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Counting Stars in an Empty Sky (Part 4)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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September 5, 2019 1:00 am

Counting Stars in an Empty Sky (Part 4)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Everyone of us of Inc. has experienced some level of fear in all its variety. I think God just about every one of us fear some things more than other things. Every one of us deals with fear differently their varieties of fears and that affect us all differently.

I'll give you some examples. Fear of failure keeps many a person from reaching their full potential for God. Fear of criticism holds people back from accomplishing great things for God. There is irrational fears of all kinds in the keeps people constantly in a state of panic and they're constantly in a state of disarray in the life, but not all fears. As I said up front, some a hidden a fearful person would not know why is fearful. The symptoms are there but a person does not know why but do you know that there is a type of fear that only manifests itself after a great victory after a great success.

After a great blessing. I will explain that there is this type of fear that only moves in on us after a great achievement or great accomplishment, and the Bible gives us many examples of this. Whenever you see God saying to someone. Fear not, is because that person is fearful he may not have said it the matter verbalized it, but God does not waste words give an example.

Joshua supernaturally crosses the Jordan River and then supernaturally pulls down the fortified walls of Jericho and flushed with victory in the next thing God says fear not. Why, after all of that victory. He had fallen into that fear that fear of success of most successful fear and I want you to turn with me to Genesis chapter 15 verse one going to come to 14.

Here comes God in the vision to Abraham and he said them, fear not, I am your shield and your great reward, not just to take a moment and bring you up to speed with Donovan the middle of the series, which I'm calling counting stars when you cannot see any from the life of Abraham we saw. First of all, Abraham left of Chaldeans, his home on the strength of the command of God was saying leave your home dry land that not only will I show you, but also I'm going to give to you on the strength of that word. He leaves then due to the influence of his moon worshiping father they get the harassment there.

They stated took a detour from where God told him to go and then when his father Tara dies Abraham continues on his way to where God promised him to go the land of Canaan and when he gets to Canaan.

Not only that the Canaanites were there sitting there smiling at him, but there was a shortage of food. There was no food in Canaan.

So Abraham text matters into his own hands doesn't go back to the Lord and ask for help. He goes to Egypt.

Egypt is not dependent on the rain like Canaan is Egypt is dependent on the river Nile so they always have food member Joseph and so he goes to Egypt but he goes there in order to survive his schemes. He lies he plans any plots but God supernaturally deliver and keep Sarah's honor by striking Pharaoh and finally the Pharisees to him get out of here and leave you lied to me and he told Ms. that I was your sister when she is your wife and so they get out go back to Canaan.

That's where we stopped in the last message when they get to Canaan. They look over the land and his greedy nephew who's been tagging along in the journey. Lots looks at the land and he sees the lush one. He sees the fertile land is that I want that one, the magnanimous, generous, gracious uncle Abraham was contented to take the land that is less productive and he gave him what he wanted that land was the land of Sodom and Gomorrah troublesome relatives can cause a sole-source of grief and fact that greedy nephew Lot get told Abraham on his knees praying for him. Now you can look at chapter 14. Here you gonna find that the promise of counting stars has turned Abraham into an Old Testament.

Rambo and I know some of you gonna don't have that vision. But that's exactly what he did it without him, wiped a whole bunch of people there were terrorists in the area who all is terrorist in that area. There were terrorist in the neighborhood and these terrorists came to Sodom and Gomorrah to these little towns down in the Dead Sea and that not only ransacked the whole town but they took some hostages with these gunmen took his hostages by force. Look at verse 12. Among those with taken hostage was Abraham's nephew Lot these terrorists from Sheehan are Eliza Elam and glam. They kidnap Lot and his family for a ransom. One of the kidnap boys cuts loose runs back ghost uncle Abraham and he said your nephew lot and his family. He has been taken hostage and the FBI is not negotiating with terrorists and so magnanimous, generous, loving uncle, Abraham's brings traction now want you to remember it was 85. Just keep that in your head on with the promise of God to count.*When there are none imbued by God's supernatural intervention and delivering him from the consequences of his own sin empowered by genuine compassion.

Abraham takes 318 Green Berets rescue squad and he storms the place now something your Bible is like a friend of mine said, I'm not exaggerating.

I'm just blowing it up so you can see that's really what I like to have those boys around hemorrhoid. Please. You can be absolutely sure that when Abraham and his 318 Green Beret commandos came back to town. They received a hero's welcome because they can with all the hostages and all the goodies that were stolen and they marched through the town and there they received a hero's welcome army and they gave them a tickertape parade made over God's hair and the palm branches falling from the sky scrapers or mud huts or whatever was back then that excitement was so impactful that the king of Sodom who lost his country and got it back got so excited that he hands Abraham a blank check with only his signature on a piece of fill in the amount is an important point though…… Had Abraham accepted this offer, he would have been what kids say against billionaire they would've been a very rich man arming his ranching operation would've been as big as in the Texas operation. His empire stretched from secrecy and there is no doubt the offer was tempting.

His meta-flesh and blood right was tempting but here Abraham remembers the promise of God counting stars without seeing any because God is the one who's going to bless him and he turns that generous offer flight down.

Look at verses 22 and 23 chapter 14 I have sworn to the Lord God most high possessor of heaven and earth, another gazillion dollars, but possessor of all of heaven and all of earth.

I will not take the threat of anything from you, lest you should say I made Abraham rich or lower to say is wow wow, do you know why so many people get squeamish and worried and anxious about the so-called financial security.

Do you know why so many people leave God out of their finances and their work diligently organizing their finances.

Listen, you can spin it any which way you want to, but I'm going to give you the bottom line the bottom line is because they have failed to recognize that God and only God is the provider when you come to the realization that none but God is your provider. You will not be insecure.

You will live in fear about financial future. If you think somebody and someone somewhere is your provider is your blessing. I wanted to measure this scenario and I couldn't help but think about this. Here is his greedy, ambitious nephew lot was always want to grab any standing there and watching his uncle and the king of Sodom and looking solemn. You must take it. None. I know you must take it, no, no, no, he's standing there as a thank you thank you thank me uncle taken from him and he is ready to get any crimes up, tossed his way by the king of Sodom room saying Buster God is the one who's going to bless me know if you to compound this incredible trust in the provision of God when Melchizedek shows up from nowhere.

Abraham takes not 10% of his income that the percent of his salary.

10% of his entire net worth and he gives it to him. Melchizedek, which mean the king of righteous and the king of peace.

Hebrews chapter 7 tells us he's a type of Christ is the top of Christ. Abraham gives him 10% of everything, don't ever listen to anyone who sister ties is under the law is 400 years before the law was given Abraham bigger. Please please please don't miss this.

Not only did Abraham turn down this good fortune because he's trusting in God as his provider, but he turns around and gives away tens of everything that he owns so Melchizedek brings wine and bread in his communion with Abraham is a type of Christ. Melchizedek Psalm hundred and 10, said is the high priest of the highest order, and his name is Jesus. This is the pre-incarnate Jesus and he appeared many times in the Old Testament.

Theologians have a big name to describe this they call it for your family. That's when Jesus appeared, the pre-incarnate Jesus appeared in the Old Testament and we see that in a number of occasions, the Messiah. Another word for those who are fearful financially in the see the market where the supper down in the panic, and they get worried and concerned about their financial security.

You will continue to live in fear as long as you think that your security comes from anyone or anything other than the Lord Jesus meant back to the story. After this great military victory after turning down a huge fortune.

After taking 10% of everything he owns and gives it the God Abraham gets into a funk of Eva being that I have some of you know what I'm talking about. When you are physically and emotionally and ritually absolutely spent wiped out from ever experienced a great victory over the enemy of your soul. If you ever battled in the spiritual battle and you came on the winning side. You know what I'm talking about.

You will understand the absolute drain that takes place after you made a sacrifice for the Lord. You get so wiped out because you're fighting doubt your fighting apprehension and your fighting remorse in the final kinds of feelings inside of you, so here's a way to move Michael in our experience the kind of thing on the top of the world. How come Abraham feels down after the security home I read something years ago and stayed with me and I'll never forget it and it goes something like this cowards fear before the battle, but heroes fear after the battle. This was ever this was true of Abraham's are well how do you know that well that's where you get back to 15 one chapter 15 verse one the word of the Lord came to Abraham in a vision, saying, do not fear Abraham. God doesn't waste words.

Do not fear ever that I am your shield and your graduate award. I want to share something so precious to me that I have learned more walking with the Lord.

It is this God knows your needs before you do not assist you. Accordingly, there are times when the Lord ministers to me and I can't even see the need hasn't arrived yet and I was overwhelmed and all of a sudden I face and consider how precious your Niño money what I needed it. Before I knew it that you ministered to me. Accordingly, recently I preach a message on Satan's opportune times. One of those times I said in which we are really vulnerable to sin is the moment after a flash of victory and success. Be very careful why you're not only exhilarated and surprised, but you are filled with a mixture of pride and fear, and the devil knows it. Abraham steps down from the pinnacle of victory and he was about to plunge into depression when the gracious hand of God grabbed him in mid fall is the wonderful as well. I love the word of God. I really love the word of God because it tells you everything doesn't give you the stuff that you just want to know make you feel good tells you everything so don't miss what I'm going to tell you, God did not say to Abraham Amram fear.

Remember my promise of telling you to count stars when you can't even see any Abraham don't fear the member I protected you against Pharaoh in Egypt and I got you out. Paul Graham don't be afraid. Can't you see how I gave you the strength of 400 men and you took on all those four armies that would've been fine if the Lord said that it would been fun, but God said the reason you should not be afraid, is because I am your shield, consider equipment, I am your shield shield completely covers you from all of the enemies weapons as if decide to Abraham. Abraham you are under my impenetrable cover. Abraham you are under my strong care. Abraham you are in my protection program, Abraham, your enemies will not be able to get to you before they get to me first and being shield is not even the whole story if it was would've been enough, he says, in addition to being a shield. He said I am your great reward. I am your graduate all that God is all that God hands.

I am your great reward. Not only that you are under my cover not only you are under my protection program but when you receive me and this is a word of God to everyone who's listening.

I will satisfy your lonely heart will fill your empty void. I am the only one who give joy to the joyless.

I am the only one who compensate the victims. I am the only one who vindicate the righteous. I am the only one who supplied all of your needs according to the riches of the glory of Christ Jesus and Mary. When you trust God as your true provider true provider. When you trust God with your tithes and offerings. When you take tangible steps of faith and say well when this happen. I do this now is the Lord I'm going to take a step of faith at the front-end.

God not only meet all of your needs, but he's going to give you himself, but is got me. I am your great reward.

It means that you will share everything that God has are you with me.

What is got half everything in the entire universe, heaven and earth, the solar system that galaxies all the start owns everything. Listen, Abraham received many revelations we saw someone going see some more Lord revealed himself to him in his lifetime. All of them, all of them has God's name attached to it. Abraham got to know God as Jehovah Gyro his provider he got to know God as El Ellie on the most high God, Creator of all things. They got to know God is his protector. He got to know God as his defender, beloved, if you have placed your whole trust in Jesus is what Paul said in Romans 817.

Memorize it. Paul talking about the adoption God adopting us as his children and he said we are children, then we are heirs. Heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ. Every time I get to the verse, it blows me away. Listen to me. There is a world of difference between a single air and being one of 10.

A single air inherits everything. If you are one of 10 you go to get only 10% right. But if you are call heirs that's very different. Even if you are one of a billion. Everyone inherits the whole thing at though. There is mind blowing. Everyone inherits the whole thing undivided. That means that everything belongs to Christ is yours, all of it when I'm just going to get a piece of the action would gonna get the whole enchilada. And that's what it means to be call heirs with Christ, to have God is your greatest reward means that you will share in all that God is, and even now, even in this life. Sometimes we see that we experience part of it. I placed you can live your Christian life. One of two ways you can live it.

Feeling totally secure in God no matter what goes on in life you can live it feeling anchored in God regardless of your circumstances. You can live it already anchored in God's character you can live it already. Resting in his presence. Or you can live it in fear and insecurity. You can live it in uncertainty and anxiety. The choice is yours. Really.

You either feel confident that he is able to present you faultless before his father or you gonna constantly worry if you going to make it in Genesis 15, 213. You see Abraham yearning for assurance again. That's okay you think verse one would've been sufficient. When he sat there and I am your shield, I am your great reward. And yet, in verses two and three particular to see a note of despair a note of disappointment and note of discouragement and Abraham's forts. All of us can sympathize with Abraham. I know God does. God did to God led him a promise 10 years ago. He was 75 years old.

Now 10 years later, in the biological clock not only has, but Sarah's going to take. He began to sink. I trust you but what's going on here. It's by the way, still more, you know what most of us give up in 10 days or 10 weeks within months. Here he is going around introducing himself as the man whose counting stars and probably some of his neighbor saying a how many kids do you have well actually I have none but God promised me. You're probably snickering behind his back and maybe people beginning to wonder if he's all is okay up in the head.

Some of you read my book, trust and obey. No though I was 18 when God made me a promise that he supernaturally is going to deliver me, the mistake of sharing for some Christian friends.

Be very careful what you share with Christian friends and so 18 months later, nothing happens.

Some of them went to Mike's older siblings in the said will really deeply concerned about Michael's state of mind and I heard about our back to the Lord and the Lord fulfilled it to the T beloved God's delay are never his denial. Can you say that with me. God's delay are never his denial, but you need to be absolutely sure that your hearing God and not hearing yourself. Verse three Abraham was doing his estate planning on everybody should do estate planning, and he was doing his estate planning, and he decided to share his estate plan with God is my faithful servant. This is the Chief of Staff and advisor of the muskets he's going to inherit my state is still looking for that assurance from God and God are so gracious to him in response so gracious to him and he renews his promise to Abraham in verse six of chapter 15. It's as Abraham believed the Lord, and he credited to him as righteousness. I can tell you before God could take three sermons on that one verse but suffice it to say, and if this not gonna bless you and keep your on high, not just today but for the rest of your life.

I'll be surprised because he is God gave him the faith to believe and then he gives them credit for it is not like God and the like our God.

It doesn't matter where you are. It doesn't matter the degree of your despair. It doesn't matter. The links of your waiting for him, you can begin to trust him afresh. Now today this very moment, and then you can say with Peter, Peter was fishing all night and caught nothing. And Jesus comes in. He says get out the testament in the middle of the day fishes go to sleep in the middle of the unit appearances Lord we been trying all night. We know when we can catch French but on the strength of your word castanets, even if you see no hope. Even if you see no glimmer you can say to God, I have been fishing all night, but on the strength of your word MINUTES father, I love you and I love your word and I thank you for your word and are praying the name of Jesus that today be a day of decision. Some people, trust in you for the first time in the life of others will come to renew the trust in you, you know every single person in the circumstances represent.

So we ask in the mighty powerful name of Jesus come do your work in our lives. In Jesus name, amen. Thanks for listening to this message from Dr. Michael.

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