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We Send Every Member, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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November 24, 2021 9:00 am

We Send Every Member, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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November 24, 2021 9:00 am

As we continue our series, "Be the Movement," Pastor J.D. shows us that God wants to use all of us to live on mission for him—yes, God wants to use YOU!


Life with Jeannie Greer is asking Russell with the obligations that you will not be squarely placed 2.8 billion little to no access to the gospel. People who were no more unworthy of the gospel you are me. People that are made in the image of God like us like here. As always, I am your host Molly bit of edge still wondered what your purpose in life really is. What is it that you're here for it comes to our spiritual lives. Sometimes it's easy to think about missions and evangelism as a task for the elite Christians you know who God called to be pastors or missionaries, but today Pastor JD shows us that God wants to use all of us to live on mission from God wants you titled his message we send every member and if the conclusion of our study. Even movement let's rejoin Pastor JD and acts chapter 7 God wants. Historically, ordinary believers like Stephen have always been the tip of the gospel spirit. He's got an intention to use you would like somebody to bring them from darkness to light.

If you go back and you study that you study Christian history.

What you'll see is that the gospel is always traveling around the world faster on the wings of business that has to apostolic effort. I want to my theaters up writer Stephen Neal. He's a church historian.

You are a classic book called the history of Christian missions is the only thing that was more remarkable than the rapidity of the spread of the gospel in the first century was its anonymity is the time you get to the end of the first century 99 A.D. he said you got three major church planting centers. Antioch, Alexandria and Rome is all have in common is that we have no idea who founded the churches in Antioch, Alexandria wrote no idea, no famous apostle found in any other churches either the founding of the church in any architecture recorded for us in X11, you could read it later. All it says I give you little it will spoil your all it says is some brothers, some brothers moved Antioch in the hand of the Lord was with them may plant a church in Antioch them, thereby saving them they'll write them means a bunch of guys who use the credits at the end of the movie like by saving another bunch of guys whose names I might amend you because you never heard of them, your body will hear about them again anyway just ordinary guys that these ordinary men and women plant a church would one day send out the apostle Paul become the greatest missions in the church in the first century ordinary people say them. I good news were all part of the family had not been a seminary offer professional ministry job at your part of them. That means your gods plan a friend back in the world that would tell you the same thing is true today so make sure you look at what Christianity is spreading facets in the world you will Bobby let me if I be like you.

Here's your vision vision following Jesus. Whatever God made you good at and make all of you good at being preachers, public speakers, worship leaders or writers whatever he made you good at. You should do that.

Well, to the glory of God. But why not also do it somewhere strategic for the mission of God of all the factors are going to where you pursue your career. Why would the kingdom of God be the largest of those factors I that's living said here's the second conviction that we see from Stephen's life go hand-in-hand. The first number two.

The Holy Spirit fills me.

What makes Stephen remarkable is his confidence the confidence the stairs down the Sanhedrin, a confidence that he apparently came from an awareness of the fullness of the spirit within them. The most common characteristic that is repeated about Stephen was that he was filled with the spirit what gives ordinary people such extraordinary confidence and effectiveness is the knowledge of the power of the spirit within all believers of course have the Holy Spirit right so you have that but what gives you confidence like Stephen is your awareness, your knowledge of the spirit within you get a very familiar territory here for the summer church unit Jesus made such extraordinary promises when it comes to the either the power and the potential of the Spirit and believers there so staggering that you don't consciously pay attention to a mega writer of your head.

You want one of my favorites that you been around the church for me, this one, John 16, seven Jesus said just 67 nevertheless I tell you the truth, by the way, stop right there.

Jesus was out of the habit of telling lies, you have to clarify like action, but to be serious that whatever he says and what got us because what he is about to say is so, mind blowing.

If you bind on a greater that's what happens with this verse is to your soonest word advantage is to your advantage that I go away because I don't go away the helper, the Holy Spirit will come to you. Here's the question that we asked what this verse how to put yourself honestly the situation.

How absurd was that it sounded to the first disciples.

It's to my advantage of Jesus. Like how awesome think about how awesome would it be if Jesus was your ministry or your roommate what you come back after a tough day of ministry and yet a theological question about Calvinism and Jesus answers.

Arriving at Meridian's right you you got your small group errata Chex mix band. Jesus multiplies judgments about the fall basket left over your dog dies writer said and Jesus raises your dog back from the dead.

Your cat dies, Jesus digs a hole with berries that can get rid of it for my favorite joke until the cemeteries and I know some of you already compose an angry email but yes, Jesus loves, not as much a dog to anonymously people, but you that that's probably not exactly what we will take to walk around Jesus. But the point is, it would've been awesome if you had a chance to be friends with Jesus side, but I would Jesus, how awesome would that be yet Jesus is telling them they said I'm not even exaggerating that you understood are the spirit was you understood what the potential of the spirit was you be more excited to have him inside of you, even than me. Besides, you write me if I told you guys that I would resign and I hope you be sad your pastor right okay be sad about my next week to teach on the live stream is Jesus of Nazareth is the new pastor you call your friends right like you believe Jesus can be a pastor. Women are all other pastor right are you as excited that they're in your home group wherever you are. You got the spirit of God in you as you would be. Jesus came to be your new pastor is not done that show you that you haven't grasped whatever it is that he is promising. There in that verse, God's plan to reach the world is just ordinary people filled with the extraordinary spirit and is walking in obedience to him and he says is there to have a collectively greater impact in a Jesus himself stayed stop thinking about how incapable or unqualified.

You are don't you understand that because the Holy Spirit is in you because it's the spirit of a new server. One of God is. Is it what does it through you and you understand that it's now more about your availability and it is your ability to see the Holy Spirit can do more than one surrendered vessel than the most talented and richest people in the world could accomplish on their own. But when we got a really good example that in the last part of the book of acts eight Philip is another ordinary guy, not apostle is directed by the spirit to go up in obedience is really goes out about this old dusty road. At middle nowhere is that why my here the spirit of God is like. Just distrust me to stay here for minute and stand there looking around all the sudden the guy comes down the road that is in a chariot that we we call now the Ethiopian eunuch the Ethiopian eunuch is reading from the book of Isaiah that I was reading them. Spirit Rex filled the globe in the chariot with them and explained the gospel to women that guy get saved any kids baptize Eusebius.

It was the third century four century church historian, said that Ethiopian unit went back to sub-Saharan Africa where he was from and planted a church asserted the church planting movement that is still in existence today. One obedient one act of obedience by an ordinary person spirit use that accomplish more than all the apostles have been able, since seven chapters after that point in the cause of world missions.

I need you to understand that he is the spirit still doing that today is still using ordinary people just like you just like me to do extraordinary things. If they'll just listen to him. So that's my question.

Are you listening to him. The Holy Spirit shows up 59 times in the book of acts 59 and 36 of those 59. He is speaking, I told you what's frustrated about that is it doesn't always tell us exactly how he speaks it and say you like and everybody like you got a message on your cell phone or by thought the same at once or just as he he speaks of the way I think that ambiguity is intentional, because Scripture never one God never wants us to put as much confidence will be think the spirit of same as will we do what the Bible actually says, but he speaks. Acts 13 to the Holy Spirit, said to the church separate Barnabas and Paul for a missionary calling there might be ambiguity and how he speaks. But there is no ambiguity in whether he speaks and I would even say right now he's speaking to some of you write you listening to him. He stirring in you and he's like, hey, I got something for you.

Can you just respond and say yes Lord, I'm ready to go, will you tell me to go hear my Lord, send me commission with Remicade movement, duration, number 30 Jesus was to me so I will be to others.verse 59 might be my favorite part of this whole of this whole of this whole passage look at this because what it does for every diversity digital window in the Stephen soul showing you what he was thinking about at the very moment of his death for something on as they were stoning Stephen is a life was literally draining out of he called out, Lord Jesus, receive my spirit. Volume his knees, he cried out a loud voice or do not hold this sin against them.

Question where you heard those two phrases before right, Lord Jesus, receive my spirit in Lord and all the sin against them. Are they not almost identical to what Jesus said when he died on the cross, Jesus the father, into thy hands I commit my spirit and father forgive them for they don't know what they do go, it seems that in Stephen's dying moments.

Stephen was thinking about what Jesus had prayed on the cross for him and now he is praying not for others.

I get your mind around that.

What Stephen saw Jesus do for him. He's now doing for others because that's what it means to follow Jesus Misa look at your life like a sacrifice for others. Whether Jesus sacrifice himself for you master a very credible? I want all of you to think about where would you be where would you be Jesus chose not to come and die for you, and after if you chose not where would you be sort of a twist on the answer you be exactly the same place that millions of people in the world are without you. While I say that the act of salvation is not complete until people hear about they have to believe that the here to believe that the believed to be safe. Martin Luther used to say it would matter. Jesus got a thousand times of nobody wrote about Carl FH Henry theologians of the gospel is only good news for somebody if he gets to them in time when I get home in time is not actually good news and see friends that demand something of us is ask you if you wrestle with the obligations that you will not owe to the gospel you squarely face the fact that 2.8 million people in the world have little to no access to the gospel.

People who who who were no more unworthy of the gospel you are me. People that are made in the image of God like us. I think the place like northern Yemen has a population of 8 million almost the size of North Carolina. Yummy believers.

There are not whole nation of 8,000,020 or 30 every single one of them is made in the image of God, like like you they know it's like to be afraid they hurt like you they don't like to be lonely and lost.

Is it fair for you and me to know so much about a God who did everything and there's a little to the gospel to people who know nothing. I think sometimes all field may sometimes about being in heaven and meeting somebody up there that is there because I share the gospel with them or because I sacrificially gave and some will share the gospel them. These people will spend eternity with my brothers and sisters number learned over the course of 10,000. Here's to love them and sometimes I think like what I be grateful than when I've gotten to know about this person that I did what it took to be able to get the gospel to them. I know that will now I never see their face, but I know I'll be glad band that I did what I needed to do so they can be saved and you think that's awaits your field to a friend of Jesus sacrifice himself.

Save us to make sense that we ought to sacrifice ourselves to bring salvation of them just like Stephen did for his countrymen for some of you that means that you're in a leave here and move somewhere to take the gospel. For others it means you to give like crazy so that other people can go so conviction of the three is a Jesus was to me so I will be to others commission before last one mentioned before is a Jesus is worth it yellow to return one final time to act seven as they began to hurl stones at Stephen. Stephen says her 56 behold, I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God. Scholars point out that Stephen standing here is odd because everywhere else in the Bible that we see Jesus at the right hand of God.

He is sitting is actually an important theological point because it's showing that he is finished with the work of salvation. Yet here he is standing why is he in this one place, standing on the only answer is, he is standing to receive homicide the world, it seems, has risen up in unison to get Stephen to tell Stephen that he is a full trader in his life as a waste known as almost like Jesus can't contain himself. He stands up and he says no.

Well done good and faithful servant there call you heretic, welcome you home on Stephen looks up with face beaming with angelic brightness. Stephen says, in essence, yes, I see him it's worth, I tell you, the only thing that will give you the power to live a life of truly being sent is a deep conviction in your soul that Jesus is worth or whatever you got well all the way from he's better and he's worth it. We like to talk here in this church about coming to Jesus brings peace and makes your family hold brings fulfillment and that's all true but at some point you understand if you're really serious about following Jesus obedience to him is going to take you 182 work degrees opposite of the direction that you think you want to go and in that moment in that moment the only thing that will compel you forward to go all the way, is the belief that Jesus is worth this to relevant tell her not, I'll tell quickly, but I think it just so it captures us some of your this before, but master the first two years of my ministry over in ways unreached people groups over in Southeast Asia after been there a few months ago a call one night from a Christian friend lit about three hours south of me and he had a guy with him. He's in an easy to come and I Jim meet me at the place who is at ease and know he got real quiet keys that you are there listening was trues her phone for Bogdan, a six minute playset. I knew that was but it was three hours away fly to go out on the bus middle the night three hours down to this play go to the place and I go in and these two guys are sitting there and my friend looks of this guidance is okay. Tell him what you told me is a massage are five jar was 32-year-old muscle advisor said he sees a star say to me through the language I close to Lauren. Speak English so he says through my friend. He says he says he said well is it about a month ago I had this on what you call a dream and would really like a dream.

He said, but in this dream I was staying in this field. As far as I can see Ronnie behind me to the right to laugh.

He said was nothing, and I walked for what felt like days in this field.

He stopped and he said he set out you know that that the I felt like that field supposed to represent.

My life is filled loss. He said after walking what felt like days of some her voice behind me heard a voice behind me to turn around and there was this what you call a man. He towered above he was dressed in his white robe. His face spent at the mock God's word to use a member that met like the Sony just shown in its brilliance and he he reaches out of his robe.

He pulled out a copy of the call to be in Jill that's their word for gospel brought a copy.

The gospel said five jar. This is the only family that you have this field. He said I pulled back because that was Christian I am Muslim and I could not touch it. He said I woke up immediately.

I knew that I made a terrible mistake. He said next night and went to sleep. I had the exact same dream again. Walt what for what felt like days in this field and again this man appeared reached out in Jill and said, take this and will get you out of this field. He said this, wanted to take it. I wanted to but I couldn't get the strength in my hands to do it. He said I woke up suddenly said I knew I made another terrible mistake is the third night I didn't even want to go to sleep is that I was afraid and he said sure enough moment.

I close my eyes and sleep. It was me and him and that field. This time there was no walking is me and him a look at me and said this is the last time I will tell you this is the only thing that will get you out of this field. He said I watched my dream my hands. They were trembling.

He said it without even going when you are in control of a mate is reached up and took that copy and Jill set up already and hug it into my chest is and I will go peacefully in my bed the next morning, he said, look to me said no my friend tells me that you are expert at in Jill is a please tell me what my dream meets me. I grew up in a really conservative Baptist Church cave and was could say we didn't do dreams and the interpretation thereof on the red but I knew exactly what to say in that moment I was like Brody or someone like dream interpretation is my spiritual gift I like translate W side, I set there was a set of the next two hours till the wee hours of the morning explained to him. She really is going from Genesis to Revelation how Jesus had done everything in and who Jesus was. I got a part in the gospel. Matthew were Jesus dies on the cross and I'll never forget these little tears I see them well up in his eyes. He says you're telling me that this is God the Creator is dying for me and I said yeah I know you said he had on his hands. He said a lot lot lot which is the way for God is the greatest wealth we got some discipleship to do but how you it was awesome and and he said is a God is a greatest we get to the end in sight. You want to trust Jesus as your Savior. You become a Christian. He said all with all my heart so well on a one way to do this every about a real close will be Legion with the sinners prayer bows his head not start leaving the sinners prayer. We had about two phrases in two phrases in the house like a lick stop. I just cannot overwhelm us at five jar. You understand this is a big deal when you trust Jesus. Your life changes when your life changes you get baptized and you get baptized you know that you might get a call from your family and you might get lose your job and you you and I both know people that have been killed because of this, and this city and never forget it except Bill Smiley said of course I know that is what you think it took me a month to work up the courage to come and talk to you exhibit in a month. I decided that if this Jesus was who you Christian said he was right. And Jesus did for me will you Christian said he did. Then I would go with him. Listen to this I would go with him regardless of what I had to leave behind now. At that point I was like I thought.

You need to leave me in the center for something money to get Sadie in the heart of every true Christian when I tell that story or something in you that rises up and says yes yes yes five jar he's worked even if it cost you everything you say this and the citizens humbly but directly as I can to the summit church is hypocritical for you and I to say amen to five jar and then not be willing to do what it takes to get the gospel to people like five jar. The cost to follow Jesus in places like Southeast Asia is severe. The cost to get the gospel to places like Southeast Asia is severe and the only thing that will compel you to go all the way to do the hard work to leave your family and endure the hardships and loneliness of missionary life is a site of the worthiness.

Jesus I is he worth some point you gotta decide who is worthy to what is worthy of the offering of your life. If Jesus is worthy of your absolute total and unconditional obedience.

Listen, what is it that you trying to please.

What's waiting for you. What stain about the throne of God.

Your parents love you but Jesus created you and Jesus died to redeem you until your parents are awesome but they're not really waiting for you at the end to receive you into eternity in you not to be standing around their throne proclaiming their worthiness for eternity. A job is a great thing to pursue and provide a lot of benefits but it's nothing to give your life for your parents are precious your dreams are important your career rope sure are bright but none of those things is worth the offering of your life. Jesus is worthy of, he's the only one that is worthy for buyers will call said all things are created by his blood, we were redeemed for his glory. We now exist. Jesus is worth going out one life and you got it you got dedicated to something you give it away to something you gotta make you when things still don't feel normal after nearly 2 years. There's never going to be a better time to make a change will you go where he tells you to go and do what he tells you to do convicting and challenging message for colonists today here on Summit life are you looking for more of Pastor JD's teaching. You can find all of his resources or find them to your favorite podcasting app by searching for Summit life with Jeannie Greer we would live if you would consider partnering with us today in furthering our mission by bringing the gospel to the radio, TV and WAP as a token of our thanks. We have a brand-new resource to help you dive deeper into the topic of this teaching series that we just completed here on the program Jeannie what can people expect to take away from our new study titled beaver movement time like this, like, what really supposed to be doing. You know like what what's life supposed to be what success our mission in the church ought to be shaped by what Jesus said, success is like the summit church we try to do that you would prioritize the gospel. Above all, we do whatever it takes to reach all people because that's the heart of Jesus.

We want to make disciples, not converts, and we said every member goes on to define her church for us. Literally, the summit church. They actually do define our church, but it also wanted the finer individual lives and so what we wanted to do three thought well it's works so well her church and can increase it is movement here let's let's create something that would enable people to live that part of the basis can actually think this will help coming out of the lot chaos of the last two years. I think this will help you get a bearing on what they should be doing and then reverse engineering a life in each part of his study has a pages it. Pastor JD following the same outline as our sermon series and it includes a handful of question we also included significant prayer section with prompts to help you respond to just spend time you can work anything you find out what and take about a month to the content only stands on its own for you to do it alone. It really is much better work someone else for your copy of our newest resource title when you give us a call any thing I 20 663-3524 gave a request to study the online hi Molly for you to join us again tomorrow.

I don't always, we hope you'll join us for two minutes on Thanksgiving day for Summit life prayer ministry

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