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Psalms 119:88- Eye Witness - Loving Kindness

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 16, 2021 11:25 am

Psalms 119:88- Eye Witness - Loving Kindness

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 16, 2021 11:25 am

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Psalms 119:88 Quicken me after thy lovingkindness; so shall I keep the testimony of thy mouth.

The Eighth Miracle verse the letter Kaf - The Psalmist asks for the quickening of Hessed or Loving Kindness - What does that look like for a witness - Robby share a story of an actual court sentencing he was involved in.

Psalms 119:88

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Treasurers well I hope you like me for the miracle. Virtually all members.

A. Of the hundred 19 Psalm is the eighth verse in the hoof section or the desire section of the hundred 19 Psalm and so really really cool when you think about the ultimate desire that this is fascinating that the psalmist is been talking about his enemies his enemies and enemies for the first several verses and now he comes to this one, which gives you the ultimate desire of what is really trying to do and so let's go and read it in English and says quicken me after thy lovingkindness. So shall I keep the testimony of thy mouth so that word lovingkindness you might guess, is the word Hasid is like in the 23rd Psalm will surely you know goodness and mercy will follow me all the days my life that word mercy is that lovingkindness that same Hasid beautifully in the 13th Psalm where it says you know if I love that verse where it says, but I have trusted in the Lord's Hasid and in my heart I will rejoice in your you sure your your salvation, and so now this gives us this idea of like quitting me make me come alive in this lovingkindness that that this is so much a part of God and what a desire. This is right that you love one another mean that that's what Jesus gave us. Is this the sucker right that you love one another, and so would like the king that he was he was wanting to be quicken after this lovingkindness, but the note how he does it and so shall I keep the testimony of thy mouth, and so here is another amazing part of the miracle part of the innocence that the eighth verse. We talked about before that got the seven anointing's and then this on the eighth day is when the miracles happen and and here we see this idea of testimony work where you might remember an accident says you can receive power to be my witness, and in this the power that of your testimony and so the idea is it is through your testimony that you really show lovingkindness in power in miracle force in so many different ways and so how does this look practically hit and so I'll never forget when I was given this opportunity have talked about it throughout this set of verses on the hoof of when my office manager and I chose to not pay her payroll taxes and somehow another bunch of money got gone and all these different things happen then and as it happened, that I got a call from the state Department of revenue.

The day that she was going to be sentenced and they asked that I would appear on the stand so that the judge would get a sense that this crime. This crime was not a victimless crime like summary times, white-collar crimes, people feel like a victimless well they wanted the judge to get a sense of the people that lost their jobs and the people that and faced a lot of hardships. As a result of what happened in the choices that the that Frankie had made. And so here is an interesting thing like oh my goodness talk about an opportunity for mercy or lovingkindness, because here you have a situation where you're going to be the one actually testifies, and that the note so here you go. That's a testimony right here.

This was a testimony that they were asking for and fascinatingly I'll never forget that I I actually was. Somehow another.

Given the understanding of God. Let me know that the judge was going to ask me to provide the sentence. In other words I knew in my heart that the judge was going turn to me and say Robbie, how long should I give her and so I had an opportunity pray a lot about that because I knew that was the question that he was going to ask him.

As you might imagine, as I came into the courtroom. I had not seen Frankie in many months since she'd been arrested in all these things had happened and she looked very bitter and she every time was asked to speak, she wouldn't comment and she was very angry.

She certainly looked angry at me and and so here all the stuff went, and so the judge asking about the people that lost their jobs in all these different things and then you know he turned to me, just onto like I thought. And he said Robbie of all the people that know of this crime and know all that's going on. You probably know best. The appropriate sentence so how long do you think you know she ought to server you know she's pled guilty at this point in time.

So what it what should the sentence be in a class I had my prepared answer because I'd prayed a lot about it and so I just turned to him and I said well you know I don't know much about the law you study that your whole life and I trust you and God completely that you you'll do exactly the right thing. It clicked it merely does not let you off that easy. He said I want to know how long do you think she should serve like oh man, if there was ever a time to be quicken in lovingkindness and quickened and tested mercy on this was a moment right.

You're right there and it's your testimony this get a big head so I love what the Lord gave me to speak at that moment because I had my prepared answer was now getting washed out and so here had become something that God gave me and I thought about it often that the words that he gave me were exactly how I felt and so I turned to the judge. And I said well I don't personally see how the state of North Carolina would benefit from, you know, a 68-year-old grandmother spending a lot of time in prison. But by the same token, when I go home in my face all the people that have been hurt the people that lost their jobs.

People that lost you know lots of money and people that lost their security and people that lost you know their life's work. I mean, what I can't look at them and say she got away with it.

And so somewhere in between those two things is what's right and I honestly don't know. And the judge said that's more like what I wanted to hear. He got up and he walked away about five minutes later he came back and he said no. I hereby sends you to five years, but I'm going to forget what the word to use, but it was essentially you have to serve six months and then you'll be on probation and so I've often thought that while you know she didn't get away with it and she didn't have to spend some time actually imprisoned by the same token I don't see how it would serve the state of North Carolina and certainly I was so grateful that God gave me no bitterness or no anger that it was in lovingkindness that I said what I said that day and so you know I think that that this is a wonderful, miraculous, request as is. We know that this is Jesus's words to us.

As you know, this is how people know that you're my disciple. If you love one another while quickened me in my lovingkindness right that I might keep the testimonies of guy mouth which we know are always going to be home lovingkindness because that's that's what God is. Thank you so much for listed today and I'm so excited as we get to transfer as we get to transition now from the hoof into the llama lawn that is so absolutely amazing letter as it is, he would understand. We'll get into how the hoof takes is there and how it sets up the memo so much will this come as right near the middle. Depending on how you hundred 19 Psalm getting all that mom and next time on

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