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We Need You

A Call to the Nation / Carter Conlon
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August 15, 2021 1:00 am

We Need You

A Call to the Nation / Carter Conlon

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Carter Conlon from the historic Times Square Church in New York City. All yes there's a lot of people may forget that you even exist, but not the son of God became for you and he needs you, and that means we need you in the body of Christ as well.

There is a place for you in the body of Christ. Thank you for being with us for a call to the nation with Carter, from Times Square Church in New York City. If you're a believer in Jesus Christ.

We need you.

We need your testimony. We need your miracle that God is about to produce in your life. We need one another in the body of Christ. Whatever it is that you have, whether it's a lot more. A little.

We need to and that's Carter's message today. Taken from Psalm 133 let's join him right now to speak from Psalm 133 today so if you have Bible or similar devices you could be kind enough to turn to the title of my sharing today is we need you. It's really simple. We need you and I'm speaking now to people all over the world that are with us from Atlantic City, New Jersey. Pray that God would free me from homosexuality.

I'm really trapped and I can't break hold of the prey that I would be born again.

Adele from New York. My husband was threatening to leave due to misunderstanding is changed.

I'm trusting God to heal us bill for. We need you and we need your husband in the body of Christ from Gutenberg. Please pray for my daughter to overcome her depression and eating disorder. She has been purging is lost so much weight and will not accept help from Illinois ran back in the porn and lost. Please pray for him so tired of it. I need deliverance. We need you in Illinois in the body of Christ. John from toms River. Please pray for my marriage, for God to be glorified in restoring what the enemy is trying to destroy from Finland. Please pray that God would have mercy on me, I feel are gonna straighten my walk I need forgiveness and deliverance from God renew a right spirit within me.

We need you and Finland in the body of Christ from Dallas-Fort Worth worth Texas I'm sinking back into my always my marriage is broken. I've lost my children to the world and I feel lost, confused and shattered. Please pray for me. We need you in Dallas Fort Worth Texas and the US. I'm so lonely in a house full of strife and anger. Please pray another one says please pray for me. I'm so lonely in my life seems just hopeless from Stu, Phil, Ontario, Canada.

Pray for complete healing of my physical disability.

I've lived with cerebral palsy my entire life. 37 years.

I would like to receive God's healing from Sydney Australia.

My husband is heaps of unforgiveness, anger, bitterness towards me.

I keep forgiving, but it never stops, married for 45 years I played Jesus his blood, we need protection and help, and lastly from Sweden. Please pray for my oldest daughter went through with an abortion. The child would've been born. Now she was a believer at a young age. I am in grief and work praying for you to as a parent, but also for your daughter because Jesus loves her and she is much needed in this end time there were now living in in the body of Christ and for the testimony of God. Psalm 133 says behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.

It is like the precious oil upon the head, running down the beard, the beard of Aaron running down to the edge of his garments is like the dew of Herman descending upon the mountains of Zion for there the Lord commanded the blessing life forevermore how good and how pleasant it is. Now when I speak of unity.

I just want to make a clarifying statement.

I'm not talking about ecumenically is ecumenically is and was about unity at the expense of truth. I'm not talking about that kind of unity in the body of Christ on talking about the unity that is based on salvation by faith through the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross.

2000 years ago, that group of people that group of believers of trusted Jesus Christ for their salvation. In spite of the name that's on the church door, they trusted in him and him alone for their salvation.

He has redeemed them by his blood and the Holy Spirit of God now indwells their physical body that is the true church of Jesus Christ, the true church of Jesus Christ is a is a body from all different locations and all different places different denominations different names on the door and yet the body of Christ has different distinctives by distinctives I mean it's certain practices that each of us incorporate and we believe these to be true, we might be right and or we may be wrong when we may have. We may have a complete truth on our hands that we practice or maybe a truth needs to be modified just a little bit out when I speak of distinctives I speak of things that are not consequential to eternal life and the salvation and we are allowed to have those distinctives you believe the the the rapture of the church is going to happen before the tribulation begins. You're more than welcome to your view.

If you believe it.

It's going to happen. The tribulation then God be with you. You believe it's going to happen at the end of the tribulation. As I was say you can have my truck and please feed my dog because I will no longer be here, but you're free to believe. Some believe there is going to be no rapture of the Christian church at all and see these are these are distinctives. These are things we hold to this other other churches in places where they believe the communion has to be in a shared topic you pass from it was going to be genuine, has to be from a cop passed from hand to hand, others believe it has to be cracker. Some believe it has to be bread that melts in your mouth. Other believe it has to be hard crusty bread. It doesn't matter. These are just distinctives you understand what I'm saying. But what brings us together as one body is that we have the same spirit, the spirit of God is upon us. Like the Pharisees and the Scriptures they didn't like all the people Jesus hung around with, but wisdom is justified of its children and it is a pleasant thing. One brother and dwell together in unity. In this time of incredible division in the world that we are experiencing today. We just see this little video off of all these people singing the same song and it makes you feel good. Now some people don't like the names of the churches that doesn't make them feel good.

And that's just the reality of of of what causes disunity in the true body of Jesus Christ. But the reality is, it brings a good feeling in the heart because there's so much division in the world today and what an opportunity we have as the body of Jesus Christ to come back together again at the foot of the cross in spirit and in truth with a heart of sincerity to want to live for God and to want to love one another as Christ commands us to love one another. He says in the word of God in this place.

It's like there's an anointing there like the anointing on errand that ran down to the edge of his garments. This this anointing that separates us from the world. This anointing that Jesus said will tell or show all men that we are the disciples of Christ. This this presence of God that is inexplicable.

Apart from the spirit of God that gladdens the heart. It's Thursday.

Men and women. I remember times were church in New York City. Pre-covert days, people would walk into the church and see people from 104 different nations and nationalities and cultures and races coming into the house of God and worshiping together with one voice. I remember people who are unsaved, breaking down in the in breaking down in the sanctuary and say, surely God must be in this place because they had seen this incredible power that God is willing to unleash in the sense when he finds the people who are willing to walk together in unity Psalms goes on to say Saunders King David. It's like this, do that descends up around the mountains in the morning. This this do that satisfies the thirst of a thirsty humanity and in this place of unity.

This is an incredibly powerful statement.

God commands the blessing of life evermore. That's a phenomenal thing you know there's nothing worse than it is unified search.

I don't know if that if you've ever had this experience. But when you walked into a church where there is no unity there really is no presence of God and this is not is sometimes it's actually a dreadful feeling when you walk in the door you don't feel the presence of God.

This is this something in the water that's making it file that put it that way when there's disunity in the body of Christ. But when we walked into a place where we just become mature enough to recognize none of us have it all together we'd all like to think that we have the corner on the truth but we don't. I've often said that the throne of God. The first thousand years were all going to be slapping our foreheads for thousand years. They will while that's not what I had that wrong and I had when I thought that was right because, like Isaiah as it was in ministry because there was was a young prophet and training in the year continues iodide is a is drawn into the presence of God. And when he sees God is is undone when he sees goddesses woes lips are unclean and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips. Now keep in mind he's talking about the people of God of that these talking about those people that is set apart in the earth to bring glory and honor together the divine purpose in the earth is to bring God's name to glory. But having seen God. He now recognizes how far they have gotten from who God actually is and how mediocre the description of God. Or maybe the representation of him in the earth actually become in Mark chapter 10 of the gospel of Mark we have a story of Jesus on the journey beginning at verse 46 is as they came to Jericho. And as he went out of Jericho with his disciples and the great multitude, blind part of May is the son of Timaeus set by the road, begging so this is Mark chapter 10 beginning at verse 46, when he heard it it it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry out and say Jesus son of David, have mercy on me, then many warned him to be quiet, but he cried out all the more, son of David, have mercy on me. So Jesus stood still and commanded them to be called, and then they called the blind men say can be of good cheer, rise up is calling you just this poor guy. They were just all telling him to be quiet now when Jesus stops the whole parade and calls his name. The change the tune and throwing aside his garments, he rose and came to Jesus and Jesus answered and said to him what you want me to do for you. The blind man said to him, Ramon. I that I might receive my site then Jesus said to him, go your way, your faith has made you well and immediately received his sight and followed Jesus on the road. So what you do just journey with me just for a moment with Jesus during the crowd walking out of Jericho and obviously he's heading to another destination. Everyone is walking with them and they're all walking with them for a specific purpose.

Everybody has a reason for walking with Jesus.

If you're walking with them.

You have a reason for walking with them as well as anybody else around you and suddenly this man starts to cry out from the side of the road who, who, in their opinion has nothing to offer to their objectives is not sad when we get like that is the body of Christ or we have Jesus.

You see and lick the core statement that they're making when they're telling this man to be quiet as we have Jesus with you see were going with Jesus to a destination something that is going to overthrow the Roman. Some think that is going to forever give them free bread others.

Others, of seeing the healing and the just very enamored with the healing others have heard the stories they want to see more. They want to see more miracles was there's others maybe feel that they're going to be raised up by him to positions of prominence and power is going to be given knowledge that they've not had before. Everyone has a reason to walk with them but this poor blind man on the side of the road you see is not adding to the agenda and their opinion is this taking away from the agenda and they don't understand the value of this one person. The value of this person that they they feel has has been nothing and others are saying we have Jesus.

We don't need you and you know you look at it today and you see how wrongheaded that was for the crop we look at this crowd is a bad example there so far from the heart of God onto I'm in this poor guy's crying out Jesus has come to set an phrase come to deliver it was going to go to cross. They're all walking with Jesus. They've all got this agenda, but they're looking at this incredibly pertinent on the side of the road and in their heart.

This thing we don't need you and we look at this example of Scripture and we say there's an example of a wrongheaded people there. There's so far off in their thinking.

But do we do the same thing with other members troop members of the true body I'm talking about the true body of Jesus Christ and you find the true body in in every denomination because you hear denomination is called Pentecostal doesn't mean everybody into the state. You can be Baptist. Not every Baptist to save his people in the Baptist Church to live like devils people and Pentecostal churches that look like devils. They have a form of religion but did not in relationship with God. This people in other places it we maybe would not necessarily want to frequent ourselves but they have cried out, they found him as Savior and the Holy Spirit is come upon them, the they found themselves forgiven, but we pass them by. On our journey and we say exactly what this crowd said to the blind. When we don't need you.

We don't need you. The Pentecostal say the Baptist. We don't need you. The Baptist say to the charismatics. We don't need you I'm telling you we we make the mistake of thinking that other people have nothing to add to our agenda, but if our agenda is truly to honor God in the earth. If our agenda is to us are in is it as it is that the presence of God through a body of people that will bring men and women out of darkness and into the freedom of Christ.

I need the members of the body I need I need everyone was called by the name of Jesus Christ and you are allowed your distinctives your you want to bop your head when you pray, go ahead. You want to pray like you're having an asthma attack. It doesn't bother me you want to be quiet.

Be quiet. You want to mark sales marts in the house.

What I really care about is that you know Jesus and that makes you my brother that makes you my sister view across that bloodline in the redemption by faith in that shed blood of Jesus Christ.

Two years ago. You are my brother and you are my sister and I'm more than willing to hang out with you no matter what the Pharisees say in this or any other generation. Praise be to God I don't ever want to get to the place like the apostle Paul warned about is one body, but many members in the eye cannot say to the hand I've no need of you, nor again the head to the feet. I have no need of you know, much rather those members of the body would seem to be weaker are necessary and those members of the body which we think to be less honorable on these we bestow greater honor and on presentable parts have greater modesty instead of passing by. We stop and call it to you and for you because we need you. Everyone was prayer request to read than those there's not able to get to your struggling your urine to try to place a difficult year on the side of the road and you feel that this whole parade, call the church of Jesus Christ is somehow passing you by my word to you is we need you.

Christ is calling for you. Yes, the whole crowd may miss you though crowd may think you got nothing to add to the church of Jesus Christ because of your addictions and your afflictions, your struggles, your past, your present everybody might just pass you by and maybe you can't type maybe don't have a talent, as you see it offer the body of Christ.

But let me tell you what you do have. You have the opportunity for Jesus Christ to do a miracle in your life because your miracle is needed. The testimony of your miracle is needed in the body of Christ as pastor to the leadership you might have only a little relaunch a few lows in a couple of fishes but God wants to take what you have and multiply it and use your life to feed thousands and thousands of people just the testimony of what is able to do in you and through you. We need you. We need your testimony. We need you to rise up from where you are. This particular man when Christ called them and said what you want me to do for you. The Scripture says he cast aside his garment and he came to Jesus. He put off the old he was tired of living the way he was living was tired of begging on the side of the road and he recognized that Jesus was passing by and I hope with all my heart. Did you recognize a Jesus passing by your house is present by your living room, you might build apartments listening to this on your telephone but is passing by you and your cell phone right now is passing by your broken marriages, passing by your wounded house your broken family. Your wayward children passing by and calling for you all. Yes is a lot of people may forget that you even exist, but not the son of God became for you and he needs you, and that means we need you in the body of Christ as well. There is a place for you in the body of Christ.

We need you. We need your testimony. We need your song in the house of God. Whatever it is you have what there's a lot of where there is little or whether it's nothing bring it to God and watch what God will do in and through your life and what's the testimony that he will establish through you. We need each other in the body of Christ, and we need you in the body of Christ. You are read to God you are calling from the side of the road you will be a blessing to each of us into the testimony of Christ in the story of your miracle will bring glory to God. So here's here's what your part is when you hear them calling your name. When the odds thankful that the crowd stopped and didn't keep want to get this mom which which gave him an opportunity to get up and actually join those that were walking with Jesus on thankful for the moments whether the charts has the courage to stop and say maybe we've missed something along the way. Maybe we've not been as pure and are following of Jesus Christ as we'd like to think that we are. Maybe we've actually mean is that the very mission of God. Maybe we've lost the heart of God in the house of God, maybe with given preferential seating to those who tied more to the work of God, maybe where were giving into titles and positions in the house of God.

We forgot that God himself that I stand at the right hand of the poor. If you're looking for me. That's were you going to find me know what is your part in all of this. Assuming the gorgeous Marla stopping for you were not singing at the moment were not moving forward. At the moment. We just stopped and now God is calling you. Jesus Christ is speaking to you when we stopped and suddenly by the spirit of God. We've taken notice of you and your situation in your mess in your pain this minute been blind.

His whole life was unable to see a way forward.

He didn't see a purpose as many could say I don't see a reason to live. I don't see God's hand in my family. I don't see the provision I needed. I just don't see Jesus said to the man. What can I do for you, and he simply said I want to see. I want to see reason for life as we sang earlier this evening I want to see my name written down and in God's book of eternal life in the Scripture says he got up and he threw aside his garment. They have to understand is blind men. The odds of it being there when he was able to even find his way back are probably not very good that maybe it was the only thing that had given them comfort in your garment might be your drugs might be your addictions like the pornography it might be selfishness that's destroying your home and your marriage is a lot of things that garment means, but he got up and he says I'm I'm throwing this off. That's what repentance means repentance means I'm putting off the old way of living on putting off the old conference on on putting away all of these things that once gave me comfort in the sense of well-being us as much as it could and I'm now coming to Jesus because he's called me and he needs me.

You're very needed by the son of God want that to go very deep into your heart very needed. Need to get up from where you are and put off that old way of living and come to him and he simply said to this man go your way, your faith is made, your whole.

In other words, is a journey now set before you, you now will be given the eyes to see it in your faith doesn't say just has has given you side, which is great but it's also made him well. There's a huge difference. It was a deeper healing than just his eyes. He had a reason to live. You know the crowd that was passing by. The description is a record that any of them got a miracle in all of their pushing of Jesus to their agenda, but he got the miracle. This forgot in the side of the road. Would you let God do a miracle in your life, I'm serious. Would you let him heal you to let him open your prison door would you let him give site to your your eyes that don't see a way forward for your life would you let them give you faith so that your heart might be healed of the wounds that keep driving you to do things you shouldn't be doing or living away. You shouldn't live or maybe a in marriage or you're just abusing others in a way you shouldn't be verbally or physically as we saw in so many prayer requests would you have the courage to let God just touch you.

Admit your condition for this matter was hard. He was blind and he knew it and everybody else knew it.

A lot of people know about you. They know about the way you live.

They know your family does for sure if you've hidden at the workplace least your family knows so there's nothing to hide. You simply get up and you sound undone with this old way of living. Jesus is calling me. I want to see. I want to be well believe that he came to die for you on the cross and pay the price for your sins so that you don't have to be separated from God anymore and just confessing what more could this man do it says he immediately received his sight and followed Jesus. I can just enough to everyone else's that were all telling them to be quiet, they don't have much to say no and he's he's the guy in the crowd right Jesus gave me my site back. Jesus touched my life. Jesus gave me a miracle. All he did was tell them to be quiet so that it's more or less a bad example but he gets the miracle see the point is we need we need you in the body of Christ. We need your miracle. We need your story grown a little weary and we need fresh life in the church of Jesus Christ. Thank you for joining us this week for a call to the nation with Carter, from Times Square Church in New York City. For more information log onto TSC.NYC TSC.NYC you can count on a powerful message each week on a call to the nation with Carter,

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