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October 13, 2020 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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October 13, 2020 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What is the best way to refute the claim that x is the only true church- Like the church of Christ using Romans 16-16---2- Matt talks about how he came to Christ.--3- How is the soul transmitted during conception-birth---4- What does it mean to love the Lord with all your heart---5- A caller commented on a call from a previous show regarding healing.--6- A caller wanted to challenge a claim he said Matt made regarding Christians being in political power.--7- Were those in Galilee specifically opposed to Rome and the Jewish authorities---8- What do you think hell is and where do you go in Scripture to support it-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of apologetics. We found online at the car you have questions about Bible doctrine serves a map why branches called responding to your questions at 877207276, charismatic, slick doing out there, so will your watching our moral signals with you guys are so right on my and got it fixed. If you want to watch the show. You can see Gina right hand side of the page you will find links for the 70 people in it right now usually gets up to 5060 7000s and before we hope the people do.

I think it's called watch party 21 people can quickly show the slicks. I will get your nice thing is you leaving in a chapter text to the appeal be friends actually like this if you want to give me a call to do so 877-207-2276 last four digits spell see ARM 72276. Let's see what else okay the schools (remember I remember something if you use Amazon use Amazon use Amazon when you can do is go to and set up a charity and every time you Amazon you type in, shop normally every Justice at the same or when you're ready to check out. Just click front of it and for the whole URL and spell and check out percentage goes to the charity of your choice, so we hope to make a check every few months from the hole. But you know every bit adds up to good people do not know especially what the speaker that can support us all you have to do is go We asked five dollars month $10 a month 15 to much because this helps a great deal. We do need to lights on missionaries speak which side to go to this story go to to do missionaries payments we have for mystery and supports one in Malawi, Africa and Brazil Columbia and Turkey. Good Christian men today.

Our standing next to spent time on Facebook on my phone, challenging people actually question things like that the payment wouldn't go through. We had all kinds of problem it just happens. This ministry is discussing happens a lot and so people were really appalled. Sorry sorry for apologizing and that this is this part of ministry work. I said things just go bad.

Sometimes that's what it is I'm used to it so you always pray for us like that now look where for open lines.

If you want to give me a call 772072276. Let's get to Gabriel from Georgia. Welcome your near I'm doing okay and there you go. Know you lighting a lot you think there and come to find out that there with Eric and think that nature so I got great shirt over my and deed been caught up in Church of Christ doctrine and though you know I think you debate you not know bottom what you how would you go about their Roman think they think flying with you know the right that wellness is the one church church when someone somebody says her some church member says that the church is the only true church is all on another only true church and you know in no room in 1660. All churches of Christ, you so are they saying then that because their name matches that that's what Andrew because we could.

We could say that I could say you have a church named churches of Christ. Greet and that it's right there. So what were obviously true because we call ourselves that it does is make a sentence, a useless statement on her part. Anybody can say like the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The Mormons will they had were Jesus Christ and her intertidal Christian just because you put the title in a church that doesn't mean it's okay so that's what Dennis Lucas was was a Church of Christ teacher next cult leader abandonment because it teaches baptism is required for salvation, usually in their specific church and it has to be for the purpose of being saved and that you can't get signature baptized by their church or church members denomination while your understanding. It is for the purpose of having your sins forgiven etc. etc. with any Church of Christ people out there who want to have a formal public debate on this with me.

Let's set it up as baptism by immersion is water baptism by immersion for salvation. It's a common title activated particular title many times I'd be glad to our individual Church of Christ guy a few weeks ago he didn't do well. So if anybody else is out there.

Try to do it at. That's fine you wanted, okay this could televise is good on the radio. Whatever this is, so it's nice is a bad group of their legalistic did you lose your salvation you maintain your salvation.

Do good baptized in their church you rebaptize you lose your salvation over and over again it's it's a cult group to Christians in their banking and will praise God and I just check whatever's I say get Scripture, because look, listen to thy name slick radio and be really careful so is just check nice against what God always check when I say good if you don't agree with got something, say with you about this person stop. I will talk okay I write welcome God bless what okay a phone for five open lines of Friday slow first half of the show is lot of time you call 877-207-2276 was to dinner curious as Matt slick live the Christian apologetic show answer questions on Christian faith, and other religious systems and even secular systems and do debates teach and trying tell people what they thought to believe comes Jesus Christ and the word of God and I stand against the Roman Catholic Church Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses Islam behind Hinduism, Confucianism, only Jesus Christ God in flesh is the significant percentage if you do not trust in Jesus you not receive Christ if you put your faith in what he did on the cross and only what he did on the cross, not in your works under baptism under sacraments not in your whatever it is you might do to keep yourself right with God only by faith in the work and person of Jesus Christ. If you don't do that you can be going to hell for eternity. This is what I teach is what I believe I have no qualms about saying it.

No apologies necessary stand. If you want to discuss something with Linda McCauley of five open lines 877-207-2276. Maybe somebody the chat room contacting a question and get those two usually have much problem, the conference notes slow as I stand for. And the reason I do that really stand for all that stuff because 17 years old. Jesus Christ saved me a very dramatic way of very dramatic way wasn't just like who I feel something, no, no, no tears, just my face to the ground.

The presence of God's holiness over time, and later a few years later, God gave me an option to read and study his word. I would read it for 26 hours every day and it was stable on for months and months and months and months and I would read and read and read the word of God fell in love with it and it is the standard of truth not your feelings, not your church, not your tradition, not commentary.

Certainly not me, not harm you have got a study in trust in the word of God. If you do that you be less likely to be deceived by the charlatans on TV so many TV hosting Kenneth Copeland just the basic people who like teach and make you feel good to clear tears. All rights 877-207-2276 with Chuck from Burlington, North Carolina Chuck, welcome here.

Thank you Matt and make difficult but not by you with it, but I'm wondering if you have any theories about how the old grant measured from the parent with children. I want to do is tell you that I theologians are discussed and we don't know does God put the soul into a person in a certain place of fund development don't know is the soul transmitted through the mom and dad don't know.

It transmitted only if the father because it was called federal headship. We don't know we don't know is it a product of the physical generation and in certain point, the soul becomes a soul we don't know, and so because of it. I can't tell you because Bible doesn't tell us right right okay yes sir Matt like Hartford. No problem at all that all right, let's get to Randall from West Virginia rental welcome life. Matt writer feels a lot better yeah really bad head cold week. So get over it, but don't work one worrying about worrying about you or your family become known well you know I need to do and it sounds narcissistic.

I need to go on maps look a lot less like a Facebook page and I just let you know I'm sick etc. because as a public figure posting anything on the radio people worry and I get email so you know that's sick there for couple of days, things I should do is to lazy something that I have big bright. I've got a question about and I don't have my Bible are words to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul really hold on work with that, we read that folks after these messages from line 8772 Matt slick live call 770727 pairs Matt slick live yeah the Scripture.

There I looked it up, but love the Lord your God with all your heart and your soul.

Your mind when I was a young Christian thing like that that my prayer were more on fire and start the Lord for decades, but I'm wondering you know the what what that means to love the Lord your God with all your heart coming up. You serve God and but there's a difference between them playing God and your family and I'm sure I missed you married yet Y yet, so we were first married, you know pitter patter heart and all that kind of stuff and you know is really full and now sometimes you look at your wife neared like gathered there.

She is trite for her here and you know you don't feel that same thing you're used to it and see Islamists said love being in love is explosion that starts the motor marriage and it's going and it doesn't mean you with your wife is just that you're so accustomed to all of the love is there.

Well, this kind of thing happens with us as Christians to the initial time of our relationship with Christ is just a wonderful and as is the case, we kind of move into an idol and still go you know and don't worry about that now does it mean to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

What it means is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind all your strength. It means exactly what it says to do that. The question announced all my trouble because I'm not, because who loves God with everything that they are Jesus is the only one do that Jesus would fulfill the law perfectly and you did for spinner 222 will love the Lord God with our whole person. My strength this is a quote from Deuteronomy 65 Jesus quoted 11 2237 so it was Jesus, the one doing perfectly yes, but how did he do it well you know he was talking to people.

He spent time with the children. The time of the ladies feeling good, reverent way. Of course he went talk to and preached he prayed you'll see what a lot of times what we would put upon ourselves.

We don't see as something that Jesus did and we had Bible to enhance reading five hours a day. Well here's a question to Jesus have Torah scrolls walk around don't think so was he read the word every day so doesn't mean we have to be legalistic about what we do. If I'm to love God have got to read at least a half-hour. That's not what love is a publication so love his other side to love God is to focus on and to consider him Iranians. I read every morning brought an hour and 1/2 or so. Last but not like I have to walk to and but I still have little on I go talk to people and someone might help but help them but I feel feel you know that when you explain that about your wife and being in love with your wife that helped me about the long why delete like frowning like okay let's see, Jesus said something is irritating you feel that love something happens where she's in danger, you're right there protecting her, you know you feel that the different manifestations of how we express ourselves is just that different at different times, different ways, and so it is with her love of God to hear you are expressing your love to your reading his word.

You read it more like that than I do on a daily basis and everything I'm always studying it and my problem is I study it more than his devotional. He read it. I'm working on correcting apologist always in his work and speaking is what I probably speak the word more than you do. Probably never know. But does that mean I love you more than you not at all. So you know how we doing this well.

Each person must be before God, asking God to teach them how to love God with what we are heart, soul, mind and strength. As you can.

Love you. Don't let me my wife's health on the regular hopelessness good as it needs to be and this is what it is okay and it's 11th well one was in the love her today is my cleaning and went shopping today and got groceries and so on. The kitchen today and just a way of loving will you serve God you serve God in different ways you can serve God by cleaning up the computer for your wife. You can serve God, every nearby but this guy Mike asking question radio show that God wants you to answer or task. If your notes to submit yourself to him before. Do the best you can ask to Jeff 11 4:45.

I've been more Matt helped me about cannot grow quick sure, go along to prayer life but things like when I used to pray I will much more on fire right then why am now a similar relationship.

When my wife and I were dating. It was like I could heart it would spend time with okay just awesome and I never once we were circum-emulating a will finish and edify small continuing a relative's estimations and I told her that if she just is like a slap you are, what would that mean, and we had fun. I still miss your smile. After all these years I still work for Sears but our conversations are full of those exciting time for you. I do 30 years of marriage. Next month, so you been married while – I guess it she's lucky to have me I'm so I'm just so great that she rolls her eyes and shakes her head for head a lot around what probably should talk about headaches in Waco. Ask God to improve that seemed okay yes I might if I have me to call you either let me a lot.

Prescott is got a question.

Your question actually convicts me a little bit know that's important thing in the summer to answer because speaking to me in my own answer ministers to make it cycle cried, saying, so okay all right thank you Matt God bless you. All right us to follow through.

Sent from North Carolina. Bruce welcome domestic life madness had a comment on something you don't okay element are much bigger off okay and maybe better.

Yesterday someone got called asking about why that God always answer the prayer for healing people are healed and he started about nine well maybe get to heaven will know more God. Now you get a break.

Okay, we write back okay, looks like I got messages via 772-0776 max Y770776 here's Matt's leg back show welcome. What I talk to cite what you start on yesterday and maybe later the rest of the show, but I'm thinking maybe in second drinking 12. I'm not sure but somewhere in there your member.

Paul said he asked the Lord.

Three God to remove the thorny/God said no, no, I'm on a day that that my grace is sufficient etc.… Maybe that in my mind is another answer and what you were saying about Maybe Way, God grosses in the situations that I get my comment is a great verse even Paul was healed and he had to deal with what you does what is right in God's good my weight, I join you in your I often imagine car especially appreciate your good work in the will. Right outside of Winston-Salem.

You probably know some of our friends and went with radio network so anyway the door were located never to Scripture here that had a bad night and thank you give up your good work and blessings on you, okay you two things like double.

Okay, let's get to Ryan from Pennsylvania. Ryan welcome you vacuum out of my call. I heard her coming last week about how to compute the product that I did not know what you lastly, when Christians are authorities got things are better when I said what context it was but I think it would be better Christians were true Christians were in and living according to new are you are you betting that on anything empirical is that an opinion or case in which a question which was my question is, is you know me… A lot of reading of the font and studying the church is free and both from the Reformation when Christians do have political power and I was just wondering, did I would think to me that they believe they have the authority of God and political power, they tend to be more corrupt than their secular counterparts… Not know yet shot of the and current research. How many more people died in all of recorded history, religious wars, you well you know you can take one World War I which is basically among Christianizing the 23 million are there okay you not listening. How many religious wars based on religious issues, where was a religious thing that if something happened to Christian okay how many and all recorded history or religious web-based example Islam. They divorced based on Islam is because of this letter right so Christianity is in teach having it does not.

If you to the contrary, except maybe self-defense talk. So how many all recorded history on but I would have to be in form but I have an argument that using wild guess here is my guess would be good might get yes, I figured a few more Matt Fortier figured by 10 20 million.

It's less than five 5 million and youth information, go to myth that religion can is the cause of war because reports on time and I didn't want this article to someone else did.

And it is there and guess how many nonreligious dictators like Stalin. He was basically honors out and found a job in about another month just in the 1900s, 42.6 million under Joseph Stalin, Mount St. John, 37.8 Adolf Hitler 20.9 million Chang Kai-shek 10 million Vladimir Lenin 4 million Tojo of 4 million pool part 2.4 million over 100 million people in in the hundreds alone lost their lives due to nonreligious non-Christian based wars from secularists so I'm asking if you have a real Christian.

This people getting Alyssa call the true Scotsman fallacy, which will Christian, a real Christian. As I said this yesterday and all I do is read the qualifications for an elder. I think Mike told okay, I think that what we should have his qualifications for holding office similar twitter required for holding an office suite in my head on straight or similar qualification for eldership should be applied to those running for office.

One person remarried to the idea itself a minimum limit template prudent, respectful hospital able to teach netiquette addicted to wine, not full of fighting peaceable free from the love of money right there that's most politicians rector are gone.

They manage her own household well if we are people like that in power and in what you dream had been a Christian for that if people like that empowered you think they should go better or worse because with a lot of silent have to get worse well and after the Christian around political authority.

An old tumbler glop of one of the responsibility. While people got are not of their religion are not as their political what is the possibility the same. It is his description treat all men as people made in the image of God.

If I work in its miraculous thing present United States I would make sure that all people were treated as equally as possible and also work to have Christianity not be the dog of everything, but I would make sure out loud and was treated equally well with your mom and apply the correct amount of Twitter | means trying get didn't commit adultery.

You didn't lie didn't steal yeah love the Lord your God with all your heart, dog that everybody should do that and I would promote that which would promote that it is mean everybody forced to seek, listen, what's wrong with saying that people ought to serve God. You probably have a lot this people ought to serve God you that they should fishing the water person. I believe the better the purpose of my life. You okay so if you are in power would you want would you want to work things out so the people started serving a lot and following serving 920 people are made us grind up the courage and the curtain being in political power is because you do have a great many different religious beliefs and you have drug convictions and trying to do that like the autonomy use government, but about the purpose of the autonomy of the use political power to get incredible is heard me say I am not into okay okay so it's not my bag right but if you do, you can read up some of the quotes and there's a lot I even released the founding fathers of this country heatedly. Stead said repeatedly.

We have given you a nation see if you can keep it and they said that the only way to have America work is to have a religious population in a religious system. Religious people. That's what they wanted over and over again and the reason is because you get people in like wacko loser Pelosi third most powerful person in our country. She wants to eat to misuse power all the time because she's so full of hatred she's gotten mental problems. No one your goodness, you are more than Donald Trump know I don't know. I don't know about that. I'm just saying look at Pelosi. She's whacked. You know, she hasn't wanted bias hair salon place.

In this she was set on the right look.

We want people in power who to be godly you want them in power who connect like Stalin you love. We have people in power now that are completely undermining everything that is our Democratic Republic that I didn't want to.

Not so now it is the worst one of the bunch. It worked. One of the mall and buy that for second.

You know what you think what we need people praying and people asking to get godly people asking God to get godly people in office who won't be bought with money important have special interests but say that, as they hold their hand and swear before God that there can uphold the oath that they have to defend the Constitution and uphold the Constitution. If I ever oath I would keep that oath the best of my ability, real merit from empirical data. No because Linda: this is so the colors waiting move along right right let's get to John for Raleigh, North Carolina John, welcome your on the thank you Matt. I got in my car radio program and is the bridge on hold on you folks write back, Matt slick, why call 770-7276 pairs. Matt slick back of your BankAmerica are now driving a car on your program and what would be called after the wrap and I made some interesting claims by which I never thought about that. Most of the miracles done like you were in the Galilee area cannot walk on water, turning wine into the Army, turning wine and the water walking water. I think even 5000 also claimed that the Galileans were not as better than zealots but they were made were upset with the knot on the Roman occupation but also the Jewish structure is regarding so therefore I would explain when Jesus went to Judea, why Judah's resume together. You know it's warmer reception and I just interesting.

Adding comments are by any chance saw that movie know I haven't seen it done and I saw you with the producer roads research… During the break and check it out as new evidence that's been discovered parking lot or something that supports a rapture which is fine and some stuff and so because of that little research I found something called Christian and softening free plug so check it out and in singular movies of you have there, and it apparently friendly, family-friendly and Christian base. I've not seen them. Okay you have any comment about whether or not you about the Galileans were condo owned the note against the Romans against the Jewish authorities are all additional loss anything like that or all of Israel was they did not like the Roman oppression and so the zealous reporting that we can cancel geographically more seminaries and in the area and you don't look interesting. As far as that history is I don't know. I'm surprised there are some inscriptions and discovered that you know what you are area should always discovered stuff in Israel always guidelines your your program.

I like your answer to know about the you know the wars I have come across that argument before you. Your answer very well thank you and God bless okay and let's get on the phone with Lexi Daniel from welcome here.

I guess I can find some well I hope you well. I worry it will reveal. Our thoughts, something that I'm wondering what you think hell, I kind of want that, I realized a lot different idea that would help annihilate breaking from God that wondering what you think and I'm kind of where you go. Sure hell is not the annihilation of sages nonexistence of this make any sense 80 articles on the different words used to describe how to reference it to him and Hades show and its repeatedly referenced by analogy of eternal fire.

Fire burning torments conscious torment in relation to talks about this in Matthew talks about this so when I would say is that because of the smoke of their torment forever never the burn so honest to say that that hell is the eternal conscious existence of those who reject Christ in an agonizing condition and maybe hellfire, maybe not. I would be surprised this hellfire and not this mixed doctrinal proof there's lots of evidences lots of NDE near-death experiences were people have bad guys had gone. They died in and see fire and compactor screaming and went back there so proof or evidence in support of dragnet at follow-up. Though well by land adequately.

I don't really have a lot of knowledge. The wonder is how do you reconcile that hell with God like a God, or the arbiter that upper out of that were held biblically to set up initially for the devil and his angels. Double was with his creation of God, the light in Isaiah 14 Ezekiel 37 talks about the fall of him and his arrogance and stuff like that so hell is a place that is made for the Angels the phone and the higher echelon of phoning in Satan is a very bad place and it makes sense because the are they were in his presence and knew the very things of God rebelled against him and so those who join with him are going to experience life with him because the greatness of the glory of God in the redemptive work of Christ is God in flesh, according to Scriptures is so vastly wonderfully and infinitely valuable because it God in flesh became one of us who died for us that you reject him is to without voting for it by direct voting your voting for violation when you reject what God has in Christ than the consequence of that rejection is necessary to put upon all those who would not receive him and trusted him. So what are you just her lips don't know or what I think I collect update if I haven't in the old subject year a couple months ago. I'm kind of been active for a while but I think it's me :-) fast okay and so let's just say there's only two things to count for something in this use is logically God or not God to the case of the Christian God exists or is not the case. It was no third option to achieve the case that God exists or not. The case of God exists to the case that God created universe not the case that guided to the case that the cup I'm holding my hand. I pulled a cup coffee cup and created the universe works not the case at the coffee cup in the universe is not the case.

So we know that kind of thing in and we have these options so we have it in the case of God exists is not the case about exists with me right back okay, good. So if we can demonstrate that the not God position doesn't work for a lot of things they would be falsified and would not be true, then by default the other positions verified solid disjunctive syllogism in a true dichotomy Philip to office account for something one is negated automatically is about the possibility of contrary so if you're an atheist. For example, your worldview excludes the possibility of God as an explanatory option. For example how we can about morality and things like that for me is one further question. Are you a materialist with that means is the only thing I universe is the material world physics and chemistry motion matter. Some people are not.

I call it on you know not. I am on it. Okay, so you don't like.

I give you.

I give you are. I did it with you. What sort of aunt that I think that's okay. I'm no moat like a materialist, but I don't really not account for mental object abstract object on that framework, something that I okay you just include the and you know a lot more than I thought. So then you know that there is such things as universals and how do you account for universals and Absalom's commitment atheistic worldview is the stinky piece of rope you can't account for universals, then it leaks in an area of explanation, it fails. If it fails in other areas as well. An objective moral systems. If you know anything about logic statements are either true or false, and so moral statements you have truth value or not. If a moral statement is true and we can make a universal moral true statement requires a universal principle of truth.

How do we have universal principles which are abstractions in the materialistic world it would require universal mind.

These are the kind of things I talked atheist quite a bit off-line.

We talk at this level and so I can drive straight. If this doesn't work on this kind of argument (been a lot but I don't really rebut what you say about universal or whether particular that the other particulars because particular instances of universals, universal concept of the chair, a chair in your house. I had a chair in my house to particulars, particulars or destroy the universals are not universals or by necessity abstractions we can find them on other things and so there's a universal extraction.

It implies a diverse aligned. How do you have an abstract mind you apprehend the same logical principles. I do and I can tell you I know stuff I can tell and so you and I both have access the law of identity is a lot like an addiction or the law of excluded middle law of proper inference, but these are laws upon your mind or my mind that they were living would change according will be one desired whatever it is, so that means you and I apprehend universal laws which we think properly. But those laws upon hospital laws by necessity abstractions well. That implies universal account for the minute you see again. I don't like about that, but I got one more thing to try. I want it a lot about debate can know what they like the logical but the moat and when I found you talking about… Bad and I think you kind of ran back before that argument from merit but not right that I'm wondering like done.

You without right where were you running with the ear not be any debate about that run the seal what it all the argument or one like that since apologists but he also said if you pay attention.

It does not refute said tested technical if you know it's not. And he kept going, since it's just on paper. The idea of P or not PP therefore P is therefore to colleges. He said it's not the word.

He said it was not convincing with word. It was not some insistent systems synonymous with compelling and compelling will compelling his objective preference is not compelling. Select and I will actually discuss those with John Frame's use of philosophers and philosophers of limited colleges still true manifest in refute anything there. I mean.

All you but I think what you mean that compelling writer being nobody like that is named that then write it up.

I think I think that you know they ain't it, and then concluding he is not compelling but it's not really an argument that has been right thing. Of course studies followed the red dots deceptive syllogism is discord. I discussed this for folks hate you. I hope y'all have a great weekend and by God's grace back on their Monday

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