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Are You Prepared for the Election?

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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October 21, 2020 1:00 am

Are You Prepared for the Election?

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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October 21, 2020 1:00 am

Do we want to do the Lord's work, or are we just trying to make a name for ourselves? Mike & Robby are reminded during election season of the most important person we can elect ... Jesus Christ as the head of our lives. They discuss doing God's will and making sure our motives are pure and our decisions are pointed towards the Eternal.

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Hey this is Jim Graham from the masculine dirty podcast where we explore relationship instead a religion every week your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network welcome to If Not for God stories of hopelessness that turn to hope. Your host Mike Zwick. If not for God with Mike Zwick today and you know why it's election time and the biggest election ever right, is whether or not you can elect Christ but lower in the midst of all this, and people are looking at all these different things you got a beautiful quote from Richard Nixon that I think what is really applicable for what's going on wasn't in. He once observed. He said that there are only two kinds of people are running for high office in America. He said those who want to do big things in this you want to be big people and and it kind of reminded me of us as Christians or ministers or individuals or whatever it is we want to do big things for the Lord.

We want to see people saved. We want to do the Lord's work or are we just trying to make a name for ourselves and that's a tough question and I think Robbie a lot of times it's easy for us to, look at everybody else and say yeah they're doing things for all the wrong reasons were there doing this wrong there doing this wrong there doing that wrong but sometimes you have to kind of look internally and say my doing things and it just kinda spoke to me, but that you been in radio now for number of years and you probably you've met a lot of people you you probably dealt with this yourself like I have a funny because even this morning actually in prayer as I was kind of my posture: up the father's lap and talking to them and this morning I was like what I'm always so selfish and all the things that I want you to deal with. I said how about if I just report for duty this morning and as I reported for you know and and and and he said Robbie I like that he said want to look up the word duty. He knew how I would look about them is fasting at the word duty in Hebrew is the same word is word to your like it was Adam's duty to say something to even he didn't do it. It was his duty. It's our duty to share the truth whenever possible. It's our duty and and it was almost like God was saying one of your duties. Robbie is less talk, you know that that that just you and me that part of our our duty is to actually just you know get in there and find out what it is that it we could share from his standpoint, but I you know I believe me I wonder all the time about my motives. I'm looking at certain things and when I do know is anybody that's in radio or media in any way shape or form faces temptations that are very much torture pride like I remember when I was on Fox and friends try to got to fly to New York. I got to be on TV in front of millions of people and I was laying on the auto crisis allows no tell him how to straighten out General Motors anyway. It it flicked a switch in my soul like man I'm kind of a big deal yet yeah yeah yeah and in my Facebook page blew up and everything on my website.

When Cray all sorts of stuff happened as a result of this sudden fame that hit me and it was almost like a shot of adrenaline like I need more this and so is interesting they called back a short while later they wanted to talk to me again and I'm supposed to fly to Raleigh to get on the airplane Balaban I'm on my way to the airport all sudden the publicist calls while they decided Neil Caputo's got some kind of a death in the family don't need to come this happened about another week later and there to find again. I'm driving to Raleigh again and then also they call me say well they canceled it again and there really is a problem. Robbie, we need to talk to about it is we want to talk to Robbie generally don't they don't want to don't want to interview. Use the Christian and I said wall bad news. Robbie Gilmore died some years ago and so if they don't want the Christian court, you know, they simply like to get Robbie Gilmore and they canceled it and all that came to an end), and it was really a lesson for me as I remember that feeling of fame, and it was a good feeling my I mean it you know it felt good luck in your starving to settle. You know I have to check my spirit all the time. Like why my doing this and hopefully you know, apart from me you can do nothing. Jesus to those words reverberate in my mind all the time so God what what can we do report for duty today to speak the truth in your name but I know that you know those people running for office.

They fight those temptations. I mean as we pray for those people. I can assure you they know what it's for.

Like to get the fame they know what it feels like to be a big person or debate.

Sort of a big deal or be treated in a certain way because your Sen. or Congressman or whatever. At end, and those are real temptations that that need real prayer, but I don't think I would've understood it unless I've been through.

That's one time I was interviewing the girl who she was a big-time Disney star and she was in the movie. I can think of her name. She was in the movie. What if with Kevin Sorbo which is wonderful guy himself. I've had a chance to interview him anyway. She was with Zack and Cody that she she had her own show two or three things. She was a big dip really big and near the end of the interview. I just put it on my heart.

Ask her how we could pray for, so I to stop you how. Just out of the blue from interviewing this Disney star and I go all you know Sanderson Amos of your semester.

How can we pray for Jack Ozawa, Robbie, nobody's ever asked said that there are so many temptations that if your Disney star were people are coming at you with this thing on that angle and it's just really really hard because you're used to that high of being a big unit of being a star and and having all this recognition and if you don't take this if you don't do that you know you fall off top the mountain and and so I know we all generally we face that all the time and and go God. There is no there is no getting across this mountain, and without having the sheet that he's given you to walk a High Pl. in Luke 1610. It says whoever can be trusted with very little can be trusted with much in whoever is dishonest with very little also be dishonest with much and so what that told me when you said they wanted to interview you as a Christian car guy, but no longer is the Christian car guy Robbie Gilmore of it would've been really easy to kinda rationalize that. I understand that, and they want to interview Robert, whatever, but it's almost like the devil gives you a little bit of candy and he sees if you'll take that candy and then after that he gives you bigger and bigger candy and eventually Eureka whole cake that the of the devils work and it's like you're like, how did I even get here and so you are able to say no and nip it right in the butt on I do that all the time.

Nip it in the butt. If I think the yeah the other thing that I was looking at was Matthew chapter 6 okay, take heed. In verse one that you do not do your arms before men be seen by the otherwise you have no reward, which is in heaven. It says therefore when you do your arms do not sound the trumpet before the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men.

Verily, I say to you, they have their reward.

But when you do your arms do not let your left hand which her right hand is doing that your arms may be done in secret, and your father which sees in secret will reward you openly.

And when you pray, do not praise the hypocrites pray for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say or do you have the reward but that when you pressed enter into your closet, and when you have shut your door, pray to your father which is in secret that your father which sees in secret shall reward you open it you know, one of the things I was thinking about Billy Graham was talking about when talking about other ministers were he seen three things that got ministers or even Christians into into trouble and he said there were goal glory and girls.

We think you and you know the challenges is that they if you begin to get haughty eyes, however, that looks you know what Proverbs 6 all build this thing that God hates because he knows that. Actually, if you begin to think that I'm kind of a big deal you get your mind off the products and you know one of the biggest deals of all time. When it comes to people would be Moses. But I love what God said about them. There's nobody more faithful in all my house and Moses was from the juice standpoint.

One of the greatest servants of all time like one of the most humble people of all time, but get he was about as big a deal is, as you'll find an and it's a fascinating thing that that when his brother and his sister knowing God said that LBS is faithful in mine house is my slave servant Moses I talk to him face-to-face. He said that when they were trying to take authority a program and you know God is if you take that position that Moses took just completely serving you.

God I got you. He has your back. Yes, I had completely. Has your brand you it would. We can see that in in story after story, David, Moses, these guys were extremely humble people, but they were huge deals but they were huge deals to God not to because they were the ones that were sharing his glory. And you know how do we how do we walk those high places is not easy by anybody stretch the imagination, and I can imagine the temptation I really can't think I want to come that that somebody like a Preston Trumper VP Biden has to walk in with the things that they're faced with.

It's tough. The dog I was thinking about something that Pastor Chad Harvey, who we've had before. One of the things that he said he said. I noticed as I go by the churches.

He said the larger the size of the name of the pastor, the smaller the church and it's interesting because what what happens is when were it's like the bigger of a deal that we think we are, the less that God let us accomplish our own and I've seen so many times it really the past few months of this is just something that got where I had been trying to do something in trying to do something in trying to do something is almost like a joke with myself and and it's like and then I pray to God about and I noticed Walt was on vacation three times within 30 seconds. God answered my prayer when I said God you handle right it's like when I try to do in my own strength. It literally gets me know where you were talking about somebody having the life of David. I mean it was a pretty big deal, king of Israel. This let the other, but when I when I read the book of Psalms. He saying God, she says my pains that I have it because of my own set.

He's not sitting there talking about all these great things. It is dominant in its almost like he saying that I wish I would've done more. I should've done this to me. Look at Psalms 51 Reese talking about that cheap about that particular spirit from the new that that spirit was everything to me and he's got all Uganda's live. I think we all can you know that those should be able to spend that time in the green pastures and and and a walk. The valley of shadows FYI can we do because you know he's with us in our right you know and see you get a sense that he really really really understood what was going on the back. You know it's funny this morning.

I was looking I was somewhere else and that it actually one Psalm 123 and something told me to go there and I didn't like.

In August I looked down, it was Psalms 120 said it had not been for the war.

He was on our side. Now Israel may set it not been for the Lord was on our side would men rose up against. Then they had swallowed us up with when the wrath was kindled against the waters had overwhelmed us. The stream had gone over our soul and the proud waters had gone over. Blessed be the Lord who have not given us is great. Our soul was escaped as a bird near the powers the snares broke and we are escaped. Our help is in the name of the Lord made heaven and earth problem is that sometimes I will say if you do not been for Mike's wick was on my side.

Now Israel say it not been for Mike Swick when I say the latter. When I say if it went. When I think it's going to be. It's up to me always get whatever I humble myself. Second Chronicles 714 humble myself usually work out pretty well here and in you you you would set a story like that were it's almost like he said, was taking the print God was taking the pressure off of you and you told before but you said it was like a single beach just almost like they're not even write that they are able to just lift their wings and sit there and fly just by adjusting their wings will arrive on the opposite pellet with the beachgoers effort going on there there there just get in the right angle right on the wind and get to that place. I love you. John 15 five in me, and you will bear much fruit. Apart from me you can do nothing. You know, and that fruit gives glory to God the father.

So what is it you have me do what I hear today and help me bear much fruit. One of the other things I know is on your heart to talk about is this idea. Because pretty obvious, what we know that not that is me tomorrow. I mean, you are the basis of our faith is based on the fact that he is in fact coming back in and I don't need to be ready in 20 minutes.

I need to be ready like right now. Yet the wheat actually lived happily at Frank Dickens is actually friends with us to work with my surgeon. He was on your search. You are correct and one of the things that he was saying this he was he was talking about prophecy actually started service and one thing that hit me like that you don't remember anything else that I say this, he said, what you say you believe your profession is that I believe could be tested. I believe it to be tested. Pretty soon it interesting that he said that the other thing that he said was that he said there so much prophecy out there right now and a lot of it is people are seeing the same things, but he said it's it's almost like you're drinking from a fire hydrant meeting. There is so much out there and there are people from all different backgrounds all over the country people to know each other. People botnet who haven't heard anything about any of this other stuff they sell a church in this vision that all these things have pastor data come on stuff like that was about being prepared in some people. If you feel like you know to be prepared to get food or just care yourself that way that's not really what I was thinking about had a friend of mine that we had a Monday morning at the city park there but I one of the things she said a few years ago. She told she said Mike she said I had a dream she said in my dream there was a take all of a sudden Jesus right before I woke up. Something told burn up the wounds of been so what I believe that that were Going on right now is I just think that we need to be put aired out. We had Todd Nettleton on August he talks about persecution throughout the whole world, but if it comes here Wilhelmina it's almost abnormal wishes not to be persecuted so America has been abnormal in some ways. In that sense, but just to prepare yourself to know that you're in a stand for Christ even when things get often and I know Robbie, you said you you spend a lot of time with God's. What are some things that he's been telling I really have just been doing this whole thing on the return of Christ and are you really ready. From the standpoint of looking at eternity and MI more excited about a time to be than what I am excited about right here and and and that enters into my like as I'm getting up there in prayer with God and where I swear he keeps whetting my appetite. Is he will send me into the Scriptures show me his secrets okay and on same Robbie look at this, look at this word today, I was talking about the word duty is the bar right and and and there's some secrets inside that word that I told you that that word means duty, but it also means to talk, but the first letter of that is a doll. It which means that it's it's a servant, but the second letter is a bat which means is the kingdom, a servant of the king right in that last one is is is is sort of like the Holy Spirit is raised would be like the head of something so if you can imagine when God spoke the world into existence. He debarred that's the word that was you, but those words were essentially his servants right because there there creating fake look at the secrets that are just inside the three letters) find them all through the every time God speaks is a big deal. It's a huge dent and and oh by the way, when he comes back, he's gonna speak at an you will of had our time to use our words to share what was important for those people that we love and and those people that we hate are those people that we dislike those people that live right next door to us or whatever because oh my goodness. We do not know. We just don't know when it's going to be.

But what we have God. Is this wonderful book by that we can study we can fall so in love with God that we almost always have something on the tip of our tongue that is wetted our appetite. That particular that we want to share with somebody and that's what a disciple is an enthusiastic learner and so if we learn and he showed me stuff every morning then every day.

I want to share what I learned was somebody absolutely yeah and and say that it just came to my mind but I was looking at Mark chapter 1029 it says truly I tell you, Jesus replied, no one who has left home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields from, and the gospel will be fulfilled receive 100 times as much in this present age homes, brothers, sisters, mother's children's and fields along with persecutions and in the age to come eternal life. The many who are first will be last in the last person I get from that is is what I see a lot of Christians focusing on nowadays. Unfortunately is coded shut things down.

Got were masks things are getting back to get worse so in a sense I think it's good to be prepared just in case things go wrong or what we need to do and stuff like that out of all that whole little passage about eternal life father's mother's brothers Until You Get 100 Mothers in This Present Time and and I Thought about This Conflict on the Devotion Is for Your I Have 100 Mothers. I Have Well over Time Telling Yes and That Because It over the Years I've Been Doing It for an All These Ladies in Praying for Me in the MMM Their Mothers in an Adult May Be Listening Right Now She's Mine.

I Have so Many Mothers I Have My Original Mother That's in Heaven and All That but Believe Me, You Get 100 Brothers. That's Interesting Is How Many Fathers You Get Is Not Listed in Mark 10 If That's When You Look at It When He Was Leftover Brothers. His Mother, I Will Fetter 700,000 Homes, Brothers, Sisters, Mother's Children. There's It's Not There. You Get the C God Is Been Orchestrating Great He Is. He Is Your Dad and Anything Orchestrated That You Can Get All the Brothers You Need That'll Help You in so Many Different Ways and Your Father's Brother in His Own Way. The One Father I Bet Something This Fascinating Read That Passage to Me Is the One Father You Get in and That's God and That's That's True and You Know It If If That's All You've Got. What I Mean. Get out There. There Are the Going out Was That He Says You Get All These Things He Says Persecutions and Eternal Life, Jesus. I Think Maybe He's Telling Us an Indirect Way. Just Focus on the Persecutions Just Focus on Everything Wrong That Can Happen to You Because Your Christmas and That He Told Us That I Think so That We Can Be Prepared, but What I Also Feel That in the Book of Revelation 2122. Before That, It Tells You All That the Things That Are Happening at This and That Can Be Worse.

Never Was before All but in the End We Went We Went and I Don't Care How Bad Things Are Temporarily If We Win in the End Mean Pretty Sure I Hope to Endure through That You Absolutely and and You Might Be Listing Right Now What Is That Exactly Mean People. Here's the Deal. Jesus Is Offering You All Those Things and so Much More, and Eternal Life at an End, No Matter What Comes in the Selection of Matter What Comes in Covert, No Matter What Comes. We Went It's the Happiest of Happy Endings. And Believe Me When I Tell You That Eternal Life Is Gonna Be Way Way Way More Amazing Than You, Your Wildest Dreams and Submit an Order Then There That You Have To Believe Have To Believe That Jesus Actually Is the Son of God. He Actually Is Alive and That His Shed Blood on the Cross Was There in the Gospel Paid for Your Sin and He Is Literally Dying for You to Join Him in Eternity.

He Wants to Go Prepare and and so All You Have To Do Is Believe That You Know and Say Can You Cleanse Myself. Can You Help Me Walk with You and If You List This Radio Station Man. You Know, Get in Touch with Us.

We Would Love to Share How You Confirm Your Walk.

You Can Come to Know Him Personal Wonderful Way to Have a Relationship Grow on into Eternity so That You Will Be Just Form the Combined Is Not. This Is the Truth Network

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