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Favorite Christmas Movie After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 12, 2020 8:00 am

Favorite Christmas Movie After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 12, 2020 8:00 am

Merry Christmas fellow adventurers! The guys continue sharing clips from their favorite Christmas movies, right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips used are from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," "A Charlie Brown Christmas," and "Rise of the Guardians."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.



The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
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The Masculine Journey
Sam Main

Christmas gift why not the one she can have a couple of chicken maybe it's not the get for your family but it is the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens and provide nourishment for family and they can sell those eggs at the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asian 1% of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family of Jesus family this Christmas and give them a six explanation or see chickens and other animals camping and fishing will we help obligors about Medicare, long-term care and your money chosen to broadcast starting just enjoy sharing most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth broadcast. This is the Truth Network French time to be more transparent, so sit back and masculine journey starts here welcome to masculine journey. After hours of doing one of our favorite year now.

Hope you enjoy as much as putting it on. But it's the become an annual thing we done last couple years I guess to mix an annual that's a true statement to makes it every day is over couple years you know we do lacerated this year.

By definition, I've heard people say first annual before there's a lot of fact checkers out there these days is to make sure that my facts were correct that statement I made. Maybe it's the annual Christmas movie show. I really think we've done it four times, it's a tradition to the best wherever annual tradition way if you just joining us. We did.

We did our first show on clips from different movies, and when is it more after hours and talk about probably will other things as we can go through this it's the after-hours lot of fun because it's it's even less scripted. Believe in the regular show that a content on the first because that's where stretching us out. I work with tradition and so play a cliff because I have yet it's all played a clip from the movie the Grinch and honestly, when I first saw this movie was a big fan and I was a big Jim Carrey fan and for whatever reason, this movie just irritated me. But the more that I've seen it, the more that I've really processed some of what it's saying. It really just makes me laugh and so this is one we've used in the past, for in another context, but this was one of the clips. It really made me think about something specific at Christmas and especially me. Not as much this year but in past years, and so play this and what's happened is the Grinch, played by Jim Carrey has been invited by the who's down to their annual ablation or whatever it is this fake news right it was Mary. Later in the whole family. She is laser ablation. So he's this processing. Processing that okay so it's good vitamin A, now on such short notice if I walked out my 1 o'clock wallow in self alternate standard solve world hunger can no one 530 630 dinner with me. I can't wrestle with myself and go there for loading can still be done in time to lay in bed scared when I Jim Carrey would likely not. He's talented, is incredibly talented but as I listen to this and it made me laugh. That was one of few things are really left at the first time I watch it, but he didn't know why. And the more that I thought about it, especially this year, with things being different. You know with Covidien and not be will have Christmas parties and things you normally have corporate Christmas parties that thing. I realize that I was usually the Grinch and most past years, you know that I get invited to stuff but I come up with all these reasons, you know, even if I really did like the people party or something with you guys.

It was really hard to get me to want to go you know I think part of it has to do is a kind of thought through this last week was my company I'm with it is put us through a lot of different testing and and so one of the tests that they do in Myers-Briggs and a lot of the other tests and when they did it rated how far you are on the introvert extrovert scale and I'm right at 51 to 49% 51% extroverted 49% introverted and so what it does for me. And as these parties really drained me as much as I like people it I get my my bucket personality including our friend Tom Young. My extrovert bucket gets old pretty quickly. And since I really found that I just did like to go but what when I did go and I would enjoy being around the other people because it really is a joy to talk to people and talk about their story and learn what's going on so you have convinced myself if we when we do come out of this whole thing. I'm to be less Grinch like in step more in the some of that stuff and say okay I'm to make myself go even when I don't want to design I think that there's can be something really good. There during change your schedule my schedule our shuttle.

It sounds like Sean Connery said that it sounds like something Jim Carrey doing Sean Connery during the Grinch in Canada. Shuttle Andy you have a cook for us.

I do, I do it's also about about your equipment so I didn't submit one but we will let you have the last minute when it but going along with my submission for Thanksgiving were to go with Charlie Brown and Chuck is trying to figure out what the meaning of Christmas is and basically line line is I guess blindness is probably a pastor because he had the whole Thanksgiving thing in the time and with what what they were thankful for now and then he gives them the meaning of Christmas is current and efficient resellers line is Christmas well submitted to clip (that was awesome, particularly now, you know, we've always had that problem of missing the season missing reason for the fees and get busy with things and not feeling it, you know that in 2020. I'm sure there's a lot of people even probably more in that situation you know what you know with the way were going to celebrate potentially in you know what all is going on but you know regardless of all is that he still came to this earth set us free to give us peace on earth you know to show us the way to God and you know is there's just something that sample in a child cartoon is so set yet so profound in you know in this day and age where any were to start calling back to Scripture everywhere does have a nice blank.

I think I get tired of hearing some I look a little bit like Charlie Brown, though I think overall, you were all getting well. I was debating about whether or not to bring this up You guys are right leg at the end of the situation. My question is why was the glory low instead of without being able to live the rest the shepherds were asking the question, what did you ask okay I'm going to show you won't be so much why don't exactly how bright was it start. Oh, that's okay I can handle. If you come to the studio. There's the chair that we often see you because in low I'm with you know what I'm saying if you were here to see it since about 2 inches off the ground. For some reason Harold can finally touch the ground and the tallest guy in the group sets and the rest of time.

The he doesn't like he is right now actually. But that's the deal and low I'm with you that's only thing I got Carol moving on. We you know that mean he really was there. You know that it talks about Hark the Herald right just thinking about cattle liking the poor baby is pretty good. I'm assuming loading is like moving in Hebrew word he said about retirement party. Go ahead and go to another cliff just in time tested this, I cheated actually were supposed to get from a Christmas movie and although this has Santa Claus and Jack Frost. It's technically not at Christmas time. It is a movie rise of the guardians and in this conversation you have Jack Frost choose like a late teenager and in the movie into animated movie trying to kinda find his purpose can find ways here in AZ he's heard a lot of bad things about himself.

He doesn't believe them to be true and so is trying to find really kind of who he is right and so he key stumbles upon Santa and Santa has a conversation with him. He didn't quite expect that we go ahead and listen to it will come back and talk about how tax center shows you, you must special insight. This is how you see no but if you get the moment, people go on.

You are downright jolly, but not just Johnny. I am also tedious and in nice. There's a tiny wooden big eyes, yes, the eyes will nice. I should send this, I went to this movie reluctantly. It's like you know this was a few years back and we went. My sons and I would go to moviesfor the group. It was a small group of very introverted people and was it was my sons and I agrees to make a habit of going to the movie theater in Kernersville when it was open and it was always you first run movies at a very cheap price. If you did mindset, not a weird angle of the things that is a great great theater and we went and I didn't really expect much out of it and then it came on and it was really really well done and it was Hollywood being very hollow Hollywood. He's but there were so much a God story in the midst of it that they had no clue that they were telling and we got to this scene. You know we got Santa Claus who you know is is is in some ways stolen Christmas from Christ right it and a lot of people's eyes and the other focuses on him and not on on Christ and to get this character that's taking this younger man, Jack Frost, who has been told his whole life he something he doesn't feel that he is something very negative in trying to help them find the truth of the situation company and try to find his identity and so was very much a clip on identity and saying okay you before the world take you out before they told you that you are this person that brings you know misery to others.

Jack Frost brings in a cold misery and all that stuff right you know what were you before that. What was a truer thing about you and not the whole movie. There's other things going on that it's about Jack discovering his true identity and it's really pretty cool. And in that scene was really powerful to me enough I could wait for the movie to come out. I really wanted to get that scene spoke to my heart of trying to figure out that help me continue to discover my center. You know what things been stolen from me when you created me. What did you mean I will. I know that my parents didn't expect me but I was in an accident you expected me right you know they didn't at all, but you did and so you had an intention behind that and so what is that sooner and so it's been a great thing that every time I hear it brings you back to that place of one being very grateful to gather these help me find a lot of that but also how much more is are out there do you have for me to discover and help me to find that center that I lost sight of you is right along with. I think we did a show earlier in the year on childlike faith or wonder, and he gets into that now wonders that discovery of who you are that identity of not being taken out, but really finding you week we get taken out when we lose that sense of wonder where we're like okay what is going to the motion to get through life instead of saying okay, all the things that you put into me as a child and that were at my center unit. What are you what are you doing to bring those things out of me dates to experience, wonder, and finding you in that when you can go back as from a set last week show on chaos that the way out of it out of it from the land of snow globe ship was to be astonished.

I and what I've seen this year. In the places that I got astonished. I really love that word is a really fun work is some of things that astonished me the most about God and most about Jesus because I guess those are things that I get a chance to see that I get a chance to reflect and I was really mean a lot to sleep.

The other last week thinking about friends of mine and what what was their glory and where am I astonished and I realize that Sam you know is a judge and the judge in speaking of Hebrews and let me know.

I don't know about low but I know that Judge means finding the good well he's got heart right to be around Sam long to realize that that is part of his center. He is going to try to find something good in in a situation and then focus on that being the truest thing it's it's really it's really cool is in and I couldn't help but note that in that I was astonished, as I just went home and look at that. That is completely my friend and I really think that it it's one of the honors of walking with godly people is to see their center there their glory and begin to call it out and what did you do you know this about yourself. This is really who your we had today. Danny is not with us this week.

He's recovering from the Calder procedure covering for Matt he said is just a tremendous was the night before Christmas mass and journey style right and I just had us and there is the characters and it was so well written and you see in that same and I want to call out more of that. I mean, he was so gifted and what he did and he listed out there is something to make a slab in some first appreciate my gosh gifting he has in that area. Absolutely, you know that it I look forward to asking him anyway teasing on it to be caught out in him and say well it's find more that one is sure one thing about that movie rise of the guardians. I would encourage you if you haven't seen it, go ahead and get it's very family-friendly. I want you to watch for a couple things. What's God trying to say through the movie and really watch the evil character, and how he hates the guardians the darkness that evil characters the darkness. You know like Hollywood's pretty original there right yeah the darkness is because of the darkness in Scripture right and so it's really pretty cool to set and watch it if you haven't watch.

It's great family movie but really let God speak to you through it with a lot of these other movies as well and really show how Jack Frost was called into place. We have Nat King Cole, writing the Christmas song about chestnuts roasting on an open fire and Jack Frost finish line guys does everybody knows Jack Frost, if you don't learn from 99 from the Santa Claus three. There was Jack frustrating that so switching gears a little bit.

There is a lot of movies that we should put term should play.

Could we meet we showed up last week asking that we play clips from but what some of the other movies that are out there because this is just the tip of the Christmas movie icebergs are so many more.

Robby, you played the Guido gasket thing and it reminds me of the movie Scrooge. Of course you know with Bill Murray in on the span on the very same thing you know on it and it gets back to that whole story you in how I like to watch that because it is you are trying to take you back in that better version of you exact. It's one of the most amazing character arcs of all time is to take Scrooge in that place that Charles Dickens had them to the place it Scrooge ends up in the and in so many Christmas stories, movies, whatever know for me personally, you know, there's hardly a night this time of year that I don't do my best to try to watch some Christmas and and it really because I think for me personally. My heart is always crying out where like with Mary Lou where are you Christmas and I want that feeling that that I had as a child that you know that that wonder that astonishment and and so we find a lot of times in the context of the stories is like a very Barbie Christmas it's it's Barbie and the blowfish movies are some good TV shows after some classics and Jimmy talked about going to watch a Christmas story every year there's one that I watch every year and then some that I forget about that are so good that you may stumble upon them again and you have a take on a movie that people would not consider Christmas movie and not so diehard that I would hear that last year we believe are tired that we retire that one could tell us about that. The movie that's been on your heart mean above the Charlie Brown Charlie Brown special right above that there was one even deeper heart so only start when I came into the masculine. During one of the talks we do the larger story and a lot of times it just helped you get context of really what's going on in this world you hear the gospel. Sometimes what you just take it is the gospel of Jesus came really.

The story started all the way back in Genesis but and then up the book of John. If you get an era where Jesus was in the beginning but what we don't realize so much.

Or think about is when Jesus came to this earth when he was born it was much more like D-Day, then it is how we put it peace on earth and goodwill toward men. Joy to the world. We those are the those of the output.

I mean those are the things that we we benefit from. But when he came many children lost their lives. He had to flee to Egypt, it was not. It wasn't right on. You know, we make it the manger scene with that you know the star and all that but it it was not that it was more like D-Day. What was that insomuch movie was.

And there's things that we don't see you realize that when you really think about it D-Day Jesus was entering this earth, and he was not welcome by Satan when he entered this earth and it's the same way that you know soldiers come in and trying to take the beach at Normandy they were welcome welcome with our power. You know they were work bullets is what they were welcome with they were invading enemy territory, absolutely. And that's what that's what Jesus was in on you not try to always remember that story Christmas not to. I love the peace on earth, goodwill toward me and I love what Jesus done. He came and entered this world and he was not accepted and he was attacked and you know ultimately gave his life for us, but it just helps me to remember the importance of it that it wasn't just just this nice pretty time it was really a it was resisted know one of the things that I think we don't focus on so much. When we think about the nativity scenes and in everything Jesus came into this world and a very ordinary way he lived most of his life on earth is a very ordinary person and I think it was a reason behind that you know he he had a very meager lifestyle. When we know we read a little bit about his birth and the first part and then there's that has been in the temple when he was around 12 and then he moves the rest of his life and we don't know squat about it and then when he starts his ministry. He tells that the foxes have holes, and so but the Son of Man then have a place to lay his head. Even though such an ordinary meager lifestyle to be the divine person that he was, and I think there's a reason why he did it. I think he wanted that ordinary people identify with him. It is in that vein, it's not unusual for me to talk to somebody is terrified of being homeless like mine that Jesus never had a home, leaving have a place he always is taking think you think Harold think everybody like to encourage it to look this up you where are all the social media stuff. There is a massive injury.

Twitter did know that it's out there is masking journey on Facebook just about every social media masculine journeys on you can look us up there and I like to do something this week going to take your favorite Christmas movie and make it 2020 style. For example, Christmas vacation would be Christmas vacation and send it to me will have some fun with her next week.

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