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Prove It! Part 2 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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November 5, 2020 7:00 am

Prove It! Part 2 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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November 5, 2020 7:00 am

The importance of possessing godly qualities that will increase our faith in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Destined for Victory Paul Sheppard
Destined for Victory
Pastor Paul Sheppard
Destined for Victory
Pastor Paul Sheppard
Destined for Victory
Pastor Paul Sheppard
Destined for Victory
Pastor Paul Sheppard
Destined for Victory
Pastor Paul Sheppard
Destined for Victory
Pastor Paul Sheppard

Jesus Christ is the only thing going to charge will make a different view can be a churchgoing haven just like a noncirculating and so close is knowing he'll it's the one thing that will make a difference in your life and will tell you all about it. Next on today's destined for victory hello and thanks for tuning the I'm sure you've heard it many times. Christianity is a relationship not a religion was established not upon a creed upon Christ the only begotten son of God, who gave his life for the sins of mankind today on destined for victory pastor Paul Sheppard takes us back to one of the greatest heroes of the faith into the intimate relationship.

He shared with God. He knew the doctrine of the law. But above all, he had a deep desire and commitment to know the God behind.

Now let's join Pastor Paul Sheppard for today's message proof somebody else's life. When you come out and came out somebody else's life and walk with God is not just for you. Somebody else will break out in my life because down the road and might not be long that will be a bit by appointment and God will allow you like to intersect with somebody else who is going through something and no encouragement until you show up and when you limit what God can do for you teacher let Moses get between him and the people and Moses said, remember now, these are your people if you just wipe it out your own people and so God respond verse 14 of 33. The Lord replied, my presence will go with you and I will give you rest.

I'll go.

These people getting on my nerves there full of sin and disobedience because you found favor and because you're interceding for them.

I'll go.

I'll be long-suffering.

I will somebody go to know God has been long-suffering with you.

God is not the kind a God who is going to throw you away. Somebody's been praying for you. Whether you know what somebody's been asking God to bless you to have you do not have your faith only giveaway I want you to know your life is the product of somebody's prayer. God is long-suffering. God doesn't throw away when we make a mistake for God is the God of a second chance I got a better one than that God is a God of another chance second chance so long ago. We only remember when we would be out three strikes out know when God God is long-suffering and he put up with these hardheaded stiffnecked people and said I will go with you. Now read on verse 15 then Moses said, your presence doesn't go with us.

Don't send us up from here. How will anyone know that you're pleased with me and with your people unless you go with us. What else will distinguish me and your people from all the other people on the face of the earth did you get that Moses said God the only thing that will make us stand out from anybody else in the world is your presence. I want to let you know the only thing that will make your life different than your neighbors than your coworkers. Then the people in your community. The only thing worse is you ma'am you the intimate relationship with Jesus Christ is the only thing going to church will make it different.

You can be a churchgoing haven just like a non-churchgoing natural and so the difference is knowing him now.

I love this part. He said the Lord said verse 17, I'll do what you're asking me because I'm pleased with you and I know you there's that that concept again knowledge. I know you by name.

Then Moses said that he got happy he's talking to God and he got that request. So he figured he threw for another one.

He said now show me your glory.

God, since you seem to be in a given moon. Please see your glory is a word that means splendor or manifestation. Moses said, let me see you show up like I want to see you physically. Let me be you know what he but God screams them out. Verse 19 benevolent mood, so to speak, to answer the request but he can answer literally.

God says, he said, I will cause all my goodness to pass in from of you and I will proclaim my name, the Lord, in your presence. I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy.

I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.

You cannot see my face, one may see me and live. He said Moses I wish I could help you but to me.

Your body is not equipped to handle seeing me stop thinking God is casual. The man upstairs. He's no man is all outstanding that he said Moses use me on the spot. Paul Sheppard translation so we said verse 21. There is a place near me where you may stand on a rock when he passes by I put you in a cleft in the rock, and will you with my hand. All this would give me happy and until I passed by not not get the picture you want to see me but I can't really let you see because you then you can go to Canaan so I will pass by. I will claim my name in your presence. I will will man myself, I will put the lock with my hand. I am hating.

I'll let you catch a glimpse just left for government is I'm not now. I'm not JCPenney now about the good stuff with C, setting up real nice man and talk and he will get because this is your body is with the two went good stuff: when she thinks she's there. Never had that happen may walk off, but the glory glory is still there, and God said Moses I'm going to put you in the clap will pass by and by, and when my little hand and let you see the whole slew of my glory and was much when you look at chapter 34 look at the beginning of verse 29 when Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the testimony in his hand. He was not aware that his face was radiant because he had spoken with the Lord. No see afterglow of God.

Every shaves his very appearance. His countenance see we are used to seeing somebody in the sun came off two weeks in the islands somewhere don't go, you can tell them somewhere because you see the impact of this on their face, but here we are talking about the impact of the SU in which talk about the way in God.

When you get and spend time in his presence. Change is not only what you look like changes who you all. And Moses shows up, having been in the job when all the Israelites saw Moses his face was radiant and they will need to come near him. I wanted to get so close to God until folk who are living right with you much foolishness around you and he said that they were free to come there, but Moses called to soiling and the leaders of the community came back to him and he spoke to them all the Israelites came near him and he gave them the commandments of the Lord, when Moses had finished speaking to them. He put up over his face but whenever he entered the Lord's presence to speak with them. He remove the veil until he came out when he came out the Israelites what he had been commanded Saul that his face was radiant. Then Moses would put the veil back over his face until he went in to speak with the Lord. The point is, when you spend time in the presence of God.

It will change your life but you can't just spend it weekly about God, you got to go to spending it really speaking to God giving your life to him in surrender so when you spend time with God, his lady and his glory began your life and you began to be changed from the inside out. Don't go away were only about halfway through today. Suggestion for Victor message with Pastor Paul Sheppard, senior pastor of destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California. Be sure to subscribe to Pastor Paul on YouTube to watch some of his best video clips for more details and links to all the social media be sure to visit Pastor that's Pastor you can also listen on demand recent messages or find a variety of resources at our online store. Now, here is Pastor Paul with the rest of today's message prove it.

What's your name bondage and made freedom what you want to let your light shine and see God transform others is a vital relationship with God that galls beyond weekly spending quality time with him every day of your life and that's the point Peter makes here when he says that the key to you experiencing God's divine power is having a knowledge a daily intimate knowledge of the Lord, and he says through these you actually look at the wording in verse four, you may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil design. I want to let you know God is not looking to do a cosmetic quickfix in your life. God's out to do an extreme makeover using the shows extreme makeover halogen and you see me folk in the before and then after Anna's dramatic, not just a little quickly went under the knife so you have some shows what it does gratify the audience so that will be made over death. Cosmetic know that I think that that will be over as soon as I get home. Good right put some makeup on the right quick bottom to be evacuated and you and I can be that way we do it with God. Every now and then. That's not a real makeover that this cosmetics. God is out to change us from the inside.

He is out to take what has been a bondage and to break us free from God is out to change your tune from bad like Jesus. God is out to help you with those issues on your path I want to let you know these are days when a lot of think that they are bound by what happened to them in the past. But lets you know you can't help you then God can change where you're going. God makeover. He's going to get down there where that where that herd is and that abuse has been and where those lifelong struggles have been. And God wants the transfer you by his grace and by his power will serve an important God will God is that I was going to but will you jacked up that no one can be likened this and that when God in life will I don't know and see if we can do it is glad that God can take you where you are then masked by people God can tell your God can change you have had others find you well in your life you didn't know who you are till somebody loves you walking around looking for somebody to love you and you and you I want to let you know in Christ. You are a new creation. And when you spend time getting to know them only make you a new creation don't have to settle for what other people left you and you don't have to be left in a pit for a while until his brother saw that a band of Israelites were coming down the road and they pulled him out of the pit sold him into slavery and some of you in bondage to something from your path and bonded God will set you and you have the power to do it. In fact, it is not a problem with God. You only make God's way. They go on a pitiful case. I mean, God really had to go to work normal. God can change you from the gutter. Most of the God can lift you up out of what you're in.

If you'll say God I want to give you my whole life. I want to be a testimony of your grace.

I want to be one of the trophies you show all I want to be one of those people that God shows off and said look at her Saul when she first came to me, but she made a bowl and she became intimate with me surrender and seek trust in me day by day and now I like this tranquil man.

He will have all kinds of hangups but when I got through with them. I made him into the person I called him to be. I want to let you know God's power was available to you can be the person he made to be struggle with self-esteem God can help you identify who you are. You don't have to go around looking for some I light up your like Jesus is the light of the world and I told you many times before you let him in. Before you let somebody else and looking for somebody to define you and you run into one bespoke who is struggling themselves is only a matter time to mess you up somebody and you jacked up a relationship and you are extremely jacked up in the house so you think a relationship with a human being is the best uncle who could tell you you need to get to know is Jesus and give them your life and let them to find you.

The word tells you who you are what you can do what it tells you how much you are loved by God's standards for living and when you have all employees. You can only seek God to bless you with a relationship and to know the person you check them out by the word and you see something that is not in here and you stupid wrong answer. Walk in the wisdom of God. When God and God is all the knowledge I made you know you can't do it. You will never be anything but I can do all things in Christ improvement you all and don't come back and you got what anybody will find God giving you the power to tell somebody to get this in Jesus name.

I don't know what the God of my life with Jesus on the mass in the same direction and so this is where you all know people who have been able to be out soon. It is all single people never in your life have you always needed some God is the one who was saying I want you to keep yourself pure until I have brought a right relationship in your life.

He's got the power to do it you do that sexually like that will do it the God you serve God. I want to surrender to your will. I want to live the way you called me to live until and unless you bring the right person in my life.

I do not want to give my body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit somebody that my spirit is not going to in a holy union will laugh that that's part of the evil corruption in the world who evil desires at this text talks about the manifestation will be able to talk about being sexually pure and see if you like you just came off of another planet you are in your 20s and 30s combat sexual purity and you'll sing crazy.

You can do it when you what you can do all that means is they can do it you can do all things because he doesn't tell you what to do and not give you the power so you go to him and you surrender so I got God I'm resolved to do your will need your help me to walk with me every day. The media how to teach me how to live the life that brings glory teach me how to walk in wisdom teeth when not to sightsee in temptations neighborhood can be sexually pure in temptations, neighborhood temptation, mall and window shop when you're trying to do the will of God to go to the mall not to buy anything just to look at how to do that even if you do, don't try it would temptation because temptation has a gravitational pull in the pool. You're right it is just from shopping.

I'm not buying anything and you see the window's set all going to see what they have in my size and then you going there and I got something that just strikes you just speaks to you and calling you from the hangar, grabbed I'm here I'm your sign on the dresser, you have gone to a storm or something and you did not pay but you left with something put in there please. Thank you very much. Now if that's happened to you shopping what you think will happen to you when it comes to the will of God. The enemy knows how to more you out of the will of God.

So you need God's help in his wisdom and his power is available to you what you will say, God, I'm going to get to know you your divine.

Thanks so much for joining us for today's message prove it. If you'd like more information about the destined for Victor ministry or this most special offer. Be sure to stop by our website Pastor that's Pastor

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