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Paradise Restored

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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October 12, 2021 8:00 am

Paradise Restored

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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October 12, 2021 8:00 am

Dr. Tony Evans says a confused man is the beginning of a confused family. But in this lesson, he explains that if you want to bring your family into focus, you need to start by getting some clear direction from the Lord.


And Dr. Tony Evans talked about how a man's leadership, lack of shapes his family's line response to celebrating 40 years of faithful. This is the alternative Dr. Tony author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas Texas Pres. they say it takes two to tango.

Dr. Evan says a successful marriage takes three explains today and one of his classic sermons drawn from the archives of 40 years of ministry. He begins by setting the stage for the origin of this particular lesson with these words about his own family. Kids were growing up, we would often have this chaos. Sometimes it would be this fighting each other sometimes them fighting us. We had to restore order to to the discord that had erupted in our home. That's what God wants to do with all not the same thing we had to do with our family without children withdrew this children restore order. Where chaos is and with that in mind, let's get started with his lesson titled paradise restored to create the universe outside of himself. What all this and see the exterior to himself to help himself. We need that we complement and support, and people doing Carrie Johnson relationship God boasting, and what on creation in a unique way creates to exegete for explanation chapter 1 chapter 1 is explaining how man came to me. God wanted to make the chapter to explain a man coming to be become a man in the coming months. First of all God we call man's house, but the sum total of his responsibility, because you remember in chapter 1, all the rest of the world this point.everything he picked it up man number seven bring the mass of the breath of life gives him a garden of Eden verse eight, and he puts man in it ground the Lord every tree Shady is good for food, and it is nice to look at. We got back to the tree that a tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. 15 then the Lord God God and keep it because even though senior he but you gotta learn that you must have a job before God gave Adam a job good job good job. The theology at work. Why so much will share with the rest of this work is supposed to be enjoyable doing something that you do not like you're not pulling God ordained commandment regarding work God commanded the man may freely verse 16 of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat of it you shall surely die.

You are going through a probation. Probation. On the floor's where all God will not call before you get one because decision regarding bank statement. Whatever long-term reports about how well his response to what going to do regarding God in his life has tremendous repercussions married lady to rebel against God. Bad repercussion man. It is important that you understand who is calling verse 19 on the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field bird brought them Adam to see what he would call them whatever Adam called each living creature that was its name. You talk about a scholarly job, scholarly job, to name every animal or every species of animal scholarly.everything fits the animal. It's called the concept of calling an elephant or squirrel Jeff so if you know how brilliant man well before he was able to name every species of animal and every name that a brilliant man now catch this guy. God does not give a why now been told it can be God's agenda name and naming the blessing the street and his priorities were to obey the word of God. Now probation. You can whatever you want me to leave the bell but right now eating the tree of life nor eating the trailer now on probation. While this Adam gave names verse wanted all the animals and everything, but one that was not found a helper comparable to him so Adam knows now living animal that is missing is Rev. with the crocodile of the crocodile. No Mr. bear the burden itself and the permitted zebra but then omitted and not all that he had name would work so something was also segmented that it's not wrong to need a woman because there is no sin in this man needs woman, so it's not that big boys don't need women is that the mature you get, the more you see, the more you can do it by yourself.

And that's why you need to help me. A man in the full does not use the expertise of his wife to help them accomplish God's calling on his life.

That man is a fool God asking women to give up that knowledge, intellect, abilities and skills but asking them to use their skills to merge into another calling. She cannot use her skills for all individualistic calling anymore.

She's got those skills, abilities and gifts that God has given her into now God's calling on that main difference you don't get what you do marriage and you are willing to place it under a new hierarchical system, and as you know, to make a long story short deed is created in verse 21 out of so Adam is only half the man he used to be because he loses one side so you have a man that in order for him to become a whole man he got to get his back, but his rent is now located in somebody else. He can't take the rib out of somebody else thought of putting himself back. You gotta take hold of somebody else to make that somebody else thought his life to get the ring back to get the ring back. The law didn't go to bring back what you lost about it brings back something that you originally had something that you did not have. So that's why I've been thinking about what they want to be would be unnecessary.

What you get when you marry what you are but some of what you are not lady that also mean that if you understand your real you understand who you are in the marriage relationship God. What makes you you both of you to become all about the baby, you usually read and ribs on the original rib in the first place. So is to bring together a part of what you really want for your Ridley off to make you all I want you to be so you do not take from your May the strays of your mate.

You do not become all were created to be.

Dr. Evans will tell us about a key part of the garden of Eden story. Most of us miss when he returns in a moment but first he shares this reflection about how God kept them going through some of life's difficult challenges. There were times when I was overwhelmed with the burdens of life or what I didn't know that I can keep going.

Yet God would bring someone or something. To speak words of encouragement to me during difficult times.

Cost 2019 was one of those times when I lost my wife 40/49 years. How do you keep going during that season, one month after I lost my father, yet God provided that I needed to keep proclaiming his word.

During those difficult days. I'm very grateful 40 years seen this kind hand of fate on this ministry, especially when you consider the challenges and difficulties along the way.

The expansion and growth. We've experienced here is nothing short of a miracle. And none of it would be possible without the faithful contributions of people like you right now when you make a donation to help keep this ministry going to say thanks by sending you a copy of volumes three and four of Tony Evans top 40, the classic messages contained in this set available on CD or by digital download cover some of the most important topics in the Christian faith. You get 20 full-length messages on volumes three and four others for volume set including material we don't have time to present on the air just make a contribution today or call our resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 make the arrangements to get this classic collection of sermons spending 40 years of ministry repeat that information for you after part two of today's message and this we had talked about the resurrection, Dr. Tony.

Having recalls what happened when he led a group of first-timers on a trip to the holy people began to understand fresh fiction. That's one of things that I think comes out of going to suppress accounts so that things got stale as a way of injecting light yellow experience.

Now you can have that experience yourself. Thanks to Tony's new movie coming out this November journey with Jesus.

What I'm hoping is that this experience and I will be there with me, with teeth November near you for to have to get some time send more County Avenue Now back to our message here is Dr. Evans. So now all know marriage ceremony, so to speak, got the rib out of Adam. Adam says notice verse 23. This is now.

He doesn't say she is now. He says this is now, meaning this new relationship, marriage.

This is now. This relationship is bone of my bone relationships///is also mock that she shall be called woman. Now he names her name in Hebrew. If each Hebrew word for woman shot so hard to be married.

She takes his name so God hand over the breath you know within a merit pool gives her way to be married in his first marriage. God takes another man male in that sense, sir, and said you may have her takes responsibility for her directly says this is now that all I managed to leave father and mother and father mother laugh because a woman transfers security. That's why my daughter I'm transferring security. Therefore, I must transfer to someone who will at least give her as much security will done because you not believe her father, mother, father, mother, that she peaceful man shall leave father and mother become the new block of security. We want to why making a new baseball security and then they become one class for in the back that they were both naked and were not ashamed. They were not make it because they were similar. They were not because they were children they were not because they were brand-new on the sea mean the Bible does not relate lack of close to sense the Bible says God, but he's perfect so sitting close the gap as well as creation was concerned they were children they may have married Mary, but I decision still may about these two dreams goes back to the commandment tree tree and God wait till you decide. There is a great danger in delaying obedience because when God you don't do it harder to do it and what you do with what the New Testament calls create an opportunity for the devil campus when you don't obey your parents immediately.

You sat down on a well where becomes K which put me. Because there is a promise that God the parents that could determine the rest of your life.

What should he got better you sleep, you all by all and maybe father back that would know they would he let the woman run man all you say would meet all the deafening that God wanted no such thing as running all questions will reverse while woman is running the family. The pagan belief all and national they never got around the tree of life one day probation.

What, no biting the tree of life, they will put out because Adam you to run things like God wanted to run God comes walking and says Adam animals Seattle Adam where you mean he should come look at the TV show the city well you should talk let them know know know know know when the family breakdown issue is always Adam. Adam Adam, you chop the box.which is what you will be controlling your family. Just like you shouldn't follow Adam Adam leaving a wrong Adam shouldn't follow Lee. Adam was supposed to say Eve you don't talk to another man about my family. I don't recall when we had the functions last night me and Mike the snake in the get in a discussion of my business. This is my family and what he says, that serpent got off the table into my life's that's what it should say what he wanted one. What we need today. The men want to take become the sin women are not met readily to give leadership back is tough talk to my God asked me if he was going to present a sermon you will take the lead with these, with sexy women alike. Let no man lead you a chump like basketball games, racing music, I don't think you give me about all the hard work you know that all show that hard work best work when he took the lead. What she should've said was skews me. Let me get my husband into this conversation where she basically said was only no man talk myself. No man tell me what say what you should have told me what.what you find out this paradise lost.

We want to get back paradise takes a man got the guts to run their home according to their bosses, instructions, and Joe Paul Smith is God for the head of every man is Christ the lady is your mission now to rebuild something totally different orientation life. They delayed obeying and they wound up eating and it cost them Dr. Tony talking about what it takes to rebuild your relationship according to God's design before we go for today.

Let me quickly remind you about our current special offer volumes three and four of 20 Evans top 40 packed with 20 of Tony's most popular messages, including the one you heard today.

Paradise restored this special collection is yours is or thank you gift when you support Tony's working on the radio, on television and with pastors, families and churches around the world make the arrangements today before time runs out by visiting Tony have in stock or or call her 24 hour resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 the number again 1-800-800-3222 even if your life is coming up roses. You'll get your share of thorns to go along with them, but tomorrow Dr. Evans will explain that you get them for a reason. Talk about specific ways we can deal with their discomfort. I hope you join the alternative with Dr. Tony celebrating 40 years of faith thanks to the generous contributions listeners like you

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