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David Wurmser Biden Selling out to Foreign Interests CCP Islamic State Turkey Nigeria Genocides Energy Hemorrhaging 110821

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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November 8, 2021 5:10 pm

David Wurmser Biden Selling out to Foreign Interests CCP Islamic State Turkey Nigeria Genocides Energy Hemorrhaging 110821

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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sorted out, the next thing comes up. So it's bewildering, to say the least. Truly bewildering at this point. They don't believe, first of all, America is weak right now because we act weak, and we don't believe in ourselves. It's an extension of the internal assault on the United States.

There's a progressive attack on who we are. And part of that is to shut us down internationally to help our enemies. So what we're looking at right now, from China all the way to Nigeria, is a full retreat of American power.

And it doesn't seem to bother them. There's a spin machine in the White House that sort of tries to define things in this bubble. Afghanistan was a great success, and China is under control, and COVID is being dealt with, and on and on and on and on. They even tried to say that the supply crisis shortage was a good thing because it showed Americans are getting back to work.

So they live in a bubble, and the bubble is essentially being driven now by the progressives who really control the agenda, and it's to take down America. So everywhere you go, you see American allies under siege. Sudan, there's a coup by a general who's actually a fairly good guy, because there's some real danger emerging from the Muslim Brotherhood. And we come down on Sudan like a box of rocks, and even tell the Israelis that they need to stop having peace and normalization with Sudan. Now we're beginning to go after Egypt for its human rights.

Now, this is astonishing. This is a country, this is an administration that does not criticize Cuba, doesn't criticize Venezuela, doesn't criticize China for its treatment of Christians and Uyghurs and so forth, doesn't say a word about the Taliban's behavior in Afghanistan, the fall of Nigeria's potentially Islamist forces, and is trying to lift sanctions on Iran. So if you're our enemy, this administration seems to be indulgent. If you're our ally, especially if you're an ally that made peace with Israel, you're in the crosshairs right now. It really opens up the door to what I can see as absolute destruction to our enemies. I mean, you mentioned about China.

I just had just had this last week, and by the way, I want to say congratulations to the producers and the director of Finding Courage, which is the story of a family, a Falun Gong family that was severely persecuted by the Chinese government. And it tells the behind the scenes, David, of the atrocities of the Chinese Communist Party, the CCP, what they're doing to Falun Gong, what they're doing to Uyghurs, what they've been doing to Christians, literally since the People's Revolution. And they are absolutely evil, and they kind of stand in the shadows to a degree and are helping. They're helping Iran. They're helping the Muslim Brotherhood. They're helping the Islamic terrorists in Africa. They're in the background providing support, watching America be choked off, predicated, like you mentioned. Go ahead.

Yeah, no, Pastor, you got that exactly right. They're in the wings, helping, and there's a payoff. Namely, they're helping Iran. They're helping Turkey in their Islamist agendas. They're helping the Taliban in Afghanistan. And the payback is that here you have ISIS and Taliban in Afghanistan praising China when China is committing this huge atrocity against these Uyghur Muslim populations.

So Islam is suspended at that moment, and we're the enemy, as if we're doing something against Islam. So there's a payback that China's getting, but they're strategically moving in a very aggressive way everywhere, and we're just dropping the ball. And I really wonder, because the two last years of the Trump administration, there was a big shift, and we started mobilizing our structures, whether it's our military forces, our economy, all sorts of things to prepare for a downturn in American-Chinese relations. And what's happened to that, I don't know, but it terrifies me. We're more dependent on China now than we were a year ago, and we're less capable, I think, of defending ourselves from that.

It's really quite stunning when you think about it. And of course, then you can bring it right back to the kitchen table, because these policies are what have created this absolutely horrific supply problem that we're having. A lot of the things that we most dramatically need in order to function in our economy are now produced in China. I mean, you look, I've got friends that have been trying to create America First-type products, and buy America First-type products, and one piece of it, they'll order it, one piece of it, then they flip it over and they're like, holy crumb, here we go. So it was made in China.

Some of the workmanship was done here in the United States, but the actual product itself was made in China. Yeah, you know, there's the supply chain crisis issue is huge. And what we're feeling right now, and I really impress this on people, what we're feeling right now is just a forecase of what's to come. There's a much more dangerous, much more serious supply chain crisis emerging. I mean, I don't mean to plug myself, I just wrote a big article on this on the Center for Security Policy website, but when you look at raw materials, the critical raw materials, and rare earths, totally, but raw materials, it's stunning what's going on. Ninety-three percent of our titanium, which is critical to our defense industry, is produced in China. Ninety-plus percent of vanadium, which is used in strengthening metals from cars to tank armor, and it's been used, it's not high-tech, it's been around for 80, 90, 100 years, is produced in China. Lithium is coming from China, South Africa, and Russia. Phosphate. So, you know, you're going to have this situation where we're going to have these wonderful cars with batteries, and all these people who buy those cars are going to be sitting in them without a battery that works, because there's no phosphate or lithium to make the batteries. And then they can't even call their friends to complain about it, because their phones won't have batteries. So, you know, we're pushing heavily toward a green revolution under this administration.

But nobody has asked a very simple question. Where are you going to get the raw materials that make batteries? And the answer is China. So, you know, and then you turn around and you say, OK, well, can't we reopen our mines? There's phosphate in Europe. There's a huge mine in Norway. There's titanium in the United States. We've got essential minerals right down here in Texas that they won't let us touch. Well, that's it.

And they won't let us touch. And not only that, the Obama administration did away with the National Bureau of Mines. Now, that was critical because they gave scholarships and support to universities for children, for kids who go and major in the sciences that pertain to sciences and engineering that pertain to mining. So we are losing not only the mines, we are losing the capability of mining. So it's a catastrophe.

And this goes down and down and down. And, you know, there's no seriousness at all about dealing with this. And this administration, when they just put out this huge thing, let's go back to the Trump administration, noticed this. And they two years ago did an executive order to examine this. And it was a five, you know, five alarm fire that they did. And they started working on it. But this administration took the same thing. We did it. And while they are also crying a five alarm fire, they balance it with a call for green technology. All right, hold that thought.

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Center for Security Policy. Brand new article up, by the way. The crisis of materials, supply chains, and competitiveness. And you'll be able to find that article and get it dropped into your email box.

If you sign up for our emails, it will arrive today. David, we were talking about this. Everything... Obviously, China is the... Golly, they're controlling the supply chain.

Go ahead, please. Well, yeah, they're controlling the supply chain and they're doing stuff to sabotage us. For example, I bet if you look at the funding of green movements in Europe that are opposing new mines or any of those things, I bet you're going to find some Chinese funding and some Chinese sophisticated social media activity to try to swing people against new mines and stuff like that to make us much more dependent. Then you look at Taiwan. Taiwan is itself an independence issue, a freedom issue, and so forth. But that said, I don't think a lot of people are aware how much of the world's computer chips come from Taiwan. It's an enormous amount.

I don't remember 40 or 50 or 60%, but it's in that range. So anything that happens with Taiwan can shut down the world. I mean, when you think that there's computer chips in your toothbrush, and there's computer chips in your car, and there's computer chips in your coffee maker, you realize how a supply chain shutdown of computer chips can affect this.

COVID alone reduced the amount of computer chips. And look what's happening right now. If you go to any car dealer lot right now, they're at maybe 10, 20% capacity in the amount of cars sitting out there.

And that's an indication. So imagine for a moment if China blockaded Taiwan, and 40% to 60% of the world's computer chips dry up. There's a two-week pipeline, which means in two weeks the West shuts down. And China knows this. So they don't even need Taiwan to be conquered militarily, physically. They're just going to blockade them, shut us down.

And then you can see Bill Gates and Twitter and everybody else, as well as all our 18 to 20-year-olds who want to have social media screaming and yelling, just give in, just give in. We need our phones, we need our chips, we need our chips, we need everything. So we're not paying attention to how much we've punted to China, our very lifestyle, our very standard of living. Well, and the CCP are behind much of the vaccine push that we're experiencing here in our country as well, because they control the majority of the medicines that are produced. And so medical supply chain is something that China controls, but something else too, you're talking about the coal and the mining, right? China's got some of the largest mining operations in the world happening on their shores. Bear in mind, there's nothing green about China, okay? There's nothing solar about China except what they produce and export to those of us that are buying in, wind turbines buying in, all these technologies, sure. But the majority of China lives in absolute abject poverty, and they're the ones going in and working in the mines, and many of them are losing their lives in very unsafe conditions.

And David, again, Pocom China Joe, not talking about that. No, look, I mean, a good example is this mine in Norway, which contains probably the largest deposit. Phosphate's critical not only for batteries, but it's critical for food, because that's what fertilizer's made out of.

So you can't feed the world without phosphate. So what happens here is China and green movements in Europe shut down, keep the mine from opening, all this demonstration, blah, blah, blah. And what happens is it's all based on a green argument, oh, how horrible that we would have a mine in Norway. However, then the mine in China expands.

Now, there they use slave labor, number one. So human rights is not going to be advanced, too. I can guarantee you their mining standards and techniques are far, far below our environmental standards. So if you're really worried about the environment, you would make sure that China's not the one mining, and that instead we are. So this whole green push is actually self-defeating.

It's anti-green, anti-human rights at the end of the day. And China, of course, is encouraging all this. So, you know, we really have to get very serious about this now. China has opened up 36 China has opened up 36 new university programs for mining. Well, we're shutting ours down and all funding for mining studies or studies related to mining are defunded in America right now. All right, we got to jump. They're going to have mine. Yeah. No, well, and let's not forget, I'm glad you brought up universities, because let's not forget, folks, if you have a student on a college campus that is being recruited by the Confucius Institute on that campus, you need to pull them.

You need to pull them like yesterday, because part of the plan of the Confucius Institutes is to try to recruit bright young American mines, mines, M-I-N-D-S, mines in order to get engaged with them and join their communist movement. They want a people's revolution right here in the United States of America. David, thanks for being with us and bringing all of this to the forefront. There's so much more, folks, to understand. As Christians, we have to understand the evil that we are fighting. And not only does it take prayers, but it takes knowledge. My people perish for a life. They say clothes make the man, that appearance really counts. Well, if that's true, what are your friends and co-workers learning about you from your spiritual wardrobe, your attitudes, your actions, the things you say? Take an honest look at yourself by looking at the Bible's own portrait of a new life. Join John MacArthur this week on Grace To You.
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