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October 23, 2020 6:28 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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October 23, 2020 6:28 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Once you're saved are you always saved- My son says he was saved but is now dating someone who is into new age. What does that mean for him---2- Which comes first the rapture or tribulation---3- Do you know anything about the book of Enoch---4- Are aborted babies in hell---5- What does it mean when Paul says that the children of an unbelieving and believing spouse would be unclean if not for the believing one---6- Can you explain the meaning of Mark 10-27- How does that illustration fit with the previous discussion---7- When will God restore paradise to earth---8- Would God call a Christian to politics and if so, how would God get the glory in such an area---9- What is the best biblical argument against SDA- What can I say when they say that Colossians 2-16 was just for that church at that time---10- Can you explain the Trinity to me-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded net selection mats like why is the founder and president of the Christian apologetics research management found online at the time that morning you have questions about Bible doctrines is a max Y rises goals in responding to your questions at 877 Matt slick when looking back, I was out of state for couple days I'd do something kind of impromptu took care of that family stuff you happiness life and I am back. It's nice. Thursday, 22 October at 4:03 PM for me if you want to give me a call. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 and I will hear from you if you are new to the show. What we do here is if you questions on Bible theology, doctrine, Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses criticized unity behind Islam, Roman Catholicism, atheism, the Colts UFOs transcendental universals, logic, information theory evolution. We talked all kind of things here and I have discussed and so you think that's about it and let's see let's see I can think of nothing else is okay. So don't give me call for open lines. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 and that we can blab real easy to do if you want to watch the show.

You see me sitting in an office.

It's exciting and I watch if you want to go to the right hand side of the page, you'll see the link information for that so well one of alignment are filling up…, Lines assist with screened out here to see and from North Carolina and welcome you are on the year. Welcome to my couple of mind that someone like Crystal and I think she kind like Internet language, medication and the first thing one sure thing you always. Yes, the site noted that was a debate but my position. The reason I say that Jesus is help better if you say okay if usually say this question and so traumatized people can be saved and they can slide a little bit and then they come back, but a lot of times the reason people get saved as is often the wrong reason. They they hear the stuff just asked Jesus in your heart that is not to be saved is not how you get saved asked just Jesus in your heart to be fine. You make a better life event is not it and so did a lot of false dry conversions going on out there. They think they given you to try this work so he probably held as a public 2119 2025 25 okay else I know what you girls have this ability look good and we guys that looks good and that's how we are together I still said about my life. You know you married 34 years and knows that over 40. I so look at an angle.

Six runs away because you got it so it's a big draw for guys and she's got crystals good.

Okay, so if you get my drift of Sweden to find out what's really in his heart, is a God or is it something else and try to bring up the conversation about establishing that you have any advice for the back prey usable moms don't know anything. We can talk to the kids because her mom and dad's and she had some stranger. Generally speaking, else is assessing listen you notice so what you need to be doing is praying to have your friends pray and pray for the pray for the deliverance case or are you sure pray for deliverance of your son back into the true faith that he would abandon this idiocy of the New Age and crystals.

I do want to talk to. If you call the office sometime I can talk and likes to be in the new HR cult kind of a thing. I know what he's doing and I know she's doing okay he's doing is looking for control, power and influence. That's what it is trying to do that kind of a thing crystals for getting into something that you can get more influence power you what harmony you want. This is self-centered Christianity's other center.

This where the majority the world will fall on the something like that because it self-centered, not other centered in the note, use the word think things like that.

While there narcissistic so it's a topic and officials are out what you on the phone on the sexy thing to do is this is if he's willing to talk you know you can set it up whenever this email was sent and say you talking the radio he's going to talk to forever. Here's what days and times what is available when, for well I hope the rapture comes first.

But I believe the jubilation comes first in the majority of Christians in America believe that the rapture's income first. I don't see it in Scripture. And I'm not calling them do, and I say, I'm smarter. I just study it and I don't see it just me and others will say something different but kind of things I know in Scripture. They just do not and cannot fit into the pretrip rapture view so I want to find the guy when at that time that Christ died for our sin, he would still be going through this.

This yes okay don't like a little here merely to say will wait a minute.

Are you saying you can be a Christian to be of all the call. That's okay. I did say that what I'm saying is that sometimes Christians can be dumb can be stupid and God lets them have their wayward way for little while for Yanks and back that can happen.

And I'm saying if he's truly saved, God will often let us do this that he does on a daily basis. Anyway, when we have our stupidity that we put before God and before spouses before families. We do things. So how long is the leash well you know the people sit on you that your sink is okay. This is not my thing is okay to send you the lease is 20 feet with them in the God has a 1 foot leash with you there still a lease going on in it he allows you certain amount of freedom to rebel.

I just take us home. So how far will he do that with people I can tell you this, that she did this with me when I was younger and to this day I look on things and I think what was I thinking in the South was a Christian and I believe I was, I believe it was was a struggle going on and he let me have the struggle. And I have so many regrets. Looking back on time and things like that but they may be stronger because of it.

And now I can relate to others because of it, etc., etc., all I can tell you is God's grace is it's incredible to pray for salvation and the police are pretty gets his New Age candidacy.

Just be ready, because that's like stirring the pot to Nick and we pray metrically very husband.

You know, okay, then the get your friends and you pray with them married your husband needs know about this, but to the house. It would seem, pray, and just be ready for maybe a little spiritual. Up is down stuff like that because Stern the spiritual path. Pray just the New Age crud okay I have a good night will thank you.

Good night, alright.

I was in from North Carolina to give me a call to styling 772072276. Let's get to Al from North Carolina and found welcome mat alright hanging in there.

We got memo to go with it think that my son and I talked about the Bible, God brings up the book of Enoch that was supposedly followed with the ball thing about about 200 BC's compilation of various things of some juicy place with the gutters not written by Enoch is just a compilation of information about the call, the book of Enoch little note what the book of Enoch, Rick Portillo, and Jude use a little of my website and I've heard you mention air. I don't get your shell all the time… Website.we should go to the website. There is a great amount of information or the site for 25 years. In fact, it will be 25 years old in three days and on their you can do a search. Other books mentioned in the Bible. I have a list of 20 books referred to in the Bible that are not Scripture. The book of wars.

The book of Joshua, the Chronicles of David, the book of the kings of Israel and Judah book of the kings of Israel, the words of the kings of Israel. The decree of David and the king of Israel was on, so there's lots of books that are referenced just as Paul in acts 17.

He quotes at amenities and Menander I think is an excellent team and their pagan philosophers doesn't mean that transpired as if the referenced okay so after the saltiness okay big deal so that so that book of you not what wasn't bound with that. I think it was because the Jews had a lot of stuff not only guiltless of books but some other stuff in the Dead Sea Scrolls and incidentally had been in Qumran Cave one.

The very cave with the first scrolls were found by the Shepherd.

But inside the actual cave points to brag while great and I look on Israel so anyway that doubt is so it's not inspired just like a pocketable show today because now we can ask about that though the duck together with bound with it Dead Sea Scrolls doesn't make it canonical or hourly to what he did was they copied a bunch of Old Testament documents that they did that they also copied other documents it had historical value. It doesn't mean that they said that they are inspired what what what people think because it Dead Sea Scrolls are there anything in medically inspired work to get that nonsense. And so just because other books are there other books are recorded so therefore there inspired to know if I put a Bible in the book of Mormon and Catholic catechism, all in a suitcase and very good in a thousand years later someone finds a seat. The Catholic catechism of the book of Mormon sparks, the Bible. It makes no sense whatsoever. That's all guilty by association.

I guess yes. So why would what what with the definition of what made the books that ended up in our book Bible was the definition when they made it can Americanize whatever they call it well.

This talk with the Old Testament instead of the New Testament because the book of Enoch is before the New Testament was written, the Jews knew about it and didn't recognize it and neither did Jesus. Jesus says in Matthew and Luke 2444 believe it is he says from the law, the Prophets and the Psalms about him that excluded the apocryphal books the book of Enoch. He also says and I think it's Outlook 1151. Let me check something very important.

There he says soft yes you want for the blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah was killed between the altar. The house of God. Yes, I tell you to be charged consideration. That was the arrangement of the first a lot of excluded there within Luke 1151 website look up inspired okay thanks very much. God bless a falsely right back that's like why call 770727. Here is Matt's leg but he welcome stuff sounds of apparently my voice doesn't go through through Facebook and stuff very well working on for the race. Let's get to Scott from Winston-Salem North Carolina. Scott welcome around here. My now I arrived to back it up pretty and failing both 14 and 15 that a man woman married to a non-Christian spouse and my parents. It is that majority of the children that in that the nail because their parents carry diverse writer for the unbelieving husband is sanctified to his wife and him living life to signify through works, believing husband for the wiser children are unclean, but now they are holy and without an initial claim right in with the flu and related that is one of the issues that I wonder about that exact reasoning is bringing forth is if they're not a bleeding parent of the children of the children, then on to the covenants and are they sanctified for clean use. Whether they made the case that yes that's the case, but also to be uncleanness.

We are not saved so uncleanness through ceremonial things was talk about freshmen is seven our present circumstances and things like this but talk in the marriage. The unbelieving wife and the husbands of the children are our sanctified to the believing parent visitor saved as Internet not save his desert sanctified her made clean so it has to do with ceremonial things. It is interesting why would Paul be talk about enforcement in some seven because it's in the new covenant and then he goes on, he talks about that if the unbelieving leaves let go or you do not know wife. What you'll save your husband or how do you know what it will save your life is really an interesting discussion and we talked about her some things that back a lot of questions about the wisest thing it this way but I gathered that on the short Italian commentator let his head and that's 90, you don't see the Cooper plenty of fun Jews. For example, when they would be sanctified support for whole use do good things the way to heaven be believers in God and become unclean, but touching about a body that is neither damped major ceremonially unclean unclean. So what's going on when it says children are unclean, particularly in the New Testament covenants the new Testaments. The old laws. These cleanliness laws are done away with. So what's he saying what he says the children are unclean, particularly to the Corinthians. That's the thing. It took a bit of a difficult area to to really solve so a man in it or not. What comes out of me is what defiles the man right.

The Bible says that out of the man defiles and only let working but now they only Megan and I weren't you, I don't blame and this is Mrs. this is a tough one it says for the believing unbelieving husband is sanctified to his wife does that mean the unbelieving husband is saved. Nope, this number know you to sanctified context is to be set apart for whole use. You could have unbelievers sanctified for this purpose, which is right there this to be sanctified is always by your saved so that that's just how it is in the Bible is the unbelieving wife is sanctified through believing husband has to do with the issue of one flesh covenant aspect of relationship and the covenant out of marriage and so I give up unbelieving spouse and humbling spouse married other children sanctified the are no longer unclean, but I'll also be honest with you I don't know what that means when he says the children are unclean because if you said sanctified that would make perfect sense, but uses the word unclean which it might just be another way of saying not sanctified, so it's denied.

It's something to think about which more commentaries south of the Greek, but that's ravenous that it is just a sanctified use to submit your saved the necessity comment is that I and I are not Christian and not live negatively not Christian and know that a hail boy was it ever read in faith fairly well. This is another issue. I don't have Allie's alley found that to me.

We don't know what happened to baby sit they'll go to heaven. That's what's right. They'll go to hell that's that's right it's some go evidence of good health and that's what's right because God will always do whatever is right, but we just don't know what the Bible says personally, I lean towards.

They'll go to heaven. The reason I do is because I've lost a son at birth and guide and and ask him to emotionally involved, I can never see this objectively, so I decide not just that's my position and I have this unusual thing about children. I can't stand to see children injured. I can't stand to hear about them getting injured is very upsetting to me. It's what it is, why, and so I really can't be objective about that.

So I just disaffirm that position. I move on from there. You know, if that's all right for your thoughts on well Chris are you calling and please call back as you have.

Good question. All right, the Fritos callback.

Okay, let's get in line with CW David from Raleigh, North Carolina. Dave welcome you on here a minute ago will. I am by God's grace no good reports about the mark on chapter 3 over Jesus was being accused of using Satan's power to cast out demons in the first part of the passage verse 23 through 26 for that work. Satan cannot have our self out first like that but they will revert to verse 27. American. Strong man's house material position salutes the first ties of the strong man, then he can rob his house, stumble out of transitions been made at this point.

Well this paralleled in Matthew 1222 232 and that's the reference against Matthew about this because what he's saying is that the strong man.

That's the devil was found when Jesus was there because the peril passed to Beth 2230 2032. He says you can't cast out demons to bind the strong man is casting out demons so therefore he's down the strong simple logic that he says a strong man holding a break. Over in light of that for the question is will move along through this because this is after these messages. If you call 77 mass Y call 770727.

Here is Matt's life.

All right, so say some stuff quickly so that help or not it reference to areas that you want is overpowering and binding.

You can remove the spirit from the house, which is the body of the man I give and then I just go to person about the eternal soon being the blacksmith blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will be for people attribute the action of the Holy Spirit to sentence the correct yes to think about this Jesus did no miracles until after his baptism he entered into the priesthood at his baptism going to that time, and the Holy Spirit came upon him at that time and that's when the miracle started since he is made and the Angels for little while he was tonight made of the log license for four. It appears that he was right is miracles by power the Holy Spirit and so when he was casting out demons, they were saying.

You're doing about our buildable demons.

Ice is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not forget in this age of the season with what's going on okay I guess it's all sorted out since losing out of the implication is that Satan was bound to thousand years ago because one of us can load up finding be adjusted for that instance. Or is it until the end of all time. When I was in regular answer a question because if it's only for that instance then did Jesus Cassidy Moore demons out to the apostles did.

What do Christians do it today so those are the questions of you to be asked and answered stuff this is what causes us to study theology as the Bible is learning these questions okay right okay well appreciate.

We all it wasn't. Praise God praise God. Thanks, Dustin are okay. We have two open lines of you want give me a call 87720722761 from Whitson, Salem, North Carolina. You're on the air. And how are you I have been questioned about God initial plan with the have paradise on earth. Then you know we had the Apple situation with Adam and even then everything changed afterwords until the day but God promised that the Journal though God promised paradise on earth, built stand. However, given my wife and bones in my humanity and see how things are now day if not more of a promise bro for when we packed away when we die we will reach that paradigm that had been promised yet. Heaven is the place of God's dwelling seemed heaven first heaven is the clouds. The when things like second heaven as the stars of newness on the third heaven at the place of God and the earth was made first when habits really resurrected and glorified bodies give you new heavens and new earth. Second Peter 310 and then will be able to dwell on earth, maybe also visit the Lord in heaven are outspoken work with the new heavens and new earth will be made with resurrected bodies glorified bodies and as God has designed stuff that's out look forward to talking about that that was my quick question that I had. I got that I've been out for quite good. This member paradise earth is a phrase used of Jehovah's Witnesses. So you just make sure you're not getting mixed up with them and their heresies to call okay okay all right, all right.

I thank you very much welcome, all right, let's get on the phone with Kelly from Los Angeles Kelly welcome UNE with Matt slick. Okay, quite an upcoming and I cannot hurt a lot of people making at their conservative Christian went to the new term to me and felt my question and played God call a Christian secular job of Pollock take any PPA. How would guiding get the glory who said politics is the second secular because it is in a lilac is given you a tough question because all areas of life are under the Lordship of Christ. Nothingness ultimately secular. Everything is theological.

Everything is is under the purview of God.

He allows secularists to rebel. But Christians are obligated to get involved in politics in the news media in movies in race car driving in horse racing, in various things, I don't believe in sports where people beat each other up for other people's entertainment.

I think that's simple but were to get involved with every area of life because as part of the dominion mandate to take control of the earth for the glory of God. It doesn't mean the oppressed people of like the left does the left is full of lying hypocrites, dead men's bones. They lie and then accuse you of flying their hypocritical accuse you of hypocritical critical. That's the far left us and it's it's abominable.

It's at. I always reminds me of Satan who said to Eve, did God really say because lying is doubting the very truth of God because that which is true is what conforms with the mind of God.

Truth is, and so if anybody were to seek out lying there working against the very nature of God himself in politics is full of lies because people are cited to self interests, and this is why it's best that Christians in office because a Christian truly following God are to be taking kickbacks are to be saying how they line their pockets and use their power in office to get other people or governments to do things and fire people because of self-interest because the early Christians were the ones who held office in the Constitution in the formation of the states that you read the early constitutions of the states or them.

Some of them had requirement had to be a Christian in good standing order to hold public office.

Because it took so seriously because of the. The the temptation to have people come up to give you money if you pass this law so if I was in power because I fear my Lord more than man.

Some if you want to be so give you money for this. It's a good way for me get away. I will do what what is right. According to the law and right according the word of God and I will not compromise.

This will be needed office to have the problems we have now wouldn't have lying media liars lying media and social lie shading news because they don't like the agenda that goes because are not in the truth or its allies are all right about possible I write her local office what's right they should Christians should be running for office all over the place all over the country to be running for office. Don't let the secularists have it, the secularists get in their unit behave like secularists in the Christians you you what's get off your lazy arrears and do something.

Stop waiting for the pretrip rapture to come and rescue you out. Get out there and move.

Get out there and do some petition make phone calls, write letters, run for office vote no as you're supposed to vote and stop complaining about everything Christians are supposed to do. We don't take up our light and put under a bit of bushel we put on top of the hill, as we do source called to do so help me, for example, not anything great.

I'm not but I have autism and you want just trusting God and moving forward and look what's happening.

I believe that if you trust God you really trust God and you go. Always good to be tough.

I could tell you tough stories.

I know a lot lots of stories to just horrible things but you know what this is what it means to be Christian.

It's a people to go to politics go to the news media figure to be spit on literally and figuratively. They give you maligned to be mocked, will wake up, pick up your cross daily and follow Christ to stop whining, get out there and do it and keep going – we gotta do as Christians we start raising warriors instead of wimps subway raising theologians the diaper Indians know it's not havoc theology.

You don't really have a could swing back and forth and comfort me because Jesus of the blonde haired blue-eyed Caucasian server do dress in a woman's nightgown asking for permission to come into your life. Give me a stinking break. Namby-pamby week theology is being taught all over the place.

We'll tell you I was preaching to be saying you be doing Fran Righetti Howard Stern things up we can go. That's right because you haven't heard me in person with something on the radio guided Manning click on the radio probably not blessed by my folks right back after these is 52.

Matt slick live call 770727 pairs, Matt slick, Robert will come back to the show this get there. How about José from real Raleigh, North Carolina isolated arrived for the joke. Okay, what's up buddy will elect one of the guy who will or are ready to go Seventh-day Adventist. Yes SDA okay so that he asked me what that will owe you one more block on the essay that got my please look you want on the and not that little quarter very good faith in the body go to enormous the blade 0110.

While he says that 216 is a place you want to come and assist. Let no one act as your judge regarding food or drink respect to a festival which is yearly.

A new moon which is monthly, the Sabbath day which is weekly so it is easy to say he just dismissing it heavily for the Corinthians, or the Colossians, what else is only for the Colossians in their so it says in Colossians 220.

If you've died with Christ to the elementary principles of the world. It only for the Colossians 2 all he's doing is playing favoritism with text. It's always doing a look. Yes, the Sabbath is Saturday the Sabbath is Saturday. The only commandment the 10 Commandments. That's not reiterated and restated as being applicable in the New Testament is the Sabbath. The reason is because God rested on the seventh day Sabbath. Jesus is our rest.

He says come to me. I'll give you rest okay in Genesis chapter 5 genealogy between Adam and Noah take the names of the average person you put it in English translate in English and get the sentence it's appointed to mortal men sorrel the blessed God will come down when he dies it will come, bringing to the despairing rest. The rest is a prophetic thing of the work of Christ because Christ has redeemed us. We are at rest.

We don't need to follow the law so because of that good. Romans 14 you should read this 1412 but especially verse five was for five which says, but not is 45 actually. Romans 14 five which is one person regards one day above another, another regards, every day alike. Each person must fully convinced in his own mind, that right there refutes the idea that the have to worship on Saturday.

Okay ultimately will come this Saturday on the Bible that they will mean I don't know that when he got me you know I think all unity one day late.

Only one day. So then you know we basically take it in 20 I understand you are, the bow me all that it more than 1000 light on one Sabbath is there is one Sabbath. Okay. So I was a month okay now walk without his ventricles. Okay, it okay okay because it's over but I write this get to Tim from Durham, North Carolina. Jim welcoming on the hey Matt how are you Chuck I'm good so we got okay so I am right back to now. But I was ready.

Pentecostal okay and so my thing is that that I've never really had anyone to really explain the Trinity. To me, but God, I've got two different viewpoint that kind of mingle with me about that, and though I have an idea myself, but but I'm still just not totally competent in my own thought process about that you want me to give you the biblical definition of the Trinity or the wind is yeah you want talk about with okay yes one being one God always existed, is one God in three distinct and simultaneous persons. The father the son and the Holy Spirit are three simultaneous eternally simultaneous and eternally distinct persons personhood has to do with self awareness. Awareness of others and things like that. We know that the father is called God and the sons called God the Holy Spirit skull got yes Pentecostal Colts with all say is that there's only one person in the Godhead to take three forms are three modes are three offices because we know for example if the father has a will. Luke 2242 and the sun has a will also Luke 22 yet to go to John 638 Jesus came down to Duke to do the will of the father who sent him. That means she is his own will goodwill the father who sent them to different so what we see in this are the manifestations of personhood because each the fathers and the Holy Spirit. Each is called God. Each is called the creator each resurrects each one and dwells. I'm looking at my Trinity chart on the website. Each one is everywhere.

Each one is all knowing, each one is sanctifies gives life. We can have fellowship with his eternal has a will speaks loves and searches the heart, so out of this because only one God and all existence will place all time is a 4310 44 644 845 five clearly says that we know only one God. But we see the father speak to the sun. The sun speak to the father. The Holy Spirit speaks to people.

The father the son send the Holy Spirit. We see differentiation and we just say one God in three distinct simultaneous persons. That's the correct teaching anyone who denies that as a heretic flat out okay okay so when they were doing their work.

Did they work together.

I may not together, but separately are present get a little bit paradoxical here is a doctrine called up Erica rhesus that means is in relationship to the ontological Trinity was at me. The ontological Trinity is that the father-son Holy Spirit each share the same divine essence and nature of God right.

That's the ontological Trinity, the on tossed it the essence of nature, the economic Trinity is the Greek looking Omega we get economy from that in our economy, and so what that means is that the father and the son and the Holy Spirit have different roles so the father did not become incarnate, only the son did the Holy Spirit did not become incarnate. The father sent the son.

The son did not send the. The father the son and the father send the Holy Spirit does not send them so we see differentiation is called the economic Trinity alright so deep. Erica rhesus is the dealing with the teaching dealing with the interrelationship and interconnectedness of the Trinitarian members.

So we see personhood requires a will is where the attributes of a person, but we see three persons of the Godhead implies three wells, but because of her curry sisters only one we see that they've the manifestation is a single willful God will sing the Old Testament.

I want you to blah blah.

As we see this kind of thing. What were experiencing in the revelation of Scripture is the intra-Trinitarian communion in the very nature of God revealed in words and so what's gonna happen is looking to have some paradoxes we can have some something to relook and scratch her head a little bit of nothing is self refuting in it. Nothing is illogical so I can say this paradoxical.

How can one God in three persons. I don't know nothing and logic says that you can't have one God in three persons logic is above God. Because logic is ultimately the laws of logic are emanations of the remind of God. He's a transcendental necessity for preconditions of intelligibility that hold our sophisticated topic I talk about sometimes a figure right so well.

I had a little bit of problem with the person part and he'll probably a couple years ago when I was in Ephesians chapter 5 in Pollock telling us that we should not grieve the holy. And so you would have to be a person in order to be grieve that Often Would Not Yeah You Legs Are Even All the Holy Spirit Speaks the Holy Spirit Has a Will. Holy Spirit Loves Listener Can Be Grieved, Absolutely, and Even Teach It.

And He Teaches and Sometimes I Don't like How We Teach Us Because It Hurts PT Brought Our Breath. That's Right Okay Well I Really Appreciate Your Your Time and Your Aunt by Camelot. What I Would Suggest That You Go to Carmen CAR I Go to Ryerson Doctrine Section Look up the Articles on the Trinity Just Read through Your Nice and I'm Writing This These Articles. In Light of Attacks on the Trinity. Slide Five the Defendant Trinity for 40 Years so There's Some Stuff There Okay Yeah Okay Okay Men. God Bless Vacated. Okay You Say I Alright Was Going with Powell from Pennsylvania. They Held Welcome You on Your Heart If It Helped Smith: and Finally, Kurt I Appreciate You Taking My All and I Know That You Get Thought the Email and Mail It.

Carmen and I Appreciate That Cam from Crime Wrote to Me and I Wanted to Respond to Him but I Don't Know His Last Name or His Own Email Just Respond Back and Say to Tim Okay Is There. Are You Are You Christian Okay Good If You Want to Ask Me Born to Okay. All Right. Dr. Was That Okay Okay All Right Back Right Got Blessedly Itself Already Got Okay Let's Get Alan from Sacramento Because Rooms at a Time.

Ellen, the Fast We Got What Are You There to Meet with Alan Is Not Here, Maybe Gone Okay Will Tell You What Folks Okay That's about 30 Seconds Left the Show or so Maybe about a Minute He Likes When I Ask You to Pray for This Ministry. Pray for the Current Website Were Going to Transition Were Building out in the New Format a New Look and Everything Sticking This Month's to Convert Thousands and Thousands of Articles, Which Is What It Takes. Please Pray for That. The Continued Success of That and We Do Prayer Ministry As Well. Going to Someone in Mind for Them to Do That and Prefer That Pray for the Financial Success of Carmen As Well Because We Support Missionaries All the World. In Turkey, and Africa. In Brazil, and Columbia and Was Doing at Developing Websites, Nothing about Websites Is You Don't Have To Be Awake Talking for Them to Work. People All over the World. Check Things out.

As an Example, Carmen the Website CAR Has Been Accessed over 100 Times. So Praise God for What Is a Fortis and Pray for Us like That on the Reports I Donate Would Help. Pray the Lord Bless You by His Grace Back There Tomorrow

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