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Lantern Q & A

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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October 31, 2020 1:00 am

Lantern Q & A

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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October 31, 2020 1:00 am

The Lantern Team answers some of listeners' most burning questions about their operations, aftercare of victims, and how they control themselves when faced with unspeakable evil.

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Lantern Rescue

The cuticle offer the devil's worst nightmare, with it's time to man up podcast where we talk to real men who have real stories realize it is time to man up your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds in joy at Sherritt but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network previously on lantern rescue go using imagery in human heart and mind. Many women trafficking crime may be hard to know and lighting that said welcome to lantern risk ministry program to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking.

It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern. We tell the stories we talk about rest, we empower you to do something about it and said, let it not be said I was silent when the what a treat today on lantern rescue. We actually have mark in the studio with us and we have asked for questions to come in for the lantern rescue team and several people have some questions that that the team wants to get an opportunity to explore some things you may be wondering about an always go to lantern in an email your question, we left Hamlet on the air for the show we want talk about these things. So the first question mark is actually from a very avid listener wants to know how you know for sure that when a country calls you and says we need your help. It that's really going to be legitimate.

That is a really really great question and it's something our team consul evaluation talks about and weathers the country itself of the project within the country now because nothing is easy. It's all difficult and how long to push on your pursuit and so you know we do establish trying to even now establish more parameters that say it is the premise for us to be in this country that they have to abide by and for us to be here because the demand is so great now. I mean we have request to be all over the all of the world. And so, in any way what valuation process. None of this sounds vague.

Maybe TC can jump in her RN I think would be great to comment on this at first for me it's a set of parameters. The site can these be met. And, you know, not immediately, but can we grow into these.

This area in a like making arrest.

Note simple things that we may take for granted. As Americans we think that happened in the justice system does not happen, you know, and so there's those those are some of the things I'm setting aside the spiritual implications of God calling you somewhere to you know so is there a prayer aspect of that that you guys took part absolutely immune praying without ceasing is just because you're in place for a while as many are there, you may have to stop the operation move elsewhere.

You can give us all the specifics of those qualifications.

But what can you give us some sense of what TC don't know okay I will report what country is doing on their own.

You cannot hear how well the commandment Really Forgoing country and getting on our own. Are they committed today to look like they're doing something TC what you thoughts your attorney called you a couple weeks ago guys who are crucial in another country, you border operations actually rescue the girl begged us to come help them with border operations which is another whole old type of operation and prosecute their respite. They need help in training routine. We have to decide know the country needs versus our abilities and the number of us that there are mark and confirm if there's more countries asking us to come and there are members of the team actually so know we have to investigate markets that you don't get any rest of the prosecute establish that it's hard to talk to me.

I wonder was a little bit behind the first asked this question was to have the feeling you're being set up. So yes, when a unknown contact.

She threw another unknown you're not quite sure is that speculation that they got your number and they're just trying to entice you to come to the country to do harm against you, or to understand operations in that particular case I do some serious research background of who that person was the exist was looking through social media air unit is a easy thing to do open source intelligence is all around about everybody seek and find that out but sometimes that there will country this not a real option. You know, so what I do is I'm blessed to have enough contacts pretty much in most countries in the world.

Just my couple calls and find out who that person is. And if they're legit and that situation is very legit as obviously have the contact prayer. I have a good feeling about this one. This one doesn't feel like you know that would be really I can't imagine country especially were all the time looking over shoulders as far as meeting new people. I would bet along the same lines and in and this was a question.

Actually, I ask you one time was you guys are going into clubs or you're going somewhere to get something out of a Brickyard or you're going somewhere where you got armed people that do not want you there. How do you control the violent how you make sure that that it is safe. I know it's not safe, but at least it's troll that wanted to see TC I think our last. The last mission. We are in a country where we talk about itů Hostile. That particular case we were organized don't like the team we were with were clearly living together moving well organized.

Sometimes when there is unrest something like disorganized so my opinion in that particular case, because we look organized and you know we deftly had a lump intention that was enough for no particular case I personally have not been assaulted yet talks about the countries in the countries are so so I don't know yet really just pop up Allen you know when they so now 13, I was on the street team last class operations which we did 22 right and you know when they enter the door. The shock and all that team in there looking they look the part is what you know you just mentioned in any guys in Kittanning to come pouring out. They want no part what about Avenue. One of the things you told me when I asked that same question is that people in Third World countries aren't used to like yellow.

Not all the numbing in this figure country they are, or that is in seem to deter them.

Plus, most of us are wearing masking but didn't you say the time she pulled off her mask and just that. Yeah that that definitely is a shocking factor.

You know if you especially like you know Asia-Pacific or countries further away from the states and didn't usually never seen an American, much less five of them together and also when a mass comes off and all of a sudden I see this that that you know that they stand out.

They do they do sometimes at some time for it in. I don't know if that's that's that's tomato in the last one we did have a very hostile situation because the street God surely routing we were.

I think the team did a fantastic job controlling and handling it. You know, I mean because it was a mob became a mom effect on the street and you know the situation removing the girl became volatile for me and for her and I'm just thankful I've look back at the video actually watch that and realize we were really really carry situation some things that went differently in orange thankful they didn't praise the Lord how that prayer. So this next Christians, along the lines of those other two, and that is you know, obviously in some countries are asking you to be there in there for cooperating with you, but I have the sense that in some of the Muslim countries somebody else after the comet wasn't in the government of Pakistan or somebody like that scenic map was out because you're actually affecting their culture. So who who would that be that that's actually reaching out to you in that case, TC. Well, so Pakistan is actually fairly prominent Christian leader living the Christian section of fairly large city. There and you have a network of pastors who knew about the slaves and berries are and I'm out tiny two questions together. At one point time we were armed, probably not, so that the government would know that we were armed and we actually bought slaves Ricky turncoat Alabama country so contentious just by the grace of God wasn't anything to turn the mentoring but after the second, there is a guidebook that we were working with that she got arrested right or airport because of working with class so deftly, opposition short Muslim countries are our deftly different where Islam is present because they have a initial upbringing not to care for working Americans in what we represent. They immediately think were all know proselytizing you know and so you have to overcome some of those things work in those countries, but there are those that you can work with to our honest and good people and I part of the righteous cause of rescuing kids and want to see a difference in their country but you know like any country just because you're invited by the government are working with the government doesn't mean the other side of the government want you there. You know, or their participating in the trafficking they are part of the problem you know when we talk about an African country actually reached out to a leader who is now in the states. From a particular country to talk to him and he said we realize the problem there are the wealthy and the government that all trafficking happens there because of them and I don't think you just said that Mike you know is a complainer and he literally has intelligence and information and know that you know to save look you know is corrupt and so that's routing Muslim or non-Muslim investor out any country mean there are those there that are participating in an activity, and they don't want to steer you know or they want to control what's happening, what's being done in that fear factor is is just permeates down to the law enforcement were costly China health teams we train, overcome fear, okay, what we have another segment we got loads more questions. We probably won't get to all of them today, but as always I mention you can apply only the Landers rescue at your question or comment.

Is this a better idea actually stay how we frame for the team.

Mallon and TC-based organization that conducts international rest operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending former US special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with host nations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security, genocide, terrorism and human track is a nonprofit charity. They offer services free of charge.

Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest activity in the world reaching an estimated $50 billion in annual activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat trafficking and operates through a train international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates holistic gearing up for operations right now and you can see how you can support welcome back to lantern rescue Q&A show today, many listeners reached out with these different questions so take a minute to give ideas dollars and think about it. Clearly what we get constantly lantern rescue both financial. As always, we'd urge to go to lantern to be able to access that support but the next question we have here. I think be a great one for Alan so this listener wanted to know how you guys work yourself. We've heard you say you want to work yourself out of a job that you do that we you can't read you bring it out that you gotta make up only out there that is looking for this type of abusing children will never end. You got it stop at that point rescuing absolutely visual to get to know that we wife. Other than that, but the actual rest of the perpetrator. The stopping of the individual exploited children that part will work in about time and I'm thinking something had happened. I thought about making a demand stop that they're not taking the company more because really woke me up to on the subject is so much of this demand worldwide comes right out of the good old USA does me know where the largest consumer of child pornography and I don't think that's just because we have Internet access. You know we deftly are you Allen is a person always talks about this masses question. I bring up as far as what were doing sustainable. Is there sustainability in this country because we've all worked in other places are trained people, especially Allen is trained in African places into 24 yourself into an environment and then to come back and it not be improved know it's what were doing sustainable methane has progressed like we wanted to and will progress like it does in the state, but in are we creating something the sustainable and that's why lantern rescue is all about working with the government working with their law enforcement training their law enforcement, helping them through every stage and level of this type of work you know and you know where I think were going to get better at it. You know, I think we were all as individuals we learn more more every time we work somewhere and was getting better at as a team, but I do we not work ourselves out of a job. But why do like what were doing and to see things it would be like, and I know that this a question very much on on your heart ran on.

Actually, in everybody's heart but I know this listener. We talked about it a few times and I know it's different per country ran but they want to know what happens to the victims after they rescue you think that everything on track. Everything is done to the government. We are not moving you and lock them anything routing out you can you go willingly did I think like you and Connie did your parents tell you the parent and based on where and how so sometimes they are able to be reunite with family, probably the main thing we do before the reunification and we do verify that the family is healthy enough to be different based on gender like that they're able to go to live in aftercare facility which may be really nice boarding school that image in a beautiful compound that is well trained in counseling and are able to provide their needs and need any way there provided for financially housing and provided for NAR school.

They're going to college all night taking care of With helping them get a job and get them to live independently on their own when they're ready to so I know in some countries is even a spiritual aspect as well write to us as individuals is team's organization that the aftercare is provided.

Evaluations everything that its faith-based is with children. Transformation takes place. A lot of times, from the moment you call now the situation to the process when describing it with you. Actually, I think where market identified as part of their I actually start seeing that during that process you actually realize you got out of that dark evil situation transformation actually socially complete distance opportunities that you guys even have to speak in the Bacchus way to bring healing is Christ can bind up the brokenhearted, this next question actually of all these questions was my favorite. I was like yeah I want to know that I don't know if you guys will answer this but I really love the question that the listener asked if you guys ever been pursued after you came back. These people come in after you for what it is you might've been part of and you knew that that was actually taken place throughout the program. So far no great? Do the small job. I would be talking to people from the countries know about. I personally have not had concerning the matter of the fight against trafficking have not had any violence toward me in the US but you know it's it is a small world to repeat that, but it is in your disrupting not a $5000 operation were disrupting millions now for us recently to go into an area that I gang member is been paid in the double digits of millions of dollars you know, by his own government trying to control and trust me, you know, he's very well connected, even through the state and and so obviously this is all the more reason that we need to be praying this blessing. Muscles feel very very thrilled to be always to be in America who feel very safe and good for the wonderful place to live but to keep all that potential. The state you know I really don't talk about doing what anybody with that mindset. You just don't know who may be inclined about where we all try to keep it pretty low profile. We talked about openly followed by think about when you might not follow it home, what we've seen what we've heard and never I read that memory and that we don't really talk about it now that is something that got elected by secret when you praying dependent. Remember that while I don't get on back where we think about some countries sitting over there cursing folks they feel it. You know them opposite team.

So this this when I'm a send Allen because Linda said that you think I am in front of the alpha team. They push open.

How did these guys not want to rip somebody's head off. I mean like you see them doing these things that are just totally unthinkable to a girl or young boy or whatever it is that you see Allen and there you are obviously physically capable of ripping somebody's how do you control yourself. I will not happen but you know we did moment face the choice to react and each situation may elicit a different response so I have not been elusive.

Not always control it more or less what God lead me, and I'm sure the other guys on the team in the same way so I know I'm skip around that question a little bit so I get back and into the team talk each other through things down things. I mean we we did a real conversation so it's fine. We laugh now. It is a question but literally the last operation we are contemplating, you know, vengeance, and different, not just different scenarios been a real individual to who was present in the country you know and so thankfully collectively we have wisdom and we do as individuals and I'm in admiration of all of our teammates and everybody works with us in the way they control themselves, but even collectively we have much more wisdom and controlling how we act what we should do not do a great deal of experience in law enforcement and these other things right here in the situations TCM on your take on that question might trigger. My question is simple.

We got last week or two when I would call almost unspeakable evil people have perpetrated against kids for money. You know, to the extent of harvesting organs use stuffing. It boggles the mind.

If you haven't been much you know.

I just want to pretend that I wouldn't struggle mightily conversation with somebody somewhere is a conversation so speak put Mark and Alan both said notice there is safety in numbers. Conversation God's guidance going to take vengeance on its way I would know this to be very clear. I would like take vengeance, not but it's the things that I have heard of. Sometimes this conversation to the degree that it doesn't allow my time is click the episode as you can tell is that this been really helpful for me to understand more how we need to pray how we need to support the rescue ongoing stuff. Really cool stuff stuff it will be happening soon and more conversations that will be happening again. You may have questions. We would love to connect with God is as thank you so much for your help.

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