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It's Not FAIR!!! An Idiot Light

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 26, 2021 12:58 pm

It's Not FAIR!!! An Idiot Light

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 26, 2021 12:58 pm

Robby and Bob together.  Special time and show.  "Unless God builds the house, you labor in vain!"

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This is Chris shoes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris Hughes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds. So enjoy it.

Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network nobody ever listen to me and I so do the shopping and welcome radio show ever lets me play with the floor and you will love that they called you the lead that it's not fair to him idiot light was yes. When I hear myself saying that it's like a low oil pressure Bob it's like low Holy Spirit will pressure. By the way, it's not fair well take that thought captive and submit it like write your check engine light is flashing at you when you hear your own mind saying it's just not fair that was their regular family music special on YouTube which I'm sure you're good to hear a little more about the day you tell me what we were talking about the day I had to get a cold compress and put it on where you just thought the writing.

This is such a fitting thing for me today and so very fun today show is always brought you by Hebrew letter in today's Hebrew letter is the father of the Hebrew letter involve which essentially means is currently Jacob's ladder something that comes down from heaven. I think you really like how that fits into the day shows around children may have heard this saying before my wife used to have a book it's not fair. She would really because they say it constantly. Well, I'm just not children. I said guilty if you were to hang around inside my brain for any given amount of time you would hear that lots of self talk.

That's not fair. It's just not fair and you know why is that and what is that what what is that we have in us that makes us do that. Well I found out this week. I was just shocked. I am so blessed I really cannot believe how God just continues to teach me stuff but I got to go to the National religious broadcasters convention this week. If you're me.

One of the neat things I get to do.

I'm on the convention floor people line up interviews for me all day. So for three or four days I get interview really cool people that have written books or doing movies or have ministries, whatever it is they're doing. I interview people and so this gentleman by the name of David Johnson who wrote the book how you see yourself.

That's what this book is called I was interviewing and he told me this word was in equity and I'm like what goes yes he said you know what iniquity means.

And I said well come to think of it like I I would've told you that some tennis in them. I would've told you that you know it was laid on Jesus, the iniquity of us all, but I don't get it really done a lot to think about what the word iniquity means or how it fits and split it window real better when you explained it this morning. And so, as I told you that the show today is brought you by the Hebrew letter above because it's a fascinating fascinating study and I saw this outside of the book. I did my own study. Once I realize that this was the word and then I was like oh my, I mean I connected so many dots with this concept becoming believe it.

So the reason why this is the check engine light for us as we feel this all the time. It's not fair it's fitness between the eyes of his chickens and like the Holy Spirit oil is located because the word and not of an anon or spell almost identically, their bowls filled with the same letters, which by the way, the word of means. Meek, so the meek shall inherit the earth. And Jesus came to give the good news in Isaiah 61 to the meek and I can tell you time again the word meek is a wonderful, wonderful thing, but the word anon means iniquity same letters different order. Okay. Well, the first letter in both art is an ion which means your eyes so you're looking for something okay what you looking for well if you're meek you're looking to serve write the meek and what are they looking to serve so there's is looking to serve. There is the heaven. So if you're looking to serve heaven heaven or heaven if you're looking to serve heaven that makes you enough. Okay. But if you're looking for heaven to serve you. If you look if your father's before you'd fitted to the Robbie category and so I think that Pres. Kennedy's great speech when you think about it is based on this concept. Don't ask you know what God can do for you ask what you can do for God. I mean it's it's a very simple little switch like am I looking for God to serve me. It's just not fair for my looking for how I can serve and in it's a beautiful understanding. I think when you begin to really dig into this.

Okay, tell you a couple stories but the real idea for you to share your stories okay when you versus an okay and when you anon versus an involved okay so here here. Here's my favorite one of these, tell you how I messed up the wall but Greg McConnell, who was with master with them while the heart beautiful, wonderful man died a few years ago of cancer. But while he was dying of cancer. He got terribly, terribly, terribly sick and was running a fever, a deadly fever like hundred and 670 city felt absolutely the worst. He never felt his life and he is is got a wonderful relationship with Jesus and he's crying out to Jesus me, help me if you can picture this right. And Jesus says to him, Craig. This is a great time to pray for others.

Why wait till the story was so good it was like men, are you not understanding. I am sick. I have a fever of 106 I am.

I'm dying here.

Do not get the picture and end Jesus is he I know Craig is a great time for you to pray for others and and Craig says that he begins to pray and he said I could pray adept.

I never prayed before in my life and after half an hour of being totally engulfed in this prayer is the doctor. I can tell you everything listed in the house. I it's stated bunch at times my worst days is when I'm focused on my sale and I am guilty of that so much here recently.

There some things that have happened in changed my life. I have a new granddaughter having the praising the Lord that little girl is change things and and and I am having a little trouble accepting some of that and it's because I'm focused on me. Instead of being just so grateful for the blessing he gave is back with the grandchild.

I was not sure I would ever have one. And now I do and it's Been a real for me and so you know your eyes wherever you got him and you got them on serving God or two. We have them on him serving us.

It's it's it's kind of like the difference between iniquity and there such a connection to this so many ways of the Bible.

It's like, oh, it just opens up again.

I put a link Christian Car to David Johnston's book on on the whole thing. How you see yourself but again, as we talk about this. I need your story 866-34-TRUTH 87884 today show, you know it's not fair. It's a check engine light. It's a way for us to take that thought captive like what what is my mind on right this minute and if it's on it's not fair where it's on something along the lines of cell service is a great opportunity to check the okay. We got so much more. I got a story a little more complicated, and Craig story but I'm sure that one is that how I sell, serve myself into catastrophe and we would love to hear yours 866-34-TRUTH 876634 truth you're listening to the truth and nobody ever so sopping it's just not fair today like this constantly in my burning tell me it's just not fair.

So today I'm a Christian Car Guy show winners that worked out in your life that you realize well I am worried about serving myself rather than serving God and in it seems easy enough to just throw that out there go oh yeah this is this is easy well it's usually when the chips completely come down. Bob, you know, like all these things are going on with your phone is ringing when your show was supposed to start to look but just happened to me anyway. The when I was the Chrysler dealer in Winston-Salem and I got fired in a clearly I went to God.

I prayed and prayed and prayed God with my next step in Chrysler called me they did and they said the Robbie.

You know, we never sold Chrysler's likely sold them when you came to town so we need to we need to get you a dealership and there's one right near your house in Marksville North Carolina last.

There's no Chrysler dealership near my house I lived in Clemens North Carolina at the time and this only spent 10 miles when I was like there's no city may Marksville and I guess there was so very, very long very long story short I went about trying to buy that dealership.

As I told them with no money and they say Christ originally told me of the famous last words on the ever forget 00 will take care of that over those famous last words will take care of that.

So I go and I get into a buy sell agreement was purchased motor company in Marksville, North Carolina to buy this dealership and with no money and of course then the time came for you got a by the dealership and I got a legal agreement to buy this and I don't have any money and I went to Chrysler Financial you know after they told me all the stuff in and they said you don't have any money. Hopefully, I think you remember in the conversation what.what when we thought you didn't have any money.

I mean, we didn't realize you have no money and I said yeah I have no money.

What we can't loan you kind that you could find 150 $200,000 and some we could probably help you out with the rest that we can't do this with no money. My sublime got a legal obligation now you're to buy this dealership and I don't have the money and they go that's really tough, so had that work for you yeah yeah you can see it's just not fair, Bob.

I'm telling you it wasn't fair. Well, this was my opportunity really was to to really ask God to dive into the situation, show me what to do and I'm quite certain my prayed, but I know what happened was I went and saw an attorney who was an attorney I knew from the car business at work for referrals. Actually, my former boss and he put me on this idea of all Robbie you go out and raise the money by selling people stock, he said. But here's what you do, you don't tell anybody you don't have any money and so once we get in the stock sold then will just issue you stock you don't have to have money to have stock, we can just issue your stock so that you look like you have as much money as they do to the other stockholders and will just go to Chrysler with $150,000. If you do the rest of great plan. Bob listed on paper and it worked. Unfortunately, or whatever, you know, there was one little equation that just it might've been perfectly okay for somebody else. But it wasn't okay for me know in my heart. This was right and I couldn't. You know I knew it was right and so there was some I felt really bad about it.

You know you feel like you were deceiving. I was I that I was forever. My right, but I serve myself writer got it done and when it came undone, which it did by one of the stockholders discovered Robbie didn't have any money but is wasn't the reason the dealership ended. Years later, but I do think it did to had to do with the foundation. The dealership was built on that never changed. I not solid ground.

It was on solid ground right and so I didn't allow God to build the house is says in Psalms 127 was Lord builds the house, you know, you labor in vain.

But interestingly if you look in Psalms 127 it says that's the same Psalm or the talk about the quiver of arrows like your children, and so the house that that actually sawmills talk about Annette's home is its the house of your life is built around people right and and and and serving other people, not necessarily serving yourself and so it's it's an interesting thing that when you think about that word, and not to me.

I find this really helpful bike. There is just just one slight little change between someone who is an meek and someone who is above which means to serve yourself and and so when you look at that, you know, we go okay with this. This caused the disaster at the time, which I will I walk through that and and and certainly had a goal my face had an opportunity for a lot of my friends that invested in the dealership and they just looked at me just like Robbie if you told us you didn't have any money. We still invested but the way you did it you know it was horrible and I went to an end.

And so you know it's just one of those lessons that I learned really the hard way.

It was really ugly when it happened and give them a chance to just write.

I didn't give him a chance to trust me and sorry I I think about it constantly in other areas of my life.

Where am I really like will I trust people with here's where I'm really struggling right to give them a chance to really help me or am I going to play a few of those cards a little closer to our lives. This is and this could be a little better but the real problem on keeping in my pocket right right in and I used to get you not see this all the time I sold cars that people would tell me all their stuff, you know that they needed and that it all by the way, we don't have the money you know so I can get. I had opportunity so much 866-34-TRUTH 878847 recalling the share 866-34-TRUTH is more Christian part I show is not fair.

You're listening to the network and ever lets me play just I want the parties through the door present on the floor hate that you're missing out on the gopher brain, and again that we did the best. It's not fair.

It's like a check engine light that's flashing in your brain telling you while you're low on oil you really are.

It's one of those red lights flashing. That tells you, you will I need to pull over the side of the road and and get some oil because it is a deal right you know what I'm thinking along those lines. It's time to somehow switch my vote right because we talked about my looking for God to serve me as president Kennedy would point out to you. You looking to serve God, right, and in this by the way this works so well the beautiful things in it works at your church. Are you looking for your church right to serve you. Are you looking to serve your church or are you looking for work to serve you. Are you looking to serve your work or maybe your spouse now. Bob have to go there. I said I had and still the last time I went fishing at the beach. Great morning machine. They were by Alice catching you know there's a difference in fishing and catching the panic catching so much fun and I've just been a little bit of the year or a whole lot Patty about want to get back down there and feasted Moeller because featured there and have been unfair to probably mostly my lovely bride Ms. Lori and if you're listening I'm coming home with a different entity. Yes, I still want to go to the beach and face tomorrow. You can that I will be less Patty about it. Well, again you look to light God. How can I serve this situation right. It's just it's a check engine light is flashing personally shocked that nobody had the courage to push the caller said 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Like if you're asking God right this monotonous everything call Robbie so he doesn't feel so lonely a lot of time starting with nine and and you know people may be limping toward their phone. All this this is that this is a thing that everybody at some point. At some level is guilty of right and it's a meat it's a neat study, but I want to direct that number just in case you want to call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a member calling and share your it's not fair. Store 11 shows are so pertinent to my life. But just in case 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Whether you go see the we move we are crazy or something along those lines but yeah this is so applicable to your car okay. I mean it just is that that that Windows lights flash, it's like you gotta pullover the red light to pull over the side of the road and you gotta get going so we got Anna's calling from Huntersville, North Carolina. I am to know and your unChristian Car Guy show the morning is just not fair. I'm calling it weird. Yesterday my check that out when I looked at all about my note file click I don't know anything about my car lately, but engine light came on all engine I felt like Robbie about that. Also, I know at Bob. Late you tried to hide in life and you tried.

If there then. Instead, make somebody that you and and I did I get that Patty, thank you very much for the guilt complex. It's really kinda cool like God. I now see that this is my check engine light flashing and I need all gone. It got a lot brighter. Service engine soon is the same thing that likes yellow ignorant and that's flashing.

It's not things but you know it's all good because your car is telling you you got it you got something that's that's that's causing it some concern in the computer and so yes unfortunately got a ticket. You can even take it to most parts stores nowadays will just plug it in and tell you why that light is actually flashing at you, charging you 60 bucks for service charge. You can go to Advance Auto Parts or someplace like that and say wise like this light on and they'll tell you all you need oxygen sensor.

All you need this for that change.

Whatever it whatever it may be sometimes something simple is like all your gas cap is not on tight. All I can handle that one. So your oil, you know, get this out of the open dialectic is is he's he's got those lights blink a medicine I was just for me now. After I found out that iniquity means wow I am.

I've got the sense of. It's not fair.

I got the sense of of of this, things like well, the light flashing but then I need to get the when you work right now and and it and you can learn from Barney Fife right here because if you nip it in the bud was mostly my problem. You know I didn't nip it in the bud and the next thing you know and am in full-fledged iniquity. The thank you I so appreciate that you just use you lit up the phones man everybody start working. You were so and called in 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and I know you don't want to be left out 866-34-TRUTH. We got Keith, my good friend in High Point.

Keep your on the Christian Car Guy show good morning good morning to you I will call because you will call you. You know why there are a lot of buyer but up in learning about live in Greenville now that was Gobi bopper that was 30th anniversary. I have all been yes and I I'll go make a critical know I have everything involved but you know medical condition.

I ended up over all multiplier Atlanta had close the restaurant never did think it would clear out into my shock and you really think that the word that you work blessed. My liability door must lock him up with you know things that that I have still have the things that I don't have gone wrong during that make anything granted to you will carry you through a lot of it really does. You might have a might be a male liability in your mind you, but if I keep focused on the blessed look on the mountain. The liability they learned their it's a beautiful clear about what well look at buying God show me a whole lot better do a better nerve will more clear. I like Danny says you can't kill a grateful heart. Bob is a maybe if she thank you for calling and we got to go to break now and we would sure love to hear your call during a break in 86634878841 more chance to tell us what you think is fair 866-34-TRUTH you're listening to the truth and ever lets me play through the door present on the floor and not errors of an idiot like for all of us on the Christian Car Guy show today. I need to mention that coming up at 1 o'clock in the Truth Network we have Amy Koppel in the cure and she can ever show on how to be happier with Robert Gill talk about what other ways to be happier is to get your mind on serving God and finding out ways to do that but meanwhile I'm so grateful we have Janet is in Seattle this morning. Janet your unChristian Car Guy show is not fair is a Janet and weed out there. My goodness that is fair is so wonderful collard and Erin are at expecting that you now not like it or doubt it, but the bottom line here, a great guy.

What you said because I had the opportunity to tell some this week is a great thing, that it's a better thing to share yeah it's just amazing.

Thank you for your words, all it really is and it's it's such a great segue into what I felt like I was tell me to say this morning a great topic to topic, and I keep open one of the people I share with them. They will come back now. I believe now that seeds will sprout yesterday will you say will can accomplish what a beautiful concept. Yeah, I mean those people who don't know Jesus is not that that I you know I have that and they don't assist us. Really cool thing.

So this morning Bob and I have coming back from Dallas I drove because were bring my mother-in-law back and forth and I was dead tired and and and and and so but I got up real early this morning and prayed as I was to like out where we going this morning because I'm a little in the fog and to make things even more complicated but love the way he plays with me usually ill give me a word will give me a passage, but this morning he says let's go to Isaiah 9 my guys in my in arms I'm sleeping.

He goes out 91 through 10.

While you know I'm I'm I'm not the kind of Bible scholars, I can tell you. Isaiah 9 to 10 just off the top of my head, but for your memory and for what I learned very shortly is Isaiah 1 I received me. Isaiah 96 is for under us a child is born on the us a son is given, the government will be on his shoulders.

Wonderful counselor right that line that's in Isaiah 9 okay just along the lines of what Genesis said and the increase of his government will be no end but see what he really wanted me to look at what I think he was pointing me to is unfortunately the end of nine and 10.

It says in all the people shall know even airframe and the habits of Samaria but they will say in pride and stoutness of heart I the bricks are fallen down, but we will build with you installments the sycamores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars and it has everything to do with the stone the builders rejected, but the book but I never put it together before is that we want to rebuild our houses. We want to rebuild our churches. We want to rebuild all these things, but that's our pride in our stoutness of heart who is going to build that stuff is what God is saying Robbie to me he saying Robbie to build my house.

You get to share if you get to write that I have him as the cornerstone absolutely and happily build. He built it with people.

12 pride, at least in all those others that followed he built it by sharing with you not he shared it with those who were meek, that would would be willing to hear the message right somewhere this week. I was hearing about how much detail they had this been to setting the cornerstone and getting it sent this perfect because if it was not where it exactly how it needed to be and everything else will be thrown away and he set the cornerstone right I and he will bring people into our lives that that's what were trying to do is pray God okay we understand that your houses can be built with people really like Psalm 27 says right that this can be built, and it is just exactly what championship share. If we can get our mind off of.

It's not all book of Job is like it's not fair man is just why you read that you can help that they were not fair to the parable of the talents you're thinking every time I got to 20 is not fair. What Jesus is trying to say Brandon if you got one talent just one right then then then invest that in sharing what you have said you know that Jesus, he will. He can make the stuff happen. It's a beautiful opportunity just like while but I got a share this week was my late son's birthday and I spent some time at the cemetery and I don't have much problem with. It's not fair. There because when it first happened. There's. There was no answers available to me. I just had to find a way to move forward and and I didn't waste a whole bunch of times and why our is not fair or anything like that and the only way I could do was just interested in a God knew what he was doing and Rob was down for a reason and and just hang onto the truth that he and I'll be back together and it's already been 7 1/2 years since he passed and will be back together before I know, and it's just that was one area that I didn't struggle so much with it's not fair. And why and how that because I just just use it was not an answer available and also really, really think that mom they were so number one you were turning to God. He sped us, please send a special comfort in a special time when I could have no idea of what you're going through and they will hold tons of people, but the other thing is that II just, you know, I give, he's the one that laid the stone right and he's the one that puts out the everlasting arms for us to leave lean on when we can't lean on anything else.

Me. Now they were and I saw you then and I see you now because it doesn't hurt any less today than it did seven years ago.

It just don't. I don't understand okay in this with this. How was Babel to be so strong throughout that I don't understand but I don't have to understand I just have to trust that it was his plan and some I explained to me one day but also the people got us entryway that have also lost children against a lot opportunity to reach out and help people and try to see it and try to gain comfort from the comforts of comfort. We can comfort others have to one comes to life and Rob involves life so well so grateful for all the call today.

I feel supportive and you feel supported Bob thanks and thanks for having me here today. Rather, in thanks for the Macy's that I really needed and what God gave it to be first to walk everywhere he went, got all done years

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