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The IRS, the Bible, and the Republicans

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 21, 2021 4:21 pm

The IRS, the Bible, and the Republicans

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network, so is the Republican Party closer to biblical values than the Democratic Party stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown. I just looked at my twitter account unlocking the give you the results yet little while I will but well what interesting responses to my question when it comes to major biblical values which parties political platform comes closest to Scripture very interesting results will get your take on the question to 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784. This is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire at the bottom of the hour to tell you what I was doing on Friday for over 1011 hrs. why we had to pre-records Thursday and Friday of last week. Hopefully you enjoyed the broadcast. We always try to become extra quality will be can take life call so I'll tell you what I was doing that this first time ever, and hopefully for the glory of God. This past Friday that the bottom of the hour and I love your take. Do you feel that the Republican Party the values of the Republican Party. By and large are close to the biblical values feel. By March, the Democratic Party is or different party or no party 866-34-TRUTH. Why am I on this topic today. Okay, there has been a ruling.

Now that's got a lot of publicity from the IRS where a group called Christians engaged applied for tax-exempt status and was denied that status now let's let's understand this a few years back.

If you remember, if you're old enough to remember during the rise of the tea party so we were young listeners during the rise of the tea party and conservative activism that many, many organizations were denied tax-exempt status by the IRS, Lois Lerner was a key player in that and there's no question response. There is absolutely clear evidence of bias in the rulings in anti-conservative bias and anti-conservative Christian bias that that was exposed and now this ruling so it if you just do this if you take a second and and type in your search engine was IRS in Christian then Bible okay those doors are used. Search for it for headlines on this because I been reading about the stories you get headlines like this one IRS denies Christian nonprofit tax exemption saying biblical values are Republican. If that's that's an actual headline they read that you get IRS denies Christian nonprofit tax exemption, saying biblical values are Republican. This is the center square in Texas. What the cadet because that headline be accurate. That's not some type of right wing exaggeration or caricature about about this headline, IRS denies tax-exempt status to Christian nonprofit group.

This is Yahoo! News because quote Bible teachings are typically affiliated with the Republican Party that is an actual verbatim quotes from the ruling from the IRS quote Bible teachings are typically affiliated with the Republican party. That's what led to my tweet.

That's what led to my twitter pole now how would you answer my question do you say that neither party has biblical values, their corrupt it's the political system, would you say well obviously it's a mix but I think the Republicans by March of much more biblical values in the classroom or the Democrats and their platform again when every time a practice limit output in the platforms, what they stand for what they advertise what they promote when they campaign say this is who we are as one party have more biblical values to the point that if your group promotes biblical teachings, and you encourage people to get politically involved, based on biblical teachings that the going to end up Republican beginning at end of support Republican candidates so you are therefore political and you can't get nonprofit status.

That's a large part of the IRS logic here is my blog so I wrote an article about it, what with the IRS got remarkably right in the midst of a terribly wrong ruling itself is terrible. What will analyze it in in a moment, but what they got remarkably right versus was the idea that Republican values are more in tune with biblical bodies that you may differ with me will will talk about okay so here's here's the group.

The name is called Christians engaged so is an overtly Christian organization Christians engaged and this is their stated purpose. Quote to awaken, motivate and educate and empower ordinary believers in Jesus Christ to what, pray for our nation and elected officials regularly vote in every election to impact our culture engage our hearts in some form political education or activism for the furtherance of our nation that's reading from the Christians engaged website.

Let me share this with you again this is their vision. Quote to awaken, motivate, educate and empower ordinary believers in Jesus Christ to that height of the main things, pray, vote gauge and some form political education or activism for the furtherance of our nation so they want you to get involved politically but cannot tell you which party to get behind that what you pray. They want to devote not telling you how to pray who to vote for but they are saying we want to base things of what the Bible says about abortion. What the Bible says about marriage with the Bible says about relations with Israel with the Bible says about justice with the Bible says about immigration and things like that one.

Education what Scripture says and encourage you. Now go pray vote gauge, etc. so let me quote to you from the IRS ruling right this is part of the ruling. Not all of it, but part specifically you educate Christians on what the Bible says in areas where they can be instrumental including the areas of sanctity of life. This is the IRS." The definition of marriage, biblical justice, remove speech defense and borders and immigration US and Israel relations so sanctity of life definition of marriage, justice, remove speech defense borders and immigration US and Israel relations you are educating Christians or the Bible says about this quote in the IRS again verbatim the Bible teachings are typically affiliated with Republican Party and candidates. This disqualifies you from exemption under IRC section 501(c)(3). Did did you grasp the significance of that that the IRS is saying that if you educate people biblically on sanctity of life on marriage and family on biblical justice on US Israel relations on borders and immigration. If you educate people biblically on this, then you're basically going to advocate Republican values. What a remarkable admission. I mean, again, I understand why most of the emphasis most of the highlighting has been on the IRS ruling is like you kidding me their teaching people what the Bible says and say now, pray, vote, engage accordingly get involved politically based on what the Bible says the irises will then you're not nonpartisan. Also high on ice.

You can get a religious exemption for teaching the Bible because Republican platform is more in harmony with the Bible and the Democratic platform. Are you serious what about just a local church that teaches the Bible and then how many of your churches, your pastors don't tell you who to vote for but they say okay here's a voters guide hearers with the Bible says about subjects XYZ is the candidate a says he is the candidate be set so if they are true to their campaign promises.

This is what candidate they will do this is what candidate B will do. How many churches do that. It's common and you look at it you come from conclusions in your vote accordingly. Are you a loser tax-exempt status because if you do that people in the proposed 40 Republican rather Democrat now I fully understand that the political system itself is full of corruption and flesh. It is of the world, not of the Spirit by three nature, I am sent and understand that no party platform fully represents biblical values and we can debate which policies are better regarding the poor and and justice issues and fixes that we can debate that, but to me it's black and white in terms of marriage, family, Israel, freedom of speech, freedom of conscious religion. The Republican platform over the Democrats for many days a week now.

I am a registered independent, which is, it is not my judgment. Anyone else that's on your right or wrong to a two to have a party affiliation I register is independent as a statement that I'm a servant of God not affiliated with either party. So even though I can't remember the last Democratic candidate I voted for and I voted almost exclusively Republican on on values issues and sometimes if I can't vote for certain candidates because the choices on clear enough, but my statement before God as I understand that the kingdom of God operates on a different level but as a citizen of America with the great privilege of casting a vote. I voted a certain way and it's based on looking at party platforms and comparing them to biblical values and in that sense, although the IRS ruling is preposterous and wrong and terrible and and and idiotic and and I believe will be overturned on appeal. We shall see. At the same time I believe that the IRS individual involved in making the statement is onto something hit on something right so let's take a look at the Twitter poll results and then we'll hear from you. So again, this is why posted on Twitter does barely 2 hours ago, when it comes to major biblical values which political parties platform comes closest to Scripture. The 48.4% said no party 3.6% other party that essence to specify only 1.7% said Democrats and 46.3% said Republicans very interesting again. I understand the politicians may promise one thing to another.

I understand that not everything in the platform will be implemented understand again that there is corruption within the political system in general.

That being said, I I think this poll is quite accurate, reflective of reality when it comes to where different parties stand by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown experience for joining us on the line of fire again. I understand that politics in itself is of the world. Even though there is good and it even though there can be righteous decisions.

Even the lives can be saved. It is a system based in the world so that you can have a majority of the nation's ungodly and heats biblical values in the voting.

Politicians accordingly. You can have people standing for good platform but they themselves are just power-hungry and and you may have greed going on behind the scenes.

And hey, I know the principal but I can't take a stand here because of a cosmic election.

I'm going to make money off of this agreement, and so I understand. I'm simply asking to comes to platforms which parties platforms are closer to biblical values, 866-3487 84 so. First Liberty Institute. This is one of the major Christian legal firms nationally in the specialize in First Amendment rights and free religion, speech and conscience soul of first Liberty argued that the IRS ruling quote errs in three ways. So this is speaking specifically of Christians engage one invents a nonexistent requirement that exempt organizations being neutral on public policy issues to it incorrectly concludes that Christians engage primarily serves private nonexempt purposes rather than public exempt purposes because he thinks this is the phone with ruling. He thinks his beliefs overlap with Republican Party specific public policy positions and three if I was the First Amendment's free speech and free exercise and establishment clauses by engaging in both viewpoint them as discrimination and religious discrimination, soul, yacht clearly enough, those are strong arguments whether other points in the ruling but you heard the heart of it in terms of of what I read so here is was interesting of a red state article noted this what what hang on to cut check out this headline. Red state conservative editorial site's is this the IRS says if you believe in God and the Bible you are working for the GOP so this is a few days back in and they hit on the absurdity and the irony of this Yaris is if you believe in God the Bobby working for the GOP so in another red state editorial said this. The Bible yes IRS the word is capitalized is not neutral on the sanctity of life is not neutral on homosexuality is not neutral on marriage is not neutral on justice now there's a tremendous debate about whether Democrat measures help the poor help inner-city help education more than Republican part policies. This debate about the some would say the Republicans ignore the port, such as would say no is the Democrats of the keeping the poor. The poor we can debate that we can debate immigration related questions, but to me is no debate on marriage, family, Israel, freedom speech religion when it comes to each parties platforms and even actions whose on the biblical side and who's not Miss it was more my hope is not in a party or politician.

My hope is in Jesus and the gospel and the church rising up in the power of the spirit bringing change to the nation through the preaching of the gospel through holy living through service, through love. That's that's where my hope and emphasis is over in this world we do vote and how we vote has implications obviously.

So here's what I wrote in my new article you read a Christmas news agreed on stream Esther to it's it's up you will be up on more sites us of this. Let's remember that the Democrats position themselves as the party of the religious nuns.

Many people with no religious affiliation, and it is the Democrats who become increasingly radical in their pro-abortion zeal and the Democrats were pushing the equality act, which cuts religious liberties in favor of LGBT extremism.

As I noted in September 2019 is no question about it. There is not even a desire to hide it. The Democrat party continues to grow spiritually dark and to the point of actually proclaiming itself the party of the religiously nonaffiliated. Is it any surprise or supported on August 2020 with regard to the Biden Center School unity plan that is never mentioned in the document. This is a major document that they put out together.

God is never mentioned in the document.

Not once.

In contrast, the word gender occurs 22 times. Think about that friends does not mention once genders mentioned 22 times more importantly, transgender occurs twice in very specific context quote we will act expeditiously to reinstate the part of education guides protecting transgender students rights under title IX and occluded school shall not discriminate based on LGBT Q status and some LGBT Q is mentioned 17 times in the plan, while religion is mentioned once Christian and Jew and God are not mentioned at all. LGBT Q is mentioned 17 times.

Need I say more. One of the rising virtually unchecked tide of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism within the Democratic Party for good reason. Iris pointed to what the Bible says with regard to US and Israel relations here to Republican Party stands much closer to Scripture than does the Democratic Party so the IRS ruled quite wrongly in denying Christians engage tax-exempt status and ironically got one thing right. If you teach the Bible accurately by large blend of siding with Republicans rather than the Democrats will agree with me or do you disagree let's go to phones will start with Rebecca in the loss.

Rebecca Rebecca in Richmond said that the Republican platform is closer to biblical values than the Democrat platform. So here I want to open this up for discussion last week I had Christian sportscaster but also Christian men's leader Chris Broussard on the year with me to make a case that reparations of some sort of biblical that because there remain massive inequities at the starting point say for black American family compared to white American family that things have never been done adequately to set things right so the argument would be, for example, let's say, my great great-great-grandfather got super wealthy with a company that unrighteously bought out all the other companies in in the in the city that through political corruption and bribes and things like that wiped out all the competition and as a result of that, your family, going all those generations back was completely bankrupted by my family and now I've built on that built on that built on that and it's super super successful mega company and and I grew up in that and I come to faith in Jesus as a believer so want to make sure companies operating well in an and were you were giving generously, etc. and then I meet you were talking one day in and your family.

It's just you been stuck kind of in a rut. The bottom fell out. You generations back and you just know they will get way ahead because everybody's can start working at a young age and you have been able get better educated, trapped in a rut part of the inner-city and so on is just been multigenerational. We get to talking I find out. Hey, it was my great great great great friends whatever numbers of these his his his sin that made me rich in his sin that made you poor what what I do about what I feel is a righteous thing to do about so those are the kind of questions that that Chris was challenge us to ask and say look black Christians generally vote Democrat for XYZ reasons why Christians were Republican for XYZ reasons and and somehow we need to have conversation come to a consensus soliciting you know that I am very happy to tackle difficult issues with openness and honesty. You know that I'm not coming just with either some racist white supremacists conservative values rule mentality separated from the gospel of Jesus separated from being found in Scripture, and you know, on the other hand, I'm not trying to be some woke person and everywhere you look, I got BLM stickers. I'm trying to be a Jesus follower and and my perspective is color.

Also as being a Jewish believer in Jesus, so always in the minority minority in the Jewish community minority in the church and with a history of my people being hated and persecuted, rejected, etc. so I I am doing my best.

Hopefully you are to to not be looking at things, primarily through the lens of politics primarily through the lens of what the media says primarily through the lens of what's trending in the news, but rather father.

What's on your heart what is Scriptures and to me there is no question that there is a concerted effort in America. A growing effort. I've been watching it grow for many years of growing effort to demonize followers of Jesus conservative Bible based followers of Jesus and the white evangelical association with Donald Trump really very easy now to demonize all white evangelicals as loudmouth bigots or as white supremacists as if yes, we all stormed the capital on January 6 so it's been very convenient and now you we had in covert and certain views are allowed to talk about on social media. Others are not certain things to me to report others will be report so censorship is risen in ways that we have never we've never seen anything close to this in our society to the Best Buy knowledge so my battles ultimate on political battle my battles gospel battle is a battle over truth and in the midst of that feisty party going in the direction I believe is dangerous and destructive. I'll call it out. My best speak the truth. Okay, so where was I was I doing this is test writing and why should you care. That gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 860 Jim is Dr. Michael Brown, the quick question for you. Have you being can fronted with a pool of gay price of this month, were ever you turn boom there is. If so, post on social media under Facebook or YouTube threads as you watching or give me a call. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Okay so this past Friday I was in Cincinnati and I was doing a movie shoot I was part of a movie not of done TV shows for years, even on the street shows scripted things but as me right and then your preaching for decades. You role-play act out one part of the park with your words at your thoughts and then I'm on shows as a gas but as me and so I don't in front of the camera for decades, but as is me right since maybe. Judy elementary school junior high or something. I haven't acted as someone else that's that's what I was doing on Friday and in order to get to Cincinnati a timely way. I had to prerecord the Thursday show. So I solicited a bunch of questions on social media to answered usually the questions that had some great clips and Jewish background teaching things I did for the Thursday shoe than Friday. I solicited questions also from social media. We prerecord those shows before throughout so simple. What was the role the lows the movie and why were you doing it. The question as to why I was doing.

It did strike me as things got closer I was like okay gotta memorize all these lines, and then somehow have to deliver them in a way that doesn't mess up the movie right you know I again it is one thing up just to have me on preaching this radio host or whatever suits being me all you that needs be yourself just do what you do yourself.

But that you didn't want to mess up the whole movie. And even though I have a minor role. I am in the beginning and the end I'm, majors part of the movie.

Another was my story is a major theme that runs through the movie, even though was a character only appear at the beginning and the end and maybe about 460 words of lines, but there the night before thinking okay flew here and I got a member. Make sure get these lines memorized properly and will be shooting all day tomorrow while world did I agree to do it and it is my schedule's intense like many doors and I have to say no to all kinds of things and I have priorities in my life as you do the comforts that are nonnegotiable.

Just be good reason for me to prerecord for obvious you get you to get the best quality so we can produce but I can't take life calls, etc. comment on breaking news or anything like that sucked ever a good reason to print acrylic my annual trip to India. That's that's a good reason to prerecord a special series for that week so why would I do something to prerecord shows two goal weight, memorize lines, be part of a movie when I'm not an actor right is taken away from gospel work is it isn't lack of good priorities and questions that when asked before I do something questions that Nancy asked what are you doing this, so I'll be totally candid with the first does it seem like a real lien.

The opportunity to tell you how you can about the moment it just it really seem like a neat opportunity that why not. It's a genuine invitation from Christian movie production is not some multimillion dollar production unit were flying in helicopters and no jumping over bulk volcanoes and things like that.

This can be serious production but it's a powerful message. It's it's a it's a movie about race relations with a real powerful message in it in real life people going through the struggles it's what what what an ideal role-play. What what is someone giving wisdom in Scripture and setting an example what will role-play sort of privilege. So here's what happened. A Craig Brown is a black producer or director actor married to a white woman. They do ministry together as an interracial couple. He got a bunch of kids ready and do a podcast together and he he acted in a movie called God's fool of the transformation in his life is. He's interacting a report and have them on the air to talk about it. Got to know you are talking about the church in race relations and things like that because nothing pushes the envelope like an interracial couple with with interracial kids right you know that that really is hard-core in terms of okay these are families blending together, these cultures blending together your your kids will not have some of the image of the mom and some of the into the data in unique ways so so this is really powerful in terms of thinking race relations talking race relations so some months after he was on the air with me, contact me.

They didn't follow ministry for years. Dr. Brown putting out were doing the new movie in the name of the movie shooting dose so you can follow it on Instagram for updates shooting doves movie shooting doves movie. It may be out as early as this fall or winter alloys early next year no later than spring, but what will see it's it's almost done since the shooting. And then the in all the postproduction all that when they get out, so we'll see what you know of but he said Dr. Brown at this role I think is ideal for you to play in the movie so I am Harold Harold the always smiling, full of grace full of love, store clerk yeah and some happens to Harold. That's real bad and it shakes the community and summits beginning the movie. Then at the end of the end the really get to speak my heart pure gospel truth and speak to a couple that well are they going to come together stating as an interracial couple are not and probably the highlight of it is powerful music throughout it's got newly written songs that that have a powerful message and stuff is a new world that the here's here's the funny thing did it to add into all of this of that. But I prayed and we all pray for grace and anointing. What we do, that the Lord be glorified through it and in even though it's a Christian seem to movie. It's not Christian in terms of it because the characters are involved in church, but there also some in the world in different ways so and in the gutter blind spots and things you be able to relate to culturally and in any way something is done with sensitivity of some of the others in the movie have you know acting experience and later shows. Other moves itself. So they said everything 15. Love you boys like. I know I memorize a lot memorization is not an issue for acting as someone else intracellularly talking to the to the actors right and that's okay.

Let's go through the script and so was like why are you and what you said a culture your act. I so is just again.

That part was a new experience. Role-playing doing things your your your doing it yourself your own initiative best as a totally different ballgame right but finally enough, but let's just say that something happens to me that views me with some injuries. Okay some happens new movie that Lisa was some injuries. Well it just so happens that the day before the shoot I was at the store grocery store pick up something for Nancy. Try to find the right product and was looking around and didn't see the reset redhead level and it sting me on my head. The felt that an the next morning I noticed that it may be could see it somewhere right in the middle of my four head.

If you're watching other was listening. Just imagine it was a nice little scratch running under my hairline going sexist. I drew blood as a scratch there. So I drew their attention to say hey we may want to cover this up over may want to enhance this depending on what stage of the movie. It is so. Enough said. Shooting doves movie and it is no foamy on Instagram you were most active on Facebook and transfer largest audience. There all big like 587,000 followers there than YouTube source hundred 30,000 and twitter of 40 to 43,000 but we are. We become very active on Instagram, but in a totally different way. I have more fun. There we we put out all kinds of video some real serious some of little nugget, some for fun and it Instagram audiences is also by large younger the Facebook audience. But if you'll follow me on Instagram, please do so. It's DR Dr. DR Michael Brown known twitter there is an element of my middle initial L Instagram not so DR Michael Brown and you'll get updates on the movie you get updates on other things like our new debate show that will start airing next week on the awakening TV network will tell you more about that.

That's debatable and the episodes that you be able to watch there any anyway. Anyway, so II really I really pray that the Lord will use the movie to minister grace and truth that yet was a blast to do it and it was fun to do it if it'd been some big for-profit thing and everybody in it and some cutthroat way to make money and it was Joe than I was a bit higher thousand Cajun dollars top-flight IQ for small part but that was not the motivation people working sacrificially people or pouring in and using the funds that have been invested in the movie to really come up with something of the best quality they can do so the really serious about that, but I know this, the screenwriter simply prayed. I know that they really put effort into the songs of others have written songs for it so pray to be powerful and praying that God will use the words of of of Accra. The store clerk also so love.

We shall see. We shall see our 866-34-TRUTH is the number to call and you okay thank you guys for the reminder.

30 minutes from now count them 30 minutes.

We will be over on YouTube we don't only do this on a Monday, but we are this week or weekly YouTube chat where I just take 45 minutes to an hour and answer a flood of questions that you post on YouTube if you been part of it.

You know how lively and enjoyable and informative. These are if you've never been part of it. It is the S dark brown YouTube channel. That means if you have been part of you may not know that you can watch us live three or four Eastern time on Facebook asked Dr. Brown or YouTube Esther Cabrera SK dear Brown, so join us there 30 minutes from now and will take your questions on a wide range of subjects of a SK dear Brown on you to become back got some gay pride updates. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire so if you know that the modern history of gay activist movement at a key moment was the Stonewall riots in June 1969 in New York City.

This was a Mafia owned bar frequented by transvestite prostitutes came in others it was being read it yet again by police. Some of this had to do with gay activity. Others had to do with Mafia related issues etc. but is being read it yet again and some of the patrons decided enough is enough. They fought back physically resisted the cops.

It ended up getting violent ended up being crowds of thousands and this was the beginning of the modern gay activist movement. Nothings been building for some years and there were activists back in the 50s make statements and there were movements and roadways in the 20s. But this, this is really what everything traces back. That's why stonewalls were Josie all the time. That's why Pres. Obama in his second inaugural speech referenced three major watershed moments in American history. Seneca's of the women's rights movement, Selma civil rights and Stonewall gay rights so gay-rights is not the same as civil rights is that the same as women's rights and this violent transvestite prostitute gay man's protest against police violent protest is not something hailed as part of our national legacy. That's how things got twisted. That's how much things have changed. I want every person on the planet who identifies as LGBT Q or anything like that to know the love of God in a profound and extraordinary way I want them to encounter God's goodness and grace.

I want them to know the plans that he has for their lives. I want them to know the power of the blood of Jesus for them. I wanted to know that Jesus died for them the same way he died for me and everyone else and I want them to find new life. Hope purpose in him.

I have zero animosity, hatred towards LGBT community. I have great compassion, as many have suffered a lot of rejection and going through a lot of pain because of who they are and how they identify. I only want God's best for every single one of them.

That's also why I so oppose wrong theology when they try to make the Bible support homosexual practice for transvestite identity or transgender identity that is also why I oppose LGBT Q activism, which is ultimately in the worst interest of society. So the bombardment is constant during the month of June. It is year-round, but it amps up in June. No, this is something that I just happen to seem to have a think this was directly related to gay pride but but I wanted to show you this, so if you're watching will put this up on the screen. I was no let's go to the at the survey survey first, I was filling out a survey for a tech company.

I like to mention the tech company's name because maybe we can blame it on the firm they hired to do the serving, and income straight for them but but look at these survey options that I was given a simple question. How would you describe your gender, just be pretty simple, right, male or female course which is how you describe your sex gender is put into this. It could be more options theoretic usually pretty simple, correct mail female right then you know now abruptly other something else but check this out.

The first option female parentheses including transgender women want it you can just a female yet this including transgender women friends. If you are a man who identifies as a woman you put female that's the category you check of you don't need someone tell you that Wyoming's putting it there is not even female is a category it's it's got you got a go LUA to say that also includes Ben identifies with that of course next one male including transgender men, then next prefer to self describe as blank in the box we can fill in the blank preferred to self describe as those it's going to give you like options in case you didn't know I was honestly trying to educate you and LGBT Q activism in the midst of the survey were there just get it for you, hold you to have a user product that we like about what you don't like about it and are you of some of his customer support. Okay, demographically diverse self describe as non-binary gender fluid agent under the meaning no gender. Please specify in our fourth option. None of the above. So if you can identifies having no gender but maybe that's unsatisfactory. You can identifies having multiple genders, but maybe that's unsatisfactory friends. This is social madness that yes I have compassion on people who struggle with gender identity, especially kids.

Of course yes and all adults who been through hell and back because of gender identity struggles they had. It is for the government a whole lot yes I've compassion is why I so want us to rub us to help people from the inside out.

Especially start with children. This is madness friends. This is societal madness but in terms of gay pride in June and just the cost bombardment I was looking for review on the movie that come out.

I was curious to see how it was being received on I'm I'm not a big moviegoer. Sometimes all you want something while flying, but otherwise I'm I'm not no movie expert and obvious is only a limited number of things about wall watch. I was going tomatoes to check something out to see what type of reviews. This is a major site you get the reviews of the critics of the reviews reviewers. So here's what was on the homepage. When I went looked rainbow tomatoes 200 best LGBT Q plus movies of all time. I was struck by the driven member remember the first kiss lesbian or gay kiss on TV in the that the furor over that the outcry over that broke back Mountain and the controversy over that your major Hollywood movie with men acting is as gay man river that this is not just to end up at the best 200.

While and then out on Amazon all the time for various reasons, so Amazon is very aggressively pro LGBT Q so look at this on their on their Amazon website. Amazon enters June Burstein with pride and then then they they explain things.

I only read this to you right we just scroll down to that than the Your I will read what they say that they have their own site or their their own organization to Amazon company plans to celebrate pride month with dozens of curated film and music series reading lists, shopping experiences and more pride month is all about celebrating love equality today. Go Amazon Amazon's LGBT QI a floss affinity group raise the new progress pride flag at Amazon Seattle headquarters new flag includes pink, white and blue representing trans community and black and Brown to represent people of color design celebrates the many intersections and facets of identity within the LGBT QI A+ community is raising is just the start of dozens of activities and animals and events. Amazon has planned for June. So, obviously, in the minds of the company's great thing the minds of many of the employees is a great thing to celebration of diversity it saying hey whoever you are proud of it.

I understand from the worldly perspective, it's about love.

It's about equality but it is at the expense of the very foundations of society. The foundations of gender distinctions the foundations of the reality of biological sex. The foundations of the role of man and women as husbands and wives and mothers and fathers. The at the expense of the meaning of marriage. One man one woman joined together for life at the expense of religious freedoms. Since you couldn't not protest these things who speak against them or differ with them without consequence or penalty, and it is also an assault on the civil rights movement because gay is not the new black entrance is not the new black. Now it's interesting.

Last week there was a major ruling from Supreme Court 90 very significant and they get a bunch unanimous ruling so we shall see were things going where the justices is that we can cite together.

Let's do it. We're always about the 54 rulings with 60 rulings, but there been more more 90 rulings. There is a Catholic foster care service with Philadelphia-based think and they said look we we will not place children in same-sex families but we will be able to place children in other families well in the past, Catholic Christian adoption organizations go out of business because they were told that you must place children in in same-sex home sold children for adoption orphans and others. You can't discriminate there. Things will is a violation of our conscience to do that.

So they said we we can't do that and we would like to be exempt religiously. There was a 90 ruling in their favor 90, so the most liberal Justices Souter and Soto Mayor and taken it all saying yes we agree and justice John Roberts said in his in his opinion statement for for them for the unanimous ruling that they were simply saying hey, we don't want to be forced to do this. Can we just put children sent it in in heterosexual homes and suggestive collection answer years back.

Maybe again, assign the pushback that the righteous reaction continues to rise high friends special broadcast for tomorrow.

Don't miss it in 15 minutes from now be back with you for our weekly to capitalist another program powered by the Truth Network

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