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NRB Chronicles - 2017 Classic - Time Square Churche's Pastor Carter Conlon

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 12, 2021 7:30 am

NRB Chronicles - 2017 Classic - Time Square Churche's Pastor Carter Conlon

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 12, 2021 7:30 am

What a treat to hear this amazing STORY of Pastor Carter Conlon's Life

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How exciting is that we are at the National religious broadcasters convention, which they call the RB and we are on the convention floor.

We get a chance to see person after person that God is given them a passion see and how that connects to the kingdom.

Moving forward, and everyone constantly sits down in front of me and I'm like oh Lord really get a chance to talk to you, really, how exciting and just because you you seen the mighty works that God is done through their ministry are familiar with it and I have in front of me such a person.

I'm so honored truly to have with me Pastor Carter, and in many of you may know, he is the pastor of the Times Square church and what up. What a legacy that that church has. Anybody's ever visited Times Square is aware that they have a real outreach to folks in pastor welcome to King person think you will be appreciating here with what what a cool thing and and as we were talking before we went on the air. God is really giving you a sense of timing that it's for such a time as this. Those listening right this minute.

Have an opportunity to connect with him and and and draw closer yet will he do Robbie. I really feel in my heart that were living in the in a moment where we've been given the window to turn back to God as a people as a nation as a church age. As a society. It's not going to last forever. We are up against a spiritual force that hates the Lordship of Jesus Christ in this bent on swallowing the society and its godlessness, and realistically, the only power that can confront it is the power God is willing to give his people. If we will humble ourselves and pray, and you know Robbie like humility is the key. It takes humility to say Lord. As Daniel said God to us belongs see my face as at this day when he prayed just before Cyrus released the people to rebuild the testimony he recognized. We've handled lightly, loosely, the testimony of God. We've we were given the keys to incredible power, but we didn't appreciate it and we drifted in because of it. We find ourselves in the midst of this terrible situation in a society where in today, but Daniel continues his prayer by saying but to you God and in the turns at Mrs. but you are the restorer you are the one who is merciful. You are the one who is worthy of bringing glory to his own name, Daniel begins to pray on a course after after Daniel's prayer crisp God moves on the heart of the king to release the people of God to rebuild the testimony so all through the Scripture we see that the undeniable power of prayer, but it is always preceded by humility SI second Chronicles 714 says my people who are called by my name will humble yourselves.

I guess Roddy the question I have to ask your people here do we have the courage to admit that on our watch. The nation is perishing, and if so then what is deficient in us not to condemn ourselves but to just say God what is it in us that needs to change so that the situation around us contains why are our churches half-empty. We are with churches in America. In almost every corner, but were not influencing our society or society is influencing the church and going its own direction. So what is it about us that we are unattractive to this generation.

What have we lost in the course. In my opinion, we have lost the ability to pray in the understanding that when we pray, got ahead of God begins to move in and how wonderful is it may act personally because God had me on this lesson plan of prayer for for some time, and more specifically in last few weeks. Daniel's prayer and in in Daniel nine. He falls on his face and he saying now here's a guy. He ate vegetables and not enough thinking that he's a big sinner but he is is like we have sinned, we have been deplorable. We you know and it's like it's a joint thing and and I relate that back myself to what happened in the book of acts at Pentecost that these guys were to gather all in one accord and that point in time the Holy Spirit showed up. And so when you guys are doing and again this is Times Square church for those who are distended and Pastor Carter, Colin. Let when you guys are on your Tuesday night prayer meeting this part of humility is joining in prayer with other believers, not just doing it on your own, but coming together as a church to pray in a common way like on a Tuesday night personal absolutely where we are to deny permitting now has people from hundred and 79 countries coming in and joining wheat. We've had phenomenal wonderful answers to prayer people getting delivered right in their kitchens from the habits from addictions marriages are being restored.

Families with so many answered prayers of people prayed for. We were children. They haven't seen in five years on a Tuesday night to submit a progress Wednesday to get a phone call from theirs and it's happened so many times is no chance it's coincidence God is a God who is willing to restore if we are willing to admit that we we don't have like these purchaser would have the resources we don't ignore our son is we don't how to get a hold of God. Can you bring them home and suddenly there's a phone call the next day or two days later in mom, dad, it's me, it's Robbie or Vince Ricky whatever his name is signed on my mountain San Francisco and I want to come home and notice of the where we get these answers coming in when people are beginning to pray. But along the lazy original thought about Daniel.

You know when Daniel prayed that prayer. It's very similar to the book of acts coming in that upper room who was there just a bunch of failures realistic I meet.

Peter had promised that he would never deny you and I'll die with you and right yet he cursed himself of the notes that I don't even know the man John who leaned on his chest, and you know about effusively declared his love for the Lord fled from the garden. There's nobody in that room.

The kid had of both nobody had a certificate nobody in the diploma. Nobody had a strategy that all failed and they went together in prayer and with the knowledge of their failure.

That's just that that's really the key with the knowledge that we can do this without you. God we need we need your power or the society is going to swallow us so hundred and 20 ordinary people. When enough room came out of that room and they begin to speak and in the Greek it's as they begin to speak the megaliths of God, which means the anticipated outward working of the inward power of God that was no with them and in other words, they were talking about things God was going to do through their lives is something that in a way that everybody and everybody heard what they said because I heard a minute online when everybody is wearing the mighty works of God which song after song after song and when you look at how many places that were told to tell that to the younger generation limiting the overthrew the Roman Empire along and I mean is, 120, but knowing this, knowing this, you know, I think of Paul's admonition to the Galatians voices all foolish Galatians, having begun in the Spirit, are you now perfected by the flesh, you know, you think of how the church began aware that the presence and power of God really is.

But today, now we have smart people we have technology we have.

We have all these gimmicks flashing lights and smoke machine talking about and are we foolish now. I'm not condemning anybody because I said we are we foolish heavily every step. Did we start in the spirit of we moved to the flesh, where are the prayer meetings that that's that's what what you say to pastor his struggling and honestly were. I live in North Carolina there's a church on every corner.

I assure you there is, but many many many have abandoned the prayer meetings because nobody came. The pastor has deleted you, the pastor has to have a passion for prayer and he has to be willing to pray, no matter who comes he has to be willing to be vulnerable in pray his heart for the people. Yes, to throw himself out. I guess as a living sacrifice to God and then start following the leading as God leads him when I was a young Christian young believer, I was a cop when I got saved any for you in New York now in Canada by the auto Canada and I was living in an area of 40 mi.▓ of nothing. No Christian testimony east of Ottawa and I jog base to jog a lot back in those days and I had a constant prayer I prayed cheeses helping this complaint won't be prayer I would pray it for like hedgehog for 3 miles and the whole dream of the missing pieces of meat. Jesus help me, Jesus, help me seven years later to make a long story short we had established two churches, Christian school, a food bank fitting 237 families no debt. All through the power of prayer. I mean, it was absolutely phenomenal what God did. All I knew to do was pray. We bought our first church for a dollar in a town of 65 people. We renovated it and within a year or so, 250 people were coming to church on Sunday morning in a town of 65 people. He came from 100 mile radius and I'll tell you why they came because Saturday night we got together at 7 o'clock and we prayed for the Sunday morning service and we prayed for the town. We there was a rule, the prayer meeting ends what it ends. But you can leave anytime you want without condemnation.

So if you came at 70 can leave at 730. Nobody batted the knife asked if he stayed 11 that was fine.

We prayed to we knew we broke through and Sunday morning we met again and we prayed an hour before the service and God came and visited that church in one year on missions budget was bigger than our operational budget for the church we started reaching out to people to communities in a very, very difficult area and God begin to do the miraculous. As we continue to pray. I remember going house to house one night all night and just standing in front of each house in the town there was was only 10 to 65 people. So there's added on this probably 2025 houses and I remember standing and praying for each family in each house and imploring God to move in that town and save those people you know we are not willing back then we had no money.

We had no skill but we could pray and we saw God do the miraculous. When I left there for New York. We left we left phenomenal amounts real estate behind us.

We bought a two-story brick school we started to Christian school. We left no debt. Everything was paid for. We never push for money.

We just paraded in just prayed and God just kept providing. Now I'm in New York City of a church of about 10,000 people and we got a multimillion dollar budgets that I'm telling you Robbie. I am not willing to trade the power of prayer for strategy sessions. I simply will not do it for me personally and I hope for the listeners as well and I've been really is, soaking in this concept of what happened there. When people came together in one accord, but I have not made the connection in my own heart, which I just made a few moments ago was these people were doing what you are doing when they were when you are running help me, Jesus is not where they are up at that operator I mean they were. This is this is a dangerous place for them and then what Jesus is God. He's been ascended and is like that which is thus in water. What's next and help me, Jesus, help me, Jesus yet it was that simple. It was, it was nice was that simple and in Jesus knew the plan and then you know off they once they were encouraged through the prayer that he made that happen and rather than declaring their own glorious works, whatever they were declaring the mighty works of God and and and that's what everybody's hungry to hear. Yes, yes it is worth seeing it now New York City. I mean a lot of a lot of what God's given me to speak, for example, in the churches will declare to the people. If you will turn to Christ, if you will begin to call out to him. This is what he will do for you, so it's basically the same as they did on the book of acts they were declaring the wonderful things that God will do another were doing it with an initial evidence of supernatural power which I'm also doing in the sense that I have no power to speak, other than God gave it to me. I was a very shy man very bound by fear. Actually because of some experiences in my life and God took me in that shyness and he sent me before crowds in Africa, for example, I preached an audience of half a million people for three nights consecutively. But only God can do that and I declare to them the simple message that what God has done for me. He will do for you. It's not profound. It's just like if you will turn to him in humility. If you will open your heart if you let the spirit of God and Christ save you in the spirit of God can in your life you will be delivered from being a natural being and be brought and be made in supernatural being in the sense that that Christ's life inside of you will overpower your frailty break the penalty and power of sin and you will become a new creation as the Bible says and your message will be simple and be the telling. The next man. What Jesus did for me. Jesus will do for you. That's been my whole life I find myself in countries and places and ides.

I found I've been in the home of two different presidents on five been asked for advice. I always never qualified to be anywhere that I am. That's what makes it such a beautiful turn.

I love it I do with all my heart. What you don't know. In talking to the guy across the microphone. At first I was a car dealer, I would not do my own commercials because I was so scared of public speaking in any way shape or form.

Who would have ever dreamed who will event and what God asked me to do and I was like are you kidding me if you heard my voice this is not something that but here's the part that's that's that. I really can't get over in my own life and I hope people can hear it is. It says in acts that you're going to receive power to be my witness and when ever I give an opportunity to speak and say this is what God did in my life that I'm unclearly just being a witness, and in spite of the fact that I'm terrified to be on the air all the things that you and that that we now go on among shy people, yet is, but I can tell you what I saw. I know what happened. You know, I know that I was healed from cancer.

I know that I've seen in a unbelievable things in people's lives in freedom and and and families put back together and those things that that you're seeing on Tuesday night and I love and honestly I do a lot interviews a lot and most the time people have some agenda honestly that is there, but I don't. Since I claimant investor your knots on a book you don't have you not trying people to go to your website. There's gotta be something here is going to bed made that says I don't schmooze and I have no business can thrive is name badge name onů Terry I was like wow wow again I was thinking the person to live up in the convention floor.

The National Heritage broadcasters convention. I'm with Pastor Carter Conlin, who I am just delighted to have had a chance to share with Ian out just how cool so you guys are there right on time square right there by Broadway people.

Anybody can come visit your church when you're in New York City. This is the place to come to know you at Broadway and 51st right there are services all day Sunday 1010 13 and section out the 1 o'clock services for seekers we we got about three 400 people know what people are not Christians or their very very new or kind of on the fringes of Christianity, and they have questions so we deal with topics like who is Jesus Christ. What is sin what is the Bible. Why the cross you know one of them topics as soon white is a need to be God because that's where New Yorkers are they they have no idea about any of these things and so we we can to deal with that with people and then we will frequently press them for a decision who is ready to follow Jesus Christ and will get sometimes 3045 10 distant in a but there'll always be somebody that stands up since I am I am I'm ready. Then we take them into a more intensive class and then into water baptism on the but a month later, on Sunday night where they testify so and I did. I'm encouraging our evangelistic to impress the people for a decision. Press them don't let them think that because the inserts are saved make them make a decision, draw a line in the sand. Every time you present truth and say there's a decision here that needs to be made which side of eternity. Are you going to be on and I just I just thank God for the simplicity of Christ.

You know, when you said you will be witnesses of me. You know a lot of people think that you be given the intelligence to talk about me that's that's part of it the way I see that is, I will. I will declare who I am. You it's a whole other perspective on that Christ in me. Paul said the hope of glory. I God's is I will I will bear witness to myself through your life. I will take you where you can't go give you what you can't possess make you what you can never be. I will do that for you with time to tell you a quick story you two okay when I was 15 years old I started suffering panic attacks. My grandfather was a judge and my father was denied an education because of World War II so he more or less started living his life vicariously through my life. I was going to be the next lawyer in the family and such like, and at tremendous pressure was put on me but II didn't feel I had the wherewithal to achieve it.

So at 15 I started to panic, and panic attacks became constant. Part of my life for nine years and if you've never experienced these.

It's the costing the hell on earth that you will ever experience.

It's like suddenly pours a bucket of sand on your head. Your heart starts to pound you feel darkness closing in his deep sense of hopelessness starts overpower you eventually get afraid of being on a bus going out of the house. I I kept it a day, largely through physical fitness. I became a fitness not at work out three hours at a why you're talking yeah that's exactly it. I got saved when I was 24 and I was at home one night and I have been reading my Bible and I don't remember half of the verse, but the apostle Paul said of God before us, who can be against us and I felt one of these panic attacks coming on my life again not up to that point, usually before being a Christian, I would take volume and whiskey in the Christian straight glass of whiskey and gendered numb myself to get through it. But now there is no more value number whiskey on his Christian I wasn't going back and is a brand-new Christian. I went down into my living room and I still remember the prayer I prayed as if it was yesterday and it's almost 40 years.

I said Satan you can only kill me if God allows you and if he does I win, I'm going to have SI win either way.

So you throw at me.

Everything you've got, but I throw back at you.

What I now have and I said in the name of Jesus Christ, the son of God. I resist you. I resist you, and I was standing there and I felt a warmth hit my feet go through my calves my legs my middle. My body my chest and out the top of my head. I was completely set free from panic attacks at night. My life began with prayer and as I told you before, I stood before hundreds of thousands of people at Princeton Hindu Muslim prisons. I've been in places that you could never dreamed that God could take you places you should be afraid. And I'm not an only so my life began with prayer.

My life began. By understanding that God answers prayer that there's power in God to be set free from the bondage is of sin and the bondage is of everything this world can put in your life and so starting their by God's grace I am absolutely unwilling to turn to strategy reasonings, budgets, committees, somebody else can have that under to stay in the prayer closet. That's why Tuesday night. We pray from 530 to 9 o'clock and that's why God has taken it worldwide pastor. We are at a time.

However, I would be so delighted and I know my listeners what is well if you would pray for our listeners. I will think father in Jesus name Lord I ask for those of their listing today.

You are a God of the miraculous. You deliver you heal. You give strength you empower you cause us to rise up, Lord, when we don't think we have the strength to even walk.

I pray Lord Jesus Christ, that you would put faith back in the hearts of your people face to believe your promises faith to pray faith to stand face to be a living witness again to this generation of the reality of the presence and the existence of Almighty God through Jesus Christ. Father, I thank you Lord God for what you will do and how you will do it. I ask even now as I prayed open prison doors give sight to the blind, heal those that have been bruised, and wounded in their heart and they think they can't live again.

Oh God, open the doors to those that are imprisoned and set them free. Give strength to those who feel so poor, they have no resource to rise up out of the situation. Lord God let faith just like you did in the men on the road to Emmaus. Let it begin to burn in people's hearts again today, and God reignite prayer in the hearts of your people, deliver us, God from ourselves and bring us back to you again.

Father I ask this in Jesus name, amen, amen

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