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Hearing, Listening, and Understanding After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 11, 2021 8:00 am

Hearing, Listening, and Understanding After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 11, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on hearing, listening, and understanding continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from the films "World Trade Center," "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles," and "Facing the Giants."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


This is Joanne McNair with the podcast storytime Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds enjoying it, share it, but most of all thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network French masculine journey after hours on so sit back masculine welcome emotional journey after hours and talking this week about a topic that impacts every single one of like I promise you this topic affects us in one way or another.

Harold Doolittle's little bit about the topic to talk about today reminded talk about the difference going hearing listening and how they are related. You can hear without listening to Listen here point is just using Wayne to do some unit oh you looking at the foot microphone you and Rodney are like microphone stairs today. Yeah Harold you have a clip that we didn't get in the first episode. It's really kinda timely considering in our shows on 9/11 right and so this is from the movie World Trade Center. It's a clip from that movie.

And fortunately, before I was left home to come to the studio with movies based on the clip he was Marine policeman of the ironworker. I had traits that were ideally suited for what he the clip is talking about he feels called by God, go to the trade center which he does and ends up saving two policemen that were trapped down in the in the wreckage, that's really something that the true story and course this is just a small snippet of where he's describing the call from God to go and help his name is Dave Carnes I believe is the last time that I've got to be able to help people. So we have the hearing in the listening mention here and he actually goes. Anyone supposed to be there but they dressed up in his Marine uniform and just blocked his way through ended up down in the wreckage found two policemen trapped actually saved beautiful beautiful story and it emphasizes listening to God thanks for running back over to you.

You actually have a clip you want to talk about for this topic as well read all this one that you week will, Wildman had somebody close and this one is all planes, trains and automobiles, and Harold like this one the to fit in with this topic you got two men that are on their way back home over Thanksgiving. Having struggles with flights and whether and things of that nature and have the wild adventure. Driving back to basically Chicago and then up to Wisconsin where most, but on this particular scene they been driving they been driving late at night didn't fall asleep and waking up in all kinds of other stuff in the cars now going where they think they're going but it's actually in going into oncoming traffic.

That's was going on the scene and began to pass receipt wakes up, looks over across the road and tell these people honking and yelling. Adam and trying to get their attention so little conversation and basically what they're trying to do is they're not listening and hearing what they're trying to say because they have their own thoughts of where they're at and where they're going. Once the race I know I never let his longest crush that's what ends up happening, you end up in a crash when you don't listen and don't try to pay attention.

We have your own perceptions and that's all you want to do and you can't try to understand somebody trying to warn you about. Sometimes you know you just go to the run freight right in that brick wall. Anyway, just headstrong. That's where I spent most my life and yell relationships and things and just I know with my wife. You know just constantly yeah whatever else, like the peanuts teacher that's allowed outside the hearing.

Yeah honey I hear you. I go off and do my own thing to do my own way that doesn't help very much. Now it doesn't unite.

Think about being a parent right any try to help you kids not on the same traps that you fell into and you can tell him and tell him and tell him and some of them work for the most part they have to kinda experience in themselves really realize that you know it it's the skin the same way and in doing any type of training or teaching that on some level you learn more from your mistakes and eating from your accomplishments.

Yeah, that's even in my professional life. That's a lot of what we try to do with people's have them try things small things I make small errors before they make the big year you know it's the same thing here, and that's one of things to but what you want to do as a parent is also a model the right thing and have the right actions because of they see they can see through making a name and a fake stick you speaking right at me. I listening to you. Sorry Sam, but merely have an intervention that's that's what my life is always at its microphone in the so when you're when you're sitting there talking. It's one thing they can tell by your demeanor, your body language are you really listening to mama paying attention to her are you not that's one of the things that he knows private one the worst things I can remember from being a parent being a spouses just not being engaged being in my own world. Do my own thing and just everybody else is just okay. I have to pay attention to this was posted, get back to me reasonable that Robbie went in a totally different direction than the rest of the group, which is not abnormal now and I could end up in a crash and I can have a very valid making in a different direction. I meant that as a compliment. So as you might guess it has to do with the brew and in the Hebrew letter that that kinda means expression that you should be listening to his letterhead and ended actually means, what it sounds like which is to be expressing oneself in the course, God expresses himself to so really cool in the hundred 19 Psalm King David is going to give us a lesson on how to determine what's being expressed from God very specifically and so he begins a series of prayers in eight different verses on how to incline your heart, so to speak to here because most the time for me. You know that there are several issues involved in being able to listen. 1 Is Which Way do I lean you know what where my prejudice is already on the matter, or if I think I know the most common thing so when it gets down to 36 versus is incline my heart to your testimonies and not to covetousness. In other words, he's talking about inclining his heart and then he says turn my eyes away from seeing vanity and Quicken bow me in my way, which essentially saying bring me to life in Jesus. But first you gotta get your eyes off of what you are looking at, which have to do with your self-interest and not dying to self right and and so he says, incline my heart and then he says turn my eyes away. Then he asked that he be able to hear thy word.

But he says because you devote your servant is devoted to the high fear. You see, what you fear and what you love has a lot to do with how you listen when you're scared to death. You listen completely differently like.

Believe me, when God gets your attention at times. You listen very clearly and and so he's what what King David is actually doing here, which I think is absolutely beautiful is he is within his prayer asking God for these very specific things to help him to actually go beyond the point of hearing and to not only listening and not only understanding but then applying and implementing you know what it is that God's ask him to do so.

We have a clip here, from facing the giant get liquid and ministers looking summarizes point again because I think it's important for people really hear room in be able to put in the use actually said them. I heard you say them right again to help him dismiss the saintly understand what this points. David is making heat he's making these points of what they call emotional health and they are that you have love and respect that that Paul talks about but actually it's love and fear.

So what you love and will and what you fear have to do with how you listen and is also your heart. Incline my heart. Help me lean towards you. Rather than lean towards the things that were you're not in, and then he says to the I speak to the eyes. Because faith comes by hearing, and a course you gotten all this trouble from seeing right and so many sins happen as it is a mold of it is looking at covetousness rather than looking at God cerise talk about inclining your heart, asking that he turn his dear eyes back towards what he has in mind and obviously the loving of the whole heart. That's a King David thing right from the very basic and then again being devoted to thy fear in some respect of of what that is.

So yeah not sure quite a bit.

Think so. In the facing the Giants clipped that up that were given here here.

This young man is Sam and don't lose him quite often.

You know the person you're listening to is our self rather than to God. So the guys heart is not inclined to what God has in mind for what's best for him but but what he things and so here the coach kinda takes the place of giving this young man some faith based on taking away his visions, watch, listen carefully to clip what is he do. He put the blindfold on the boys so he can't see. You know how far he's gone. And then he asked him to give his best effort. But then the voice that he is going to be hearing throughout this exercise. It is not going to be anything other than you know you can do it you have what it takes your written Friday night as loss brought will not look at the river. He did Jerry not yet proceed to the death call again except I want to see your absolute best.

What you only go the 30 thinking of the 5050. I got the 50th. Eliza Malec thinking to Jeremy on your back, but even if you can't you possibly do your best.

I even give me your best.

I'm going to do my best thing to do month-old law, should you have a certain point for the German culture leaves off the ground is not. You go married no needles naming once you know if we would just walk by faith and not by sight.

Faith comes from hearing, and hearing from the word of God. And so it has to do with listing.

Harold, by all means, but you got out, eat, eat. You gotta get that word from my standpoint. The best advice I ever got my whole life was to spend time in the word where have you do that daily know whatever Albert for Xavier schedule and and in doing so he can speak to me, but he speaks through his work most often a thing with the inventions. It was made for us to be able to communicate more effectively actually works in the opposite direction is our phone right. If I have my phone and I'm looking at it.

It's a good chance of not paying attention to what you're saying now. That's not always true that I can multitask a little that but it strained at best and a lot of time to listen looking something up. And so yeah that's one of those things where for me and reality when I really want to pay full attention.

I have to look at the person and not look at anything else and try not to think of anything else and listen to what they have to say and I told the story on here before I realized a long time ago and was married that I could not go to a restaurant that had TVs or if I did was had to be at my back as I was negative listening that my wife had to say it didn't matter if it was socket was on and I don't like soccer. I wanted yeah it's in front of me. It's on and that's entertaining. Not that she wasn't saying that under saying that that was one of the things that are reconciled within me say again okay attending this for me means no other distraction and anything else it's as you mentioned parfait him to say here we got is on the way home.

By the way. Two of the was thinking about scenario with my wife early on in our marriage because I must technician my heart and I fix things and we were having a conversation and she was telling me something over what is it that Willow listed, but it was there were years ago and I immediately go into fix-it mode. I heard about her first three or four sentences and realizing the problem when I'm already thinking of a solution in hand hurting me and she stops in the middle of this is stop. She said I don't want you to fix it. I just want you to listen and I thought what good is that why are you telling me you will and now being in a role where I listen to people.

The phone with and helpful with technical stuff I've had to learn to listen to what you're saying because I can't see what they're doing and were playing with electricity so there was Wallace, comical. You knew they judged her own thing, but the two listen better so that I can more effectively help them with the problem. Point you ask a point why just know I've been spending a lot of time in the book of John lately, which is on this topic.

It's hilarious that every time I go back through it and reread it just it just laughs because it's a continuing cycle of I'm telling you who I am or who are you I'm telling you who I am.

Who are you and also lot of the different passes you know it's like what I like about the understanding Harold adheres everyone who has heard and learned from the father comes to me. So if you've learned and heard from the father. You can understand who Jesus is because some are his and some are not. And then they start telling you your testimony you test my Microsoft testimony is not true they're not listening deal that they don't wanted to be true. They get something ready made up in their minds and how often we've just like this and then you later on.

So they were saying to him who are you and Jesus said to them, what have I been saying to you from the beginning. Could you imagine the frustration if he was human I would just be blown up by now just yelling and screaming at him and trying to meal kicked the box in my office hold that the allies lobbied on and then later always like why do you not understand what I'm saying is, because you cannot hear my word you of your you are of your father the devil, and you want to do desires of your father. So there's all these are things and then I love it.

Later on when Philip said in Lord, show us the father and it is enough for us like it's always just just being humble right is like Jesus, like oh my gosh dude. Have I been more so long with you and yet you have not come to know me, Philip. He who has seen me has seen the father. How can you say show me the father I just it is so funny that how you look at this book, the Bible and the stories in it and how it is keep coming back to, I can look myself in the mirror that Bible no Rodney thinking on the same thing this you're doing this with you.

These people are with God himself.

Sight don't you believe what he says don't don't you go don't you take that into believe that you are truly the son of God and he loves you and he is pleased with you even though you're an idiot and do all kinds of other things at times he knows really who you are and that's that's that's hard for us to go there and just believe in that. It is the things that jumps out at me that I used to do a show called Jesus junkets in and we did a show on the missionary from Somalia who was talking to these refugees that you can imagine, it was one of the worst humane disaster humanity disasters all time people starve to death all over the place and was all sorts of war, all kinds of starving and these missionaries would come into these camps and they would be everybody would be dead but wanted to report three people and so they came in and they would have water, they would have body bags. They would have an intellect. You need a body bag back to bear your family and you need water to need food. They had these things like this and what he discovered with the people biggest need was before they got the food before they got the body bags are before they got anything else is, they wanted to tell their story. They wanted to be heard and and I've never forgotten. I mean, we don't realize the value of of listening to somebody's story that it it's that whole hay is like this humane used humongous need.

We all have, to be hurt and into matter and so it's a really unique gift that we have sometimes just the ability to sit and hear somebody's story with interest and feel like you know that their life made a difference since really cool thing and I feel really petty about my whole pickle thing you know where that place that we eat before we cohere, says on the menu pickle spear upon request.

I requested it many times I've yet to get one United it's not the pickle I pickles a home right but it is he goes making a big deal out of it. No, no, no, no, I am making a big deal out of it is my personal woundedness obviously right goes to a societal woundedness that were not listen to her. That's the biggest thing I think people get angry about. Is this not being heard.

That's what that's what all the things that that's a catalyst it's when you know I don't feel like it may heard you don't like you being heard someone else's like being heard of.

You're going to hear me say in the mentality at some point if it okay if they don't completely withdraw all right and so stopping and listening another how much different would our home see how much different would our ministries be how much different would you know a restaurant, this a great place the 11 placement how much different would our our country be our worldly this point if we just stop and listen and let people tell their story and not try to manipulate it or move it in five different direction. Yeah, I mean I was dumbfounded.

I was out dove hunting them with Rodney on Saturday. Clay is calling and and just a friend and unlike me wanting him, here but oh my gosh's aunt had died and as he was sharing all that. Then he knew he had found her and the story that was all behind that and and what was on his heart. It was in as you share that thing man. You know what an honor to good to be on the recipient of somebody that that that needs to share that and feel like you're the guy the branches and you know God does that for all of us all the time and other than time when does it require from us really nothing and we all have the ability to listen, there's a few people have questioned, you know, I think we all have the ability use is whether we have a the discipline or be we take the time and do things we need to to listen fully that so I was very amused when you did your and you have to go back and listen to the original broadcast of this, but you are come talking about I start to say complaining but I was. That's the way I heard it, it's probably not to a minute about the people repeating back to you what they thought they heard you say and body guy was laughing because that is something that's not everybody does it do because it's active listening and that was all the things that was big in any kind of counseling and the we can be doing the tricks to listen and not hear what's being said I wish we could play the victim from anger management where sometimes people are just trying to get to the point they want to make versus you know, really listening was complaining to Ashley so you hit the nail on the head.

You heard me fine. I was complaining in think the active listening comes in when someone's been talking about in the middle of the sentence and that I could be that it was literally green with envy pickle and never getting my point. Like you will talk to you next. This is the Truth Network

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