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Concept of Faith, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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September 7, 2021 8:00 am

Concept of Faith, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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September 7, 2021 8:00 am

When the road gets tough, it helps to hear about people who went before us and made the trip successfully. That’s why in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans will start a new series packed with stories of faith heroes who ran the race of life and won, no matter how many times they fell down along the way.

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It's a lifestyle. Dr. Tilley Evans explains why thing has to be more than just a way of thinking: nothing not experiencing God right they live celebrating think this is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and Pres. of the urban alternative when the road gets tough. It helps to know how others have successfully navigated the trip today.

Dr. Evans tells the stories of people who've gone before us on their faith journey as he takes us to Hebrews chapter 11. Let's join him there are many people today who living with a sense of hopelessness sense that it's not working it's not worth it. It's not I quit I given I throw in the town. I can't take it sound so profound.

This was true of the folks.

Hebrews was writing on the verge of quitting, quitting the faith going back to the world. This Christian thing was worth it. Got unanswered prayers got him fulfilled dreams things in my life that I thought God was going to take care has not yet been addressed.

So throwing the town that to discuss also concept in a profound chapter what we discussed this concept is summarized in chapter 10. In chapter 10 of Hebrews verse 35. He says therefore do not let your confidence, which has a great reward for you have need for endurance, so that when you have done the will of God.

You may receive what is promised for you in a little while he is coming will and will not delay but just want to show them and if he shrinks back, my soul has no pleasure in those who shrink back to the structure but of those who have, to the preserving of the soul. He says you so that you don't for Intuit's throne for the righteous shall live by faith. Okay what what about a moment is supposed to be a lifestyle, not an event. The righteous shall live by faith. In other words, what is how you should roll it should be how you flow it should be your normal day of life is not a concept you it's a lifestyle you possess because the righteous shall live by faith. So if you're not living is because you're not yet righteous, because that's how the righteous live in the righteous will not want to live whenever faith gets to experience God in action is what he says you get to experience God filling his word. So you gotta ask the question because it not only by faith, not experiencing God in my circumstances, righteous rule. They live by faith.

But that raises the question, what is faith and how does it work verse one now faith is the assurance of things home for the conviction of things not seen. Then again, now is the assurance of things for the conviction of things not seen to be faith and God must have substance involves all faith is not really anymore concept in the never never land. It is being sure of stuff of the things which I hope for and against things you have not yet seen in the word faith is the substance of things hoped for and things not seen deals with things not real and traded your five senses seen it yet and expect Tatian about the future hope and expectation, which convince or convicted about another words you are confident of this thing.

Even though the thing hasn't occurred. Substance, it must have some stuff that you can rely is only meaningful substance to which give you bad substance manual will begin sufficient no matter how much of it you possess the substance you are placing it in a much, maybe not really all do with an expectation in a home that must involve a substance so much weight you tied to how much substance you possess a significant substance produces great results in insufficient substance will produce no results because what makes the substance to which of the assurance of things substance for and it is something that you have not yet made one but you know, Israel want to grow your faith don't go faith growth get a better substance. The show substance you remember me telling you some years ago I was to fly, so to speak in and they couldn't get me there by the airlines so they sent a twin engine plane down to Rembert airport then now executive airport to me in this twin-engine plane to Ohio regularly since the Evans was supposed to go until she does, they will not pick me up twin-engine plane. She said you are going by yourself. You she said you have much plane changed around and we wind up being able to fly Delta.

She said I'm going to set a schedule playing related to the because it is written substance which is that people in your life. You do not believe it may tell you something you cannot do much with it substance static from is not your confidence that the people in your life will do whatever they say because the person is coming from his word. The for you to believe what they say. So you to look at the substance of things for that is what the object is this something that is not is not how you feel. Faith is not put in the work necessarily how you feel you can faith the last but before faith. You can follow and have no faith because it is not first and foremost emotions do not select emotions don't think that's what you feel and shift based on the information received.

If you came in here depressed because of your bills you are legitimate $400,000 you feel will immediately change. So now you can go back to how you feel when you first walk in you will will change because the nation you received will affect your feelings a scary movie with the monster in it with all the technology today. You can expect to make stuff seems so real like coming on screen you like, you might react to something not real. You don't really know was not coming through the screen. You know bite you when you go home, some is not even real, like Israel, the substance is not real because the emotions become the dictator emotions will not be injured back to the train at the front entry that I know in the back of that shifting.

You do not have shipping condo God's spirit will got the truck and even though their shifting in the condo.

The combo doesn't say when the truck is going.

But faith is only as good as where you invested and Dr. Evans will be back to talk about that as he continues this message, the first in his current series heroes of the faith and were excited let you know that Tony has written a brand-new book kingdom heroes that goes hand-in-hand with the material he's covering today together heroes of the faith, and kingdom heroes focus on two very powerful words by faith, you'll discover how otherwise ordinary people like you and me became the best-known characters in the Bible just by acting as if God was telling the truth. What is it take to live a life of faith today where we live, what we say to a culture that insisted seeing is believing.

How can we learn to trust when our fears and feelings tell us not to find the answers by asking for a copy of Tony's two-volume 13 message audio collection on CD and digital download and is brand-new book heroes of the faith for a limited time we got a special offer for you when you request the audio series and the book will also include a companion Bible study and helpful workbook to maximize your understanding and application of this material. This entire three resource package is our gift to you in appreciation for your generous contribution to help Tony's ministry reach out with the love and truth of the gospel. Just visit us or call us at 1-800-800-3222.

Make your contribution and let us send you that heroes of the faith, and kingdom heroes book and study package as our thank you gift. Again that's Tony or call us day or night at 1-800-800-3222. Dr. Evans will be back with more of today's lesson right after this coming to theaters this November Church of Jesus Christ traveling with Dr. Tony Evans retraces the line human journey greatest being to ever walk this are we here in Capernaum place where Jesus did most of his miracles is in this place, demonstrated some of God traveled the streets fields and synagogues were the location of the most powerful recorded in the Bible place like Galilee have the right journey with Jesus theaters November 15, 16th and 17th with Dr. Tony Tony times substance that is experience with the five senses but is real based on the of the subject was calling for the thing.

The subject calling for the thing.

It's got one of the things you need thing you need if you want to experience God because what it says you are just pleasing to God, not pleasing.cannot believe you just pleasing him. Why is God all went faith and not be a you are challenging the integrity every time we live we say no you don't know what you're talking about you down right now would come out and you will when God said something you just called integrity.

When you told the truth and somebody tells you that you have insulted your integrity style consultant God's integrity because they know You're my lie. When the sun goes down all day long because I choose not to live by faith because I don't believe that you are a person of integrity for you have challenged the and why God said without you. Do not please me. Just please me because you challenge my integrity. You want to make concrete you go get a bag of cement you the bag of cement with water pouring in cells and becomes concrete for God is not yet concrete reality in our lives is an online in other words, Thomas is and what God said and that have not yet graduated to be concrete cover hadn't gotten mixed yet.

So let me give you all remind you again the full definition of faith going on down is simply God is telling the truth is not feeling that God is telling the truth is not saying that God is telling the truth is God is telling the truth that the Bible calls it walking by faith and not talking about faith feeling by faith, or even thinking, by faith, unless it is scriptural. If nothing will actually next to a concept that having mixed with action. Therefore, nothing concrete that showed up in the life. If you want a concrete manifestation of God and what you believe about God must be married to what you do in light of belief exercising faith so that God cannot become concrete in your life and not in your hand and have said before in the rooms around the sanctuary. We've had to install motion detector lighting because they would leave the lights on causes too much electricity bills and so we had to do something like you walk in the room like You Walk Out Of My Goals so That We Not Waste Electricity without Leaving like Someone You Walk in the Light Can Walk out the Light Come Goals There Is Light but It Will Not Stop until the Detect Movement.

That Means That You Have an You Haven't Triggered It.Israel.God Makes Promises What You All Say It until He Sees Motion. If There Is No Motion on Which Really Made It so When It's Not so Might Be so Simple Because Nonsense so Now That We Have This Understanding of the Statement about What Witnesses and All Testament Witnesses from the Old Testament to Know That What Is What You What You Witnesses Come for the First Witness Don't Come for Me to Go Testify Come for Some People to Share with You. Don't Testify As Well. Don't Give a Testimony Don't Give a Testimony. Testimony on Troop When You Understand Football Football Great Snow Exceeded and Excel.

To Be Remembered. God Says This Is Not Hall Of Fame Is Not to File Chapter 11. These Are the Men and Women Demonstrate That This Plaything. Dr. Evans Will Be Back in a Moment with the Final Illustration to Wrap up Today's Program First Reminder That Today's Message the Concept of Faith Is Part of Tony's Current Series Called Heroes of the Faith. Don't Forget, for a Limited Time Were Making This Two-Volume 13 Message Collection on CD and Digital Download Available to You along with His Brand-New Book and Study Guide Kingdom Heroes. There Are Gift to You. When You Help Us Keep Tony's Teaching on This Station with Your Kind Donation. Just Visit Tony to Get Your Copy of This Powerful Package and While You're There, Take a Moment to Sign up for Tony's Free Weekly Email Devotional Again That's Tony or Call Us at 1-800-800-3222 and Let One of Our Friendly Team Members Assist You Are Resource Center Is Open 24 Seven so Call Any Time.

Again, That's 1-800-800-3222 Tomorrow. Dr. Evans Will Offer More Encouragement on How to Keep Our Faith Strong Even When the Problems and Pressures of Life Pileup. Right Now He's Back to Close with This Story and on Boxing Whenever They Have a Heavyweight Champion Champion Fight to Challenges of the Two Boxes on It They Bring in the Heavyweight Champion of the Bold and Introduce Them to the Graph. The People Clap and Then the Champion Will Go over and Shake One Guys Hand and Negotiate the Other Guys Hand the Way to the Crowd That's Applauding in the Room While They Bring the Tax Champion Was to Let His Will in the Battle Right Now. No Somebody Else Has Been in This Ring before Somebody Else and Gotten Punched a Wonderful Somebody Else and Not down before Somebody Else and Gotten Bruised before, Testify As the Battle, This Thing Went Let You Know You Can Win In Spite Of Some in My Life by Sin, but That Story Testify to You Battle Mrs. That Can Be One the Alternative, Finding Alternative Reading Years Thanks to Generous Listeners

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