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Q&A with Koloff - #39

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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October 19, 2021 12:30 am

Q&A with Koloff - #39

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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October 19, 2021 12:30 am

This week, Nikita is put on the hot seat by Tracey "Tremendous" Jones.


It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff

Hey this is Jim Graham from the masculine dirty podcast where we explore relationship instead a religion every week your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it Sarah but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network call for questions and answers they would pull off the welcome back to Q&A with rolloff questions and answers with the devil's nightmare.

Only its flip around. Normally I am the one asking all the questions typically but here on the Q&A segment we give you the opportunity to ask me some questions and sometimes I know what they are and sometimes I don't. So this can be a real improv spontaneous response right here with me today on the show if you listen to the man up show that you heard this mighty woman speak Tracy tremendous Jones Tracy, welcome to the Q&A with rolloff show.

There was great to have you and I hope all of our listeners listened to that segment that show that we had an amazing interview with you and if not, they'll go back and listen to to that show, and end up in a little background on you as the week just to bring our listeners up to speed.

Tracy tremendous Jones, the daughter of legendary Charlie tremendous Jones you for more than 50 years, traveled the world not only as a motivational and inspirational speaker, but a book author and and you had as we learn from from the other show you had a tremendous upbringing really commanded head and so for those for those who don't know Tracy Jones to tell until I listeners just are just a quick synopsis of Tracy Jones, why not you know, like a lot of people I worked all over the world in every industry, and our little girl and a tremendous honor taught me joy to work and not be afraid of your night been to work quite. I'm an engineer by trade and now I'm not little publishing company that one company Great Britain now. What I like what you're getting started just getting started.

I love that it had that I don't do what would you say your I know your book author, you gotta podcast it will what's what's what's one of your more recent books. What's a book you would recommend the listeners to maybe check out why we write out checkout clerk market might lead came out last September to find potential to make a great day for my doctoral research and happy. The reality of intrinsic motivation. The only form of meditation. The black nation indicated talked about what you need to bring to the table internally. Your focus and your hard work and then the flip side it think we need an outside world. Motivation is not my job.

I can't just attracted to me, there's the flip side of it. Your picture resources in your knowledge, so I my PhD research in the theory of motivation and it's a great little roadmap you can dial-in you probably three or four other theories are doing great in your missing one on something slightly off a blueprint for the blue sky. You can be all that God intended you to follow this spark by the spark within you and I like that even your your podcast to tell us tell us little bit about your podcast on. My father wrote each years ago, the price a leadership and it's really about the tougher side of leadership anybody anywhere like that out there that have been in leadership now man I it's not just treating people write it. It's not just now. I think that only work out so you really talk about the price you pay and loneliness.

Hearing abandonment invasion and you have to pay that to really be paying part leadership. So if the leaders on leadership podcast and I interviewed leaders from all walks in ages and stages of life about what it takes to truly pay the piper leadership and for season leaders out there is a leader in training want to know what's to come. It's just beautiful real heart valve truly transparent about tenacity grant July highs and lows of being a true leader well and I know you have the price of leadership.

And I know so many other books.

Life is tremendous being tremendous. The key to excellence. So many amazing book said that your dad Charlie tremendous Jones wrote them. How can people find your podcast. How can they find your books and websites tremendous is a website that had all the books podcast they can publish what I thought I could stop all my social media is on their two weeks of free book free webinar coaching on I could stop and ban the Tracy see Joan my speaking website. If they're interested in a keynote being one of our tremendous edge authors were rolling out a new theory little mini book pages or lab you want your upper lip think you want to write a book but you're like I'll have a nice write up a lot people never get past page 50 go all artwork their 50 pages.

There left out were so excited reach out to me on Tracy Conklin to talk that's amazing. That's awesome thank you off Take a few minutes.

It was flip it around and give you the opportunity to ask me a couple of questions so you're ready fire only hours question.

Okay, maybe you know this but Nikita cola interesting name. Okay where is your name from what is your heritage and how did you get your moniker Russian nightmare good questions. Well let's let's start with let's start with the heritage and in the fact that I am not Russian like what what what the Russian nightmare.

How can the Russian and not be Russian.

The heritage accident a couple recent interviews over in Ireland and the UK England and I like hey I have I have roots to England.

My mom was born near Carlisle by the Scottish border little village called Hayden and so I've got a lot of European mix in me but but Russian.not one of them so I've got no the cuticle off was born of the hallways of North Carolina in 1984 in your like way to let me do the math on your well right, that was a part of Prasanna and I portrayed the Randolph my name legally is the cuticle also to say several your name I can honestly say yes it is that ever like well is not your birthday but all right I go out what's that ago are you gonna buy the book for that ticket for butter.

Last but not least, the Russian nightmare actually kind it was a spinoff when I was originally wrestling a guy name the American dream. The role of the Tower of power to three to be what if you we'll deal so I like your the American dream how to be your worst nightmare.

And that's where the Russian idea originally came from. So how tall are your parents, you know, I'm the biggest baby in the family okay so in other words, I'm the baby of the family. I'm the youngest of four children, but I was by far the biggest having broken wrestling I was 285 pounds a percent body fat 34 is ways and it was probably probably twice the size of my brothers. And so my mom was just 5 foot nothing, and my dad was about six to not not really not real big in stature but but he was about six to yeah yeah okay woman and I think Charles is about to tell you when you cannot live with it working out with it wrestling.

Were you always in the story you play football. What led you to get to 285 pounds in a percent body fat is a pretty impressive not know the requested and so at age 12, I picked up this IC stumbled across his magazine called iron man. It was a bodybuilding magazine and I was enamored with the guys that I never trace at age 12, saying not only to myself but making a bold statement saying one day I will look like one of those guys right about 110 gallon plastic weight set from Google, Sears and Roebuck. Those are old enough on the show the listeners that know that that name of that store anyway and began to work out exercise. One of my first mentors was Jerry McFarlane who was the night he was a health teacher in junior high school, but also a professional bodybuilder who took me under his wing and simultaneously really kind of fell in love with football, wrestling was not on my radar but I fell in love with football and I began to to play the game and work out consistently and still do 50 years later all these years later still working out exercising. And last but not least when I got the phone call to the opportunity for wrestling. Keep in mind so age 12 one day I will look like one of those guys. The day I walked into Jim Crockett, Junior's office into the NWA office in 1984 I was 285 pounds. 12% a percent body fat 34 twice. So I became exactly what I declared, you might say or verbalized at age yeah yeah you make the transition into the world wrestling so yeah with with no wrestling background right like no amateur background, no training like I've never been to a training school or to a camp in made sure they understood that before.

Drove to a city that I've never been to before. With everything I own to my name, which was not much in my early 20s, but I just took a risk and in walked into that office introduce myself on the day I was told to be there and that's word essay in the cuticle off was born I was introduced to Ivan Cole who was known as the Russian bear and donkey could total the pride day yeah they were all taking champions and they they literally put me right on this course you will be different from from Moscow.

I did speak any English you know I had the language I got pretty well, but but up and then and then crazy as it might seem. I debuted on television the next night in Raleigh North Carolina at the Dorton Arena.

Fortunately it was only 11 second match I one that launched a meteoric career. Okay, you can just hear your about today teach you a couple new you like my first wedding dance. I might just give me three or four got my exam but they did give you a couple things to get out there and do good.

I'm sure like anything even working around you can get hurt right absolutely say I am actually in the dressing room looked up to a couple basic things to get me through an 11 second Jan then though.

For the next 23 months, Ivan and Don and I would get to the towns early to three hours early they bump bump all over the ring teach me the mechanics of wrestling and then every night on the drive home back home, we would talk about the psychology of wrestling so I had what you might like a real crash course on fortunately I was. I guess you say a pretty decent student, I was a quick learner. Fast forward 13 months later and am wrestling this blonde haired guy that would go of the nature boy Ric flair for the world heavyweight title only third teen months into my career. Crazy I can't believe you ever do any work for anybody any new leadership I should come on the IMDb any movie I've done I've done. I've done a handful of smaller budget Christian movie cameo appearances in some Christian movies that the biggest shot at the big time was when a screen test that was one of the finalists for Ivan Drago in the rocky for for the Russian boxer Ivan Drago, Dolph Lundgren landed the role as many as everyone knows, I was on the set with golf with Stallone screen testing for that final role and it wasn't God's plan for me to get it and I'm a look back and I'm really kinda thankful why I didn't get it because I'm convinced it would've taken me whole different trajectory so they go so well.

So great questions. Got one more or we die. When you meet the Lord, you were you greatly. Christian family have held you how to write okay SS is a great question and on. So so I did not grow up just getting grew up in Russia. I grew up in the church you are going to have full of times every eye looks at best. We were CEOs, Christmas and Easter only.

Well my little at the Lord's army. That's right. Very rarely did did did I ever go in and it was it was it was after I left professional wrestling. 11 months later met a Christian couple in business and and there befriended me and I would attend their church. 17 October 1993 would be the day of my encountering Jesus like for real.

I knew the story prior to that out but it was just in my head on that day one from my head to my hearts and life is never been the same since. From that day and that decision, so I think a product that's unbelievable. I will get great they have you on the Q&A with a lot of great questions in the thank you for joining us today. Tracy, what a blessing. Thank you so much for the tremendous opportunity while you check out her websites and get more information on Tracy tremendous Jones Tracy Jones and Judy again for another episode Q&A with coleslaw. Thank you for listening in goblet.

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