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Scott Nary- A Man on Fire!

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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December 11, 2021 1:00 am

Scott Nary- A Man on Fire!

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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December 11, 2021 1:00 am

Nikita has a chat with sports therapy specialist Scott Nary. Scott explains his road from bible college to his career with The Carolina Panthers. Listen as he shares how God has changed his entire outlook of his career for the glory of the Kingdom.

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Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network once world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ.

Once the Russian nightmare. Now devil's worst nightmare. Your tagteam partner cheetah call time.

Welcome back here we are with another episode of it's time to man up the map show with the devils nightmares.

Yet joy to get a call off and I have today. A special guest whether all special and I say that every time I think of I hope you hope you is listed okay. Tired of hearing that, but special guest Scott Mary today would be the studio.

Welcome Scott to the show is also the beer and again this is this is this is so cool. Just go talk to the Russian nightmare is that what I be of where you a fan growing up. You were was a big fan so West Virginia is how we think, that he also wasn't really any yeah the hills of West Virginia in the know you put rednecks to wrestle together in West Virginia, rednecks and wrestling all go hand-in-hand. That what you have a link on the words. I hereby authorize. I used to love to hate you.

You which I think is a real cop in Yosemite said on Twitter the other day that will I hated you as a kid growing about the 10-year-old me or whatever and I responded right I said thank you so much for heat because there is spot to go, I don't think I've ever had anyone say thank you for hating them, but so that he will not think it is a call because I guess you noticed I did my job right.

You hated me that right.

So exactly. I used to dream of Russian sickly people like you did Sam Houston back today did okay. Did you ever dream of Russell Russian sickly me well you are bigger than those that are you and me now you get into that. I hear you're bigger than me now so but but back in the day I had a few more I more muscles on the back and those that I was but I tell people now not trying to impress anybody at this stage I'm just trying to care this temple just honor God with his body and I'm not trying to look good in the mirror. It was a day what I wanted to look good in the mirror right for the record, you know, but you go and whatever else right that minute he goes to Mena because I yeah given that as well. But but so so so West Virginia wrestling fan and DD have one quick favorite kind of wrestling memory other than hating me now.

I got tons of memories. I remember when you turned okay and that was when you became good at what I saw the light when he saw the light that was that. I am a good guy when you have a good guy that was a great time. Okay. Alright. So remember, that is, that will preach right there that that that that that could preach right you are right you actually write what did okay see you hate you love to hate me so who did you love in wrestling Hoosier maybe one or two of your favorites. I love Megan CA okay, as I effectually call them my got the little doll and I love I love them I love Lex Luther total. That's a good now was a big road warriors who animal and 1/2 because I wasn't big yeah is looking out the football badge or weightlifter. Obviously, as I look at you. Others can't see you right now.

But as I let yeah and you still are weightlifter filtering will will talk a little about that too with so you identify with the road warriors and it always come to know Scott just for the record is kind of the Russian road were just so you know actually kind of liked me and I'm just saying I'm just saying right right right okay cc like that of the deleted LOD leads are doing as Legion of doom, both those guys actually I was.

I heard animal gave his life to Jesus and in the and I called them up and had a conversation invited to a conference in Phoenix, Arizona, Christian athletes, and goes can hot come and I was like I was silently permit I was like Joe, you know the Christie conference right is hardly no secret about his previous lifestyle right right I mean he could party with the best of me made no secret body can put you under the tape curriculum to the table yes you under the table he could see second whatever notice can be in that game right right for all that said, I gave us why just feel prompted I'm not like I should ask about like to ask you a few hours later he was using wants to, but will come on the real political pastor Larry psycho Larry out for the rulers want to come to the aim conference right athletes international minister. All that's a condenser story down when I got there like Larry received them yet but I'm sure that you either would show up right and he goes I had seen it, will they both came Justin Franklin yeah for chapel right in church and in Georgia all over the world now was the keynote speaker. That first night Hawk was the first went to the altar got say Brad is going to say pray radically safe flap ties to him in the pool there at the resort in Scottsdale and I took him on the road with me for your half mentoring him before before he passed away stories. How amazing you knew any. That story delighted as your heroes after the so I did know that laptop bless you man so I let let's talk about light like okay so your football guy you are weightlifter and you know I've talked with you and into a pretty fascinating career so you West Virginia yeah diversity you will. I grew up in southern West Virginia son of a coalminer to after I was a big football player end up going to Bible college. Okay, okay, I went to Bible college after I came out of Bible college I went to Newfoundland, Canada by positively Canada where I became a youth pastor Joe Spencer and went to neuromuscular sports massage school. Okay, that's a mouthful says all that dust that one more I neuromuscular sports massage that is not normal massage therapy. I was the guy that would fix you okay so I went to train and deep tissue trigger point therapy so I did a lot of work with athletes so okay after I came back from Canada I came in and did a stint with the Carolina hurricanes when they were in Greensboro, North Carolina hockey team. The hog and NHL NHL you okay all I'm just trying to connect the dots here in my own mind so so you you leave West Virginia you go where you go to go to the Bible, because Louisiana after Louisiana I go to Canada got on everywhere. I'm like Johnny Cash. I've been everywhere I've been everywhere and no one shows give you know we have to bring you back sometime, but okay so so so Louisiana scoop is that what you studied with the massage, not in Louisiana I went after Lou after Bible college I went to Canada and went to therapy school while I was pastoring while you were pastor, so he jumped right into ministry cry because I wasn't making money is a pastor so I need to have a trade it will never let that single pastors are just like super wealthy is an overripe, including people sought wholesale some people notice that note no clue and understanding that that I mean okay for the record, there may be some I'll just say quote successful evangelists out there that that have made a pretty good pay, but by and large, would you agree that the for the most part. If you're in ministry are not in ministry to get wealthy if you're in ministry for let me just say for the right reasons right. You're not in ministry to get wealthy year in ministry to Brio bring a wealth of truth and knowledge and information to others who are sick and dying absolutely and in need. The truth of God's word to become healthy so absolutely nothing is what I found is when I got my trade. I was actually able to minister to more people in my job and I was at church because you're on the marketplace right word of Jesus to the majority of his ministry that I could tell it wasn't in the synagogue, except that he never went to the synagogue and and read the scrolls we we see that he did write the majority of his ministry, praying, and healing in a blind blind man and you know the woman with the issue of blood and everything was out in the crowds right out in the marketplace right so fast forward now, you would sooner so you come back from all counted and that it would not he would do something to the Carolina hurricanes in the when they're in Greensboro and their now in Raleigh and me training Canada. Most of those athletes were Canadian so they wanted to therapist that had training Canada because the standards were a lot higher for surveying the evidence so I did that for a bit and then I got hired on as a church to do to be staff in Virginia. Long story short, over the course of time, my travels took me to North Carolina now this was this was wild when I was in therapy school in Newfoundland. The a brand-new team came into the NFL called the Carolina Panthers I have heard of those you a very, so while out while I'm in St. John's Newfoundland that I think the pimps came and 93 from the mistaken, maybe 93 is the self so wall them up.

They had only been in the league a year and I'm I'm up there 95 and I'm leaving the school 95 and they asked me the students in Newfoundland, Canada. The farthest northeast all North America they say's so Scott, what are you going to do after you don't school out drain tile from the carpet right now number one thing this is cool and I want to thank lemons support for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon at 1230 truth network along the Russian nightmare here for aggressive automotive buying a car is a nightmare for you, my friends, writing Jimmy Johnson and Chris automotive make it simple to find your real dream car, no hassle, she will place where you is always right there with everybody you should and I stood up in front of class and I will point my finger at them. I said Mark my words.

One day I will be working with the Carolina Panthers know what was while you actually had no idea actually is is like the Lord came upon me and I basically foretold something through the spirit of prophecy. You are prophetically speaking over your own life. Yet I had no idea I was told me was to say two years later I was working with the Carolyn Panthers so I came back I am in North Carolina and I end up meeting with these athletes. I fixed his his back. He had been going to the trainers he's been on the doctors. Nothing changed. All of a sudden he saw me and I was able to fix him. You have the knowledge she needed to correct the problem right so what happened through that divine will define dividing defining moment is I met him in the next scene we start doing life together. He start connect with other athletes you do that yet.

This way, do this full-time.

Yes, I'm currently doing a full time then, and through them. I started meeting NASCAR drivers and I started working on all of the pro sports and Charlotte I was the guy that did the personal training I was the guy that did the sports massage therapy and then I started out in I'm still nobody.

I'm still in church and I'm still preaching on the side. I can just not your full-time thing on every noun in the church.

One of our meager preach will teach Sunday school I was involved in ministry and then all of a sudden one day I end up just growing my business to the point I even became the Krav Maga instructor seven. I'm sure with that is Scott, but it sounds impressive the record with its Israeli self-defense Israeli self-defense. Okay, that's that was the hardest thing I've ever gone to my life. They about killed me. I was trained by actually IDF soldiers to put Israel to do that I had to go to Cincinnati, Ohio said yes okay as I would Ohio okay Plan B way to Jerusalem were to go to Ohio Ryan Ohio so I went there and it was the hardest train. We start with 16 guys we finish with eight and other everybody else dropped out or quit. I came back on crutches. A buddy of mine that went with me came by with a broken arm actually broke his arm is cool to hear you're getting to see you. You're the guy for all these pro athletes in this was that training pertaining to what was how is that going to be beneficial well or useful athletes.

I used it with how to based on use a lot of fighting techniques to boxing around fighting is all about fitness right okay so you wasn't teaching them how to kill people, but I was to them how to defend all. As a side note, if they wanted to they could you try to teach them out LOL you actually case my wife and I did that we actually had that we did some training to work with the Charlotte battered women's shelter. We are gathering. We went to work with multiple agencies so I train my wife and from. We also houses a little. She's a little lady but upset. What I would want to mess with what they say sticks of dynamite are little things that they have a thoracic explosion. I so right, so Carolina Panthers Carolina hurricanes NASCAR before working on Ares December 2009 you you were. Yes I was one of the top trainers Charlotte Johnson Carolina living top trainer in north Carolina living is so, what an extensive background you have and sports. The sports world and now let us work a lot of pro sports. Yeah, now okay so so you're doing all of that any you do some ministry kind of religious icon on the side or words not your main focus at what point, then, did was kind of like was an aha moment for you like okay I need to walk away from this career and transition into more ministry was the worst thermal or there was call it that, you know, there was like a godly discontent. Now, heart a godly discontent and so the light and it's the Knox getting louder is like there was a itch that you can't scratch and in one day as I'm training I get a phone call from a pastor in Canada. He says hey I want you to come up be our associate pastor and talk to my wife about reproductive Newfoundland this is Nova Scotia now Nova Scotia okay okay so for the South right at this south of yes. Not much, not much is is Rabbi Mena still pills to cold still for a go supercold SO so we go up there and when we pastor and I learned a lot of what not to do it was again in a newly pastor up there. I was the associate pastor so it was again ministry is not for the faint of heart. I tell people what is they don't write a book, said that we can't be titled so you want to be in the ministry really is having a heart is not is not so. We were up there around three years and finally you know the Lord start steering us up about going America.

America. America shall be saved. We came back and I ended up started with us are working with Amanda and Dr. Michael Brown got family without around exactly on the truth radio network analysis trainer. I was personal trousers person diminishing on the guy with the mission I see his post on Instagram sometime if you like these. These are cool cool there's a four-minute core move for you know it must come from it does. If he shows you those green sliders he uses. Those were the ones I actually did sell recently is my little mountain climber so you all got out.

I showed all that is okay okay you link up with Dr. Brown and what happens I starts they start sending me to their schools all around the world and I start teaching what we call power evangelism is always advanced heart teach people how to pray for people how to how to just minister to them and and so I would go to all these different countries, the Philippines, I would go the Netherlands and it was pretty cool when I would and I will not come back to the church in those based in Concorde and I would fire fire partnership and I was the guy that did the outreaches so as I'm doing this we enrolled in Reinhart boggy school of evangelism. Okay okay now I'm article about college, but I felt like a need to go there so runner boggy and one amazing man.

So we went to his school.

Eventually my wife and I and a supernatural how we went out anyway and you get to sit in literally send her some of his yesterday. I'm literally reticent like for me to use were Reinhart was very cool and so it was the most phenomenal time of just being around a true Journal of faith mean is like.

Jesus was right there himself at the end of the school he keep pray for every student and when he laid hands on me and laid hands on my wife. I just nothing really happened. I just felt this.

How can I say a burden, a burden for America swimming importation. Yes, she's well known as saying God gave him a vision to evangelize a little save American home absolutely got so so this this burden it was.

It was intense and probably about three months later, I had an amazing encounter with Jesus that helped launch me into doing what I'm doing now. So right now were stewarding their ministry that just turned four years old in January 5 years old and this coming January quickly skulked the most unique name in the world. Discomfort for 20 fire for 25 420 fire to create a conversation only does it always does.

It's based on first Corinthians 4 verse 20 says the kingdom of God is not in word but in power. So in other words, is not a just another snubs me another message you can encounter Jesus and in so so we we do a lot of evangelism and we do a lot of and we will reach out lot outreach after background absolutely and so what happens we have these places that over four years.

The Lord is had us start: hubs of training for evangelism and outreach right now were in 34 states in 10 different nations. I was just getting everyone we talked with one we met and spent some time together broke is a broken bread together. We drink some traffic on income gathered at the coffee but I guess you would tell me a 34 states and 10 nations, and in less than five years less than 5% in less than five years.

I was see the hand of God is you are doing indecisive.

It's been it's been an intense time. We know about the main headquarters is based in Kannapolis West where churches can Apple Store Carolina naphthalene with Kate McKay tank sound so inapposite was Wilde's work with a minor-league baseball team. There is no I got yellow not yet.

I don't know anybody with what I've I've always been traveling so much so, and you're in high demand of II that's obvious right so I'm always gone I'm trying to stay home more okay but what again our whole focus is to be in every state and so all 50 small 50 states in her some states that were not in and in a world were trusting God for that. I'm learning how to work with the Lord instead of working for the Lord is a type A personality, God had a really rain me down sometimes because I know we can sometimes make things happen. Ahead of him and I've done that for a time or two with my personality-based geek has a lot of graceful movements, and its relevance to navigate and obviously you know is is a little these guys are directly being home is she mentioned this little stick of dynamite. This wife of your hurt. What's her name. Marcy. Marcy and and your children. Yes we do. We have five kids, five okay that'll keep you busy to and we have two mastiffs you not every member you mentioning that to me though most socially like small elephants. Oh my gosh you my puppy.

His name is Hank Williams okay yeah I think is a year old and he's about 100 and 3040 pounds round building 180 years you got two more years across are your kids can put a saddle on him. Now you said is massive. But he's he's a sweet boy now Stella she's she's 100 pounds.

She's this is because she'll get God is the female was she's the we've got signs at our house, beware of dog we don't know by just to come up on our place to let me ask you question this is kind of plot elements requested so so I mean that those who are listening to this this conversation mean you.

You've gone all a lot and are and are doing a lot and shofar listeners out there. Everybody's quote busy right but so how do you balance Scott between ministry, your health background your travels, your family, a wife and five kids. How do you balance unless I say that's that's the challenge in the Lord's had to really work with me with that because one of the things that I've found it in the Lord's will speak to me said Scott. The devil is fine with you being a good Christian. As long as your busy Christian you casually out of her busy right what is a burden under Satan's yield yet they go they go and is busy in the thing is you can be busy doing ministry you be caught up in the messing it's within and stuff right but it's one area in the so what would happen at the start of 420 fire. I was like going full speed and I was, not thinking of my wife all the time so after a while the Lord had to take me to the woodshed and spiritual union as we come to Jesus meeting you come to Jesus moment is to spank exactly so he had to teach me how to slow down and the way out. On balance balance yet so what I do now is I I I make sure that I don't take phone calls after certain hour now because I mean we're in so many different time zones. It's challenge I people always reach out to me right, but I had to make out like a hard stop and so relieved to be intentional have to absolute family really should be the very first minister will pay really should.

And so, but again it's what what good is it to have a growing ministry is thriving and if you lose your family and how many unfortunate stories have we heard of ministers really. The ministry became their mistress, so to speak. They were more married to it than they were to their own family and how many kids stories have I heard on man camp another in all other places of my dad cared more about the youth were more about his congregation than he did about me right after that. Once averted a thousand times so so it's wise on on your part to recognize that and and and be more intentional to to balance that out. I have a motto now that I actually took from the Navy SEALs. They say this slow, smooth and smooth as fast day because again, if we use take time to slow down things will actually speed up in the kingdom okay and so that's that's really the balance of it all, and in sometimes all fall and I get back up, but the main thing is is put put Jesus first make sure that you spend quality time with family. Make sure you rest. Make sure you take care of your health and again bring everything abounds because he he wants us to seek first the chemo God and his righteousness always is a bad case of Jesus. First, those listening out there. Jesus first in your family. We use and use magic get getting the proper rest. Health Action to Cure Your Health, Exercise, Nutrition Is Eating Every Tape to Carrier Health and and Then the Work Work Were in America's Debt Seems to Be the Number One Priority for Many People Should Really Be Further down on the Ladder Absent down on the Scale Right and How Can People Find out More about 420 Fire They Can Go to Our Website for 20 Take on That and You Can Find a Still, It Does Everything We Do till She Rewards in the Story and Everything and Here's What's Cool about This. Now I Don't Know What Countries Your Enemies Attend Different Countries in Which School Is the Show. The Podcast Version of the Show Goes Late.

The Latest Number. I Go to Get an Update Is 52 Different Countries so Silly May Listeners This Show in Another Country and Go on That Website. What Is It Again for 20 Fire.420 and Go on My Officer Right Here in My City in My Nation in My Country Right and so You Do Some Amazing Things in It. It's Crazy How Quickly the Show.

This Show Goes, I Can't Thank You Enough for Coming in and Spending Time with Us in and Share Just a Little Bitty Your Historian and Just Couple Things You Said There at the for Those Listening If Your Priorities Are Out Of Order on Those Priorities One More Time. Scott Jesus First Jesus for His Family Family. Sure You Take Care Your Health Rest Self Rest and and Then Again Seek First the Kingdom. Seek First the Kingdom and Then Whatever Whatever God's Calling You to out You Know What You're out There in the Marketplace. Or Maybe You Are in Ministry and If You Find Yourself Have Been so Consumed with Ministry or's Are so Consumed with Work That I Marketplace That Your Families Been Suffering in the Process or or Your Relationship with Jesus Is Been Suffering Maybe Right Right and and so Consider Those Priorities That Scott Just Shared It and Maybe You Don't Even Have a Relationship with Jesus Right Because We, There Are Those out There Right Scott and Men Today Would Would Be Such an Amazing Day of after Listening to the Show after Listening to Scott's Story That You Made a Decision. Maybe You're in the Car Drive and Sit in a Hotel Room Somewhere Listening to This Show to Just Just Just Humble Your Yourself Right Now I Just Confess I Asked for Forgiveness, Repent and and and Invite Jesus to Come into Your Life and Invite Jesus to Come into Your Hearted and Add Then Take That Back to Your Family. Take That out into the Marketplace of If You Find Yourself Working Take That into Ministry of If You're Doing That. I Don't Assume That Just Everybody Ministry Has a Personal Relationship with Jesus.

But Thanks for Tuning in Today. It's Time to Man up the Manito Scott Mary Thank You for Coming in and I Don't Publish Men. I Would like to Challenge Each of You to Consider Spending Five Days with Less Liver and I Am Pursuing the Heart of Send Your Manhole with God Godly Husband's and God Give Them Your Blessing and Am Signed up Today at Band Camp.Full Pastors You Would like to Bring Holland for Christ Ministries and Man up Conference to Your Community Order and Email. Remember This. It's Time to Man up. If You Would like to Place Ministry Is Nikita Will Send You His New CD Adoration and Wrestling Success for the Cuticle All Fear If You're Needing to Buy a Car and Have Marginal Credit and Considering Using Buy Here Pay Here That's Worse Than Taking the Russia Sickle Winston-Salem Motorcars Will Put You behind the Wheel of a Car You Can Rely on Wall Helping Rebuild, Repair or Establish Your Credit Score Conveniently Located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem. Check them out today at W.


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