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Family Faith: Part I | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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February 10, 2021 7:00 am

Family Faith: Part I | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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February 10, 2021 7:00 am

It takes a family to raise a child, and it takes faith to make a family. The most powerful and influential people on the earth are mothers and fathers of faith. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares four principles to remember as we raise our children by faith.

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What refining Studios in Memphis Tennessee.

I'm Byron Tyler. Former CEO of love refining jury.

We are in a new series with Adrian Rogers. It takes a family you know it does take a family to raise a child, it takes faith to make a family, absolutely not.

Praise God for the faith of my grandmother prayed for me in over 30 years in the faith of my parents and a faithful mother who made sure that I was in church every single week.

So yeah it's is not just the family. It's the family of faith as we kick off this new series let's hear from Adrian Rogers when he had to say about the family.

While there is a war on the family and the devil is unleashed all of the artillery of hell on the family because he knows if he can hurt us at home. He can hurt us all over.

Society is just the family written large. We cannot say it enough that the family is absolutely the basic unit of society before God gave his industry before God gave us education for God gave us government before God gave us the church God gave us the family care. You mentioned that verse of faith in Hebrews 11 without faith it is impossible to please God and you know that chapter also talks about the prophet Moses, and in his origin.

You know how you got started and if it had been for his parents in a course Adrian Rogers will develop this more in today's message but he shows us where is our responsibility as parents to raise our children specifically and individually with God's help, God's guidance, absolutely. It's not the school's responsibilities, not the workplace is not anyplace it's the homeplace and you and I both know that you know faith should be taught from the hub and the hub is the home and so yes we look at Hebrews chapter 11 I think that you know the family faith is critical for productive society.

We always enjoy hearing from our love refining listeners. This one says we been listening to this broadcast ministry consistently for four years now our marriage and the way we raise our children have improved so much. I'm a better wife and mother because of your generosity.

May God give you a lot more in return.

Know she'll love you love that wonderful you know I think many times things like faith is called along the way. More than is called your comes from mom and dad are come from the family right. I remember Dr. Rogers and the lunch one day with about 30 ministers. He looked out across the room and he said I you call yourself ministers in your in the ministry.

But guess what, without your family. You have no ministry and what he was saying is it's family first right and it's a family of faith before anything else. Family is the foundation carried this month. Your love refining. We have a premium offer that I think our listeners will enjoy as it fits real nicely with this series. It's perfect, it takes a family. It's a booklet collection in this for one is it takes a family. God's plan for the man. Maximum mom and honoring the father and the mother. Please take a part of that use it and that God will bless it immensely well with today's message, family, faith, part one.

Here's Adrian Rogers take your Bibles and five Hebrews chapter 11. We are beginning a series of Bible messages on the family you know that there is an all out war on the family and the Satan is bombarding and attacking the family life never before, but it is a winnable war and we have decided that we going to do something about this attack.

We're going to counterattack with the word of God where going to be putting an emphasis upon the family. The Bible says God has set the solitary in families and the devil knows that the family is the basic unit of society.

And so if he wants society become a part where we start. Obviously he would start with the family to destroy the family and it does that by deception so that he might dominate the world so we're talking about the family.

It takes a family to raise a child and it takes faith to make a family now. That's the reason were starting where we are now. With that in mind, I want us to read a story that you know from childhood is the story of Moses and the bulrushes and is found here and in Hebrews chapter 11 and let's look at it as we read the word of God. Verse 23 by faith Moses when he was born was hit three months of his parents because they saw that he was a proper child and they were not afraid of the king's commandment, by faith Moses when he was coming years refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt, for he had respect unto the recompense of reward. By faith he that is Moses forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king, for he endured Moses endured as seeing him who is invisible.

That is all mighty God now got me my helper, I want to write for things upon your heart this morning that will help you to be a mother of faith, a father of faith husband, a wife, a grandparent of faith to bring up children to bring a family that will have children that will glorify and honor God.

Are you ready for Lee's all right and I want to listen to these four principles and by the way we going to be introduced before I get in those principles to wonderful people. They are perhaps forgotten heroes in the Bible. One's name is Amram and the others document. Now they're not famous names but they are very very important names because they are the mother and the father of Moses, the great Moses that led the children. This real, out of Egypt into the promised land.

Amram Jockey bed. Don't forget them, you meet them in heaven and they are found here in Hebrews chapter 11 in God's Hall of Fame, which is really a hall of faith and it tells what they did.

Now here for four principles we going to learn from Amram and jockey bed here for things that were going to learn about how to bring children up by faith that is absolutely indispensable. If you would have the kind of a family in these days that God wants you have are you ready for them now. First of all principle number one I want you to see this fee sees every child as special faith sees every child as special notice verse 23 by faith Moses when he was born was hit three months of his parents because they saw that he was a proper child. Some translate this they saw he was a special child, others that he was a beautiful child. Others translate that he was a fitting child L mean basically the same thing that they looked at little baby Moses and they saw that he was extraordinary.

I would say this is not apparent on earth who had done exactly the same thing is it that maybe is a special baby every child is a special child.

Every child is the handiwork of Almighty God is not just some children it is all children that are special to God and you have to see this by faith Ethel Waters that great a gospel singer and a person with such a wonderful warm spirit talked about herself as she was born in dire circumstances and out of wedlock and some other things but some said how does that make you feel. She said I'm special. God don't make no junk. God don't make no junk. God sees every child as special and therefore every parent should see every child is special. I can remember when our first son Steve was born who enjoys and I were in college. We plan to have children. While we were in college and in God allowed us to do so and I can remember that night otherwise. So often they come in the middle of the night, but she gave me the elbow and she said Adrian I believe it is time my heart I just jumped out of my throat and you know it it's an awful, painful thing for man to go through all this childbirth and that I we were supposed to call the doctor. Dr. Valentine was his name and she said Adrian called the doctrine done by coming to the hospital in middle of night will we were living alone how strata would have a telephone in there to be very honest with you we didn't have a bathroom and we had a community play slowly went over to shower and shave and there was little community center with a telephone and it. I went over to the get in his middle of the night. It was locked.

All I thought maybe she's had a baby by time I get back to the trailer. I I went open my car trunk and got a tattoo out and Jimmy a wind the middle of the night. So here I am going in the wind at night. I thought I'm on get arrested. So I went in the wind and I banged my shins going in fell on the floor ran over to the phone. It was a payphone back out over to the house searching for everything try and find just one time in the wind again to call the doctor and tell him what was happening as a doctor, it is important you get it immediately, and all of this got them the hospital little Steve was born. I remember seeing him for the first time as he was there. Joyce holding him in her arms had looked like a blood write down his cheek and here was almost up. He was all scratched up and wrinkled up but to me was pretty it was. I kissed Joyce and kissed Steve went home. That little trailer got on my knees and operate a massive God if I never do anything good never have any kind of so-called success in this world. I want to be a godly day. I want to raise that child for you because he is special. I knew just looking at him that he was special. Every child is special.

They saw that he was a proper child, a beautiful child. A special child faith has to see this and you you have to see your child as a special child, and God made your child. Absolutely, totally, wonderfully unique you what my life versus is this it's Psalm 112 verses one into praising the Lord blessed is the man that fear the Lord, that delighted greatly in his commandments, his seed that literally means his children shall be mighty upon their I want to raise up my two children now. One way to do that is just to get into the instruction book, which is the word of God.

In Proverbs chapter 22 in verse six says train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old he will not depart from that, you know that the word way is a special word here. It doesn't just simply mean in the direction that he should go, but it means to be the kind of a child that God wants him to be in God made them specially to be the idea of weight. Here is the idea of a bend in a boat. Like an archer's bow. That is, every child has his own particular event. Sometimes I thought mine were also warped, but they have a particular bent and that they are different and what you have to do is to look at your child by faith and say this child is a special child that Joyce and I have five children. We have little boy in heaven, but we have for you here on this earth and that for very wonderful children, but I want to tell you that the four who here are so very different one from another, our first son, Stephen.

As I've already told you as a bent for music and we discover this before it went to school I taught him little finger melody on the piano, knees bent, the on every sensing and loving music writing music producing music and he is an ordained minister of music he just has that been for music and so we would be very foolish to try to derail him or move him and in the other direction because that's the way that he should go. Our second son, David. He has a bent for geography and the world when he was a little boy he was poring over maps and ZIP Codes at one time when he was just little tyke we were talking about taking a trip to the West Coast and talk about what route we should take. And David said will not go through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, and he had the whole thing rotted out. I didn't even know he knew those states existed, but it memorize them in sequence in and that he's just been a man was at the world on his heart and David is a missionary.

That's the way of his heart. He knows geography.

He knows the world is a world citizen and has been our joy to pray for him and encouraging that way. Then along came Gail born in the storm. We named her Gail because of that and not cleaning the rightly Gail is the one who is fiercely competitive. She has a mind like a computer. Don't ever try to outsmart a never try to get ahead of her.

Gail is an entrepreneurial spirit. She's a leader she's a counselor.

She has incredible insight in the ways that things work and it makes her a great encourager of people and a great leader of folks. That's the bent that got put in this girl and is it I sometimes I stand in awe as I watch or listen to how her mind works and then God gave us Janice. Janice is my romanticist. She's sweet and gentle. She loves music. She loves poetry. She loves Mountain she loves flowers she loves children. She has a nurturing spirit in a very gentle spirit for children but one thing about them.

They all love Jesus now love mom and dad.

Praise God for that praise got that. You just have to find a way that they should go and then you encourage them in that way, but not put it down. Big claimant straight faith sees every child as a special child. They don't come in standard packages and you better.

Carefully read the label. Just look at them over and over and over again. That's the first thing I want you to understand. Look at your child and say, God, help me to understand the way that he should go the way that she should go. Faith sees every child has a special child got that and let's move to second point faith sees every child is a special child and faith sees every conflict as a spiritual conflict. Faith sees every conflict as spiritual outlook.

In verse 23 again. The Bible says, by faith Moses when he was born was hidden three months will why did they hide him well is very obvious.

The King had commanded that the little boy babies be killed. Next is chapter 1 verse 22 and Pharaoh charts all the people saying every son that is born you shall cast into the river. Now they worship the Nile River. So this was making the little boy babies a sacrifice to the Nile River take the little boy babies when they born and cast him into the river well.

Was this a conflict between Israel and Egypt.

No. Was this a conflict between the parents of Moses and Pharaoh. No, what this was, was a conflict between the gods of Egypt and all mighty God.

What this literally was was a conflict between light and dark.

What this was, was a spiritual conflict that you have to understand that in raising children, folks. It takes more than wit and wisdom and nutrition and good intentions, and your talents. You are in a spiritual battle when you raising children. Did you know that that's the reason that it takes faith. That's the reason it takes faith for the Bible says in Ephesians chapter 6 and verse 12 for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against spiritual wickedness in high places. You see the battle here was a battle against spiritual and demonic forces in Europe against that as parents today that if you don't see the battle is spiritual. What you're going to use his intelligence and good intentions rather than fate. But if you see the battle as spiritual you're going to use faith is your major weapon. The Bible says it was by faith that they were not afraid of the king's commandment now without faith. They should've been afraid me that disenfranchised help the slaves little I know Amram and document that reason to be afraid. If the battle was a physical material battle. But faith sees every conflict as spiritual nephew don't see that phone summons that you strike out as parents.

Those were treacherous days in which they live, and these are treacherous days in which we live as a matter fact the Bible says in the last days perilous times shall come. Second Timothy chapter 2 in verse one, and these are perilous times, limiting what you face if your parent or grandparent what you're facing your facing liberalism and religion. There's nothing more damning a debilitating stultifying than liberalism and religion because we have today churches that use the same religious language that we use, but they don't mean what the Bible means they use our words and their dictionary and that is very very dangerous that I don't know of anything that would be more harmful or hurtful your child then you have your child in a liberal Bible doubting church. You just need to get away from those churches that dangerous. They empty. They are futile to take those children and realize that liberalism and religion is a very dangerous thing. And then that is compounded by humanism and education.

What is humanism. Humanism is a system of thought that honors man rather than God.

Man is the center and the circumference of the sum total of everything and it sounds so good because humanism who could be against humanism. It sounds so much like humanitarianism, but it is really atheism that is disguised they call it humanism, and the chief building block of humanism is evolution. Our children have been taught that they are and accident not an incident that they just happened that they came up out of some primordial ooze and because of that there is no fixed standard of right and wrong is it will not been passed onto an educated man, are you telling me that you fly in the face of science, and you don't believe in evolution friend. I reject evolution totally 100%.

I do not believe in that monkey mythology is not based on fact.

Regardless of what they would tell you it is a theory. It is the next best guess of the mind will not accept the word of God, that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, but now watch the chief building block in humanism is evolution built upon evolution is sex education, sex education.

Again, I want to say that one most dangerous things in America today is sex education in public schools without a Morrow standard a fixed standard of right and wrong, what are children being taught. If you let all the air out of it.

I will to cut through the rhetoric they're being taught how to have sexual intercourse without catching a disease or getting pregnant. That's what it's about is let all the air out of is blunt but that's what it is they are not taught that there is a fixed standard of right and wrong. They are not clearly taught abstinence. According to the thick standard of God.

This is flee fornication and that speaks to that of adultery as an incredible crime against themselves and against God, and it can do nothing but damage. Unless it comes with a fixed Morrow base.

The kids are facing friend there facing liberalism and religion there facing humanism in education and then there facing hedonism and society we live in a sex saturated alcohol soap society. Your children are looked upon as father for the liquor dealers the beer barons in all of these you say, but all we're going to teach them to drink in moderation, because I will take something that's way. Every drinker begins to swim about against nobody ever starts to drink to be a drunk.

They all began that they going to drink in moderation. Whatever they think it's a harmless line.

The Japanese have a proper person man takes a drink then the drink takes a drink and then the drink takes the man. Why does a mocker, strong drink is raging the service to see thereby is not wise. I say what you want to do parents get the alcohol out of your house beverage alcohol. All of it totally. Out you stay up when your kids go out and be awake when they come home is better for you to lose your sleep and lose your child Annette bingo boy comes in real close and give them a hug saying smell his breath.

So what I'm saying is there facing the state. This hedonism in society. This the same thing. Everything in the movies in the films and the situational comedies. They are all based primarily upon this, the breaking of God's commandments and laughing about. That's the danger of the situational comedy that these kids watch what they lack that they can never take seriously again when you say well it's that they just the fastest way we get entertained by that many of you using the television as a babysitter that if living next door to you that happened to be a man and a woman who not married, and then the house next door, and they are cohabitating and having an illicit affair. When you go shopping. Would you say no, Johnny, I want to get a soapbox. I want you sample that soapbox and look in the wind and watch those people and see what they're doing. I want to be entertained is when one babysitter is a course I would do that we letting them watch something like that right in the television right in the living room.

You see these what the kids are facing. They are facing liberalism and religion that facing humanism in education that facing hedonism in society. They are up against. Now if I did not know the Lord.

I would be absolutely petrified to raise children in this world in which we live. But there is a way. There is a way notice. The Bible says they were not afraid they seize every conflict is spiritual.

If you think that you're going out with this worldview wrong you in a spiritual battle and therefore you have to have faith. We are in a spiritual battle and the only way to win is through faith. Maybe today you have questions regarding your faith in Jesus Christ. How to fully trusting what he did for you as Savior and Lord.

We love to offer you an insightful resource are discovered. Jesus page. There you'll find answers, you may need about your faith as well as a response section. You can share how this message or others have impacted you go to our website and click the tab that says Discover Jesus at the top of the page

We can't wait to hear from you today.

Thanks for studying in God's word are you raising your children by faith, recognizing their spiritual conflict. Remember raising children is a spiritual battle that our only hope is a solid faith in Jesus Christ sure to join us tomorrow for part two. Family, faith, right online claim

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