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There is So Much More | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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October 7, 2021 8:00 am

There is So Much More | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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October 7, 2021 8:00 am

In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals what we lose in the kingdom of Adam, and what we gain in the Kingdom of Christ.


In Christ we have so much more than we ever lost. Listen to Adrian Rogers. I had rather live in Romans five and in the Garden of Eden by Robert Ray Heisei center that an innocent age. We have so much more in the Lord Jesus Christ. That's good news of the good news about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Welcome to the featuring the insightful teaching of Adrian Rogers. This modern world is trying to obliterate the word sin from our language. Everything is excused by psychology evolution. Human studies in behavioral science. Yet the real root of the problem is sin. But if we don't understand the bad news of sin were not really ready for the good news of the gospel that there is so much more that we've gained through Jesus Christ. If you have your Bible turned out Romans chapter 5 is Adrian Rogers begins this message.

There is so much more. Years ago about traveling with another friend of California. The one man had never seen an ocean not any kind is not saying the Atlantic Ocean is not saying the Pacific Ocean. He was waiting for that day when he would see that great Pacific Ocean.

And so the two of them went together and my friend was telling about this and they came over the brow of the hill and there was the Pacific Ocean. They sat there for a while and my friend said I was waiting for the man seen the ocean for the first time to say something. After a while he said well what is he said will somehow it's not as big as I thought it would be a limited view is only so much he could see, but Fran there was so much more. That's what I want to talk to you about today is the gospel. I'm afraid that many of us only have a limited view of the gospel. I heard a preacher and his son were traveling down a street and I saw a house that was on fire and they realize that there may be danger inside the house and so they went and knocked on the door. Nobody came to the door and they wondered whether people were in there and what was their responsibility and finally they just broke the door down was in the house but they broke the door down preacher and a son.

They went and couldn't find anybody in the house but they took all the furniture out of the house and set the furniture outside the house while the fire department was coming because they also notify the fire department later in the preacher thought that was a great illustration and so he was using it in a sermon.

And so he was telling everybody about how he and his son going down the road, seen the South broke down the door when it attacked the printer out and set it on the street is a people looked at him. Scott strange when he got home preacher's did he did as preachers are wont to do. He discussed the sermon with his wife. He said you know, somehow I thought that was a good illustration, but it just fell flat.

She said I'll tell you why you forgot to tell them the house was on fire. If you break down somebody's door and put all the furniture out of the front lawn and don't tell them the house is on fire. It kind of sounds strange, doesn't it. Now Fran it's the bad news. The house on fire that makes the good news.

Good that we save the furniture. Now you know that the word gospel means good news and the word gospel is used some 19 times in the Bible because the Bible is the good news of the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

But I remind you that there is no good news without bad names.

It's the bad news that makes the good news good and so many of us have failed to tell the bad news so people are not ready for the good news and that people don't want to hear the word sin anymore. That sin is the bad news, but can you imagine somebody standing up in one of our great universities today and saying gentlemen. The problem in society is sin.

I we don't like the word sameness allow old-fashioned today. We have substituted found euphemisms for sin. We call it error. We call it the misjudgment we call it weakness. We call it psychological maladjustment. The evolutionist would call it a stumble upward All kinds of new labels role poison.

We don't call a woman a harlot, tar prostitute. She's a lady of the evening are call girl man is not a thief he's been basilar a person is not a drunkard bear alcoholic. A person is not a pervert. They have an alternative lifestyle weight which just don't want to call sin sin, we have a a behaviorist school of psychology today that says that man is just the sum total of the chemistry that makes up his body and his environment. So what ever happens to me. He may be. But he certainly not to be blamed the baby was reared in the wrong neighborhood maybe had an unhappy childhood.

He couldn't push his oatmeal off the high chair maybe had a domineering mother he's just the sum total of his genes and chromosomes. The chemistry inside his body and the environment in which he was living in the evolutionist, evolutionist, tells us that man is an accident of nature that he came out of some primordial soup from fortuitous confluence of atoms and out of this prebiotic soup man came that's true.

He's gone from soup to nuts and that's that's the idea that since man is an accident since he and evolved, then there's no need for God and if there is no God, there is no fixed standard of right or wrong. And since they can be no fixed standard of right and wrong ipso facto, there can be no sin, and so if there's no Sam, you don't meet the gospel. There is no bad news so leads the good news. And so the humanist would tell you that sin is the invention of the church to keep everybody in line and that's the reason the liberal preachers today don't preach on Santa anymore because they don't want to be blamed that way modified one liberal preacher said this and I want to quote he said after preaching for 50 years. I cannot help but feeling that the church harps far too much own sin and then he went on to say Paul's words, that through one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin can be dismissed as nonsense. He switches is like what Paul said about Sam entering to jobs call nonsense brand that man may call himself a theologian, you know the word theologian comes from two words Diaz which means God in Luke Goss, which means the word that men didn't believe a word he didn't know God, so why should he call himself a theologian is like grape nuts me a great snow nuts I I'm telling you folks that we have a generation of people who spurred on by behaviorist it psychology evolution, humanistic thinking, which makes man the center of everything, and people don't.

They don't understand the bad news so they're not ready for the good news. That's the bad news that makes the good news good and what is the good news for when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly. For scarcely for a righteous man will one die yet peradventure for good man. Some would even dare to die. But God commended his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Now here's our word much more than being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from her wrath through him. Verse nine much more of the title of the message. There is so much more now I want you to think with me for the next few minutes if you don't think for the next few minutes you going to miss everything I'm trying to say there are three words or phrases that are key in the rest of this passage on down to the end of the chapter 1 key word is the word all in E1. It is used 11 times I'm going to hurry take your Bible stare at it, look in verse 12 by one man.

Look, if you will, in verse 15, the offense of one look at the last part of verse 15 which is by one man look in verse 16. It was by one that sin in the middle of verse 16 was by one to condemnation. Look at the beginning of verse 17 451 man's offense look at the end of verse 17 reign in life by one, Jesus Christ. Look at verse 18. Therefore as by the offense of one look at the last part of verse 18, the righteousness of one look at the beginning of verse 19 for as by one man's disobedience. Click in the last part of verse 19 the obedience of one ways I don't understand what that means I don't want to stand right now to you later. All I want you to notice is 11111111111 when he starts repeating something that much.

You begin to listen. So the keyword is one that what he is saying is that you are identified with one man that one man may be Adam and you may be lost and on your road to hell that one man may be Jesus you may be saved and on your road to heaven, but every body is related linked to one man. That's what all this essay, you are linked to one man and Adam all die in Christ all are made alive. Now you are in Adam that one man by your first birth you get into Jesus one man by your new birth.

Everybody was born into Adam and then you are born again into the Lord Jesus Christ, that if you are without Christ today. Let me tell you that you are not now in the image of God. You are now in the image of Adam.

You are in Adam.

Adam was made in the image of God.

But then the image of God was marred and really and Adam and then the Bible says that Adam brought forth a son after his likeness and in his image that's in Genesis 5 verse three we talk about man today being in the image of God, no, I may folks be be reasonable, you think where the image of God.

Look around you think God's in the shape so it was an image of God, and that image was marred and ruined by sin and now we are in the image of Adam.

Suppose you never seen a train not in all of you live nursing right will bring. And then I take you to see a train wreck. The cars are all tumbled over the steam is rising. This fire there is metal chaos and I say there's a train. Well, have you seen a train. What you seen is a train wreck. Nowhere that man right there is not a man know that's a rack I think he's an image of so are you in some minds are we. Yet you see what God created has been wrecked and ruined name is been up all and every body that is up. Adam's progeny. We are in the image of one man, Adam, we get that. My first birth, but when we are born again we take all now a new image the spiritual image of the Lord Jesus Christ, that somebody says now wait a minute that's not fair that's not fair. Why should I get in trouble because of Adam, the first place. I had absolutely nothing to do Adam and Adam had nothing to do with me. You don't really believe I was in that Adam had died without children, you would be Adam have a lot to do with you. You are in the image of Adam, you have the idiosyncrasies in the proclivities and the sinful disposition of Adam that you have inherited from Adam and all of us are in Adam.

Adam did have something to do with you, but you say wait a minute is not fair that I should go to hell for Adam sin little more about that you send enough yourself having to battle sick, you better be grateful God deals with one man speak because not only was it fair. It was wise and gracious because if we are condemned by Adam one man. Thank God we can be saved by Jesus. One you think you think you see, it is wise and gracious that God allowed Adam, our federal head to stand for us.

Jesus, our resurrected Lord might also stand for us.

So, one key word here is the word one.

Let me give you another keyword.

Are you still following after me, I want you to see. Now there's a second keyword and that second key word is the word rain REI GN which means the rules and this word is used five times looking verse 14. Nevertheless, death reigned like you will in verse 17 451 man's offense death reigned looking you in the bottom of the 17th and the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by Jesus Christ looking verse 21. That is sin reigned on the death so might grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life not only other two men and you are linked to one man or the other man, but the two kingdoms there's a kingdom and destruction is a kingdom of love and light and life, and you are in one of those two kingdoms today.

You are ruling and reigning Adam is the head of that old kingdom. Jesus is the head of that new kingdom. Now you get into the new kingdom by being born into that new kingdom. Here's the third word and now were coming to the title of the message. Remember the title the messages.

There's so much more. I remember during one man either Adam or Christ. And because you and Adam or because you're in Christ here in the kingdom of death by the kingdom of life here in the kingdom of darkness are the kingdom of light third word and actually Stuart is much more now watch this and get ready for blessing. This is used five times look in verse nine. Much more then look in verse 10 the end of verse 10, much more, being reconciled look in verse 15, much more the middle of verse 50 much more the grace of God like you will in verse 17 first Senate much more they which receive the abundance of grace look in the end of verse 20, much more abound much more much more much more much more much more that fellow said, I was expecting more. When I saw the Pacific Ocean frame.

But much more now I want you to see this lesson. Here's the point.

Don't mess it, you were in Adam you got saved and you came into Christ.

Not that one man, but this one man you came from the kingdom and the reign of death into the kingdom and the reign of life and when you came out of Adam and you came into Jesus point and don't miss it you gained much more in Jesus than you ever lost in Adam domestic you gained much more in Jesus than you ever lost in Adam. That's the reason that's the reason I had rather live in Romans five been in the garden of Eden. I had rather be a saved center than an innocent age friend. We have so much more in the Lord Jesus Christ and Adam never lost. That's the good news of the good news public hospital of Jesus Christ. Now let's look at it.

First of all we going to see number one what we lost in Adam number two we going to see what we gained and Jesus said you got that number one. What did we lose in Adam number two. What did we gain in Jesus and you're going to see that we gain so much more in Jesus than we ever lost in Adam Hart now what we lose in Adam looking verse six for when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly. And Adam, we lost strength and now we display weakness in Adam we lost strength not to see today the sinner is without strength.

I would not talk about physical strength when talking about financial strength without talking about intellectual strength were talking about moral and spiritual strength to see you do not have in Adam what it takes to be what God made you to be. We are just simply without strength I mean don't tell an unsaved man do right right be good folks. He can't he can't. He is without Strat we lost strength and we display weakness.

You are completely, totally without power to live the Christian life in Adam. Now here's the second thing you lost in Adam we lost strength and display weakness.

We lost godliness and display wickedness. Look again in the same Scripture beginning in verse six for when we were yet without strength. Christ died for the godly for scarcely for a righteous man will one die yet. Peradventure for good men. Some would even dare to die.

But God commended his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us to see. We lost godliness and now we display wickedness and the Bible says we are sinners.

The word for sin. The Greek word, TR means to miss the mark. Like if you are an archer, and you're aiming at the bull's-eye. I took a course in archery. One time and II had irritated the instructor ahead of time.

This was in college I thought was going to be what we call quick course. He knew what I was up to. They gave me a bow that Sampson couldn't pull an odd I've never tried before. I want to say I was on the football team. I thought I was tough I got that bow and I couldn't pull it and when I finally got it back. It was going all over like this. And then there may fool of myself is I didn't have the strength to pull the boat and I never hit now the Bible says this word sin means it literally means missing and coming up tomorrow will your part two of this important message.

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