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Best Of MSL 2020 7: The Truth Matters

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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February 17, 2020 1:00 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 7: The Truth Matters

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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February 17, 2020 1:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. This week, Matt talks churches involved in politics and when we die, is it really our time? You don't want to miss a second of this folks.

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick's Top 6
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

This is good Truth Network welcome to the best medicine was why the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found on laws that car would alright buddy. When you go mean why I thought that we are referred to the bride of Christ encourages reporters brighter men and women and they were like wonder how that relates to the LGBT you saying and things and I really have a good answer and I haven't had time to go on research yet but I was wondering what you would is just a technological poetic kind of reference to the church as being a pure bride of God himself. God is referred to them as the masculine, and so we the redeemed are to join with the Lord in the wedding feast and it is a the thing about backup a little about marriage lot able to understand the theology of marriage with the teacher on it's it's a great topic, but Mel is you will you for me to China before. Oh yeah, while not not important, but I Artie, many times that I've been on my mock arm about it. I need to write a conflict in doing a video series on the theology of marriage because it's what I use when you marriage counseling developed over the years of marriage counseling. I find it solves a lot of problems, but in any rate, so you know that the marriage covenant exists because of the intra-Trinitarian covenant relationship determines covenant and its relationship of of that and so covenant is a packer agreement between two or more parties, and the marriage covenant is a trip is a Trinitarian covenant in that is a covenant between the husband and the wife that one form the husband-wife and the public next to an end. Husband-wife and God. Next three or three aspects of the covenant relationship.

The parties involved in so when we look at the covered aspect. There's a covenant and a covenant. T. And so we in the covenantal aspect of God's redemptive work are the ones who are united with him. Now the husband and wife are united in a physical sense but also in a spiritual sense, and so they are simply one flesh. Others a representation of harmony, a representation of union in that marriage that is carried over in its representation of the union that we can have with God in heaven.

It will course and not be sexual at all. It's going to be intimate and this is why is it spoken of in that marriage ceremony and many aspect of the marriage ceremony in the Jewish context reflected in the New Testament. For example, Jesus says no one knows the day nor the hour. The return of his return, but the father along the reason that was said like that is because in the cultural context of the marriage ceremony, a father arranged with another father to have his son or daughter have a son. Mary and so they had to arrange the party. Arrange all the celebration and everything and then the sun would build a mansion.

Jesus is mentioned build a place for you.

He would build a room on to his father's home and then it was customary for the father to say. Now you're ready to go get your bride and the idiom was no man knows the day nor the hour when the father will say when it's okay for the sun to go get the bride but they really didn't know because you had to have the ceremony set up. The people there. The fatted calf killed the wine that are the people travel that could could have a free winter condition vehicles and take a long journey and they had to prepare so it was the customary thing to say that kind of thing is what Jesus was referring to know Mendoza don't the hour and the father would say the sun you can go but they did know this is purely cultural and so we seal kind of marriage things woven into the New Testament we are the pure virgin bride will how's that possible were pure in the sense that those who have died in Christ. Romans seven for R.have been freed from the law, and are no longer under the law.

Romans 7124 and when there is no law there is no sin.

Romans 513 so we could be said to be pure by proxy seat. There's the symbolism that goes in there and this is was going on has nothing to do with gender fluidity and LGBT Q stuff. It has to do with biblical theological perspectives.

Okay, yeah, and it beautiful a minute. They make a lot of them and it is great I love it very much ma'am you're welcome very much God bless our that was Jack from Raleigh, North Carolina.

We have two open lines 87720776 look at the creek from Florida hey Craig, welcome to show you're on the first of all, I gotta tell you what a joy it is to just speak with you personally. I gotta give you low testimony on Christmas time this last year my wife and I will been married for almost 45 years, we are Goldstar parents. I'm sure you know what a gold star dad is you visit a lot. Okay, okay, I apologize for that presumptive but are we lost our son in the war and in that makes you automatically a Goldstar parent and so I am now the chaplain of Goldstar fathers for the Florida and we basically reach out to families of the fallen. My wife with reaches out to moms.

I reach out to the dads.

So were were very active in that that's that's really a ministry that God has put us into you know you got a car grow where you're planted in. I went through a real real rough time. The first couple years after my son was killed in action, but note God's grace that I thought I can say it just God's grace is poured out on me in full measure. But this last Christmas were driving up 95 going to run up to Nashville Tennessee and then were going to cut over to Gatlinburg and rented a beautiful As were driving up the EI you hold a gift to you that right after the hearing was going okay okay the stages folks you write back with Craig as the rest of Matt's link take it all away Matt welcome back to the show with Victor creek from Florida hey Craig state. Thanks for waiting. Yes or what I would say you know we we went up to Nashville catch any grants Christmas concert and up and up to Gatlinburg and staying in a cabin but on the way up.

We saw these posters on the side of the highway that basically said you know Jesus is coming again bubble so I said to Tommy that, you know, my wife and I said I'm gonna Google that and come to find out it was a reformed church of God, and I knew that that was no Armstrongs people basically had broken off from Armstrong Sturgeon so it while we were digging into this this whole thing about the reformed church of God, we came upon your website and it happened to be at the time of the evening when you were all alive on on on on air and on the Truth Network. My wife and I would like we were just forward. We are like wow this is fantastic and now you know I'm and I'm up. I'm a professional artist here in Florida and I when I sent my office.

I turn on Truth Network and I mean you turn me on to this just big pot of gold on my waiting to get to the end of the rainbow. You know it's it's really wonderful so I just had to tell you brother thank you very much for what you're doing now just keep listening in and give his weep as the Lord leads and everything in and provide the justice fantastic what you're doing and I were just which is very thankful for you will know you have to get the Lord God, because yes, the guy knows and that's not a failure and God. God is the one and also the Truth Network I can't give details for this essay. They've been kind and is because either kindness that enabled them beyond here and you don't know and that's okay God does that that they're good people right so here we are well and you can tell you, you can tell and once again I do thank you for your ministry but I do have.

I have one theological question. If I could throw.

Are you sure if I may II had this I would have a discussion with his brother just just a short while back about angels and he was talking about how angels can still come to earth and have relations with women and reproducing all benefit. Wait, wait, wait a minute when you get that the Bible I hate it. Well, you know that he started talk about you know the Giants in the Old Testament and and I said, not you. Just listen to me clearly, Jesus said angels neither marry or are given in marriage, and I don't see anything sexual there. I don't see any relationship with what you're talking about so I didn't really know how to come back from a biblical standpoint, other than just to say what Jesus said angels neither marry are given in marriage okay well let me help you in Genesis chapter 6 we have the issue. The nestling and the nestling. The early church always taught until the 1500s and the Jews always taught it that the naphthalene were the offspring between fallen angels and people and women now.

When you quote Christ of the verse right away. Neither given in marriage that's true, but it doesn't mean they can't do other things.

It just puts restriction on the issue of marriage as we know that the sinful people fornicate outside of marriage so it doesn't mean that that that kind of activity can't happen because is not an issue of marriage in this issue of the naphthalene. The reason the church basically throughout history of kind of deviated from the traditional view. In 1500 was because it became ridiculed so they developed was called the Seth type theory when the sons of Noah, Seth was a mighty man etc. it has all kind of problems with so Alyssa, so the Jews always taught in the church always taught except the 5000s a set time that it was the offspring between the fallen angels and when you go to Genesis chapter 6 verse nine and this is the chapter that deals with the naphthalene. It says in this verse. These are the records of the generations of Noah was a righteous man, blameless in all his generations are pure in all his generations is an interesting verse. It seems to imply that biologically speaking his his ancestry was good and so one of the theories associated with this is that that the enemy of the gospel had him and his cohort, the fallen angels were seeking to destroy the messianic line, and so the flood came to destroy them. That's one thing and another thing is that in Daniel chapter 2.

We have had a very interesting there and in Daniel's specs there of Nebuchadnezzar's vision and the statue without getting too much into it, but the statue represents history and the feet of that statue reading and the Daniel 42 of Scooby 240 242 as the toes of the feet were partly of iron. Upon receipt of some of the kingdom will be strong and partly brittle.

Verse 43 now this is talk about the end times when the last kingdom that was talking about and in that you saw the iron mixed with common clay say will combine with one another in the seed of men and I remember hearing a commentary about this that that they can't be people because of the Hebrew construction. They will combine that with one another in the seat of which is really an interesting statement and this is eschatological. Now when we go to Matthew 2437 for the coming of the Son of Man will just be be like that was the days of Noah prison those days before the flood they were eating, drinking, Mary given in marriage to the day that Noah entered the ark, and they did not understand the flood flood came and took them all away that 17 says they did not understand until the flood came and destroyed them all to the ones who were eating and drinking married in marriage with her once were wicked, their lives were destroyed and said to me to be in the field was taken was left. The wicked are the ones were taken and in Luke 17 asking where to be taken and Jesus answers with the bodies of vultures gather the reason this is significant as Jesus said it was as it was the days of Noah. It will be like this.

Again, the return of Christ. So if that's the case that the nestling were then there doesn't mean then that they'll be as a again now and we don't notice a case or not but as we put these together we can make the case that with that would be. Is it the fact I don't know, but it's interesting. It's all the stuff about the naphthalene and the fallen Angels is certainly biblically possible. I certainly the best!… Mark okay got to the bank and said I can't resist doing this to and if you go to in the context of the city. Go to Matthew 1330.

The parable of the wheat and the tares and the wheat are the good in the tares of the wicked and a safe return of the wheat and the tares. He says no literature of the wheat also allow both to go together until the harvest, say the time the harvest first gather the wicked versus taken anywhere there's a very big brother God bless you.

Let's cripple Florida would break folks right back at his best, let you know that we stand nearby your support information. We ask for the bickering of small, that's fine because it helps something decisions based on some of Africa's so moving forward the Lord bless this is Matt's link to get away. Matt looking back to the shuttle by let's see if John is still long after 20 minutes of waiting, thanks for your John are you there and do it all right answer about the long wait but thanks we got no you believe in saying that some of it.

It yes. Ecclesiastes says his appointed time for everything, and time to live in a time to die, nestling is necessary.

Okay what what what strip plate. Do you believe every some of it bad in them. Okay, how do you square that with the lack say a baby is born and maybe week later I was on the planet. My son the board is born and died right away.

That was his time appointed by the Lord, because nothing can occur if the counsel of God.

Ephesians 111 doesn't mean God is hard dropping his care can happen unless it's within the sovereign will of God. He permitted a port.

All important.

So I yapped bringing about you. Thank you, though, that you believe that and you were just talking about Democrats and abortion could not play it is being smart Alec could not play them aborted babies. It must've been that the end of that yes it was. It was blessing God works all things after the counsel of his will.

We have in theology what's called the ultimate cause. The proximate cause and the efficient cause. This is just fancy terms is a God began everything. He's the ultimate cause and things work throughout history and so when stiff.

If I were to throw a ball at a wall. Then the ball hitting the wall behind the proximate cause I'm the one that disputed before the thing that brought that to be on the efficient cause in that I threw the ball on the cause of that ball smoke motion so when we say that God causes things are different senses in which we can understand that is the ultimate cause of all things good. Nothing would exist if God had not brought the universe into existence and nothing can exist unless God permits it to exist. So he permits people to lie and cheat and steal and we say that that that is a violation of what we call this prescriptive will.

Don't lie. Don't cheat the still steel that is revealed will.

And so we don't with us what God does is he allows people to lie and cheat and steal. He allows them to sin. He allows them to kill the unborn, and that allowance is within the sovereign plan of God. Nothing he causes it, but he because he got the efficient cause is not the proximate cause is the ultimate cause, but not the sense that he's one who made it happen. So this gets in the theological philosophy and logic about how to deal with these things. So yes, God appoints everything in the time of death, and that appointment is not by direct causation to the hand of an abortionist, for example, but because he abortionist is the efficient cause of that sin, but God is the one who allowed him to be able to do that and the only reason that child was allowed to do that because God permitted it was within his his permissive will to allow it and then that time is ordained by God in his permissive will that make sense understand thank my computer in the middle of this. When the people say is that dumb that going back to children that no polyp or Are y'all saying that that's the way God wanted it just different ways which you can say want one launches is he wants us not to lie but he wants to permit us to lie. So the different kinds of wants want one want is a direct will become prescriptive want prescriptive.

He prescribes don't lie that his permissive what he wants to allow us to so when you say God wants to. In one sense, yes, but another sense, no just want people to sin, but he wants to allow them to send. So this is this is the nature of these kinds of theological discussions we have to get the more nuanced definitions and discussions. This is why we have terms like prescriptive will permissive will the creative will we have efficient cause proximate cause ultimate cause is the reason these terms exist because of these kind of discussions about you talk about the different" will get whole I get what I mean when I got one in, I love your local dying what God had in mind.

At the beginning for PSA a defense to appeal court, that yes you did say you see this integral drill to die, but under what circumstances is it because because it assesses either in Exodus 411 New Mexico God said to make the eye blind or deaf, the tongue dunk down is not I the Lord. So God says he does these kinds of things.

So could it be that for a particular person he wants that person to guide a certain time in a direct way. He has a reason for I think it certainly theologically possible. Is it also possible that someone could do something bad to someone else at that age and as we know it does happen in this world, and sin has its way, and people are murdered will. God doesn't want that in the prescriptive way, but he wanted in a permissive plate because he's given us as representatives of him made in his image in a suit to this one, 26 that we reflect him and we have the responsibility that goes with that freedom.

And so therefore we are carrying out our freedom, and though for a 12-year-old girl who is to say murder. It is a tragedy and it certainly is. But on the other hand such a child.

Hopefully by the God's grace is delivered into his hands into his presence. So these are not easy questions to answer their good questions you're asking very good questions and I'm serious, but answering them is not so easy because are variations of voice that words and concepts can be understood.

So this travois until you're out of you have gave me something to think about. And thank you. Protect Michael. Well, thank you.

Great question. Seriously, these are the kinds of things. I have some friends and we we have these real heady sophisticated cut kind of conversations. If I can daresay that along with these kinds of Tom topics we go back and forth trying to solve certain problems come up with answers to things with few friends I talked to like this idea right there asking good questions met erector. Good stuff.

Okay will you good day to come less all right.

I was in this really surgical is a really good questions.

I love that kind of stuff.

All right, let's see. The next longest week person is filled in California fill welcome good afternoon Matt, good afternoon.

Thank you. Link regeneration take place in the believer's life when God regenerates us to click… The thickly note the crop questions are nailed to the cross. The court of first Peter 224 2000 years ago, and the sin debt was canceled at the cross. Colossians 214, so we were even alive that this can only be possible if God imputes his records legally to Christ the future. Since people so we were not regenerated at that point because regeneration so that occurs in the person it it's assignment synonymous with being born again. John 3325 talks about that were caused to be born again. First Peter 13 so that the generation occurs when God does it. When God makes us born again and that's different for different people different times but had to be alive and one of the Someone or shirt pocket. That name date. All of the leading defense apostasy can be damnable and non-damn you can have it.

Apostasy belief in a full stock such as, for example, the idea of annihilation is but that does not mean that a person who holds to it is not a Christian, but if something were to move into the apostasy. The false doctrine of saying that Jesus did not rise from the dead. Physically that's a body. He died and that would be a damnable heresy because first, it is 1514 and 17 says so so depends on what is talked about apostasy me to fall away from. We can follow fall away from true doctrines that are already offer that are not essential and you can follow away from true doctrines that are essential, so one would not be damnable real and what the Catholic Church is damnable because they have denied the true nature of the gospel and cursed the true gospel in the headworks to salvation and require as those things necessary for salvation.

Being the Catholic Church tenants. The denial of riches, baptism, and keeping commandments and the sacraments. All these things are necessary lights own words necessary for salvation. Therefore, it has it has denied the true gospel that we are justified by faith through Christ of faith in Christ alone and that is out of Romans 328 Romans 45 Romans 51, Galatians 216 to 21, Titus three, five, and to top it off with Galatians 51 through five. So the Bible teaches justification by faith alone in Christ alone.

The Roman Catholic Church denies because it anathema curses it and teaches that were saved. Like it says in paragraph 2060 and the Catholic catechism and that blasphemous teaching says that we obtain salvation through faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments in James 210. It says those are your curse, but not under obligation to keep the whole law if they follow one aspect of the law and Galatians 310 says under curse. If you don't abide by all things written in the book of the law to perform them so they put themselves back under the law are teaching a false gospel to people and along with that they teach idolatry in the form of Mary Mary all the tree in and exalt her to the level of God aside and promote idolatry is a false church and apostate church. Catholics believe that what is regenerated with document born again and with a teaches that the born-again time at the baptism that all the original sin and all their sins up to the point is removed if they were to die right there.

They would go straight to heaven with a walk across the street in lust after somebody that they've lost a little bit of the grace that was infused into them, and so therefore they die difficult purgatory and they have to suffer for a while and to live and purify and go to heaven well in order to get the grace back. You have to go through the sacraments and the sacraments are only it obtainable to the Roman Catholic Church system so you have to go to the Roman Catholic Church get the sacraments to get infused grace back into your soul singer made more righteous the words grace then becomes a work administered by the authority the Roman Catholic Church that keeps its people under the bondage of its false doctrine. Roman Catholic Church is in bad bondage of man bondage of man. There is more about my sling few seconds away. That's cold outside and you get out of the shower in your towel won't dry you off.

Oh, you makes you feel like you might need to throw in the towel or go-ahead.

We got something better for you.

My pillow towels mean some bath towels just don't absorb water others. You know you feel like you're drying off with sandpaper about 20 years ago, the textile manufacturers came up with the not so brilliant idea to make towel softer by adding chemicals.

Great idea, but one problem the towels won't dry you off my pillow is changing back to the better days when towels actually worked. This is Southern cotton from the USA 60 day moneyback guarantee colors to match any bathroom white mineral Greystone ocean blue Royal purple and more. If you're in right now you get 30% off except to bath towels to hand towels and two washcloth call 800-943-7096 use promo code car got my utilization of this matter sling to get away. Matt, let's get over to Courtney from Ohio Courtney, welcome to the show you were on the air Iron Curtain at your are and how important it court gave to the vocal on how archaic or things that are happening in our nation anything about that. I think they should be I should. I think we should be from Paul about politics from the pulpit. I think we should speak about candidates who advocate killing babies and they should gather prayed for and condemn and against homosexuality need to speak on these things.

Voting is visually important, etc. we have recalled okay right back right folks right back out his messages. Please let us know matter sling to get away Matt welcome back the shoulder buddy with human lines 877-207-2276.

All right, let's get back on their you heard Courtney, are you there okay yes I think Christian should be very involved in politics very alarming over here after thinking anything about how it affect our government and I know right are looking for a church and nine.

Of course I want to go there and the number one reason I went to college I were set the Lord, that I felt like nothing being bad about what's going on in our country are technically able to continue it out any agree, and if the person the pastor is preaching to the word he will end up preaching on politics. If I were a pastor of the church. Again, I would be saying things about politics and give a flying riff about 501(c)(3).

If people are donated to the church because they want tax deduction then well you know that's a problem on their rent that I would be saying things like, look folks, this candidate supports you abortion.

That's it. We can supported Christians can't in good conscious. This is one of teach a vibrational and is wrong I to I go through the issues related to that and would address it. This is that you know don't call yourself a Christian. If you be supporting people who were killing the unborn.

This rare that will you and I felt comfortable being right wishy-washy FA and found out that at least we should say it to her liking the debate with Hillary Clinton era thing you know she's okay. Let Arterburn is sort of like elsewhere. Okay I would like. I think that me and being a draft that is certainly an believe that you have a question that cannot support you one of the worst thing is happening to the Christian church is a 501(c)(3) because you can't say that about politics will actually you can you can. Let's just say that the church has $500,000 year coming in donations left to say. And a certain percentage is that you have less taxes because they have taxes pressing less taxes because a 501(c)(3) and the government is up. I'm sorry you lost your 501(c)(3) I could to see me it up. They came to me is that you lost your status actually boo-hoo allow my gas I would like to do. Now I go preach the same thing. Even more of it. Who cares, I do understand why people would Christians are so afraid of the world were really worried about Sitting on your hands start speaking the truth in the pulpit slam the pulpit down with a fist if you have to emphasize a truth but just say it.

The narrative of God's power is they don't say anything ever attribute that I care about you, personally, would you move along the circumstances not know something. Ever.

That's a long time, but if they avoided politics that would be a concern and by probably looking elsewhere, but we need to speak on homosexuality need to speak on the degradation of morality and moral relativism did speak on the political things going on. We need to pray for the people in a political office. Christians need to become lawyers.

They need to run for Senate.

They will need to run for Congress.

They need to be involved, and we have to do that kind of a thing, because if we don't then the unbelievers are to get control. One thing that scares the crap out of me just guy the homosexual guy Peter Jay Sekulow president is running as a leftist project think you you know some sexual well okay.

Can he be a good president.

I don't know what would happen if bills and things came forth defending the Christians right to say no to homosexuality. What's he going to do this scares me because I know how aggressive the homosexual movement is, there is little or not the stories about their aggression and against Christians and they actually do things to set people up on purpose so they can bring lawsuits against in the news media which is in cahoots with the leftist wackos doesn't relieve the stuff on all we Christians of telling people not learning paradigm learning I'm reading and writing to get criminalized well guess what the word in Greek for sorcery is sorcery its form. I knew you the Kia sorcery and drugs and also to say something here that I think the defense of this before thinking maybe have. I have a friend who was one of the first responders and 9/11 and he's got all kinds of medical problems because of the long story short, he was a paramedic for couple of years. He told me to my face is verified as SMO, are you sure if he has told me that he would get in the New York area. He would get calls to deliver what you would get calls to go into drug houses were owed overdoses had occurred and he's told me that they got very good. He and his partner had very good at assessing who is dead, who is not that very quickly. They would triage they would do whatever they could to try and save as many people as they could fasten the cut and he told me that he counted. He went through and he counted them.

It happened 11 times that people who had used injectables that Carol injectables that they had died and he told me 11 times was working on somebody else in a drug house over OD 11 different times. A dead person that sat up and said you can't have mine then falling back how you yes you tested have an 11 times I can call me get on the air sometime and he can verify. But the thing is, the cult is there and it there's some connection between drug use and the degradation of morality society and everything. It's a portal. When I do stuff with the occult in the sense of witnessing against it and working with people who have been involved with it. I have to ask them about doors of your liberty doors and over one of the questions I ask is your done drugs, so he what this guy wants to legalize these drugs. Isaac yes I know about it. It is Christians were terrifyingly alarmed about this and it should be preached from the pulpit's and if the government wants a stable take away your five most 501(c)(3). I think thank you, I'd love that they tried separation of church and break our part in the carpet. It's not is not in fact when people tell me that what I do as I say, if you read the early constitutions of the constant of the 13 colonies when they became states in a single course that you read the Bill of Rights.

If you read the Constitution. You'll see in which Christianity is woven into it.

I read them and the constitutions of many of the other founding states stated you could not hold office if you want a member of the Christian church.

I remember learning that part is all kinds of this stuff out there that quotes on my website okay I the second government and the separation of church and state UI member was this gets me I was some how I was doing the prayer thing here at voice. He had pastors and stuffed it with the on the steps in print was one of the when the gutter prayed, been there a few times and in the atheist or down protest and will have the right to protest and so because they want separation of church and state, and I went down to talk to one woman. I said so the chief the church, you have no involute influence in the state right and he said that's correct should not have any influence of the separation of church and state is okay to the stake tell the church what to do and she stared at me.

I said because you will church separation of church and state or do you want the state to tell the church what it can do with the church to which is it.

She was visibly stunned by the question which had never the leftists you know you can beat up a leftist, with one frontal lobe tied behind her back. We can pray for this country.

We need a revival in this country and we need we need Christian men in the Christian pulpits to preach the Christian truth of the person work of Christ, and we need to have them speak without fear of the government or the fear of their friends and her family, or fear of the congregation staying or not you need to preach the truth of God's word and let people leave and Linda second job that they have to preach that word because that's what they're called by God to do and they ought to do it with power with prayer, with fasting and with pleading before the throne of God that they can properly represent his truth and let the 501(c)(3) donation stuff fall by the wayside. Trust in God not in the dollar not in our laws not in her protections. Trust in Christ and preach the truth. Let the chips fall where they may need to happen that's what you have in the church is a church or to doing that revival would probably occur but instead it was happening as too many people are lowering the power of that word to defend this deeply. I just tell people if your client when I preached you come to hear the truth. I'm not here to make you feel good. I'm here to tell the truth what happens if you praise God, if it doesn't, the death between you and God. Now open your Bibles to that's out all right. Thank you got going

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