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The Will of God Will Be Done

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 3, 2020 4:40 pm

The Will of God Will Be Done

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 3, 2020 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/03/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown

The big days here. What is God doing in which her attitude be started for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown.

I believe that whatever the outcome of the election is today. I firmly believe that the end of the day we have the final results and we will be able to say God heard the prayers of his people and answered. According to his will. I don't know exactly what that answer will be but I am confident that there has been much prayer, much crying out much seeking of the face of God, much fasting, much appealing to heaven for mercy that the answer we get will be a divine answer. It will not simply be the outcome of our forwarding alone. Hey friends, welcome to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown your voice moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos in the church. All too often in compromise thrilled to have this platform to share with you on election day 2020. Here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Now I just said what I said from a divine standpoint, meaning that although you could say with every election the will of God is done because God is sovereign, I believe, in many cases God simply gives us over to our desires. God simply lets us make choices and says go ahead but there other times you really see Kimberly cry out to him really asked for his intervention in its substance. At such times, we can feel more confident that God has acted that God is at work from a natural standpoint, we can still ask questions so have a question for you. 866-34-TRUTH 7884. If America. In fact does give Donald Trump for more years for the biggest reasons I know many of you called yesterday and said you're voting for him because he kept his promises to evangelicals. Pro-life was the number one issue and things like that but on the larger scale because conservative Christian voters will make up a certain portion of the population of Americans vote for Trump and reelect him. What will be the biggest reasons that Americans voted for Trump. What's your take. Conversely, Trump loses, what would be the biggest reasons why he loses, not my thoughts and assure them with you later, but love to hear from you okay Drudge Report which used to be super super Pro Trump and then has become really anti-Trump not just neutral but anti-Trump. Here's a graphic from last night on Drudge Report right and and again Drudge, gives you a feeling Drudge you read the headlines in all of this is headlines is black-and-white.

Sometimes read the big picture in the middle, but basically Drudge is going to get your emotions going to certainly get you thinking a certain way to look at is headlines USC final meeting follow up almost accurate poll 2016 chose Biden +11 barely budged since August. The final countdown PA so Pennsylvania advantage.

Joe, MI Michigan falls out of Trump reach? President points to shakeup where lose 4% chance of victory 10% chance of a Wall Street Journal swing state poll finds no late shift at and on and on it goes. In other words, bad news, bad news, bad news for Donald Trump. That's Drudge Report now that's the way Drudge is been reporting things for some months now. You go to some other website this very much pro-tropical give you all the data. The positive changes quite. Here's one website and it gives us the electoral map as as it sees things falling out.

Here's here's what's in play.

Here's what seems certain and and look at these results will put the graphic up for those who are watching and according to this Biden 279 votes, Trump 163 votes and and the the map is is laid out a certain way so that you've got votes that seem absolutely certain safe for Biden hundred 83 for Trump 77 likely for Biden 39 for Trump 48 and and leaning towards Biden 57 leaning towards Trump, 38, and then toss up. 96 but based on this getting the tossup.

It's got Biden getting a victory slowly break this down for you. I give you my prediction yesterday. I don't plan to have special divine insight I don't have insider information just based on the enthusiasm for Trump. These rallies compared to the Biden Harris rallies. What seems to be a major shift.

People didn't vote for Trump in 2016 who will in 2020, and a small number who voted from 2016 who won't in 2020 and and then perhaps an uptick in black and Hispanic vote for Trump. I think Trump will win. I think there divine purpose is still to be accomplished, but I'm not sure I'm not claiming to have special insights not like if I'm right you go all the documents, just speculating, respectively.

Right here. We all have our opinions here. If I said I know that I know that I know that God showed me was can happen. And if the outcome was in detail exactly as I said, well, that's good.

Give more credibility if not then you can take me seriously right but I'm not saying it was giving opinion viewpoint and my reasoning for but as I've emphasized over and over in his and explain in more depth on the show today.

I believe that whatever the outcome at the end of the day I'll be able to say the will of God is done and then the big question is how do we respond to what is happened and for that I have many thoughts pouring through me that I can't wait to share later tonight or tomorrow or soon as we have the election results okay let's over one article some daily wire and it just gives a summary election day. Will Trump pull it off again.

All the final poles okay and what I want to do is I want to break this down for you okay so will the national polls can be helpful and try to gauge widespread public sentiment momentum. The election of course isn't decided by the popular vote that it matters most comes from the states.

The problem is is 2016 demonstrated state polling is often more inaccurate, due in part to less thorough information from studio 4227 electoral defeat of Clinton 2016.

Despite hitting into election day with the predicted loss of at least six votes was a product of multiple multiple election the reversals in key battleground states poll showed Trump trailing in Michigan by 3.4%. The one by 1% Trump trail by 6.5%. Scott in Wisconsin appoints in Wisconsin, one by 1%, Trump Talbot, to repent Pennsylvania. He got another one point when again this year. There are only 12 true battleground states, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina I Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin.

I live in North Carolina not let New Yorker at heart, but with North Carolina since 2003, and very much felt privileged to vote that I get to help decide the election as we did in voting, but in a battleground close state you feel even more so going on with the data it it says this of these states, Trump must win Texas and likely Florida have any chance of those two major states, Trump needs at least another five states the and enough electoral votes to win Trump smoke most likely path to victory is to win the following seven states, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas depose that off, he wins 272 electoral votes and thus the presidency on the morning of the election. Biden is favored in seven of the 12 battleground states, Trump leads in five. The gaps in the seven states, Trump needs to win to secure the presidency.

The margins are razor thin, less than two points. Compass and improvement in the last two weeks in 10 of the 12 battleground states, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania. His lost ground into Texas and Wisconsin and the rest of break that's that I can let you know where things stand in the natural melt. If this was simply a matter of popular vote does not have the founder set things up for many reasons then you we campaign.

Accordingly, in other words, you wouldn't spend so much time in a key battleground state where the few votes could push it one way or another. You spent all your time and like New York, California, the most populated parts of the country, even though let's if you Trump. They are blue states you try to win as many voters within that issue could just population base of the campaigning spending of money, and all of that is targeted for certain purposes. That being said, so just give me the update where things sit at the moment, let me say some bigger things that I want to take some your calls got a lot to share today. Obviously okay I am so turned off by the flood of constant ads on every side, and basically the main way that you advertise is by attacking your opponent so I watch a lot of stuff on YouTube catch up with things, learn things you know and I don't watch news live so maybe there is a clip afterwards am watching but whatever you going to put on. It starts with the political at and let's say you know anything about these people.

You think every politician out there is evil evil evil.

I mean it's I was watching some people. I did know was likable as a bad person and you see them on the run against the negative etiquette similar bad person every day in the mailbox.

If Nancy Smith I get the mail come home open the mailbox and there's a stack of expensive mailers that was nonsystem cheap piece of mail but it's you know it's big it's it's color some thick paper for this one for that with so much money spent in a farm running against you. If I raise my uterus money virus to get a raise to fire his 10 year lease. It was a go nowhere, nowhere we can. Is this one of my pet peeves when there's so much find gospel ministry going on around the world when there's so many people doing frontline ministry that could really use funds we get on this frenzy and I don't mean the church maternal unblemished giving comes from the church but every appeal get every politician appealing to me. You not a lot I what email list I got on but everyone now is the time you got to give. It's urgent. You gotta give Avenue on the other side you're getting those I'm not faulting once of the other the whole system just runs and is not like Kate, I will raise $1 million to help feed the poor overseas of you. This of the next five years and can you raise a million help match that will give that to the portal. This goes nowhere is it spent in its done if we could spend the amount of money and put in the amount of energy and effort into the gospel and to helping people in need that we put into the political scene. Boy America and the world would be transformed okay I get that off my chest will be right back calls cover error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown perspective based on what I can see in read and look at incense no I do not claim to have Revelation this look over the years there've been things got spoken to me and I base my life on and and by his grace is his words are real and true and reliable. No I do not claim to have divine insight is giving the insight that I can based on the role that I play and the things I look at pray about study research 866-34-TRUTH if Donald Trump wins again. Aside from the hand of God from a voters perspective what he went while you hunt him out across America not just one issue but across America. Trump wins what if Trump loses why 866-34-TRUTH okay when Trump one 2016 I wrote an article I wrote an article saying that Donald Trump became president of the sovereign will of God. Now you may say whatever happens happens by the sovereign will of God.

I meant I meant that this was even more specific divine intervention that this was more obvious action of the hand of God. Why because the odds against him were so massive from the.

The Republican primary. All the candidates that we had that were so much more likely from Jeb Bush to take rooster Marco Rubio to John cases decreased to Chris Christie to Ben Carson to your name so many that we easily could've voted for before him, and yet he gets it and then the day of the election. The repose giving him one or 2% chance the shock of his getting in so I took that as God's hand now does mean everything he does is good or right okay but simply meant that II saw that in several plus all the prophecies that were predicting this summing before he he ran in the primaries seaway everything you consider everything whoever wins this time I am convinced again, just my own conviction low viewpoint that will be able to say God heard the prayers of his people because there has been so much prayer I do not remember any time in my life. This amount of prayer in DC around the world people fasting and praying around the world now for the elections in America, so I don't know that that guarantees a result that many of us would want, but I'm convinced when were done will be elicited the will of God was done now, it could be because God is giving us more of a respite to to use the freedoms we have. It could be that things can be taken away from us to wake us up.

We shall see, but a lot more to share on that and I get my list of all the things against Trump. Now that would make it difficult for him to when you think without divine intervention. All right, let's go to the phones and will start with Marcus in Orange County, California.

Welcome to the line of fire. I very well thank you sir I bought my perspective, and point. I go back to the Bible, the world with your born-again article Margaret Binder on the carpet I bring up the world so no no not all did you say render to Caesar the things that belong to Caesar didn't call so I pay taxes to whom its due sets our money like drunken work.

You are correct you work a job right to work my butt work for your work, but but are not always so silent when you work a job you're in the flesh work… But I don't know that exhibit the Bible says the flesh cannot possibly please God. Whatever I do like, as unto the Lord one night when I when I eat a meal.

I do, as unto the Lord one heaven from a family I do, as unto the Lord, when I was doing secular work as a salesman. I did that, as unto the Lord my vote I do is unto the Lord will Dr. Brown when the Bible, but you're not got bigger. What about you God… The government would have been rewarded with and I think the point is that we've got enough what got right so when I did my flesh when the spirit this we die to eventually come to Jesus so we probably live to see you making a false dichotomy here and basins false dichotomy.

You shouldn't even go feed the poor or health need, because that's all in the flesh, his kingdom not of this world means it doesn't operate based on worldly principles when his kingdom is working in this world every single day. The kingdom of God is enhancing and touching lives every single day and when they are strongly boarded, God cares about that when children being sex trafficked God cares about that when people are starving and and nations with surplus don't help, God cares about that Dr. Brock is sure when you talk about or talking about eating the brick I give you closer to Sir Martin… No sooner Marcus you're butchering the Bible, sir. You making a mockery of the gospel is been totally candid with Marcus. You making a mockery of the Bible you are you making a mockery of the faith of Jesus making a mockery of his words when he says in Matthew 25, 31 to 46 that when you've done it to the least of these endemic to me. He sum up literally visiting visiting his people were in prison for the gospel in jail. He still at literally clothing the naked, he sum up literally feeding the hungry based on what you're saying you shouldn't eat or drink because you're just the spirit man. It is in the complete 100% misrepresentation of Scriptures or it is shockingly so, and then you're putting versus together that are completely unrelated. In a very dangerous way and and and and to me if this is making a complete separation, my spirit, soul and body.

These are all given over to God.

Paul says in first Thessalonians 523 he prays that God would sanctify his holy spirit, soul and body right we present our bodies to God's living sacrifice our whole life belongs to him. Whatever we do what we eat and drink.

We do it to the glory of God. So we don't live like the world lives were in this world but not of it. But we should be the best citizens we should be the most faithful hard workers, we should glorify God in everything that we do.

We don't separate flesh and spirit in terms of well that's just my flesh. We might as well tell your wife that when you committing adultery was just my body but my spirit was being loyal to a mean please sir please step back and consider what you're saying because this is a dangerous dangerous way of thinking dangerous way of thinking. I watched the plan.

I've actually had people tell me hate my body since I don't send my spirit can sin so if my body since it's on the issue because I can sin on the spirit man dangerous way of thinking, Marcus. Please reconsider. Thank you all right 866-34-TRUTH about corporate wow on that would Lord help.

Marcus really let's go to Canada. Danny which are prospective. I don't Dr. Brown doing well thank you from Col. RRR I'm on a moderately not able to vote, but it very important election you like RRR having no more my former roommates even American you quote from most of the Christians I know like my mother approached from I'm not drunk at all.

I would never vote for the man but looking at this Dr. Brown. Nobody seemed to be able to come to give up) and may May 19, 2019 Pres. Tom pro-life that he gave the three exceptions of rape. In fact, protecting the life of the mother, Biden, and no abortion strong Donald Trump is abortion like my question is how can I and I mean let me preface it with that. Charles Spurgeon better to evils choose neither wire believers across the board Re: Trump very vocal about your very transparent thank thank the Lord, but is not pro-life so many incidents recently some testers to evils. It's got nothing.

One of those asked those cases, those three cases that you mention so rape insisted or the health of the mother make up less than 1% of all abortions in America okay because I status the first thing since that's out light that saying that you stand against 99% of all abortions in a working to make illegal 99% of all abortions where's the other party is saying we stand for abortion on demand right up to the moment of birth for any reason, so that the contrasts are absolutely massive, Harris is a 100% rating from all the pro-abortion organizations. Biden has shifted his is view here is the most pro-abortion ticket in American history, it would put to shame the Democrats of the booklet that it's the one thing another thing is, regardless of Trump's personal view on this. He is 100% working with the pro-life organizations and pro-life recommendations that say abortion should always be illegal. So whatever artist herself to his actual his actions.

The people he is appointing like most recently Amy Connie Barrett being the strongest example of a of a pro-life justice that that we had appointed her based on her history at an viewpoint. So that's why we can say were voting for the cause of of life rather than looking at it is the lesser of two evils because then you never vote ever because every human being is is fallen outside of the Lord. I look at is which vote will bring about the maximum possible good for the most people that I can't vote for either that happen sometimes right but in this case it's is a very clear-cut choice for me. I'm super clear-cut no-brainer for me not insulting those who differ with me to sing for me that's my take eight Danny thank you for call very important question and may God give grace to Canada during some turmoil as well for cleansing by Expo light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is after that you start hearing results, but we may know early tonight who the winner is. We may know late tonight. We may not know for several days but think before the universe was created. All this was laid out before God, and he knew every detail because he inhabits eternity welcome to the line of fire.

866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884. This taking election related calls today before I go to the phones. Here is my short list of all the things that Trump had to overcome if he's to win because remember the beginning of the year economy was really strong look like he can have a very easy victory. If Bernie Sanders was going to be the Democratic candidate. He was so far to the left to get enough support Joe Biden seemed dead in the water you know and and with early primary results and things like that didn't look like there was real strong candidate that could take him on things to shifted dramatically so you have so much of the mainstream media against Trump overwhelmingly against Trump.

I mean 100 to one reporting negatively against him.

Then you have an and by the way, I'm just factually listing the issues here with you think he's worthy of negative treatment is not Mike my question, then the social media giants. The Google's YouTube's in the facebooks and the Twitter and what seems to be censoring of conservative viewpoints or unfair coverage. Even the fact checking costly fact checking Trump not Biden. Those are massive obstacles for overcoming us to what's influencing more people on a regular basis than that in the mainstream media and in the social media giants right Masters of the universe is the call, okay, then the political system as a whole. You know, the good old boy political swamp that were in his life on politicians trumps counsel out of that has a lot of enemies there. The pandemic rate which is blamed for in terms of so many deaths and in the economic shut down that that stop this powerful economic growth that's massive. That should take you out the social unrest and and and so much with city BLM leader. Similarly, it really Trump so that ideology driving in a certain direction the of the rhinos. The Republicans in name only. The do not like a guy like Trump doesn't play by those rules is their outside influence from Micah China which you would think would much prefer Biden to Trump and Trump is been such a public enemy of China. Those are those are substantial things to overcome in my view, the in my view if Trump loses aside from the will of God. Aside from God responded to the prayers of his people tub from a natural perspective. If Trump loses, it will because of it. It will be because of all the people he alienated. In other words, if he was strong, courageous, fourfold was right kept his promises to his constituency stood up for all the good causes. He stood up for, but did not act like such a jerk all the time. Then he'd win easily now, he may still win. I think you will, but will see right through my view, the only one who can defeat Donald Trump's Donald Trump and he loses in the natural. It's because of all the people he alienated lying different things like that. Citing anger, hatred, if he wins, in my view NaturallySpeaking. The primary reason will be because Americans love their freedom and because they see their country going in a very dangerous direction and they see Trump as the antidote to that I was about to put in to make categories. Why would Trump when why would Trump loose he was when because Americans love their freedoms and see him as fighting for their freedoms and see America going in a very dangerous direction, especially in the Democrats if he loses, it would be because he alienated too many potential voters just my viewpoint, my commentary that will hear from you.

866-34-TRUTH of let's go to Russ in Salt Lake City, Utah. Thanks for calling line of fire every Dr. Brown are you doing today you would ask about from a secular point of view, why think that you would when I am a consultant here the fall like him for the past Everton proposal like Wonder Bread going to work for small business people normally of the lesson 25 employees and I always ask my very since Trump was taken off of. How is your business doing and I would say 95% of the time they go say for Trump because of the regulation, the way through the Taxes the way good people that promoted your military to war they can get contracts in different things with the military every you know 95% of the same thing that they want him back, and so of that is just a perspective from from somebody out there talking to business people that this invaluable perspective cassettes. That's a lot of the man and woman on the ground out there living their lives. And that's not concerned with love and philosophical issues just like hey my business is doing better because of the things Trump is done, Russ. I appreciate your and that in and obviously, even if the economy goes bad because the pandemic that's on the Trump policy for you think I'd rather have him and for the next years can economy rolling in the appreciate the call 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to sign up in Chicago.

Welcome to the line of fire. I cannot name how I very very well thank you it is. It's a never sign up for it been applicable yet is so that that was. I looked at it and and I assumed it was Arabic. My question was, you know how how it can be pronounced the two different ways. Once you get it into English. Slow why I I've only called it a nap that night think anything up in Arabic. I met trying to eat it. Sounds good. Where were you from originally, originally from Nigeria amity okay very very interesting. Great, yes. So please, I love to hear your perspective well when into the garden being run Trump is running.

I couldn't but and now I can. I just couldn't.

I couldn't believe it.

Not yet couldn't you know that I even I was shocked. I thought that the Bible figure it out.

You get very humble but proudly know how to plan you now in England want but when he won honestly speaking I knew that it was the hand of God. I eat and but I still didn't agree with way of doing things and not in everything and I'll thank you got called in but I want something painful know I had decided that enough even as it was my first time that I mean that outgoing of the president at the bank. I think that both of the other. In 2008, 1990 in Chicago, but basically I get along. What should I write that as a Democrat you know I think black people that the site but maybe much to hide me like that hot in the pocket you kinda want me myself and not of the fact that it kind of benefit action even for a Democrat, I'm more and more, nothing more. Click that way and that the applicant delete the unit that kind of cloud your judgment. Like enough out our faith to me and the people I know around Allen heavy black belt in our thinking. I will go with Democrat applicant that even honestly, when that is not found began in the right thought I could evil Eric devil waking, in effect, that I vote you and you know, if that's what I'm going to Napa in a my hot kind of like that. I mean I can't.

Eight and nine and I think you'd like that, only paying you know that if you can evict them and keep thinking that your victim and I can't and that you NYNEX and I'm making a good faith at all white white privilege that I don't. I think that you know you not more conflict than me because you like enough. I can for the recap, I think I felt like I felt better because I'm a child of God in the basically yet, but for me that's how it happened and and I'm having a bit of trouble could, like I do have family members that I have a few that I eat a bit liberal in England on April in England. She think back how can you let that good Christian vote for Trump Hannibal. I can't believe it is a terrible manic that one. It was a pocket now not know I have only think that she think me and that she even called me on Sunday. At that what I thought. Cannot believe it enough but I guess it happens. I even not tonight think that happens all the time people looking for Trump. They look like something wrong with your you think you got mad at eat fatty honestly now I think the more from a spiritual perspective I feel in how the country changing. I mean, he he's really protecting and that I wanted that I don't want to get a life well I can't think that being a cleaning okay just jump in and say this because we just got a break coming up. Thank you for being so articulate and certainly we know intimately the situation in Nigeria and what happens when the government does not stand for persecuted minority say Christians in the north and the atrocities that are taking place. So these these things are very very real and you know when you mention black Americans, we can all have our emotional responses in the black Americans, white Americans different groups we can all think the same way. Groupthink can so what you did is what we all have to have to step back drip us to get God's perspective and then based on that cast your vote, so I appreciate your process of thought and your candor and it may God touch the rest your family hate stay right there. I want Rachel to get read to someone, send your free copy of my book evangelicals at the crossroads. If you don't have it, which is, come on right now and his draggers listen to free the signed copy of evangelicals at the crossroads is my gift to make God again touch your pleasant relativism of the come to the right back more your calls and some of my major closing costs if the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown and Wilmont, 20, 20, 20 that 10, 23rd, whenever numbers are coming disproportionate who didn't vote for 2016.

Who will in 2020, just like Senna will see will see so will you be sure, thoughts, and I want to go back to the phones. Okay, why do I say that I really truly believe that when we have the outcome of the election and for sure that we will be able to say God heard and answered the prayers of his people now. Hopefully most of us are not praying for a specific candidate were praying for God's will to be done for God's best long-term best pronation to be done.

I believe that because I have never in my lifetime seen this much prayer, leading up to an election this much corporate prayer leaders coming to the believers coming together believers all around the world fasting, praying, crying out of never seen anything like this. Not even near this level and there is so much focus so much going to God, and I've I've heard these prophetic words. If we pray God's will be done a subset if we pray Trump will be elected but that's the thing. The focus to me that if we pray God will hear.

In other words, rather just letting you take the natural course of the votes go the way they vote, that this will be definite divine intervention I truly believe that now.

If Trump is in that to me would be God giving us a respite he's waging the door before the door slams all the way and in many of our liberties are really taken from us in America goes in a dangerous direction of anti-God. Marxism okay remap your way there yet but things can ship very quickly. But during this time, we must pass the contest and I don't believe we have so far. What is the trump test voting for Donald Trump without hurting our testimony in the process.

I believe we have heard her testimony.

I believe we have been defenders of the president and apologist of the present and looking the other way is faults and shortcomings and even becoming like him in certain negative ways.

And here's how we both bought we take issue with this this this and this also believe we failed the trump test and that we must unify around Jesus. Even if we divide our Trump swore four more years to pass the test and in four more years to really go after God like never before for awakening in evangelism and revival. If find Harris when I think you have to look at it like that and and I say that was the will of God.

To me, God would be giving us over to further judgment in many ways because of our complacency for years or carnality for years are compromise for years. Our failure to really go after God and give ourselves to the great commission or abdicating of responsibilities and and this would accelerate the pace which were then hopefully finally get us to wake up.

I'm of the pandemic. The rights it's pushed out some but we are certainly not at that place of desperation all over closer to it that I've seen in memory, so those are my thoughts.

Missive is less than the want to go to your calls a written article posted on our website yesterday so son asked Dr. and some of the sites called the case against trump and what he still gets my vote. The case against trump and why he still gets my vote. You can read it on asked Dr. for all of you who did not fall for Donald Trump cast a protest vote set out the vote voted for the Democratic ticket. I get it. I understand the case against her molecular go through the whole article it's it's there. You can read it. I documented it in detail in evangelicals at the crossroads we passed the contest, I get it. I understand the issues with I can make the case against him and when I weigh that against the case for him, the case for him to me is much stronger in terms of the larger interest. International be at Israel in the Middle East.

The unborn religious freedoms. Other issues here in America. For me the case for him as much mistrust of the existential issues that were dealing with.

The case was misread but I get I get it I get the case against him and from those of you those you Trump's never done any wrong reason. Vlad is over exaggerated.

He's never mistreated anyone. Please read the article. Please read your remember.

I say that as a composer got that all right.

Let's go back to the phones we will start with Brian in Davidson, North Carolina. Welcome to light a fire are you doing Dr. Brown very well thank you sir.

Our great birds are regret what.

I can appreciate your your your point of view and your aunt B could you put up on. I want a Facebook a few days ago what your wife they are all yeah and yet Nancy's viewpoint.

Yeah, she posted on her own Facebook page was she's just gotten a few hundred function tracks with I said you want to make this more public you get attacked if you do, and she said current so that Scott got a couple plus thousand comments a lot of responses and a lot of negative comments to yet, but I love that one of your weaker. One thing I wanted. There is here.

Grandma can't work with low.

The only reason I was greeted with granite like you. Norm. Pediatric anger and think the arrogant but the one thing I was. Maybe two white Christian family because are a low point in their view, it seems that people are turning more Republican trout supporter, first in Christiansburg, so it, like were from Christian Republicans.

The Republicans Christian yeah I think it's just a few you being charitable and saying that Sir I think it's more than a few. I think we've misplace our priorities. Many, many of the outside personally but you articulated really well. Going from Christian Republicans Republican Christians yeah here are good at one question and I really got your comfort other guy not always, wondered it, but I wondered if you could expand about it. Cannot. I do vote not by one thing that always wondered where it was put up. You know, render to Caesar was Caesar I am just being on an K just started. That is one for my entry light you may become are you going to restrain think of what we say things like that, well… We are somebody like you still look up to and admire and then we get it back with the put that garment. How can we really expand upon that could honestly I don't connect to 100 feet. I get the taxes think that nature, but went boating, like a privilege to vote more than you know you have to go, give me a given like a combo like expand upon the little bit like an understanding absolutely so what we have to just make scriptural application. In other words, that was written in a time when you had a a Roman dictator you had an Emperor. You had no vote you had no influence is too much of world history.

That's been the case, you either had royalties on monarchy or king or queen or you had a dictator so for most of human history we didn't get to vote. So how do I apply that same concept of render to Caesar the things that belong to Caesar.

Paul expands on it. Romans 13 that every person be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except from God. Those that exist have been instituted by God.

Therefore whoever resists the authority resists with God's appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. So he he goes through that the place of government. This is therefore one must be in subjection, not only to avoid God's wrath but also for the sake of conscience for because of this you also pay taxes, for the authorities are ministers of God attending to this very thing paid all what is owed to them taxes to whom taxes are owed revenue to revenue is owed respect and respect is owed Anna to honor his old soul in this world we live fully as citizens of this world other words, we participate in the system. We pay taxes we give honor to submit. So to me. If I'm in a democratic republic and I can now actually cast votes and some called to be salt and light in influence for good now actually get to live out some of my discipleship in voting other words it's it's a stewardship solo cannot.

I wouldn't say that it's a command for Christian, I would say it's a sacred privilege and even responsibility, because otherwise what I'm saying is on issues that could be very important to God.

I am going to give no input and leave the outcome until let's say all of God's people right all believers understood.

We are not supposed to vote because that's mixing kingdoms or that's just with the world does or his kingdom is not of this world are in the world and out of whatever then within a generation week we'd be in concentration camps or wiped out or imprint on saying that the society would go 100% in the other direction, so we would fail to be salt we would fail to be like pulses. Whatever you do do for the glory of God. So to me.

I take the principles of being an active participant in the society as government requires, or government office just like we pray for kings, rulers to to be saved first Timothy 21241 by the safe person running for office or safe person working within itself. When the children of Israel were in Babylonian captivity. God said to them in Jeremiah 29 two. Pray for the city in the country where they were because is that prospered they would prosper.

So as sojourners and exiles passing through this world. This is how we live our lives we participate actively wherever we can. We make a difference for good soul in a democracy or Democratic Republic where were our votes count before then, for a difference in its it's it's massive it's it's a privilege it sounds great question, Brian. And it's it's like talking to LOL tell my wife, Nancy, God blessed me Jesus exalted friends.

Jesus is Lord, saying, day and night, especially for our

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