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Next Mountain [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright
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July 30, 2021 6:00 am

Next Mountain [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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Alan Y using pastor Bible teacher and author of his latest book, the power to bless God has within us all cynical because he has grace for us and so so our minds have to think not just in the reality of the circumstances, but our minds have to think, according to the reality of God and his word and his grace excited for you to hear the teaching today. In the series. Second, when it is presented with an old church in North Carolina not able to throughout the entire to make sure you know how to get our special resource right now. A copy of Pastor Alan's book lover of my soul.

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Contact us at that's pastor or call 877-544-4860 that's 877-544-4860. More on that later in the program but now let's get started with today's teaching here is how the mind gets depressed is really focused on the part that's the detour part gets focus on the part that's off the main road to get focused on the part that feels. Heart, so that in the in the world to the depressed person looks like half the sign is gone and you can't see the arrow anymore. It feels like there's just no point anymore. That's what Elijah was feeling beloved in 2019, 2019.

There were 1/10 people who reported that they were either depressed or anxious. In 2020 are pandemic here, 4/10 that's why I'm pausing here nearly half of all people dear pandemic reported that they were either depressed and or anxious is so interesting it's it's it is interesting that we experience life as it comes at us and we see what's happening and we see the challenges and in one sense, the most real thing is, look how hard it is a look at the pandemic right. Look at the possibilities that could be another big to be another virus next year that could be another all of these things and you were smart, all those things in a sense that is true but see when were healthy, mentally were not thinking about that we're living instead with a sense of faith that we will be able to endure and hope that things will be better.

It's interesting.

They've done studies to see do depressed people or mentally healthy people. How do they perceive reality in a 1970s study participants were given a button and a green light and they were told that to some extent the way a number of times that they push the button would determine whether the green light came on so that pushing is button and then the green lights coming on later they quiz the participants and asked how much did you feel like you were controlling the the green light coming on and what they found was interesting, depressed, participants were actually much more accurate and realistic about the amount of influence that they had whereas people who were mentally healthy tended to be more exaggerate how much influence they had a here's another one. It might even be clear. Another study, researchers had participants play a videogame and in the videogame you shoot these little monsters are coming down the screen and afterwords they asked the participants of the depressed group and and those are mentally healthy, and they asked him what percentage of me how how how many monsters did you kill in the in the game and was very action. The ones that were suffering with with the depression thought that they had that they'd killed you know a few of them and which was about accurate but the ones who who weren't present mentally healthy fault that they killed spent 15 to 20 more times monsters than they actually had what in the world, to the point.

I'm try to make with this strange talking about something that one sense is hard to wrap your mind around.

It's it's a paradox in a sense, is to say that on something like just being realistic about how much influence they had or how well they did on a little videogame people who were suffering with some form of depression and one cents were more accurate to that reality. What is it say it says that something happens in the brain when we get focused even on what is the real possibilities of negative thing.

What happens is that that we can we can we can be experiencing the detour and life and we cannot yet that is real middle one sense you're in a traffic jam, you're off the road.

Things don't look as good and if that's what you think about, which is a real thing.

It can become very depressing. But what happens when were healthy, mentally, is that we have with the Bible calls faith in God made us to live like this image is to live with a sense that we know about the harsh realities and I know that that this pandemic's been terrible. I know that people some kind of experience I've seen it firsthand.

I know about it if they could be other viruses and all that but that's not the way I'm thinking about life is not that is pie-in-the-sky is that God has put within is authentic hope because he has grace for us and so so our minds have to think not just in the reality of the circumstances, but our minds have to think, according to the reality of God in his word and his grace limits a little bit more about this I will I will spend much much longer and so I want to draw some important conclusions from Elijah story and see how it is that he gets healed, but let me just say this little bit more about depression because again, nearly half of all people dear pandemic have said there either depressed or anxious. So it is worth taking a moment on this end of it if is not you that you know somebody and and a couple of problems here with depression that psychologists have taught us about their want to highlight just real quickly and the first and all these you see in Elijah the first as is and that is a focus on the negative psychologist called selective abstraction and selective abstraction is to focus on a single negative event or condition to the exclusion of others, it is possible that you can have a mount caramel and then you have a Jezebel and you just get focused on Jezebel as is. If you forgotten all the other the negative becomes the focal point of life become so central that positive isn't even acknowledged it can happen in our relationships and you believe it.

Focus just on something negative and the people of God think they have this happen over and over in the story of the Scripture. W Red Sea that parts and then they get just so focus on the fact that Pharaoh's armies after them again that it's as if they forgotten that if there ever was a time that Elijah needed to say to himself and to his servant were tired and Jezebel might be formidable but let's talk about what God did a mount caramel was talk about the bigger scope of what we seen God do was see the miracles let's talk about that, but remember that was given thanks, but the mind is its focus on on the negative it get it and struggle to get there. Here's a here's a second thing that often contribute to depression. Is this all or none mentality psychologist called dichotomous thinking that this this this is a thing is like they see commonly hospitalized patients is like well you know if so-and-so don't come and visit me today.

Then it just means you don't love me or if if if we had a marital fight, then we just must not be made for each other so muzzle Colquitt or the student who says I failed the test in the chemistry class so I might as well drop out because I just don't so it's it's on my struggles with dichotomous thinking and lately start a new job they might go.

Oh, it's fantastic is wonderful. Every is going great and then they make a mistake in the as a criticism for the ball and they just go to the other extreme, was a dead-end job is terrible. I hate it that's that's not read it. In reality what God does is he takes us through mountains and valleys in difficult times and and by his grace we keep moving on. It is not all or none. It is, it is Elijah you've had a mountaintop and now you got a Jezebel. And just because you got a Jezebel that did mean you're doomed it on me that just because you'd you have the biggest victory of your life that that that now one more means that you guys will give up because you never gonna win.

That's what it means she is out all the nonthinking and only much. One third and 1/3 way it contributes to her depression that's exaggerated negative thinking about possibilities as doom type thinking. The psychologist called catastrophic thinking exaggerates a possible consequences of an event that it is like okay my knee hurts.

I had to go into a wheelchair. My might build to work. I will bill pay my bills will have to go bankrupt and up liberal strict or only one who calls her husband got answers because you don't answer to things by the fact is been a little bit oddly, and he thinks he sees habit he is having an affair as soon that's all she can think about what was it when what was none of that. So they did many other things can be said about this, but I think that you see what's happening inside the mind of this great man of God. Elijah and he's just flat-out depressed and what does God do what is God doing we've had a mountaintop, and now were on a something that looks different than the way we thought the arrow doesn't seem straight anymore and now there's a Jezebel after us and when we thought it was over and the finish line seem like you got moved. We thought we had the big victory to end all victories and now we got another battle to fight what does God do right will have more teaching moment from today's important series/you've heard about it with your ears. He believed in mind while experiencing a new hybrid Allen writes the left book lover of myself as a love story from beginning to and spiritual bride of Christ, the perfect bike. The Bible tells not just on time in March and the links to 21. Walk with me hand-in-hand for any man who is falling in love with a woman tasted the sweetness of God's love for you this night dream woman who searched for 25214 can only be found fully in God Gary Chapman remind Arthur the five love languages size incredible reality that God perceives us in life comes to my wife and lover of myself.

Ancient biblical accounts explode in the heart except Christ proposal and showing his embrace of gravel in his love.

After the match made in lover of my soul right.

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Today is the final day were offering the special product, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website past today's teaching now you once again is writing as you misunderstood God.

You might think he would come with judgment and and ends and speak against the prophet. You might bully him back into his senses. But you know what that never works for the depressed person. It is a site you ought not feel that way.

That didn't work either.

And God doesn't calm and lecture him done them, just quote Bible verses to.

Here's what happened in verse five, behold, an angel touched him and said to him, arise and eat touched the power of the presence of God, the power of a loving touch. We have been so isolated for so long and now that we've gotten more freedom and the numbers seem to be going to the right direction in our area of the country and and I was with a men's group this week and I'll just cite shaken his let's just feel so good. Just people shake it has just just touch were made for that don't don't be surprise of the devil has just been feasting on all this isolation.

I'm not condemning the practices of of being careful about ice. I'm just saying it has been the delight of hell to have us be apart from one weenie when he connection. This is a God who when we are at our lowest comes near any touches you, you might would hope that what he does is calms and removes Jezebel. Sometimes he does but not in the sense it doesn't it doesn't remove Paul's thorn in a doesn't just always makes a bad feeling go away.

He's not.

He's not. He's not like a bottle. Alcohol is not Leica like a drug. He's not is not there just to to mask over make he is there to be present so you can relate to the living God touches the healing journey begins with the promise of him being with you and then he says the angel says to Elijah arise and eat get up eight there was a command and as my mentor Dolly Hall has taught me inside every command is a promise because if God tells someone with a disability in their wrist and hand to stretch forth her hand than what he saying is that there's a promise or healing on the command and if the angel says take nourishment there must be something worth living for. Or else there's no reason to eat, feed, take nourishment, maybe God's got a word for just someone right now.

Take nourishment from the word of God, receive, let let your soul maybe your one who's always giving and you been through so much and maybe the angel larger Sandia arise and eat take on some spiritual food take on some real nourishment physically, mentally, spiritually feed your mind feed your body feature so rising and verse six and seven. He looked, and behold, there was. It is had a cake baked on hot stones. A jar of water almost sounds like communion doesn't Anthony ate and drank and he laid out again. He was nourishment is still depressed and angel Lord came again the second time in touched you love the persistence of God. Such a sweet, persistent God who pursues a profit, that doesn't have the energy to pursue God.

Second touch and then verse seven. Here comes the healing power verse seven the angel Lord came again a second time touched him and said, arise and eat for the journey is too great for you and there in that strange statement is the very power of the gospel energy in our lives comes from hope and hope comes from a positive vision of a blessed future. And so if we don't get a word about a great journey in front of us, then they'll be no hope. And if there's no hope there is no no energy and so the angel is essentially saying costs not finished with you yet this journey is continuing. I was laughter. Joe to the old story of a seminarian who would go around telling all the other fellow students. I will go far in the ministry and they would hear him say I'll go far. The minister will go far in the ministry and it just sounded arrogant and finally another student said, why, why do you say that you do you really believe God has somehow special purpose for you. Are you just plain arrogant in the student so I don't know I'm just telling you what all my professors say they always tell me you got a long way to go is only as as you go a long way to go. It can mean you're going to go a long way and Elijah verse eight arose, ate and drank and went in the strength of that food for 40 days and 40 nights to Horeb, the mountain of God is gone from Mount caramel but as a next mountain for him to climb and I think that's a word of the Lord as we are learning from a pandemic. There's another mountain in front of you.

Your soul might feel a little weary but take this away from a number want to say you have a long way to go is to say that you will go far.

Elijah isn't through would God and God is through with Elijah, though still be a still small voice on Mount Horeb in a cave there be intimacy with God that is never known to be the passing of the mantle. The prophetic mantle to a man Elisha that will do twice as many miracles as a logic he is leaving a legacy he's passing on his anointing there will be a horrible win, and ascension. And then there would be a transfiguration. Elijah is not finished.

And God is not finished with him, and so to say, arise and eat for the journey is too great for you is to say yes there is a big journey in front of you and that's why you're going to need God. And I think the other thing I take from this. I want to leave with you is that when you have been on a journey and you have had some mountaintop experiences and maybe you get on the other side and you feel a little exhausted by it and then here comes a Jezebel after you and you just feel like giving up. Remember this, you aren't in a worse place. You're in a better place. You're in a better place for what you've experienced.

Remember everything that we've learned about perseverance that suffering produces perseverance and perseverance produces character, and character produces hope. If you been through something, some mountaintops and some valleys. If you've arrived at this place and maybe your not yet where you want to be. Maybe you thought you'd be further down the road. Maybe you've hit the construction site. Maybe traffic is just inching along. Maybe you're seeing a little detour side maybe all of that is leaving you very frustrated, but I invite you to remember what has God done in your life to this point, but if you look at your life.

I'm sure that you look at you and realize you have learned along the way, even from your worst mistakes that is positioned you now into better place for the next mountain than you'd ever been before your ear is not you're not further behind. It just feels that way sometimes.

And here's the third thing to say. We learn from the story you are limited by your own energy. The battle belongs to the Lord God's Holy Spirit is what really feeds Elijah he goes miraculously in the strength of a meal for 40 days and 40 nights. Just when you think that you might want to give up because just feel like you never have energy again. I'm telling you draw near unto the Lord.

He draws near unto you, and he's about to pour out his Holy Spirit into you, for in our weakness. This strength is perfected when our lives for like that there empty the comes and feels as blessed are those in hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. This particular Valley that you might face has served to make you hungry for God and so feed on him and expect that when you feed on God. What happens is supernatural. He is killing you so that you are going to move on.

So Mount caramel was fantastic and Elijah is the great prophet. And then there's a Valley and one woman's threat feels like too much of feels like the straw that breaks the camel's back, and he wants to give up big God hasn't given up on him.

Beloved, you can have a detour without being deterred.

You can come through a Valley and remember the Valley is not a destination is not a detour. It is a place you're traveling through because God's taking you to the next mountain. And that's the gospel. Allen writing today's good news, message title, the next mountain in our series.

Second with pastor Alan is back with us in the studio assuring is sporting good news thought for the day just found/heard about it with your ears, you believed in my experience it in the hybrid. Allen writes the left book lover of myself as a love story from beginning to and purely spiritual bride of Christ, the perfect bike.

The Bible tells about his condign in March and the links to two walk with me hand-in-hand for any man who is fallen in love with a woman tasted the sweetness of God's love for you is site training woman who was searched for to have put you long for can only be found fully in God Gary Chapman remind Arthur the five love languages size incredible reality that God perceives us in life comes to an lover of myself. Ancient biblical accounts explode in the high except high's proposal and showing his embrace of gravel in his love. After the match made in heaven. It's lover of my soul right this broadcast is only possible because of listener financial support.

When you get today. We will send you a special offer today is the final day were offering the special product. We are happy to send this to you as I thanks from Alan Knight ministries, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website pastor and data were correct.

Now the studio pastor Alan reporting the news. Thought for the day really putting the book in here.

The conclusion to this series. Second wind in its pinnacle.

I just think it's been so so important to me. Daniel and I know it has been to many that are spoken to that as we emerge from a very trying time we we we we overuse the word unprecedented, but we don't have another way to describe what we've been through in the season history and I am so eager for Christians, especially for the body of Christ to experience this joy that can come the strength that can come simply for having persevere and to have a second wind means that God has something great for the body of Christ and in so really if you something great for the body of Christ.

I think there's a move of God and his can begin with us individually.

So on blessing our listeners that you would be like Elijah and that you see that there's another mountain in front of you. There's another great destination. A great journey in front of you and may God give you as you did.

Elijah second.

Today's good news message is a listener supported production Alan White ministries

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