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There is an 'I' in the 'I AM' (Part 1)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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November 4, 2019 1:00 am

There is an 'I' in the 'I AM' (Part 1)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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This is a message from leading the way with Dr. Michael. You sat we pray that it will encourage you in your walk of faith.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. you Seth for leading the way, please visit LTW.or of late has been a rigorous debate, discussion regarding the benefits of bread. What was so great being genetically modified the flowers been bleached to say nothing of this gluten allergy is that is been created and all the other allergies which makes all bread really not the same breath.

The eighth in the time of Jesus and the question that so many people are asking is this why bread is got all this complications in these problems we're facing today that is so used in the Scriptures so extensively for one thing is I said the bread that we have today is not the same as the bread 2000 years ago.

We as God made it was God intended it. It was of vital importance for human health. So much so that there were many many many people at the time of Jesus, who survive on just bread and water literally is all the eight listen to these simple facts about the real wheat as God made it. It contains some nutrients in it contain a certain vitamin E properties.

That is the richest in all nutrients the body need. In fact, among these things it help preserve all of the cells in our bodies, but since these cells support all vital organs that are literally absolutely necessary for life.

Some scientists believe that so many of our health problems today from inflammatory problems to infertility problems to allergy problem and to the rest of it are caused by not being able to receive all of the unique properties and nutrients that found in that little green.

I know by now, probably some of you saying what him and Michael. We did not get up on Sunday morning to get a lecture on nutrition. Just humor me for a minute and be patient with me because I'm going to show you something very important from the Scripture, because by understanding this vital importance of bread as God intended for us to have. By understanding the vital importance of bread to the existence and the health of the human body. It would help you understand what Jesus said about himself when he said I am the bread of life to help you understand all of the things that the Scripture talks about bread and why it is used so extensively in the Scripture is in fact when Jesus made this claim on am the bread of life to his original audience to his original hearers. They were subtly aware and very knowledgeable about bread because back then it was the staple of life they might be other food on the table for some who could not have anything else they just a breath. In some parts of the Middle East, even today, bread is sacred. Many people in the Middle East to this very day would never dispose or discard or disregard a piece of bread even if it is soil them even if it's spoiled now that you understand a little bit of the importance of bread in ancient times you begin to understand the claim of Jesus when he said I am the bread of life. Today I'm commencing a new series of messages entitled theirs and I and I am in the Gospel of John we see a lot of claims of Jesus might each of these are very significant claims as we can look through them through the days to come. Each of them has a significantly unique place to prove and to show that Jesus is Yahweh's Messiah that he is the only man who is fully God. That is the only God who came in human flesh that he is the only Redeemer and the only Savior, and the only one who can assure us of heaven for eternity. These claims of Jesus have never been made by anybody before him, and they could never be made by anybody after him. Only Jesus all the other religions that have founders. The other religions. They have teachers. The other religions.

They had philosophers the other religions that leaders the other religions had war warriors the other religions had preachers and teachers. But only the Christian faith that has God's only son as the one in central focus of figure and that very uniqueness of Christ is what causes the arrogant and the proud and the self-sufficient and the ignorant people who reject him outright.

Even whole former Christian denominations are departing from the truth now and denying that uniqueness of Jesus Christ. Former evangelical churches are now abandoning the court of this faith is Jesus and Jesus alone is the Savior. The first claim in this series is found in the Gospel of John chapter 6 verse 35 Jesus said I am because this is how he was introduced to Moses, 1600 years before he was incarnate. You remember when Moses saw the burning bush and then he hears the voice of God and God speaks to him and God commissions them to go to Egypt and to free the slaves. His own people who have been in the land of slavery. For 400 years. These are going get them out. And Moses said to God, he said, who do I tell them something they should go on. Tell them I am sent you is that you name yes your name is I am yes he's not. I was because of making the God of the past is not I will be because that will make in the God of the future, but I am says that he is the God of the past. He is the God of the present he is the God of the future.

He is all forever one or two on the God and if you look closely at this context of this passage where Jesus claimed to be the bread of life. You going to find that it came right after Jesus supernaturally miraculously by his divine power was able to feed 5000 men plus women and children only in five loaves and two fishes and they were wound that were mesmerized 11th with a something hungry people will do anything to be able to get through hungry people in order to feed their children.

They would do whatever it takes hungry people will literally worship the person who provides them with food and that's what they were doing. But Jesus was only too aware of the fact that only coming to him because they fed their stomachs and that's precisely what are you doing here by calling himself the bread of life he is elevating their vision from focusing on that which is important to the body to that which is far more important to the spirit. He is transforming them from their present earthly need to their most desperate need of all their spiritual needs. He wanted them to know that he is more than just a miracle worker. What Jesus is saying to them, and he saying to every one of us that important as bread is for life important as bread is as a food that sustains all of your body that nourishes all of the cells of your body that makes you grow as a person important as bread is for sustaining physical life, important as it is being a staple food for life as important as good bread is pop. There is a spiritual bread that is far more important then as a spiritual bread that you cannot live without without the spiritual bread you could spiritually suffer and die slow death without the spiritual bread. You have no hope in this life nor for eternity without the spiritual bread of life is helpless and hopeless and eternity is bleak. Without the spiritual bread. This life becomes a slow death and eternal life is nothing but pain and suffering and torment.

So Jesus says what it is something else here. This is a vital important to understand why Jesus called himself the bread of life. The disciples understood fully what is. That meant especially after his death and resurrection easy back then, they did not go to the supermarket. I grabbed a loaf of bread to eat. They understood not only the benefit of bread for their health, but they understood that for bread to be brought to the table that we had to be crushed in the mail. I've seen it many a time as a boy crushing the wheat and the mill of stone, then it is based and needed into a dull and then it was placed in the heat of the furnace in order to break it, and beloved.

That's precisely what the bread of life. The Lord Jesus Christ had to go through. He had to be crushed for our as a matter fact, 700 years before Christ.

Isaiah 53 five. It tells us that he was bruised for our transgressions that he was crushed just like a weed is crushed in the mill for our iniquities. Christ, the bread of life was broken and crushed for us and that is why when we celebrate the death and the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When we come to this table. I am often repeating the words of the Lord Jesus himself said when he said this is my body which is broken which is crushed which is literally which she rented for you. But Jesus was not talking about communion, symbolic as it is, that's not what he was talking about we sit on the bread of life. You can take communion every single day of the year and if you do not receive him as a savior of your life, you will not make it to heaven. Communities never saved anybody. It's a symbol powerful symbol. Let's assemble nonetheless and that is why always emphasized. This table is not this church is stable. This is the Lord's table and that's why emphasize all the time that only those who have placed their full trust for salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ come to this table. Regardless of your church background. Only those who have placed their complete trust in the bread of life. Those who literally ate the Lord Jesus Christ in the symbolic way where he become part and parcel of them. Only those who believe that he was crushed on the cross for their sake only those who are totally abandoning themselves to the Christ, the bread of life can receive the strength that can come from him day in and day out. Listen carefully. Please you do not receive Jesus as the savior of your life and the Lord of your life and then you stop nobody come stop after receive Christ the Savior. You have to feed on him day in and day out day in and day out for the bread of life to strengthen you.

It has to be a daily intake of you've never hear anybody who says so you know I have eaten last months, but I haven't eaten since his head probably the person's not even living around to make the statement be dead beloved reverb in the New Testament is a continuous tense is continuous to keep on keep on keeping on, so I have a question for you. How do you feed daily on the bread of life. The Lord Jesus Christ. How do you daily feed on him. How did Denny draw strength. How do daily. Have the nutrients that you so desperately need off by feeding upon his word by spending time in that word by spending time in his presence.

Speak to him as a friend speak to a friend in Matthew 44 Jesus quadrangle testimony said man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of his mouth and Jeremiah here is that Hebrew language again. The metaphoric language that the Hebrew people used is what Jeremiah said in 1560 when your words came from beneath them. The munch on the scrolls. Now that is a figure of speech of believing it, devouring it spiritually speaking, he said, and very word to me joy in my heart's delight. Look at the words of Jesus again in John chapter 6 verse 35 I am the bread of life, and he who comes to me will never go hungry. Look at the next sentence, and he who believes in me will never thirst.

The reason to bury our society is in such turmoil and confusion. The reason suicide is way up and content that is way down is because the real hunger is a spiritual hunger hungers for truth. Hunger is for deep satisfaction that only the bread of life can give.

And so they go after every kind of food that they tried to find they go after everything that looks like food except for the real bread of life that truly satisfies.

Sometimes even a poison that searching for satisfaction in their spiritual hunger in all the wrong places, and that is why Jesus said what. There are some people who have received Jesus. They know Jesus, but they spend the rest of the Christian life eating junk food. You don't have to be a scientist. Another junk food is not good for beloved his absolute biblical truth, material things will never ever ever satisfied the human soul. I don't care what it is, it will never satisfy the human soul, whether it's things you eat only the things you see with the things you wear or the things you do that will satisfy your soul. Not only that but the human soul could never be filled by another person, the spouse can never give you what only Jesus can give you a friend can never fulfill you an empty vessel cannot fill an empty vessel. No wonder the sun, Augustine said, thou hast made us for thyself the Lord and our hearts are restless until they find arresting the Solomon the wisest man, the richest man in the world that nobody ever been more intelligent than Solomon. He said God created eternity in our hearts. Only God can fulfill only got conceited and satisfy the glory of the gospel of Christ is this that only Christ, the bread of life can satisfy your soul. Only Jesus, the bread of life can give your restless heart rest. Only Jesus, the bread of life can heal your six.

Only Jesus, the bread of life can feed you with the real nutrients that your soul means that every cell in your soul needs that your soul is craving for and longs for. Look at verse 32 John, my father gives you the true bread from heaven's talk about himself. Of course, but you see these Jewish people they know the story of Moses they know how God rained down manna from heaven and was only good for 24 hours if they take it into their houses and they started the next day it got magnificent worms and stunk in the very hands.

They know that God provided that manna directly from heaven and Jesus said my father, who gave that manna for that period of time so that they neither can be dependent on him that if they can trust him that he can look to him for provision. This is the same father who sent me from heaven, the bread of life. Not this genetically modified wheat nut. This bleach flower like this these empty calories that can never really give you strength. But the real wholesome bread that feeds every one of your spiritual selves is the only thing that is going to make you intellectually healthy is the only thing that makes you spiritually healthy is no only thing that makes your spirit healthy when the Bible is the word eating it's used interchangeably with believing, eating and believing eating and believing believing and eating the used interchangeably, but by believing does not mean that I just pay an intellectual assent to certain rules of certain documents and sudden doctrine in SoCal believe that the move on then and then another. It is experientially on a daily basis giving evidence that you are eating the bread of life by showing the fruit of the spirit, beloved churches today are filled with non-eaters mere tasters like winetasting and coffee tasting the choice Jesus in their mouths and and and there smell it on the that will talk about it and they might even be excited for a moment and then this printed out. The Bible said only the eaters, only the eaters, only the eaters, not the tasters. The Bible tells us that when we are eating the bread of life. The Lord Jesus Christ.

We become participants or participators in the divine nature. I may think about this from home try to tell your friend doesn't believe in God is. I have a divine nature. Just watch the reaction you see, God came from heaven, the divine took on our nature, so that everyone who, eat the bread of life and believe in him can participate in the divine nature.

How by totally believing in him surrendering to him abandoning ourselves to him in every way and everything only thing can you become a participant of the divine nature. I was thinking about this and I just wondered what you work when you go to work tomorrow morning. Why is that well in the living put food on the table by the rent by the necessities of life. That's fine that's wonderful. But if that's all you living for.

You are missing out on the best thing that God gives you really are is and I want you to work go to work in the living ball means God called us to work. In fact, Paul said, if you don't work is unique is nothing wrong with that. I'm not putting that down.

In fact the other way around. But when you have the bread of life. As part of the positive part of your digestive system. Part of all of your spirit and soul invading all of you. You going to discover that when you go to work tomorrow that the people you meet. The situations are going to face the challenges are going to face you that the decisions you gonna make all become part of God's greater plan and you begin to see him because the bread of life goes to work with you and when the bread of life he feeding on the bread of life, not just one day. One moment, and experience it and stop a daily the word of God feeding feeding feeding. You gonna find that your life is being transformed day by day by day by day that you can find that each new day is more exciting than the date of past father.

Only you know where everyone who sitting in this place, or what you around the world. You only you know where there are no other spiritually. You know where they are physically you know where they are emotionally you know where they are intellectually and therefore father we come to you with confidence you the bread of life. Lord Jesus, you are the bread of life and we are so grateful for helping us to feed on you, Lord Jesus were so grateful that you're the only one who not only sustain us spiritually in this life, but will take it straight to heaven for eternity will be praising you forever. Father I pray that if not a single person here who does not know the bread of life would know today and father for those of us who know the bread of life in all God and spiritually leaving on junk food away because of before it is too late. Wake us up that we may know that only the bread of life not only sustain us in this life. With all of its challenge courteous all the way home safely to him, for we pray this in Jesus name

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