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Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 2, 2020 4:40 pm

Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 2, 2020 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/02/20.

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Tomorrow is election day, but I've got my eyes a higher price stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on fire today you are listening to me live on radio or intranet or listening reviewing subsequent to this day, which is the day before election that you're doing so with purpose. In other words you're doing so for the perspective that will bring and hopefully something will be helpful, edifying, strengthening, equipping in your own life. When you tune in to the right broadcast Michael Brown delighted to be here in one of the most volatile times in our nation's history and before one of the most pivotal elections in our nation's history and regardless of the outcome of the election of know tomorrow if he takes several days Americans can be deeply divided and very fast and very very best you with the best outcome politically and in the words from God's perspective, whatever that best outcome would be it. It is just a respite in which the church must come alive and do what God has called the church to do. That's the hope for America. Welcome to the show 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 I did a bunch of things to share with you related to politics related to the elections, but more importantly related to our calling here as God's people answering the question how can we be in this world but not of the world.

How can we be loyal citizens of America while being even more loyal citizens of God's heavenly kingdom. Is there contrast in conflict there or not. How can we prioritize the great commission without abdicating our responsibilities that we have here in a Democratic Republic will be tackling that I trust to be helped by today's broadcast but I want to hear from you a simple question. Are you ready who you voted for and why. Can you tell me in 30 seconds or less, 866-348-7884 who are you voting for and why can you get it down to like 30 seconds for this candidate for this reason but to hear from you 866-34-TRUTH okay if we go to real clear politics real clear politics website. This is a website that every day has a series of articles from both political perspectives and then does a poll of the polls. In other words, it takes all the major polls synthesizes them and gives you the conclusion so the real clear politics national average on this day before election it's it's showing a decline from the day before, but it has it has shows… Go back up there. There we go. It shows Biden with 50.9% and Trump was 44.4% of the vote. Hence Biden up by 6.5% of the top battleground states, and averages out with Biden with a 2.7% lead.

Both of those are down the electoral college shows Biden basically locked in with 216 Trump locked in with 125 in tossup's 197 and then of the battleground states it shows Biden up by 1.4% Florida Trump up by 6%, North Carolina Biden up in Pennsylvania.

2.9% of all that's going down from what it was and it goes on with other states, etc. and basically Biden winning by a small margin.

Most of the battleground states so looking at this, you would say based on the polls that the likely outcome is that Joe Biden will be the next president understates the problem is. Four years ago. The polls told us that Hillary Clinton would be the next president of the United States haphazardly sort that out. There's an article I saw posted on King 5., true.

What that website is King.

Five dot-coms were sought.

I guess it's just a TV local TV website maybe can you really trust the polls. Things changed since the 2016 election and posters suggest big oversights that they were guilty of in 2016 and they fix that after the 2016 presidential election. Many be asking can I trust the polls after all.

Nearly every national cultural Hillary Clinton leading all the way up until election before candidate Donald Trump pulled out a stunning upset. So for this fall. Joe Biden has the trump of the polls by an average of 7.1% according to polling data from equipment, real clear politics, comparison currently trumped by an average of 3.7% in the fall 2016.

This article says that the posters of learned from the mistakes in 2016 that the posters have adjusted things and that they got things right now and and that the predictions from the polls are more accurate than they were four years ago promise of a cultural over the place. Some will show Biden with a 10 point lead somewhere, and another showed company to point me in the same location so one of the pollsters who's been very critical of the polling is generally he was on a panel discussion where they were talking about polling and mistakes 2016 and he believes the same mistakes are being made today. So before we go to your calls before I get into our larger calling in the. The focus of where I should be want to talk these things through there on our minds. Obviously, Alyssa listened to the first clip was dimly so gently.

I think it is a factual show which it is but I get the sense that I was an agenda for near here mad about something and I have a man because polls that come out days before an election that are egregiously off the mountain by couple points.

Christmas is really marginally and in effect about the margin of error like us will never know the answer that because clearly, 2016.

Voters went looking too much of the polls, but when a poll comes out that has one candidate in this case Hillary Clinton winning by 11 points. When winter of the race. The other candidate. That's not an outlier that is bad polling and it makes our entire industry look bad. Okay, so I called on the American Association of public opinion research. The crackdown on egregious polling the Titan Sanders for firms like FNM that clearly don't understand the landscape of Pennsylvania and guys like Chris and I that are trying to do quality work is left: 2016 within the margin of error are so the race between Clinton and trump a statistical tie when I was like FNM had the race at 11 points and you don't think that voter suppression – so I am sticking up for the industry, hereby thing we need to crackdown someone to stand up and say you know what this is getting out of control those real clear. I know somebody out there right so he's saying we had a real problem in the industry and things are not being done properly, and his concern is that this actually amounts to voter suppression.

In other words, let's say your schedules been really busy to get out and vote is the summer we have to make an adjustment in your day schedule, but you live in a state where your foci can make a difference whether it's maybe you're a Republican, Trump supported living in California or New York State in your thinking. What would my vote this matter. I mean the states are locked up for for Biden Harris.

Note no reason to bother voting. What if that's your feeling because polls tell you that your vote doesn't matter, but your vote could make a big difference. In other words, it could be that close effective if I have time to tell you a fascinating story of what happened when it was Bush Gore and I lived in Pensacola Florida but will was at near 2000 a very interesting story of FICA time tell you about it, but he's concerned about this being voter suppression that the polls will keep people away because they'll think why bother my vote so I can make a difference all right another clip from Jim Lee.

Let's listen to Christmas back later polls are moving.

We had the race in Pennsylvania to points in our September pole. Now with the other firms coming out with polls were the margin of error in all the pulp that racist height has been tight all along.

In our estimation literatures out there shooting truly tied her to think that five or six part points that you hear about that people say are out there are for real.

I John you want to make that point because I hear it all the time is five or six point scale jumpers are not gonna tell people that will keep in mind the president is out there with the narrative that we should entrust polling so I think and I frankly many people call him everything from a health misogynist or racist to know everything in between. So there are a lot of voters out there that don't want to admit to a live telephone agent there voting for a guy that's been called a racist so that submerged trump factor is very real and we need to capture and I'm really disappointed others in our industry have not in 2016 our race are pulling in in the in the summer and early fall, so Pennsylvania was up for grabs. Other firms are putting out leads for Hillary Clinton in temple digits and that was never the case. In my opinion catch anything happen again. Now I could point interesting.

Again, this is the business matters showed good to pollsters. We been listening to Jim Lee one more clip from generally any any pole that tries to minimize and marginalize nonresponse error by giving people numerous opportunities to complete the survey gotcha by either telephone or Internet through texting is is is going up. Provide those safeguards to really reduce that margin there and make it more realistic because with any kind of survey technique. There is bias in every Technique certain people just don't return you to telephone polling. There certainly don't reach 20 to show your thoughts on the go to Chris where are we now, I worry Pennsylvania which is usually upon arrest and where are we in terms of the election as you see I think it's been a be a very close race. I don't see this being a blue wave.

I don't think Biden wins and a lot of battleground states trump carried in 2020, 16. We have the race of Pennsylvania tied up all the first week of September so the two point race.

Others showed double-digit lead for Biden now or sing other firms showing a Titan when, in my opinion it's been tight all along. So I think Pennsylvania is clearly a battleground for both candidates and I think elections can be decided by a very very small electoral vote putting a quench I can call if I have it if if the turnout is where I think it's good to be I think trump when Sirs Jim Lee from Susquehanna polling under the phones momentarily. If you try to get through hanging there really gets a lot of calls today but I asked the question on twitter did a poll and and here's what I asked on twitter. I said okay I'm not. I'm not asking for what you want to have what you think will happen. So look at these results from my for my twitter pole and we got 2500 votes ready, which is a strong response from my polls on twitter so four hours left which are prediction I gave four choices trump wins by a landslide.

Biden was well insulated trump narrowly wins by narrowly wins obviously the great majority of my 44,000 something twitter followers or conservative believers. Maybe 70% maybe were trump voters something like that anyway of 47.4% think troubling by land. So that's the biggest number 4.4% think Biden will win by landslide 36.9% and crumple narrowly when an 11.2% think Biden will narrowly when so 85% think crumple one. What's my own prediction. I don't claim that God spoke to me. I don't claim to have any special revelation just looking at the obvious, what's my prediction of tight on the other side of the break and then as soon as we come back we go straight here cause her to my prediction forever. It's worth not claiming any special insight and revelation just being candid with you and then your calls for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

My prediction, I do not claim that the Lord spoke to me showed me something opened up the Scripture gave me special revelation. I am discounting other prophetic words and simply my own observation I feel pretty confident that Donald Trump will win tomorrow. Why would look at the rallies. The numbers of people. The enthusiasm versus the small rallies lack of enthusiasm so the master browser trump small unenthusiastic for Biden. That's telling when you see what seems to be an uptick in Hispanic and black support of trump, and perhaps even Jewish support for trump, one for every one person I heard say I voted for Trump in 2016 but I can't vote in 2020. I hear 10 or 20 say I didn't fall from 2016 and I will vote for him in 2020, and then just the radicalization of the dry credit party that would indicate to me the likelihood of a trump victory, but either way, my emotions are set to worship God as God and to keep my eyes focused on eternity as a leader in this world, regardless of the outcome and my determination is whatever the results are to gather as many believers as I can together to work together for the good of the nation. That's my own prediction based on these observations, do I have a spiritual sense. I want to be honest, my spiritual sense before elections tends to be off the words I've never felt that the Lord gave me a clear word you one of these visitation things were, you know that you know that God spoke to her.

Scripture jumped out of this not happen. Normally it's kind of my emotions of what I want to see happen and so on and so forth. So bottom line.

Bottom line don't know don't have a word don't have a revelation, but my observations would strongly indicate the trump victory.

We shall see. We shall see. All right, let's start with Kim in High Point, North Carolina who you're voting for and why. Dr. Brown already. I operate are God. It loud and clear all that and add their that we are back at got it right. Thank you Kim for Langan by the way, not giving feedback, not arguing not responding you get to share your view with the world.

866-34-TRUTH let's go to RC in San Bernardino, California who you voted for and why will Dr. grow darker. Yuri beacon of truth that I like to share with my family. I think crumple it whirlwind by narrow margin on boarding program and my family is because he's pro-life simply because we we feel that the life matters right down to the point thank you sir, and thank you for the good word that we are doing our best to be a force of trees for you and your family. Thank you. 6634 truth this go to Kathy and Charlotte North Carolina. You're on the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown hey one day that I'm going out at 9000 light. I like the fact that the barter and he gets really planned for that. People need to. Every part on what going on there.

What you know he tried all dotted loud and clear. Kathy, thank you wing in mother what you folks doing amazing job, succinct and clear.

Thank you so much let us go to A&E in Broadview, Illinois, who you voted for and why hello Mike, I'm voting for Donald Trump. I did vote early and of the reason why is I love experience on abortion and you are just going to work. Fear them by my think Biden is being used and I think you the puppet more than anybody, and I think this is very lives with Donald Trump. Thank you Angie.

I appreciated 86634. Choose let's go to Jamie and Munro North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you and I invited Kurt Trent when I was very hesitant or 20, thinking, afraid of him. I couldn't vote for Hillary, I better informed it, I will happily buy point from 1/3 thing first being pro-life pro-Israel Christian freedom of the Second Amendment at tracking down at the waistband and are likely in godlike thank you Jamie.

Very succinct again, 86634 of this go to market in Sutherland Virginia.

Welcome to the line of fire. Dark brown thing that proper start run. I worked for him, but I did vote for the cleanup. Dog gone I'm going to be voting for him again this year and I just program because it IQs like burst and very much abortion, I thought you were the rule of law or Biden, but there are more. Thank you Mark 866-34-TRUTH before we get to more calls of let me just say that what you're hearing thus far reflects what I been hearing around the country. I mean that everyone's voted for Trump obviously have a certain constituency listening and calling in, but I mean people that didn't vote from 2016 are now, or that voted for him with hesitation like I did in 2016. Neville and without hesitation.


That seems be the pattern again.

We shall see poll results in all these things, what ends up happening, but very interesting okay since Israel's mention of Chris. Let's grab the, the Israel clip I saw this earlier today I wrote an article that's up on the screen. asking for vote for Trump is a vote for security in Israel and the Middle East. But this was really interesting. No. In fact, I doubt we don't play it but I'm thinking of I did. Don't play it because it's in Arabic and English with captions. Sorry about that.

Okay, let me tell you what it says you've got two men walking together in Israel.

One of them is Palestinian addressed and in and that garb, a former PLO terrorist who spent seven years in Israeli prisons and now is a staunch opponent of terrorism and then an Israeli Jew, the mayor of Samaria, Samaria, Samaria, and a member of the IDF right so you think these are going to be ideological opponents and they say were appealing with our hearts for the sake of our lives. Now this is their position from Israel just two men for Palestinian terrorists says that under the Obama policies which supported the corrupt Palestinian leadership that there were many attacks on Israelis because of which Israel retaliated with blockades and other acts of destruction. As a result of which, as a result of which 4137. I think that's the number 4137 Palestinians were killed by Israelis in retaliation for the Palestinian attacks on Israel and there were over 200 Israelis that were killed right bite by Palestinian terrorists so in their view Obama's policies empower the dangerous and corrupt Palestinian leaders to attack Israel.

This is what the former terrorist says this is what is your response to these hostilities it resulted in blockades and destruction among the Palestinian people and he says result of that over 4000 postings were killed by the Israelis in retaliatory acts now Israeli Jew comes on and explains that things are changed dramatically that because Trump has pulled back funding from the corrupt Palestinian leaders who say if you're going to fund the families of suicide bombers and things like that and fund Palestinian there in prison for terrorist actually fund their families.

Mike and the funds you write so 204 Israelis killed by Palestinian terror attacks now. Now the one that was actually 4127 Palestinians killed and then 24 Israelis killed. Now they're saying under the Trump administration, the number has dropped dramatically because the Palestinians have not been funded by America and if not been able to carry out their terroristic acts. So now it's only 531 Palestinians were killed by Israelis retaliating against Palestinian terror and only 37 Israelis who been killed by terrorist attacks and remember this is despite Trump moving the embassy to Jerusalem were told was to be a bloodbath in Israel, the Middle East and the Abraham Accords which now have United Arab Emirates box range to Don joining in supposedly Saudi Arabia and others about the jointed they are joining in largely because America's broking this brokering this in America and Israel, and these countries are standing against their common enemy, Iran, which is now an allegiance with turkey makes were of a very powerful terrorist country or legions of countries in the Middle East. So you have that going on. Yet the Biden Harris administration if they get in. They said that they will reinstate the Iranian nuclear deal, which potentially speeds up Iran's ability to get a nuclear which effectively undoes some of the whole emphasis and momentum of the Abraham Accords.

So I was talking to a never Trump are the other day about this and I said, could this maybe get you to vote for Trump is putting issues out. You have to decide after prayer you have to do you think is right and if in conscience before God. You feel the castor protest photo SSO between you and God is giving information on the new data. All right, my prayer, I do not pray for a candidate to win. I do not. I never have.

I pray God your will be done.

You know what is best for a nation you know what we need your will be done. Let us unite praying that right getting into more calls. Who are you voting for. In 186634 and then I want to focus on where allies must be set greater prize will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown look at some Scripture one address two things. One is if you're listening live on radio. You may have heard on stations or listening to a commercial urging Christians to vote for Joe Biden. We have no control of the stations have control over what areas win so just just want you to know that in a my goal is not to have a political at either way, but just want you to know that the other thing I want to reply to two extraordinarily blind comment on Facebook by Martin Martin. Hope you're still there but Martin posted this in response to a video by four Palestinian terrorist in Israeli mayor saying together for for Donald Trump to save lives. Palestinian and Israeli lives in the roots to reduce terrorism and to reduce Israel's response to terrorism. The Trump policies are better you will see a remarkably blind, and I feel bad for Martin postings. But since he posted publicly will share it. Dr. bouncer Dr. Branson quotes as if I don't have an and PhD just when you see that you generally know where the person is coming from. You are a caricature of the Christian.

So get this friends for talking about a former Israeli former Palestinian terrorist who has renounced terrorism in Belize. Trump's policies will reduce terrorism in the Middle East and safe Palestinian lives and Israeli lives showing a video quote your character of a Christian that this was is extremely blindness behind this position. He continues Christ is not a racist, correct, Jesus cares for every human being on the planet. Jesus cares for Israeli Jews, Palestinian Arabs absolutely cares for black-and-white yellow and red absolutely God keeps his promises as well. And God is a God that the lights in the reducing of needless bloodshed, which is what the video is about. But how does this person interpret, see, this is what happens when we have blinders on and this I feel bad for people to post these things. It shows the direction of hearing and seeing everything is being processed through a spiritual intellectual blindness. He continues Christ would never approve of guns nerve Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory so obviously saying Christ did not approve of anything in the Old Testament. Christ did not approve of the children of Israel driving out the Canaanites, Christ is not approve of that is obsessing Christ did not approve of of the allies bombing Germany to stop the sort of millions of people so that's an interesting perspective and I wonder when Jesus returns is returning in flaming fire taking vengeance on those that don't know God or just saying hey let's all have a chat settle our differences just emphasized there was really occupation Palestinian territories.

How about God keeps his word. This is always been the home and of the Jewish people, Jewish people would like nothing less than to live side by side in harmony with their Palestinian neighbors, if not for corrupt Palestinian leadership the keeps thwarting genuine efforts for peace. Such a different way of looking at that all now for the personal threats you are not so young a robot that meant not obvious that you are not so young. Your day is coming to be accountable for all these awful wise. First, Martin. Why do I look forward to the day of giving account to God with holy reference. Boy do I look forward to that day because my whole goal is to please the master my whole goal is to honor the Lord my whole goal is to shine for him and that's what I live for.

That's why feel bad when I see comments posted them. So off because I want to minister to his many people as I can and how even help someone like you, Martin to see through your biases and your wrong sympathies love to help you, but all I live in life of the day of judgment and occupied, not truth. You call them lies occupying a truth I would just say this, or if you'd like the privilege of posting on her Facebook page. You have to get rid of the threats because that's inappropriate and we don't allow our platform to be used for something to permit the Lord give you grace to see. All right.

Okay, a few quick calls and we can get into the word together Alejandro in Des Moines Iowa who you voting for and why goal of drug therapy. Primarily Hispanic and work at registration and weekly love Democratic ads were vertically look live to make me fat ugly manipulate our community.

Our luggage claim program lots of promises and they haven't really done anything to get government spending within the community. Donald Trump, let me ask you one question us and I'm not getting feedback to what folks say just letting them speak either way.

But in your community meeting your friends, family members, those who interact with. Has there been any shift from 2016 to 2020 in terms of voting patterns very.

Very few but very very zero and I worked only love them. I've been very tolerant and got Guy with me going dark and he got angry. Brent, like many more great rewards, divisions going on at country before the demand tolerant. Don't focus on yet will listen you repay intolerance with love, grace to these patients and and Samantha will come around he got bless you, 866342's Gary in Atlanta Georgia who you voting for and why high-tech brought the work that I want to fire Mike Barrera, Lori W. And I will call after hearing about about the art and noted I had looked online and upon the on your YouTube video and thank you so much for corporate hello okay so… I am looking for a comp and the written art of normal Tory no one ate the court High Court really really important and also you know… He didn't start anymore. You know leave before any other another nation and also built just because the OD of OD, the old pretty much all the big media are against same and that it comes on how much money are our our catalog and so… I'm Eric and Gary, I'm so glad to know that in our material help you.

Is there a different Internet rabbis that were selling doubts into your heart about leaving Jesus in her videos set the record straight brought you back to the truth. That's a big reason we do it we do thank you so much and Kelly on YouTube thank you for your gift voting for trouble because of his love for Israel among many other things are Susan Wilberforce of voting for Trump because of his love for Israel among many other things. Thank you Dr. Brown and thank you for being our voice that's why we are here.

Let us go to Justin in Elkhorn, Kentucky, who you voting for and why we vote in person but alternate. He died and look forward to your account to get the vile boat bobbed my way and I buy it.E oil obviously polls key points in that direction. I don't think will happen because I don't trust the polls, but observations I made earlier, namely the amount of people I know that if shifted from not voting for Trump to voting from 2020 2016.

The reverse trend seems to be much smaller than the size of of the rallies. The enthusiasm seems to be an uptick in Hispanic and black and BBQ support will Hispanic callers that he sees very little a change in that regard, but either way, my, my emotions are set to worship the Lord just the same either way. And I believe there's been so much prayer for these elections that if Joe Biden got in. I would say that was the will and purpose of God. Now it may be to accelerate judgment.

It may be to accelerate awakening in the church there may be other things that God is doing and they be giving us over to error and things like that. God knows God knows but either way, I'm sending my emotions before the Lord took to worship him just the same either way of thank you for calling all right will stay with the calls here. Let's go to Warren in Wake Forest, North Carolina, who you voting for and why call him voting or outcrop in a voting form or our military got out a lot.

Our family being in the military love the way the port it will him about a long time ago got it all right. Thank you.

Appreciate that 866-34-TRUTH take one more call Rick in Holden Beach. Come on who you voting for and why. Oh I'm voting for Donald Trump Malik a reluctant motor four years ago that I would answer to people.

I would go prepare for the other guy. Or I might not hear it voter but after what he's done all the amazing.

Thank you. I think a lot of us really had no idea, with the. Crew got and have been pleasantly very pleasantly product that the incredibly positive policy uptick was pro-life position of incredible judge, click the latest one with any County fair policies on energy independent and pair of the border.

I'm a nurse to spend family. Human trafficking, there are so many things that he's done that the media has completely ignored the upright program and I also pray an operator more listing.

Remember, we must pray for revival that are present cannot have a really much of an effect on moral moral condition. If we are fortunate enough to be blessed to be mercifully given four more years of Trump. We must pray for revival because our moral condition will not alter one bit. After tomorrow, and in between all private begins not because we believers think father forgive me for not sharing the gospel.

Forgive me for pretending that somehow a politician can change the moral condition of our covered neighbors in our nation because we are surrounded by those who know don't know the Lord and Savior surrounded by many churches that don't preach the gospel and you know what I did the survey Rick on Twitter asking folks once a list on the share the gospel. Someone in the quality way and the those within the last week with the last months within the last year. I think the not in recent memory, the highest single one was not in recent memory.

There's a 35% which is obviously a concern quite so maybe 210 call so far today. Everyone said you voting for Trump.

Give reasons why obviously pro-life came up a lot for those who say yeah but Trump Scoble to speak with virus.

Number one, we still don't know what's the best policy or not and what mass do don't do I comply with all the guidelines to wear when I'm supposed to, etc., is not like crumpling salutes kill Americans. There's so many conflicting views and and maybe lives could have been saved. It's a lot of speculation. The bottom line, but we do know when you have a party saying we stand for Roe V Wade to be the law of the land we we will stand against those opposing Roe V Wade and Anna not you know that parties going so I kissed both Mimecast divorce.

I support what I am being voting for them that they will implement their policy. That's the question in terms of whose policies whenever we come back and straight to the Scriptures. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown led me function now your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Let me not be a political pundit, but may not be conservative talking head. Let me be as I am first and foremost a follower of Jesus, a preacher of the gospel written article. You can read on a website Esther to SK DR called the case against Trump and why he still gets my vote. We get there, asked Dr. The case against Trump and why he still gets my vote. I understand the issues people have comfortably meet read the article and then in more depth.

Read evangelicals at the crossroads will be passed to contest.

I understand the issues and again I am not primarily caught up with one political party or the other. I prefer the Republican platform to the Democratic platform. Overwhelmingly, I prefer the policies.

The comp has implemented versus the ones that Biden Harris would want to implement overwhelmingly. There are many many important issues to me where the divide is great, but my primary identity is not as a comp folder but as a Jesus follower and in fact just for my own ethic I'm registered as an independent because to me just for me not fault anyone else from me. It was important to say that my allegiance is to God and the truth I'm reminded of the story in the book of Joshua where Joshua encounters the angel of the Lord is about to do battle with Jericho and he sees a man with a drawn sword. The stimulus the angel yet.

This is a force of four enemies and and that the angel says no but outcome is captain of of the armies of the Lord of hosts. Now get on your face. Joshua falls on this please take your shoes off your feet.

The ground which are standing is holy, so the key is that we align with God now let's look at some Scripture. Okay, first Peter chapter 1 from Peter and apostle of Jesus Christ to those in everything from the NET temporarily residing abroad in Pontus glacier To see the province of Asia and Bithynia) and the translation note in the NET says or to those living as resident foreigners to the exiles. This term is used metaphorically of Christians who live in this world as foreigners since their homeland is heaven. They live in this world is far since their homeland is heaven and then verse 17 he says this and if you address as father, the one who impartially judges according to each one's work. First Peter 117 live out the time of your temporary residence here in reverence and then the translation note says the time of your sojourn picturing the Christian's life in this world as a temporary stay in a foreign country what's written in Philippians 320, Philippians 320, says this for our citizenship is in heaven, and from there we eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Yeshua the Messiah, our citizenship is in heaven.

And then in the prayer of Jesus in John chapter 17 verse 16.

After he prayed that that his father would not take the apostles out of this world, but keep us from the evil and keep the apostles from the evil one and then implication all of us as believers keep us from the evil one.

He says they are not of the world. Just as I am not of the world what it was that mean it means that we live in this world, but we don't live by the spirit of the age. It means that we are loyal citizens to our country, but our ultimate loyalty is to the kingdom of God. So if you lived in ancient Rome and you were you were accused of of of insurrection or being a trader guilty of treason because you wouldn't call Caesar Lord you wouldn't sacrifice to Caesar what you're saying is I obey a higher king. I have a higher Lord hire leeches to my allegiance.

My primary allegiance is not to trump central America is not a political party is not to this world is to God's kingdom and nemesis follower. I seek to bring kingdom principles into this role here. What if we were sent to America from another country whenever you're at your ultimate origins are if you came from Nigeria. If you came from England. If you came from Russia where he came from. You came from Mexico. We were sent to America's missionaries and our commission was the great commission: make disciples.

Yes, we got caught up in the political process because God cares about this world. Yes, he cares about human life. Yes, he cares about what's best for individuals.

Absolutely that's that's our God, that's who he is and he wants us to be salt and to be like to stand righteous the kingdom of God is that right of eating and drinking, but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Romans 1417 Matthew 633 seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added.

Matthew 513 to 16 as a set with the salt of the earth with the light of the world. So we are called to do good. We are called to a pattern of good works. Matthew 25, 31 to 46 that the clear teaching with the sheep and the goats that we are called to care for the poor, the needy, so we would do all that. But we wouldn't get caught up in the frenzy of partisan politics because we have our eyes in a higher price you I'm saying and in America when we get so caught up with is everything going you hate fake news here you can trust us when they're not fair, and bad ads in get so emotional I get caught up easily after work against getting caught up in this right and spend quality time with God and get my focus in the right place is so easy for us to forget our great priorities which are being disciples making disciples knowing God and making God known you look at this want to show you two responses on YouTube. When we got a call about John Piper's article suggesting the best thing to do is sit out the elections and I responded differently than strongly agree with many points, but different. Explain why can make a moral vote for trump so ultimate was Pro trump okay. In that sense saying here's one voting for him to look at these two responses. Sorry sir you like. Piper do not recognize God's anointing on president trump is literally saving this country from the utter destruction plan for we are not just passing through Gaskin that I think you meant to say God's kingdom is coming here. Trump is beginning the process of preparing the way like Cyrus soap because I take any issue with the president because I say we are passing through and we have a higher eternal goal. This person says I don't know what I'm talking about right. I don't recognize God's anointed. I guess you can say anything negative that you can differ you can distance yourself and the things you differ within don't like not flip this over. Here's another comment. There is nothing remotely resembling Jesus and trump the Christian supporting ever going to be fast really want in the afterlife as their support of him is more to do with unchristian vengeance, bitterness, resentment, hate than being pro-life's you get these polar extremes. You can't say one negative word even if you vote for him. If you vote for him here. You don't know Jesus.

I mean these extremes are also and I'm saying let's step back, recognize when an imperfect world with imperfect candidates with an imperfect political system highly flawed in many ways were looking for the best alternative who will do the best to bring about the best good let me read to you from Dr. Martin Luther King's letter from a Birmingham Jail throughout the Montgomery Alabama campaign. Critics complained about the ordained clergy's involvement in court earthly temporal matters technocracy concurrent Junior however believe this written view of religion was to can finally get involved in segregation races meds to earthly, he saw his civil rights activity is an extension of his ministry.

The Christian gospel is a two-way road. On the one hand, this is King.

It seeks to change the souls of men, and thereby unite them with God. On the other hand, it seeks to change the environmental conditions of men. So the soul will have a chance after is changed and then he said this, the church must be reminded that it is not the master servant of the state, but rather the conscience of the state and must be the guy in the critic of the state and never in stool. If the church does not recapture its prophetic seal it will become an irrelevant social club without moral or spiritual authority, friends.

That is something we must grab hold on today. We are not an appendage of either political party.

We are not a servant of the state, nor are we the master of the state.

Rather, we are the conscience of the state. Therefore, you must be known. More than anything is a follower of Jesus, defender of the gospel, not the defender of the president. Jesus gets my life. The president gets my vote. I shout to the world with the largest letters and fought boldness biggest Jesus. Yeshua is my Savior and Lord. I wear that I talk it, I live it and then in very small print and trump gets my vote. I don't want to be any confusion about allegiance whatsoever. I feel very strongly about the elections I voted with hesitation.


I vote without hesitation. In 2020.

I feel very strongly. I believe that the consequences of the elections could be great, but either way, the kingdom of God marches forward. Either way, the name of trump will one day be forgotten the name of America will one day be forgotten. We are around the throne of God worshiping there's going to be one focus so picture this, we get caught up to God's heavenly kingdom around his throne. We sit there worshiping and looking at eternity looking at those who came to know him and mourning over those that rejected we see the eternal implications of what we do on this earth, and Gus's okay go back and finish your mission maybe your 18 years old when we get 70 years. A heavy maybe seven years old to 15 years a heavy whatever it is Gus's okay go back and finish the mission. In the light of eternity. So as citizens of a heavenly kingdom. We now come with that ethic with that set of values with those goals.

With that revelation of who he is and what really matters. The difference between light and darkness different screen heaven and hell difference between life and death truth and error and with that we come and live out our faith in every area of society for the glory of God. That's the price that's where my eyes are fixed. Fix your eyes there as well. I join you tomorrow. My

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