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September 8, 2021 7:45 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 8, 2021 7:45 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How did you arrive at the amil view---2- Can you give me any good sources for research into Covid---3- Can a Christian remarry after divorce---4- How can I best help my friend who recently joined the LDS church---5- How do you respond to 1 Peter 3-21 in regards to Roman Catholicism---6- Do you have any resources for biblical numerics---7- Do JWs believe they will see Jesus after death-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is it apologetic to research what is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine maps.

What why France is called responding to your questions and 772072276 just call the problem. We can talk to the shoulder. Not sure what's going on. It is the Christian apologetics research ministry and the echoing here something distracting me. It's weird anyway so the ring looks okay, will so well we do a questions or answers to discussions on Christian theology. We do all kinds of stuff and theology of Mormonism. Joe's witnesses is greenside unity behind a slump.

We do you oppose the Colts we been doing covert research now governmental systems are things like a lot of stuff going on with you want to give me a call. I want to hear from you. 772072276. I hope you all had a great weekend. I did have barbecue friends over and a good time, and stuff like that and I know I just think the Lord for our country.

Ability built to celebrate this just grateful to the Lord alright so with field lines give me a call 877-207-2276 and when we just up on the phone to get to see fall yesterday mouse from Winston-Salem will be on their FA alright, that sounds good and works so what's a sneak up barely hear you okay little better. So go ahead alright okay I really ornate will you wrap okay and I'd like to know not a lot like know already live on which position rapture millennium, or what your yeah, yeah, that show off how that will live well okay I'll see what I believe it. So for example if you go to Revelation 20 minute talk with the thousand years a lot of people. This assumed the sounds and there is automatically a literal period of time, but not necessarily because it says in an angel came to heaven. I think it's literal, holding a key of the abyss. I think it's figurative the literal key and a great chain that's figurative also laid hold of the Dragon that's figurative the serpent of old, that's literal, who is a devil and Satan better for thousand years. Is it literal or figurative people just automatically assume the thousand. There is literal live just by not asking you why Mr. Lucas is thousand so this is a God of the thick of the account on a thousand hills as of me does not honor the thousand and one, and in August at the questions and so I look at stuff like this. I don't convinced that the 1000 is a literal rain. It might be but you know how diverse are not there is another thing I think is very powerful. I'll read this to you and as you question I'll read something else for the Lord himself will dissent from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and the trumpet of God of the dead in Christ shall rise first.

Then we who are alive and remain shall he cut the government with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and socially peaceful would be the Lord is the rapture right is God wrap my I agree with you through afternoon and Paul dishonest. Therefore comfort one another with these words. Now as to the times and the ethics brethren, you have no need of anything to be written to you for yourselves know full well the day the Lord will come up with either not bless the rapture they Lord conduct a thief than okay. No problem. You do is say Peter 310 but the day the Lord cometh, even if the heavens will pass away. Morgan elements of the and will be destroyed with intense heat will that's the problem is because the data look under thief home is only one day the Lord is one. The date of the Lord and so Paul says in first Thessalonians 4 that's the rapture the rapture occurs on in Peter says that's with the new heavens and new earth remained so where's the 1000 year reign in between those events. It doesn't fit because in premillennialism the rapture occurs thousand years before the new heavens and new earth are made. But what I see in Scripture that occurs in the same day. Furthermore, Satan is closely bound during the millennial right and so when you go to Matthew 12 2232 Jesus is casting out demons and the Jews are saying that you're doing the part of the devil. Okay. And Jesus says in verse 25 in the kingdom divided against itself will fall significant Satan will help his kingdom stand.

If I buy Bill's UPDATE was likely to do it by Things Will Blah Passes for 49 How Can Anyone Enter the Strong Man's House and Carry Office Property That's the Casting a Demon That Was Talking about. He Says Unless He First Binds the Strong Than the Plunderers House Was Talk about Satan, Three Saying Satan Is Bound and Then You Know Many 24 Was a Tomb in the Field Was Left Was Taken with the Mother's Right.

That's Rapture Right Now Is Not Good Is Not It's about. Though the Wicked Were Taken so That I Said That.

So Here's What's Really Interesting We Know 13 and We Have the Parable of the Week and the Tears and They Said Hastily Tear up the Chairs. It Is No Allowed Both Go Together until the Harvest the Time of the Harvest Will Save the Reapers First Gather of the Chairs and Bind Them in Bundles Time the Harvest.

The First Was Gathered Wicked.

Matthew 1330 and When They Go on to Explain, He Explains the Parable and He Says Will Look You in Verse 38 of My 13.

The Field Is the World and the Good Seed Is the Sons of the Kingdom, the Tears of the Sons of the Evil One, and the Enemy Who Sowed Them Is a Double in the Harvest Is the End of the Age and the Reapers Are Angels. So, Just As the Tares Are Gathered up under the Fire. Social Be at the End of the Age. The Son Of Man Will Send Forth His Angels Will Gather Out Of His Kingdom All Stumbling Blocks, and Those Commit Lawlessness, so Jesus Comes Back First Was Taken of the Wicked Not the Good of the Rapture Occurs Free, Millennial Will Than the Wicked Have Taken First and Are Judged by What I Would Think That I Had. I Back Home but You About What It You Believe Why I Yeah You Know and Agree with Me on That. I Don't Care, That's Fine. I Know, but Interest but Not Going to Go Look up the Fact A Lot Of Real Polite Challenge Polite. There's an Article of Written Called the Two Ages Two Ages in Support of All Mental If You Look It up. Print up His Work through It or the Scriptures, If You Save This Every Single Time I Ever Done This and Bible Studies without Exception Every Time. Over the Years, Premillennialism's Have Not Been Able to Answer the.

The Scriptures and the Rapture. Can You yet Is Ideal. Right Now My I like That I Think Are Well. The Parent Sure I Bear You up out As I Did.

You and I Thank You for That and I Look Forward to an Article Independent Map It out and Go through and See A Lot Of Information I and Every Time so Was but a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Verse I Just the Context in the Doesn't Support Preacher Rapture so That's My Plan, Getting That Wrong. We All Want. That's Right.

And I Because I Very Strongly That All A Lot. You Likely You You Will German Check It out. Images Ensues Have a Say in the Future That Information I Have and See. I Will You That but I Sound Good but I Think Sir Sounds Good but You Too Carlos.

All Right, All Right. We Have a Couple of Lines 877-207-2276 Was Good to Janet from Raleigh, North Carolina. Janet Welcome You Are on the Air Think That I Do Have a Question. I'm Sure I Do My Own Research on COBIT 19 and I Need Some Really Good Sources for Information and I Just Wonder If You Could Provide Some House.

Well I Have a List of At Least 21 Links Gone to, and Books. I Can Say What the Books Going to Bit Shoots of I've Gone to See Lozier

The High Wire Podcast from Apple and Google.

Of Course the American View Natural Go on the Who the Who of Whatever It Is XYZ Net.Australia Newsmax Stat News Hello D. The Guy Just Gone. I Just Go All over the Place and Started Releasing Article You Find It Easy Why More Than Others from More Than Other Know Why Ryan Trying Lean Towards CDC More and Okay Health Organization and Also That That's Just Some of the Mothers Web MD You Have Gone to Honda Hopkins Let's See I Just Go All over the Place and Go so I Just Look at Everything. Jim Not Network Which Is Official Medical Review and All Kinds of Stuff in River My Really Nicely You Hold a Break Your Back and Okay for Folks like Back after These Messages When You Call, Please Do 7777 Mass Y Call 77077 Pairs Nicely. There Are Line out Line Because I Want to Talk about.

Quite Often It the Clock Man Versus the 95 Man Now Just Wondering Do You Know Where You Got That Information from. I Have the Facts. Let's See If I've Released It yet of Class Masks. Here's How It Works and 99 Removes That the Virus Particles Which Are Supply .03 m of Death and 95 Masks and 99 Masks Remove 99% of the Material Goes That He Breathed in and Breathed out, and 95 Removes 95% Surgical Masks What I've Seen Roughly Do about 50% and Cloth Masks Are Free Percent Effective, and I've Got the Documentation I Just As a Matter of Fact Today Was Looking at and I Were Having Trouble May Tell You This Wedding Trouble with the Website, Enter Web Guys on Vacation and That under the Current Site on the Left-Hand Side's Navigation of the Secular Issues and I Put a Coded Category in There and It Disappeared Today and I Don't Know. So I Have the Articles There but Go to the Homepage. You Can See Sue. The Articles Are Homepage Released Dictionary Terms and How Effective Are Masks against Covert and so You Click on the You'll See Right Got the Documentation and That Service Laboratory to Show the Penetration Particles to the Cloth Masks to Be Very High. 97% Compared with Medical Masks 44% and Using Trial and 3M 930 Zero and 95 and Has Stuff and It's from a and CBI.NLM.NHH.Golf the Documentation at Their so Happy I Have Done Is Just." I Don't Want to Do Any Conclusions As to Quotes Is Much As Possible.

Finding out Okay for You That I Go to the Car Website I Can Get That Information about the Man.

Yes, If You Go on the Car Website and Is Looking Page, You'll See How Effective Are Masks against Covert Air, You Have a Very Old You Have the Authority to Guide from Right Absolutely Okay to Sit in It. I Tell People Think That If I Don't Have a Thought That How I Got and Will You Be Doing Is Continue to Release Articles in My Opinion A Few Things Changed Just for the Research and so It Has. I Trust the Government, Conspirators Do Not Believe All the Stuff the MRNA Does Not Do It. I Thought It Did. So That's Good. Just System Blitz on so There Are Problems Associated with Masks I Have Them Listed along with the Site, Skin Problems and Sinus Headaches, Fatigue, Negative Impact on Immune Resiliency of Behavioral Problems We Can Demean System Anxiety, Depression, and Is a Bit Even Been an Increase of Monks or Groups of People. Suicide Thoughts Empty Profile Because of Masks Was Just Information As We All Master Bed. No Masks Reduce This Critical Absolutely. They Do and 95 Masks Are Very Effective, but the Problem Is You Basically Lose Him Once or You Have To Wash Them Thoroughly That I Have Research How to Do That with the Surgical Mask Most Everyone Wears They Face. We Don't Do Much for Me.

They Do Large Droplets, but They Don't Remove Enough of What You Need Never to Be Effective in the Cloth Masks Are Disputed and Face Shields or Even Just Basically Useless to Wear a Shofar. Yes, Because It Why Don't You Find out It Why Don't You Do Is Blocking the View Look like Large Coffins.Droplets, and so Everything up and in It and People Talk It Goes up All over You and so Basically That the Face Shields Are Basically Useless Enable Wow and Have a Table I've Done Work Cloth Masks Low Effectiveness Does Not Meet the Enemy Five Qualifications. Not Much Protection Should Be Cleaned Daily, 3% Efficiency in the Facial to Just Have Low on the Same Level of Cloth Mask, but It Is Actually Worse.

There Is Some Readers Are Waiting Where You Can Get the K 95 Man Meeting You Go to and 95 Used the Nightline and Five Masks That They Work and You Need and Right.

But Here's Now There's the Problem There's Was Called Community Debt As Well to the Article Today and I and I'm Working on an Analogy, Let's See How It Works to Say, Hypothetically, This Is Got from Her from Reading Articles. I Didn't Know about This and These Are Journals That Talk about This in This Water Saying Is That You Have a Deficiency That Accumulates When You Are Not Exposed to Germs so I Traveled with Lila and an Analogy for the Hundred German Units That You Can Encounter a Year and You Need Those That Need of the Unit yet Hundred Units a Year. You Have a Certain Level of of Reaction, Your Body Goes through in Order to Become Resistant to Various Things Yeah Distancing Initials of This Is Just That Effective and I Wearing Cloth Mask Which Is Basically Not Effective but If You Really Do a List of Rights and 95, Then What Happens Is a Sibling of Exposed in the Year 200 Units. Your Base Will Exposed to. Let's Say 80 Units and so That Means Your Hero Have Not Been Exposed to Several Germs That Come around in Your Body Is Not Reacting to the Community to Them This Goes on for Two or Three, Four Years Wearing Masks and Doing This and I Think within the Accumulated Community Community Debt Increases in That If a New Virus Comes through Because People Systems Have Been Weakened or Not Strength That I Should Say Not Weakened but Not Strengthened Due To the Exposure Letter Stuff Than Are More Susceptible to Being Hit with Something More Severe and It Can Cause of the Pandemic and How with That the Government Will Then Command Because of It. I Was Sure to Save McKnight for Fiction Again.

George Will or Will the Government Suppression and Is There Hand so the Government Can Come in and Shut Worst the This Notion of More That down and Require More Compliance. This Is What We Are Not Inartfully Yes.

So There Has To Be Was Called Herd Immunity.

But How Do You Do That Safely, While You Have To Be Exposed to Stuff but You Would Be Exposed to Bad Stuff and so Protect Yourself and You Got to Do That. So Now There's a Balance We Have To Maintain It in a Culture Society and How to Get on to Say about That but Just Reading about and There's so Much More I Been Doing This for Hours for Days for Weeks Now and I Now I Have Even Gotten into the What the Virus Vaccines Actually Do but I Have Discovered Using Fetal Cells Develop All Right and I Appreciate Information on What You Got the Car Website. What Made Again All Right Both the Writeback Mass like Why Call 77077 Charismatic Slave concerning Remarriage so Chris and Kurt Are Remarried Again after Boarding or No Longer That I Am a People Alludes Roman. Very. Evenly Better Numbers Are Not Taking That a Woman Cannot Know Remarried on the Hug and Die or Vice Versa Balcony to Clarify the Delegated Manner and Taking Well. There Are Two Categories of Divorce. Send This to Me That Permits Divorce. One Is Adultery Your Recent Abandonment.

Jesus Said in Matthew 19 Nine by City, Whoever Divorces His Wife, except for Immorality. For Me, Sexual Morality, and Married Another Woman Commits Adultery so That Is Firstly to 715. Our Paul Says If the Unbelieving One Leaves Let Them Leave the Better Sisters Not under Bondage in Such Case, the Goddess Called Us to Peace.

So This Is in the Persecution Time Us in the Context Was in Unbelieving Spouse Leaves They Abandon You. Let Them Go Bondage That Pointed Abandon You.

They Broke Them. The Covenant Boundaries Now We Apply This to Their Problems Because the Bible Doesn't Say Too Much about This in the Particulars of the Areas That We Want to Address. So If You Have Two Unbelievers with Seder Atheists, and They Get Divorced Because He Didn't Get along and Get Divorced and One of Them Becomes a Christian Leader Can That Person Remarry Is Not a Difficult Divorce Will I Would Say Yes They Can Remarried Because Everything Is under the Blood of Christ, and They Didn't Know They're Doing and and to Get Divorced up Their People Disagree with Me on What Position and What You Do If Those Christian Couple Who Got Divorce Because He Didn't like Each Other Will Then Be the Ones for You Remarry with Those Adultery Involved and Were Say One Spouse Puts Adultery and Both Christians Are Supposed Christians Will Commits Adultery Well the the Other One Has the Right Divorce, but Not the Obligation of Itself. If That Person Wants to Reconcile the Marriage That's That's That Person.

A Couple Let's Say the Offending Person Continues and Adultery Than the Other One Is Free to Decides to Divorce and Then Is Free to Remarry Later on Today Just yet As Variables Very Long at All about the My Aunt What You Have a Question It's Pretty Hard to Answer the Question and Okay Key with an Unbeliever with Her Husband Follicles Another Woman of the Lord Feeling Better Commingled. He Lit a Faith Single for Almost One Thing Five Years Analogy Finding the Right Man Christian Man and Kindly Know Going in the Right Direction, but She's Not Worried That We Know Is Can I Remarry Now to Know More about the Bible Going through Christianity Worried about Her Salvation. She Would to Get Married Remarry with No Again.

Consider Adding Closely. So If I Were Her Pastor and She Came to Me and She Said Years Ago. Her Husband Committed Adultery and Left the Marriage and I Know We Talked and That's What It Was, She Wasn't Messing around She Was Doing Anything Wrong and She's Willing to Work on and He Was. He Refused and He Left, She's Free and There Was a Guy That Is a Guy That She Wanted to Marry and in and He Was a Christian. I Counsel to Both Ago Yeah Okay I Prefer the Sermon.

Okay, so I Was Thinking That They Put Their Faith Journal Problem but God Bless You Rick I'll Get on the Right. Let's Get up to Nathan from South Dakota Hey Nathan, Welcome Our on a Hot Plate and That Is Nobody Actually Got Him Though I Were so Full of Acts Right Here, My Friends, I Thought Right and I Hear the Theology Doing Right Weirdly Violent and She Joined the Mormon Church Elders. It Is 23 and One Who I've Known Her Okay for Life or Hear Their Career Away.

Hello Hello Little to See the Church. It Was like within the Last Month She Been Baptized in the Head Barely Walk on Her Own Name and It (on Thing Here Is Very Goal so and Do yet What You Do Is You Trying Maintain That Friendship and Don't Push Too Much Because She's Young, She's Probably Emotionally Vulnerable Such As Gullible and They Flub on Turner Then She's Emotionally Committed Not Intellectually Committed, so You Need to Keep That Door Open and Prepare for Metal Roof Real Quick Write down. You Just Keep the Door and If You Don't Go Jump on with a Thousand Anti-Mormon Facts Okay Is You Should Probably Just Close off and Emotionally Resistance Anything Else. Mrs. Unfortunately Happens and Calls People Follow Emotions Rather Than the Truth and Mine Testimonies Their Feelings That Mormonism Is the Religion of Feeling Nonfat so Would Can Also Probably Happened Is That As She Matures, She Might Start Recognizing Some of the Problems in Mormonism's Hearing like God Came the Planet and Goddess Mother and They Have Relations and Haven't Experienced Babies and Satan and Jesus Are Spirit Brothers in Secret Handshakes to Become Gods and You Know and You Don't Expect.

I Thought the Mormons Have Been a Member Couple and I Gave a Ride to the Flat Tire Mormons for Two Years, the Baptist Church I Told Him I Salute You Where What Mormonism Teaches about God. Of Course We Are. I See What You Think That God Gave the Planet They Looked at Me and He Said No He Didn't Teach That This Is Yes I Do See Any Favor Adamant That No We Did a Research and They Don't Teach That I Said, Nodding to the Goddess Wife Doesn't Get the Answer You Need to Go Check to Hear the Questions Go Specifically Asked That Bishop and You Never Know What Happened but A Lot Of Times People Can Join without Knowing What You Really Teach Because Mormonism What It Does Is It Uses Christian Words but Doesn't Use Christian Definitions of the Trinity Really Believe in One God, the Trinity As Three Separate Gods and One God Means of All the Ones That Exist Only Serve One of the UC How to Gods Other Than What Was Only One of This World of This Range of This Area. That's What They Mean When You Say Have a Gods Either You, Your Thinking, Anyplace, Anywhere. That's Why God's Terms and Definitions and If There's an Opportunity for You to Be Able to Have a Conversation with Three Pray about This. You See, You Have Documentation Not like My Website below the Cut and Paste Section on Car Is Carved out to Write, but A Lot about It like a Fundamental Thing for Me. I Would Good and There's Information That You Can Show Her from Their Own Writings, yet God Gave the Planets and Goddess Wife and You Know You Don't Have the Temple Ceremony Right Away, but but When They Thought It Would Happen to the Temple Ceremony.

Mormons Are Just Aghast at What Happens and What caught up in Iraq like that found gathering too much because as I got silly projects in there there given Figley favorites and their green Figley favorites.

It is a point when there in the Mormon Temple ceremony was a film going on.

And Satan has a very dark Figley favored and he's asked what is that like our priesthood and the Mormons are told to put on their Figley favorites and wow it really a fact particularly since the Figley's when Adam covered themselves with godly objective is all behind his gave me a break so, recommend let me know what happened but I okay also be right back after these messages I call 770727 charismatic slave on one way to start going to be called to open lines 877-207-2276 or skip to an none of this is an interesting name from New York welcoming on their little area that all right with you? Where go recently. I would think about a brother who had left her on faith, Roman Catholicism, and learning is very steady could not like I greatly understand that the only thing the Catholicism of Peter 321 it's easy to do yet that are really not a combative yellow bird like shows he is easy just to the context and corresponding to that that is not saved you three quarters into two phone genetic type presentation of something corresponding to that so corresponding to what was the antecedent previous verse, who once were disobedient with the patience of God kept waiting the days of Noah, during the construction of the ark, in which a few, that is, a person's were brought safely through the water felt eight people brought this to directly enter the ark so corresponding to that, baptism now saves you just ask for what is baptisms respond to the previous verse. The goal and in Christ they get the eighth and go through the Holy Spirit is willing. He says the construction of the ark, in which a few as eight persons, were brought safely through the water. So what is baptism referring to Christ its ultimate is what it is but it's the ark. They were in the ark in Christ worked in him and was eight persons that's the thing about eight will get into that now and God shut the door got open the door of the ark was the ark that save them.

The water was the means of destruction of the ungodly people and so that we need to be something to save them and it and corresponding to that baptism saves you place is not the removal Dirk the flesh, but an appeal to God for good conscience of the resurrection of Jesus Christ when talk to people use this verse as they won't, corresponding to what in the symbolist the water to the waters of me to destruction. And also you destruction your sin mean water washes when your sin, it should not the blood of Christ never is water washes was blood of Christ. You have your eyes off of Christ. Now you putting on baptism. This is what Peter says nothing little drip in the flesh is not the issue. The water on the body.

Not that it's in the pilaf so he's relating baptism to an act of faith that he might come back as it will ask exactly what it is justified when you have faith you get baptized for your salvationist and say well with the Romans five bonuses. Having therefore been justified by faith. I asked, does the Scripture teach that were justified by faith 51 says having therefore been justified by faith. So we justify by faith they have to say yes that I go to the range 129 God grants we have faith process aggressively believe so that I asked him so you God grants. We believe and were justified by faith is my question.

Are we justified by faith. When we have faith if they say yes baptism not necessary for salvation.

If they say no Scriptures line ceramic allotment, and anything not afflict with the number eight. Does that have any significant all yes every Greek letters also number so we have ABC 123 and the Greek word so you write a word like Nick the switch is finished all the letters are all-girls numbers that add up and it's 1224 and Jesus, which is Jesus in Greek is 888 and babies were circumcised on the eighth day eight people in Noah's Ark Jesus was raised in the first day of the week to 7+168 while so eight is considered a number of new beginning dispensing a pattern work eight appears, then it's that's an hint of something new coming in Scripture record we started to rub yet you had meaning neon and basic introductory great courses, but I was wondering if there's any like reading I could do to further kind of like to investigate the conduct of the really like "like a new discovery. The other so there's a lot of talk about this biblical numerics pending is pending and he does a great deal of work in this area are he did his pathway is a brilliant mathematician. He said he found all kinds of patterns I use them sometimes when doing apologetics with atheists. I say Haley was sure my screen chat room I'll show them to look at this houses happened by chance. I show them patterns and they don't have any answers because the complexity the numbers are artist instruments in certain arrangements of things that people think this is all to mystical. But I have been studying this stuff for years and it's there is, is there it's like for example John 21 well they cut hundred 53 finish will notice this the after the resurrection of Christ. They didn't know he resurrected back to fishing. They couldn't catch anything. John 21 and he says cast your net on the right side well on the day of judgment.

Those on the right side of Christ are save those in the left down as we says cast your net on the right side and it and so they did to cut hundred and 53 finish 153 well hundred 538 is this value mathematical value for the word fish thousand 220 4K could be coincidental. Not a big deal but aside from the 4000 and 5000 in them. Gospels guess how many individuals received the blessing from Jesus and the four separate Gospels totaled up hundred 53 well and and in the the Old Testament when they were going through the temple of the tabernacle of the desert were 12 tribes of Israel camped around the tabernacle and four groups of three and when you take the number of men and those four groups and you put them out straight out to get across literally get across. You look it up like thousands of feet near looked down to see the encampment to see if there if they are at the tabernacles in the center.

It's a good man is making you want on the graph paper an inch wide and you proportionally move it out which direction Northeast with West South get across. Also the banner for the four tribes four groups is 12 tribes and 3333 was four groups and four flasks for banners lien ox Eagle and a man in the in Ezekiel's a four-phase creature lien ox Eagle and a man in Revelation is four-phase creature lien ox Eagle and the man.

And guess of the four Gospels were known in code lien ox Eagle in the hundred 53 on benefits individuals in the four Gospels together.

You know when I teach this stuff people are blown away. They have never heard this kind of stuff and faculty to theology. Most Christians have never heard the theology either.

I know how much information to give to people because it overwhelms the effort decades in churches they still know anything because I don't think that has been defeated very deeply located that way between biblical numerics and then you like the numerology was as cruddy or weird stuff right yes Chris and them. So if you go to type in combat organ in the search engine and then I think if you go to.

Let's see Bible inspired to find it. I think of for this information about you telling you I think I did notice 2008 Celeste but I did.

I thought it some sleep puts said up there. I think I would find it at stuff, but any rate, Eagle allotment allotment in the Bible. It's an incredible book. It's incredible. It really is in the copy of Ivan planning the nonnumeric Greek New Testament of the like 20 bucks online and read a copy it's worth it it's worth, and you see some stuff in there.

I think it was too far in some areas but sometimes it's like all my goodness that it was possible unless God's will involved. There's a lot of stuff like okay thank you very much God bless.

All right, it's good to John.

The airline is lost in the Hollis try Nelson Bakersfield maintenance and welcome your near Matt Emily documented letting new audit of 1 to 5 when they go and he referenced that they are good at what I look like they're into the great crowd on and on and so just by looking over it I think is by reading it myself. The contract contradicts what the bleep.

The document believed correct wrong. They believe that they won't be Jesus right the caretakers a safe dear to the two main classes to have in class or earthly class.

The heavenly class hundred 44,000. They're going to go to have a negative see Jesus. Now I don't know the exact view was of Jesus comes down to paradise earth as they could see him so that I don't have an answer to, but they don't have the two classes. The main classes of others, but you okay so get them to you. Verse 912. What would you recommend for me to say well here's a thank you. That section of Scripture if they want to claim it for themselves are great multitude which no one can count, said okay so you guys think it's you, why you think it's you and they're getting give you another reason that you get with that other recent because how do you prove this is not down in this prickly for creatures you thought her face before the throne, etc. how do you prove it was difficult because this is an existing on several clear what really going on so I don't want to sit on a text of Scripture.

That's not very clear, and argue about what it might be so use it and say okay so you are near the great crowd right yes okay what why you say you are or were the ones who teach Bob Loblaw what you teach all really little bit in Scripture and then you got okay okay okay well good government enough log number welcome very much a photo at a time and you have questions you want to comment so call tomorrow right because tomorrow the same time, we started to 6 o'clock Eastern time for an hour. So if you will check out information on the website See There's all kind of articles that written thousands and thousands of articles, the website will be 26 years old next month and I just hope that you would go check things out between the listener pray for this ministry and the Lord bless you and I hope you have a great evening.

So this member can' check it out. Research go to political rhetoric.

God bless.

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