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Q&A with Koloff - #25

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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July 13, 2021 5:00 am

Q&A with Koloff - #25

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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July 13, 2021 5:00 am

New Jersey fan Danny Dechant joins Nikita to ask him a few questions, including: How did the use of the Russian accent affect your children? Who was the stiffest and best worker in the wrestling industry? Did you have a favorite referee to work with? And did Big Van Vader's gear really smell that bad?

It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff

This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network unit for questions and answers Q&A with Holland. The devil's nightmare with me today. I got a special special interview with Danny Dechant.

I Danny, welcome to Q&A.

Did I say that right that I say your last name right you are closer than most people, but most people get that sounds French. Yes it is Chantal like that so there you go.

I like that memo then we we we miss you we we miss you daddy. Thank you for coming to Q&A with call off man. I really appreciate it appreciate you set some time aside doing well let's get this is just a quick backdrop on on Danny insurance and where were were where were you where you live and work with giving so backdrop.

I'm in Swedesboro, New Jersey, originally from Ohio suburb of Dayton, Ohio. So really I was using Lake Charles, Louisiana been here in New Jersey for last 3 1/2 years okay and what keeps you busy Danny in New Jersey, rejoicing my transfer here.

I was running the movie theaters regular transfer here for that which it all right down so I moved on. Currently working for Sam's Club. Okay let me ask the what what I think is almost like the infamous question about somebody living in in Jersey, what exit do you live off Danny can see I know you have an answer you want I've ever like just ask. You don't ask him where they live. Just asking what exit they live off like for real they're like oh yeah they'll tell you in a nanosecond so you that's amazed will you know what is even more amazing is not too long ago I had the opportunity to Actually Dr., New Jersey Turnpike.

I was doing I was actually was critical I was doing ministry in Newark, Delaware and able to jump on the on the Turnpike.

As I was headed from there to do a virtual autograph signing in Newark, New Jersey, someone from one Newark to the other with the Turnpike Turnpike in between its own.

Just recently I got to experience the whole exit thing You Know Firsthand Will Ct., Newark, DE where we met at Parkview so III I'm glad you reminded me of that, I apologize. I kind of forgot about that so yeah and you and you I hope you enjoyed your time there. I did. I really did him. That was my first time there and I didn't back regular. I was trying to find a new a new home and I really like that place so you know from you being there. You know, move me to that to that church. Where was no social pastor Chris Dietl right yes he's great.

Which which by the way he sees bring me back up in November and that's what they're saying or bring back up later in the year yeah yeah get to do them as you do on's on Saturday instead of just a men's breakfast menu are full conference of a doorman up conference right that's the other segment that's our our broadcast shows the man up show right and right so working out well, come up to do the man up conference on Saturday and then say over and and and preach on on Sunday again so will that's really cool. Also, just from our connection to wrestling the listen you just really blessed me now more that more than before. So through our connection to wrestling you come to two to the church you make a connection with with the churn and now your your attending there on a regular basis. Yes sir while well shout out to Pastor Chris Dedo and all the good work they're doing there and in Newark, Delaware, and I can't wait to go back but what will let's so let's let's let's answer a few questions for you Danny I know you know you probably if you have a long list to it, which is that just means you have to be back on the show sometime but the fire way to have a question.

I have a long list but I merited down a little bit like… Two, three, four, the first one and then I can attest on is what I was talking to you at the church was you dictate me for so long you know during your career and then even if you told me after your career. What effect did that have on your family because I know in your book you say that you for about a year even talk to your daughters with the accent menu finally broke it in there like daddy was from a daddy's boy.

So how does that affect your personal life. Yeah, the reason I did that for the listeners out there. When I when I married their mother. They were's they were seven and four die and I raised Karen Tani as though they were my own and and in to this day, and in fact other 39 and 3036 and Tom call me daddy call me Poppy call me Papa.

They have a number different names for me, but does so. We still have. We have just a great relationship with with them and I just thought that because of how young they were young kids.

Kids are very honest with a really young and then they grow up right and Gary get tarnished by the world, so to speak.

It bled and so I thought, man, they get to be at school he right there in elementary school. The schools was to say so here goes the cuticle office. You really rushing you know they're getting old always talks perfect English and up so so that's why kind of what I was dating there Moncada carried on that that Prasanna even with that, and then eventually though, sat them down explained it to the men and the like. Okay I thought, well, you know. Hopefully there they're old enough to dig to understand your why I maintain the Prasanna anywhere in public so so yeah so it was, it was challenging for for for a while but but eventually it all panned out.

Also, to Porter, you know, there's the route to route the rumor is that later you know the late later Leon was one of the stiffest workers who is the stiffest worker and who was the best worker that you had the experience within the course I have to touch on Leon's gear smells bad as everybody said is what while I I forgot about how bad his gear smells that some these guys didn't know you. George South was another one who George I love you buddy, but now I hope by now you've washed your gear George is kind of the undercard, but kudos to George South because he made guys like us look really really good it wasn't for guys like George South and he was another one that that had was notorious for not ever washing it didn't appear as though or smell like you ever washed his gear to another guy to blackjack Mulligan that imply that if he had a glove right history. His famous deal was the cloth right finish. You would a claw man that glove that the clotting put you out for the 123. The smell of his glove put you out for the 1-2-3 you fainted from his from the smell bought job been cut back on point, your question, you know, use the word stiff. I would say that that Leon had a reputation for BI would use the word reckless that he had that reputation that there were a number of guys that that either I'd gotten her.

He himself will yell injured himself. I think one time I remember a story about not mistake is in Japan and did some that pop desire elder so that if if I have the story right there or you standing up and yeah remember now. I think that's right.

At the understand Anthony Japan is pop desire out of the socket or someone like all my gosh, although I will say Stan was purple. It was printed just stand when he took though his his glasses off. My understanding is, he could see his hand in front of his face like that's on line.

The guy was, in fact, I had a match of Charleston, South Carolina with Stan used to swing that cowbell around you better stay out of his way, or you take your head off with a because he just couldn't say like the rail. I don't know how you had a match. I really don't affect one of my buddies was ringing the bell at ringside and got got hit by that bell went and threatened sumo, my God, you can't do that bro. You are part of the show it off you volunteer to be a part of the show, but I let all that to say showed for sure you know that those are a few within a couple of the names that were as you ship stiff reckless out whatever word you want to use me some of the super one of the smoothest of all time would be a guy name Ricky Norm gone Ricky Dragon steamboat the Dragon steamboat that is exactly right Danny Bobby Ricky was just a consummate professional, so smooth and the ring. I mean sometimes you had to look at CB actually had, you know, holding because you wanted to huddle even sell this thing you could barely feel anything but Ricky was one of certainly one of the best of the best best when it came to that in a court him and we know that through the magic he had with Claire was just spectacular. So what yeah I history making. They were history anyone work with Steve buddy macho man, you name it. I mean, again, I'm thankful to Ricky and how well how how you know how good he made me look in the ring and I'll say for the record, and even flare was pretty easy to work with as well there. There were a number of guys.

I'll throw players name in the hat as well, but certainly steamboat ranks right up there at the top right so you got a question like this, but I was always curious because when you work when you work and you know mid-Atlantic NWA WCW the referees from that you had back then were you know by today standards legendary, young, scrapping the gallon teddy blow Earlham who is Earl halfway our own Dave obviously but so Hoosier it was your favorite official to do a match. Would you have access quick question exudates it was at the WWF at the time, which is why Earl eventually went up there so I never got the pleasure of having Dave in the ring with me and Leslie switched without my knowing it because they were twins, so right. I think that you worked in Englewood at one time with Hogan, but that's sad. Certainly Tom Jang ranks again right up at the top, scrapping the guy you met some great names and old-timer that was was it was fun was that Jackie Fargo, Jackie Fargo, one of the Fargo brothers that he was actually using the twilight of his career, but Tommy, I would probably say for me.

Again, many of them.

Alfonso Alfonso Bill Alfonzo was another really really great referee and Nick Patrick me names are just coming back to me as as your magazine on all these guys I felt were consummate professionals when it came came to refereeing and Tommy certainly ranks the right up there at the top and all those guys any of those things I mentioned were great. I assume that Barry noted he had the same glove that his father had to eat.

He washed his glove. The ready wasn't like like why never experience Windows glove that I remember that I recall. But I'm hopeful that he wasn't passed down from his dad and Eddie to make any Hope. He had his own glove so but I don't remember ever having to experience Windham with the glove and get one more wrestling in the studio 605 on the superstation. That's where I really early 80, that's where I really started watching NWA, how was it wrestling in the studio did you like that or did you not like you're coming so you know some people really like that that close quarters another just you know there was enough space to do what you needed to do.

Yeah I know it was it was a great experience. In fact, you know we can't we contrast that from the 605 TBS show to see the mid and what we call worldwide wrestling are syndicated show in mid Atlantic championship at Rice. We did two syndicated shows more remote on location right weather was in Spartanburg, South Carolina Shelby, North Carolina, Raleigh, Norcal your did just different places that we, the truck would travel to.

We had that much bigger, more live audience. But man, the studio was so much fun. I yeah was a smaller crowd but it almost made it more impacting because you could almost like it right in their face of their right in your face right and so. A lot of fun fact when I did a recent NWA power for offer Billy Corgan at at that I think is Georgia public server with Jean GPS or GSP out. I don't know what the call but it's on 14th attack would where they record those shows and and I met when I went down for the for the NW a power show and I was driving out tech would drive it just brought back that is just a flood of memories of my gosh how many times did I drive on this road down to 10th and Tech weighted down to the TBS studio and now Javelin tech would you turn it off on 14th but when I walked in the studio I was I was a fan I'll just admit it, I was.

I walked into just but brother yeah was a bigger studio, but it just brought back so many memories back to the 1980s and 90s were we were in that TBS studio. It was so so cool, so fun. Well, you go and when you came when you came back. Basically, you were way smaller and you had hear what was what was the thought process that why did you come back know I always always wanted about when you came back. You are like me know on TV you look like half the sky used to be in. And of course the flattopped yeah short, the short answer to that is rocky for and for those who don't know what Dolph Lundgren and I really kinda came down to the two of us as to who would get the role Ivan Drago in the movie Rocky four now for obviously I didn't get it and and Drago did it or I should say yeah Lundgren got it in for it for a number of reasons. You know my my size versus the loan at 561 60 me at 62 285 pounds of the size was it was just too much a city probably would. But that said, when it when it came out and I saw the haircut that Drago had out why like that well in if he could pull it off as a Russian boxer.

Perhaps I can pull it off as a Russian wrestler and so it was it was finding a look at back. You don't like. I had to do over. I probably would've right is what kept the shaved head, but it was fun. It was fun froufrou in the in the moment in but that's what inspired it and it and of course your drop in the weight of you I took some time off to take care my my late wife, Mandy, who would your pastor passed with cancer at the age of 26, and so I intentionally trimmed way down. You was working out like I might normally have and didn't know when I would actually go back even though they were know they were they were but they were there. Want me back you know not not know but a few days after after she passed, but all that to say that that was the inspiration says a great question. I don't get asked that one a whole lot so great questions yesterday.

Danny well, you know, I've been watching you for long time so you know the news ever met you. It won't you get one more match past, present current who would it be with you. If you do one more minute and Danville SS I think that's a good wanted to add the Q&A while I be theirs. I could probably write a list like like for real I mean yeah the magazines always touted the Hogan versus versus coal off you know what kind of business that would've drawn in wrestlemania and all this that the other but whole Ganymede the rock HB case on Michael's macho man.

I mean, there's a number of guys from from the past. Your AAA each you know more movie more in the future. John seen and and and most recently, you know Nick all the say hey Nick you should be thankful that I am retired and and no I am not coming out. It started to take the 10 pounds of gold off of your waist, neck lot, kudos to you for caring the belt well it and so that's a great question request for 20 brought up seen it because he's gonna reflect the unique, much smaller now than he was no five years ago. Yeah, the guys realize as you get older you know is probably probably healthier to trim down some self Danny Gray questions manhole hold hold things down there up and up in the upper New Jersey and and hey look for by if I don't talk to before for so whatever reason are but that hopefully I'll get to see you at the church there. Kristi does church and in November yeah that would be there and hopefully we can we can hook up maybe get what your dinner will come in and talk more in person.

All right, well, I appreciate thank you for being such a long-standing loyal fan really appreciate appreciate you. Thank you for doing such a fantastic job but with a K Craven accident in ring work well thank you and end to all of our listeners out there. If you have any questions and you like to talk to the Russian nightmare in a cuticle off man submit those questions call for that's coal off for and perhaps you like tanning get a call from the Russian nightmare and will have you on the Q&A. Thanks for tuning in and will catch you another time. On another episode of goblins. This is the Truth Network

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