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Why Men Matter, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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April 1, 2021 8:00 am

Why Men Matter, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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April 1, 2021 8:00 am

The very idea of masculinity these days is thought of as (at best) outdated and (at worst) downright evil. But in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans begins a new series of messages that redefine the term from a biblical perspective and explain why it’s a vital ingredient in God’s recipe for humanity.


Man becomes even when males on every Dr. Tony Evans says the future of our society depends on understanding the difference between those terms to call back to being God defines a man not a culture defines celebrating. This is the alternative Dr. Tony author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the alternative, the very idea of masculinity these days is thought of as best outdated and at worst downright evil today.

Dr. Evans begins a new series of messages that redefine the term from a biblical perspective explains why it's a vital ingredient in God's recipe for humanity. Let's join one of today can be recited simply by asking Adam where you missing man has become the crisis of the day, not the missing mail the missing of a single woman who can't find a worthwhile man to marry is the question of the single parent who's been abandoned by the father of her children.

She wants to know, that child west to grow up with a physically or emotionally absent from these asking the question, however, he phrases it, Adam's request. Churches and pastors who have to keep calling on ladies to do jobs that men ought to do because the men are missing in action. The question is, as I stood in a prison a couple of months ago speaking to a group of prisoners in the mail jail last all of you up without a father in your life. Raise your hand. 90% of the hands with saws. I looked at them.

I wondered where you was talking to this week, a teacher in one of our public schools and he told me I'm resigning this year. I can't talk about the rebellion in the subordination, the lack of respect coming from the students in his classroom. The question is where you because they didn't have a phone so the question on the floor is Adam where you were living in a day when men have become domesticated or abusive. The question on the floor is Adam where you living in a day of terrorism where islands due to the absence of the conscience and the dumbing down of these is raised again the question Adam where you worst of all was that all is that God is asking the question, Adam, where God can find that you should be shot.

We can find anything. Where are you now. God is mission, he knows all God is present he exist everywhere simultaneously so God's question about where Adam was was not fundamentally a question of location, knows where Adam is located in the garden with. So the question that I am raising that God raises with the first Adam and the Hebrew word for Adam means earth, for he was created from the woman was not created from the words she was created from Adam to the public that will get to later. But Adam is earth and God says where are you now let me tell you what was at the heart of the question. The question, where are you was not fundamentally a question of location. It was a question of position C Adam had abandoned his role he had abandoned his calling. He had abandoned his position so the question of where you is the question of positioning Ezekiel chapter 22 verse 30 God says I was looking for me to stand in the gap.

So I would not curse the land but I could find. There were plenty of mail buddies that I can find a man so apparently you can be a male and any says because I couldn't find the man I had to close the land so the land becomes conscious when men cannot be located even when males are everywhere in this position and so the league of today is to call males back to being men.

As God defines a man not as a culture defines and so I want to speak with you about answering the question about the position of Adam, where are you now ladies there going to be two reactions to what I say today.

Some of you will be frustrated because you will be thinking all here we go with this man all those of you will be static because the man in your life or the one you hope comes along, will man up to God's definition here is the first thing that you need to understand about a man and that is that it is a position of priority somewhat like that. But this is not a popularity meeting is a position of priority because God says in first chapter 2 verse 12 God created Adam's and he created work first first has to do with order first has to do with progress in time, Adam and Eve were not created at the same time Adam first, Vinnie God spent the whole chapter Genesis 2, discussing Adam before it is ever created for why because it would be the man who would be responsible.

The man was created first because God would hold him responsible even though it was Adam and Eve in the garden from God. God didn't say Adam and Eve, where are you he said Adam where you because you are responsible if you're going to be God's name that you're going to have to accept responsibility for everything he brings behind you. Second third fourth fifth and six question first Peter, I would tell our oldest child support. You're the oldest your first responsible. When God looks at. Man that I hold you responsible they don't fire teens they fire coaches coach don't drop the ball, fumbled the ball missing the block comes not do any of that.

But you want to get five because he is responsible for having the main.

If you are, God says, I hold you responsible even if it's not your fault think it may not even be your fault, but I'm holding you responsible for fixing the hot be God's name means nothing responsibility. Why, because anything that comes after that is banking when you God says in Malachi chapter 4 verses four through six.

He says that will be a messenger will come will restore the fathers to the children and the children to the father so that I will not have to curse the land.

Culture is the trying.

While we can discuss all the peripheral political theological, racial, we can discuss all of those reasons the culture is laconic but what God says is on the Friday where the man, as you rightly say your messed up man and you have a family you're going to help make a mess of your messed up man could you link your messed up family in your messed up now to go to church your messed up family in the big messenger. If your messed up make your messed up family resolving the messed up charge in your church is supposed to be the light of the neighborhood that your messed up charge. If your messed up make messed up out of the church, the method may put in your neighbor as part of the city.

When I got messed up neighbors will make its contribution to methods and if your messed up make messed up the messed up mate with the result of the method of city on the County.

When I got messed up that it will make its contribution to the messed up town.

If your messed up negatively about his church, the method may put the methods in this part of Mr. County state County don't make it. If your messed up negatively charged messed up maybe not the messed up city as part of the mouth of County. No state or country. When I got messed up.

States will make its contribution to the messed up nation.

If you neighborhood that resides in the messed up city County state that contribute to messed up country country part of the world. When I got messed up countries will make messed up while so if you want a better world about a better state, County, city. Not becoming all more about my men returned just a moment with us since to man up talking about things you can see money, status, social media followers was God's rise up in society. It's the difference between good and great greatness is achieved, demonstrating every single day legacy moments in the sequel to the best-selling kingdom man Tony Evans kingdom man rising challenges man to overcome the way to leave a legacy of the book kingdom man rising. Discover how you just find a Tony Evans.also makes a great gift and in celebration of the release of this much-anticipated and powerful new book created a special limited time package of resources.

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We have cultural he says that man has a priority responsibility now. The foundation isn't the whole thing. That's where the woman comes and we will get to that, but the foundation is always the first thing if you're building a building, so God said, is not to be a week part of the society. The house charge is to be the foundational while I know we live in a day when for many women.

This is not a popular thought.

The goal is not to say well what I sent him a call to the gall to say what is God saying in his work. It says in verse eight he was hiding from the presence of God was in the garden not from God's garden was Adam's place to live to the house to get the leaves use what God gave him God's blessing to run from God.

Today we have men who want all the blessings of God and use the blessings to hide from God. He says he was hiding from the presence of God. You can have God in church so if you're going to be God's man, what I call God's kingdom man you know we are going to have to accept the role have to accept the role to be a man you got the responsibility that now I realize that many men today do not have the privilege of having somebody in their life you were raised with the father you want given guidance by some of the responsible male that wasn't your fault, but it is your responsibility not to repeat it yourself, or else the cycle goes from the presence of the Lord was responsible.

The heart of God's man is that he is operating underneath the authority in the presence of God not running from something hot is this man operate Adam where are you. How does this this kind of man will in chapter 2 verse 15 says the Lord God took the man or woman.

Yet the Lord God took the man and put him in the dark's house the garden of Eden to cultivate it and to keep it gives the man a job to give the manor house places in the God message house and it gives them a job.

Single women make no that will be no romance. He gave them a place to live. He gave him a job to work before he gave them a woman and irresponsible man is not working because of you. Take care of him why you think it will take you noticed gave us a place to live, gave him a job but notice he told him to cultivate word cultivate is given a job. He told them to be productive. See the cultivate something is to produce something more than what you start with you informing you to exceed your pharmacy because you now want growth implants in another words you want to be productive, not what you want more than what you start with. In other words, if a real man's will have some vision just won't stay where you want to produce more not going to work. The question is are you productive in the work Dr. Tony Evans with an important message for men today and he'll come back in a moment with a final thought on the unique purpose God has given us first so a quick reminder about the special offer. I mentioned earlier, if you help us continue this broadcast by making a donation to the ministry will say thanks by sending you all 12 messages in Tony's current series kingdom men rising along with his powerful new book by the same name. This is a limited time offer so don't put it off. Drop by our website. Tony ever and start or we can get all the details and make the arrangements or give us a call at 1-800-800-3222 were resource team members are available 24 seven. Again, that's 1-800-800-3222 superheroes give us hope and inspiration and can always be counted on to do the right thing. What tomorrow. Dr. Evan says God has created a plan for ordinary man that when followed will give us real life characters to look up to and to be inspired by.

Right now though he's back to remind us that like Adam in the garden, God is called men to do more than simply hang out. You got a purpose purpose is just purposes the company to embellish to enhance student to expand to train far too many men lost their ability to dream about what is not yet to look further than vacancy now is not the same for every man, because Everyman doesn't do the same thing but every man should be dissatisfied with things thing with calling on a man of God is to expand whatever God has placed in his reply to expand the alternative with Dr. Tony celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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