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Your Feedback: Is President Trump Making America Great?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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September 28, 2018 8:00 pm

Your Feedback: Is President Trump Making America Great?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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September 28, 2018 8:00 pm

Last week on the program, we examined the question, “Is President Trump Making America Great” (as per his campaign slogan to “Make America Great Again”).

We first looked at whether America is or isn’t a great nation and how humanistic and Christian-based worldviews arrive at very different answers to that question...

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Your back today on the question we discussed last week is president from making America great and also a little addendum as well as all the drama this week we'll talk about the Senate Judiciary hearing regarding Brett Cavanagh about the topic of the day here on the Christian worldview radio program with the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to share the good news that all people can be reconciled to God through faith in Jesus Christ, I'm David we hosting our website is the Christian world will thank you for joining us today on the program as we discussed this topic and get your feedback today from a lot of phone calls, emails and so forth. Today the program is president from making America great in what you thought of the Judiciary hearing this past week with just Judge Brett Cavanagh and his accuser of sexual assault back when they were teenagers, we forget that that last week in the program. We examine the core. The question of is president from making America greatest as his campaign slogan was to make America great again. We first looked at whether America is or isn't a great nation and how humanistic on one side and Christian-based worldviews. On the other. I arrive at diametrically opposed answers to that question. We also looked at Scripture to find out how God the only one who really matters. How God defines a great nation and the great nation in God's eyes. This is one where the leaders and the citizens and the laws revere and obey God for it.

For example, read second Chronicles 714 if my people who are called by my name, that particular passage laughing other ones righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. That's about how that nation treats God basically is what makes a great nation, and finally, we asked whether Pres. Trump is making America great.

Assessing him on the broad criteria of national and domestic security, economic opportunity and prosperity in the third category was moral leadership in my conclusion last week was that he is doing well on the first two categories, but falling short on the third, with regard to moral leadership.

So this week and on the Christian really. We will hear your feedback on the question is Pres. Trump making America great and on the somewhat related topic of the present nomination for the US Supreme Court judge Brett Cavanagh would hear your thoughts on what you put.

You made of the just incredible Senate Judiciary hearing this past Thursday and into Friday when a woman named Christine blas Ford has accused the judge of sexually assaulting her 36 years ago when they were both in high school when he was 17 and she was 15, and now this is thrown the whole nominee on nomination process and do into a delay this week is can be a FBI investigation and is been as many people are calling it just a circus in a really has been will get your thoughts on that as well so I'm to give you the phone number right here at the top of the program. You can we have some emails. We Artie received after sitting at the previous. This will get some of those will also give you a chance to call in life to the program at 1-877-655-6755, 1-877-655-6755 is the studio number and you can call in with your answers your comments to those questions as president from making America great in what was your thoughts on the Senate Judiciary hearing who is telling the truth. How should America go forward with this impasse that the he said she said situation without Brett Cavanagh being made to the highest court in the country.

Bobby will get your your phone, your your calls up from up on the board will try to get to as many as we can do now. Just a note, we want you to be brief today. We want you to in 30 seconds about 30 seconds and get to your point on answering one or the other of those questions. Just pick one of the other and I will go through as many as we can. Today on the program.

So before we take our our first call is the day when we just answer a couple of emails that that came in after last week's program. The first is from a woman named Joanne.

She said good morning I was listening to your program last week. September 22 and thoroughly enjoyed all the segments into got to the final segment as I listen to it. The question came to mind my mind what you hope to accomplish by bringing up to your audience what they think about Pres. Trump and whether or not he is making America great, socially and morally. Do you think by discussing it that we could cause him to have those characteristics do you think by discussing that we could cause him to that it will become a united front to keep him in office that for the most part, as you said is doing an excellent job.

I'm asking you to consider. What is your desire to asked to this listening audience will be the purpose in discussing at length the things that we do not admire about a man that we have placed in office. Will this be an uplifting event was whatsoever things are true, honest, just thought that that particular passage anyway so why discuss.

You know why evaluate is Pres. Trump making America great and why address any particular shortcomings that that I guess I personally perceive that you try to stay away from personal opinions in this program try to keep it all very biblical but why why should I look at Pres. Trump and say from a moral standpoint he could do better.

Why think that the per the purpose of the program as we sit atop the program every week is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians ensure that the good news the gospel of those who don't know Christ, so that the first part of that is sharpening biblical worldview. With regard to the president other words, if you don't do that if you just kind of you listen to him and just let everything go by just accept everything it doesn't, don't have any kind of evaluation of of it all. There is theirs and asked others. There's an extreme that you can easily fall onto just a tacit approval, affirmation of even when he does things that are wrong. So there there you this one just like on one side you can have this this blind republicanism where because he's a Republican because he was you he's not a Democrat or not a liberal or something like that. And if you're Republican that you just get C gets the is a good good good treatment without any sort of critical, not not not a bad sense, but a critical evaluation of of what he's doing. So I think it's important actually me he he is a man after all he's a fallen man.

He's not above a bar above being reproved in Niedermayer.

Neither is anyone else so and in a sense it could. I think and actually help him to have those around him who can biblically try to help him grow again were never beyond that in life we should always be subject's use to some authority that that's how God designed this this world and the church no matter what your age, you should be under the authority of God's word your elders at your church and different aspects of course and family. The structures of authority husband over wife parents over children in the workplace. Same thing bosses over employees. This this is the way God designed the world and so when a man is completely puts himself out from under authority is a dangerous place to be. Not nothing I'm president trumps authority in the least. All I'm saying is, no one is beyond the head being evaluated in discerning how their life's and their words and their actions line up against what God standard is so that's why we we did the program on his Pres. Trump making America great. Okay just get to the second email on them will get to the phone calls. This is from Jackie. She said I listened your show weekly and have for several years.

I was concerned about your announcement that Pres. Trump is not in your opinion, a real Christian. First of all, he is a sinner from birth. Second, he is a sinner to the day he dies third. So was everyone else that is ever live accept Jesus fourth. He claims Jesus. Most of us Christians today are secret followers. Fifth, he has accepted Jesus, he is saved by grace when she goes on to say God and Jesus have often have very often chosen people who in our opinions do not fit the perfect person for the job they been chosen to do. Also, the methods God uses through them are not often the ones we righteous ones would choose would righteous." Not think she's righteous but just those were saved. I'm assuming that she's referring to so and she said Jesus chose Matthew a tax collector. Not a good guy hid from Jesus was was taken by the priest and had a lot of company and retreat of Peter is probably pretty rough on it as she is, all these examples in Scripture. So the answer to this particular question is with the question here is should we discern someone else's salvation.

The first one is washed to even discuss this topic and the answer to that is because we need to have a short biblical worldview about our leaders and another was informed of how to vote informs us, it helps us learn how we should live our lives. No one's above not being evaluated. Just to give an a a blank slate to to live and do whatever they want. We need to be discerning. The second question is, or should we discern someone else's salvation and the answer is of course because if that person's not saved. If we discern that someone is not truly saved as we look at there there what they say how they live well they need to be saved and if we just assume that people are saved by just professing it.

That's a very dangerous place to allow someone to be now. Jesus did this in Scripture you look in the sermon the mountain and Matthew chapter 7 he said not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, that he who does the will of my father in heaven will enter. He says many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and your name cast out demons in your name perform many miracles in the Jesus that I will say to them depart for me, you who practice lawlessness. I never knew you so Jesus was in the course. He's perfect so he's not exactly the way we can be of course with discerning whether some is truly save or not save it. Heat is he he he emphasized how that discernment is important, of looking at someone else who professes to be a Christian. Whether there profession actually matches what they possess to they possess genuine saving faith. Again, the parable of the wheat and the tares in Matthew chapter 13, there's the church is made up of wheat true believers and tears professing believers who are not truly saved. And Jesus said that's just a fact.

That's the way it's going to be.

You can discern it.

Don't try to separate all-out God will do it in the end, we don't need or go around appointing people out who aren't saved but for out for our ourselves. We do need to be exercising that discernment because were trying to clarify what genuine saving faith is another was genuine. Saving faith will start with someone who someone is generally stable.

Will definitely profess it will definitely say you know III believe in Jesus as my my Savior. That's about as basic aromas. Chapter 10 if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord that's that's the mark of a believer that they'll at least confess it, but it doesn't stop there.

It goes on to when they when they talk about how they were saved. Will they talk about what will they talk about their own sin and that they needed a Savior.

Will they be repentant over there. Sin will they want to pursue righteousness and life would talk about faith alone in Christ alone as being how they were saved, not faith in Christ blessed you know I was baptized I went to church a lot to him. I walked in our I raise my hand in the event that to me cast doubt into someone salvation the object of salvation is one person alone in Jesus Christ. I'm a sinner and Jesus is a great Savior that that's that's the profession. Someone will give when they are genuinely saved and you look at the fruit of their life is their obedience in the life to God's word is their increasing sanctification is a love for the word of God for fellow believers, a love for righteousness. Is there a fruit of the spirit being exhibited in life you take all those things together and I look at present is Trump's life that he may be I know is a professing Christian, but I don't see that kind of fruit in his life, and I don't know him personally. That's just my personal opinion that if I were around him I would be assuming he was a true follower of Christ I might be more in a God will presentation mode rather than the assumption that he's able take your phone calls we come back.

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Thanks for joining us today on the Christian review radio program. I'm David Wheaton the host in our website is the Christian real viewed or lots of resources there right now that are new social justice booklet which includes a statement social justice in the gospel is is now available for donation of any amount course the DVDs by my gender and are still available beginning in the audio of the other golf and dinner event recently is posted online today were talking about getting your feedback. This is set apart to of last week's program is present in Trump making America great.

Two years into his term.

Here were evaluating how the president is doing from eight from a biblical perspective.

Trying to understand not just purely from a Republican perspective but more from a biblical perspective and also we added one element to this for your feedback today and on the Senate Judiciary hearings with justice or judge Brett Cavanaugh, which was just amazing to watch over the last couple that's what we'll do is we'll take the.

The phone calls first on present trump that topic and then we'll get into soon will get into the. The Cavanaugh hearings as well. So if you're on the phone hanging on for the Cavanaugh hearing just hang along girls get to the Trump phone calls first, let's go first to Marysville, Ohio, and Mark, thanks for joining us on the Christian world view is Trump is present trump, making America great. Your real quality and I can't hear you hardly at all. Can you say it one more time. Yeah just go ahead with the weather present trump is making America great financially and economically. Yeah but the thing to consider is something Alexis de Tocqueville said he is always one that came up with the phrase America is great because America is good. That was almost 200 years ago when the French historian Alexis de Tocqueville to George America right before that sentence before that is not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits aflame with righteousness did I understand the secret encouraging the secret of her genius and power. He went all over.

He went to the Congress. He will be reread the Constitution he went to the University says it's not there in the pulpit. Donald Trump doesn't have the ability to make us morally and spiritually good. It's up to our pastors to start preaching the truth. They need to get Bill hi Bowles and Rick Warren and these other celebrity preachers out of their system. They need to get back to the word of God and start calling people to holiness because one thing Donald Trump can't do is solve this problem we have with pornography for one in our churches.

Josh McDowell documented it.

We got a huge problem with immorality in the churches. Donald Trump cannot touch that he could do a great job.

Economically immuno in government but it's up to the pastors to start calling the people to true biblical holiness and righteousness to start expelling the word of God and to put Jesus Christ first Mark. I appreciate that because you brought up an excellent point by Alexis de Tocqueville that I love that according it's so true. When I completely agree with your sentiment present. Trump is not going to be able to sanctify this this nation a comes from pulp was the preaching of the word of God and at the same time, let me just slightly different. You see, like in the kings of Israel back in the day when there were there with the righteous leadership of the kings of Israel. It it change the social structure of the country people more easily led into idolatry and immorality that they would be led into when there was unrighteous kings may not be a direct correlation between that but I think there is something to even political leadership outside the church realm that when there's a leader who leads righteously righteously. It does have an impact on people. But you're right, it's not going to be his neck and and this the scourge of pornography. He's knocking to be able to do what the preaching of the word of God does the people so I do really agree with that. Although I think it be better for the social fabric of this country if he wasn't so divisive at least and in his right rhetoric, the way he certifies us a scorched earth interpersonal policy. They can be said about John McCain.

You know I don't like you will get captured or criticizing his Atty. Gen. or just you when when there is a fight going on it's it's it it it's not hard for I John McCain that now that he's passed away would never want to do. Be on the side me. It hurts, it hurts the president to have that sort of conflict going on because you need to have some people working together to get some laws passed or whatever policies are trying to enact and when you alienate people so much in the way you talk about them in there there just never just never going to come around. Okay, let's go next to let's go to Ardmore, Oklahoma and Kenny, thanks for calling the Christian rule of you is Trump is present from making America great. Are you there Kenny okay will move on to someone else to get Kenny back.

I think he was there, let's go next to Dean in Ohio. Dean is amazed present trump, making America great go-ahead yes yes he is and I think that this moral critique of Pres. trump is not helpful. I'm a Christian.

I believe that Christians must be holy. Leaders need to be good examples, but he comes across the screen and it's like some general coming up to the front line in these guys have been up there for weeks fighting and dying and someone in the general says all right everyone of her uniform inspection.

Your filthy, it just my my uncle fought under patent. He was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge, and had his enemies US Grant had his enemies were what Lincoln said to US Grant pieces.

I cannot spare this man. He fights and even Sampson. What kind of example was he God didn't intend form to be dissolute like he was. But, you know, having Pres. trump credit for courtiers to totally absolutely live.

I said many positive things about the president last week on the program today is the listeners chance, but I said that he was doing many things good mafic.

I voted for this president. He wasn't by any means. My first choice amongst all the 17 candidates. There are other candidates.

I would've preferred that I voted form so it's it's not like I have any sort of animus toward him, but I also thank you for your call. They Dean. I also think it's it's it's not it's not yet.

I mean, I will. I think about Scripture like what a John the Baptist do with Herod the time he will he confronted him about his immorality and he got his head basically lost his head over it because Herod's wife was was so offended over it was at the wrong thing for John the Baptist to do did what was it preening for him to do to confront Herod.

Now I don't know. Present trump personally so I can't confront them but if I was a friend of his. If I knew him personally I would definitely tell him you know I think you should try to be more wins some interpersonally. Don't cut people off of the knees. Don't put tweets out. That really hurt your own cause and distract from the good things that you're trying to do so.

I definitely would do that if you're Scripture scriptural support for that. Otherwise, we look at them just say you know what we need to overlook all the bad things me.

I hope you're not applying that to the with you have children. Raising your children when you look at the example of present trump in single just give him carte blanche for him to to live and act the way he wants to know you, you, we ought we are examples are not a perfect personal I sin all the time and I want to make sure that the goal of the Christian life want your save is sanctification increased holiness and I want people around me who know me to to come up to me and say David you need to do better in this area are falling short in this area is not Christlike in this area.

I want that I don't think it's beyond the pale to to evaluate the president is somewhat in that manner and in in my my heart. Why not try to be hypercritical of the man at all. I really appreciate so many of the things he's doing from a standpoint of net national domestic security is I think he's really fulfilling well that the chief the primary priority that God gives a leader is to protect a nation to protect its citizens and to create a safe and stable society. Romans 13 other places in Scripture he's done that pretty well economically think he's giving people not guarantees but opportunities you know this is become a more prosperous nation and we are prosperous nation that gives you a a presence, nor that helps really all people I know they said just the 1% helpful. It helps all people because some the people are the 99% get jobs from the 1% level to feed their families. It's the social the social and moral standpoint, but I don't think he's terrible on not completely condemning them from front to back. It just I think you could do better in that regard. Let's go next to see if we have any more anymore because okay let's go back to Ardmore, Oklahoma and Kenny Kenny's back in the line. Kenny, thanks for your call today. What is your thoughts on is present trump, making America great, good morning. I hear you just fine.

Go ahead and discussion very much this is a very important discussion you're having those that say we don't need to have this discussion.

What would they rather talk about their favorite TV program or favorite ballgame and ball team which by the way, there's a big problem in our church today. One of the biggest problems actually outside of and and seeking God through prayer and fasting of the church is so involved in television and ball games went back to the point I am so clinical that Donald Trump is our president.

I praise God in the Lord Jesus Christ that Hillary Clinton is not president.

All we could have some preachers involved in the prison ministry that is locked up for preaching against homosexuality.

But I don't I'll be honest with you all day but I don't think that President Clinton's making America great again.

Because of this very issue because I don't think that Pres. trump wants to address the issue of homosexual marriage, and therefore America cannot be great as long as homosexual marriage is legal in the United States of America, but president talk is doing a lot of good things. Can you please take your call. I think that's a balanced perspective. He's doing a lot of good things you maybe abortion isn't expanding the homosexual agenda is in isn't mowing down Christians. I think he's slowed it down a little bit giving a previously some of these. The court cases have been going more toward the Christian side and these particular incidents will come back will take a few more calls potentially in present trump will also get to the judge Cavanaugh hearings that's next on the Christian world and is DVD, the death of discernment. Mike Hendren uses this apt analogy from AW toes and red cells are like face.

They carry life-giving oxygen to every part of the body white cells. On the other hand, are discernment they pounce upon dead and toxic matter and carry it out of the body.

Each member in the body of Christ is white blood cell, we need to identify doctrinal error and make sure it gets out of the body. That's the only way the body of Christ can remain strong. The death of discernment DVD contains two messages by Mike Hendren.

You can order it for donation of any amount to the Christian worldview. None of the tale is $15 plus shipping. Go to the Christian world.more more, one AAA eight 646-2233 or right to Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. Be sure to take advantage of two free resources that will keep you informed and sharpen your worldview.

The first is the Christian world weekly email which comes to your inbox each Friday. It contains the upcoming radio program along with need to read articles teacher resources special events and audio the previous program. The second is the Christian world annual letter, which is delivered to your mailbox. In November it contains a UN letter from host, David. We had a listing of our storylines including DVDs, books, children's materials and you can sign up for the weekly email and annual by visiting the Christian world.calling one AAA 646-2230 through your email and mailing address will never be shipped and you can unsubscribe at any time: one AAA 646-2233 or visit the Christian.back on the Christian Realty radio program David Wheaton were talking today about getting your butt is present making America great. Getting your feedback on that particular topic and I what you also made of the Judiciary hearing Judge Brett, Kevin, I'll get to that in just a second here just a couple more emails before we transition Pat Colorado Springs rights by email. We don't elect saints we as Christians like people we think can do with best for America as founded that's important as founded following the founders principles of limited government, government, individual liberty and individual responsibility and to be diligent of vigilant keepers of these principles in my opinion present. Trump is doing more on this count than any other present in recent times.

In this, in spite of the host of enemies on every side of him. I in my opinion, is a Bible believing Christian. It will be a serious mistake to vote for someone just because he or she is a Christian or claims to be one or to not vote for someone just because he or she is not a Christian and Heaney present trump needs our prayers for safety, wisdom and godly counsel, very true. He doesn't need our our condemnation and that was from Pat and Carl springs James not sure where he wrote from recent election of Donald Trump saved us from a takeover from the Marxist left.

I believe he is starting to make America great again with all the forces of evil are arrayed against judge Cavanaugh because he will tip the court back to conservative values of this man can be taken out.

There is no hope to any principal man will ever dare run for office or of major position in government, so thanks to all of you who gave some of these insightful comments today in the program. Just one last comment on is present trump, making America great in in the element of his moral leadership and I listen to his any of his press conferences are but I listen to particular the one that he gave on the glass Wednesday or Thursday at the UN and I don't know how, as a Christian is much as you know there are things again as many positive things he's done. Even the appointment of the 2 Supreme Ct. justices the that the way he put tries to protect this country. He's for America.

He's not against it mean this is no comparison between what he advocates for is much more in alignment with what a biblical worldview is for government than those in the left like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama. There's just no it's just the separation is just gigantic, so have that as a context of what I'm going to say here, but the same right as a Christian I cannot sit there and watch the president. He is incredibly arrogant and narcissistic, just I did this I did. That makes me cringe as a believer because were not to be proud and arrogant.

A man's pride will make him low. The Bible says that that is one of the worst qualities you can have is is pride. It takes away from God's glory. God opposes the proud. It says in Scripture, but gives grace to the humble me. If there's one quality of present trump advocacy and changes that one just just forget it did forget the great glowing words about yourself. Let another man prays you are not your own lips.

The Bible says so just lead with humility.

And I know Pres. Obama was just as arrogant in a different, more subtle way II get that. But that doesn't make them both in a doesn't doesn't make it both okay for being that way I don't agree with the. The adage in life you know if if someone else if someone else is in the tell people what you're doing is the do-it-yourself guy don't agree with that. That's that's not a biblical sentiment so in conclusion to this and you got appreciate all your your feedback today and you can email me. Of course, more than NR at our website I think we need to. This is an important discussion to have is not something we should just be overlooking like just give the man of no way a blank check to be the way because he's he's better than the other side. Now we need to evaluate and be discerning because for all life and raising our own families.

We don't want to be just an absolutist life are guys in there for you know with there's no there's no helpful critique of what he is from. His policies are as a person.

Okay, let's move over to the, the judge Brett Cavanaugh hearing. So this past and I don't in case you missed it. Jos will probably been hard to do this past week present trump in one of the very good things he's done with Neil Gore stitch.

Now is the second Supreme Court pick and how incredibly important that is and why I'm so thankful that present trump is president because he is the one making these pics and not Hillary Clinton who would pick a much more leftist deacons structure of the Constitution for the Supreme Court. That's why elections matter hugely and why Christian should be engaged in voting than nothing. If the vote for president trump. You can look as in a in a binary way. Look one of the two major candidates is going to win civil for one of the for wonder what's once more as a more biblical perspective for government not stuck in a B may be perfectly biblical like your pastor would, but what's once a binary choice. You can look at that way as I did in this last election, or I respect the people who does who don't look at that way and say you know what I'd rather vote for 1/3 party or I'd rather do something else that that's that's up your conscience and not going to criticize someone's conscience for for doing that but there are a lot of Christians who look at is a binary choice. One of the two is going to win and I think that's a very defendable reason for voting for president trump even though he wasn't merely one of my top choices from Republican field. So he did do this good thing and is nominated to just judges to have a more originalist approach to how they interpret the Constitution, knocking to be writing a leftism overwriting leftism over to the laws of a landfill. But this whole thing with with judge Brett Cavanaugh has turned into a complete fiasco. If you watched any of it on Thursday. There are in right before the that the vote was going to take place. Diane Feinstein and the judiciary carried committee brought up this allegation of sexual assault by Cavanaugh to a woman named Christine blas for back when they are in high school on the East Coast sheet he was 17 she was 15 and she doesn't allege rape, but she alleges that he and another boy pushed her in her room and got on top under groping her and so forth.

While tell you what she can play the soundbite of what she alleges at least part of it all, that Christine blas for describe what she remembers back 36 years ago when I got the small gathering people were drinking beer and a small living room, family room type area on the first floor of the house I drink one beer and Mark were visibly early in the evening I went to a very narrow set of stairs leading from the living room to the second floor, tease the restaurant when I top of the stairs is pushed from behind and across from the bathroom. I can't see me and Mike came into the bedroom and locked the door behind them.

There is music playing in the bedroom is turned up loud or either Brett or Mark were in the room is pushed onto the bed and breakfast on top of me, can play the rest of it because it gets more and more graphic, but you can imagine the scene here that she accuses Brett Cavanaugh of doing to her when they were 17 and 15 and then she was so she gave the testimony first in the morning and then the air she's she's a PhD and think she's a professor at Stanford or college in California and she had written a note to Diane Feinstein. The Democrat ranking leader of the judiciary committee about it. Diane Feinstein held this note for like six weeks 4 to 6 weeks and then brought up the last second, because in the think is purely political trying to delay this vote try to besmirch Cavanaugh, so to be delayed past election, hoping the Democrats to win and once they have majority in the Senate, then it be much more difficult to get a more conservative justice confirmed to the court that that's where we are right now in this now when when them. Ford was questioned afterwards by the Judy judiciary committee members she asked. She was asked are you 100% sure that this happened here is Dick Durbin center to determine asking her that question I'm asking you to address this new defense of mistaken identity directly. Ford with what degree of certainty you believe Brett Cavanaugh assault 100% okay so you have on one side, a woman alleging sexual assault by Brett Cavanaugh when they were minors when their teenagers and the other hand, you have Brett Cavanaugh get up afterwards and give a very impassioned statement that he did not do this. This is become a sham you're destroying my family and me was it was unbelievably riveting to watch both these these this man, this woman defend themselves and give their own opinion but here's what Cavanaugh said when he about whether he did this to Christine blas for when this allegation first arose. I welcome to any kind of investigation Senate FBI or otherwise, the committee now is conducted a thorough investigation not cooperated fully. I know that any kind of investigation Senate FBI County police whatever will clear me. Listen to the people I know. Listen to the people known me my whole life. Listen to the people I've grown up with and worked with and played with and coached with him dated and taught and going to games with and had beers with Litton listen to the witnesses who allegedly were at this event. 36 years ago. Listen to Ms. Kaiser. She does not know me I was not at the party described by Dr. Ford so he completely denies it safe. You have two different versions here. One is an allegation of sexual assault just just As I was noon at this party don't even know this. This woman so would you believe, and does it actually matter what a miner did at 17 and 15, Euna Raper. Yes, he sexually assaulted her very serious. He is no record no pattern of doing this is an adult, there's no allegations as an adult. 36 years ago. What you do with this. This is sent the country into IAA kind of apoplexy over know how to go forward. When you have another FBI investigation into this so that's what they're there doing now. It will get your phone calls.

I know some even hang a long time, but Jennifer others who want to discuss this will get your phone call right after this last break. The day here on the Christian will be the phone number is 187755 Ext 750 527-655-6755 your calls in the final segment here in the Christian world view. I'm David.

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Jennifer, thank you for your patience.

What are your thoughts on this issue of Cavanaugh and blas Ford call you making America great again and by carefully kidding. Usually judges of the court that we and what I felt that Dr. pathetic, minor, credible, and the woman who worked with women and had grown up around women. We can manipulate when we have not yet have a right to be animated line. People claim they got you what I think many of us were falsely accused Jackie date. Kind of like it would be that he is not more. I think the pain condition if they were hand and I conquered a book about the allegation you normally think like that kind of work that way I'll personal professional contacted part of him they would a gentle, kind and supportive man. He had just got a character for him. I don't buy family. My heart rate Jennifer, thank you for your call. Good points all around you. Watch this and you can just see the power of accusation whether it's true or false. The power of accusation me also say this, the power of alcohol, you know, there is been even outside this other people hinting. Even Cavanaugh himself talking about drinking and beers even mention the last soundbite and when he was asked in the Judiciary hearing about, you know. Have you ever drank to the point of no passing out. He didn't really quite admit that it is like he didn't really was no a firm on that and where and when there is that underlying doubt of someone who's drinking even in their young people.

When you drink you get drunk you don't know what you're doing to remember is the that is been the big doubt. The big issue of inducing doubt on the on the situation because no one trust someone who has been drinking heavily as to remember what they did and so I think it's a good lesson for everyone listening today that I don't believe there's any good reason that the Scripture may say don't be drunk with wine, so therefore you can drink wine or drink beer if you don't get drunk. Okay, that's up to your conscience, but I don't think there's any good reason to drink alcohol. What good reasons is only bad things that can happen. I think that has been a critical thing here with Judge Cavanaugh, I do not know about the man's character.

I know what people said about him. I do not know him personally. Again, it's the same thing at present trump he can get up there with his family and his two kids and he has a the is a judicial record and so forth and reinvest customers mother's death. That's great, but I don't know whether he did this.

I have no idea. There's no evidence from the woman that he did this, there is no corroborative evidence may affect people that I don't even know what this event is about the people that in the newer so that's very difficult to overcome for her and has destroyed Cavanaugh's reputation so that this is a mess and in the power of of accusation even 36 years later and if it is true that if it is true, saying it is if it is true. This took place and they find out it is of more people come forward with sound evidence. I don't think they will think it's almost impossible to do. She is a member where the house while she does know how she got there she got home there so many gaps and in the story, but if it is let's say it was true and there was evidence for just the biblical principle of your sin finding you out 36 years later. What this this man know if you done this back in high school is a minor. It's just wow. It's really really a strong warning that we are to live our lives in the most righteous way from the very earliest days of her life. Okay, let's go next see Bobby. Who else do we have okay let's go next to Minneapolis and Bob, what are your thoughts on the Cavanaugh hearings will limit the party a bit, will engage in corruption understand for policies that are terrible.

They don't protect the baby and the one they want read to find a biblical term of marriage was Republican's duties want to protect the developing baby in the womb. They want to keep the biblical definition of marriage and not let government get involved in divinely defining something I have no business getting involved in general.

Let's face it always boils down to is we obeyed God's standards regarding our use of our sexuality, we would not have always problems with abortion, with the redefining of the biblical term of marriage, but they redefine the term fornication to me and obviously it means that having sex with somebody you're not married to the biblical definition of marriage. You know you Bob. I appreciate your call and I think one of the things you mention there was what this is all about the issue of abortion. This is a sacrament to those in the left homosexuality and transgender is him is a sacrament.

Another was a highly important doctrine and they know that that's something that just just at the core is what they believe and that a woman should be able to kill her unborn child. If she doesn't want the child now that Cavanaugh is someone who is pro-life inside. I know I've used this little so much like a bullet point to understand the worldview of the left so you can understand that the worldview the left. They love the courts because that that's a excellent way for them to easily progress progressive to get their leftist humanistic policies rather than through elections of only justices who just interpret the holiday, the way they want. They bend the law. That is the way they can make the progress towards their goal the religion of the left is humanism and humanism basically is life without God. It's it's a man based life without God getting out from the under the authority of God. That is the religion of the left, the, the, their authority is man man is God, not God's God man is God.

There are sacred texts. Their basis for what they believe is the words of educated man their church is the halls of government that's with a practice the religion the elders of their church are the that that the leftist delete like the Obama's and the Clintons and the and then the men and women you saw on the Senate Judiciary committee. There is there, the elders of their third, the religion of humanism, salvation to them and utopia are achieved through political activism the sacraments what they believe they are the core doctrines of their faith of humanism are abortion, homosexuality, transgender is a multiculturalism identity politics, environmentalism, these are the core doctrines of their faith and their Messiah is the future world leader who will fix all the problems in the world and lead us to this life and peace. Utopia. That's the worldview you're dealing with in the left today and we do a summer air ever. Several of the emailers and caller said we need to be praying for our president. Yes, I perceive that he has some flaws that we all do be doing some very, very good things that well and he above all needs to have the prayers of Christians as we are commanded to do in Scripture. So let's commit to doing that because we do live in a changing and challenging America but there is one thing we can always trust in and count on Jesus Christ and his work the same yesterday today and forever. We hope today's broadcast turned your heart towards God's word and sought to order a CD copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian, call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2233. The Christian worldview is a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the overcome foundation and is supported by listeners and sponsors request one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to the Christian or call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2230 3.2 SF Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. Let's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. Thanks for listening to the Christian world you until next time think biblically live according

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