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The Origin

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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January 28, 2023 12:00 am

The Origin

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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Welcome to this weekend's In Touch Podcast with Charles Stanley. Jesus said, There are So what I'd like to do also is to give you someone in the Scripture who would relate to that need and then personally to explain how these things come about in our life and how they can be met. So I want you to turn, if you will, to, first of all, to Philippians, chapter four in the nineteenth verse to remind you again of Shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus Which was his way of promising to us that on the basis of our relationship to him He would make every single need that we have he would make it available now What is the source of these needs in our life now remember? we want to get under the surface of that we all know that we have such needs as food clothing and shelter and that We have those common needs that that everybody has in life We understand that so we're going to go beyond those because you can satisfy Those with a little bit of money here a little bit of money there But what are those issues in life that cause us to have difficulty ever having any peace and joy because they're people who have every Material thing all the recognition all the prominence all the prestige they have all the notoriety They have anything in the world that could possibly own and they're still deep down inside There is a level of misery they cannot understand and cannot handle Well the first source of these needs look at it this way the first source of those needs we create for ourselves and I want us to turn if you will to Luke chapter 15 for a Moment and let's look at it the example of one who created his own need no question about his need The 15th chapter of Luke you recall that this son asked his father to give him his portion of the possessions So the Bible says here's what happened once he gave it to him verse 13 not many days after the youngest son Yeah, that everything together went on a journey into a distant country and there he squandered his estate with loose living now when he had spent everything a severe famine occurred in this land on the country and he began to be in need and He went and attached himself to one of the citizens of that country He went into the fields to feed swine and he was longing to fill his stomach with the pods That the swine were eating. No one was giving anything to him But when he came to his senses, he said how many of my father's hired men have more than enough food or bread But I'm dying here with hunger.

I'll get up and go to my father and said to him father I've sinned against heaven and in your sight now Let's look at it this way for a moment. Here's a young man who suddenly found himself in need In fact, he had become so desperately desperately desperately hungering thirsting yearning for something deep down inside that here this Hebrew boy had hired himself out to a Gentile to slop hogs or to feed and care for these hogs. He could not have been in a worse situation now You see sometimes we have needs that we create ourselves You see the reason he's in the hog pen when he could have been on his father's uh, maybe some great plantation of some sort he swapped places with his wealth and his position and his Prosperity and his comfort and his convenience for a hog pen, you know why I did it He made some wrong decisions in life You know why oftentimes we have needs in our life because we create our own needs by disobedience by rebellion by misinterpreting what's going on around us by blaming others by accusing By lust and desire and covetousness or whatever it might be We make wrong decisions in life and you know what when you make wrong decisions in life you suffer the consequences in life And so therefore what we have here is we have needs that are so deep Needs that are much deeper than food clothing and shelter something that motivated him something that caused him To leave and to leave the best and to take less than the best.

He made some very wrong decisions and So therefore we have to ask the question. What's the real need the real need with the prodigal son was something that Was deep down inside of him. He created some needs no question about he created some needs and these created needs Listen, even when he created these needs there was no real genuine satisfaction So one of the ways that we find that their needs in our life their needs that we create ourselves Secondly I want you to notice the second way we discover these needs in our life and that's this and that is There are needs in our life that are created by others Their genuine needs they're creating their life by others. Let's take Joseph as an example you recall that Joseph grew up in a home where his father favored him above all his other brothers The Bible says his brothers hated him They hated him so intensely that the first opportunity they got to kill him. They tried to do it They finally threw him in a pit and finally sold him as a slave to Ultimately, he got down there where Potiphar who was the bodyguard of Pharaoh bought him off the slave block so now I want you to see something very important here because Joseph ending up in The household of Potiphar as a slave here's what he did he could have said poor me My brothers hated me They tried to kill me. They sold me in the slavery here. I am a slave in this man's household Who am I? I'm a nobody Certainly not very competent to being anything and I don't belong to anybody.

My family's way up yonder. They rejected me Who am I? What can I do? You know what he did now? Don't you listen real carefully because this will affect you Here's what he decided I'm gonna do my best and here's what happened. The Bible says in a very short period of time Joseph became so accepted and became so much a part of this family and He became of such worth to Potiphar the bodyguard of Pharaoh. He demonstrated his confidence until finally Potiphar said Joseph, I'm turning everything in my household over to you. You are in charge Everybody is subject to you.

I will not even spend my time giving my thought to the affairs of my household I'm turning it all over to you because you have certainly proven to be competent and Worthy and you certainly are a vital part of this family now Let's ask yourself the question. What is it about Joseph? What is it about him that made this difference? What caused him to survive this whole circumstance was his intimate relationship with Almighty God? I cannot tell you how very very very important It is that we begin to teach our children very very early in life what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that it isn't just a matter of going to church and Listening to a Sunday school class or listening to a sermon but it is a matter of learning how to relate to a God whom we believe in the God of the Bible and beginning to teach those children that God is their friend and that he wants to meet every single need of their life and That he will live on the inside of them to the person of his son Jesus Christ We want our children to grow up that way you know how that happens when mom and dad begin to say to them and Speak to them and feed their soul and feed their heart and feed their spirit the truth What happens teaching them to have an intimate relationship with Almighty God?

I'm here to tell you they're growing up in a society if they don't learn to have an intimate relationship with God Somewhere out there the devil is going to get them one way or the other we live in a viciously wicked vile Sensual sexual or in its society and Satan's doing everything he possibly can and what is he doing? he is making this world a sexual wilderness and Causing people to think if I can just have this or that or him or her That will satisfy this deep abiding need in my life when the only thing that's going to satisfy that is an intimate personal relationship with Almighty God through his son Jesus Christ you do not start teaching people that when they're teenagers you begin to teach them that when they are children they don't fully understand but if they hear it enough God will interpret the truth of that to them and So what saved him what saved him was an intimate personal relationship with Almighty God Well There's another source of needs in our life and this is one that most people don't think about that is the needs that God Creates in our life was in our wait a minute. Aren't we talking about God meeting needs not creating needs? I am because God will indeed meet every single possible need that we have as children of God That is on the basis of your relationship to him Does he want to meet your needs? Yes, trust him as your personal Savior.

God begins to meet your needs But what about those needs that God creates? Well, let's say that here's a young man who's 36 years of age has three children lovely wife And he's been doing real well in his job And so they just moved in this beautiful new home and got their furniture and everybody's happened They're in the right neighborhood with the schools and everybody's just just fantastic He comes home one day and he says to his wife, honey God's calling me to preach He's doing quite God's calling me to preach Or what does that mean? It means I'm gonna have to go to seminary. What does that mean? Well, I guess it means we're gonna have to move You mean sell this house?

Yes. What are the kids gonna think we got to explain that to him? He's got a whole bunch of needs not one single one that he choose.

He didn't choose to leave his job He didn't choose to sell his house. He didn't choose that explain this to his family He didn't choose any of those things all these things God chose for him Well, what will God do? He will meet every single one of those needs because Almighty God is Absolutely totally committed to meeting every single need he creates in our life So let me just say this oftentimes when you and I go through some difficult their hardship looks like my God listen Lord You could have stopped that this did not have to happen sometimes God listen allows circumstances in situations in your life in my life Sometimes it's things that he creates Sometimes it's things that he allows to happen in your life in my life. And we thank God you could have stopped it.

Absolutely I believe he's absolutely totally sovereign. He can stop anything starting the thing he chooses He is an absolute final ultimate control of every single thing. Therefore whatever pain whatever heartache whatever disappointment of whatever hardship whatever hurt whatever rejection or whatever criticism whatever Persecution all these things that are allowed into our life and come into our life We can respond in one of two ways we can blame God we can blame others we can be forgiving or unforgiving we can sulk in our hurts and in our rejection and in our pain or We can look to God and ask the question God What is your goal for my life in allowing this need to be in my life at this point? What is your purpose for allowing this need? Allowing this hurt allowing this pain in my life and if you and I are wise and we develop our relationship with him God will take us through those difficult times.

What will he do? He will be preparing you and me to be wise godly helpful Encouraging vessels to other people who are going through the same thing and we will understand it better because we have been there God creates some needs in order to accomplish his purpose and his plan and his purpose in our life Well, there's one other area of needs that I want to talk about here And this one is a little more personal and probably sometimes a little more painful. I Want to talk about the needs we inherit from our childhood now all of us have inherited some When you think about your own childhood and think about things that you grew up with you say well, you know My parents did this and my parents did that and I don't have any hurts and and I didn't get any needs from my parents Well, let me just say this if you cram it and you jam it and you stuff it and you ignore it and you deny it You will until you come to grips with things back there. It may have been something that your parents did that They didn't even realize at the time how they were damaging you They may have thought they were motivating you when they said look, you know what? You're not gonna mount anything get anything get yourself a job get with it It may have been that your father I may have thought that he was motivating you But in your child mind in your teenage mind what you said was they don't want me They don't want me. They want me to get out of here. I'm a burden to them. I'm costing their money You see what we don't realize oftentimes is how a child hears what a parent says how a child interprets what that parent says and so we all have a self-image and That self-image that self-concept is the way we see ourselves and I want to say again You and I gonna act out and live out the way we see ourselves if we see ourselves as competent and that we belong in It we accept it.

We're going to act out that away. But if we do not We are going to act out exactly what we feel What I want you to see is this when people are emotionally damaged when they've got hurts and Fears that they grew up with and they've never been dealt with Don't want to deal with them because their idea is if I get married they'll settle it Well, you know after a while, I'll outgrow it or they go to some council the council says well you just forget that No, you can't You'll outgrow it. No you won't because you have to deal with it you have to be willing to rip off the scab and look inside and face the pain of seeing and recalling and Reliving out some hurts and some difficulties and hardships that are very difficult But you know what? That's the way healing comes I don't mean just stirring up the same old pot over and over and over again, but doing what looking to realize What's the real basis of these needs? You see when we get handed down Those hand-me-down Emotions and those hand-me-down needs they're not easy to deal with None of us like to talk about ourselves and we certainly don't like to talk about our personal life I would simply say this God certainly has a purpose for allowing these things in our life.

And if we respond properly, he'll turn them for something good. I Can tell you this God? can heal any Damaged emotion you have experienced he can heal any need that you have But only if you're willing to deal with it You know what? Jesus said he said when you know the truth the truth will set you free Where does that start? The truth about him.

Is it in there? No, I also need to need to know the truth about myself So he can also free me of damaged emotions free me of these memories That will keep haunting me unless I am freed of them by being healed of them And I simply want to challenge you to take a good look on the inside Remembering that God loves you. He'll make you a whole person, but you got to let him Do it his way. It may be the most painful experience of your life, but you know what? It's in the valley That gets me ready to walk on the mountaintop your God Jehovah God of the Bible is on your side and he'll set you free if you let him do it by his wonderful grace Thank you for listening to the origin if you'd like to know more about Charles Stanley or in touch ministries stop by in touch dot o RG This podcast is a presentation of in touch ministries, Atlanta, Georgia
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