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Spurgeon on Prayer

Encouraging Prayer / James Banks
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May 16, 2020 12:00 pm

Spurgeon on Prayer

Encouraging Prayer / James Banks

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May 16, 2020 12:00 pm

This week James and Robby dive into some quotes and writings from Charles Spurgeon on the topic of prayer.

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Dr. James author of best-selling and many other books on prayer provides weekly insight help you learn to mom and now I am so excited about go back into one originally encouraged our encourager. James is so valid.

And prayer was apparently Charles had Spurgeon was like your foundational image of how to get there. You know he's differently here you is writing what an amazing man of God is called the prince of preachers, but what a lot of people don't realize is that Charles Spurgeon credited all of his success to the power of God to answer prayer that we just talk about some of his quotes on on prayer today because the powerful and just kind of knock some of them around. I want to start with one. This is a direct quote, but concept just give you an idea of one of the things he talked about Robbie was that you have a difference with someone and you cannot persuade them. Why not just pray about just just pray about it and go straight to God because he can go to their heart when no one else. That brilliant really hasn't some misuse by the minute.

Here's a directly recent praying is the chief matter. Praying this the end of preaching words. You know that's the very purpose of preaching to get people to bright preaching has its right use, must never be neglected, but real heart devotion is worth more than anything else. He says prayer is the power which brings down God's blessing upon all our work. I love that because he just points out, you know, unless God makes it happen and we can't do it for great and I really love what he said in a that that is the idea is that when I think of the best sermons I neighborhood occurred. They led me to wanting to talk to Tom and I like it revealed something that I needed to actually discuss with him which we know is where is really the rubber meets the road.

No doubt yeah all through the church.

Progress is, in proportion to the prayer so he you know pastor, the largest church in the world at the time and the amazing thing was that whenever he could not be at the church.

The thing that he told the leaders of the church was, by all means keep up the prayer meetings and you know he believed in United prayer personal prayer. Listen to this quote a powerful quote for personal prayer. Prayer is an open door which none can ship devils may surround you on all sides but the way upward is always open as long as that road is unobstructed. You will not fall into the hands and I'll tell you when I looked at quote I just I think of the times I've been pressed in my life seems like the devil is coming at me from from every side. But that way you know like you me up Jesus is that it's it's the power of God coming down into us so that we have strength for the battle in his presence is fullness of joy in all circumstances. So especially when you're really hard-pressed right right and he said it another time. True prayer is always true power of this carefully you made all not always get what you ask but you will always have your real ones supplied know what you think. You sitting there.

Now I kind of figured that she can teaching me that for years and I don't know if I got to admit that you know what my heart is crying for is him and though I think I need whatever that may be what he knows that I really need it. Is that intimacy with him right right and apply in so many ways. Silver one hour Spurgeon once said elsewhere that you know God may not respond in silver but he will goal. Basically it's of that meaning metaphorically that God is going to give us the very best when we asking for help. Here's another quote about praying for others intercessors prayer, loving others with their prayers.

He says I commend intercessory prayer because it opens man's soul gives a healthy play to his sympathies constrains him to feel that he is not everybody and that this wide world of this great universe were not.

After all, made that he might be its petty Lord, everything might bend to his will in all creatures crouch at his feet of it does him good. I say to make you know that the cross was not uplifted the loan for him for its far-reaching arms were means to drop with blessings upon millions of the human race, and he finishes with this thou lean and hungry worshiper of self. This is an exercise which would which make another man of the man more like the Son of Man man, Rebecca, scorching quote way, but it says pray for others, take the focus off yourself and you can't help but think that you know he had experienced in a way he sees he's referring to is on times I have a feeling that he's experienced absent will.

Haven't we all like what were in that place of Lord I want you to meet my needs and then the Spirit says to you quietly hate what about over here you now how about how about your brother or your sister who is hurting and down so important, so important, so I'd say here's here's another one about about prayer meetings.

This is one of my favorite thing again. It's a tough one.

If it how we ought to pray for enough for one another.

How often does the church needs together for prayer.

Should we all make it our duty to be there. I would that some of you who are absent from the prayer meeting upon any little excuse would reflect upon how much you rob us all the prayer meeting is an invaluable institution ministering strength to all other meetings and agencies that the smoker is habit. You know he's experienced that group prayer that that you guys experienced therapy struck yeah yeah we got to pray to the work of the church depends on it it it absolutely vital and so you know Spurgeon was out with a loving man and he was a powerful preacher and he he just said very clearly look this matters so much. Another time he said Mr. Miller friend of mine said the other evening. I shall go to the lecture tonight but I didn't go on Monday, for it was only a prayer meeting and he said why that's the best service in the week so again that that is that this deriving thing for this church that he served. I know will probably get to the end here timewise Robbie, but man it we can learn so much from these prayers of the past and doubt one of one of the things that he said just a couple of things to encourage our listeners. One unanswered petitions are not unheard God keeps a file for our prayers are not blown away by the wind. They are treasured in the Kings archives so him in all of this. What you see is here's a man of God who treasures prayer and how much God uses and how much it means to us because because it is such a powerful important thing we have to treasure it as well. I think finally begin to pray as we close Mike said Jesus, thank you for bless us and us for innovation people in the past that that that if experienced this relationship that have been tested on us.

Help us to see the joy help us to experience prayer with one another and just meet where you would have us be in this prayer in Jesus name I pray, amen and hear more from Pastor James by visiting the website James or by visiting these church in Durham, North Carolina. May God bless you and encourage you to pray

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