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Reflections on the Afghanistan Disaster and an Interview with Josh McDowell and Bob Bennett

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 17, 2021 4:20 pm

Reflections on the Afghanistan Disaster and an Interview with Josh McDowell and Bob Bennett

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 17, 2021 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/17/21.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network give you 10 reflections on the disaster in Afghanistan and then interview was just down Bob Bennett about a brand-new book stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown actually just reached out and then Bennett not Bob Bennett hey friends, welcome to the broadcast. This is Michael Brown delighted to be with you got some important things to talk about. As always, some weighty things you always do my best to encourage lift up, build faith there also times we just need to look at reality with pain with grief and take that to the Lord in prayer. That's situation in Afghanistan right now. Welcome to the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 so I want to take the first half of today's broadcast talk about Afghanistan and then if I have some time some reflections from yesterday's broadcast as well.

We talk about the church being alert and awake in the season in which we live, and then bottom of the will be joined by Josh McDowell and Ben Bennett to talk about their new book free to thrive. So on the air yesterday I shared a little bit about Afghanistan, but I said I want to step back more to reflect more than I wanted to add what I could in a way that would be truthful and constructive. So got home from radio last night, sat down and began to write and this is the article I'm going to refer to today it's on* you can read it for yourself. You can share with others. 10 reflections on the Afghan disaster. Slowly we dive right in with number one and again what I'm writing for the most part is hardly debatable. This is Pres. Biden's darkest moment. Simply stated, when Biden is getting bashed by CNN and MSNBC. You know he is blonder terribly. Just like these opening paragraphs from an op-ed on Emmett MSNBC.

So what when you've got the left-wing media going after Pres. Biden you know something is terribly wrong. Presidential Biden address the nation about the state of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan on Monday. Mainly it seemed to say he regretted nothing he been the Taliban's rapid advances across the country on Afghan security forces failing to mount any real resistance to the tile that the president had virtually nothing to say about what's on everybody's minds how poorly prepared the US was for the Taliban splits in the vulnerable position is left so many Afghans in as a result of the statement, not even MSNBC was in the mood to give the president grace for his dreadful decision can step back for a moment think about that present Biden in his press conference took no questions. He did say on the president, the buck stops with me but he didn't blame his presidents predecessor on some level.

In particular, he blamed the Afghan people and the Army didn't have the will to fight the automobile the dimensions of things today. There were 300,000 strongly trained and properly etc. but here's the bottom line.

In the last 20 years we have lost about 2500 little under 2500 of our military in Afghanistan so it's a terrible loss. Of course, loss of less than the tragic loss on on 9/11 part of our presence there was to stop another 9/11 from happening in, and to thwart the rise of terrorism within the country as a base for terrorism. In any case, the fact is that we lost little under 2500 of our servicemen in Afghanistan for the family members for the friends for those wounded by that the moon remains to the small when it comes to Afghan military or police.

They lost about 66,000 is 20 years since he blamed them or they have the will to fight and we can fight their battles for them. We were just there to fight their battles for them there other reasons we were there, but this is utterly disastrous decision and now there look that you have former advisers to Pres. Obama. Since was terrible you military. If I say the US intelligence was warning recent clearly don't do this if you pull out in this way the tell them over on the country overnight. So there is real real indictment here.

This is a real indictment of the Biden administration and it it is his darkest moment there is no question about there is there's no downplaying it. There is no soft bawling that this is dreadful okay number two, number two, no amount of words or excuses will remove the harrowing images from our memory scored MSNBC again over the weekend, people hoping to escape the country swarmed runways and son clung to departing US military aircraft during takeoff, sometimes for so long they fell to their deaths.

Images of the gut wrenching scramble that have gone viral have been likened to the US's withdrawal from the Vietnam War.

In short, friends will never and see what we saw. Somehow, as Nancy and I were talking today realize that she had not seen the video, which not just shows that the women were military planes at the airport and people try to cling to it is as it takes off, but actually sits in the air. These tiny little bodies you see as the plane is now distant falling from the plane you think of that level of desperation that level of wanting to get out of the country that you're risking your life rather than stay in the those images and I can leave our memory that this is a Saigon that this is a another dreadful, humiliating moment in American history and what it means for the people of Afghanistan or the more dreadful those images are not giving away any time soon. Number three by his legacy will always be remembered in light of the statements last July when he was justifying his plans for rapid withdrawal from Afghanistan. He was then asked by reporters about specifics and he said this, there is going to be no circumstance in which you are going to see people lifted off the roof of an Embassy of the United States from Afghanistan and I trust the capacity of the Afghan military doses of this lump you Saigon. This will not be a Saigon you if you ever seen those images.

Where were literally the roof the embassy.

Americans are clamoring to get on these helicopters to get out the cuts will now it's on the on the tarmac and its Afghanis and now many thousands of Americans still trapped there. These words locally.

Trust me, these words will haunt him for his presidency, and thereafter number four. Afghanistan is a staunchly Muslim country.

The Taliban are just much more extreme and draconian.

So we for ourselves if we think that the battle Afghanistan was between a modernist Western democratic mindset and fundamentalist Islam to the contrary, the battle is between degrees of Islam as Robert Spencer noted Islam expert jihadist expert in early years in Afghanistan once the Taliban was top will be said about nation building initially with an eye toward establishing a Western-style constitutional Republic in Afghanistan but State Department foreign policy experts drastically underestimated the Afghans people's attachment to Islamic law sharia and disastrously discounted sharia's political aspects and naïvely fueled by Islamic apologists the US this law was a religion of peace that was perfectly compatible with Western secular models of governance course not. Accordingly, the Afghan Constitution that Afghanistan's then Pres. Hamid Karzai formally ratified in general 26 2004 is written quote in the name of we the people of Afghanistan, believing firmly in Almighty God, relying in his divine will and adhering to the holy religion of Islam.

That was the Afghan Constitution and Islamic Constitution so so the problem is, is not that the Taliban are Muslims. The problem is that the more extreme most the more draconian muscles. The more radical Muslims to again, the battle within Afghanistan is a battle of degrees within Islam. Number five, number five, something I'd not thought about until a colleague texted me yesterday press. We should follow the money trail colleague texted me today yesterday raising a point that is rarely considered. Quote my personal issue is the number of companies and individuals who became ultrarich to defense spending at the cost of Afghan American lives of a multi-decade relationship with a pastor in Arizona who happens to be a major executive at one of the largest defense contractors in the world.

The stories he has told me about their lobbyists… So, according to Forbes in the 20 years since September 11, 2001, the United States has spent more than $2 trillion on one Afghanistan. That's $300 million per day every day for two decades and baser terms. Uncle Sam spent more in keeping the Taliban a day than the networks of JP's office in a mosque. Bill Gates and the 30 richest billionaires in America combined. So the question did everyone have altruistic motives and calling for our ongoing investment in Afghanistan. Number six the swift victory of the Taliban and will embolden Islamic terrorists worldwide Islamic radicals.

The sensor signal that America representing the West is feeble and is no will stand against the will of Islam.

This is the triumph of Islamic fundamentalism in Iran under Ayatollah Khomeini triggered a spike in Islamic terrible white in the late 1970s early in July. Dr. so jungle hell. Security and terrorism analyst told the BBC quote the Bible withdrawal from Afghanistan makes the Taliban takeover inevitable and gives all kind of the opportunity rebuilds that were to the point we could once again plot attacks around the world 7 Atrocities Already Taken Pl. I know the telemedicine hey amnesty for all everyone's forgiven women. We want you to work in government reports from on the ground or dreadful friend poses this chilly note on Facebook from the children of Christian merit missionaries living in UK from living in Kabul excused from the UK just face time with them.

So these are kids of Christian missionaries in Afghanistan. They are hiding surrounded by gunfire and bombs. This was yesterday. Everyone is hiding in their homes.

The tell about her taking women and slaughtering anyone who resists them will kill all foreigners and anyone whose work with foreigners over the past 20 years is reason why people actually clinging to American military planes leaving the airport just looking at this post from Louise on Facebook my UCD's in Iraq. Friends are very scared.

Yeah, I mean Isis decimated committed atrocities against the is Edie's and and who knows what rises up in the aftermath of this okay got a few more points, eight, nine, 10 the Mona Rita devastating op-ed from Jerusalem Post. We will be right back. Listen to the line of fire. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us today in the line of fire.

So bring you my reflections on Afghanistan. You can read this article Esther to Remember, you normally read my articles. You don't get my emails through get alerted every week to all of the articles all the videos, special resources, things that are available videos and other things that we post that were not on our normal list by all means sign up today were here to serve you friends were here to equip you. We help you.

So go to ask Dr. SK DR and sign in. Therefore emails when you do, you immediately free many e-book seven secrets of the real Messiah. You'll hear more about my testimony from us to the PhD a bunch of other things will come your will you be blessed. I know you will and you will also find out about ways you can stand with us. We been a blessing to you if you'd like to see our voice expand to reach more and more people lets your outreach grow to reach more more people we can do with your help. So ask Dr. Click on donate become a monthly support or one-time giver and together friends continue to make a difference all right number eight my list of 10 reflections on the Afghan disaster. We cannot forget the women and girls of Afghanistan that like to play this video, but I reference in the article. Just take 45 seconds to watch this video and never forget the tears. It's an Afghan girl crying and saying it was gonna forget about us and were going to suffer and it's it's just tragic again to play it because she speaking in her language and you wouldn't understand it but take more, read the article, click on the link. Watch it and let it settle in, and impact you. While specific individuals will be targeted by the Taliban, such as those mentioned in the previous point new allies of AmeriCorps Christians that are there. No one will suffer more overall than the women and girls of this country. Their hopes of a better tomorrow. Have for now been dashed to the ground. The idea of Taliban making major reforms and change in the treatment of women and radically updating sharia law to coincide with Western sensitivities don't hold your breath waiting perhaps for these women and girls that they don't look at Islam so much as the problem. Many of them are devoted Muslims that they look at the telemedicine problem or sharia law is the problem and and and they may or may not agree with all the extreme forms of it may be out of this. Many will recognizes a deeper issue than in the Lord's grace can intervene. Number nine. We need to do some serious soul-searching regarding our foreign policy philosophy. This is number nine is understandable that we attack the Taliban in the aftermath of 9/11 20 years ago. After all, they were harboring Osama bin Laden so friend of her enemy became our enemies.

Well with our misguided policies in Iraq, leading to national stability, the genocide or exiling of hundreds of thousands of Christians in his 80s and others. The rise of vice is now the total failure. Afghan policies we test are so some hard questions. Do we really know what were doing. That remains to be seen with the trump strategy would have ended better than the current ending yes Wayne, China should also be on our country's rater and and what is China's relationship to Afghan Afghanistan those the Lord's questions offered friends or or policies. World water shortsighted that we fix problem a which then results in problem B, which is worse than problematic.

Many times our solutions or or worse than the disease itself, and a lot of Islamic terror is the result of some of our policies. They look. I remember when Russia invaded Afghanistan took over the country and I heard about the street of fungi understood their radical Muslims and all that that hey they were better than the Russians, take over the world impose their will in all of this evil and evil Soviet Union so wanted and you know when I would hear these freedom fighters out the mountains and you can't stop them and okay their radical Muslims understood all that. Of course I deeply differed with their ideologies but to me, help them get Russia out after all its own country that just shortsighted thinking without saying okay Suresh gets out, so even gets out and and then America does what it ended up helping give birth to another rise of terror you support the freedom fighters against Russia and other freedom fighters become our worst enemies. And lastly, number 10 number 10.

We must not forget the sacrifices made by so many Americans and others in Afghanistan.

These are the stats as reported by AP news American service members killed Afghanistan through April 2 through April. Excuse me 2440 US contractors, 3846 Afghan national military and police 66,000 other allied service members, including from other NATO member states with thousand 144 Afghan civilians 47,245 aid workers 444.

I'm sorry, got it wrong so it's no know I've got it right here and then journalists 72 AP also notes that 51,191 Taliban another opposition fighters died during the conflict, so for those who were wounded by this. To this day maybe serve their still suffering from PTSD or with family members, your son was killed. Afghanistan, what about the cost to all these individuals and families. Those that consist is somehow someway must tell those who served and died that despite the dreadful outcome. They gave themselves for an important cause wanted to better the lives of the people of Afghanistan wanted to fight back against Islamic terror. Surely this nobility and the sacrifice, regardless of the end result.

So here's what I've been thinking about us as I think about these individuals lost their lives is a front for what and there are so many there the widows of vets that the died there and they are so grieved and they are so outraged and look almost no one wanted us to be there forever but but there is a right we believe in a wrong way to leave the strategies that are doomed to fail and strategies that might have at least a slight ray of hope, some thinking about this. Okay, what would you say what it's done now right it's it's done and and even if if the Taliban rule. For all been there, toppled it, is what was the results were influence there. How how can you think of it as being redeemed in anyway so so here's our thinking.

Of course those that know the Lord. Everything gets redeemed in the light of eternity, but perhaps perhaps Afghan people saw or military. There are contractors there are other workers there, let alone our missionaries there were obviously serving the poor than hurting the needy at their own great wrist mission is a great risk, but perhaps they they can associate some of what we did with freedom, but perhaps they can recognize that the there was much that we are fighting against with which was downright evil. The terrorism of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda and Taliban and others.

Perhaps there will be some legacy and instead of just hating the Weston death to America, perhaps will be seeds planted in the lives of people who will look for more who wonder about more who even see some of the inherent evils of Islam as well and and God can use that. So I'm am always looking for something redemptive.

May the Lord use it and and those that fought the default for what they thought was right and that they fought against an enemy and when you do that even if the end result is not what you're hoping for your sacrifice still not in pain sacrifice still stands and families the sacrifice of your loved one still stands.

I don't have time to get into this now but I want to draw your attention to an article on published in the Jerusalem Post. It's an op-ed piece by Omri knock me some unfamiliar with his writing of came out yesterday, Afghanistan, America will pay a price for years to come, say experts and it's it's got some really devastating quotes in it. I mean one after another after another. It's it's really really intense and here just just one quote from one expert Pres. Biden seems to have seen the withdrawals important his political reputation, perhaps, but is made a huge mistake for the reputation of the United States will have to wait for leaks about which he was advised of suggested caution who encouraged him the news and images so far suggest continual damage to the moral leadership of the US in the world, the decision to withdraw after 20 years was at least explicable the implementation has been a disaster that was Simon Henderson Baker fellow and Dir. of the Bernstein program on Gulf and energy policy at the Washington Institute for near Eastern partners policy think tank so some devastating quotes look. America does have a certain role in the world and we fail on this level sends a message look this is one reason that I was deeply concerned about a Biden presidency felt that he would be very weak with China very weak with Islamic terror reside believe the trunk would be strong. So this is one reason trunk on my vote, rather than Joe Biden. Did I foresee this specifically not was really focused on Afghanistan. Specifically, and I did know how the trump policy would end with Afghanistan. But this much is clear. These were some of the very concerns we had about a week, Pres. weakening America with the tragedy so much bigger than that. So we pray for the people of Afghanistan. We pray for Americans still trust. We pray for Christians in the country and we pray for those just smitten with grief and concern now with me 20 years of saying what that transition.

Now to our guests, than that and stay with us for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. There is so much going on in the world around us that demands our attention to the new article with 10 reflections on the Afghan disaster so much happening in America but bottom line. People are people.

Bottom line every day people are struggling. Bottom line, young people are under tremendous pressure like never before, and we must address real life needs on a daily basis. There is a brand-new book of holding in my hands here Josh McDowell and band Bennett the name of the book free to thrive. How your hurts struggles and deepest longings can lead to fulfilling life.

Josh McDowell, one of the great apologists of our century plus a lysis entry of me last and this brought the gospel to tens of millions of people been Bennett, in particular young people, with his resolution movements and they join me now on the line of fire. Abandon Josh, thanks much for taking time to be with us today like dieting going. You are.

Great to be with you. I thank you so gentlemen if if you don't mind may bend, you go first. How is it that the two of you hooked up to to work on this project together, man.

Well, you know, I knew about Josh for a long time. All involved in the crew. The campus ministry. Read his book more than a carpenter and I knew he was doing phenomenal work and I started you know getting involved in helping people grow and be with mental health issues. Her porn addiction in their life and it was when Josh put on the big conference for the you know, helping the church address the issue of pornography.

That's when I know the second time we met in men. I have this crazy idea.

What if we started working together so somehow I got a hold of Fairman started talking, but sure move on down the ballot and then notice the past four years we've been working together on so much stuff in the father's overwhelming need for biblically-based research informed solution to the devastating amount of brokenness people are experiencing all around the world and in Josh, I've heard you speak about things as the stats are drawing the realities are drawing. How are things different. Now, especially with the younger generation today than when you started doing apologetics decades ago is Internet or the Internet. Most young people around the world rarely ever heard the argument against Christianity get a fresh and looking questions or anything will introduction the Internet there bombarded with and told a couple more questions now more hazard more reservations for any group ever had. Now I think that because we should be ready to their question on it right more questions you get after the more you biggest differ is knowledge and just because it hasn't affected people at a younger age. In other words, may be objections you are dealing with and encountering with college-age kids you're dealing with much younger kids. Today it is that the result of the Internet as well. Yeah, you are going on the Internet every goal here is a certain maturity and capacity you were young people don't have that experience and usually don't get that lecture that you and yeah the child is normally what becomes your fate, and this is why we try to do everything we can to reach young people all you can understand fate and then one last question that I want to go back to to ban and talk about seven longings that are addressed in the book free to thrive.

Just what what about the pervasive affective pornography. Can you just paint a picture for us so that we we get the full impact of what's actually going on.

The church is drawing more churches more or couple more marriages or young people that Amy Kunkel's history and one of the biggest problem with it.

Hardly anyone will address most program the 20 don't make the reason recent monographs after. That gullible pastors are involved in actually feel guilty addressing the building might be exposed. Same way with Christian leaders are not never that effectual, emotionally, intellectually and morally extraordinary friends. Did you hear what Dr. just without the said the greatest threat in the history of the church and a lot of times people will talk about it address it. For some of the very reasons we were just given so also been in your book free to thrive. You you talk about the fact that we have certain longings desires within us as human beings and those things can be pulled in the right direction or wrong direction what you mean when you refer to the seven longings you owe same Josh and I discovered throughout the years that we were doing research, studying the Scriptures meeting with therapist and and brain scientists and is that there are at least seven heart longings or the seven persisting craving for God created humanity with an Inderal but deeply relational or mental have been fulfilled by God and others.

And as we were doing this research I came across the statistic was a mind blowing statistic from Harvard doing this research for.

I think it would years at the time they wanted to see what would lead to the happiest and healthiest life in the current head of the study, said by and large it good relationship.

They keep us happier and healthier. I'm going to help one of the most mythic in pieces of research or studies ever done. And I'm also going. That's what God created us for the garden of Eden with him and other people.

Good relationship, and 37 longings we see all throughout picture. The first one is accepted the fit to be included. Love and approved of as you are, no matter what I think of Roman 15 seven except one another, been just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God. No, that's the beauty of Christianity accepted as we are, through Jesus Christ and his work on the cross and his perfect life death and resurrection. Unlike other religion other religion faith to be accepted by a higher being.

You have to do this serve the poor and maybe one day you'll be accepted know we got something so much different and more beautiful with the truth of Christianity. Another one is appreciation to be thanked or encouraged for what you've done.

The third one is affection to be cared for with Gentle Touch or emotional engagement access is to have the consistent emotional and physical presence of key figures, attention, this one is powerful is to be known and understood someone entering your world. I think of David when he wrote in Psalm 139 O Lord, you have it examined my heart and know everything about me. That's the beauty of court got it.

He knows our thoughts are opinion or belief any care and were supposed to have that kind of relationship that intentional relationship with others. There's two more affirmation the feeling to have her feeling affirmed validated or confirmed by others. Romans 1215 says to rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn the last one is assurance of safety to feel safe and protected and provided for emotionally, physically and financially sweet.

We deeply detail all of these in the Scriptures were weak, we find them and we talk about what happened when there fulfilled. We actually flourish. We thrive we find satisfaction in meaning and purpose when they're not fulfilled man. We have a few purchased the unmet longings and we will speak out other things to try and fulfill them friends.

In speaking with Ben Bennett and Josh went out to get this written free to thrive that the subtype really so totally sizzle how your hurts struggles and deepest longings can lead to a fulfilling life.

Josh that the very first one of these these longings that we been created with acceptance so is isn't it true that a lot of young people today look at, say, gay, lesbian friends, and Sable was in the church just accept them as there was a church have to be so mean it.

It kind of turns things upside down, but we often don't have a good answer for that. How do we speak to to people, especially younger people in a way that's is hey I'm still true feeling.

But God has a better way.

I will tell you what we can start on the side of the break, take a minute or so and then continue on the other side.

If you can stay with us. The biggest thing here is, in my conversation with K whatever I try so they understand that God will be our right that that I like a lot of my way.

A transgender know I love you I care about you and then if I really care about my long and I see something in her life that I believe is wrong got program.

If I don't speak up.

I'm not. I am not one and I share that with and share the perspective and you know I've never had it comes down to your YouTube yeah this is just up there and then we just got a few more minutes and is so much to get from this book, which means they get the book free to thrive. Josh McDowell, Ben Bennett will be right back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown I'm speaking with Josh McDowell, Ben Bennett. They have co-authored the book free to thrive.

How your hurts, struggles, deepest longings can lead to a fulfilling life.

Okay so I'm sitting at looking at the table of contents in the book get some of the questions to ask. Looking at some of the practical steps and thinking okay were were barely scratching the surface. I get so much to ask and talk about with these authors were barely scratching the surface. Let me let me story here been who did you write this book for and what are you hoping will be the impact of this book on those who read it. Honestly, we wrote this book for everyone on this side of the garden of Eden.

We all have struggles we all have her role heard it time. A lot of times I think we can believe that something happened years ago were were over it that all wounds heal.

I'm stuffed up a case. We have few if we don't deal with our stuff other people have to know.

I know in my life I thought I left all the hurts or the unresolved issues behind, but really I buried them alive and they were coming out in so many different ways. Weather was just unhealthy leadership techniques or unhealthy relationships or just getting anxious about the no situations and the fear of man, and so we we hope that wherever someone is that whether not they arty feel like writing or they really feel like just barely surviving that God will use this to help them live into who God has created them to be in the clearest possible way and then let's say I'm an 18-year-old reader was 65-year-old reader will I be able to basically diagnose my problems or or see them in clearer relief and then know some practical steps I can take as a result of reading the book you how we wrote the book we wanted to be very practical about whether to question them self reflection at the end of each chapter can also be helpful to go through with a friend because you know we all have blind spots but hopefully this book reveals some of those blind spots, but even more so with a friend or mentor or spec health know they can help point out some of that stuff as well in step-by-step how to meet the longing cutter understand where the unmet longings came from, how to understand how their plane out to struggles in the present. We addressed all of that in the book through very practical ways in your resolution. What's that about so that Josh and I launched a little over year ago. You know we people we believe in the next generation. And as we were meeting with youth pastors and pastors and doing research and involved in the lives of young people trying to figure out how to best reach them. We realize the amount of struggles that young people were having unprecedented struggles with mental health and an addiction. We said why don't we partner with churches partner with people reach people on the Internet and so the resolution movement. The play on words for review solution were re-solution people with biblically-based research informed solutions to the hurts and struggles. We do a lot of that through articles through podcasts through tick-tock videos were just everywhere in the digital space we do in person speaking.

We want to serve and help reach the next generation, so, so practical and all all that info) and the book soaks last question for for Josh.

We talk a lot about about young people, but then mentioned the booking for everyone in the larger problems in the body.

Josh even around long enough that you've seen many, many pastors and leaders fail, fall short burnout get discouraged quit be involved in scandals you honestly think that if leaders could be healthier within themselves that a lot of this could be avoided and and will this book potentially help leaders get healthier within themselves.

I for the majority of leaders that I talked to over the years will all in all that I would not really from the hurt longing for and they stuck it down the and or I think this I can find 90% of the past will call them if they read this book six-month before they would all they would see what the problem is NOT creating the best for most of don't understand, and so many think the day is that Christian should Thought biblically that a state of the best witness of Christianity Christian Christian walking with Jesus and working to his problem or problem that the best testimony for Christ and what the hell the state in all that these things in my life. But there is and if we think of someone and then some creative way to fulfill that all that I've made the book is exactly the book I wanted three to thrive, since those are strong words, strong recommendations from from someone you've known for many many years so you're getting to know the two authors that are put out something very practical. I plan to dig into the contents for myself because their Emperor everyone of us see the first cells for those close to us. Their areas movement where we need to grow. We can be stronger and again, the goal, such as to make it but to thrive to the book Josh McDowell Ben Bennett free to thrive.

Gentlemen, thanks for taking time to be in the air with us today. There is very humbling. While my joy. Thank you Dr. Brown. Thanks so much. What are you, keep up the great work. Gentlemen free to thrive. Josh McDowell and Ben Bennett of yeah I know it is a problem because we get stacks of books sent to us all the time and we only do select interviews but as I'm going through the book. Some some I get a chance to go through in advance or team member goes with advancements and some not. This one is I didn't get to to go through but boy is it relevant boy, is it relevant okay to switch subjects for the last old couple minutes here so I did show yesterday in the first half hour. I talked about were at in society today.

The shaking taking place around us and how I deeply sense God's spirit moving and I'm getting consistent reports of something I've been talking about and sensing coming for a couple years now. Rising tide of revival people getting desperate.

Crying out in the Holy Spirit being poured out in many many different places. Not I normally do not follow the comments of social media.

After the shows recovery since one is simply time as we post on on YouTube you post on Facebook than than we have are podcasts that go out and so they're all kinds of people listing all kinds of settings when making comments on have the time to to read them all the articles and things like that. That's one reason, and in the second reason is that's that's really track to suffer Meda to be arguing.

Yes, a man or the wrong there. That's for this reason, interacting and have at happen to spot this comment, though I'm not quite sure how it popped off my feet but I have a spot this comment over on YouTube yesterday responding to yesterday's video which will find very encouraging, very encouraging, but if only Dean posted this about me.

The blind guide who denies prophetic consensus in this audit, as they must come by dollars is no clue whatsoever what is coming for the church again. I pray that the Lord's grace will really work powerfully in your life and and that you will recognize the extreme error of what you say. What is your opinion about me is is meaningless only concern I have is is God has given me some things that could help you potentially and help others if you despise me and mock me then that I can help so that concerns me, not the person I get I get maligned lied about slandered by the second that that comes with the turf. It's an honor for the gospel but what concerns me is if I have something to be helpful to you in your own walk with the Lord and in you despise me and therefore you don't receive so-so first the prophets to guarantee the trumpets are former years wrong is this. In fact, you said you like to start big jealousies are former years there wrong. They give specific dates by which things would happen there wrong with interestingly Chubbuck with the prophetic consensus is that Bill Hammon told me and and Dr. Jill Matera to get on a conference call that out of the network that he oversees of about 4000 prophetic leaders worldwide that he only knew of one who claim to have it, thus saith the Lord. Comp will serve four more years at 4000 Cindy Jacobs told me out of her network of about 75 L, only a few felt to have a word, the trump would be reelected, serve four more years so they didn't publish anything so saw the prophetic consensus but in point of fact, what was said was wrong.

And yes, there was rampant idolatry and there were others whose names you might not know who got words in advance that one reason gobblers can remove trump was one he refused to humble himself as Jeremiah Johnson born in January 20 18th is to humble himself and to maybe looking. Tim and I doubt this way. The very fact that this is still coming up today and people are still so you want to miss. In August was supposed to happen by inauguration is postop in March and April and August. And of course none of us happened the fact that people think only trump can save America is yet another example of the idolatrous Edina.

I pray for you that the Lord's grace really flood your life and that you'd be able to receive the good things God has given me as to what's coming. We shall see if I have the mind of the Lord.

Here are not as I did in years past. Sensing things that happen in the church in the world. We shall see another program powered by the Truth Network

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