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Love Struck

Building Relationships / Dr. Gary Chapman
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December 14, 2019 7:03 am

Love Struck

Building Relationships / Dr. Gary Chapman

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December 14, 2019 7:03 am

​We live in a sex-saturated society. And yet, our culture has not understood the true beauty of physical intimacy in marriage. On the next Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman, how to discover God’s design for romance, marriage and sexual intimacy from the Song of Solomon. Author Sharon Jaynes says sex is not something evil that marriage permits, it’s a gift from God that marriage protects. Don’t miss the next Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman.

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Is something bad that's permitted a marriage or is it something else. Find out today on Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman. I believe when a husband and wife, the way God intended in here, but a major four to enjoy it with each other and it brings together anything else.

This is Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the New York Times best seller. The five love today.

Sharon Jane's help point the way toward God honoring sexually marriage our featured resource that our website is lovestruck will talk about it. Straight ahead. Find out more. Five love subtitle is discovering God's design, romance, marriage sexual song of Solomon five love Gary, would you take us back when you first become a pastor counselor what differences do you see in society and in the church today about the topic of sexual different from when you begin. Well, I think to some degree. Chris, we are more open to talk about this topic in church. I don't read in public services but in discipleship groups and marriage groups think were more open to talk about it in the church now than we did before and I think that's maybe been pushed on us because the world is talking about it everywhere you turn there. Talk about sex, you know, and so we think the churches begin display. We must think about this whole topic and what's the biblical perspective on it so I do think there is greater openness now. Then there was several years ago and I think there's an egg in a good way moving toward. If God really created this. That's what our guests can talk about the day.

This was this was God's idea, someone up following his blueprint for it. That's shine in the culture is think so Chris because I think what we all desire in a marriage is a deep, intimate, loving, supportive, caring relationship and sex is a part of that and so much distortion all around us that we need to have a clear picture of God's perspective on this topic. Some excited about our conversation today is our guest, Sharon James J a Y and ES. She's been encouraging equipping women through ministry for more than 25 years she served as vice president and radio cohost of Proverbs 31 ministries for 10 years and she currently writes for their online devotions and the first five Bible study out. She's a speaker and author of more than 20 books and founder of the praying wives club, cofounder of girlfriends in God, Inc. she and her husband Steve been married 38 years. They live in Weddington North Carolina. That's gotta be a misprint. Nobody can live in writing to write about sexual in our featured stars is her book love struck you can find out more. Five love Sharon welcome to Building Relationships. Here I was thinking the same thing about the town Weddington right on marriage that's a good place to be living right. So how would you answer the question that Chris asked me about how our culture is changed as well as her attitude in the church about this topic. I think we are talking about more today but I still don't think that were not really talking about it or not. I think the culture is certainly talking about she's to watch television. You can say that just used to sell everything from corn chips to cars and that culture doesn't value sexual very much like.rapid porn interest-rate we've got, teenager graduates from high school.

They say never. 1400 depictions sex patients out there being bombarded with it from a very early age that we be talking about it.

I think in the church even more of what the culture is going to be considered or be considered. Gauge according to how we approach it saw growing up in the church. It was more like if you're not married, don't do it Mary.talking about it in the Bible cultures talking about it and we need to talk about it in a positive way so much perversion culture that the church really needs to be not only studying but also communicating the biblical perspective, there are a number of resources out there dealing with sex and marriage. Many of them focus on how to tips and techniques on how to know your book is different. Why why God created way.

One of the questions that were going to answer throughout the book that I created sexual desires in man and woman went all out and went to a lot of trouble in detail to make sure that part of man and woman were created in the first place to look at why we feel drawn to each other. Why is this so important, why did God make a particular way. I want to get to God's design for sex and look at what the Bible says song of Solomon particular. But let's talk about the culture and the confusion about sex. What you see happening today. Why do you think this is happened in our culture. How do you assess all of this. The main reason Dr. Chapman if you look at television programs and hour-long television program will really 45 minute commercial which often have sex on them. But if someone's watching a television program and its there be a man and a woman had made up and with that one hour segment they have already made on the first day when they first meet each other and people are seeing this, and kids are saying this becomes what they expect and see that it's normal that the media has normalized what we as Christians would say is a perversion of what God intended when he created sex for husband and wife is one of the biggest areas that I think that has created this confusion and we say that singles are growing up and hookup culture and that's what is normal. Think some of our listeners would be surprised that one of the steps that was in your book, and that is that 80% of evangelical Christians don't wait until marriage to have sex. What is that site to me saying that culture is impacting the Christian community more than Scripture impacting them in some way. This is a prime example of how the culture through social media three television three movies normalizing non-Christian behavior and Christian when I think about that as a parent when I think about that teacher of the Bible it really is me and make me Chapman just more of an urgent say that with this is got to be something that we talk about.

We cannot leave this whole topic of sexual enemy fee to the social media we got to talk about it in the church was to go and she said the first question was a Christian.

Mandatory Christian well well I was dating this guy is Christian is a deacon in his church, and I liked him and things are going well and he said to me, yet I think what you need to have sex and lecture were compatible and she said what Bible did you read. She said well you know the world is changing the world changing the models not changing is a good girl that did it for me.

Well thank God for that. Gail is strong on her own beliefs and it's tragic that so many are not following biblical patterns and consequently reaping the consequences of that right or package when you open it and how you wake God and can't but I promise you when you open it, not when God intended, or how God intended it will become package that you carry into your relationship. Well, let's talk about the song of Solomon.

Why is this passage so important to understanding God's heart about sexual intimacy with Dr. Chapman. I think it's amazing that this book of the Bible even else like it from from Genesis to Revelation 8 chapters tried in the middle of the Bible that is solely dedicated to the relationship between one man and one woman with sexual intimacy being one of the key factors that were looking at it that we make sure that the song of songs how the Bible says the King of Kings, which makes the King above all kings and Lord of lords, the Lord of lords. When we think the song of songs. Thank it's a song about all songs that day. Relationship between a man and a woman in marriage is the great Hall and until we see this in the Bible Friday in the middle here concentrated eight chapters that this is important and God make sure within her for recent. This is the book in the Bible we don't read in church like you know what, I went back and I was studying what some of the people from long ago how they interpreted the song of Solomon solely as an allegory and you certainly can do that you can read the song of Solomon S if Jesus is talking to the bride but you can say Jesus and every book in the Old Testament. I really believe that this was intended for us to read it literally, but the reason we don't read much in church because some of it is embarrassing talking about the woman's breath he's I'm talking about taking hold of the fruit and listen every time that the Shula my the female character, or Solomon, the male character every time they're talking about fruit or gardening tree they are not talking about going to the farmers market every single time reference to some sexual innuendos that while we don't read about it in church because it can be embarrassing sometimes for for the past are teaching and for some of the congregation hearing similar sometimes encourage couples to read this book, you probably never read the book but I would suggest more than a chapter a week, but this book is based on the song of songs is going to be a very helpful book decouples that many of them will read your book and the song of songs.

I feel like my more or studying their semi things in the song that we don't understand we don't understand why mandrake would represent sexual and we don't understand about the pomegranate would have met them and so it it's just kind of blurry like what are they talking about with these palm trees and fruit and taken hold of the fruit just because an hour English culture today. Is there so much symbolism that people can't put it off and on and don't read it whole thing is when you understand what they're talking about you like wow I can't believe that this is really in the Bible that was pretty exciting think that's that was all that was all the Scriptures we have to read it in its cultural context always reply to our own culture. So that's really what your book is doing so, the right, on the other hand, you know there are Christians who have a sense of guilt about 6C6 or something less than wholesome, and they feel guilty may be guilty about their own past sexual experiences, but maybe if even care that into the marriage and I feel like they have negative emotions about how to you how you break free from that Pier 1 is taking negative guilt from your past and to your present marriage and that is the case that something to be dealt with and we ask God to forgive us when we have not followed his designs and then we leave behind and don't take it into our present marriage. Now what about the woman or the man whom I feel guilty because of the desires that I have in marriage is absolutely normal in the way God intended it as I mentioned earlier, God put a lot into the physical creation.

The body of the woman and a man for for sexual pleasure that is not necessary to make a baby is not necessary for procreation. What God do that while God make all 12 cranial nerves get fired up just with the cast probably not make it so that when a couple kisses that male testosterone flows through the salon into the woman's mouth that's basically what it happened while he did that he did that at that gift because he wants the husband and wife to break each other pleasure to get back guilt. What we have to see that God did this on purpose. He did it for reasons that will be the super glue that holds a marriage to Catherine and Dr. Chapman. I believe when a husband and wife enjoy physical intimacy the way God intended. Cheers excited about that.

This is what I made you for to enjoy with each other and to bring each other, pleasure, and it brings a couple closer together than anything else I can do a lot of people have the wrong go see him as the one who's looking around selling anybody down there having fun, knock it off. You know that's not the biblical picture freight women and man up when they can say that this is what God intended and that he went to a lot of trouble to make sure that what happened, there's not evil, marriage permits think that marriage protects.

Sometimes many things for our pleasure. All flowers bloom broiled guy with no variation to go to my the whole earth flat, things were pleasure in sex is certainly one of them very clear from the Scriptures while why then are many couples disappointed in their level of romance and intimacy in their marriage and what can we learn from the song of Solomon unrealistic expectations before people get married and again that's coming from what we see in the culture and the media that that type of thing in the very beginning of the song of Solomon. The first two chapters, they were recording stage and then the next day they get married and then the next two there's trouble in the last two tells us how to keep intimacy alive in our marriage but beginning when they were dating. Solomon said catch for us. The little foxes and I was reading that talking to first FOR Dr. Chapman think he was talking to God. God show anything or anyone that will creep into our marriage and still the fruit and they would have to vineyards planted in the little little pesky boxes would come in and steal the greats, mainly when they were young to become and eat up the grapes and if that weren't careful that Fox could just destroy the entire vineyard so he is praying that God sent in anything or anyone that could creep into their marriage and start scaling the fruit well next two chapters. They get married and they had the honeymoon and we are getting to watch the honeymoon we see everything and it is very beautiful there's nothing sordid about it first four chapters talking about how much they want to be together sexually. Even the woman. It starts out with her keep me kiss me again and she is passionate. Can't wait. He can't wait to finally have sex on their honeymoon and that very next chapter.

The king comes knocking and the shoe might has been.

Who's been so anxious to have sex with her husband. He knocks and she said no thanks, sorry honey party brush my teeth got my PJs on. That was one thing that was shocking to me that to me. That is a little fox which can become a bit Fox because we see how passionate they were all of a sudden she's not interested. We have to be so careful about that because allowing apathy and indifference to creep in our marriage can destroy that it isn't just about sexual and on the fate this is about apathy and indifference and all areas of our marriage, we see that happened there.

We have to be careful to not allow that to happen now. At the end of the book, but they have a conflict there and making up talks a lot about forgiveness and think 20% of the song of Solomon is about conflict and that you, Dr. Chapman, but that gives me a great relief, because you know what you have complex conflict in that area is shown is right here anything chapters.

That's normal and here's how you do it as we move along this program you mentioned the thing of the wife not being interested to hear this a lot from me and say to me you know my wife is not as interested as the sexual part of our marriage. Do you hear that, and the respondent to stick that in 20% of marriages is the other way around where the husband is not interested and does artwork the emails that I receive from from the women that I'm reaching out to because that is a very sad email when I received that because if this is why it's not the one that interested sex. Guilt normally happens.

The husband is not interested. Sex rarely happens now, with the women who are to say that they're not interested in addresses in the bucket approach sexual intimacy and marriage really in and three ways and I think many times people have approached it into place. One is desire.

Many people are only interested in sex.

If there is desire. Another one is duty. So many women will approach on sexual intimacy and marriage as their their wifely duty and I'll tell you that just make me cringe when I hear that because it would be like if you came home on your anniversary and you gave your wife a dozen roses and you said to her honey. I know it's your anniversary. I got today's rises. I think it's a total waste of money, but I think it's something I'm supposed to do that here. Hope you enjoy jacquard underlined a few words. Hope you enjoy it. It's a waste of money. Guess what, which your wife. What would she do that is what we approach sexual. That way you can tell can tell if the wife is approaching sexual intimacy and the way that this is my duty and I'm not really enjoying it.

I don't really want to but I'm not supposed to. He may feel some kind of relief when the song is sung put it that way, but he will not be fulfilled at the husband is fulfilled sexually when he knows that his wife is failed. That's what duty a brink duty will not bring sexual fulfillment in a marriage. But you know what is 1/3 option. It doesn't have to be just duty or desire. 1/3 option for that woman who doesn't have that desire is a decision to love isn't that what marriage is about. This is for the husband or the wife is not interested in making a decision to love the spouse and entering into the physical relationship because you are making that decision that I'm going to love you in the way that you want to be loved and I'm gonna bring you pleasure because I this brings God pleasure when I fulfilled this need and you a totally different way to approach you and I can promise a woman who approaches it that way or the husband is not interested that a product is it that way. They will enjoy it because you're just saying sexual intimacy from a totally different perspective, the very heart of love is the decision to do something that's for the benefit of my spouse right right that's one of the very definitions of love isn't this just to make a decision to love. This is what they need.

This is what will make that person filled Dr. Chapman. That's what your five love languages is all about his daughter about like you correct me if I'm wrong. If you find yourself love language. In the end, and then making a decision to love is kind of rough language speaking to him that way and sexual animus.

He is one of those ways that we make a decision to live and love that person in that particular way I wanted to tell tell you one thing that I thought left languages of Solomon, the man writing the book and the Shula Mike I thought I heard her love languages will with words of affirmation is my everything because he currently is affirming her and bent his love language seems like it was quality time because he wanted to be with her in and spent time talking with her that you would like "The 5 Love Languages" analysis in the song of Solomon six you know that God gave instructions Israel person gets married should not go to war should not work for a year. How you do that was starting to do this, but often wondered why God said that and I think at least part of it is that it takes time to learn how to pleasure each other in the marriage context.

You know the movie is all just present the view that all you do is jump in but still be heaven for both of you, but it seems to me that just as we have to grow together intellectually and emotionally, spiritually, we grow together sexually.

At least that's God's design and up sometimes said that in mind. One of the reasons why God made us different male and female, even sexually is because he intended to be an act of love in which her attitude is how can I pleasure you and I will both people have that attitude. They're not forcing anything on each other.

There just there, desiring to pleasure each other, then it becomes what God intended mutual joy.

But if we don't like an act of love and is just a physical thing, then it's it's more like two animals rather than to humans made in God's image. How do you respond to that beautiful and well it would be wonderful if the whole year. We call that a honeymoon now, and even the word honeymoon means sweet mama that we've produced a honeymoon to, usually a week, but it does take take time with God's design of waiting until you do get married, there's a lot to explore and there is a lot to get used to when there's a different people receive pleasure in different ways. So that's that that learning part.

You had mentioned a story to me earlier about two questions Ashley who work dating and the man said well let's have sex to see if were compatible what Dr. flies in the face of what God intended because you love someone you don't have to wonder about if you're going compatible sexually you marry someone as a covenant relationship with that person with God and then you explore and you you practice and use. You see, what brings each other pleasure. That's the beautiful part of sexual intimacy. When two people come together and marriage bringing each other pleasure finding what what satisfies the other and sexual intimacy is about giving and I think that's something that the culture has lost. They see it more as getting what they get from from sex, rather than how can I yeah to bring pleasure to someone else and when you got to people that are giving to try to satisfy each other. Well that is beautiful and what God intended in the song of Solomon after they had been married for a while. There's three major bedroom things out. I guess I would call it in the song of Solomon. The first when he is praising her from top to bottom starts her head and goes all the way down to her feet and the last one he's doing again praising her and this is the one where he talks about climbing the palm tree and taking hold of its fruit, but he starts at her feet.

Well, I can envision him taking the sandals off of his wife's state and Dr. Chapman a job for a servant of the servants took the sandals off of the king and queen were the dear master's feet. So what is this King doing he is taking the place of the servant, taking off her sandals and talking about her feet just a beautiful image of serving one another in the bedroom on the picture of what he was planning to do and serving her in the bedroom is no question about it, but the key to love itself is an attitude of service and sexual part is how can I pleasure you so well why is it that for some couples, however sexual part of marriage cools off after a while and and sometimes we just just drift away from each other sexually.

What's going on. When that happens I mentioned earlier, Solomon said at the very beginning of the book catch press the little foxes and to dimly see that that fox right in the middle of the book and you know Dr. Chapman.

One time I was at my parents house and I was cleaning out a drawer like the junk drawer looking for 10 and I found your liberties or not but I found a little record that my father had recorded when he was in the Korean War member that used to make these little records and send them back home and it was stated 1955 I believe and not listen to that record and my father was saying how much he loved her how much he missed her. Thanked her for being with living with his mother while he was away at war and if just you could just hear the motion and on the tears in his voice as he was making this record for my mom while I held that record in my hand and I thought how in the world did this happen because you see from my earliest remembrance. Growing up in that. I think my parents liked each other, much less about each other.

Growing up they fault all the time.

It was yelling that were screaming. I grew up afraid in my household and SI help that record in my hand. I thought, how does it happen that a marriage that started out like this, but the couple fell in love ended up with two people so far apart that they could not hardly stand to be in the same house and I will tell you it can happen to anyone.

If they're not intentional about keeping that marriage strong things. I think that helps keep a marriage strong, of course, the most important thing is the relationship with God thing that is important is that they maintain a strong friendship that might seem a little odd, but I think that God intends for the husband and wife to remain friends and to keep their marriage a priority two different things together many times when the husband and wife add someone to their family a.k.a. they have a child and sometimes that little prince or princess, takes over and that child becomes a priority and especially a tendency toward mom's. I'll admit, the husband ends up on the back burner, wondering where to fit into all this, we need to be very intentional his wives to make sure that when we have children that husband knows that he is still the number one priority. Marriage relationship should be the number one priority of any other earthly relationship that we have that includes SQ portion of the book where you tell the story of your mom and Mr. Wright because your father died of Alzheimer's a few years ago and she met this man after that. Can you just briefly tells a little bit of that story. Well, not my parents did not have a good relationship. I was not raised in a Christian I became a Christian as a teenager and a good man. It is an incredible story. We don't have time to tell today that my three years after I came across. My mother came to Christ and then three years after her. My father, who was a wild man. He gave his life to Christ to their relationship was never never really all that good. Even after they became Christians. It was so much that it happened so much abuse, so much anger they never really came to love each other as husband and wife you would hope that they would and then my father after becoming a Christian. Years later he developed Alzheimer's disease.

Actually, he was diagnosed at 56 very young and 66 and he passed away and my mom had never seen her really happy before her life was just a continual struggle. Well after my dad had passed away. She met another man.

His name is Pete right and always called him Mr. Wright. I have left Mr. Wright. I left him and he loved my mom and he said he did everything someone said beautiful, but such sad eyes and he was gonna do everything he could to make those I sparkle and he pursued her and it was so precious to watch my mother think that the first time really felt loved by another man and it changed everything for her was blue work.

I was a better daughter all of a sudden doing anything different or French were better church with better. Everything was better because it's she felt loved by Pete right and I think when we know that that we are loved and a woman knows that she's lucky cherished by her husband change everything so you know what changes things for man to win the man when the husband knows that his wife loves him about everyone else but us kids about those in-laws above her friends, he will be the happiest man on earth think there's no question about it, the deepest emotional need rehab is humans only human level is to see you loved the significant people in our lives and I think marriage is designed to meet that need. At the deepest level and what it does is beautiful now in the book your book lovestruck and you mentioned this earlier, but I will go back to it and that is the whole idea of conflict.

Why is it that all couples of conflict. Some deal with it. Possibly some the words that come from and how do we deal with right conflict is just part of any relationship is part of her friendship as part of being in a family and its certainly up part of marriage where very different.

As you mentioned earlier for just different physically from husband and wife where were different emotionally achieved. Well not we have, you know, we just love languages we have different expectations. I think one at that. The biggest areas of conflict is selfishness cannot find a mate and I think we both want what we want to move on and when we don't get that dampener expectations are not met they are going to be conflicts and so it's very important that we learn how to resolve conflicts. There are so many good books out there on conflict and an end lovestruck.

I mainly deal with one conflict. The conflict that they dealt with and that is the conflict of apathy and indifference in a marriage that were just two people in one place any two people together, you're going to have conflict, resolving conflicts in this whole thing of learning how to listen to each other you see that the couples you work with. I do think that and it's so interesting that even in the song of Solomon and the second chapter to talk and she is is pulling back and hiding. He comes to visit her and she said she's hiding, I don't know if they had some conflict at that point, but he really did want to come out and let me hear your voice was one of the little foxes and marriage which states thought my husband Steve saw that when we were dating that when we had conflict. I didn't want to talk that what just not listening to talk at all and because I had been raised and so much conflict when I saw conflict.

The company wanted to retreat.

I want anything to do with it.

And you know, if you don't talk, and if you don't listen you can't resolve the conflict that was one of the things that my husband had to work on me about is I needed to talk about the conflict and I need to listen to him as well. So we learned that over the past 38 years on how we have conflict yes. Listen, but also taught and and how to talk so important topic. Pornography is rampant in our culture.

In the book do you address that issue. Do you see anything similar to this in the culture of the day. Talk about what about the pornography in the culture of that day.

I do mentioned that pornography and in our culture now that a $10 billion industry and actually brings in more money than major-league baseball NBA in the NFL all combined. It is definitely a problem and what happens when someone looks at pornography. They are experiencing sex in a way that is not the way God intended. And it brings baggage into the marriage talk with was about husband's little porn often appears work closely with tears in their eyes. What's wrong with me exactly what is he up to go to an unreal world.

You know what's wrong with me.

Students is painful and sucked. I don't know anything more playful to what you can tell me if you agree with this actual physical adultery is maybe more painful probably is more painful but other than that I don't know anything is more painful than the why finding out that her husband is really addicted to porn do you do with wives who experiencing this right it is it is a form of adultery but for a woman that just says to her you're not enough. What I deal with a lot in my ministry is helping women to know that in Jesus Christ there enough bad when they know that her husband is looking at porn.

It says to them you are not enough for me as a woman and that will remove all desire for her because then she feels like she is being compared to something very unrealistic that she could never pay and tonight is that your husband is looking at other women and that way is so degrading. It is just so degrading and it degrades you, it degrades what sex show intimacy supposed to be about an and what happens is sex in the bedroom is not about making love anymore. It is purely about sex when you know that your husband's doing that with pornography that sexual empathy is meant to be involved with your spouse. There's a difference between just having sex and more than animalistic way that making love as a husband and wife so but one other topic and that is forgiveness because all couples flail at some juncture along the way and some aspect of life we all have to learn to forgive what role does forgiveness play in the social Billy Graham spikes that race that said good marriage is a union of two good for campers that is so true. If you don't forgive.

It is not to be very long before you were so frustrated I'm in your marriage. You have to be a good forgive her to have a good marriage and we see that happening in the song of Solomon.

They had a conflict right in the middle of the book and as a symbol for 20% of the book is about conflict. But then there was also forgiveness. Pete actually forgave her for something she had done or not done. But if we don't forget we, there is no way we can have a good good marriage in the Bible tells us to forgive as Christ forgave us that is our model. So when we are holding a grudge and were holding onto bitterness and resentment that will come into every single aspect of her marriage and the only way to move forward and to have the kind of marriage that God wants us to be quick to forgive and not just suite something under the rug because if you sweep it under the rug. You can trip over that lot and is just and continue to be there in your marriage but truly forgiving each other, and the Greek word for forgiveness means to cut someone loose so when you're not forgiving if you have that bitterness and resentment just strapped to your back and your caring that along in your marriage so you need to that degree courses actually DME is the way it sounds like to me like off of me in English to cut it loose.

Let it go and move forward as Christ has done for us this is you are certain the song of Solomon for this book.

Is there anything that you were surprised by really dug into the book surprised. In chapter 5. After they saw how much they wanted each other physically.starts out with a woman even being the one that was. She thought she could talk about was how she wanted to be with this man and then they had that hot steamy honeymoon.

I was so surprised at how quickly it went from that to her not being interested. That was really surprising to me, but the sweet part about that is, by the time we get to the end of the song of Solomon. You could see that she is taking some steps to make sure that that doesn't happen again.

She flirts with him all the way through the song and at the very end. She goes up to women in the field, and she says you know, like honey, let's go to the countryside like we used to when she says there I will give you my love and she talks about giving him some of the sweet fruit that he so loves.

She says to him, and I got some new fruit that you haven't experienced yet.

She let me just tell you exactly what she says the mandrake sent out their fragrance and at our door is every delicacy, both old and new that I had stored up for you, my beloved, so what she's saying and I can just picture this with a twinkle in her eye thing you know what, let's get away, weightless leave all this behind.

Let's do the beginning getaway like we did at the beginning and I thought that that fruit that you flopped all these years, and I've got something the news that you have never experienced before. That just tickles me seeing her. She probably older now, but she's making sure that she's going to be intentional and she is can I keep the romance in the marriage strong husband's yes, what the hope he will read this book.

I think many couples are going to be helpful.

Oh sure is good to have you with us to really appreciate the effort you put into this book because I do think it's going to help couples in the sexual part of the marriage which flows out into all the rest of you for having me forget the days encouraged to check out a featured resource by Sharon James. The title is lovestruck, discovering God's design, romance, marriage, sexual song of Solomon five lovely next week. What could a daily devotional time together. Don't list what looking forward to it. Gary, thank you. Today, Tuesday with Janice.there were Building Relationships. Dr. Gary Chapman's production of many radio in Chicago with 30 publishers a ministry. Thanks for the

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