would love love my wife love my husband. We just we just can't work right. But you guys have made work and suffer for our listeners out there. What if there was one little nugget chair that you would say that you made at work. What would you say that that nugget was prior precedent to the Lord when when it's occurrence happens, whatever it is that conflict is learn what you say in the ass and so conflict resolution at the foot of the cross and the wood would. Is there something that you would add to their Brad or would you just just agree with others are nugget for you that that that is been Listens me to work well basically put that would put Christ consumer business, but just we submitted to what God gives us both with and, stay in her own lane.

She's gifted to do far more things I am I'm just have the technical, technical and physical job.

She does so much behind the scenes that God just spoke to look. You may want to do this. This is in her getting you to stay in your lane. You do what you been called to let her do. She's been told to do, and together yelping like homework that that's that's great. If I so let me summarize it were to get to these questions here for me summarize the same. So what I'm hearing is. She's the branching of the broadness what I'm hearing very much alright well hey let's flip it around us have a little fun here and whoever wants to go first. Go ahead, throw your first question out to me and ask countless fitness your training now differ from your training in the past, for the Lord like in your wrestling danger workouts.

The guy in the workout has a great question. Sharing is definitely a shift in for a couple reasons one might my age. I know I look a lot younger than I can bump like the deftly definitely my age is a factor, but the Lord is also a factor.

That's a great question because I have been now consistently taking time off here and there in a week here week there enough.

I traveled overseas and have access to a gym maybe had to do air squats and push-ups as opposed to bench press and and dumbbell curls right so I have to learn over the years, depending on the setting situation where I am on on how to adapt start with that guy in an consistently for years now half a century some longtime I guess because it is right 50 years I've consistently been in the gym so so way back when especially dreamless to say the wrestling days where I might spend two or three hours in the gym like daily like an hour on one body part and I might do for five different exercises in three or four different sets per body part all of that is shifted and changed to where now I tell people not try to impress anybody I feel like a real off. I'm not trying to max out with a 500 pound bench browser or air or any of that right. I'm just trying to to maintain take care of this body in which which I'll transition how the Lord came into the picture to where I once were going to the gym to try to impress myself and how I look for it in the mirror as well is impress others. Once I surrender my life to the Lord, I come to realize one. My body's not even mind you, Scripture says, first Corinthians 6 1920's as you were bought at a price.

Your body is the temple that houses the Holy Spirit is not even yours. It's it's his. So the bodies now.

I love the way I view it is on loan to me as I have a mandate.

I feel to to do the best of my ability to take care of this body. When I cut not only exercising but eating just that whole picture right and so my motivation now when I go to the gym is more to honor the Lord with this body that is given me that it is to going to try to impress myself or anyone else. When I going to the gym set that makes as answer the question for you. It is a great question. I think I've ever been requested.

Also read what what you owe Ralph or some spiritual question sure that we get this. This is something that's come up lately and it keeps them up for change.

So for some reason it's a soul is not skin the viewpoint of men or women, submit to your husband see so many people taken that to an extreme, but women at a lower position that Anna instead of honoring the their women and wives. Anna is shown love of Christ. How would you address that with someone who just browbeat own women submit euros. Yeah, I think I've even just that were submitted. I think a ball on both ends.

You know the enemy.

The enemy tries to twist everything I the word submit the word submission seems to have such for whatever reason, the negative con context to write like like on the Smith you are right, but nevertheless my my view on that would be that that for throat for a man. It's not that your authority over over the woman in my view is that she's a helpmate, but she's there, side-by-side, right it's it's not her being under your thumb under a man's thumb under husband's thumb.

It's recognizing you know as we have said, as you have said she has gifts and strengths.

I have gifts and strengths, but let me let me me honor the strengths that she has brings into the marriage celebrate the differences because of differences in in every personality, every person, every every marriage right.

Let me celebrate the differences and just recognize as as the husband as the man of the home. Jan the spiritual leader, but that doesn't mean that this mean I'm a dictator right and she's under my rule you know she's in my home know it's work work work work partnership. You're just like were a partnership with the Lord right as the bride of Christ Jesus as the bridegroom try wearing partnership with him. He's the head of the church. The man's ahead of the home but were working to gather side-by-side. And so even than for the woman I am in my view it's it's it's having a level of trust that my husband's hearing from the Lord and and even if I have a difference of agreement with him.

If I submit to that if he misses it then hopefully he's man enough to come back and say honey, I'm sorry I missed it. I thought I was hearing from God, but I missed it or for the wife to say I'm so glad you heard so well from the Lord of this XYZ. Whatever the decision is Raphael blank whatever but more than anything. I guess I would summarize to say it's not a dictatorship, leave it on the lead to be a servant leader. My home yes subtly, by serving on the server my wife to serve my children and take that approach to the marriage that approach to the family more than anything word partnership here were side-by-side. It's not me ruling over them answer the question helpful so good.

Okay. Another question is hollowness TE Holman's well that's a good one. I mean that kind of legally that would lead into the vision God gave Lex Luther and I in developing Manor conference in developing man camp gives the Scripture. First Thessalonians 523 to be whole in spirit, soul and body, and on and so what our focus is to the conferences into the camps and images conversations outside of those settings is really to encourage men and women to pursue being healthy this kind of ties into the workouts right and I eating being healthy spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and in the goal being being being whole is if I recognize that there are some of these areas of my life that there that I'm fractured them wounded or that I'm hurt or or that maybe uneducated on is is couple things one educating myself on what I'm lacking in these areas of my life.

You know what what what's missing and then be willing to receive. Whether it's received counsel was a counseling marriage or counsel in the area of health and wellness for me physically or pursuing a deeper, more intimate, more passionate relationship with the Lord that would help me be that.

Would it help enable me to be whole in these different areas whereas were in recognizing that I'm that there's areas of my life that need improvement that I'm not that enough you got is that is that addresses or we can we can expand on it. Is that helpful helpful.

Yes, it's that body cells, spirit connection, I came from being disconnected when my body from past pain like he spent about yeah say that is again upon the need to stay sought thanks and that's that's good because I'll take something else on that is what I found is is if I'm suffering in one area like I'm not healed a hole in one area of my life was to say you should body soul spiritless to stick my soul which is your mind, your will and your emotions right so I'm an emotional rocker. I just I just know I'm not mentally hole. Why haven't fully submitted my will to the father so right. If I haven't fully submitted that I'm not whole.

And so I recognize that I'm suffering in one of these areas it will affect the other areas it will affect me physically. It will affect me spiritually and so my focus. I need to focus on on on not just one particular area of focus and balance all of these areas and evaluate mice my own life to do an honest evaluation. Look in the mirror and say my whole, healthy, healed mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and if I can admit that I'm lacking one area then be willing not only to admit that, then work on yes that's cool breath after one more question we got work went all right. This coaches in wrestling hassle and let's any decision choices that you made earlier in your career that you wish you had done differently cool. Oh, shifted that's a great question and I look back on my wrestling career with with correspond memory all I mean the unique way that I broke into wrestling. Throw the fire, you know, thrown into the ring endorse arena. Having never been in a room on television, no less in front of a sold-out crowd and in I said heated building. It was summer time and it was hot in the doing arena. You know, and it and so if I think about this the launch of my career and then you might say the meteoric rise to want to say stardom grateful thankful to to have experience both as a good guy and a bad guy grateful for the career ahead of the NWA WCW and traveling to Japan several times Kuwait Middle East over to Guam and Saipan Puerto Rico. I recently did a podcast for a one of the largest if I think the largest Spanish speaking podcast on the planet. Great questions about Puerto Rico course of the Canada and all over never won the world heavyweight title.

Although I had many many matches against that blonde haired guy that would go through all the listeners might know who I'm referring to.

You want to be the man I why walk around many many times never walked away with with the 10 pounds of gold. I don't necessarily regret that in fact on two different occasions. He offered me the belt and I respectfully decline. A handful of guys who ever turned down the world heavyweight title. The other thing if I look back and say well you know the reboot or or reset you know I might've been fun to get in the ring at wrestlemania with whole Cogan know all the fans tell me that would've been a major draw and what is so made about a boatload of money had Hogan. I had run with each other and it is just thinking back of the you know you kinda think of those things by summarize all that to say I really don't know regrets in my career even though I walked away. You know, at age 33 again very unusual in the sense of not only how I broke in, but how I walked away from wrestling and little did I know that 11 months later I would find myself at the foot of the cross by myself at an altar surrender my life to Jesus.

17. October 1993 and in the last 28+ years. Now the Lord using Asselin as a platform to take me all over the world and spread the good news so I'm grateful that I had that the success I have bought all of that honestly pales in comparison to what I've had the privilege of doing this you great questions guys great questions. Very unique questions that will help those before Wolf guys, thank you for coming on the Q&A with Cole often appreciate you guys. Thanks for having come in the studio and just appreciate your friendship awesome wall. Join us again for another episode of Q&A questions and answers would cool off where you get the opportunity to ask me hey if you like to submit some questions go to Cornwall for and perhaps you'll get a personal phone call from me and you and I can talk directly and I can answer your questions opportunity and God bless you joy the man up show and/or man of God. Well, just one time. The man style. That's right, you heard me wanting to man up. The man of no.

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