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What to Do with Your Tears

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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October 4, 2019 8:00 pm

What to Do with Your Tears

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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Harvest messages are brought to you by harvest partners receive free email daily devotions were to become a harvest partner, please visit us of your Bibles if you would please and turn to Psalm 126 Psalm 126. The title of my messages. What to do with our tears. I don't know about you but sometimes I get up very early in the morning sometimes at 330. Maybe it's something I thought about. I know the other night I had some vivid dreams that I directly attributed to that late night stop in and out Burger and specifically to the chopped peppers on my burger animal style which was very good but made it hard to sleep but I'm Tuesday night of this week I woke up at 330 and sometimes listen to a podcast I like to listen to Chuck Swindoll because he puts me to sleep. Let me explain. In the best way I've had people say to me know. Greg, I listen you before I go to sleep, I hear you talking about now you know what my wife has to deal with but so I listed that is podcast I like to hear Chuck's teaching, but in this particular morning I noticed there were some text with two very unusual to have text that early in the morning, there were new tax. They were from my son Jonathan he said I'm on my way to Jared Stansell set why are you on your way to his dad's house at this hour, and I called him and heard the horrible news that Pastor Jared Wilson had died, but not just that he had died, but that he had taken his own life. Some of you are hearing this for the first time I'm so sorry.

I screamed out oh God no, because Jared and struggled with mental illness and things related to it since his childhood, but he was under the care of a doctor. He was taking medication and he had been doing so well. He wanted to help others who were dealing with this even had a ministry call anthem of hope, dealing with those that face the struggles of deep depression, even clinical depression and suicidal thoughts etc. so to hear that he did. It was incomprehensible to me and it is an epidemic in our country today, one of five adults experience mental illness.

Each year, but none of us saw these indicators in Jared's life that he personally would take this course. But in a moment that can perhaps be described as a complete mental breakdown. He did the unthinkable.

I don't believe this was planned in a big it was deliberate but it happened tragically, some might say, well, why did why didn't he just snap out of it. I mean, just come on. You don't have to go to that place. Well, you know, would you say to that, would you say that to somebody who was struggling with the physical diagnosis but that they had cancer and would you say why don't you just snap out of this, of course not, because we know cancer is powerful and there's something happening in their body and they need the help of doctors and surgeons will mental illness is illness to your mind is broken. It's not your body but it your mind and therefore this is something that's very hard for us to understand more challenging is for us to understand Jared's struggle is inner lifelong pain.

I don't think he was in his right mind when he did it. Let me say suicide is never the right choice ever the pain it brings is devastating. As we all know because were all affected by because a one way shape or form. We knew this young man Psalm here in the states she's been with us for 18 months and he would be up your hosting some of you were a part of his young adults group and he was full of life. He was vivacious he was joyful, he was encouraging. He was loving that was him and he was always asking others how are you doing is anything I can do for you and that was his personality and really he is one of the nicest guys I think I've ever met in my life.

He made a wrong choice but have we not all made wrong choices that times in our life. Did not Christ come for people like us Italian. Jared made two really good choices in life. Number one he chose to follow Jesus Christ up as is most important and number two he married his wife Julie very good choice, but he put his trust in Jesus and believe the promise of John 316, or Christ says for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have ever lasting life. I believe Jared's in heaven right now because because as I've said before, one dark moment in the Christian's life cannot undo would Christ did for us on the cross and Paul wrote in Romans 838. I'm convinced that nothing will ever separate us from God's love not dead or angels or demons nor our fears today are worries for tomorrow. Even the powers of hell cannot separate us from God's love. So when you stand before God, he will be judged by the last thing you did before you die you'll be judged by the last thing Jesus did before he died. Very important thing to know. So the believer does something foolish, sinful, or mistakenly that ends their life or ends in their death. It can cause him to lose what they never earned the first place. You don't earn salvation. It's a gift from God to you and it's a permanent gift to you and your name is placed in the book of life, and it stays there because it was bought for you by Jesus that this is been devastating for us.

Our church is pulled together we been there for one another, were praying together worshiping together learning together and yes were morning together because the Scripture tells us is a time to laugh, and there's a time to cry.

There's a time to rejoice and there's a time to mourn. Now let me be direct and some of you maybe have come in with your own set of problems that are very real to you. You may have recently lost a loved one to suicide. Or maybe you found out recently that you have cancer or someone you care about is died of cancer or the died in an automobile accident or some calamity has befallen you in your dreams have somehow been shattered. Maybe it's a call from a doctor who said we just did that test and I'm really concerned about what we've seen.

You need to come in immediately. Or maybe it's a note on your counter in your skull said I'm done with this marriage or a new pain in your body, whatever it is crisis that moves in fast and it takes no prisoners. Pain is not in your front door and it's moved in without your permission, and refuses to leave and maybe this crisis is altered the course of your life and you wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy, but it's happening to you and envelope for Job's whole world as he knew it came crashing down and him and one day for Joseph.

It was a betrayal by his brothers that change the course of his life for Jesus. It was the religious leaders and one of his own disciples and turned on him and for you it might be something else that's like a powerful and unexpected storm is overtaken. Your little boat and you're starting to lose all it's been said that men can live 40 days without food three days without water in eight minutes without air, but only one second without hope. We need hope and there is for us 11 years ago our world was changed, of course, when our son Christopher was killed in an automobile accident when I heard the news. As I've said before, it's like all the air was sucked out of the room.

It was devastating. And there's four things that got me through it and I would add four things that get me through it.

Number one, it was the word of God. This is God's word to you everything you need to know about God is in this book everything you need to know about life is in this book. This book is breathed by God himself and so it's not just owning a Bible. It's not just marking the Bible that your Bible marking you. So, for what would help me and helps me is going to the word of God not going to my emotions not going to popular opinion, no going to the word of God and seeing what it has to say to me, so it's the word of God.

Read it's the word of God believed in that the word of God apply number two was prayer praying about my burdens and anxieties and fears that would keep me up at night. Julie Wilson, Jared's wife sent me photograph the Jared and send her a while ago.

That's a photograph of them reading an open Bible and Philippians 4 is marked.

You can see it where it says don't worry about anything, pray about everything in the peace of God that passes all human understanding, will keep your heart and mind in Christ Jesus, and Julie said this image in this passage has really ministered to me so it's a word of God. It's prayer committing into the Lord again and again and then it's the church of the first thing I did was I went to church after it happened and I found encouragement with brothers and sisters in his Jared would often say some things are learned and rows and other things I learned in circles. So it's good your insurance today hearing God's word worshiping the Lord, but when you're in a smaller group when you have a group of friends in a circle so to speak. You can find that help you need to reach out to one another. So it's the word of God. It's prayer, it's a church, then it's worship. Worship is so important when all is world came crashing down on poor joke. He lost his family.

He lost his help. He probably wished he lost his wife. I have to say sorry but she said why don't you just curse God and die a thank you for those encouraging words. Mrs. Joe. He lost everything though, and what is he do. The Bible says he fell down before God.

Any warship saying the kid came either this work world they could go.

I out, blessed be the name of the Lord, you know, we don't worsen because we feel like it you always feel like worshiping. I don't we don't give thanks in the Lord because we feel good. We give thanks in the Lord because he is good and there's been morning go ahead for that. If you want to I can again many times when I was down and I just began to worship and everything change though. My problems didn't go away and maybe the thing that got me down was still there but I had a new perspective. I saw it differently and that's why when we come together in worship as a body of believers. It really makes all the difference in you understand that passage that says he inhabits the praises of his people. But what we do at times like this, we can cry out to God, we cry out to God. I think ladies are better at expressing their emotions than men in general, girls are not apprehensive about saying to each other. Love you love you lots of hugs you know they go to the restroom together in the past. That's always mystified men. We wouldn't think of such a thing who want to go to the restroom. Let's go no residue that very normal and then they're gone for so long, like what is happening you don't know, but a lady generally will be touched in sharia men will hold it in. You know I do want to express emotion while for any guy that feels it's not masculine to cry. I have a two word response, Jesus wept. Jesus wept, and we can we Scripture tells us to cry out to God in times of crisis when the Israelites criticized and turned against Moses.

We read in Exodus 1525 Moses cried until the Lord. When Hezekiah received a threatening letter. Is he a 3714 says he spread it out before the Lord.

When John the Baptist was beheaded. The disciples went and told Jesus.

According to Matthew 1412. That's all we need to do at a time like this.

We go until Jesus.

It's not that he doesn't know but were just a Lord I'm putting this before you. That's what Mary and Martha did when their brother Lazarus was sick, Mary, Martha, Lazarus lived in Bethany striking distance from Jerusalem. Often our Lord to go visit them on his way into the great city and spend time with them and Martha always whipped up a great meal. So when Lazarus screws. They think that Jesus will take care this they sent word to Jesus Lord, the one that you love is sick. But Jesus did not rush back is the expected effect by the time he arrived in Bethany, Lazarus had died and so Martha goes to the Lord and says he him if you would've been here, my brother would not have died very accusatory. Jesus, why did you do something and sometimes we say that you might say will widen the Lord stop Jared from doing this.

Others are are angry with Jordan so why did you do this to us the most selfish thing you could have done some would say these are the complicated emotions that people feel after the suicide of someone they love. And these are not easily answered. Here's what I'm saying to you.

We just cry out to God, we cry out to God and Jesus wept. Of course, no Spurgeon.

And if you've ever heard him, most preachers quote CH Spurgeon, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, a great preacher that lived in London many years ago.

Every self-respecting pastor has a collection of Spurgeon's writing. Starting with the Metropolitan Tabernacle pulpit, which is pretty much all the sermons he gave raising communicator. A lot of people may not know that CH Spurgeon dealt with severe depression. It was so powerful that he would not be able to preach from months. He described it as the missed so Spurgeon knew a lot about dealing with depression. Some might say he was clinically depressed.

I don't know but it was real and Spurgeon said this about Jesus weeping, and I quote first, I want to remind you that Jesus wept because he was truly man.

Secondly, Jesus wept for he was not ashamed of his human weakness but allowed himself to reveal the fact that he was in this point. Also made like unto his brothers. Thirdly, right.

Spurgeon Jesus wept. And therein he is our great instructor. And finally, he is our comforter, and lastly he is our example so what he had to add times of calamity and pain when things don't make sense when a Jesus who he wept with a single white of the week, then you know that Lazarus was safely in glory. Yeah, didn't even know that he would raise Lazarus momentarily from the grave again. Yes, but he wept because it was just that this is set that brings us to someone 26 verse one when the Lord brought back his exiles to Jerusalem. It was like a dream we were filled with laughter and we saying for joy and the other nation said what amazing things the Lord is done for them.

Yes, the Lord is done amazing things for us. What joy. So far so good is her happy rejoicing people but clearly something happens between verses three and four verse four restore our fortunes. Lord is streams renew the desert. Those who planted tears will harvest with shouts of joy. They will weep as they go to plant their seed but they saying as they return with the harvest. So this is the story of a breach of a dream being turned aside this we don't know the exact background on what this is all about. In particular, but all we know is they were really happy and really rejoicing and others were watching say man what a good God you guys serve everything is going your way and all of a sudden the Israelites are safe, but Lord, restore our fortunes help us arise are filled with tears, restore our fortunes like streams in the desert have ever felt like you're in a desert like place needing spiritual refreshment. My wife brought to me a message the other day a given by Timothy Keller called train our tears that he had a great outline that I borrowed.

I want to give credit where credit is due, and he made four points about what to do with your tears and point number one is you can expect tears you can expect tears and lot, even as a Christian I think we sometimes think that when we give our life to Christ is never going to be sorrow just pure happiness, or we may think I'm a good Christian and I read my Bible. I do my devotions and I go to church and I don't let my kids watch SpongeBob SquarePants to make him watch veggie tales.

Everything's going to be good. Sort of like earning the favor and grace of God because I've done my part. I think so. God won't let anything bad happen to me while as we look at this particular passage. It doesn't appear they were repenting honey, we can all repent and we all should repent of our sin, even of the Lord's prayer. He taught us to break our father who art in heaven how it would be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done. Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. But this using is not a Psalm of repentance like Psalm 51 or David after his sin with Bathsheba said God have mercy upon me blot out my transgressions know this is different. Things seem to be going well there. Giving the glory to God. But then things are not going well. This happens in other places in Scripture. People get down David the man after God's own heart experience depression and discouragement in the road and Psalm 4211 why you don't cast all my soul. Why are you so disturbed within me. Then he sort of corrects is thinking that says put your hope in God. For I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God. Then there was Job, a man that God actually bragged on the calamities that befell Job were not because he was an ungodly man but actually because he was a godly man, and the problem with poor Job was he never read the book of Job if he had, he would know what was going on. Other some like heavily heavenly drama going on right now for God's bragging on the Lord please don't brag on me and the devil desert of the Lord said, have you considered my servant Job perfect and upright man when the fears God and shuns evil of devils responses. All you really will let me have a little time with them will see what is made of and so the Lord allow these things to come on Joe, yet his hardship.

He said I have no peace or quietness. I have no respite, only turmoil. Jeremiah wrestled with great loneliness and feelings of defeat and insecurity. Maybe that's why we call him the weeping prophet, and he wrote in Jeremiah 20 cursive is the day I was born. Why did I ever come out of the womb to see trouble and sorrow and in my days in shape to listen even men and women of God to get down. I get down you get down people expect pastors have all the answers wouldn't have all the answers were people just like you are way of our struggles. We have our challenges and so this happens to people. There is a difference though between depression and feeling down, and clinical depression want to make that distinction, but so we have our tears and were going to have tears in life. But we must remember God is with you in your hour of depression and trial. The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 3418 says, listen to this being a Christian may cause you to weep more, not less.

That was a point Timothy Keller made the love that being a Christian may cause you to weep more, not less. Why, because in Ezekiel were told that God will remove the heart of stone and give us a heart of flesh. I used to have a heart of stone. So did you. By the way, in my heart of stone developed because to some degree of my life I was born a sinner like you. But also in a crazy childhood as I've told you before and something in me just said I'm done with this as a young kid even because my mother kept marrying and divorcing the marrying and divorcing seven times and so I think around the third husband.

I just said okay I'm good. I'm done with this. This is your new dad, can I call this guy that I'm tired of calling strange men. Dad and I that I did this to alcoholism and the screaming and the fighting and the hitting and all the other things that happened in the home. I was raised in. And so my heart became heart.

My heart became calloused and I did not express emotion.

There was no emotion in our home.

My mother never said to me, I love you I'm proud of you, my men, my mother never hugged you hugged me.

So this was like I was closed off to the world and I just about advising that so I've survived on the survivor house am I going to survive and so is always awkward for me to express emotion and love to people, even though I felt it soon I was in high school and I've experimented with drugs and drinking and partying and things like that. I noticed these Christians. We called them Jesus freaks and that what is wrong with these people because they would get out of class and they were like be hugging each other. Love you bro Ms. Joy that you were in class for like 45 minutes and they would do it on Mondays, not Fridays. I get Fridays.

Everyone's happy schools out there were doing it on Mondays I that these people are collectively insane.

The problem was they knew a few of them because they'd been friends of mine earlier and I knew they were not insane and they were Christians. Now, so I heard the gospel. I asked Christ to come in the my life. I was very happy forgiven of my sin. But I remember the first semi went to church some random girl comes up and hugged me and says I love you brother Mike. I don't even know you and why are you touching me, and if so what I'm saying.

It was hard hard for me to give love hard for me to accept love. But here's the reality. When Christ comes into your life, your heart becomes more of a heart goes out to those who are hurting or are abused are suffering. Your heart becomes more touchable.

CS Lewis wrote these words and I quote to love it all is to be vulnerable love anything in your heart will be run and possibly broken.

If you want to make sure of keeping it intact, you must give it to no one, not even an animal rapid carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries and avoid all entanglements.

Lockets say in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket say dark, motionless airless, your heart will change. It will not be broken. It will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable, that he concludes to love is to be vulnerable." Simon and Garfunkel.

How many of you remember them too old old people know how many of you have no idea what I meant when I said Simon and Garfunkel young people.

Young will. They were a duo back in the 60s and Paul Simon of Simon and Garfunkel wrote a song called I am a rock and I had the because of sort of the the melody and the way the song is performed in sort of upbeat, you know, but we really look at the lyrics.

It's a it's a lamentation of sorts in the song I I am a rock.

They sing I built walls of fortress deep and mighty that none may penetrate. I have no need of friendship, friendship causes pain, its laughter and its loving I disdain I am a rock. I am an island in a rock feels no pain. Some people are like that. The rock, but when you become a Christian, your heart, get softened and maybe weep more than you weep before so number two.

We need to invest our tears invest our tears not bottle them up inside, but let them out so God can put them in his bottle and ultimately drive them.

We bottle things up we keep things inside God says no.

I keep track of all of your sorrows. I collected all of your tears in my bottle and the recorded in my book. The psalmist tells us the plants or invest our tears verse five, those who planted tears will harvest with shouts of joy.

They weep as they go to plant their seed but they sing as they returned with the harvest just as a farmer so seed you can so your tears were not told to embrace our sorrows, that's masochistic, masochistic or not to avoid our sorrows. That's hedonistic were to invest and plan our sorrows, because that is biblical.

We don't want to waste pain or tears. What is that me well means have a heart for those who are hurting. Don't condemn them love them reach out to them. Don't judge them. Have compassion on them. What is the result of sowing our tears were promised, you'll reap in joy verse five, those who planted tears will harvest with shouts of joy.

They weep as they go to plant their seed and they sing as a return with the harvest we just did that did me in Angel Stadium. We prayed for all those people and thousands of them came over 8000 people made a profession of faith and a lot of tears and prayers sold by a lot of people brought that harvest forward, you know, we have a group of people every year in our harvest Crusade that go into a room and all they do all night is pray especially during the message I just got a card from one of those folks and in so while others are setting up stages and tearing them down and others are playing instruments and others are counseling and others are ushering and there's some moron preaching these people are praying, so they pray.

The whole time.

Then I want see that they're just Frank and at the end they allow them out of the room to see the invitation so they can see the answers to their prayers might think that such a beautiful thing really so many ways. But then were promised in Isaiah 60 132 all morning Israel give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of morning fest of praise instead of despair.

All please you say you talk about joy after tragedy go tell that to Julie Wilson, the widow of journalists. Why do I don't have to tell her because she told to me. She texted Kathy and I last night with these words. Ask your permission to share them and she agreed there were not written for public consumption, but this is a little window and door heart coach. He said his piece is surrounding me in a way I've never known before. I'm only five days into being a widow but let me tell you. God is so real and near, he is shown me joy in the midst of the deepest pain and is given me hope when all seems lost, I can explain it, but I'm grateful for quote only God can. One last thing we need to pray our tears we need to pray our tears cry out to God, that's all. Most of the Psalms would end like in Psalm 16.

It's filled with fears. David very honest about the things he's grappling with. But then he says, but you made known to me the path of life you'll fill me with joy in your presence there is fullness of joy on your right hand there are pleasures forever or one day God is going to write every wrong. He's going to bring beauty out of ashes and is going to give joy instead of morning and until that day. We need to lovingly represent him to those who are hurting instead of asking why. Maybe we should be asking who and what I don't know that we can have an answer to the why question so let's move on from that from moment to those who do I turn to at this time. Who do I turn to it any time when crisis comes in crisis will come in every life. I turned to Jesus.

Sometimes all I can say is, is Jesus help me, Lord help me, turning it over to him. Bring your sadness or sorrow in your questions to him. Okay what am I to do on the love people and care for them and to show compassion to them. I'm to pray for them you want to get a nonbeliever to listen to you instead of trying to shove the gospel down their throat. After you've talked to them for four minutes asking this question. Is there any way I can pray for you. Anything you could use prayer for my surprise I was in a restaurant the other day with a friend and and were getting ready to give our order that server comes up in my friend says how do we pray for young thing and all. Really, I don't know if this can work really met this guy opened his heart up he starts pouring his heart out, and next thing you know were praying for this kind again. How does this happen, I it just reminds us are just so many hurting people out there notes instead of you preach to hurting people. You'll never lacked for an audience and so I'm praying and hoping that the days ahead. I think we been this, but I hope will be an even more, we want harvest to be a safe place for sad people. We wanted to be a loving place for lonely people.

We want people to know there cared about, you know, we had key war and the wife of Rick Warren out Wednesday and Thursday and we had her up because tragically, Rick and Kay had their own son take his life as well as name is Matthew.

He dealt with mental illness for his whole life and she just brought such wonderful encouraging words and actually it's archived on our website. If you want to watch the message. Hope gets the last word is that title and by the way, that was a phrase that Jared is going that I borrowed from him. Hope gets the last word. But but Rick Warren wrote these words and I really like them.

He says these are three things every person was having suicidal thoughts, needs to know quote there's a purpose for your life.

You are love and your needed in the world there is anybody listening to me right now there's anybody listening to me right now in this room, watching online, watching the one of her campuses.

You've had these thoughts of taking your own life.

No one loves me. No one cares about me, my life isn't worth anything, but that is so wrong. There is a purpose for your life. God has a purpose for your life and you are locked. I think it we seen anything from this. We've seen this this young man.

Jared was a very love men. He only was with this 18 months, but get all these friends everywhere that loved him and you are loved.

I don't know why you think you're not love but your love in your especially loved by God and your needed in this world. Please don't go down that road reach out for help. There is help and you don't have to live that way you know we think that when we become Christians.

Maybe everything just is perfect and it isn't we still fall and I live in a fallen world and were still fallen people though forgiven and redeemed.

We still of his sinful nature never know if you've ever heard the name William Cowper. I wasn't really familiar with him until recently.

William Cowper was a great hymn writer. He lived in the days of John and Charles Wesley and John Newton. The days of the great awakening George Whitfield was preaching the gospel in those days, powerful days, a great revival, and William Thapar wrote the hymn, God works in a mysterious way.

He wrote there is a fountain filled with blood Bureau, powerful, beautiful songs that are still being sung in the church today will William Cowper was a very depressed man. His mother died when he was very young. His father was very harsh them off to boarding school really end up nothing to do with him. William Cowper siblings all died as well and he struggled mightily affect so much so that he decided to take his own life.

Any attempted suicide and he failed and he tried it again and he failed and tried it again and again he failed and he thought, I'm such a failure. I can even take my life and his father had him committed to an asylum and I was there. This asylum that the doctor working there shared the gospel with William Cowper and he came to Christ and test so that in our minds. He and the story ends right there.

Bring up the music while yeah but it doesn't end there.

He still felt with depression. He came out of that situation and he was trying to cope and he was befriended by John Newton who don't know John Newton is he is the author of the song amazing Grace ever heard of that John Newton used to be a slave trader and he repented and became a follower of Jesus. And that's why the lyrics of amazing grace are even more poignant because Newton wrote amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me I once was lost but now I found was blind but now I see.

And so Newton, who had been forgiven by God to help her under his wing and loved him. There was even another suicide attempt by Cowper. Thankfully, he failed and Newton looked after him and watched over him and help them through life and in this resulted in beautiful things coming so you know we need to be a friend like John Newton was the William Cowper if we see someone asserting say is everything okay how can I pray for you what's going on in your life. Pay attention, be that person for somebody else and maybe you've come here today and you have a lot of questions and in your hurting inside and and you don't even know what would happen to you if you were to die and I want you to know that God has a solution. He sent Jesus Christ to die in the cross for your sin, and he rose again from the dead and now he stands at the door of your life in the knots and if you hear his voice and open the door, she will come and you'll never be alone in life again. I made this decision when I was 17 years old and I've never for a moment regretted it and I know you won't either. There might be somebody else here today who maybe is had a lapse of faith. Maybe you've stumbled and fallen.

Maybe you've just sort of put Scott out of your life and this is sort of in a wake-up call, but I got this text know it was a wake-up call of wake-up calls. I it's even a wake-up call to word church the lookout and see the people in great need. Next to us even close to us, but maybe that this is been a wake-up call or something else is up and that's been a wake-up call to you a reminder of your mortality. I pray it will wake you up and you'll see your need for the Lord and I would like to pray for you and I would like to give you an opportunity to pray in as Christ to come in your life and I would like to also pray for any of you that are struggling are hurting today, so let's all bow our heads for prayer father we pray now for those that do not yet know you help them to come to you and believe we pray for those that do know you but if forgotten about you or have stumbled and fallen in some way, Lord, help them come back to you right now if you want to make that commitment or recommitment to Jesus.

Would you just pray this simple prayer with me now.

Just pray Lord Jesus, I know that you are the Savior, and I know that I am the center that need you forgive me of my sin and turn from it now ask you to forgive me. They choose to follow you from this moment forward. Lord I pray for everybody here and everybody watching them listing wherever they are.

Only you can heal a broken heart. Only you can comfort those that mourn only you can intervene and remind the person that's despondent that they're loved and cared about and that you have a purpose for them.

So do it now, Lord, there is a devil who wants to destroy lives as you said of him. He comes to steal, kill and destroy. Come against them in the name of Jesus Christ because you said you want to come and give life and that more abundantly.

Lord help people that are struggling and hurting to look to you and know that you love them that you given this precious given them this precious thing called life that needs to be live for so many wonderful things are ahead. There's hope. There's joy in the future.

So, we commit ourselves to you and we pray all of this Jesus name

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