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R682 Our High Priest

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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October 1, 2021 8:00 am

R682 Our High Priest

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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October 1, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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God has an encouraging word for you and me today. The Bible-based printing of Dr. Don Wilton in a message on our high priest as we open God's Word together know they were open to connect with you both on the phone at 866-899-WORD and on the website. you. We would love to connect with you now Dr. Don Wilton I want you to come with me this morning on a journey guided travel down along the road together.

I wish that we had time to really take this journey, but I'm going to do it, just in a very short space of time this morning.

I want you to think about a whole nation of people like the American people like the United States of America, but this time I want you to think about a group of people called the Israelites they all the Jewish people and we know that they live in Israel today. We know about all those people in there also many of their people who are all over the world everywhere. Every part of the world, but I want you to go way back with me in time way back to a time that you are not really know little about accepting that the Bible tells us all about. I want you to think about the fact that the Israelites, this nation of people were taken into captivity and they lived in Egypt now folks I want you to think about that. Just for a moment and I just want to remind you how the whole nation of Israel found themselves living in Egypt. Can you imagine that they lived in Egypt and they were slaves and they were subject to the worst kind of treatment you can imagine they were beaten up. They were murdered they were slaughtered they were belittled. They had no rights of any kind. They would just absolutely treated in the most despicable way in the Bible says for over 400 years they suffered like that and then you know how cold came to be member that little baby that was found in the bulrushes's name wasn't Abigail, but it was Moses that comes Moses and the Princess of Egypt finds the baby Moses and we know all about Moses and the bulrushes and well hate Krista Moses ends up growing up in Pharaoh's court. Just like one of the Egyptians, he becomes one of the most powerful people in Egypt and what he doesn't know is I that he's a Hebrew himself and be the God's got a plan for him. You know the story. I'm not going to get into all the details but you know the story, how that he finally got mad with one of the Egyptian slave monsters who was beating up one of the Israeli Jews and he went out and killed like the way that he was treating this person and how that everything came to a head and Moses had to flee out into the wilderness and God sent them on a long time of seminary training out there in the wilderness, I mean he went to one serious seminary for 40 years and he got married and all the race God prepared him.

God put any thought.

And you remember how Moses came back to Egypt and he went up to Pharaoh who was the king and he said King Pharaoh let my people go, and Pharaoh said no way, Josť. I am not going to do so. Moses said okay if you want to do it God's told me you gonna have a whole lot of things happen to you and you know how old the plagues came in the black water changing the gliadin frogs came out of the sky plagues all over the place and eventually because Pharaoh hardened his heart God actually killed the firstborn of all of the Egyptians and the only way God didn't kill the firstborn of every body was if I put what blood blood over the doorpost of their homes. Now that's interesting well moving day arrived. Pharaoh said with you all with you truly do not alter anymore.

So the Israelites packed up now folks, they didn't fly United Airlines that I didn't get a moving van.

They didn't have motorbikes. I mean they just loaded backpacks. They had little wooden trolleys that got the goats and the sheep and their possessions. They loaded it all up. Can you imagine watching a whole nation moving and they will while they walked and walked until like Dr. big sequel of the Red Sea. When I got to the rapeseed gas walk they saw the pillar of cloud and I knew that King Pharaoh was sending his armies out to get them. And boy were they afraid they looked around and said all know we gonna die) God said I got a plan for you and I'm going to do two Moses my servant, and Moses stood up as we know, and God part of the waves of that see and the whole nation of Israel plotted across walked across on dry land. They were delivered onto the other side and and Pharaoh said look we got a way to follow them and to slaughter them and so the whole Egyptian army began to do in the mode moment they were in the middle. God closed the waves and all of Pharaoh's army drowned in parish solid clause that the Israelites began the epic journey to the promised land. You know, what was the centerpiece of their epic journey. My friends was the fact that the Jews started to try to gain access to God. They wanted to worship God now, they grumbled one minute worship.

The next minute and do you know that according to the Bible. They were two ways in which the Israelites gained access to God. The first way was to the sacrificial system through making sacrifices, not boys and girls what that meant was just that I mean they would build up a big thing called an altar with a whole lot of stones and they would kill a sheep you see that have to kill them to make the blood drip out because that's how sacrifices were made they would blood sacrifices. Remember that I had to put a lot of their houses to stop the angel of data parsing bond, killing all the firstborn well there is a bloodline that you can trace all the way through the Bible and I'm going to tell you where it ends in just a moment and they began to worship God by making sacrifices, but wasn't just making sacrifices. They also have to do all kinds of works I mean that I have to wash themselves they have to wear different clothes they had to stop eating certain things on the Sabbath day. They couldn't walk anywhere they have to observe the law. It was all based upon works, what ever they did was going to allow them to gain access to God. That was the first by the second way was that they have to go through.

They preached that this was an interesting thing. This was an interesting thing you know they were direct they make churches just like us.

I called them tabernacles and they would have them all over the place.

Even till this day and they were kind of two parts to the tabernacle to the church in the time of the Israelites. One part was like with all of you are sitting. The other part nondata. Just imagine hear from Mr. Jim of Asia, I'm gonna walk along and just I want you to imagine that there is a area or what you can't see this panel you can't see the members of the orchestra you cannot see the old and you cannot see the quiet you cannot see the screen back there. There's just a barrier got from the top to the bottom. And guess what folks guess what, only one man was allowed to go into that place called the holy of holies boy quietly sign about a just a moment ago. What a wonderful and and that one man was called the high priest that if you were to think about church if you'd big my part. All the ministers who serve this church we would be, like the priests in. They were the Levites in this book. That's why the book of Leviticus is all about all the laws that pertain to the Levites, and how to conduct yourself all the rules in the regulation. It would be like all the ministers Sam Davis began Steve Skinner began. Campolo and Clint Smith week and so on wheat we all the other priests and anime in a way I would kind of like be the high priest now.

None of you allow to call me that. But I would be, like HP not be the high priest arrived, because I'm the senior farce.

Now, folks. Let me show you how this works okay for me show you how this works. I am the only one that's allowed to go back to excuse me, coming through. Excuse me. Excuse me I'm coming through coming through all right here I am. Looks quite good. Back your folks I've never been here before. I'm the only one who would be a larger that means orchestra erotica choir erotica Mary you're out again, Brian erotica, folks. Nobody else is allowed to be in the holy moly. Only the high priest.

He is the only one who has access to God, to tell you something interesting when the high priest went into the holy of holies.

Guess what I did like tied a rope around him. Anyone want to tell me why they tied a rope around the high priest when he went in the holy abilities. Yes, you don't know yes enticing God, thank you my brother.

Folks, let me tell you if he died limitary of the high priest died when he was in there. Nobody could get them out. So if he died back there. That me and Sam Davis at the end of the rope you have to drag me out of the dot-coms HP are folks I tell you what, listen to me that my amuse us, might sound strange to us, but that's the right word and every body in the world all Israelites. There was only two ways the psychodynamic gain access to God through making sacrifices and doing works number two by going to their priest and the priest was the one who had the authority guess what's happening folks. It's all changed but the most wonderful announcement to make to you this morning. It will change the dying Jesus Christ died on the cross. I want you to open your Bibles with me. Hebrews the book of Hebrews chapter 4 will I want to read this to you. Hebrews chapter 4 verses 14, 15 and 16. You might want to take a copy of the pew Bible lyrics. Gotta read, and you'll find it on page 1162 or thereabouts. The book of Hebrews in chapter 4. Listen to what the Bible tells us about Jesus Christ, our high priest. This is wonderful news. Verse 14 therefore, since we have a great high priest who has gone through the hammocks by the way, that phrase they gone through the heavens will gone into heaven means that since we have a great high priest who is the one who has possessed because he created the heavens and the earth, the one who is all knowing, since we have a great high priest was gone through the heavens, Susie Jesus, the son of God. To reduce labor costs hold firmly to the faith we profess. For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have a high priest who has been tempted in every way, just as we are yet without sin. Now look at verse 16. This is on believable. Let us therefore approach the throne of grace with confidence so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need not watch the spokes.

What happened in the temple of God. When Jesus died on the cross.

Many things happen but you know, one of the things the Bible tells us was that the curtain that separated there all the people from the holy of holies was torn into it was ranked in two from top to bottom.

No man could have done that. It was torn into now watch me as I stand here folks, because this barrier.

None of you can come anywhere near only the high priest has access to God. You are only going to get access to my working by doing things by obeying laws by adopting your eyes and crossing Ortiz and by talking to your priest. Jesus Christ hung up on the cross and the Bible says that the Crip was renting two from top to bottom and the barrier was completely moved out of the way so that in verse 60. The Bible says that now because Jesus Christ is high priest, you and I all of us are able to approach the throne of grace with God is with great confidence, and when we do we are going to receive Massey. We are going to receive Christ.

Why because Jesus Christ is our high priest right here and I made yeah this morning I listen man I get excited when somebody shoots at three point I tell you I love basketball but I tell you something that is not nothing more exciting than talking about the fact that Jesus Christ died for people like you and me. That is the greatest three-point goal that was never scored by anybody at any time.

Please forgive the interruption will be back in just a moment Dr. Don Wilton to remind you we are here for you to pray with you and for you anytime day or night is Dr. Don would mention we are happy to be honored to be one of your 2 AM friends at 866-899-WORD shot the number down story yourself. That's 866-899-9673 or email us at about today's great teaching with Dr. Don Wilton. It is the most wonderful, wonderful thing to contemplate. In all of the world. Now my friends, listen carefully what qualifies Jesus Christ to be our high priest. There are five things you might want to write them down that you can read about them and put them in your notebooks.

I love the way our boys and girls moms and dads take notes every week. That's very, very special indeed. All right there are five reasons why Jesus Christ is qualified to be our high priest number one number one because he is the selected one may tell you what God did folks if you will beg my pardon. God watched what was going on upon this earth that he had created the soul the chaos he sold these people just like you and me running around trying to earn their salvation. Trying to give money try to offer sacrifices trying to build idleness trying to get to the priests. He watched these priest trying to act like they were God, I mean he saw all this kind of stuff in God from before the foundation of the world looked down and when he saw a man he had pretty upon him, and he turned to his son and he said to him, son. You are the one I am selecting you and Jesus Christ, the son said.

Father be the one I'll be the one that who Jesus Christ is. He's the selected one God and he is Lisa selected one, but he qualifies as a high priest because he is the same for he is the same one. What is it mean God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that means that often God the father had selected the son he gave him a specific commission. He is saying to with a specific plan and what that means is simply this my friends is that Jesus Christ has the only plan for salvation. He is saved by God the father.

He is commission and Jesus Christ in his person and through his finished work upon the cross is the only one who has the only plan for our salvation. I wish that I could stand here today and give you an alternative.

I wish that I could say to you, ladies and gentlemen. All you need to do is be born in America and it sank. I wish that I could cite you give your money to the poor, and you have salvation. Second, I wish that I could nonce to you today that all you need to do is go to church and God is going to give you access to himself and it would be sent, but I cannot do that today because Jesus Christ in his finished work upon the cross, has the only plan for our salvation God David trim and Jesus Christ the son, obeying him. He obeyed him all, even to his own death upon the cross.

You'll remember how that Jesus stood in the garden of Gethsemane. The Bible says that he sweat drops of blood.

He turned of the father and he said to him, God my father once you please take this cup from me.

The cup of my playing the cup of the cross, the cup of my suffering. Nevertheless, not my will but thine be done. Why because Jesus Christ is the same one he has the only plan for salvation, but it also means that he has the only authority to accomplish our salvation folks. That's what God's authority is all about Jesus Christ is the selected one and Jesus Christ is the same point. He has the only plan for our salvation and he has the only authority to accomplish our salvation, but there's 1/3 reason why Jesus Christ is qualified to be a high priest, and that is because he is the site he is the sacrificed one.

He is the sacrificed one. Now folks listen to me carefully, Jesus Christ took the place of all these other things that we tried to do in order to gain access to God the father, he became the sacrificed boys and girls you remember when I was talking about the is relaxing Egypt way back then and how the angel of death came over and killed all the firstborn was a real horrible time and one of the Israelis have to do they have to put some blood over the doorpost. Remember, you remember when I got into the wilderness, and they were wondering around and they have to make sacrifices. The only sacrifice that was acceptable. What was it. It was a blood sacrifice. You member the story of Cain and Abel way back there. I mean now we really going way way back. While you member how one of the boys came and he got a whole Lotta good vegetables, man I mean he had broccoli and and and and he had cauliflower and and and he must've had zucchini and I know that he had some kind of some kind of okra or something but I tell you, it just wasn't good because he put all the stuff there any sacrifice. It was good stuff.

It was the best vegetables and is God and God saved our what I've been able came along and he sacrificed an animal shed his blood and God accepted that because of the shed blood of the animal. Well guess what happened folks Jesus Christ became our high priest because he is the sacrificed one.

Now, what exactly did Jesus do on the cross, he shed his blood that the Bible puts it like this is without the shedding of blood there can be no forgiveness of sins.

Do you know that because Jesus Christ gave his blood. Now, boys and girls. What is blood blood is our life, you know, it's one thing to cut yourself man I do that all the time and blood comes out and it hurts a lot doesn't and you gonna get a mandated and you get it all fixed up and all that but you know what happens if you lose all your blood if your blood comes out your body. You know what happens to you, you lose your life because blood is life. You see your blood gives you laugh. That's why some people are going to have a blood transfusion. That's why at First Baptist Church we support the blood bank in Spartanburg. We gonna give our blood because many times people need blood they needed desperately in hospitals and we we support the well let me let me tell you what this is all about folks. When Jesus died upon the cross as the sacrificed one.

What did he give he gave his blood, which is his life. He shed his blood for us so that we have forgiveness of sin, so that when we give our hearts to Jesus Christ. We are accepting into our hearts. This sacrificed one who is now high priest. So instead of us having to go and do all kinds of things instead of us having to work for our salvation. Instead of us having to go to a priest priest can't do anything for you ministers can't do anything for you. Now we can love you and we can preach and we can teach and we can leave and we can point in the right direction.

But you know there's one thing I cannot do for you. I cannot save a single one of you today. I can't do that. I wish I could say, now, folks. Everybody wants to be saved. You come on and I'll don't talk to God about you and God will save you Bible say is not a priest not a preacher not a deacon. Know what I mean nobody can cite. Only Jesus Christ can do that because of his shed blood. He is the sacrificed one around what qualifies a number one. He is the selected one number two. He is the same one God same to Mark. Number three. He is the sacrificed one. Number four. He is the sanctifying one.

Well, boys and girls. That's a big word on that. Where they sanctifying means to make us pure and clean not going to tell you something.

It was just up to me there is no way that I can come into the presence of God because I am too much of a seven. I got all kinds of stuff in my life that I know doesn't like God very happy with me), my heart, I know that I know that I'm a sinner by nature I'm a sinner by choice, so you might say to me will pasta. How then can we come into the presence of God because Jesus Christ sanctifies us by his Spirit. Now watch how this happens, folks that they means that we all washed and cleaned our by the spirit of God. It's the word baptism baptism so there is only one baptism in the Spirit in the Scriptures there not many. There's only one you are baptized in the spirit. When you give your life to Christ. When you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. When I'm baptized in the spirit. It means that the spirit of God is God who is Jesus Christ comes into me and he cleanses me from all my righteousness. Somebody say amen this morning at 20 does he just makes me all clean and all brand-new folks cleans me.

That's what Jesus does. You see, and when he does that he sanctifies me so that when you are not coming to the presence of God. We are coming into his presence because we all washed. We are immersed we are baptized we are cleansed by the Holy Spirit.

And when God sees us.

Guess what he doesn't see you and me.

He sees Jesus Christ in us.

That's why Jesus Christ is our high priest ease the selected one of the same one.

The sacrificed one.

The sanctifying one. But there's one more before we go. He is the seeking one. If that's what qualifies him as our high priest means that he's looking on praying for us means that he is he is inviting us. It's our prayer that not only is you've heard Dr. Wilton preach from the pulpit but as he steps in studio. Open your heart to what God wants to say to God, serve Dr. Don Wilton are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that Iversen and I know that Jesus died for me on the cross today. I repainted my sin and by faith I receive you into my heart in Jesus night my friend welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting news. If you just gave your life to Jesus praying with Dr. Wilton.

He wants to hear about it.

Once you call us. It 866-899-WORD he also want you to have some free resources I can. The numbers 866899673 or online at G before your way closing thoughts conducted on you and I'm so glad that we been able to shave together by means of radio today you just mean so much to me and thankful we are going to get you can call right now and connect with me at 866-899-9673 if you get that 866-899-9673 call and connect with me right now. I times gone through today but let's stay connected online at G that's DEW

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