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Psalms 119:94 Blessed Assurance For Our Hearts For Christmas

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 24, 2021 9:22 am

Psalms 119:94 Blessed Assurance For Our Hearts For Christmas

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 24, 2021 9:22 am

Psalms 119:94 I am thine, save me; for I have sought thy precepts

לְֽךָ־אֲנִי הוֹשִׁיעֵנִי כִּי פִקּוּדֶיךָ דָרָֽשְׁתִּי׃

 I put the Hebrew there so you could Wonder with me - we begin with a lamed (heart) - I am Thine - Yeshua vuv shin yud ayin  (Jesus) and me (nun yud) for I Have (past Tense) sought your piqqudim ending with the Tav yud - we are there in Jesus at the end of the story - Jesus came we are his (if we have Him in our hearts) and we will always, always seek those times with Him -Piqqudim

Merry Christmas!!!

Psalms 119:94

Updated:  Ten Common Words Dictionary - "New Piqqudim"


Hidden Treasures of the 119th Song If you're listening to this on the day I recorded it, it's Christmas Eve, and how exciting that we have a Christmas Eve verse from my perspective on Christmas Eve. The beauty of this verse today is just beyond, it may be my favorite verse ever, I don't know. The more I think about it, the more I fall in love with this verse. So we are in the 94th verse, which happens to be the sixth verse in the heart section, or the lamed section. It's also loving and learning. That's what lamed is. And this this verse is full of loving and learning and heart and Jesus and everything.

How fun. So I'm going to read it in English. And it sounds really simple, but oh my goodness, I just feel like I'm completely above my pay grade to explain to you what this looks like in Hebrew. But since it's Christmas Eve, I thought I would take the time to at least show you what I see. And believe me, I think you'll see Christmas is all over this verse. So verse 94 says, I am thine, save me, for I have sought thy precepts. So it's important as we look over the verse that we realize that, okay, here we would have the sixth anointing of the letter lamed, which again is going to be the heart and loving and learning. And so the fear of the Lord is all over this verse when it's really just more than we can understand. And, you know, because if we're His, you know, I think that's immediately, you know, just more than I can understand. But here again, I'm going to go through this verse and I think it's critical to see it in Hebrew because it just exceeds anything I could imagine.

So and there's some things that are critical to understand from my perspective that the psalmist knew and the Holy Spirit was guiding him is just unbelievable. So when you say thine, which is the way the verse starts thine, I am is essentially the way it would read. If you did it in the order which was written, the word thine in Hebrew is a heart.

I mean, it is a lamed. It's followed by a hoof. So it's a heart that's crowned. And it's interesting to say that he's thine. And then he says, save me. Well, the word save in Hebrew, you may know is Yeshua. So it's almost the same thing as saying Jesus. And so here's this heart that is for Jesus.

Okay. And when he says save me, he it's it's a combination of the word Yeshua and me. And so it's it's this union of the word. But it's also like, if if our hearts are truly Jesus's, then we or he are together. And the way that that looks in Hebrew you see is Yeshua and me.

And so I just, you know, I am thine, save me is in is more than miraculous to me. In that when you think about it, and you compare this to Psalms 13, where he says, you know, how long will you forget us, you know, and you think back to the 400 years of silence, okay, essentially, the lights were out for 400 years, because no prophet spoke. And so, to me, the 13 Psalms speaks of that 400 years of silence, because how long will you forget us forever, Lord?

You know, how long will you hide your face from us? Well, Jesus is coming, right? And he's coming after the 400 years of silence, and people are going to get to see this face in Bethlehem on Christmas morning. So here we are on the eve of that event. And you know, we're still in the wrong way, the 400 years of silence, right?

They were still longing to see his face. And, and we, and we want that experience of the 13th Psalm. Well, when you get down to the second to the last verse of the 13th Psalm, what it says also, and when you read it in Hebrew is unbelievable. It says, I have trusted in the Lord's hesed, in other words, in the Lord's loving kindness. And it says, In my heart, I will rejoice in your Yeshua. In other words, I just, I think about this verse every time I quote it.

And actually, I quote it every morning, because I just, you know, it's what God gave me this year. So, you know, in our hearts, we are going to rejoice because the 400 years of silence is over. And in our hearts, we get to see the face of Christ. You see, Christmas came. And as a result, we are thine, save us. But that's not all. And there's more because we're in verse 94, which is in fear of the Lord, like, to even understand this is like when I look at this letter of, you know, of I am thine, which is this lamed and this hoof, and then Yeshua, you know, and me, which, again, is this idea of a candle that's lit.

It's just unbelievable. You know, I am thine, save me is more than I can begin to comprehend. But and then he says, for thy pakudim, I have sought, which is past tense. And, and we've talked about it and talked about that these pakudim are clearly what, you know, King David said in the previous verse, is the way that he got saved.

That's the way he got quickened. And now he's saying, because thy precepts, I have sought, it's past tense. And the way that they do that, in Hebrew is beyond beautiful, because that verse ends with a tav, which we haven't got to that letter yet, but we will and I don't want you to miss that tav means the end of the story.

Okay. And so this, this verse truly ends with blessed assurance, because what he's what he's actually saying is that not only am I in is Jesus in my heart, and I'm in Jesus, right. But I'm going to stay that way. The end of the story is that for I have sought thy precepts, meaning that you will continue to seek that you that you continue to be in, here's the way I would. Oh, it's just unbelievable. I really feel like I'm not qualified to explain this, but it's still beautiful, beautiful, as I can see it in my heart. That here's the way that I can explain it in a story like maybe you're like me, and we when we were talking about, you know, that I remembered thy name in the night.

Oh, Lord. And when we were in the Zion section, and we talk about how important it is to be mindful and remembering. Well, remembering is a lot to do with hope.

Because the word in Hebrew is kava. And we haven't talked a lot about that, but at some point, we will but what is your hope when it comes to that moment of truth when all of a sudden, you know, the bottom is falling out on your life? And isn't it your hope that you will be in Jesus in that moment and that you'll cry out for Jesus, I remembered thy name in the night can also mean I remember thy name in the dark seasons. Okay.

So take that in mind as we go back to my event. When I fell 35 feet out of a tree, okay. And if I haven't told you that story before, let me give you the little backdrop. I was working on a tree house for my daughter that slash was a deer stand to because I loved on. And so but it was mainly going to be a tree house for my daughter's right outside my house.

And I'll tree it was a beautiful oak tree and had this beautiful place to build a tree house. And I was up there working on it. And I was sitting on one of the boards that I thought was sound, but apparently that board was not sound. Because it broke and when it broke, and again, I was 35 feet above the ground. Not only did I begin to fall, but I fell headfirst because of the way that the board gave way underneath me. So I'm on my way down 35 feet, which by the way happens really quickly. And the question is, did I call out for Jesus?

Okay. Now, you might imagine I've remit I've replayed this moment in slow motion. I don't know how many times, right. And I can remember most vividly going, this is going to hurt. This is the end, right?

Because I'm coming down headfirst from a long way up, right? And in my heart, I feel Jesus's arms around me. So whether I called or I recalled or whatever, it was like, here's the moment of truth. Now, the question is, that's really cool about this verse, because you have blessed assurance. He knows ahead of time what all that is going to be. And he knows what the end of your life looks like. And he knows that, hey, that this is the beautiful thing about this verse is it's past tense. You know, I am nine, save me because I have kept your precepts. I'm in you.

And I'm in these precepts. And it's continued because it's the end of the story. Well, the story continues to go on because then there's this hood that comes after the top, which which is, again, is it has to do with the word me. But that's so critical to the you're in the end of the story. You see, and again, I know, you know, when I see that, that you had is the spark of God, the hand of God, right.

And we've talked about that as we went through the hood section. So as we take all these Hebrew letters, and we put them into this verse, it's such a beautiful Christmas verse, because not only did Jesus come, not only are we his and he has saved us, OK, but we get to continue to be in Pecudim in these visits, in these meetings for all time. Right. I mean, it's not just that we get to live. It's that we get to live in Jesus's arms, in his heart, in our heart, in his heart. However, all that works, I don't know.

It's above my pay grade. But what I do know is this. OK, the Christmas has come when Jesus lights your candle, when you are thine, when you ask him into your heart, Christmas comes. And not only does Christmas come because you seek him, you see, you seek these Pecudim.

You as you continue to seek them, they will continue to come for all time till the end of the story. That's when when you look at this verse. And if you know what a tatav looks like, look at the second to the last letter and then look at the last letter.

It's a yud. OK. And so these letters are painting pictures. Hebrew letters have a picture that they've been teaching. And when you look at the verse, it begins with a heart. Right. And of course, it does, because King David was wholehearted and his heart was all about Yeshua.

OK, it does. And he knew right that Yeshua is going to come through him. It's really just more than spectacular. And I hope this Christmas that you can have that blessed assurance, that that knowledge that not only are you his, but you will always be his and you will always get chances to meet with him and learn from him and love him. And and all those things that come with your heart and our hearts need this fear of the Lord. OK, that's the the verse. This is it is the sixth verse, the sixth anointing, OK, is to know that he's bigger than anything I understand.

I can't understand those words. I mean, I'm trying, but the part I do understand, I see something more than beautiful and I need my heart to understand this. I need to understand my my heart needs to know Christmas has come and it is always coming. It is coming every moment that I remember to go back into his arms where he is always coming. I hope you guys have a wonderful Merry Christmas, and I thank you so much for listening today on Christmas Eve.
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