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Is Jesus Really the Only Way?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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March 1, 2019 7:00 pm

Is Jesus Really the Only Way?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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March 1, 2019 7:00 pm

There is no more resisted and yet important question than: “Is Jesus really the only way to God in heaven?”

The Bible explicitly states that Jesus is the only way. Here are just two examples:

Jesus said about Himself: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me” (John 14:6 [Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)] ).

John the Baptist said, “He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not obey the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him” (John 3:36 [Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)] )...

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So is Jesus really the only way that is topic will discuss today right here on the Christian worldview radio program where the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to share the good news that all people can be reconciled to God. Jesus Christ did with the host of the program website is the Christian worldview.or so glad you joined us today for this actually most important topic of his Jesus really the only way you there is no more important question is a mention, but no more resisted question than that is Jesus really the only way to God in heaven of the Bible explicitly states that Jesus is the only way you're just two examples. John 14 six this is what Jesus said about himself. I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me or John the Baptist in John 336 said about Christ. He who believes in the son has eternal life, but he who does not obey the son or believe in the sun will not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him. Now there are many sincere devout people all over the world who worship other gods or follow other spiritual paths be doing good works than for their God, and for their neighbor. Surely these people are not From heaven because they don't have the correct accurate biblical belief about Jesus Christ. Are they and what about those people who have never even heard of Jesus in other parts of the world. How could a good God consigned them to eternal torment will this week in the Christian worldview Tim Barnett of the apologetics ministry stand to reason joins us to discuss the exclusivity of Christ in our pluralistic world, along with some other apologetic questions as well. Tim is one of the speakers today at the lakes free church worldview. Apologetics conference in Leinster Minnesota which is just north of the Twin Cities and also today we have a special live audience here in the Christian review studio.

We have 21 students from Nebraska Christian school. We do this annually and so we just want to have the student say good morning to our audience here. Good morning girl, a little sleepy out. Hearing what you expect from teenagers that when I was a junior has got better give the stumble and 8 o'clock in the morning, but that were glad to have them here and they also have some questions for our guest today so let's get that out to him on the line here and Tim. Welcome to the Christian review were glad to have you take some time away from the conference to come with us this morning for this special program to mustard up. I just giving us a sense of your background, how you became a follower of Christ and what you do now, sure.

First off, thanks for having me on your show.

I actually grew up in a Christian home, but typical to a lot of young Christian typical testimony.

You know they were attending church. They were present physically but not really present mentally or spiritually until growing up, my fate was quite shallow, you know, we don't talk about being an on and I'll wipe an inch deep mine with an inch deep and inch-wide you know that kind of thing and and so I am going University really not knowing my faith.

I couldn't answer basic questions what the gospel did the IDD of Christ's resurrection. I was unfamiliar with the arguments for these kind of thinking. So when I got University and I went to a secular high school and then I went to a secular University of St. physic very smart friends from very diverse religious backgrounds are no religious background, and they they actually asked me. I know I wanted memories that I'll never forget because quite embarrassing when my friend asked me to Tim you know you go to church every Sunday and that was my routine. That was what I did and they had so your Christian why are you a Christian, and my response was I'm I'm a Christian because my parents are Christians.

And here I am. You know I was 20, 20, 21 at time and and yes I wish it was such an embarrassing moment for making sure I am. I was used to giving reasons when it came to science and when it came to what I was studying at that here I was on this, Christian faith like I could not give a defense and sign up going home from that experience and searching out answers and of course you know where else to go. II googled it. You know, and started looking online and stumbled upon different ministries apologetic missed ministries also stumbled on.

You know, Richard Dawkins and made other guys on the other side and unfortunately I was. I got myself equipped to answer some of these challenges that come back to school and my talk to my friends about these things. And when you end up happening was I was doing apologetic and I was loving it and and so I left teachers. I left getting my degree.

My four year degree in physics and I went teachers college going to be a high school science and math teacher. I did that for some time, but I I was always drawn to this area of apologetics ministry I was doing on the side maybe on the weekend I do a talk. Your talk there and I just grew to the point where I was able to go full time in apologetics ministry. I traveled around North America speaking and I work for a ministry that actually help me when I was when I was a student in University stand to reason. They were one of the ministries I went to their website and Greg Koegel is the president he got a radio show what he would talk to.

He would talk to skeptics and Christians and answer the questions I thought no way.

Here is eight hot full Christian I had in my whole you know church upbringing. I hadn't experienced a thoughtful Christian like this answering tough questions until I was in my early 20s and and it was just it was a shock to me that these guys were out there. How could I how could I have gone through no Sunday school. I was basically born into the church.

You know we were at church on Friday night for youth group Sunday morning.

Obviously for church and Sunday school and we had a midweek program on how could I but how can I not be exposed to the why questions, not just here's what to believe but here's why we actually believe these things and so that's what I do not have a passion for it because I want to see, especially young people be able to answer those "why" questions.

The questions that I couldn't answer.

We have a studio full of young people here this morning from Nebraska Christian school.

The junior class and they have some excellent questions for you that I'm in a mix and do our questions as well. Tim Barnett again with us today here on the Christian really from stand to reason is their website.

Tim from Canada will get into more that later couple questions about what's going on north of the border now at the apologetics conference Tim, you're giving three messages. The first is on the heavens declare the glory of God and the queue moved in that last night if God why evil, and then the third question, which will really focus on today more little later is Jesus the only way in a minute mix some of the student questions and they wrote me some questions on some paper and all mix those in today to start with the first one on God's existence, the heavens declare the glory of God.

One thing you often hear is about science as science is fact and faith is more preferential.

So what exactly is science and why are science and faith not incompatible them that they meet at the great question is one of those questions. A lot of students especially struggle with important and finally by science and faith science can be referred to adjust the scientific method.

Here's how we do with diet. Here's the process and what to do in physics or chemistry or biology or geology. The method might look a little different.

Okay, there's nothing about the scientific method that is opposed to Christian faith. Okay, you're basically making observations and coming to conclusions and the disciples did that kind of thing right. But science is also being used more philosophically. What I mean by that is, there are some in the in the scientific establishment that are defined science in such a way that you must come to naturalistic conclusion or materialistic conclusion. What I mean by that is there's no supernatural allowed, and so on that definition well, you know, there might be, there might be an incompatibility, but that the definition is imposed on science.

Still, I'm at a conference here with the Colgate homicide detective Jay Warner Wallace great apologist and and he would they know if we if someone was killed at the conference here at the church year and and the detectives all show up and if they look at this your top priority is to find the killer and then and then he said, and then he said to use your talk your methodology of forensic science DSI that kind of thing to get the rubber gloves you know they're going to the CSI thing to find the killer and then the chief of police is the one more thing. You can't implicate anyone taller than 6 foot three and then of course, the question would be what if someone tall it fixed with three did it know you can begin to charge anyone will. So this is I think was going on science and I can mean there's the quotes to back it up from scientists were very candid about this look at. We cannot allow a divine foot in the door one. One professor said always search for explanations that are being naturalistic explanations at the first point science if we just understand it is making observations and coming to conclusions. The scientific method. No problem with faith. But here's the other problem faith is defined by the world as believing something without evidence. Believing something believing in what you know ain't true. Okay, that kind of thing.

Turns out that's not biblical faith but blind faith.

That's not that's how the culture uses that but the word faith has changes meaning what they were awful.

The word awful a century ago meant to be full of what I did wake up this morning turned to my wife and say honey you look awful as that idea because the word awful has changes meaning it means unpleasant, or distasteful today and so is come to mean the exact opposite of what used to mean will return that with the word faith the same thing is happening in that in the first century when John use the word faith or belief he meant the word trust.

That's what it literally means trust and you trust something based on evidence effect.

I'll give you one example from Scripture and at the end of John the gospel of John. John tells us what he wrote his gospel he has healed many other signs were done in our presence. He says these are written, but why did you write John.

These are written so that you may believe, and that by believing you may have life in his name, John wrote an entire gospel and her book of the Bible so that people would read about the signs and wonders they read the evidence that Jesus did and come to believe. Does that sound like faith is against the evidence, of course not. Faith is a is all about the evidence. Okay, it's trusting once you have the evidence and so on. That view of faith in a proper chain of science. There completely compatible with each other so Christian today who the scientists to just be excited about about what's going on in the sciences will answer Tim Barnett with us today here on the Christian really talking about is Jesus really the only way that's one of the apologetic questions will just get into before that were talking about God's existence.

Next were going to talk about the problem of evil. We have a student question about that so were getting close to our first break so I think I won't get into that until right after this first break here of the day on the Christian worldview again were joined by the junior class at the Nebraska Christian school in central city Nebraska they're here in the Twin Cities for their annual worldview trip and part of that trip is sitting in a live broadcast of the Christian Realty radio program for listening this morning. Want to know more about the conference at our guest. Tim is speaking at death the lakes free church worldview.

Apologetics conference is to have some room otherness can be pretty full but is still some room if you're interested in doing something this Saturday morning here in the Twin Cities go to Lindstrom Minnesota lakes free church and you can go to their website lakes and that conference is going to be going on all morning until about 1215. So while you're certainly encouraged to take part in that. Okay, let's get our first break of the day here in the program stating we have much more coming up on some of the most important questions of the faith right here on the Christian worldview radio program crime David Wheaton disease have no chance of being all that's Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, we ought to never become indifferent to the slaughter of the innocents taking place in our country. This is why we are offering a DVD series entitled life is best that will equip you to stand for life and against this injustice in his two DVDs that are 13 episodes that address all the facets of abortion from the worldview battle to what you can do for a limited time you can order the life is best DVD series for a donation of any amount to the Christian worldview. Normal retail is $49 plus shipping.

Go to the Christian or call one AAA 646-2233 right to Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. The mission of the Christian worldview is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to share the good news that all people can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ for when Christians have a stronger faith. And when unbelievers come to saving faith lives and families and churches, even communities are changed for the glory of God. The Christian worldview is a listener supported ministry. You can help us in our mission to impact hearts and minds by making a donation of any amount or becoming a monthly partner. All donations are tax-deductible.

You can give or calling us toll-free 1888 646-2233. When you give like to thank you by sending you a current resource. Monthly partners can choose to receive resources throughout the year, one AAA eight 646-2233 or go to the Christian

Thank you for your support. We are back. The Christian world view this special weekend we have the junior class.

The Nebraska Christmas here today. You can hear them and I have a great time during the interview and after that little breakfast and discussion time as me. Talk about today in the program.

Some apologetic questions with our guest.

Tim Barnett of stand to reason that organization. Their website is Esta can affect you have a SDR has a conference, a student conference coming up in the Twin Cities at Grace Church Eden Prairie believe it's in November will be talking about that more as the year goes on but doubt today were going to focus mainly on the few apologetic questions. Getting to the most important one is Jesus really the only way Tim is actually in the Twin Cities right now another part of the Twin Cities one hour from where we are in studio for the lakes free apologetics conference.

Okay Tim, let's go on to your second message at the cut. The conference entitled if God why evilness is one of the student questions as well. You know, why does God allow a good God allow evil to happen. I was reading a a column this week about what the situation is like in North Korea and with Pres. Trump meeting with Kim John noon in in Vietnam and so forth. But some of the background and what Kim John noon is like and what life is like a North Korean is just horrific awful and in the modern definition of that word, murders and torture in prison camps in oppression at me is just horrible and you look at that and you think of our life here in the United States and thinking over here to gather freely in the studio this morning and talk about the things of the Bible Christianity is best banned in North Korea.

You just think how can God allow something like that to Take Pl. in North Korea. While we just an ocean away have a much different life of talk about this issue of the presence of evil in actually being something that she points to a God rather than pointing away from God. He had the first thing I would trade the Christian world to make sense of evil in the world. Okay it's it it's at home in our worldview.

Not that it's a good thing, but that we can explain it when you look at our story from cover to cover. You see where the entrance of evil and suffering comes into the world and so the first point I would make is that God didn't make evil world or a world that's cruel and full of suffering, know that the world that he made a good world course you read through Genesis 1 is good good good. Every day is good. And then behold God saw all that he had made and it was very good. And then of course you get to Genesis 3 just flip the page and on your Bible and you see what happened and what happened there was Adam and Eve broke the one rule they had to keep an eye was eat from the tree and so what ended up happening from. There is the world changed the Adam and Eve broke the world, so to speak, in a broken world produces all kinds of broken people in relationships and and so the first point is it at home in our worldview, but I from an atheist perspective, atheist worldview, evil is not at home. Evil is evil does not exist, I would. I would assert. I would say because it's they have no way to ground evil. So here's here's common argument very interesting.

Here's an argument I think that points to God as if there is actual evil in the world.

It's not just inside me, but it's out in the world, then there must be a standard from which to judge what is good and evil is not just my personal preference is it something out. They are not inherent so and so. This standard will look could be that standard that's above any individual work or culture. And it turns out I mean this is been argued for centuries. At that standard would be God, a moral lawgiver okay so of objective moral law requires a moral lawgiver so that moral lawgiver classically has people of argue that that would be a perfect being like God and so rather than deny God's existence. It actually affirms God's existence, but is still obviously it still problem and so here are a couple of couple of points that are insight that occur revolutionize how I think about this. The first thing is that it goes back to that garden of Eden, Adam and Eve had free will, God, one of the good things that he had made was Adam and Eve's moral freedom and so they were able to choose good from evil freedom allows the possibility of there being evil in the world and sadly that's what happened. They chose to disobey. And so produced evil and this is something that you need to, but we do all the time and you brought it North Korea and you and so you have all over the world people choosing to do wrong over what is good. So God didn't want robots. He wanted morally free creatures that's that's one aspect in philosophy what we talk of adapting the free will defense and to that.

That's one piece another pieces it will guide use is suffering.

He permits suffering and and pain in the world for different reasons the Bible outlines a number of things James one talks about testing. Hebrews 12 talks about discipline and you read about the flood in Genesis 6 to 9 and it God is judging the world and so use it to judge the world there all the that use it to build character, perseverance, and it turns out we all know this from experience it through those hard times through suffering and pain that often we end up turning to God.

In those situations mold our character and so CS Lewis is a famous quote where he says was the famous up up apologists, and he wrote a book mere Christianity. I thought I Savior become a born-again Christian, you needed your Bible a new mere Christianity is his. I'm in such a great such a great work and he says actually and in the problem of pain. He says God whispers to us in our pleasures. He speaks in our conscience, but he shouts in our in our pain. It's God's megaphone to rouse the death world and it turns out when Jesus was actually confronted about this issue of pain and suffering in the world is some some people came to him and said that Tower of Stallone that fell on those 18 people killing them. What's up with that and and Jesus says he says it out unless you repent you will all likewise perish as to what he does is an appeal to free will and some of the things that we like to talk about. He goes right to their heart and says look at. They were no different than you.

We all need to repent.

We don't know if we have tomorrow kind of thing so we use that to get the world to pay attention to get his listeners to pay attention so there's a number of responses that we have in the Christian world. The I think that there they can respond to the intellectual challenge. Ultimately, though, there's an emotional risk. There's an emotional challenge and for that look at the Christian world you offers hope our lives don't end at the grave. This this suffering that we experience in this pain that we experience the evil we experience.

Paul calls it a light momentary affliction is producing not an internal weight of glory. He compares what he's gone through and he suffered as much as anybody and you can read about that second Corinthians all the stuff that he went through what he calls a light momentary affliction because he was looking forward in hope to eternity with God and that changes everything. That perspective changed everything. Dustin Barnett with us today in the Christian Realty radio program the speaker and apologist for stand to reason is the website is actually in the Twin Cities Minneapolis-St. Paul today north of town at a apologetics conference at Lakes free church were also joined by the junior class of Nebraska Christian schools. My what going on today with the Christian world you hear were glad you joined us.

Okay let's get into the. The third issue you're going be talking about the conference is Jesus the only way that's organ a focus on today and a few other things.

You say that this is one of the big obstacles to people coming to to saving faith in Christ.

Christ is people consider it narrowminded. It's intolerant. It's exclusive this stick before we go to some of the challenges that are raised against it.

What is the biblical basis for it that Jesus is in fact the only way what you read, you open the show and you cited some of the verses I think it's actually peppered all the way through Scripture, but you know when Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.

That is very clear. He's not saying he's way I truth I he say he is the way the truth and he couldn't stop there at that first sentence because he follows up with a no life that's everybody. No one comes the father except through me.

And you also read again another kind of universe would let the universal term, says, and there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved that these are clear packages and and eight you have to do serious hermeneutical gymnastics to get around these past is to make them mean something they never met the right does so well said, and God makes it very clear in his word that Christ is the only way to be safe so by definition, that means that all other ways are false ways and don't bring us to God in heaven after we die. That means other religions that even means within Christianity.

Those who are trusting in something else besides Christ's work on the cross alone for their salvation may be a trusting good works.

That's not the gospel. The only way I through leaving in Jesus Christ work and not our own okay timber come up coming up against a second break here. Let's get into the three ways this challenge that Christ isn't the only way the way it gets way they're raised there's theological confusion there's religious pluralism.

There is the inclusive Vista view. There's lots of different ways that people push back against that. So we like to hear some of those. After this next break of the day here in the Christian review again Tim Barnett with us from stand to reason the junior class. The Nebraska Christian school will take a quick break will come back.

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Good morning everyone, we are joined in the studio today by the junior class. Nebraska Christian school for their annual worldview trip. The Twin Cities at the same time there in town. We have a conference and apologetics conference a worldview conference coming on the northern part of the Twin Cities.

A lot going on this snowy if it's an incredible amount of snow winter here in the Twin Cities. The most snow ever in February, so world, snowed in here but it is beautiful outside and were talking today about a even more beautiful topic of this Jesus really the only way and Tim Barnett is our guest speaker at the conference up in Leinster, Minnesota Lakes free church and is still some space if you want to get up to the conference runs until 1215 today Tim was get into the that the challenges that get raised about Christ being the only way for someone to be saved. You say there's three challenges, there's a there's there's a theological confusion. There's a religious pluralism and there is an inclusive Vista view while we start out with the that the first one theological confusion explained that more sure.

I think that a lot of people understand what were saying that we say Jesus is the only way often times what happened is religion, morality, these things get pushed into the realm of personal preference or opinion okay and and so happening is they treat our claim that Jesus is the only way like an ice cream claim at Santa reason we talk about the reasons illustration of ice cream that it's like saying someone vanilla is the one true flavor of ice cream and if you made that claim. People look at you funny. You know what we're talking about one true flavoring I like chocolate garlic straw. I like chocolate so much that he is a life that will do you actually like it a lot and so you have until.

So when you make a claim like Christianity is the one true religion.

It sounds like you're saying chocolate or vanilla is the one true flavor of ice cream and so right away. They don't understand what were talking about were not making a ice cream claim were making an insulin claim okay and so I so you still illustration ice cream and insulin by insulin I mean that like what is what is the medication that you need to take if you have type I Jew juvenile diabetes, and the answer is. Insulin is the one true medication okay if you don't take. I have a nephew and he's 33 now and he needs insulin to survive his juvenile diabetes. Without it, he will die and so it would be strange for someone to say what I just true for such is true for you. I me I use vanilla ice cream to control my type I juvenile diabetes and we will laugh and laugh at. That was the no you don't understand this is the one true cure and so and so we say Jesus is the only way the first thing is were making ice cream claim were making an insulin claim or making a claim about the way the world really is out there.

Not just my personal preferences and in here kind of thing and so but that first point, the theological confusion. People don't understand the Wii pages is the only way they don't understand the gospel. So what I normally do. As I explained to people that Jesus can't be true for me but not for you. Okay, he's either the Savior of the world, or he is the savior of none.

Those are the two choices can't just be this the Savior for me but not for you. That kind of thing. And so, but to understand that you have to understand the gospel in essentially what the gospel says is that the mediation of the bad news before you get the good news and the bad news is we are all sinners, we all fall short. Everyone has a sin problem and this and it's important to know because Jesus is the only one who solves the sin problem is a whole other religions out there who are trying to work their way out of their sin debt, but it can't be done and we I think we all intuitively understand this because kind of like one crime against the state makes you a criminal. You can't stand before a judge and say well you know I know I I stole that thing like or I hurt that person, but I feel I helped an old lady across the street and I and I give to Red Cross and I and just trot out all these things that you've done and I donated to this and I and I gave the flu and I hope that this thing that doesn't make a difference.

The judge is going to say you broke the law, you have to pay the price and similarly we are all criminals in God's court because we've all fallen short. We've all sinned against God disobeyed God and James the brother of Jesus. He says if you if you sin at just one point if you break the law. One point you're guilty of breaking the whole thing.

And that's that's actually how our criminal system works to if you break the law. One point you are now criminal and you will be punished for that. The good news is that that's all bad news, yet understand that you know look at the good news is there is someone who actually who actually paid for. You paid your punishment page or debt so you don't have to do, but there's a condition that comes with it.

And that condition is faith you want to go to work you want to do anything and not risk.

In that respect, but you have to try that one who who paid your price when you understand that you understand that look at there's no one else out there.

Mohammed didn't do that. There's no Guru that did that.

There's no other religion out there that you think claims to have taken care of our sin problem, and so I think that once you as I said I skull is a theological confusion.

Once people understand that our claim that Jesus is the only way starts to make sense that you may disagree with disagree with the claim at the end but EE got understand the claim that were making right and so and so there's a whole context that goes behind this as I think that's that that's the first cut answers that burst kind of challenge. Let's let's combine the next two, just for the sake of time, the idea of religious pluralism. The other, the world thinks that all sincere religious roads lead to the same God, or that inclusive Vista view is that, well, you can be saved without explicitly believing in Christ, you sincere Muslims or Buddhists or or even Christians who don't believe in the true gospel that there worshiping the best way they can. How would you respond to those to those two challenges the religious pluralism challenge. It is false without even going very deep and here's why it's false.

The all religions out there if you start if you study them in some depth what you find out if there's superficial similarities to all all religions are basically the same, and wrong answer.

There's superficial similarities, but there fundamental differences. For example, Muslims believe one of the biggest will religions out there. They believe that Jesus is not the son of God.

Christians believe he he is the son of God that he's God the son okay. He is God. Muslims deny that they can. We can't both be right, we can't both be right, the law is the law of logic. The law of non-contradiction is either a or not a okay and so take your pick. And so the Christian could be right here or the Muslim could be right but we can't both be right and so religious pluralism can't be true because it says all religions are equally valid are all equally true and and to make that statement.

You have to beat your ignorant to put down. Just don't try to be descriptive.

You're just ignorant of what the religions teach because when you study the will religions my Muslim friend is not a Christian because he denies key tenets of Christianity and the same is true when you investigate all the different world religions out there okay so that's kind of like the nail in the coffin of religious pluralism logic demands that it can't possibly be true as far as as far as inclusive view. This is a little bit more a try to be more friendly to Christianity because he says well my Muslim friend and my and my Jewish friend and my even my atheist friend there, they could be anonymous Christians.

What I mean by that is Jesus is the only way to salvation, but you don't have to actually put your faith in and you wont even know about him, you want to believe in him.

Okay, so they affirm one part of Christianity that Jesus is the only way, but you could be if you do sincere, Muslim, and you're doing your your prayers every day and your you make a check to Matt back on. You do all those things that somehow Jesus will count that in some way and save you and and this this you've inclusive is him again it's it's can be shown to be false by just looking at Scripture and one of the key text that I go to and there's many we could look at what is the story of Cornelius.

Cornelius was a God-fearing Greek. It says he had. He he was praying continually giving to the poor who sued all these good things, but he didn't know the message of salvation. Therefore, he wasn't saved, and what happens is there's a vision that he gets a say send for Peter, there's a guy named Peter. He's got a message for you which interest is the vision to tell him the message. The message is our responsibility to communicate until then for Peter Spencer, Peter Peter comes to his house, proclaims the message and and basically says you have to have faith in Christ, believe in him is what he says and that's what Cornelius does involve his family and now he's saved. At that point he was a before Cornelius if inclusive wisdom is true. Cornelius was saved before Jesus of a four-part Peter got there.

You need to hear the message showed up and said oh you you been anonymous Christian, this entire time he doesn't say that though we says is you need this message and the message is believe in him because there is no other name. Saint Peter says there is no other name, given among men by which we must be saved right.

We had to hear about Jesus death yes and so is everyone so it brings up the logical question to that is what about people who have never heard about Christ. That's one of the students submitted questions that you will answer right after this last break of the day here in the Christian real view again Tim Barnett with us of stand to reason.

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We don't have that much time left, and I want to get to some more questions, including some student questions with get to that students submit a question about you talk about the exclusivity of Christ that Christ is the only way you answered challenges that often get pushed back against that claim that Christ is the only way will visit the national question arises, what about people who live in different parts of the world where they've just never even heard about Christ is the really important question and I know we gotta move quick. I'll just say that I did a whole message at my church. Actually, on this -40 minutes so people were listening to students there want to if they want to YouTube and type in Tim Barnett. What about those who never hear you, you could watch that whole thing, but what I do in the message like I can't walk through Romans and I think Romans the book of Romans answered this challenge. The first three chapters in Romans essentially stop establish that we are, we'll have all fallen short okay and so the thing to a couple passes it on a Bible in front of me here. Romans 212 says for all who stand without the law will perish without the law and all who sinned under the law will be judged by law.

There's two kinds of people in the world as those who have the law, the actual Bible and there's those who do not have the law, they have the law written on the heart is what the Scripture says, and so they don't have a physical paper. They don't have the Old Testament or New Testament, but they have the loss over another heart, but it still says they'll be judged by that's the first point is, God judges by the light available to the individual.

But here's the thing it's it's that's not good because we all have that light.

And so when you get to chapter 3 at the end of chapter, the Villa chapter 3 chapter verse 20 says, for by the works a lot. No human being will be justified in his sight until law comes knowledge of sin itself there's there's no human being. We all fall short of the glory of God and that of course I'm just a skip right to Romans 10, this is Lexi where I think the question gets answered. Paul brings this up the talking about people in Romans 10 verse two lovers. Once his brothers my heart's desire and prayer to God is for them, that they may be saved to these people. He wanted to be say that's important to notice how they going to get saved as I bear them witness that they have a zeal for God's people were sincere.

They had zeal, they were religious. He says not, but it's not according to knowledge. What kind of knowledge they need to know about Christ and that's why we get these famous passages that you must know Romans 10 verse nine you confess with your messages for believe your heart that God raised him from the day you'll be saved and then you get the Roman chapter 10 verse 14. How will they call on him whom they've not believed, how will they believe in him. Here's the question of whom they've never heard and how will they hear without someone preaching and how a preselector Senate. The question is a hypothetical question the way stated, you can't call unless you believe you can't believe unless you hear and you can't hear unless someone preaches to you and so Paul's point is, those who never heard our lost without the message without someone preaching to the and I think that we could go to other passages but that the truth of what Scripture teaches and this should motivate to spread the gospel to the four corners of the world. Okay because people need to hear this message.

They do and the revelation that God gives each of us inside the heart.

Even if you live in a Christian area.

We know just by looking at creation and within our conscience that there is a God. When we respond to that revelation God gives more revelation and that you hear about this and conversion stories all over the world where even the gospel is not prevalent Tim Barnett with us here on the Christian Realty radio program. Final question for you Tim only a few minutes left here is what we've been talking about today. These are these are contentious offensive issues about does God exist in the problem of evil, and especially that Christ is the only way you're from Canada and there down the road even further than where America seems to be going in really, I guess you could say punishing or marginalizing people who hold to these viewpoints what you like in Canada and were you see things going in America with the issue of freedom of speech you saying things that you should be free to say and freedom of religion. Yeah, I would put it were kind of further down the slide. Then you guys were in a war right behind the UK, I think, and one way to look at it is no we we legalize same-sex marriage in 2005.

You guys about 10 years behind us. Okay, 2015 and so there's there's kind of this slide. Moral slide going on. Couple things I would say first of all, there is a serious challenge to freedom of religion, freedom of speech we we we spoke the other day about this story is going on right now in Supreme Court, where where parents are are legally they they didn't want their kid to go through hormone treatment secure identifies there they were 13 at the time. Now the 14 identified as the opposite gender, and the doctor the public school counselor and the doctor recommended hormone treatments and these are your irreversible treatments. Once you start taking these things they change the body and so is no going back from this and the parents basically said we will want to do that there only 1314.

There may be mental health issues going on here.

We we want to hold off on this and essentially that the Supreme Court in British Columbia said you have you as a parent you have no right to tell your kid on this issue. What they can do and and so can only that day. It would be a criminal offense for them. Consider abuse for them not to refer to their child by their chosen pronouns and their chosen name okay so Bert use the birth name or birth pronoun and they consider that abuse this is where were Tim is a troubling future and were running up against in the program here.

So we have to let go and say thank you for coming on today really explaining clearly the answers to these questions, your conference goes well today. All of God's best in grace to you. Thank you so much ravening, would you live in a changing and challenging world, but there is one thing we can always trust in and count on Jesus Christ is the only way and he is the same yesterday today and forever until next time everyone think biblically and live accordingly.

We hope to these broadcast turned your heart towards God's word, and so order receive a copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2233. The Christian worldview is a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the over comer foundation and is supported by listeners and sponsors request one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to the Christian world you dawdle or call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2230 3.2 SF Box 01, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. Thanks for listening to the Christian world. Until next time think biblically and live according

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