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July 1, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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July 1, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Don't Bible citations in the early church fathers validate the Textus Receptus readings over modern critical texts---2- Should the -pale- horse in Revelation actually be translated -green----3- In 2 Kings 3-27, does the Moabite's sacrifice of his son actually work---4- Why did Satan rebel when he knew he couldn't win- Was it God's plan---5- I often feel a strange presence in my house. How should I understand it- What should I do---6- Was Melchizedek a theophany or was he a type and shadow of Christ---7- Why do Roman Catholics carry statues around-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found you have questions of our Bible doctrines as a matter slick. Why glances calls and responding to your questions.

770-7276 Matt slick are you doing out there. If you want give me a call. As usual, all you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 so will all hear from you real window blinds cubicle. Hope hope everything's going well for you.

I could ask what I'm going to ask for prayer for my wife and our daughters on the details book to your out-of-state things are getting difficult for them.

Told a few people just what you look them up in prayer would be really appreciated. And one has to sickness an infection, then some stuff so well and discover your prayers if you will want give me a call 877-207-2276 if you if you want to watch the show.

You can do that. All you have to do is go to CRM.O RG found on the homepage homepage to see it you will see, you can block the window and the graphic that says watch the show. Whatever this match look like click on the page when video is not a big deal but Alexia kick out of watching and is not to say we have the good community of people who come in anywhere from 40 to 70 people and regulars and becoming friends do some already have been friends of this national community going to join and not to a believer in all you want to get in and talk about the people are nice. Just don't give strippers at least boisterously recalcitrant and the ask for that. Check it out and we had a call coming in. But we lost that give you call 877072276 the thing with my mind lately is the state of the Christian church and I believe that Christians will become more under attack and not talk with us every now and then and so I'm working on something I have resurrected a project that I haven't touched for a few years and thus call the family training course and another going through it today working on some stuff that needs to be to be done as long. Also working on the schools and editing and auditor so much trouble getting the new schools already. Hopefully in four weeks or so will be ready for focus and get them all released and everything and so I think that the Christians need to be praying and he's going to church and develop some networks of network communities of friends count on because I believe that things would get worse. I know that some people believe it was hopeless's the view that the gospel will go out all the earth and the people will be saved and the Christ will will usher in the kingdom and Jesus will come back. I don't find that when I got out of the mascara's you have implicit the colors are coming in with her losing connection or something. So staying this time we have open lines 877-207-2276 and are very good.

Okay, something Apple tech problems anyway so you know if you questions but all the stuff you call. We can talk if your newbie to the show. What we do talk about Romanism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian science unity behind the Islam of Roman Catholicism, Christian theology, logic, evolution, UFOs are called to talk about all kinds of things. And if you're interested and sent checking out some of that stuff you can go to CRM.OR and Dennis a Christian apologetics research ministry. There's a lot of information there's one we just jump on the phones right now to get to us from Florida hey Russ, welcome you on the air.

Alright man hanging in okay so I haven't really control the lately matter to me but that onto a lightly and so I just want to ask you give me more information than what I have so basically what I read Gretchen ration book James why Katie Robinson is a great dollars with no doubt, and there Wescott import people and it seems like there basically is because it's older, the copy of the order goes back like 325 receptors is reunited by some like that but then if you look at the early church fathers like Polycarp nations urination is actually an audit on them are quoting from what's in the Texas receptors versus you know universe of that fight. I'm sorry but versus like you know it's the one from Texas receptors that they say those verses are not supposed to be the youngest on Sam yeah yeah if this is not what else can you tell me what a difficult problem. Glad it's a difficult issue because textual critics. They study these things in the normal accepted range or idea is that the older is better even see folders more difficult.

That's the general rule.

But this course I didn't dine that hill. If the very early people copies are different, something different doesn't mean that that's the right one. It means that we that is evidence that it's right one is needed is the right one matter when people hear the stuff they think that there's major differences in the Bible is not the case.

I do some people know spelling work differences and a couple of help. If you have how things are worded on your submissions like that, but nevertheless, so I don't care if it doesn't mean it's the right one mother he question is why do let me say this. If you have Polycarp quoting.

For example, first John 57 and an and someone says well you gotta throw out first John 57 because it's not any accepted tech that you got shot that you got a early church father quoting but doesn't mean it's from the actual Texas receptors, but it does mean that bars was in play very early on right means is exactly the right way to put it was in play. The question then becomes, is a part of an original text because it's one of the major variants of the New Testament, Jahan inverts on five seconds and so you could have Polycarp you know who Polycarp is what he's the disciple of John the apostle. That's a very early and so is to be like that occur.

It is like it carries a lot of weight. But I like a psychotic textual critic expert so I don't know all the sub issues you could have Polycarp quote something.

But the question becomes, why, and without that information we really can't say is he quoting something that you thought was legit because there was a manuscript going around that he had access to or different manuscript, and I didn't have a comment in it and he liked it because he's not inspired so it just because that early doesn't necessitate that it's the right one. But it's generally speaking, the earlier quotes go, the more evidence that is that it is the right one but doesn't always necessitate that nested that's just it. That's why just to further the critics have never studied the issue super in-depth because they their pluses and minuses on both sides and I don't know if it's this. If it's a truly decipherable you know like Polycarp or why the church father quoting it. Then I can at least I can't throw it out right of that I've yielded 11.

Well I would say throw it out.

I would just say okay it's it's interesting it's interesting okay and liking Unitarians and is not valid but you got early church father quoting it so that valid or not about this question that's exactly the question and also we do with you and I disciple there's debate on its validity and there are some early attestations to its width are also some early agitations that don't include it in some of the manuscripts and so you know if it's in first John with the oldest extent managed the first John and even then it doesn't necessitate if it was from say 140 A.D. is an old Spanish. They have a fragment or something it doesn't necessitate that is correct that belongs in their is just a toffee when you get to these new sorted by most of the mostly scholars understand.

Don't affirm the, Jahan, what did they do not affirm, Jahan the first John 570 is called the, Jahan him okay I got it as it is called yet they don't let right, they don't and I don't because it's not in the left court got about.

I don't know I just don't study that issue know we have one of my guys who works with those who studied critical stuff about far more than I have and his name is Lucas.

He's listing: if you have information, call and get on it. He can I give you more information but that's right. I've read through some of the stuff and it's like my conclusion was I don't know my conclusion, "what would you accept the verdict you use both the John Della not nonexecutive. I guess it really is getting a technically effective I just use the NSP and the King James because her some anachronisms and there are some problems miss translations are some errors flat out but ultimately we go to the Greeks, he would go to the last article I go to different Greek manuscripts have a blood libel I go to different ones. I just I will check different ones I have 3456 different Greek manuscripts will go to and look if there's a difference.

I go I don't then I start reading the scholars about if there's any textual difference in the bring up this one has the stream and if you know whatever it is that that's all I do and it doesn't come up very often, so I haven't studied. Finally, evidence of the, Jahan him per se in that because so rarely comes up. I'm so busy working on for Rajan's values cults funeral things like that you're talking to. What are you an agrarian right. She held her closer mother that if a Unitarian says it you disaster Mozilla why do you think the longer doesn't belong because there are people who some believe it does belong something that doesn't belong. Just ask about a girl there that they simply said the majority of scholars.

Now they don't accept it.

Which is true but but but lately got so little been argued like okay get new global minded not that's why I just got that's why you go okay they go scholars are the ones who studied this beautiful time is get my drift. And there is a want to these different things and even when you come up with a theory there scholars who can poke a hole in that theory. So I just don't live out into units. They are the okay blocker here, but I thank you very much alright buddy that helps and I put out a cigarette about yeah not good. I appreciate it.

Thank you God bless you folks what you may call 877-207-2276. Let's get to see that would be Daniel from Richmond, Virginia. He didn't welcome your on the air very dark 01.

I'm hanging in there more hanging then and there, but I'm hanging in there all right, glad to hear brother. I have a question about the horse translated Palin a lot of translations by any of the action, but I've heard that it should be green because it comes from the Greek word for Jack W break.

Okay hold on all right all right here folks, the right that gathers messages have lines in the call 877-0776 mass Y call 770-7276. Here is Matt's leg. There all right. So don't break action with little bit of research on it.

The NTSB the only one I could find that translates it as ashen looked at the word action, consisting of ashes resembling ashes, especially in color very pale of a related to me for the wood of the ash tree so ashen colored gray extremely poor gray, pasty, and let's see yeah okay so the word is Clorox from chlorine. Which is certainly Clorox and it says sauce would look at two different lexicons that see this one says so. The green herb for grass taken to fresh green green as the grass of plants in different places, like Mark 639 where it says Sony commanded the multitude on the green grass that were green. There is a from his Clorox so there is dinners that relate to reflection 68 and the okay then there's another lexicon that I looked out and money slimeball to my computer knew exactly what I want. The way I want whenever I want to write the Ricoh and the and the other one said. Pale greenish gray evidently regarding the type of a corpse. So they're just trying in the NTSB are trying to find the right word. The majority of the text synced greenish pale, skinny, pale, not rich but pale. So because the word has a scope of meaning, then it could be light green, very pale action in the way that would is which is a slight green tint to it sometime. I think that's why I thank you Matt. Do you have time for anymore? Sir, we got well I had okay the end of chapter 3 when Israel you know they have victory and Elisha bless them the go-ahead and take down nowhere and the king of Moab verse 26 he thought the battle was too fierce for them. Okay, took his oldest on verse 27 he was trained in his place and offered him as a burnt offering on the wall and there came a great wrath against Israel, and they departed from him and return to their homeland just to become stuck out to me when my wife and I read it the other night that seems like you did some demonic sacrifice that at least word have it not be totally wiped out.

Yeah so what the Bible records often is what people do wrong as well is what they do right and is not supposed to be the case that you offer up anybody in that sense and in that way you don't says that he took his oldest son, and who was to this place and offer them as a burnt offering on the wall and the making of a great wrath against Israel and the party from him and so yeah what what that arc of the government typically say I, II feel there was some drama demonic can't exactly say that the doesn't say that, but that's the idea.

Now this is the king of Moab rebelled and the so you know it is an unbeliever did a bad thing.

See blips of the battles. There's a burnt offering and there came a great wrath against Israel and offered it to his pagan God and on a list like Israel was beat up on pretty heavily possibilities with this in that in such a psychological event, it could motivate the warriors to fight all the more it could also mean the demonic forces were involved in the because the sacrifice of the demonic sense so that's some of the things I would look at.

That's a very interesting Scripture actually took me 327 wonders more research on the discuss. I am curious to know more about it because I want to know if there's a reason for something else, but you that's what I would say okay thank you again to talk about what you talk about, from where you do and I got but much will God bless you to listen.

I was Daniel from Virginia if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 herb welcome your on the air.

We got a involved I will really appreciate your your show so much and I will write you like your dollar dollar thing that glad to try to figure out. I got out of the strength question I get I'm never quite understood that that will no and music that got optical why the E because they fit in the go the way.

Glad knowing there's no chance in the world but him to me.

You know answer understand hurting and joy hurting people to get the real about the evil that people enjoyed it, drinking and sex and is legally examples, bad thing for fellow not in the Christian. So what motivate Blacks to stay aboard. I realize now. I've tried the fake. I know I cannot. I would like great place to was a just God's plan for him not to ever be willing to think that way asked SF hold hold on to do several things you're asking and I wanted to get into several issues. Okay one disease which is was God's plan are different levels of got plan God's plan. So yes, it was in God's plan for Satan to do what he did with Satan. Satan did his own rebellion. God didn't make him rebel so that's a discussion right there, gets into efficient causation related to proximate causation and who is responsible.

That's one issue we can understand the devil has no ability to be to be repentance.

He has no proficient or sacrifice. There's no way for his sins to be removed. He was too limited to 17 this verse the story one gets hit Jesus had to be made like his brethren, in all things, so that he might become a merciful and high priest and the thinking for God to make propitiation for the sins of the people to be made like his brethren in order to make propitiation for the sins of his people were to be one of the people Mickelson sacrifice for people.

The logic follows that if savings can be redeemed or angelic realms of the redeemed has to be a sacrifice for them. But there is not to, there's no hundred 12 but find a lot of people miss this this this one point that Satan is insanely evil is not rationally evil but is insanely evil. Evil has taken a full swipe at his complete question though, right they voted right back after these messages give a call overlying the 707 Van Slyke why call 770-7276 charismatic slave okay so let's talk about the insanity of his rebellion soon affected Satan completely and so we get this idea that evil is an abstraction evil is when you you want someone that something evil that somebody else murders them, and this descendent this actuality. This occurrence is evil. They wouldn't say that the person who committed that that sin has an evil nature because he did so, and it was bad but with Satan it is the case, his in nature is actually evil. Now I got to couple of experiences in life, but one in particular I remember where there was a sensation of evil that was present and it was palpable. I talked to others who have heard of others I should say who have described a presence of evil is terrifying and ominous and oppressive and and stuff and so is as Satan himself has fallen greatly because he was in such an incredibly high position with God, and then rebelled against God, the rebellion was all that more substantial in his essence is nature and personally my opinion is that you will be to actually feel and experience and sit the sensation of evil should he and other high ranking. Demonic forces manifest their children this matter about what he can or can't do. First knows you will or will not win is just an evil rebellion. And that's the nature of that evil doesn't mean rationality dominate what you think. Matt showed his free will yes become evil. It is no way he chose to become evil lives, that he chose to want to be like God and receive adoration, worship, prayer is prideful of the five I wills I qualify my wills of Satan in Isaiah 14 that okay I just always felt Leo Glasser Mike Deming could be before the Lord and with the Lord as an angel that I'm going to get all the benefit that staying with N-terminal way like a day at Ellie's knuckle with you talking from the perspective of rationality and common sense. We don't know what you have, a condition he was in because it says somebody said your heart I will ascend to heaven, I will raise my throne above the stars of God, and I will sit on the throne of the assembly in the recesses of the North. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will make myself like the most high. So it that's Isaiah 14 versus 13 and four 200 or so one of the series is set about half of Ezekiel is Ezekiel 28 it talks about the shipment of this theory, the people of postulated you physical 2014 you were the anointed cherub who covers in a place to their you're in the holy mountain.

You walk in the midst list of the stones of fire your blameless in all your ways for the day you were created, until unrighteousness was found in you. And by the abundance of the trade, etc. and your heart was lifted up because of your beauty you corrupted your wisdom by reason of your splendor and so that some commentators think this is a disk discussion of Satan because this is and I have destroyed you a covering cherub, from the midst of the stones of fire and the little have all the answers but along with this pre-preceding what I just read it says you were in the garden.

The garden your and Eve in the garden of God.

Every precious stone was your covering Ruby Topaz barrel onyx goes on. I said you were the anointed cherub who covers so okay from the tax from trauma read here and show you is that it one of the series is that he was so beautiful so majestically wonderfully made that he was the greatest of all created things that he fell because he looked into himself and how great he was and I wanted to be like God and while that's what happened down the tubes like in today's society many people were so ignorant about believing in the Lord, you know, allocation, genetic know that the end is coming and if you don't accept you know what the alternate be ever be an ignorant level that the devil showed like we talked about this people and politicians like that and they couldn't care less about yes is the nature of the wonder, why do some these politicians like Pelosi AOC rock of the beasties leftist Marxist.

But what's wrong with there's a demonic influence to to be and given over yes okay Matt, thank you so much always answer my question a letter calling the weighted feel better when I think of anything better. Okay thanks also left okay goblins rights. Let's get to see Johnson from Texas Johnson welcome you on the air. Find out how you what your yeah we got body about my accident and it isn't much of a question but a little from the Catholic and at more recently. Sometimes I feel like when I'm alone in my bedroom. I don't feel like I'm all alone. Sometimes I feel like there to bother me. You know you like another on the Bible that with you at that he thought he meant that the body art misses a question that I hold dear.

I'm 27. You live alone know I live with my mom and dad and then my favorite okay. Are your mom and dad turned me not to parents deceased are the Christians you but we we ever overlook it in our own way. You know, and I know that students the Christians were believers of Christ that we love by radiantly from everybody all at okay are they going to church like rare loading. My dad worked in my mom okay okay so rare really. Are there any siblings in the house who are not Christians any other members of the house were not Christian. My brother, that eats very nonrelated but I think God know that that's okay but I don't think you okay okay okay okay I really do any drugs in the house. I don't rightly know but okay. I personally go ahead thank you. Me personally I kind of amaranth from friends that you do drugs and I work at a grocery store and their alcohol and cannot like that happening, you know you have any Christian friends out there. You know, I'm very friendly with all of correct okay so I'm looking for or don't our doors now. The reason I started off by asking your age is. That's a lot of times for some reason. Males in their late teens something if you 1920 range often experience things you can't explain and one of the reasons that what a series been postulated is because the male brain doesn't have enough corpus Klos of the connective tissue to lift the right hemispheres and is removed from adolescence to adulthood. Some wires I get mixed up and sometimes experience thing, have sensations and there's another phenomenon the longest time called disassociation, and that occurs and I experience disassociation when I was about that age is just a feeling that your you're here but not here.

At the same time and read up on this and he says this kind of normal mainly for males in the late teens and it is your bodies go through.

It is where the thing that happened that was asking H as what your parents because if parents or anybody else in the home are Christians or non-Christians throw Christians that's so you need to utilize that doesn't sound to me like the really dedicated to the Lord that another yard by judging them and if you have friends forever.

Unbelievers then you don't eat what you're doing is looking for doors if there's drug use going on the house that can be a door could be demonic oppression. So what I would recommend that you do miss you. Are you going to a church. I also rare, but what I do without without the limited circle and washer hand. What you need to do it. Washer hand anytime you feel anything negative and reflect Lord's prayer and edit any country in an effort that's definite that that's just not wash her hands and far side of prayer to the second start going on washing your hands is an intervening thing that spiritually. Okay, this is why so they will not function right back after these messages to open lines of 7202 max Y call 770-7276 charismatic sling from your body right now, so your situation, so you're not attending church.

Parents aren't really attending church. It seems as though you're in an environment where any commitment to Christ is lax if you die right now and God were to ask you, why should go to heaven. What would you tell him I would know that my top priority in life you know I'm unworthy great faith in Christ and effort I put forth an effort you know completely up and you know that's why I worship him and him alone and I can only can you copy a Michael yellowcake right thing to do if it the apostle Kelly catching the effort part is a problem because you don't want to add your effort to why you get to go to heaven, so it might be that you just don't understand you know how to articulate the sink properly. I would go to the Karam website look up Jesus saves, and to get that because the gospel is, Christ died for our sins. And you trust in him and it's by trust and faith alone in Christ alone.minor efforts and that's a false gospel, but it could be that you're just you know you're just articulately I prefer it, that's okay. It was to that for now so you could have your sins. Each furniture in your heart completely pricing to make sure that you do that and you need to get involved with the church get involved with church elders. Yet Matt, we know that in the Bible.

Also, the I think he had worked with even the booklet in order okay okay I hear Mount Israel and need to hear the right you get involved with the church you talk to the elders of the church about what's happening and you asked that some of the elders could promote your house and pray in your house and reason. Ask your parents because your fathers in the spiritual headship position there, and he would. I would recommend that he go to the house anointed with oil and praying out loud, not knowing the how oil is a magic thing. It's just it's a ceremony this thing.

It still says nothing of the of anointing things for holy use and it's just as concerned and praying out loud to do is go through every house there and in every room and if you stumble to do that doesn't want to do that doesn't understand it need to be involved in the church and have the elders be involved with this.

Another factor is that you could just have something wrong in your head and I don't mean that you do.

It's just that sometimes I don't.

Now this could be if you don't just not like I'm autistic. And so, just how it is going to have something in the just want to consider regarding human and we are human and you get a big mixture getting some sleep and exercise you not drinking a lot of crud you like cokes and in sugars and committees and chips that has a very greater severe has deleterious effect on your brain. It clouds the brain and you can because if you do not sleep in bed sleeping cause all kinds of issues, etc. so this is a lot to this by getting involved with the elders in your church need to find a church to church to go to okay yeah II got you. Thank you Phil. Much like I like that.

Sometimes it really can block Headstart are uncertain about, and it clouded up the balloon you know Turkey in our own image of the Lord and the like them and be a higher power than God in you better as time goes on I higher power yet, you need to be involved in a church okay and you need to write to.

Don't go to church with were united in its own little Catholic Church don't go to unify the church right because I think things are concerning me and my copy of distant ignorance and enemies in a negative way and insulting enough that day I signed a distal son. It was people still know stuff that's okay but if you need to get involve the church that will teach you and ground you and you need to do this okay reveille that worked for me.

Thank you, thank you okay is all right. God bless the people in the chat room really acting what I said what versatile no cookies about here itself or have it for the expense in the room today. Cookies of the saying that what we talk about this kind of the stock of the thing.

Different people can be affected by different things in our food or food is full of chemicals and they can have a deleterious effect that hidden harmful effects upon her health effect is to trick you guys could do or look a little experiment for three days for three full days three full days. Don't eat any bread or anything was sugars and it you have fruit that's a different kind of sugar. That's it and drink lots of water for three days and see if you feel better. Keep your mind clears up and you'll know what I'm talking about because it will win rate so well for you go. Let's get to and Anthony from Des Moines, Iowa. Anthony welcomed on the air while I'm at, and good day to you. Thanks. Quick question and have I don't know, I've been curious about this for a long time I've been studying through Hebrews today and court in the seventh chapter. It talks about note is the deck thinking of they lamented it said that he was without father, without mother, without genealogy, having neither beginning of days nor end-of-life, but made like that of God might question is, is this a reincarnate and epiphany. I guess they call or the just the shadow that I write exactly that I believe is a shadow type representation okay and nothing was actually Jesus because I understand the culture they would sometimes use phraseology. The great King without descendents, without this and get these gradient and grand appellations, but okay so there's some people who hold an idea that was a pre-incarnate Christ, we can note it says the king of Salem was an actual king yet so it that wouldn't obey Jesus.

In that sense okay okay okay right well I know the Lord that they all whole lot about him court hearing the root there about three or four quotation. You are a priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek is from someone and she would and that Paul wrote this out what he's doing. I guess my opinion you Hebrews he's trying to demonstrate the superiority of the priesthood that Christ has and so he went inside. This guy had no king or a no other genealogy know this. Know that the Jews know that it's a theological typological representation of things they had discussions about what they meant. It was there and so he's using this as a means to get there to see his priesthood is greater than erotic Levitical priesthood is from the classical because it was a king the sale right that Abraham and Abraham KP ties to him. So the bulk if the Levitical erotic priesthood came out of the seed of Abraham, then why is it Abraham's pain ties my cousin Rick. This is who Jesus is priesthood is after Melchizedek and so he tried to show them from the Old Testament and that's why he's giving that high praise and writing of it. Okay, let make perfectly good and you mentioned that when court and I'm going through Hebrews here.

There is great empathy that they hear as you said on our I appreciate right and now it's the perfect creek bed because he didn't have to make sacrifices continuously like an earthly Marie the third. I did never run a game for himself either before go to Colorado address. It is your urine knowledge is refreshing and if the educational at the same time. Well, praise God. But before we go take you for the conflict. But if you go to Genesis 1417 and start reading after his return to the defeat of a place the ball get into it. Verse 18 MO because of the king of Salem came out and brought bread and wine. I read better yet yes like the communion elements okay you I never thought about that time I read about yet certainly is and when Joseph was in prison.

There was a wind member and a bakery in with him, wine and bread in one of them was killed yet the Baker because the body is broken represents this all typological points at the Christ. Okay right but everything, everything points toward my Savior. Amen though I live and as we read through and writing on going towards our Savior. Payment. Thanks, Matt got glad I got a Douglas all right just get to Alberta from Georgia hell-bent though we got but Matt quieted down at times though you had why the room I Have it carry around the thank you, knowing that the index can't help but will do anything that will carry me around in a bottle water to drink.

I have a comment. Thankfully, the McDevitt country effectively why we would like to contact me.

Thank you. Okay okay gotcha okay I guess Bill is the time is the color we want to get to, but still why the current statutes because her superstitious superstitious. I don't have a biblical worldview about the caring idols and things like that.

That's why they're not typically trained okay alright alright thank you but I got bless. Okay, let's get to Bill from North Carolina. Bill will supply both returned try to get to the other callers of the doubt that we got nobody so was what goes right so what it Is Karen statues know I've watch these videos of people in Latin American countries. There are a statue of Mary high and lifted up and reading about Mary Ann might be have Jesus enough. As a baby in Mary's arms, who is looking to marry other idolaters. It is idolatry and I always and I sadly is my realities on my reality. It's what I believe. As I look to those people in those films and I see them carrying the sinner exalting Mary. I think they're probably all going to hell and I'm at the judge. But I'm saying because they're not uplifting Christ because the Holy Spirit work bears witness of Jesus, the father is with us of Jesus. The Jesus bears witness of himself. The prophets bear witness of Christ. The Scriptures are about Jesus and yet the uplifting Mary.

That means arise are not on Christ at the Holy Spirit in them. He bears witness of Christ, not a creature as they exalt and elevate the creature rather than the creator, then it's obviously a form of idolatry and I'm saddened, thinking that the Roman Catholic Church was such great power over their souls is teaching those things that damn them to hell, and it is so severely sad and this is what I think of each time I see those things the poor people who were deceived by this great false church. The Roman Catholic Church yes that's what I'm saying is a false church.

It is not a real Christian church in my opinion the Roman Catholic Church is the greatest gate of damnation of any religion on the planets of the because more people in it.

Even if someone and I believe that I've said it before, like that of the urinal continued say it.

If you are curious about why time call back tomorrow and we'll talk about and I'll give you specifics and I'll give you quote sources matter. Salvation is so having said that, though by God's grace to back on their long.

I hope the field and then an elaborate conversation goblet have greater another program powered by the Truth Network

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