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Awakened to the Cross – Part 3

Living in the Light / Anne Graham Lotz
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August 15, 2021 3:00 pm

Awakened to the Cross – Part 3

Living in the Light / Anne Graham Lotz

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Welcome to living in the light with Bible teacher and Graham lots without me.

Jesus said you can't do anything of eternal significance. That's the principle I think that God is attracted to our weakness. The promise overcomes I will make a pillar in the temple of God's message from Revelation 3 verse five and Graham lots draws our attention to a loving relationship with God one so intimate that others will since we know God is precarious. Weakest part of my Christian like I just tell you prayers were the frontline of the battle. You get on your knees and you have entered in the battle for an enemy will come against you do know that you can't keep your concentration.

That's why you get so sleepy that's why you get so scattered and you know that's why you start daydreaming is the enemy is after you to keep you from that prayer because it's so powerful. Prayer is a fight not given up the fight. So he shined his light of truth into my hearts and showed me that I was prayer, and had other people praying from ever prayer team in my office a printing for myself is before the office printing was established that I was substituting their prayers from and Jesus said you can't do that.

It's good that people pray for you land.

But there's no substitute for you, spending time in prayer with the principal is that God is not impressed with our reputation using we can have a reputation other people can be impressed, but he's not and the promise is in verse five he who overcomes will be dressed in white. In other words, will have a relationship with his father that he will acknowledge other people will say and I think when you spend time in prayer and you spent time in his word.

You're developing that love relationship that even other people can sense about and they know you know God in an intimate way as light of two shines in your hearts as it reveal prayer. How is your prayer life. When you spend time in prayer unique. Every day you spend time in prayer but can you carve out a retreat time. Maybe it's just once a week.

Maybe it's three days a week, whatever it is, but just be creative, but make sure you're spending time in prayer. That's where the power's ears to hear what the Spirit is saying the church at Sardis did not miss our church there today church in Philadelphia means the words of him as holy and true holds the key of David. What he opens no one can shut what he shuts no one can open. He holds the keys not just to heaven and hell. But I believe he holds the keys to the doors of opportunity for us right here and now and I'm not going to go into this this he called me into ministry from this passage, but don't want to take too long in this passage I will tell you just in case somebody here like I was because he said I know your deeds, that I had wanted to start a Bible class and the door was shut and I was not allowed to do its and I was traveling in the car. My mother-in-law's in the backseat and she was reading out loud to nobody.

This passage mother-in-law was fabulous and I say grandma passed me the Bible and she passed it up to me and I read this message, you know, do you think this could be God speaking to me is the first time the very first times I heard his voice coming out of the page and he said, and I know your deeds, knew what he knew I hadn't done anything. I had three children, 53 and 10 months old. I was busy. I was tired and I know your deeds and you haven't done much of anything, but he says I've placed before you an open door that no one can shuts the Lord, the door is been shot. He said about open it.

Nobody can shut it and he says I know you have a little strength, and I love that about because every young mother knows all you have is a little strength right anyone and you can do this if you try. You're stronger than you think you have more gifting the more ability he was just think I know you only have a little strength, but you kept my word and not denied my name and because of my family and some other things have always been identified with them and I've never back down. Not the can remember, I've taken a stand for him so he says open the door for you to walk through the door was open for me to teach a Bible class and I walked through its head 500 women who sat in front of me my children to listen to me you know now that 500% in their withdraws like this.

I was so scared that were going the back in the bathroom and get physically sick before coming out the pulpit but I was more afraid to say no tomorrow. Lord to open the door and told me to walk through it. So after teaching every week for 12 years I never missed a class after 12 years.

He called the count very clearly from acts 22 and in Deuteronomy 10 going to that, but he told me it was time for me to leave the class and go out to itinerant minister and I said Lord I can't do that and he said hand I know, but I can and I said, Lord, we know that to but I'm strong as a sort I'm totally an adequate and he said, and I know but I'm sufficient walk through the door and so is his hold on to what you have in verse 11 and I said, Lord, I know what I don't have don't have time. I don't have energy. I don't have strength. I don't have money have no education. Not only been to the 12th grade never been to college. Never been to Bible school never been the same. And I just tell you that case as an encouragement to somebody and tell maybe I don't know if it is or not, but that's not testimony, and so I said I know what I don't have.

What do you have my words and you have me walk through the open door. And so I just say yes, throwing up as I went, but I can't tell you how faithful God is been and had I refuse to walk through the open door. Had I said Lord I just want to see what your plan for my life might've been like a curiosity, but you and I really don't want to do that and I can't do that. Not settle for something like this is more comfortable in what I would've Ms. walk through the open door because not because I want to be administered. You know that I want to know him and he's out there and I want to be with him. So if he was leading me out of my Bible class.

I know he stayed in the Bible class. I turned over to somebody else and never missed a beat that multiplied with 10 classes now in our city that size and God is blessed that ministry, Bible study Fellowship is poured out his blessing on that. But for me he was no longer there and if I had said no I'm too afraid I would've Ms. when he is done in my life so I don't know how we would describe the church at Philadelphia but for me, I felt like there was a 10 business when he said and you only and he didn't find anything in this church to correct, but I felt like there was a tendency when somebody is an adequate's when you only have a little strength, your tendency is to say I can't do that so I don't know if these open your front door of opportunity is the open for you and your saying I can't do that I'm not trained in unequipped. I don't have the money have the personnel but you know in your heart he's opened the door for you that I don't think it's an option if he is your Lord and that's what I had to come down to bottom line if he's not Lord he's either Lord of all or he's not Lord at all. And so if you opened the door. Does your walk-through, you have no option but to say yes Lord, and if you don't, it affects everything in your Christian life you can no longer walk by faith.

You can no longer take him at his word. So what's the principal very precious. God is attracted to weakness.

You know that God can use somebody who's wholly dependent on him.

So for somebody like me that easy somebody like you. If you're gifted and train things capable is little bit harder because there's so much that you think you can do so sometimes it just has to knock you down and teach you that you dependent on him without me. Jesus said you can't do anything of eternal significance. That's the principle I think that God is attracted to our weakness.

The promise he will overcomes I will make a pillar in the temple of my God somebody who strongly rooted in the presence of God in you know the way I feel like he's fulfilled that for me. People look at me and listen to me. They have no idea how weak I am scared I am timid.

I need to see the strength of God in my life and that's him keeping his promise to me if I would just walk through the open door gift ears to hear.

There somebody here who feels timid somebody who's been saying you can't do something. Somebody here who feels an adequate and sufficient week and scared to walk through the opened and it's time to repent. Return to the cross until conscious that he's open the door you hang hang on to what you have in your walk through the door on your knees church of Philadelphia, ears to hear this to Christian church and that city today. Last church is one that is very familiar with the church at Laodicea will just touch on it. These are the words of the man, the faithful and true witness, ruler of God's creation. What he says is so that I cannot believe it's I know your deeds are neither hot nor cold.

I wish you were one or the other, your lukewarm I'm about to spit you out of my mouth and you know from he was just saying they were totally useless. You can use ice cold drink. I love my coffee, extra hot but lukewarm. Just makes you, doesn't satisfy doesn't refresh and he saying you're useless to me so far was making them lukewarm.

You say I'm rich of acquired wealth and I don't need a thing.


That's what he saw in the church at Laodicea but they didn't realize that they were wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and the kids. I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire and I won't take the time to plow that just look at verse 19 those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. You know when he convicts us of our sin and that sense of guilt comes in as evidence of his love for you. He doesn't want you to continue on that mediocre, complacent, apathetic lifestyle and the blockage that's causing damage to your spiritual health. Keeping the flow of his spirit from coming through so that you have the powerful ministry that he means for you to have those whom I laugh, he says, I rebuke and discipline. So if you're feeling convicted over something I don't know what it might be, but he laughs you and he loves me he loves me too much to let me just go on with that blockage so attends Poinsett and then verse 20.

This is not a verse used evangelistic. This is a verse used for the church here. I cannot stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens it, or I will come in and eat with him and him with me.

The church at Laodicea headlock Jesus else while still with brides. They had a program that activities then my Navy had people coming wonderful quire people dress good. You know, people talking about them all over that area and Jesus wasn't even on the inside of the church and I think what he was telling them. Maybe it was used evangelistic. You need to be born again religion is no substitute for a personal relationship with God. You must be born again. Jesus said that's the principle the promise to him overcomes all give the right to sit with me on my phone just as I overcame and sat down with my father. All we can reign with him rule with them. So the way is down coming back to the foot of the cross and the knowledge of it were sinners in the ground is level at the foot of the cross is no room for pride, self-righteousness, condemnation, neither of ourselves or somebody else which is common. Thank God for the deaf in the blood of Jesus.

It cleanses us of all of our sin and every sin, past, present, future, little ones mediums big ones on it are all the same. We categorize them in on just ask him to cleanse us with his blood.

So ask somebody here who's in leadership past ministry leader you've never been born again, because of pride he just thought that was for them but it didn't mean you and that your works and what you've done and come to the church awakening conference and you enter into the music and you can quote the Scriptures and you can pray the prayer is an and that's all.

And right now you know it to wake up and come to the class's and be like a child and saying you there is no good thing all of your righteousness. Best things you do is like filthy rags got side asking to cringe to forgive you to come into your heart he will but you have to have church at Leo to say that a major blockage of pride they had no ears to hear what the Spirit was saying is no church in there to say just rocks in the middle of rubble. Feel so just wonder if the Lord has pinpointed a blockage in your life is something that he is pointed out to you. That's needs to be confessed needs to be correct and it could be any one of these. The busyness of Ephesian church, the fearfulness of the Smyrna church. The political correctness of Pergamum.

The sinfulness of flat tire. The prayer of the essence of Sardis to madness the Philadelphia pridefulness of Laodicea. But maybe it's something else, let me just take a minute to tell you. Several years ago I set aside time to prepare messages and set aside 10 days to prepare about nine sessions I was going to be taking on an intent seminar and so the first day I opened up my Bob ought to come up in Paden.

I was going to do my first study in I got nowhere. Just got to get this done.

I got to have all these messages needs workshops and I need to get this done and nothing so that you know you just need a good night sleep like a lodge go to sleep get something to eat, get up in the morning you feel better. So I did.

Next morning I got up, pulled up my problem. I pin my pad just nothing, don't you know my timeframe. I just got now nine days around panic. Now just losing time here. We just got to get after it and silence, and he seemed to whisper in my heart and I want to talk about your messages. I want to talk about you and us and God. I want to talk about me will do that later. Right now got to talk about these messages, you know how it is you can't budge him.

So finally I got on my knees and I said okay what you want to talk and he began to reveal sin in my life that I had no idea what was there every passage turn to in Scripture popped up off the page and it was another sin and another sin and another sin and another sentence he was triggered I was reading a book so read through the first time on the roof. Thank goodness I don't see any loose ends in my life. Second, maybe saw two or three third I saw every sin in my life and I wrote down some of them and that I wrote down some of your is not mix them up so he won't know which is which is in gratitude what blessing or answer the prayer have I neglected to thank God for neglect of Bible reading. How many days if I gone without opening my Bible.

How many days I read it, but I can't remember what I've read, heaven allow the Lord to feed me unbelief.

What is God said that I doubt carelessness. How often are my prayers just spiritual chatter offered without fervent or focused faith and remember this one was daydreaming is not prayer hypocrisy you call yourself a Christian, but don't act like one.

Are you pretending to be anything that you're not pride.

Are you impressed with your own reputation and accomplishments are you offended and resentful when somebody else receives attention, envy, who seems more popular powerful recognizable than you more successful in ministry. Have you thought Jell-O slander one of you said to make others think less of someone lying one of you implied something that's not the whole truth critical spirit. One of you found fault with someone because he or she doesn't measure up to your standard and the list could go on anger and bitterness and unforgiveness.

Vengeful so much sin in the camp. Remember Aiken Joshua seven.

After the children a vision of a defeated Jericho and they went to Aon they were defeated and Joshua goes throughout the camp funds.

One man who would send it took something God said he could have a Baird down deep in his tent.

Joshua to take that one man taken outside the can't put them to death for the get go back in and victory and I think the church today.

There is so much sin in the camp that the church is living in defeat. Think it starts with you and as God's people. We need to repent of our sin as you shine the light of his truth into your heart and into your life.

You have the courage it takes courage, doesn't it just put it in the way we talk in North Carolina takes guts just to look at your life the way God sees it that you're not as good as you think there's sin buried down deep and maybe it's a deep bitterness and unforgiveness. Maybe something like a torsion adultery. I don't know. I can stand up your guest all day. God knows what it is and so do you and you think nobody knows. And maybe nobody knows, but you know what it's a block which may be this is what I've struggled with. Maybe you need to forgive yourself.

Maybe you've done something maybe worth the parent you wish that you were maybe worth the husband or the wife may be of spouse, would've walked out a few just been the kind of Christian helpmate. You should've been maybe you could do somebody maybe I don't know whatever have you done something. It is the light of God's truth comes in your life every time you come to a meeting like this you feel guilty. It's time you forgave yourself you know if God says I forgive you need to come to the cross. He says I forgive you.

I forgive you. I forgive you. Doesn't matter what it is. I forgive you and if you say God, thank you but I can't forgive myself what you're saying is that your standards are higher than is that you're more righteous than he is God's desire forgive you just say God, thank you.

I don't deserve it but I receive supports the blockage. Would you bring it to the cross. I believe it's time to wake up to the cross.

Bring your into the name it don't play games with a label switched labels just call it what it is claimed that the flow of his spirit might be unhindered in your life you would you with himself until you overflow when you go out into your area.

In the spirit of God flows into you and your people think your area may be God would grant that last. Now here's and with this final word. Do you have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying and what is he saying it's time for God's people were called by God's name to humble themselves and pray seek his face and turn from their wicked ways. It's time to be courageous and look deep within our own hearts as God revealed to you what he sees. He may encourage you when he does receive it, and thank him but I also know if you're like me, he may convict you of sin when he does stop giving excuses or defending yourself or rationalizing your behavior just repents and Joel 212 to 13 God told his people to return to him with all their hearts they rend their hearts, not the garments God is tired of superficial regret and remorse that doesn't lead to a changed life. The rend your heart means you're going to not only confess your sin be so deeply grieved and broken by that.

You weep as you turn away from it, stop it. Our God is gracious and compassionate. He is slow to anger and abounding in love, he will hear your prayer. Forgive your sin and I pray you will heal our land by granting us one more right away, living in the light as a weekly study in God's word with teacher and author and Graham wants learn to listen to his voice, then start making the choice to keep on going and believing and trusting who God is go to and Graham take advantage of the many helpful free resources to get you started doing this again for living in the life

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