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Interview With God Part Drew

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 7, 2020 12:30 pm

Interview With God Part Drew

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 7, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! The Fall Boot Camp is quickly approaching. The guys continue their discussion on the question Jesus once asked, what would you have me do for you? The clip comes from the film "The Legend of Bagger Vance."

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy sharing. But most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth podcast. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man plays a major life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. How do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest with your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey. We're glad that you're with is this week and I'm really glad to be back. You guys this week is weird not being with you last week it was. You know I I was in Raleigh with my son, my daughter actually came in from Vegas and was visiting here so I took her back to the airport was over there went to have a meal with my son in Raleigh because he lives there and opted to do that instead of seeing you guys, which I did miss seeing you guys was great to have some time with him but it I did miss you guys.

It felt like a big void of my week was across the Solutia yeah here is talking about you talking about lately. I heard a few especially nice which is good yes ricer to me and I'm not here than I nicer new when you're here I am.

Robby, can you tell us a little bit about last week's topic is really continued this week last week show was called an interview with God. And so this is an interview with God part is actually the SQL but Wegman call it affectionately part drew which allow coming to clarity as you listen to this, but the ideas week we are about a week out from boot camp and so hopefully be able to do a live show from the camp next week, but you know, one of the things that Jesus said there you know what the pool of Bethesda is to the guy, you know, what would you have me do for you and you want to get well is kind of the picture and so is we go into this experience would be really good for the team to just, say Jesus what you want to do this and I know Jesus is going to come for every guy at the camp but housing and income for Robby and what where do I need to get well because I know that we are called for a much call to healing because in order to run with God and in and be able to be the father, husband, all the things that I am well.

I can't be getting angry here or running out of control all over the place and so in my own healing. Where do I know that it is accepted that God wants to take me in and what do I want to work on this particular boot camp so as I didn't put this, it doesn't. So last week that several of you guys went to name some of us that you didn't know last week I wasn't here and so many go this week but before you get to that to be a shared last week Rodney and Robby and no one asking over a week away from when you shared was a week ago today and you guys can share on that topic and we just kind of left it there for the last week or does God continue to take a little deeper as we get closer to boot camp. Unfortunately, I may not have been its contents should be one specific example was just did I just come home is really no reason for anything and I'm just dog once in no doubt need to go out Jimmy's or Jesus ago and I'm just like all the dogs up here and I night Artie let the dog in the open dog okay go back out and I was looking like you just let me in, get back out. Next thing you know, I just yelled at the dog, which is really yelling at Sue because she's one of said I told you she needs to stay out because normally it's like a doctor so I just know you know yelling at the dogs really means of knowing at Sue and of the site I'm supposed be content in this.

Is this what you are referring to Lord is I'm supposed to be content in these situations, which is something I should not be blowing up at all and just little things just got to me so there's been a few little moments like that that it reminded me Rodney yeah this is why he's preparing for the season because you need to be content. Yeah I don't I don't think dog spray be given every opportunity to one upright giving away from that great and I think I could get in the name of his boot camp, knee seems appropriate for the season. You understand that winter in a little while B&B could be uncle be there so yeah I definitely have been in this one of the joys of the season that were, and as a team is actually preparing for the tongs and it almost seems just from not only on God's agenda that he takes the window a talk that you clearly need a lot of work and I hadn't known like how much work he had for me right there in essentially the idea of calling anywhere that fit into you know, essentially my self-control issues and so as I was describing you guys. I was like oh my goodness not have fruit of the spirit of joy, peace, patience, and how you got to have fruit it takes to make fruit you got to have Jesus. So, do you mean to tell me that self-control control is not up to me and so should it just sounds like edition of said man Jesus control within that is not. It is the self-control and so I found it had been erroneous in my ideas, my self-control so that we kind of knew apart from me you can do nothing, but I don't want to had not applied God into that particular fruit of the spirit, but it's really quite helpful, but the other thing I thought about it for the spirit sample that you brought up in what you know God hates was city.

They were the six things led up to the seventh of you ever thought about the fruit of the spirit. It takes all those other things end up at self-control and think about them that that this is a culmination of love, joy, peace, patience, kind of faithless generals you know in order to get to him. That in and so I think that's in there to somehow I'll but I need to focus on those other things not really worry about. I think you writing it all starts afraid about that guy had his eyes Jesus hard for me. I know you can do that's right like levels in Mario or some work on multiple one-time real blow and how can you level up and tell you something in you brought up a point, you know, when you prepare for a talk boot camp when things when we get on the air and we share about you know what God's going to do for you boot camp. The reason we can be confident of that is because he always does he always do something for us.

Each time you know some of said then 35 times one time 20 times it doesn't matter. God's always there needs doing something different. As you talk about preparing for a talk. I've been working on the spiritual warfare talk this time in God's really had me in a lot different headspace with you to the point that I was thinking the other day that when I let spiritual warfare enter into my life.

I struggle to produce good fruit. Right when I let myself get taken out in one way or another.

I don't really feel like painting. When painting gives me joy. It makes me feel life you know I don't like working out in the yard because now it feels like work.

Instead of creating something else here that that spiritual warfare is a break of a lot of things that I didn't really see it being a breakup before, like you expect to guard your heart. For out of it flows the issues of life of your taken out. You don't feel like doing anything for the kingdom your soul or anybody else really exactly that there so much more depth to it that I'm saying and I don't know that it will make it in the talk is I don't know it's for the talk and think that peace may just be for me to practice some things in my life a little different and realize how the enemies been taking me out insert back to what we've been talking about is we know God's going to do something at key for each one of us.

Before, after, during all that and so you know part of was going on with anticipation, saying what we hope that he gives us what would we like to get an answer nanny that brings us to you. Well I thought was going to pass on this topic: coveted Boot Camp and Robby shut that down last week after hours after after after after Outlook.

Yeah, man is so you have a golden boot camp in the summer as I begin to look at it.

So I'm kinda new. This finding to clear up the this cost us a look and then I'm going to come across is this by romantically alternate swing and I'm like okay Played it a couple times with little get the clipping before break okay to have come back and play the clip the go ahead and so I'm looking this thing and I'm thinking okay Lord, were you trying to tell me and so I begin diving a little bit into that and it got deep quick in Nino causes more about not just what's going to happen to boot camp for me and that, by think for everybody.

It's was God going to do in your life day after day after day and unwind some of the wounds that you taken and the go after your true heart who you truly are SS, where this launch that Dan will and will get back and will play the clip before we get a break on the talk little bit about your God's obviously able to do anything anywhere at any time that he can go do that but I think the thing that makes boot camps, especially likely guys can try man is what's different about boot camp and my everyday life for me.

I take time to be quiet, which I don't often do you know in somewhat similar things about boot camp to make that kind of special for that time that allows God to do some things that we may not recognize at other times as much as you at least for me is much as I try to look for that time with God and listen. I don't listen as well as a dual boot camp. I'm away from home on the way for many pressures there.

I am not near the cell phone I can turn that off and send it away. It's awesome just to be also turned okay. I want to go out and I asked very specific questions of God in listen and sometimes he's talk about something I didn't ask about but you have to be.

That's what's great is that I am much more at peace and being able to listen in. Take direction that I am in my normal everyday life. I get up in the morning, pretty early, but I usually I go to work in things just kinda start rolling right you get your role and it's hard. Even in the evening to get out of that and be settled, but at camp. I'm just so much more settled in listening to the talks and listening to other men talk about what's going on there life helps me just get in that groove and is just so much different than just everyday life was taken David back to Davie County's Dane capers and Overgaard designated gun experience in turn about playing classical gas which actually did for my men's group last Thursday, but there was some conflict that went on in before.

Before that, and I ended up tight and I couldn't play it very well and I was talking and how much better I could play it with my family because when you get to boot camp.

The whole thing will be different. He said because God will be there and has a lot to do with the space that that that is created by the prayer and all the effort in the time of the people that are involved invite God and essentially it's consecrated place and there's no cell phone cover to go register now masculine for the boot camp coming up November 12 through 50 Robby Gilmore here your mattress get a little thin on top of check out the new mattress topper from my pillow. I sleep hot. My wife sleeps cold which make its phase change material invaluable to us comes with a 10 year warranty. It's washable and dry bullets made in the USA back by Mike Lindell 60 day warranty and best news ever go to save 30% use promo code, car guy, call 800-943-7096. Remember that promo code car guy is running from national journey radio at the last boot camp. I actually had a chance to respond to the worker talk now. Here's what Sebastian learned about the true reality of spiritual warfare. The true reality of spiritual warfare that there really is an enemy. It's not just me and God. But in reality it's me when I get up in the morning when I go to work on my drive, my daily life is something for you at the next boot camp and register now masculine coming November 12 to the 15th time Carson came on Dan Keene's grandson on the masculine January mites. They can be strangers like mine.

One of the things that I realized this week was that I need to take time to listen to God. I felt like the Lord spoke to me and he said Mike how you listen.

If you're always busy so this weekend what I've done is I've taken some time just to go on walks and to be loaded.

Join us young guys at the next boot camp coming November 12-15 masculine journey I was way too is absolutely overexcited so I didn't cut it off. I listen to the show. To date, they got me about which is appropriate I just waiting Andy, that was actually your pump so tell me little bit about so I don't think I'd ever heard that song until boot camp and we I can remember getting the talk, but it was about the new name and really spoke to me because the video. Check it out is by Jason Gray.

The video really is cool and how it visualizes people have. They've had the wrong label put them up on all their life in as much as I bought with God. I really had an identity crisis. I really did, and that that whole new name talk I'll talk about it a little bit later really impacted me. But that specific video did because we get home or wants to name the devil wants the nameless but God loves to really give us our dignity and nameless who we really are and that's you know identity is key to this message so it just spoke to me yet. So it's a great video. I encourage you to look up on YouTube. It's it's amazing as Jason Gray and I am back to Danny you are talking a little bit about your stuff and I didn't manage the time also and come back to it maybe set back up a little bit about the clip and and why you chose this clip in a little bit about it before we play, whether the clip is from Legend of bagger Vance is a golf and movie number, always an avid golfer that would be posing this but the I love golf, a blow that had a mentor who was a professional golfer and he indeed was about golf. He taught me a lot about life, but loving golf and and washing enter so much in a in a golf swing that and I was talking to pastor friend of mine this weekend and told them about this clip and he said he took a golf lesson with Tom and he said he will never be able to instructor Tony he took officially for he selected what your problem is your swinging from the outside in, and what you really need to do a swing from the inside out and come across a ball and it changes direction of the ball and S life. If we swing from the inside out. It changes our direction and I love that because this this is authentic swinging just spoke so deep to me all the way back into I'm not sure how deep God's going to take me pretty deep. I think it is going to unwind some things as we as we pursue this. I hate are not coming to boot camp at this moment but the I'm not opposed to a moment going to record for that was at the last one will be another one and I agree with what you guys are saying that you there is a time when you just get away and no cell phone service, not a chance to get all cell phone where you Stay in place and just get along with God and listen because I don't do that will I love to talk but I need to learn to listen better in this cooking bagger and then the little boy working to get his name I can't think but he there out there on the greens and are kinda looking at him at night write at night so the utility does right so he's talking about Juneau losing his authentic swing. Yes, it is authentic swing each and every one of us is one of sentence was was a talk to you were brothers. It is very nice to me. What was it about that clip really spoke to her.

Well he did in the book while the heart the chapter old.

The question is did you do you have what it takes and and I've thought about this all weekend and I thought about how going back in my life as a how I been so driven by people's opinion and what you guys don't know is out scared to death to take Ellen coming to boot camp. What were you going to think we go throw me out of it is you are your thought process goes and airbag with all life, anti-climatic.

Well I did call you out for Chetan on your life you yet and I and we didn't invite you to the party did not serve everything on the price.

No more Luther, but it's been that way you are right up my golf right handed, but I write left-handed and I eat left-handed important things lifted. But in school so that it will be different even closer many left-handed people but if I change my handwriting.

I still have a slant toward a right-handed thing because I didn't like who I was and somewhere in that would be in the queue thereby picked on, lost my authentic swing along the way he carried on over into will and 52, so now it's time to work on it. I think in the two not really knowing who you are and being driven by popular opinion they wish of a politician.

I don't know what they by the it it gives you a comedian affect new kind of blend anywhere which is always a bad thing.

And there are some good qualities of that but it's kind of change who you are, based upon who your around and S only look at the USO is just those kind of things in your feelings of inferiority mean 90% Thomas in a room full median for like I'm the least one there and you know God tells us in Psalm 139 your fearfully and wonderfully made, I've talked that I've done all the thing. But I hadn't easy got me in a season where I'm having to listen to the things that I've taught for years and to be honest I will like it.

With the but is is those counting but God never tells you anything like what he did with me would dad in the truck the other week was he's not telling me these things to harm me.

He's telling me these things to bring out my authentic swing.

Be who you are. Be who I created you to be in the power in that will be fruitful think so. That's condo where a man have no idea.

I have buckled up and ready for the ride, but I have my hand on the ejection button just in case it is that I think you be fine brother just as thinking while set a listen to God. I just go to a pole anywhere in the elections. He has no Foley I get just a couple contacts from a random number. The yeah yeah give money to what I loved about that clip is the part where he says should've could've would've right because that's everybody else's expectation. That's the world's expectations on you and that's what robs you of your swing right when you can't live with the way God designed you to be because people Tony should be a different way or you could be a different way any of those you start to feel those things. It's just another form of shame and that the mass command. You know you that I've got I've got a be the person that they want me to be the God really created me to be trying to get a feel those things back in and go find that and and we all lose sight of our swing rented the world's really good at stripping it from us that the world meaning the devil the enemy on the field cell phone that kinda ties together to do that. I think there's a to his point. I think this did time in their I think we all sit around the room we talk about the power boot camp. I think you get the authentic authenticity from the speakers, which really Bible tells you, you overcome by the word, your testimony, the by the blood of the Lamb and where your testimony.

We say those things and other people here made. It helps both us us is given the testimony and those who are hearing it because you're being free.

Your your your liberating and letting God go and and and changed get in and move you're not. You're not holding everything back and putting up the eldest of the faade exactly I've been to. I've been to a number of church services where the pastor is pretty authentic and will share from the heart and into a greater number of where they just tell you what's in the Bible right and I think the difference and that is when people share their stories and you know that they struggled near the struggles will it takes away the enemy's power to say you're alone. You're the only one that faces this.

It's only use here the limits messed up right and solicits a pastor in the pulpit or its guys from the stage, sharing genuine struggles of God's helping member has help them overcome their history, power, and that the powers and God obviously but it's also insane. Okay I'm not alone in this and that's what we hear often from the people.

Boot camp is you and I thought it was only me that struggled with filling the blank Orlando one of the powerful things that as I begin.

We signed up for the boot camp in the spring, summer, almost fall that it carried on to was got to talking to Mr. Gilmore. He says well now I must tell you that we do the talks is not a video series you guys okay with that and my heart jumped about here are real guys tell the real stories of what they've gone through and and so that is what is the Scripture they overcame. But a little lamb and the word of their testimony so your story is your story, regardless of what it may look like or what you may think it should look like and I vowed struggled for years with it, but I call it terminal uniqueness you and nobody knows the trouble I've seen MS never true is never true that now it's not Andy when you get to you.

You have a couple cups which would you like to go through first what you tell me a little bit about what you can share in the home picnic look, let's just do this to the bagger Vance has so in this clip.

This really spoke to me last year when we were prepping for boot camp brought Rodney. Sorry Robby had put this out there and basically it's better bagger Vance. He had been in the war he hit all his friends had gotten killed in the war and he came back with Survivor's guilt and it really had disabled him and he wasn't really able to go on with his life. He was a great golfer. He just backed away from that become alcoholic loss relationships and so you have to do that after our mismanagement.

I begin where what is it a great so come to the after hours.

This is another man's clipping about the war about Brenda something else of healing needs to be done in the meeting to go to mask register for the upcoming boot camp is coming up soon. November 12-15 is next week. Would love to see you there would've got a legacy of their mission.

Amazing things that he wants to have our shows in the podcast. You can go to the podcast page of master area you are where you get your podcast anywhere else you can get it from iTunes spot if I Apple what to Pandora. Pandora now so just about anywhere that you can get it. You can download mask injury radio.

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