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The Judas of the Old Testament | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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November 12, 2021 7:00 am

The Judas of the Old Testament | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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November 12, 2021 7:00 am

Adrian Rogers describes the life of David’s servant Joab to reveal how we can know if our minds, hearts, and wills look like Jesus.


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Very very lost close to Adrian Rogers joy was good. Judas probably Old Testament was an unusual man.

It was a remarkable man because outwardly he seemed to spend all of his life serving yet you truly never love me. He was judged by date. The only thing I can think of that is Saturn is for a modern-day Christian to be immature.

Respect Jesus life for Jesus, serve Jesus and to die and go to hell. The wrath of Jesus and some eggs are what you pay very close attention to a man who was very loyal and very welcome to love finding featuring profound truth. Simply stated, pastor, teacher and author Adrian Rogers first Kings chapter 2 is coming to the end of his reign before relinquishing the throne to his son Solomon. David proclaims judgment on his right hand man Joey, by all appearances, Joab was devoutly loyal but in spite of his loyalty.

There was still something missing. If you have your Bible turn out a first Kings chapter 2 will begin in verse five as Adrian Rogers tells us more about the Judas of the Old Testament. I want to take your Bible and I turned first Kings chapter to talk tonight on this subject. The Judas of the Old Testament, the Judas of the Old Testament. First Kings chapter 2, and we began reading in verse five. Now David is coming to the end of his reign.

We got a skip way ahead therefore and are studying the life of David and talk about something that happened right at the end of his reign as he is getting ready to turn things over to his son Solomon to go backward in the Scripture and bring us back up to the point where we started tonight. Now David is speaking to Solomon his son and he says in verse five.

Moreover, thou knowest. Also what Joab the son of they were did to me and what he did to the two captains of the host of Israel onto Abner, the son of Mayor and onto Mesa, the son of Jacob, whom he slew and shed the blood of lessor, in peace and took the blood of man upon his girl. It was about his loins and in his shoes that grown his feet and now notice the command do. Therefore, according to thy wisdom and let Martin his warhead that is his Whitehead is aged head go down to the grave in peace David pronounced judgment upon Joab.

Joab was the Judas of the Old Testament and he was an unusual man. He was a remarkable man because outwardly he seemed to love David outwardly. He seemed to be loyal to David. Outwardly, he served David, but when it came to the very end. He ended up under the judgment and the wrath of David. He spent all of his life serving David.

Yet he truly never love David and alternately he was judged by date. Now this man Joab was a very noble man. He was a very outstanding man.

He was a man among men and Joab would have gone to the top in any profession anywhere any place that's the kind of man he was. If you ever want to have a man on your side, you would've wanted Joab to be on your side. The way that Joab got to be David's commander-in-chief. And, incidentally, was David's commander-in-chief. He was David right hand man. Remember, right after David was crowned king actually going to go back and talk about what happened when David was cranking because we go to see a parallel of the things that happened when Jesus is granting and one of the things that happen when David was crowned king was that there was a Jebusite stronghold that had been in the land since the days of Joshua and nobody had been able to take that Jebusite stronghold when David was crowned king immediately that stronghold fell in incidentally and we're going talk about it in greater length later when Jesus is granting you go to find all kind of strongholds in your life that are going to fall. But here was this Jebusite stronghold. It was so strong that they laughed and mocked at the armies that came up against and they were so secure that they solicit. We even the blind and the lame people can defend our stronghold. But David said whoever takes that stronghold will be my commander-in-chief and all Joab said I'll take it and he is what courage he had what strength he had what wisdom he had Gary, he had what coming he had, he was a man among men, and he cared not for the insults of the Jebusites. He cared not for the armaments of the Jebusites need to that city and delivered it to David and he became David's commander-in-chief, and yet is such a tragic story. He fought alongside David he fought for David, he worked for David. He respected David. He looked up to David and yet he spent his entire life. David only to receive at the end of his life. The wrath of David and the judgment abatement.

I say that's a tragedy that is sad. The only thing I can think of that is Saturn is for a modern-day Christian to be in the church work in the church admired Jesus respect Jesus life for Jesus, serve Jesus and to die and go to hell under the wrath of Jesus and some will, and so I want you to pay very close attention to a man who was very loyal and very lost and I'm afraid to admit it may be in that same time of the situation. They may be like Joab in the Old Testament, they may be like Judas in the New Testament. I want you to notice the loyalty of this man, the loyalty of this man. What a loyalty he had for David. It if you would ask anybody who is David's right-hand man, who is the man that you can trust the standby. David outwardly they would've all said Joab.

Joab is the man that is loyal to David. It doesn't matter whether it's dangerous. It doesn't matter whether it's desirable or not desirable, you're going to find Joab standing for David and fighting for David. He was loyal to David but he never really love David he never really open his heart to David and what he did with David ultimately dependent upon what David did. Within now David you know is a picture of Jesus. David is an Old Testament type prophecy illustration of Jesus. Both of the tribe of Judah.

Both are God's anointed kings. Both were first rejected and then both were enthroned and so David pictures the Lord Jesus Christ to use a type of picture of Jesus but not Joab was seemingly loyal to David outwardly loyal to David. Let me tell you what, loyalty he had. First of all, he had a family loyalty your first Kings chapter 2 look in verse five. Moreover, thou knowest. Also what Joab the son of Pharaoh are as a rule I did unto him, to be one of those who is a Rye who is this why this was David's sister and Joab was David's Matthew and so Joab had known about David ever since he was a little boy. You see David sister was there in the tent. Doubtless peeking through the tent curtains while Samuel the prophet came to anointed king of Israel and remember the seven sons of Jesse came in there and I think seven is significant. I believe it speaks of the perfection of the flesh be seven sons were there, but none of them were good enough at all. Samuel, knowing that God had his cane one by one they appear one by one the old prophet shakes his head and says this is not the one that must be someone else and then they remember that Boyd was keeping the sheet that the shepherd boy David and Samuel says send him go get him and all for the hills. They run and they come back with little David and certainly David sister was there. Joab's mother was there and she saw that holy prophet. Thank God she saw that holy prophet get out the holy oil and portable. David's head and she saw then from that time on she knew that David was God's anointed king.

He was the one that was chosen of God and that God had decided that David would rule the throw, and I believe that when little Joab was born to David sister.

She said to him now. Joab I want you to remember that David is the man of destiny.

I was there when he was anointed, he is God's man and Joab I want you to live for David. I want you to give God to David, the future is with David, you stay with David you stick with David. David is God's anointed.

From the time the Joab was a little boy, doubtless he knew this and that's one reason that he was loyal to David.

He's like many people were raised in the church and from the very time that they can first hear and understand.

They learn about Jesus. Jesus is King Jesus is Lord Jesus loves me this I know Jesus is God's anointed Messiah Jesus is the Savior, the Lord and just like Joab we've heard it from you. I'm talking about Joab loyalty to David and first of all, he had a family loyalty he could hardly remember a time when he'd not been told about David but not only did he have a family loyalty and what I want to call a fundamental loyalty. He believed the right things about David.

For example, he was convinced that David was the Savior of Israel. It was very obvious that David was God Savior in that day he could remember the story of how David went out and fought Goliath and how he had defeated Goliath and that one man had won the battle for them all was a vicarious battle and David had wanted and David had overcome him, but had the power of death, that is Goliath. He was victorious and certainly Joab knew that David was Savior. But not only did he know that David was Savior. He knew that David was solver, Joab saw how Amber had tried to set up another king and we're going to talk about that. His name was his motion and he was a rival team. He had no right to be king. Abner tried to set up his ship as king but Joab would have no part of it. And Joab knew that David was supposed to be king. He was sovereign. He was Lord and King and Joab stood up for this.

He knew it was right and he fought for, but not only was he convinced that David was Savior. Not only was he convinced that David was sovereign. He was also convinced that David was sufficient.

He had been around David enough to know that David was a most remarkable man he had seen how David single-handedly had united the 12 tribes of Israel. He had seen how David had been such a king that David brought in both peace and prosperity and unity.

He had seen how David was the embodiment of all of Israel's IDU in this one man, David, we see a shepherd and a soldier reciprocated a problem we see him musician.

A poet. He was a diplomat. He was an administrator.

He was a friend was a hero. He was what you want it. Israel had David didn't seem like they needed anything out.

If they didn't have David, it seemed as though they had nothing and and Joab believed all. Not only did he have a family loyalty. He had a fundamental loyalty he saw David a Savior sovereign and sufficient, but not only this, he also had a fighting loyalty as you study the life of Joab and rigor to see in a moment he would like for David. Just like that he was on the battlefield for David.

The risk is likely he took the Jebusite stronghold for David and had to ask who is David's most courageous soldier says most faithful servant.

People would've said Joab.

Of course, but I Wightman in spite of the fact of his loyalty. There was still something missing and I'm sure you moment that there was a fatal flaw in Joab and not only are you going to see his loyalty which are going to see his lostness.

Somehow, he never ever really gave his heart to David he admired David he thought for David and yet he never surrendered to David. He knew that David was Savior. He knew that David was sovereign.

He knew that David was sufficient, and yet not given David his heart and he is like so many people who occupy the cues of churches across America.

They had been raised from children that have a family loyalty they have heard so much of the word of God that they have a fundamental loyalty and I have worked so hard that they have a fighting loyalty for the Lord and yet they have never ever been born again. They have never ever really been saved. They are going to die and go to hell because there's something missing in their relationship with the King of Kings and the Lord of lords that we talked a little bit about the loyalty of Joab. I want us to think for a moment about the lostness of Joab. What caused this man Joab to receive the judgment of David. Why would David come to the end of his life and tell and tell his son Solomon, Joab don't you let his right hand go down to the ground in the you let my judgment call upon him. Why is it what happened to well will search the record and you're going to find out that in all, you can never find a place where Joab from his heart. Love, David Joab was a man who love the kingdom without loving the king. He loved the power really did love the person he loved but not love the glorious one who was God's anointed and you can see in the way that Joab dealt with three rebellions that came up against David that Joab really never ever had the heartbeat of King David. Let's go now to second Samuel chapter 3 turned backward in the materials. Would you please second Samuel chapter 3 and I was to begin reading in verse 20 and see what Joab did to a man named Abner. So Abner came to David that he Braun I'm reading second Samuel three verse 20. So Abner came to David. He brought employment with him and David made after the men that were with Timothy and Abner said today but I will arise and go and will get all Israel onto my lord the king, they may make a league with the Balmain's reign over all by heart desire and David sent Abner a way and he went in these I want to say this is the same Abner who had once rebelled against David. This is the same Abner who wanted to set up a wrong king exposure and make him looking, but later all Abner saw the wrongness of his ways. After a while Abner saw the beauty of King David. The rightness of King David. The righteousness of King David that King David was God's appointed man, God's anointed man and Abner repented of his ways.

He came to David yes David for forgiveness. David forgave me. David made a feast flooring bad fellowship and Abner said to David, David, I'm going to bring as many people your side as I can. I and I want everyone to be in your kingdom. That's what second Samuel three verses 20.1 but now scribble down to verse 26 and when Joab was come out from David he sent messengers after Abner, which brought him again to the well of Syron, but David knew it not. And when Abner was returned to Hebron. Joab took him aside in the gate to speak with him quietly and smelled him there under the fifth rib that he died for the blood of as a hell, his brother.

Now here's a strangely David love Abner David forgave Abner.

David wanted fellowship with Abner love David was going to bring people to follow the lead Joab who is David's commander-in-chief took this man all and stabbed him in the back and he represents so many people who claim to know and love the Lord Jesus Christ and yet they never ever have the mind of Christ.

They never can deal properly with those whom Jesus has forgiven. They cannot see a soulful given they cannot understand someone who has been forgiven and made right with God and so they always are bearing grudges there.

Always bearing resentments because they have not gone mind of Christ. I wanted you have the mind of Christ. Do you think as Jesus thinks, and therefore, do you love as Jesus loves and do you deal with those whom Jesus has dealt with as Jesus would deal with them know one of the saddest things in the world is to see people knife other people in the back under the guise of Christianity and they they they have a drawn sword. They have a dagger and there there arguing and disputing, and and fighting among themselves and yet claiming to love the Lord Jesus, I want to say something friend you cannot claim to love the Lord Jesus Christ and knife those that he loves.

I don't care what your membership is I don't care what yours is a family loyalty of fundamental loyalty to fighting loyalty. If you are knifing those that Jesus loves you haven't been saying you have been saved. This is what all Joab.

He never really had a mind of Christ. But not only did he disdain the mind of David, I want you to notice that he also distress the heart of David now, Absalom was David, son, and he had rebelled against David Hartley rebelled against David Drive usurped the throne from David and and David said to Joab, and he said to his other men there that they look, I know what is done.

I know what he deserves. But I want you to hear me and hear me well. Regardless of what he's done and regardless of what he deserves. I love him. He's my son I showed him mercy. I want to extend my grace to him and so therefore deal gently with the young man Absalom my site. All of us remember the story of how Absalom ran under that huge oak tree in his head and his hair got entangled there in the limbs and he's left dangling, suspending, he cannot free himself and how cruel and wicked. Joab came and found him there and drove three divers through his heart and Joanne's other men surrounded him and found him and him there and broke the heart of the and with that will, in today's portion of the message and will pick up Monday with part two. In the meantime maybe you have a prayer request that you'd like to share with us in love with finding it's one of her greatest honors to come alongside you, and pray with you and for you if you can go to our website and scroll down to where prayer wall. There you'll find the option to either submit a prayer request or pray for others. This resource is one of our favorite ways to keep the ministry in the community praying continually one another's needs. We can't wait to hear from you again go to and scroll down to where prayer wall if you like to order a copy of today's message.

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