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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 36 - Tune My Heart To - WGOD

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 28, 2021 8:33 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 36 - Tune My Heart To - WGOD

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 28, 2021 8:33 am

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Robby shares one of his biggest moral failures to illustrate how good this verse really is.

Psalms 119:36


The hidden treasures of the hundred and 19. Oh how precious precious is the verse that we get to dig around in today and not think this may be one of my favorite I say that every morning it's hot just where these places and go there because when I use quite often as I've memorized it in spiritual warfare Saturns.

In other words, I feel myself looking tempted and this one gives me great hope.

It is verse 36 of the Psalm itself, but it is the fourth verse in my haste section. So it's really amazing to me.

Obviously I that God would express that that word hey, is that that this is the expression in here were hearing what I believe to be the fourth anointing of the letter. Hey, which would have to do with might and strength and so it yes it very much will give you strength if if God left answer this prayer of David's heart so the verse reads, I won't hold you up anymore. They reads incline my heart unto thy testimonies and not to covetousness. Now this word incline. There is just a beautiful word David uses it a couple times in this Psalm, and the idea almost is that you're bending the bow and it has everything you do with good potential. Okay, it's got this Letter and it's an pronouncement letter tests but either way it's the. The number nine which has to do with right babies like there's all kinds of potential in this idea of inclining so inclining my heart like wow, how cool would that be in God's gonna do that through expression here because here's what he saying that there's things that God says to us through his word and thrust tuning our hearts to W GLD to God he can incline our hearts to these testimonies. This is not only as old and New Testament, and so the Bible itself is a book of examples, but other places that he is come through for you before when you feel yourself being tempted because here's what were climbing away from, and not unto covetousness, and so once again I stated this Psalm that the sages of Judaism have taught that this is the ultimate spiritual warfare Psalm in this verse. Certainly has got that kind of potential because all my goodness is God can incline our hearts to how he is come through for other people in the past how he's come through for us in the past and and simply put that how much he loves us right that that's a whole thing testifies to that, and not unto covetousness.

Now this word covetousness is key to the verse in my opinion, in that this is not become a business that's in Exodus 20 and that what we normally think of is the 10 Commandments and coveting my neighbors in a house and wife and all that kind of stuff.

Although I'm sure that the words are related, but this particular word covet is that of sort of profit like the first place that you find this word in the Bible is when Joseph's brothers were talking about killing him and they say what profit would that be to us and we need to sell them into slavery. And so the idea is unjust gain and that kind of I think it's called we fee what's in it for me. We mean here somewhere. I forget I was rev but anyway what's in it for me so incline my heart to these kind of things and not unto unjust games.

So I want to give you an example of this, which I know is given you think wow Robbie you're pretty good depraved well I am me know.

Thank God for Jesus and thank God that he's made me about all to show that we talked about before. That's the master of return on unlike the prodigal son. I had to come back from a really bad place, but in order to illustrate this verse I I think it's good to think about this one so I have never been a big person even as a car salesman for 40 years you know of getting unjust gain from Ascent standpoint of selling a car, but one time I found myself in a in a gigantic test on them and to be honest, I failed it and here's how it was set up. I got fired. I actually forever. The Bible study and in doing a whole bunch of stuff that had to do with God at the one dealership I was working at and they just did not appreciate my fifth or maybe they thought I was and that I don't know maybe it was. Or maybe I was bad for the business. I don't know what I do know is I got fired okay and as a result, like anybody you know that's hard on the man and I'm trying to find my next career path, whatever that may be, and I was the general manager of Bob Neal Chrysler Plymouth Jeep Eagle in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and I got a call from Chrysler and Chrysler said to me Robbie. I don't have any idea why you why they fired you because we never sold Chrysler's that the dealership would been very very successful. From the standpoint of selling new cars because we were selling like 200 and oh cars a month out in an you know that when I we took it over.

It was like selling 30 and so we been there about five years and and really really grown the business from a standpoint of selling new cars, probably not to the standpoint of profit that the owners would wanted some maybe that had somebody with it, but nonetheless what happened was Chrysler said you know if Robbie if you will buy this dealership that is right near you where you live in Clemens North Carolina. You know we will get you the money and I was like why don't have any money and they were always at work in the morning to help you get it will get Chrysler Financial loan you the money and here comes the test set. You know I go thinking that I can trust this situation thinking I understand the situation and I go to the people or sell the dealership and I get what's called a buy sell which legally binds me to buy this dealership because you know they make all sorts of plans when they're gonna sell their dealership. As far as laying off people always things so I'm legally bound. At this point in time to buy this dealership or go to Chrysler Financial expecting to get the money and they say wet. Robbie, you don't have the money and I symbolically told you that you know going into this thing all we can do that Juergen have to come up with another hundred thousand dollars in cash if in order for us to have that, whatever. So I was in a horrible bind and you see I was scared and so all the sudden what's in it for me becomes. In this case, not necessarily just planning to come up with some unjust gain. It was just to save my bacon because I was scared that I was in get my rinse it off if I didn't do something about the situations I went to an attorney that was very shrewd, one that used to work for a very very shrewd businessman that I used to and he gave me this plan, which was essentially to sell stock in the dealership to raise the hundred thousand dollars but to the stockholders that were buying the stock. They were did not know I didn't have any money. According to what his plan was okay so here's the test right. I feel in my bones. This wasn't right.

I was definitely interested in what happened years. Actually, 1998 I remembered vividly because it this test when I failed it radically changed my world.

So I knew in my heart that Jesus had come through for me so many many many times and oh I wish at that point in time my heart would've been inclined to his testimonies on all the places he's gone through for all the Bible characters that are in the Bible, which I knew at this point in time, to some extent as well as I wish I'd known it, and I knew how many times he actually healed me from cancer in 1996. So you know I had really good testimonies to lean on.

But I did II leaned towards what's in it for me and I took the bait and I went out and sold the stock. I not only sold the stock sold it to my family to some extent and I sold it to one man that was in our Sunday school class who I knew to be a seeker. He had not accepted Christ and but he was a friend and he bought the stock while he came to work for us and it just so happen. He was the one that discovered the fact that I didn't have any money in the dealership because he is pretty smart with money and it blew up big time. But that wasn't in the course you know certainly I look foolish and all my friends and my family said Robbie why didn't you just trust us. Why didn't you just tell us, and they all didn't pull out they didn't leave me hanging. But that was the foundation that that dealership Westside Chrysler Plymouth was built on and so years later in 2007 when all the money was stolen not by me but by somebody else. I realize that if other.

The building had been.

I mean the whole transaction had been built on deception and so Satan had a foot in because I had not incline my heart to God's testimonies. I'd incline my heart to covetousness. This kind of covetousness you see in so I say all that to say now, just like in Joseph's brothers a surrogate. I wouldn't be talking you on his podcast right now had all is not taken place.

In other words, what Satan meant for evil God used for good and certainly God has blessed me with unbelievable career in radio and whatever but I don't want to mess this what God you know took my mess. All these things clearly heard a lot of people financially hurt my family and so me different ways that there's no way I can undo what my sin did however hopefully you can learn from what I'm saying. Hopefully we can all pray the prayer of King David.

Right incline our hearts incline a heart your testimonies.

You always can and not under what's in it for me because what's in it for me. Ultimately you and that's my prayer for all of us today. Psalms 119

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