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024 - Food, Fellowship and Feet

More Than Ink / Pastor Jim Catlin & Dorothy Catlin
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January 9, 2021 3:09 pm

024 - Food, Fellowship and Feet

More Than Ink / Pastor Jim Catlin & Dorothy Catlin

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January 9, 2021 3:09 pm

Food, Fellowship and Feet.

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You pick up your Bible. Is there more here than meets the is there something here for me. I mean it's just words printed on paper right well it may look like just print on the page but it's more than eight.

Join us for the next half hour, as we explore God's word together as we learn how to explore it on our as we ask God to meet us there in its pages welcome to more than sitting on the table. There's food is really gorgeous. What Jesus did something markedly unexpected. During that event and only John Scott Victor is not in the picture but it is in John's Gospel today more than your back with us as we sit down with our coffee around the kitchen table here and now were going to read the Scriptures again wait because we are really firmly convinced persuaded that but that putting ourselves in the Scriptures does some amazing things for hard for my great power in simply reading the word of God allowed with understanding right, not just reciting the words, but reading it with the real communication right so there's there's extraordinary value here so we left off before the holidays going to the book of John and were coming back to John Howard John 13.

If you want to follow with us in reading out of the English standard version. The ESE overnight at this point in genre slow down a little bit to this point with data chapter week and at a chapter week. It's a gift little dizzying when you get to this part of John sorting about 1/2 a chapter week is mostly narrative yeah exactly. But now we've got the words of Jesus for the next five chapters and so we really do need to slow down yeah from here from 13 through 17 especially is a very special section of John and very intimate time with John towards going to go in half have chapters and that's okay this is going to blame it you want so so today we come up if you remember the historical context. Jesus is is out read the beginning of the passion week, and in the week is going to unfold with the end of the week being him crucified and then the very end of the week and the first of next week have risen from the dead, so, so this is the beginning of that being in Jerusalem for the Passover and in that entire week and so he's having. As we look in John 13.

His last really intimate moments with the larger apostles and so this that's why this starting chapter 13. It is something quite so interesting because John records for us what the other writers. The Gospels told her so it's of the fascinating thing. Well, I always like to approach this section of John.

The whole Last Supper narrative with the question in mind.

You know if you knew you were to die tomorrow, like I do that you say most important things you want to say to people you gathered all your friends together and site is the less you see me, let's do something so We Put That in This Context, It Really Changes How We Read It like These Are Literally the Last Words of Christ to the People He Had Walked with and Was Going to Entrust the Gospel to and These Are Some Will Last Thoughts Demonstrated Thoughts That He Did the Thing I Remember about Tonight's Is Collects up Kind of the Distillation of Everything He Has Come to Say Right and Speaks It in a Very Special Way to Tell Swanson Suffice It to Say Jesus Is Going to Do a Very Surprising Thing. This Is What He Does and It Suggested You Talked about Two Guys Whose Expectations Were Busted Going to Emmaus You Know What, No One Expected This.

So Succumb to John 13.

They're All Just Gob Smacked by What Happens Next in This Very Intimate Moment.

So the Deliciousness Just Pick It up in Verse One of Chapter 13 and the Sea Would Unfold in This Very Unexpected Way.

Okay, Crazy. All Right Okay Okay Now before the Feast of Passover, When Jesus Knew That His Hour Had Come to Depart Out Of This World to the Father Having Loved His Own Who Were in the World Loves Them and during Supper, When the Devil Had Already Put It into the Heart of Judas Iscariot, Simon Son, to Betray Him Jesus, Knowing That the Father Had Given All Things into His Hands, and That He Had Come Forth from God and Was Going Back to God, Rose from Supper.

He Laid Aside His Outer Garments, and Taking a Towel, Tied It around His Waist. Then He Poured Water into a Basin and Began to Wash the Disciples and to Wipe Them with the Towel That Was Wrapped around Him.

He Came to Simon Peter Said to Him, Lord, Do You Wash My Feet Jesus Answered Him, What I'm Doing. You Don't Understand Now, but Afterward You Will Understand.

Peter Said to Him You Wash My Feet Jesus Answered Him, If I Do Not Wash You, You Have No Share with Me. Simon Peter Said to Him, Lord, Not My Feet Only but My Head Jesus Said to Him When His Baby Does Not Need to Watch except for His Feet, but Is Completely Clean and You Are Clean, but Not Everyone of You, for He Knew Who Was to Betray Him, and That's Why He Said Not All of You Are Clean and Stop This out There so Expect This and Pumping so This Was As Crazy As the Heaven to Have This Fixed This Meal. I Mean Why. Okay, Let's Talk about the Meal for That's What John Starts to Fester before the Feast of the Passover Said the Context of the Passover Rate Is the Annual Celebration. It's a Giant Party of Remembrance for God Delivering the Jews Out Of Egypt As Slavery in Egypt. He Said Year to Celebrate This in Perpetuity Every Year at This Time, You're Going to Remember That I Delivered You at the Cost of the Firstborn Son to This Very Day. It's That One Right. Biggest Deal. Very Very Big. So That's Really Important for Us to Know Because Jesus Knows That This Is That Passover That Every Passover for Thousands of Years before. This Had Pointed to This One. And John Doesn't Include That Part in His Narrative. The Other Gospel Writers Had Already Written about That. Jesus Said, You Know, This Is the Last Time to Do This until I Do It New with You in the Kingdom of God so You Should Look at Those Other Passover Narratives before Coming to This One Yeah and That's a Good Bible Study As Well to. I Wrote down Where They Are There in Matthew 26 and Mark 14 and in Luke 22 and That You Read Those You Will Find a Large Amount Similarity between Those Three and You to John's. This Is All New Stuff This Is. And in Fact Most the Stuff Is Mentioned in the Other Three Passage Is Not Mentioned in John so Clearly John Is Filling in the Gaps from Kind of an Intimate Perspective of His Writers View Yeah Which Makes It Really Interesting. So, Yeah, Go Back and Read Those Other Three. If You Haven't Done Already, Because That's Just a Very Powerful Way to Try and Figure out What John Wrote Exactly What He but but It When You Compare Them You Realize John Is Telling You a Perspective That None of the Other Three Are Capturing Well and He Starts into This Telling Us Jesus's Motives Said He Knew Who He Was. He Knew What He Had Come from and What He Was Going to Do.

He Knew Where He Was Going.

He Knew Why He Had Come. He Knew That It Was Time He Knew That Many Chose and He Knew He Knew Well, and I've Always Felt It Was Because John's Reaction. Now I've Been Writing Decades Later after That Is Looking Back, but I Think in the Moment When It Was Happening There All Thinking That You Know Especially in the Last Half of This Chapter. This Is a Train Wreck.

This Is a Total of Everything's Going Wrong Is in a Moment Jesus Can Tell Is Going Away so so There's a Difference between What They're Experiencing Then and What John Is Looking Back and See. So I Think John's Emphasizing Forces. He Writes This Is a Jesus Was on Top of the Soul Time Right like There's Nothing Out Of Place. This Is Exactly How Supposed to Go down That Very Clearly.

In Hindsight, in Hindsight, so We Are Actually Seeing His Comment. In Hindsight, That Way so since He Knew His Time Come to the Part Which Was True but John and Those Rust Guys Did Note the Time Zone so What You See Is This Contrast between We Don't Understand What's Going on While It's Happening to. Now We Look Back We Go All He Was Telling Us All along.

We Didn't Catch Her.

So It's That's That's John's Perspective Come in at Three and Verse Three Knowing That the Father Give Them All Things, Which Means Everything Is Done He'd Come from God Is Going Back to God. So with That Perspective, This Being Your Last Hours with the Apostles. What You Do When You Get up from Supper and You Wash Their Feet. Well, Let's Get Ahead Scratcher.

That's a Real Head Scratcher and I Think for Them. It's a Head Scratcher Because, in Fact, Jesus Himself. If You If You Scanned down to Verse Seven. When We See Peter's Reaction Will Talk about That More Second. He Says You Know Can Understand Now You're Not. But Afterward You Will Understand It before We Finish This Morning. He Will Explain It Some so the Start Understand but He's Doing Something That Deliberately Is Going to Confuse Them in the Moment but Will Become Crystal Clear As Time Goes on, and I Think It's a Clue to How God Deals with Us in the Moment As Well. Things Happen and We Don't Understand We Scratcher Heads We Look toward Heaven, We Wonder What's Going on. We Demand They Got Explain Himself and He Says Well Okay I Know You like to Get It Now but I Will Give You Some Time to Come and Unwrap This and This.

What John Wrote Is What He Unwrapped over the Years. As You Look Back Okay Uses the Word No. K NOW Know Several Times in This Passage and Their What's Not Always Clear in English Is That There Are Two Different Greek Words Occurring This Passage from Knowing One Is Having Information Possessing It in Your Head. You Have an Intuitive Grasp of the Information, but the Other One Is More Experiential.

It's It's a Living Understanding Because You've Touched It, Felt It Tasted It. It's Been Placed You Come to Know It through the Senses, and so That's What Those Are Both Their Weight Says to Peter, Not You Don't Understand This Now Right You Don't Have All the Information yet, but Later on You Know It Fully, You Will Experience What This Means You Get It and so It's Kind Helpful for Us to Understand That, You Know, We Often Know Things We Have the Information in Our Heads, but We Don't Really Know It in Terms of It Impelling Us to Act and That's What I Think Is Interesting about What John Says at the Beginning.

This Passage Is That Jesus, Knowing Profoundly Deeply Something Was True Then He Acted in a Particular Right.

He Wasn't Clueless. This Is Accidental Right but It Was for the Apostles and End in Wonderful Almost Comic Style. John Decides to Pick out Poor Simon Peter to Show Just Exactly How Badly He Understood Okay Was Interestingly Called Him Simon Peter Here Because We See Him Still Functioning As Simon Get Completely As Peter and Right Right so and Some the Other Gospels Just to Be Fair When You Review the Parallel Passages They They All Pretty Much Do the Same Things. They Were All Dopes They Will Do so the Trip but I Meant Just to Illustrate This Is Why Call This Comic You Know, First, He Rejects the Whole Offer to Be Washed His Feet Right down for Seven Verse Eight You Shall Never Wash My Feet Although We've Said That the First Place Because He Had Already Declared You're the Messiah Yearly in the Right One Year. The Guy God Has Sent in. This Is Out Of Place for the Person I Charge Does Not Change Any Doesn't Wash People's Feet Exactly so so so in a Real Proper Sentencing on the Way. That's Not Your Place and You Know I'll Wash Your Feet. That's the Way Things Work Here and in Jesus As a Way to Second the Support Plan and If You Don't Take Part in This. You Have No Part with Me Him Here with Me. That's a Confusing Statement so Then Once That Bell Goes off in Peter's Head. Okay, I Gotta Gotta Go with the Program, Then His Understanding Is so Betty Says Let's Go Big with the Program Want to Wash All of Me.

You Know, Not Just My Hand but My Feet but My Hands My List of the Whole Thing, That All Men in Jesus the Much Amen Amen so Much I Want You to Watch All of Me Again Comically No Real Understanding about What's Going on Here and That's Peter and That's Us Is Trying to Figure It out. So Then Jesus Corrects Him Second Time and Says Now If You Believe You Don't Need Me to Wash Just Your Feet, You Know, but Complete Clean. This Is What Were about in Your Clean but Not Everyone of You in There. He's Kind of Foreshadowing. Although Thing about Judas and Stuff like That.

The Whole Idea of the Fact of This Understanding I Find This Fascinating Because Peter Doesn't Understand the None of Them Understand Jeff Peter Is More Is More When You Want to Call It Zealous in Terms of Stepping up in the Program, Even If He Doesn't Understand Is Going to Step Every Steps in an Account of an Silly Way a Stupid Way and We Make Fun of His Speaks before He Thinks before He Has Willed That That Characterizes Peter after Point in His Life. He's He's Very Enthusiastic and Jumps Right in Bayreuth and Not Always Complete Understanding, Which Is Why after He Had Said You Are the Messiah, Jesus Is Said Now Great. Don't Tell Anybody You Because I Don't yet Understand What the Implications of That Are and That Kind of Comes in Here. Anyone Else Reading This a Couple Days Ago It Done Me in This Passage Just in These First 11 Verses We Print Washing the Word – Shows up at Nine or 10 Times Just in These First Few Verses Is Pretty Important and I Just Stopped Short When Jesus Said, You Know, If I Don't Wash You, You Have No Share in Me You Are Not a Participant in Me. In Other Words, You Are Not a Fully Comprehensive, Fully Fully Understanding Participant in My Kingdom.

I Have To Wash You That's the Entry Requirement to Get into Kingdom When a Function Kingdom You and Will Always Remind You That That in These Narratives. These Are Just Accidental Events As These Are Orchestrated Events That God Puts Together.

So in This Particular Case. Jesus Could've Chosen One of Many Ways to Demonstrate That He Serves Them Hope Somebody Serves Them Many Ways He Could Have Done This in This Particular Case Uses This Whole Idea Washing and Even the Dirtiest Part of Who You Are about Washing. So This Is Not a Dental Closing Is As Essential Central PC so I Think They'll Come Back to This Very Orchestrated Narrative What They Experienced in the Years to Come. I Think, in Fact, This Is Just My Idea Is That You Know When They Would Walk Someplace Was Always Accustomed to, When Someone's House the Wash Wash If He Is Just Really Dirty Harry yet We Still Do It Today Many of Her Household Would Take Our Shoes off We Come inside Because the outside World. Walking Is Dirty and of the Dirty, the Places You Live, the More Important Is That Your Shoes off, but so That for Them.

It Was Exactly the Same Thing and I Can Always Think That When They Would Come into a New Home Someone Wash Their Feet.

I Bet You They Would Flashback to This Very Moment in John 13 Flashback and Say You Know What I Remember When Jesus Washed My Feet. He Served Me. I Need to Serve in This Hormone Coming into I Think Was I Was Just a Brilliant Kind of Memory Device As Well As an Idea That We Are All in Need of Being Claimed from Our Sinfulness to Be a Full Participant in the Kingdom Participant in Christ, He Has To Wash Us. Hebrews Says. Indeed, without That the Blood Nothingness Cleansed Bright Lights of Jesus Laying down the Groundwork for That Here. He's Gonna Talk about Whole Lot More in the Chapters That Come Yeah and the Wonderful Thing about Narratives You Can Kick Back and Think about This You Know II Thought about the Fact That When I Walk through the World, Regardless of My Ability to Keep Myself Clean from Info to the World. My Feet Still Get There. I Still Pick up Stuff That Is in Need of Cleansing from Jesus so You Could Take This You Could Take the Story a Thousand Ways Meditative Leak, but I Think It's Just a Brilliant Genius Piece of Narrative That God Is Orchestrated Here for Them. But Now He Moves on.

We Get to Verse 12 about This Understanding Is You Got Peter Clearly Does Not Understand What's Going on Here Is Going to Later Because I'm Going This Morning and Actually That Shows up in Peter's Letters. Oh Yes Idea Cleansed by the Blood Will I Know Right Now in Verse 12 Jesus Going to Start the Process of Understand That We Need to Press on. So Let Me Read This and What We Just Going to Drugs and Start to Understand and Process Which I Think Is Not Finished Here It's Going on Several Centralized Opening the Book. Yes, so Verse 12. So When Wash Their Feet Put on His Outer Garments and Resumed His Place, He Said to Them, Do You Understand What I've Done to Grand Course Center Looked Each Other While You Call Me Teacher and Lord, in Your Right, for so I Am. If I Then, Your Lord and Teacher, Have Washed Your Feet and You Also Ought to Wash One Another's Feet. For a Given You an Example That You Should Do Just As I Have Done to Truly, Truly, I Say to You, a Servant Is Not Greater Than His Master, nor Is a Messenger Greater Than the One Who Sent Him. And If You Know These Things, Blessed Are You If You Do Them and I'm Not Speaking of All of You.

I Know Whom I've Chosen, but the Scripture Will Be Fulfilled. He Who Ate My Bread and Lifted His Heel against Me. I'm Telling You This Now before It Takes Place That When It Does Take Place. You May Believe That I Am He, Truly, Truly, I Say to You, Whoever Receives the One I Send Receives Me, and Whoever Receives Me Receives the One Who Sent Me, so We Start the Process of Understanding and Was He Tell Him Beginning This Process. What Does It Don't Think He Has Kept Track of These Things Are Blessed If You Do Them. So It's Time I Can Master I'm Your Teacher and That's Correct I Washing Your Feet so Wash One Another's Feet and You Can Understand That but Actually Getting down on Your Hands and Knees and Watch Humbling Yourself at One Another's Feet Washing Serving One Another in That Humblest Way Is What We Are Called to Do As Participants in Jesus and I've Always Wondered What Their Expectations of This Point Was outside of This, I Mean Here's Jesus Very Close to Looking like He's Going to Be Coordinated King in Israel and the 12 Guys around Them Are Going to Be Cornered with Him Is the Right and Left-Hand Men That's Their Full Expectation so so There Thinking That Probably by the End of the Week Were All Going to Be in Charge of Jerusalem and Here Jesus Is Saying, Well, You Know That's Right and Proper in Many Ways. But Here's the Deal.

The Heart of God Who Loves Us Is a Heart That Serves and Gives. And so If That's My Heart. Jesus Is Saying Is God That Should Be Your Heart.

If You're a Follower of Mine, so If I've Done This, You Will Do This so It's Really Revealing the Heart of Guy Think It I Think It Echoes Right Back to the Very Beginning, Where John Says in Verse One You Love Them to the End of His Love and Them Coming in Weekly to the Completion of the Process in a Way That Serves and in A Few Days He's Gonna Love Them so Completely He's Gonna Die in Their Behalf Is Going to Give so That the Lovingkindness of God, the Love of God. The Character Nature of God. That's Really All about Love Is All about Giving and Serving in about about Doing What It Takes for Someone Else's Best Benefit and after the Resurrection. He Is Going to Send Them Executive in Their Lives to to Bring Salvation Bring the Message of Salvation to the Whole World so You Know I Just This Week.

In Reading This Passage and A Few Things Just Leapt off the Page to Me and That Is This a Connection between He Loved Them and Thinking Washed Them and Then He Sent Them a Sent and I'm I'm I'm Watching You I'm Cleansing Your Participant with Me Because I Send You to the World with This Message. It's Not a Message of Here Comes the King It's Can Be Glorious As a Message of Repent, Because the King Is Paid the Price for You.

He Comes to Cleansing from Your Sin Right in the Very Reaction People Have To the Apostles When They're Sent out. He Says the End Here.

If They Receive You. They Received Me How Really Close Identification Very Close, Very Close and so and and If You Receive Jesus You Receive the One Who Sent Him the Father. So This Is This Is a Big Deal That They're Going to Be in a Position to Do This, There Can Be Ones That Are Sent, but They Still Don't Fully Understand the Nature of Their Hearts Has To Be Transformed by God Be God's Heart, Which Is a Loving Heart Which Serves and Gives for God so Loved the World He Gave Okay and They Still Understand That That's a Take Place Because He Is through the Holy Spirit Going to Take up Residence and Indwell Them Unpack That for Them. A Little Later in the Evening, but in Verse 17. Here He Says That If You Know These Things You're Not Greater Than the One You Sent You. If You Know That Blessed Are You, If You Do That Is Blast. As We Talked about This Word before Its McCarty Acid Needs to Be Possessing the Actual Characteristics of God to Be Indwells to Be Fully Satisfied and so He Says It, That's Can Be Evidence That You Are a Participant in Me If You Can. Knowing Who You Are Doing, Where You Come from Knowing Where You're Going. Now in Christ You Can Humble Yourself and Serve the Way I Have Served You Yeah I Know Would Be a Blessing to You Would Be a Blessing. Other People but Even in the Process of Being Sent out, They Could Wrongly Think While I'm to Go out and Kind of Swagger with My Apostle Right Fortnight to Tell People What They Need to Do in Jesus Saying No You Going to Go out and You Love Them by Serving That's What You're Going to Do Texas. I Didn't Do That Exactly That. Not This Time Brittany and He Charges Them in Another Place He Says You Know the Gentiles Lord It over People Does Not Come Be with You Your Knuckle Ward over People like That. So Jesus Is Really Preparing Them for What the Mainstream Center of Your Life Is Going to Be. Once There, Sent out.

There Can Be Sent into Communities Where Their Strangers and You Need to Actively Love Those People and How Can You Most Visibly Demonstrate That Love. Serve Them Wash Their Feet Go There in Places Where People Are in Need of That Kind of Cleansing but You're Going to Serve, You're Not Going to Commandant Be Authorities. That's Just Not Sign up for That One and You Not Have To Think Too If He Says This Is a Blessing for Them. Then the Process of What Jesus Is Doing Right Here Washing Their Feet Is a Great Blessing to Jesus in a Sense What He Saying Is If You Understand If You Want to Understand How Life Is Really Experienced to the Full. You Need to Serve, You Need to Love and Serve You to Do These Things and Not Just Appreciate Because It Doesn't It Doesn't Bring down Your Identity or Your Personality or Personhood Your Value Your Value and Worth in God's Eyes Is Not in Any Way Diminished by Going for the Lowest, Dirtiest, Humblest Servant Hood Because That's What Jesus Did Exactly and It Could Very Well Be That That's the Way You're Designed to Fully Experience Life Is to Give in the Dirtiest and Most Inconvenient Circumstances and Just between You and Me, There's Just Not Enough Time Left in Our Lives to Pursue Enough Opportunities to Love People like This in Jesus, and the Last Moment of His Life Is Taking Advantage of Those You Know, Seconds Are Ticking Away As I Might Do This Because This Is a Blessing to Me It's a Blessing to You and I Want You Understand That This Is Gonna Be the Core of Her Life in This Part on If You're Calling Me the Master and You're the Disciples. This Is What You Need to Do so. This Is Where That the Narrative Portion of These Chapters Ends and Now Were Just Can Have Jesus Elaborating on It for the Next Three or Four Chapters on Its Profound so I Would Encourage You to Read in a Piece Just Sit down and Read John 13 1415 1617 All at Once Because Some Things Will Suddenly Become Clearer Than Perhaps They Been before. I Always Regard These Passages As a Single Statement Should Be One Big Chapter 1 Is Too Much for Chapter but Think They Hang Together Loving and Serving and Acting on What You Know Right Exactly As Is Central Here so I Would Encourage You As Well Just to Remind You Again. Matthew 26 and Mark 14 Luke 22 Is a Context of Sitting in His Upper Room and Now in John Going to Get the Big Big Words That Jesus Brings after That These Kind of Coming Back to the Whole Process of Our Relationship with Just One More Thought. Let Me Put with You Because John Tells Us a Couple Times Here That He Knows Who He's Chosen and He Knows Who Will Betray Him.

Genesis Here. Judas Was Here at This Point. Do You Think Jesus Washed His Feet.

I Think You Did, You Did. I Think He Did so You Can Ruminate on That Open That Box Next Week, so Come Back Will Will Still Be in Chapter 13 Will Pick It up in Verse 21.

As We Come Back and and Will Come to Finish At Least This Portion of It, but Next Time It Looks like It Looks like Jesus Is Throwing a Monkeywrench in the Entire Plan of His Messiah Ship and I Think That's with Deposit to Begin Unexpected and It Looks like Everything's Bad Failure and Apparent Failure. So Come Back with Us Next Week. I'm Jim and Dorothy. I'm Just Delighted with This Lighted Exploring to the Bible Because John Is Next Week but

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